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Gay men nude line men amateur free video Well  I guess not all gay
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AMY AND DARLEEN (the rewrite) By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 It started a couple of years after my divorce. At first, I was not interested in dating as the divorce got nasty fairly quick.

We were high school sweethearts who ended up getting married rather young. I grew up in a religious family and my wife didn't. However, since I was working close to 80 hours a week for nearly 2 years, it led to the demise of our marriage. My grandparents were married over 60 years. Getting divorced really broke my heart and took its emotional toll.

However, that is when life for me changed beyond my wildest fantasy. At nearly 40, I started seeing a much younger lady who had a thing for older guys.

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We were introduced at a Halloween party by a mutual friend. Amy was younger than me by nearly 15 years. She was slender and worked out several days a week. She was sought after by most of the guys who worked with her (and a few bi sexual women). Amy was just over 5' tall and weighed in at a whopping 110 lbs. She had pale skin and jet-black hair that ran all the way down to her beltline.

What initially interested me was the outgoing bartender-like attitude. She wasn't afraid to talk about anything (although she did ask me to stay away from religion, which of course I did). She had a beautiful smile. It lit up her entire face. At the party, I poured myself a drink and asked her what I could pour for her.

I was thankful she asked for something easy, rum and coke. I tried on one of my stupid lines, "what, you don't want a shot of tequila to go along with that?". She smiled that wonderful smile and told me "no, not yet". I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open for a moment or two before I poured the two drinks.

I offered to carry her drink over to wherever she was sitting. The music blaring and Halloween decorations posted everywhere made me feel a bit more relaxed. Amy sat on one end of the black leather couch with her hand outstretched waiting for her drink. I sat down next to her (to fend off any potential suitors). Amy had a very interesting outfit for the party. She wore a very tightfitting flannel shirt that was tied in a knot just under her chest.

She also had the shortest pair of daisy dukes on that I have ever seen. The bottom of her ass-cheeks peeked out from under the pants. We sat and chatted for nearly an hour before our mutual friend Darleen, plopped down on the arm of the couch right next to Amy. Darleen smiled and told us that she was very happy to see us hitting it off so well.

Amy smiled and hugged Darleen saying "Thank you for inviting him. He's really cool and easy to talk to". Darleen smiled back, giving her a wink while doing so. She got up to go mingle some more, but before leaving us, she leaned into me and reminded me that beautiful women like her don't get lonely.

I jokingly said, "Thanks, Miss Obvious" and with that I gave her a peck on the cheek and off she went to mingle. Darleen and I had known each other for several years and quite frankly she's one of the reasons I made it through my divorce.

She rallied around me and helped me keep my sanity at my lowest points. Darleen was attractive, but she was much thicker than Amy. Darleen sported a beautiful pair of DD cup breasts and a nice sexy ass. Darleen was not shy about her body; her lifestyle choices; nor her clothing (or lack thereof). More than once, she would drag me out to the local watering hole and get me soused. To make sure I didn't even try to go home, she would take my keys and just have me crash at her house.

One time when I spent the night, I woke up to go pee only to find her in the bathroom. I knocked on the door and heard "c'mon in". I pushed open the door and there she was just getting out of the shower completely naked and toweling off. Her beautiful breasts were glistening from the water.

She made no attempt at covering herself and just shrugged saying "what the hell? "You act like you haven't seen a naked woman before" She said to me.

I guess I had always known somewhere in the back of my mind, this was a possibility, but until that night of seeing her naked I had pretty much chalked it up to just male fantasy. Without trying to be a prude, I pulled out my cock and lifted the toilet seat and began to urinate.

She teased me saying that I was in a woman's house and thus, the seat always goes back down. I promised her it would. Darleen asked me to go to the kitchen and get her something to drink. She felt she would be very dehydrated and hung over in the morning if, she didn't replenish her missing fluids.

I asked her did she need any Tylenol to go along with the water. She perked up and said "absolutely". I got her ice water in an unused red solo cup, which made me hum the Toby Keith song to myself. Then I heard, "hey what's taking so long to get a glass of water and a couple of Tylenols " "Don't worry, I'm coming" "Not yet you're not!" Was her quick response. I knocked on her bedroom door only to be chastised about knocking all the time. She said, "Damn! Do you knock on every door you come to?" "No, but I'm in your house so I am trying to be polite." "Well, get over here with my water and pills".

I did as I was told and she then turned me on my ear a bit. "Hey, instead of you sleeping on my couch, why don't you sleep in here with me?" "Um, ok." "Well, let me warn you that I like to sleep in the nude.

