Scandal on stage lesbian shows

Scandal on stage lesbian shows
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Maxynn was laying in bed tossing and turning. It was 3:45 am. She couldn't seem to fall asleep, the summer had come to an end. Her and Holden's first day of school was tomorrow and she knew she needed to get some sleep, but all she could really think about was what if when school started, their little fucking game was over?

And what she really wanted right now was her brothers cock inside her. She quietly got up and tiptoed down the hall to Holden's room. Her parents were long asleep by now, so she opened his door and peeked her head in.

His bedside lamp was on, so she could see him sleeping peacefully. She closed and locked the door and stood at the door of his bed. She completely undressed and crawled under the covers. She pulled his sweats down and took out his cock.

She started pumping is slowly and put the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. His dick started getting hard fast. She began sucking on it, taking almost all of it. She gagged at about 6 inches and then had to ease off and back down again. Holden began stirring, and then he awoke to his beautiful, sexy baby sis sucking his cock.

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He pulled the covers back, and sure enough there she was. She just couldn't seem to get enough of him. He pushed her head down further, until she started gagging and then he let up. He held her head still and began thrusting his cock into her throat. He felt his balls boiling, and whispered to his sister, "im cumming sis." She took in as much as she could and swallowed all that was shot down her throat. "You can't seem to get enough of me, huh?" Holden asked as she crawled up to lay beside him.

She giggled, "No. You're just so yummy." He lay there for a long while catching his breath.

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he turned his head to find his sexy, little sister sleeping. But, he wasn't done with her yet. He started kissing her awake, until she finally started kissing back. He removed her little night gown, only to find her completely nude underneath. He was happy about that, and began kissing down her body. He was pinching her nipples and began traveling further. She spread her legs as wide as she could and he took in her scent. She smelled fresh, since she took a shower a few hours ago.

She smelled of flowers. He held her lips open and flicked his tongue over her swollen nub. She moaned loudly.

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"You need to be quiet, Max. Mom and dad's room is right below mine" Holden said, flicking her once again. Then, he took his tongue all the way to the bottom of her pussy and licking upward. She tasted sweet, he loved eating his sweet baby sister all up. He began sucking and biting gently on her clit. "Mmm. Don't stop," She moaned. He started sucking harder.


"You like that baby? Does that feel good?" She wrapped her legs around his head and pushed him down as she started climaxing. He climbed up her body and pushed the head of his cock in her tight, little pussy hole. He lifted her legs and put them on his shoulders and started pounding into his baby sister.

The room seemed to be all hot and sweaty, when she first came in it was cool and comfortable.

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All you could hear was the slapping of sex and the squeaking of his mattress. Maxynn pushed him up off her and rolled him to the bottom. She loved riding her big brothers cock, she loved being in control of him.

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She started riding him as hard as she could. Her breasts bouncing up and down, each time he thrust upward to match her stroke. Her body started shaking violently and he held her still while he kept thrusting up inside her. After a bit, his warm sticking semen was shooting into her womb.

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She collapsed on the bed beside him. She looked at the clock, it read 5:56 am. "We have school tomorrow. Are you ready?" She asked. He rolled on his side to face her. He was playing with her hair. "Yeah. A little, are you?" He replied. She shook her head and said, "Are we still going to be able to do this?" He grinned and kissed her on the head, "Of course baby.

Now, you better get off to your room." She kissed him and reached down to stroke his, one again, hard penis. "Just one more round." Maxynn awoke the next morning for school. She jumped out of bed and ran across the hall to the bathroom that her and her brother shared. She wanted to take a shower first because Holden took forever. After about ten minutes, she heard the door open. She saw Holden stripping and he hopped into the shower with her.

"We have to get you all cleaned up for a good first day baby," He said and he grabbed a washcloth and drenched it in soap. He turned her back to him and started with that.

He rubbed all around her back and down to her ass. He stuck his finger in her ass crack and began massaging her hole softly. Her, liking the feeling, bent over to give him better access to it. He pushed his thumb in a little and rubbed it, as she began moaning. "Does that feel good? You want me to keep going?" He asked her. Her breathing became heavier as the minute went by. She bit her lip and replied, "Mhmm". He leaned down to where his face was level with her ass. He spread her cheeks apart and let his tongue slide across her back entrance hole.

She moaned with delight and began rocking her body against his face. He reached his hand around and began fondling her pussy, rubbing her clit. He stood and took the head of his cock and rubbed it on her hole.

He pushed the head in and sat for a second, letting her get comfortable with that. He then eased a couple more inches in and, again, let her get comfortable with it. His hand was still rubbing her clit, her eyes were closed and he could hear her softly moaning every now and then. He pushed the rest of his way in and then back out. He did that a few more times softly, until he felt her meeting his strokes and pushing her ass back to get more and more of him in her.

He began pounding into her ass, she held her hands on both sides of the shower to brace herself and hold herself up.


He inserted a finger into her tight, wet hole and began finger fucking her, while still fucking her ass.

All the while, she was moaning so loud their mother knocked on the door. "Is everything okay in there, Maxynn?" Their mother asked. Maxynn did her best to answer, because her brother was still pounding her ass as hard as he could.

"Yes, I just slipped. Everything is fine". She said and heard her mothers footsteps go down the hall. Whew, that was a close call, but it was exciting to have the rush of feeling of getting caught. She felt her brother release his seed into her bowels. He took his cock out and leaned down to eat her pussy, to finish her off. She held her pussy lips for him as he lapped her sweet cunt up. Soon, drinking all her juices up as she came all over his face.

