Free movie of gay bear men pissing Austin Ried Tub Piss Fun

Free movie of gay bear men pissing Austin Ried Tub Piss Fun
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there stood his erection in the dim lit seedy hotel room. she craved for his throbbing shaft to be deep inside her. she slowly moved towards him at the edge of the bed.


undressing herself revealing her womenly curves. leaving nothing to his imagination. her nipples stood out from her body like two red berries.

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as he glanced down toward her bottom half he could see how neat she kept herself with just a smalll line of pubic hair. she rubbed her boobs in motion pulling at her nipples they were growing even larger. she positions herself infront of him as he reaches out to try an touch her an she directs his hand away an demands that he can only watch her. using the index finger on her right hand she licks it then slowly runs it down towards her ever moist pussy, upon reaching it she slides a finger straight in.

he trembles watchin her play with her juicy cunt, he begins to stroke his thick cock. he trys again to make contact she responds well, feeling she has teased him enough.

he grabs her roughly throwing her on the bed.she lays there with her legs as wide as they can go.

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he begins to nibble her neck whilst caressing her nipples. her hands are firmly placed on his back clenching him tightly. as he moves down her body his mouth finds her stiffened nipples, he sucks an flicks them back an forth.

she can feel his hard dick pushing against her body.

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he swiftly moves his head further down an begins lapping with his tongue on her sopping gash. in a jolting motion her back arches rising of the bed forcing more of her pussy into his mouth.

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she wraps her legs around his neck. while nibbiling her thick clit he enters her from behind with two fingers forcing them deep.

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she sqirms in ecstacy. her body goes into a spasim, he knows what is coming an prepares his mouth. she jolts forward forcing his fingers deeper then she fills his mouth with her warm sticky, cum he laps it up.

it takes a few seconds 4 her to recover, starving him of what he desires. she lifts his finger and puts it to his mouth lickin her cum dripping from his finger tips this arouses him even further. she then pushes him to his back and crawls on top of his body using her tougue she begins to tickle his ear he cant bare the intense feeling an pushes her head towards his stiff rod.

there she begins to tease him using the tip of her tougue moving it over his bulging head she then sucks his cock taking it as deep as she can until she is on the brink of choking. using her hands she grabs his balls and then puts them in her mouth sucking them gently. this sends him to dispare and she feels his penis twitch. he holds her head against him and shoots his thick white cum deep in her throat, she has no problem swallowing it all and even cleans his head. while he recovers from his orgasim she continues to moan while rubbing herself, the sight of this has him quickly rigid again.

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She quickly notices that he is ready to perform once again and using her other hand she reaches over and pulls him on top of her. using his hands he rubs his cock and then pushes is throbbing penis into her moist vagina, she tries to catch her breath as she accepts his full length. thrusting her hips upwards in the bed brings him deeper inside, hes so deep shes screams with joy telling him to fuck her harder, with that he starts to pound her really realy hard so that his balls slap of her ass.

he then lifts her up and flips her over so she is lying flat on her stomach face down. he then enters her deep, her screaming gets louder.

then she shocks him by asking for him to take her ass. he is taken back but is very keen. so he spits on his finger an enters her puckered asshole she is loving him intruding her ass. he manages two fingers stretching her out. then he attempts to get his cock inside which he drives in, because her pussy is soaken wet it acts as lubricant. she experiences a mixture of pain and pleasure at the start, soon the pain disapeares and she really gets into it.

then comes what she didnt expect, an earth shattering orgasim overcomes her.

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he keeps pounding for all he is worth as he feels his explosion coming near he pulls out and gives his cock a few strokes with his hand and unleashes a plentyfull wad of sticky spunk over her cheeks and lower back.

after all the excitment she gets out of bed and makes her way to the bathroom as he lays still in bed he can hear the sound of the shower water pounding of her skin he walks to the door of the bathroom were he sees her fuckin her pussy with her fingers without even looking down at his crotch he knows that he has to have that ass once more.


he begins to pull his bulging cock and makes his way to the shower. shes doesnt look surprised to see him and grabs his thick tool and pulls him into the shower towards her where he takes control and forces her against the wall he pins her arms against the tiled wall.

she has no control and loves it. he pushes himself inside her then her legs wrap around his back, he thrusts hard into her. the water is cascading of their naked bodies. her cunt is soaking showing how excited she is. They are both ready to cum she grabs the skin on his back with great force indicating to him how close she is. He now knows there is no turning back, he has to slam that shaven cunt, she begins to scream uncontrolabley.her orgasim floods his cock and balls this sends him wild feeling her warm juices drenching his sack, she feels him twitch inside her to help she clamps her inner walls around his thick meat and sure enough he unloads his cum deep inside her!

as they wash of no words are spoken, they are mentally and physicaly exhausted from what they have just done. as she goes to leave he reaches for his wallet expecting her to turn for the money she is owed but no she simply said you were enough!

this leaves him with a big smile on his face!!!