Hope that doesn't offend you." "Nope, absolutely not. Not much more beautiful in this world than a naked woman." "Good, now get naked and join me in bed here." I stripped off my clothes, shoes, socks and got down to my birthday suit. She smiled at me saying," Now, that's what I was waiting to see again". Clearly, my cock gave away my thoughts. It was rock hard and had a small drop of precum on the tip of the head.

Darleen reached down and began to stroke my cock. "When was the last time you got a blowjob"? "Um, I'm not sure." "Well lay back, that is my specialty. I love the taste of a man's cum in my mouth". With that, I did what I was told. Darleen parted her lips and began licking and stroking my cock.

I knew it had been quite a while since I had gotten my last blowjob, so I was delighted to be on the receiving end of this one. However, manners in my head reminded me that I need to return the favor. I reached down her body to feel her soft ass. I ran a finger up and down the crack of her ass but being careful not to just insert my finger into her rectum until she said it was ok.

I knew from past experiences that this area of a woman's body can be amazing or a mine field depending on the woman. Darleen was right. Her talents giving a BJ were amazing and I could feel my balls start to harden up. I knew now that it wouldn't be too much longer before I would pop. I again asked her, if it was ok to cum in her mouth, even though she had already joked about it. As I felt the orgasm building, I told her that I was about to cum. Then she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her wanton mouth.

Within moments of saying that, I shot several times into her wet, saliva filled mouth. She gobbled it all up and licked her lips as she was cleaning off my cock. "Wow Darleen, THAT was incredible. Now it's your turn, so lay back and let me do what I do to you." She smiled and put her head on her pillow and parted her freshly shaved legs to reveal her cleanshaven pussy.

I started by gently kissing her chest. Licking and sucking on her nipples to make sure she didn't feel rushed. I worked my way down to her pussy stopping for a couple of moments to gently lick her bellybutton.

This apparently was an erogenous zone for her as she tensed up a bit. I continued to work my way down to her warm moist pussy. I gently rubbed her clit with my thumb and worked my other fingers up and down her swollen lips.

I dipped a finger into her and pulled it out with her womanly juices glistening on my finger. I put the finger into my mouth taking in all of her wetness. I reinserted that finger back inside of her to recoat the finger and put it up to her lips.

Without saying a word, she licked and sucked on my finger hard enough that I was thinking that she may pull my finger out of socket if I'm not careful. I leaned my head into her wetness to smell that wonderful aroma of her womanhood. I began with lite little licks of my tongue. Suddenly, I felt both of her hands on the back of my head pulling me harder into her pussy. I got the message. She was done with the gentle licking and playing with her pussy.

She wanted my tongue as deep as I could get it into her. I was more than willing to oblige. I began to lick and suck on her clit for all it was worth.

I inserted first one, then two fingers into her wet pussy. I could feel her starting to approach orgasm as she began moaning and rocking back and forth. Suddenly, she exploded into my mouth. I lapped up every drop.

She tensed up again this time splashing my face with her womanly juices. As quickly as I could, I drank in as much of her cum as I could get on my tongue. "Fuck me, fuck me now, I'm ready to be fucked." She directed. No need to tell me twice. I scrambled up that my now hard cock was at the entrance to her love hole. I pushed the head into her again gently at first, but she raked my back with her manicured nails to remind me we were having sex and not 'making love'.

I pushed deeper into her until my balls where hitting her ass with reckless abandon. We were both cumming and making wonderful loud noises, but we didn't care. We were both on the edge of ecstasy. "I'm cumming, oh my gawd, I am so wet. Make me your bitch". "Damn Darleen, you've got me rock hard again. This time, I'm going to shoot all I have deep inside you." With that, I shot another round of man juice deep into her.

She screamed out in pleasure, again scratching my back with her fingernails. That amount of pain on my back made me cum hard again. I had not one, not two, but three orgasms. Clearly Darleen was an amazing creature. As we finished up, I suggested that we go shower; get cleaned up; and maybe just get some shuteye. She reluctantly agreed and we both got up and headed to her bathroom to shower.

After the shower, I toweled her off. I spent a couple of minutes licking and sucking on her nipples as they were surprisingly hard.

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As I got down to her pussy with the towel, she toyed with me saying that I should be careful, or it would lite the fire again. I smiled and just shrugged my shoulders thinking she is just teasing me. Yet, she spun around and bent over at the waist and held her ass cheeks apart. I came up behind her and rubbed my now hard cock on her pussy. "No, I want you in my ass. Most guys don't know the first thing about ass sex, but I am pretty sure you do." "WOW, thank you Darleen.