They got ready for school and were out the door in no time. As soon as they got there, all the cute popular girls were all over Holden, just as Maxynn had suspected would happen. Her and Abigail met up, it was the first time they had really spoke since that day they all had sex a few weeks back. Abigail asked if they were still getting it on and when she could join again. Maxynn was looking around for her other friends, when she noticed Holden's ex, Adalie.

They were pretty serious when they dated, on and off for almost 3 years. Now, that they are broken up, Adalie is pretty much obsessed with Holden.

They were still friends, but every chance she got, she tried to get back with Holden. They made Maxynn uneasy.

She watched as Adalie walked over to Holden's locker, and then she watched as they hugged. Maxynn did not like this, she wanted to rip her hair out. But, she had to be cool. Nobody could know about her and Holden, so she simply walked off to her first class. After lunch, she had seen Holden and Adalie making out in the hallway. It really just made Maxynn want to cry, of course that could never be them.

And that's what hurt Maxynn the most. For the rest of the day, whenever Holden tried to talk to her, she avoided him and ran in the other direction. After last period he caught her at her locker.

"Max, what's up? You've been ignoring me all day", He looked at her sadly, she almost gave in. But, she didn't. She just slammed her locker and walked home.

Holden usually gives her a ride to school and back home, but she didn't feel like looking at him right now. When she got home, he was already there. Their parents were both at work and wouldn't be home for another couple of hours. Holden was sitting in her room when she walked in. "Did I do something to make you mad?" He asked. She knew she shouldn't be mad, but she couldn't help it. "I saw you and Adalie kissing," She blurted out. He looked confused for a second.

Before he could say anything she asked, "Are you guys getting back together?" He shook his head and said, "No we aren't, but even if we were.

I have the right, we aren't together, Max. I care about you, but you know we can never be together in that way. Even thought I want to so bad, so we have to stay on the down low. You can date people, and so can I.

Me and you are just having sex." Then, he walked out of her room. She was furious. She didn't want him to think of her just as someone he was having sex with. A little while later he came back to her door. "Do you wanna fool around before mom and dad get home?" He asked. She wanted to be mad, but who could say no to sex?!

"I'll even make up for being so harsh earlier". He said as he shoved her backward into the bed, yanking her jeans and panties off. She removed her shirt and bra, as he got busy on her snatch. He seemed to love to eat her out. He sucked her pussy and rubbed her clit and this time, she moaned as loud as she could.

Nothing was stopping her with their parents gone. He started sucking her clit and she panted, "Uhhh. Right there, don't stop. Im about to — about to cum." He kept sucking right where she said, even harder and then he felt her body shaking.

He flipped her over after her climax subsided, so she was on her hands and knees. He quickly stripped and inserted his penis into her tight, pussy hole. He didn't bother to do it softly, he rammed into her. She held onto the headboard while he was pounding away at her hole. He had one hand fondling her nipple and the other rubbing her clit. She kept pushing her ass back to get more and more of his cock.

She loved the way his meat felt inside her, made he body feel all full. She couldn't seem to get enough of him. She felt him picking up the pace and knew he was going to cum any second. "Mmm. Baby, your pussy feels so good." He grunted, letting his seed, once again, pour into her, just as he felt her tiny body shaking with an orgasm. They collapsed on the bed together, breathing heavily. Maxynn wished they could have sex all day long, whenever they wanted. She loved her brothers cock. She knew this little fling they were having couldn't last forever.

They would soon be graduated in a couple years and off to college. That made her feel sad, and she wished so bad that they could tell their parents about them. But, they can't. The next day at school Maxynn ran into an old pal, someone she used to date and had strong feelings for. "Hey, Maxynn. Looking good," He said. She smiled, he still looked hot as ever. "Oh, hey, Cale. Thank you. Not too bad yourself." They got to talking and planned to hang out after school, Holden had football practice and wouldn't be home for a couple hour, and their parents had work.

Holden did say they would be able to date other people, so nothing was stopping her. Right after school she hopped into Cale's car and he took off for her house. They were both pretty horny and wanted to fuck. They ran up to her room and as soon as the door was closed, they were ripping each other's clothes off. It would be nice to feel someone else's cock in her cunt, other than her brothers. He pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs wide.

He held her swollen, pink pussy lips open and began licking away. She moaned softly and he smiled, she liked what he was doing. He sucked on her swollen, purplish clit, her giving moans of approval. Every now and then his tongue was rub over her anus, sending small shivers through her body.

She pushed him up and made him lay back, as she climbed on top of him. She guided the tip of his wide cock into her pussy and began riding him slowly. "Mmm. Your pussy feels so nice." He grunted and held onto her hips and thrust up into her, hard. She was rocking on his erect penis when they heard Holden say, "What the hell is going on here?" Maxynn jumped up so quick, you would think her head was on fire. Cale quickly shoved his clothes on and ran out the door.

"I'm waiting for you to explain." He said. Maxynn laughed, starting to get furious. "Who are you to say who I can and can't fuck? You have no right to be mad at me. You said we were able to date other people. So you can't be mad, you're acting like a jealous freak.

And a hypocrite. What are you doing home anyways? Don't you have practice?" She yelled at him.

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He didn't say anything though, he went to his room and slammed the door. She felt kind of bad. She really only fucked Cale just to get back at Holden for saying he could date or kiss whoever they wanted. She would be furious too, if he had done the same thing to her. She was ruining them, and she needed to act fast or else he might call off their little fling. To be continued.