That is one of the sweetest compliments anyone has ever said to me!" I replied with devilish grin. So, with that I spit on my cock to make sure we had enough lube, that I wouldn't hurt her.

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She told me to just use the baby oil on the windowsill of the shower. Again, doing what I was told, I coated my now rock-hard cock and her tight little ass hole with the baby oil. At first, I slipped in one finger then two and finally three into her bung hole.

She was moaning loudly and thrashing around so much that holding on to her was very difficult. "Stop playing with me and put that cock into me NOW!" "You got it my dear." I stepped up behind her and put my cock into her ass.

I started slowly only to have her push her ass hard against my groin to get me as deep into her as possible. We fucked hard and fast for several minutes until I felt her tense up and I felt more wetness hit my shins. Her wetness hitting my legs made me begin to tense up for another orgasm. "I'm cumming" I said rather loudly. We paused to catch our breath. "Damn, that was great! Let's clean up and see if we can get a couple of hours of shut eye." "That sounds wonderful." I replied.

I stood her up, spun her back around putting her back against the shower walls. I kissed her long and hard with our tongues intertwining furiously. As we turned the shower off, we dried ourselves off and headed back to her bedroom. I helped her change the sheets before we climbed in to get some sleep. CHAPTER 2 It was nearly 1pm when my eyes opened. Darleen was still spooned up next to me.

She was soft, warm, and smelled wonderful. I tried to gently get out of bed to have my morning pee. She woke with a bit of grogginess and asked if I was trying to sneak off. "Only to go pee." I answered. "Good, let's get dressed and go eat somewhere." "Wonderful idea!" While Darleen was in the bathroom I inquired about Amy. "Darleen, what did you mean last night that you were glad that Amy and I were hitting it off?" "Well my dear, there was a plan that you weren't allowed to know.

I was sworn to secrecy. I hope you don't mind." "Um, why would I mind. I thought we had a delightful evening after the party." "Well, Amy's plan was for me to try you out to see if you knew what you were doing. If you did, then she would rock your world as she is the most sexual creature that I have ever been with! You my dear, passed with flying colors. You made me cum several times and for that I love you, BUT if you and Amy get involved I need to warn you that she is a sexual dynamo.

She will not stop with a couple of hours of great sex. She'll want more. LOTS more!" "Ok, how much more is LOTS more?" I asked. "Well, when we played for the first time she went 6+ hours and could have gone on longer, but I was so wiped out that I cried 'uncle'.

How's that for an answer?" "Are you sure you aren't exaggerating a little bit?" I said quizzically. "Oh, and before you even ask she loves twosomes, threesomes, and more. Now, remember who put you and her together, so I want to be included in your playtime occasionally." "Absolutely!" I said agreeing. Darleen went on to say, "I have another present for you." "What?" "Amy is going to join us for lunch." She said with a smile.

"Huh? Did you say that Amy was going to join us for lunch?" "Yeppers, I sure did. Maybe you need to start hydrating." Darleen said chuckling a bit. I put my clothes on and went to the kitchen to get another red cup of water to begin the rehydrating process. Darleen kissed me and said let's take my car to the restaurant. "Ok, obviously you already have a place arranged with Amy. Let's go darling." We headed out to her Mini Cooper. We got in, buckled up and off we went. Darleen drives like an Indy Car racer not happy with red lights.

She pushes her car to zoom through the yellow lights and damn if she manages to avoid getting stopped by local police. We got to the steakhouse, that her and Amy had arranged for us to all have lunch. "Damn Darleen you drive like a bat out of hell. Well, thankfully we are here now. What kind of car does Amy drive?" I asked. "That's her car over there, the white 2 door Mercedes." "Um, wow, what the heck does she do for a living?" "She's a high-end mortgage broker.

She doesn't handle any mortgages less than a million dollars." "Nice!" I replied. We got out of Darleen's car and went into the steakhouse. Amy was waiting for us at the bar. She was having a cocktail. She got up when she saw us and hugged Darleen first, then hugged and kissed me second. "Nice to see you lover.

Obviously, you passed our little test." Amy said to me grinning from ear to ear. "Let's get drinks and get our table. I'm hungry." Darleen said. I went over to the hostess stand to see an exotic young college age lady with a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm. She picked up the menus and three sets of silverware to take us to our table. Once we got there, I held the chair out for Amy, then Darleen and finally sat myself. Darleen ordered me a vodka and OJ which was fine by me. Amy started right in, "Ok darling, tell me everything.

How did he do? " Darleen paused for a moment then piped up saying, "Well he rocked my world pretty wonderfully. He made me cum 5 or 6 times before we showered. In the shower stall, he made me cum two more times. He has a wonderful cock and is very patient on using it to make sure that I wasn't feeling like a raw piece of meat being fucked. He is just wonderful!" "Well now, that's some high praise from Darleen. How do you feel about all of that praise?" I smiled.

However, I was really intimidated. Here sits two beautiful women critiquing me on my sexual prowess as if we were talking about how well I made dinner. At this point, the waitress came over to our table and asked for our lunch orders. The ladies went first.

I ordered a large porterhouse steak medium rare, sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli with a house salad and ranch dressing. I also ordered the table a plate of stuffed mushrooms with melty cheese for an appetizer. The girls both moaned "yum" simultaneously.

When the waitress left the table, Darleen went back to asking me how I felt about the grading of last nights sexual performance. I responded, "Um, well first THANK YOU for the wonderful compliment about last night. I must say that Darleen is a wonderful sweet sexual partner. She is a very tasty woman that has a pussy which is sweet and full of wetness." Darleen was smiling from ear to ear. As I smiled back, I suddenly felt a hand caressing my thigh. I looked over at Amy and saw her smiling also.

The caressing was causing an instant arousal. My cock was quickly hardening under the napkin on my lap. I scooched my chair over towards Amy to allow her better access. While we were eating our salads Amy asked, "What are your work plans for the next couple of days?" "Well, what do you have in mind? I can take off the next couple of days, if needed. I'm pretty well caught up and have nothing pressing." "Wonderful. After lunch make the necessary calls to your work.

That way we can prepare for the weekend." Amy directed. "Heck, I can make that call right now. If you can hold on for a minute?" "Great. Get it done then." Amy replied. As I made the phone call to work, Amy kept caressing my rock-hard cock thru my pants. It was getting almost painful from all her wonderful caressing.

I did stumble a bit when work asked why I needed the time off. I told them, some friends had arrived in town unexpectedly. I just needed a couple of days. My boss ok'd the time off and I hung up. Amy chuckled knowing that I had a difficult time having the conversation, while she was caressing my cock.

About that time the entrée arrived, we all dug into our plates eating like three people that haven't eaten in a week. Amy piped up to Darleen, "Hun, I'm going to take this sexy man back to my place. I guess you are going home alone." "That's ok. I kind of figured you would take possession of him at some point." "Yes darling. He's all mine now until Monday." Amy said with a devilish grin. That statement took me by surprise. I'm sure my eyes were as large as saucers.

But, none the less, I was smiling with the variety of thoughts wandering through my brain. As we finished lunch Amy grabbed the bill and pulled out her credit card to pay for our lunch. I protested a little bit offering to pay, but she told me that I was "hers" for the next few days and she would take care of everything.

"Are you sure Amy? I have money and am certainly willing to pay." "Oh darling, you'll pay alright just not with cash." She retorted smiling ear to ear. When the waitress returned with Amy's copy of the bill, she signed it and we all got up and went to the cars. I gave Darleen a kiss goodbye and again told her how much I enjoyed last night. She gave me a passionate kiss back and said to make sure I keep hydrated throughout the weekend. We broke our hug and she got in her car.

I walked over to Amy's car.


She was already in the car with the engine running. I got in the passenger side and buckled up. CHAPTER 3 I stayed silent as Amy drove us to the destination she had in mind. While she was driving she mused that my cock must be aching by now. I smiled and agreed. Suddenly, she made a sharp right turn into a vacant office parking lot. I was somewhat startled as she picked a parking spot all the way down at the end of the building. She pulled into a spot and then turned the car off.

She reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out. There was a large drop of pre-cum on the head of my cock that she used for lubrication. She put a firm grasp on my cock and began rubbing up and down. I just looked into her eyes as she jerked my cock.

She smiled and leaned forward, opened her mouth, flicked my bulbous head with her tongue and then engulfed my cock. Quickly she put more than half of it in her mouth licking and sucking on it. This felt delightful. I felt my eyes start to roll to the back of my head. She was licking and sucking as hard as she could. I looked back down at her again and she seemed to smile up at me.

I ran my hand through her hair. I heard her moan, but she kept sucking. "Amy, I'm going to cum. Should I pull out?" She looked up at me and pulled me into her mouth with a passion that told me it was ok to cum in her mouth. As she was sucking as hard as she could her hands caressed my balls causing them to harden up.

I exploded into her mouth as I felt the head of my cock touch the back of her throat. She smiled and moaned swallowing all that my cock shot out. I was shooting a very large amount of cum into her mouth and throat with her not letting a drop escape her mouth. I moaned letting her know that I was enjoying what she was doing to me. When I finished cumming into her mouth she released my cock and popped up to give me a passionate kiss.

I felt her tongue intertwine with mine in her mouth. I could taste the saltiness of what I just spewed into her wanting mouth. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly to me. I asked, "isn't it my turn now on you?" She hugged me tightly and just said, "don't worry lover you'll get your opportunity to return the favor just not now as we have somewhere to go." When she broke from the hug she sat back into the driver's seat and started the car. She backed out of the parking spot and accelerated towards our next destination.

After a few minutes she pulled into the parking lot of a very high-end men's store. I'm sure I had a quizzical look on my face. Amy just said, "C'mon lover, you need some new clothes for this weekend." "But, I have nice clothes if we just head over to my house." "Maybe, but I'm buying so just be a good lover and do as your told. I expect you to repay me tonight, but NOT in money. You will satisfy me doing everything I ask of you. You will lick what I want licked, you will suck what I want sucked, and you will fuck what I want fucked.

You belong to me this entire weekend. You can commit to this right now or we can part ways right now. What do you say?" I was excited. I had never seen this side of any woman and the thought of doing whatever she said was very exciting. I smiled and replied, "Just so you know I will do whatever you say. I'm not used to someone wanting to take control of my life, so please excuse me if I'm just a bit hesitant.

I will say that you excite me more than anyone I have ever been with in my entire life." With that Amy smiled and said, "Good. Now get out and go into the store." I did as I was told. We went inside the store. Amy went over to a very large man who had strong Italian features. She said something to him quietly that I could not hear. When she stopped talking the man picked up a tape measure and walked over to me.

He started measuring me. First across the shoulders, down the length of my arms, then around my waist, and finally the length of my inseam. He went over to the suit rack and pulled off 7 or 8 suit sets. Walked them over to me and Amy told me to take a couple and go into a changing room and try them on but to come out to show her each one. I did as I was told starting with the black suit first. I said, "you know I don't have a dress shirt on just this golf shirt."' "That's ok lover I'll have some new shirts after you put the pants on and come out to let me see how they fit." I went into the dressing room and took off my pants and shoes and put the new pants on.

I walked out of the dressing room and into the waiting arms of Amy. She walked around me grabbing my crotch, checking the waistband of the pants and grabbing my ass.

She said something to the large Italian man who went over and grabbed a new leather belt. I put the belt on and Amy smiled saying, "Perfect." She handed me several shirts that were packaged up and told me to try them on without taking the pants off and come out with the jacket on.

I did as I was told. We spent nearly 4 hours trying on all these suits, shirts, belts, and shoes. All in all, we left the store with 5 suits, 5 ties, 10 shirts, and two pairs of new shoes.

I have never had this much clothing bought at one time ever in my entire life. Somehow, I knew that I was going to be paying dearly for all this generosity on Amy's part. I just smiled to myself as we drove to her place. When we arrived at her place I was stunned. She lived in a mansion. The house is a two story at least 8000 square feet. She hit a button over her rearview mirror and one of the garage doors began to open. We pulled into a garage. Amy said, "Good.

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Now take your pants off. I want to fuck right now. I've been waiting all day to get some sex from you and now you will do as told, so take off those pants and boxers." As I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants Amy shimmed off her light blue thong. My cock was hard almost instantly.

Amy climbed out of her seat and straddled my lap. My cock was pointing straight up. I could smell her sex all musky. I felt her wetness as she lined up her wonderful pussy with my manhood. In just one movement she impaled herself on my hard cock. She ground down, pushing herself on me impaling herself as deep as she could take my cock. She felt warm and wet as my cock was fully in her wet hole. She began grinding on my lap.

I leaned forward and gave her another warm wet kiss much like before. Our tongues intertwined and danced in each other's mouth. She was grinding her hips harder than I had ever felt before. Suddenly my entire lap became soaked with her wetness. She orgasmed and squirted all over my lap. This only made me push harder into her. I felt my balls tighten up and I came inside of her with what felt like double the amount that I came in her mouth just a little while ago.

She moaned loudly as she kept grinding herself on me. Once again, I felt her orgasm in which she announced in a loud breathless voice, "I'm cumming lover. Keep going. You feel so good in me and so hard." "Oh darling, I love fucking you.

I've never felt so wonderful having sex in a car ever before in my life." I said. I was smiling, panting, and enjoying every second of our sexual escapades. I kept thrusting into her as hard as I could. I could feel her orgasm again and again.

With each orgasm she got louder and louder, making delightful sounds of pure enjoyment from our sex. "Keep fucking me lover. I want every drop out of that wonderfully hard cock of yours." "Your wish is my delight." I replied.

I kept pumping my cock into her as deep and as hard as I could. I felt her cervix hitting the head of my cock as I kept thrusting in and out of her. All at once, I again came deep inside of her. I could feel cum oozing out of her onto my lap.

I could smell our love wafting out of her and making a pool on my pubic hair. Once again, I felt her tense up and squirt her womanly cum all over my cock. The wetness smelled delightful as we kept humping like a couple of dogs in heat. After a couple more orgasms, Amy finally slowed her grinding on me. She gave me another wonderful kiss and then collapsed into my chest. She was completely out of breath as she rested her head on my chest.

Both of our bodies were soaked with cum and sweat. I mustered as much energy as I could and leaned down to kiss her on the top of her head. I opened the door next to us and felt the cool air from the garage come into the car.

"Darling, maybe we should get out of the car and go shower. What do you think?" "Well lover you're going to have to give me a minute or two to get some strength to be able to climb off of your lap." After several minutes Amy started to move her body off my lap and try to get out the open door of her car.

I held her waist to steady her. She struggled getting her feet outside of her car. I just kept holding on to her not wanting her to fall on to garage floor. Finally, after several tries she managed to get out of her car and stand up holding on to the door. I reached over and pulled the keys out of the ignition and worked my way out of the car. I stood up leaning my back against the back half of the car.

Amy shut the car door and headed towards a door in the garage that I assumed would lead us into the house. I started to follow her then remembered all the clothing in the trunk of her car. "Amy my darling, I need to get the suits out of the trunk. Could you hit the button and pop open the trunk?" "Certainly, my love." I stumbled with all the energy I could muster back to the trunk and gathered all the clothing. As tired as I was I knew not to ask Amy to help as she could barely walk into the house.

It took several minutes to gather all the clothing as I only wanted to make one trip. Finally, I was able to collect it all and walk or rather stumble over to the door that Amy left open for me. As I walked through the door I felt a 15 or 20 degree drop as the air conditioning was clearly on. I saw a bed just a few feet inside of the door and laid all the clothing on the bed all the while feeling the wetness from Amy and my lovemaking running down my legs.

I called out, "Amy my darling, where are you?" I heard a muffled sound clearly in another room, but where? I called out again. This time she opened a door to another room and called me over. I walked over to this other room. She left the door open and I discovered it to be a rather large bathroom. There she was naked sitting on a makeup stool looking at herself in the mirror. She was beautiful.

I walked in to the bathroom and leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. She stood up pressing her naked chest into me.

We kissed passionately for several minutes. She hugged me with all her strength, which wasn't very much. Then she broke the kiss and asked, "Was this a onetime thing or can you do that good all the time?" "Well darling, you seem to bring the best out of me. You really turn me on." "No, seriously, can you do that good anytime we have sex? I ask because clearly I have never had someone as good as you ever before." Amy's face was serious as I looked into her eyes.

"Darling, I will give you all I have no matter when or where you want to have sex or make love with me. I find you incredibly beautiful and sexy. Depending on what you have planned over the next few days I could clearly see us forming a long-term relationship. Be it friends with benefits or love becoming a couple." Amy paused. Thought about what I just said and replied, "Are you sure? I mean if you are serious about what you just said I may have to rethink what I had planned for you this weekend." "Amy my darling, should I even ask what you had planned for this weekend?" "Lover, I need to think.

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I'm going to take a shower, clean up and think about our whole dynamic. You can head down the hall to the kitchen and make us a couple of cocktails. I prefer something sweet say a rumrunner." "Darling, are you sure you don't want me to help you shower. I'm pretty good with the soap." "No. I need to think and if you're in the shower with me I won't get to think I'll only start having sex again. I'm not pushing you away.

I just need a few minutes alone to think what to do." "Well, ok. As I said before I will do whatever you need or want of me. I am completely yours." Amy leaned in and gave me another passionate kiss.


She stood up and walked over to the shower stopping at a cabinet where she took out a couple of folded towels. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower. The steam quickly started filling the room. I turned around and headed out of the bathroom. I went down the hallway looking for the kitchen or maybe a family room that may have a bar in it. I looked in about 5 different rooms to finally find the kitchen. I started opening cabinets looking for liquor. I found some tall glasses that I decided would work for the drinks.

I saw that the fridge had an ice- dispenser so I walked over and used it. I kept looking around for liquor when suddenly my cell phone rang. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone to see it was Darleen calling me. "Hey there. What's up?" "Um, what the hell did you do to Amy? She called me a bit panicked. What the hell happened? I just left you a few hours ago. What did you do?" I exhaled. "Well, she told me she wanted my best all weekend which is what I gave her. We went to a men's suit store after lunch and she bought me several new suits, several shirts, a couple of belts and two new shoes.

When we got to her house she pulled into the garage. She shut the car off, pulled off her thong, hiked up her skirt. She unzipped me and pulled my cock out. Like a spider she climbed out of the driver's seat and onto my lap. She planted herself right down on my cock and began fucking me.

Hard. She came several times. Way more than you. She even squirted so much that she soaked my entire lap. I felt her cervix rubbing the head of my cock as we rocked back and forth. When I came I flooded her entire pussy with so much cum that it leaked out onto my lap.

As I was cumming into her I felt dizzy and thought I was going to pass-out, but I managed not to." I continued on, "She's in the shower cleaning up and thinking about what happened. What did she say to you?" Darleen paused for a moment. She said she wasn't sure if she should tell me.

I shrugged my shoulders and told her "ok, whatever" "Now don't be like that. I've known her for nearly a decade and you are the first one to rattle her. Look, if she doesn't tell you at some point tonight what she was planning for the weekend then call me about lunchtime tomorrow and I will fill in the blanks." With that I heard Amy call out my name. I ended the phone call and kept looking for the liquor for the drinks.

Amy came into the kitchen. I apologized for not having the drink prepared but I told her that I could not find the liquor. She laughed and said well its not in here silly. So, she picked up the glasses with the ice in them and told me to follow her. She was completely dry but also completely naked. I felt myself starting to get erect again. I asked if I should go shower or does she want to go again? "Well lover as exciting as that sounds I think you should go shower.

When you finish dry off and don't put any clothes on. Your drink will be ready when you come out. We will sit by the pool and talk. I think we need to do that first before we play again. Now, get going and don't take a long time getting cleaned." I walked over to her and kissed her passionately. "Darling, you have my mind spinning and actually I am worrying about this talk. Maybe you should make a pitcher of rumrunners for us." "That sounds like a good idea. Now take that tight ass and go get showered up.

I'll be at the pool waiting for you. Remember, no clothes. I want to see that wonderful cock again, but we need to talk first." I was completely puzzled and headed off to the bathroom to shower.

When I got to the bathroom I stripped down and stepped into the shower. Feeling the hot water on my body felt wonderful. I soaped up, washed my hair and rinsed off. I stood under the shower for only a couple of minutes. I turned off the shower and stepped out. Amy had left a couple of fresh towels out on the counter next to the sink. I used them to dry off and tossed them into the wicker hamper next to the door. I walked out with my cock swinging in the breeze as Amy requested.

I walked down the hall to a living room where the huge glass windows showed me where the pool was located. I stood there for a moment admiring Amy laying on a lounge chaise.

She was on the phone with someone. I waived at her and she smiled and waved back. I went through a door to get out to the pool area. Amy laying in the sun completely naked and looking beautiful. I walked over to the lounge chair next to her and sat down. She picked up the pitcher off the glass table and poured me a glass of rumrunners. Just looking at her beautiful body was starting to get my cock aroused.

"Well lover, I guess you are wondering what we are going to talk about. I should tell you that you have affected me differently that any other man or woman has. I know that you already spoke to Darleen as I just hung up from her. That's ok.

If you didn't call her I'm not sure how I would handle this issue." "Amy, what issue are you talking about?" "Whether I want to get seriously involved with you or just continue on with what I had planned for us this weekend. Let me start this conversation by asking you if what happened in the car was how you can usually perform or was it a special thing because of the circumstances?" "No darling.

It wasn't just because you had me all worked up, which you did. But you told me that you wanted my best all weekend which is what I was trying to provide you with. Amy you make me hard and horny with your sexy body and flirtatious ways. Does that answer your question?" "Sort of. But I have more questions before I make any long-term decisions about you and/or us." "Well my dear, ask away. I'll answer anything you want to know. Why would I lie to you? We are already having wonderful passionate sex so lies would only harm this relationship." "Lover, that is a wonderful answer!

Let me start by asking which way you feel our relationship should head." "Since I don't know what you had planned for me/us this weekend I'm not sure that I can just give you an answer. My initial instinct is that you and I have really hit it off and I think that I would like to see if a serious relationship is something that you and I could develop.

But, that also brings me to ask what was planned for this weekend?" "That's fair enough. I had planned for us to attend to swing/sex parties. The women I know to be at these parties would wear your ass out. You would be the hit of the parties. Women would be fucking you like your cock was spitting gold. However, now I wonder if I would be able to watch you having delightful sex with other women. I'm not saying I can't but the feelings that you have stirred up in me have me wondering." "Amy darling, can we go inside as I'm really sweating from the sun out here." I got up off the lounge chair and walked over to her.

I straddled her legs squatted down and kissed her passionately. I stepped off her. I bent down and scooped her up in my arms. "Oh, where are we going?" "To a bedroom. I want to cool off and hold you in my arms for a while." With that I carried her back into the house leaving the last of the pitcher of rumrunners out on the table. I kissed her as we went into the house. I asked her what direction I should carry her.

She raised an arm and pointed saying the third door on the left is what I'm looking for. When I got to the door Amy reached down from my arms and turned the knob to open it for us. I carried her into the dimly lit bedroom and laid her beautiful body on the bed. With that I walked around the bed and climbed in on the other side. I stretched out pulling Amy close.

I kissed her passionately and pulled her tightly into me. I slowly and lightly caressed her back with my hands. She reached down and began stroking my now half erect cock.

She took the clear liquid that was on the tip and spread it over the head and shaft of my cock. I moved my hands down to her pussy. I caressed her slit gently slipping a finger into her opening. I heard her moan and her breathing begin to speed up. As I kept my hand at her womanhood I slipped a second and then a third finger into her.

The musky scent was intoxicating. I felt her hand quicken the pace of stroking my now fully erect cock. With her other hand she began caressing my balls.

I was doing everything I could to prevent exploding this quickly. To slow down the process I concentrated on her now very wet pussy. Suddenly, she orgasmed covering my hand with her wetness.

I smiled and got up on my knees moving myself between her legs. I grabbed both of her ankles and put them up on my shoulders.

I moved my hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. Slowly and gently I pushed the head of my cock into her. I let my cock move into her inch by inch. She moaned quite loudly. With her legs over my shoulders, I leaned down and began to kiss her. Our tongues intertwined once again. At this point, I was slowly and methodically pushing my cock deep into her and slowly pulling out.

I could feel her vagina walls tightening around my hard cock. Suddenly she tensed up again and I felt her wetness all over my cock. Her musky scent was in the air and she smelled of wanton sex. I kept kissing her and pushing myself rhythmically in and out of her. I felt the orgasm building. I warned her, "Darling, I'm going to." Before I could finish the sentence, my cock exploded into her with what felt like a gallon of cum.

I pushed as deep and as hard as I could into her. The walls of her pussy clamped around my cock like a vice. I felt her squeeze my cock and milk it. I kept kissing her passionately. She whispered into my ear that she doesn't think she Is willing to share me. I stopped for a moment to look into her eyes. I saw a seriousness that I had not seen before. I went back to hugging and kissing her with all passion that I could muster.

She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist moving them off my shoulders. Amy pulled me into her as hard as she could. Her arms were locked around me holding me tightly. I looked into her eyes.

"Darling, I hope it's not to early to say this, but I feel myself falling for you." Her eyes welled up and a tear rolled out of her right eye and down her cheek. I leaned forward and kissed the tear.

My cock was still hard and inside of her. I went back to rhythmically fucking her albeit gently. I felt her womanhood tense up and splash my cock with her orgasm. After a few pushes into her again my cock tensed up and once again filled her with my sperm. Something about this wonderful creature excited me beyond what anyone else ever has. As my cock was filling her with cum again, she began moaning loudly.

She began saying how much she feels me inside her. "Oh my God, I love how you have been making love to me. I feel like I have never felt before with any other man or woman in my life." With that I felt her orgasm once again. I leaned in and kissed her again. I felt my eyes get heavy and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I said to her, "Darling, I'm really wiped out. How are you feeling?" "Like I could sleep for weeks. You really have taken everything out of me and I can say you certainly have put lots into me as well." At that point we finally broke apart.

She rolled on her side and I rolled on my side facing her. I reached down and pulled up the bed comforter to cover both of us. It didn't take long for both of us to drift off into a warm deep sleep.