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This is the story about Fred and his mom Amy Watson. Mom I need to talk with you. About what? It´s something that I don´t know how to tell you, eeeemmmm it´s I just found a videotape from you in grandma´s house.

So what´s the matter with it? It´s that in these video you´re being fucking by two guys. WHAT?? Yes, maybe you don´t remember it seem you are a little drunk but you´re having one guy in your pussy and another one in your mouth, and then they exchange places, you were moaning and enjoying the sex and I saw your wedding ring on your finger.

Let´s talk about this, that was twenty years ago, when I was in the university they put something on my drink and I don´t remember what happen exactly.

Days later they was calling me and I remember that they mention something about a videotape I thought they lie but I see that was true. So as you can see they forced me, so what do you want to let that tape as a secret? I´m not sure, it´s a great video you know, I could sell it to a porn site. Are you nuts? I don´t think that you want your mother will be seeing by everybody naked and having sex, I know we have some problems but we can resolve them. Yes, we can resolve our problems.

I know what I want from you. This night when everybody get sleep I want you in my room, at 1 o´clock will be ok. And what for? Well, let me explain to you. I´m young and I like women very much and as I think you´re really sexy I want to see you in my room with a nightgown or maybe in that tight black dress that you used in the last family party.

You´re out of your mind? And if I go to your room what else you will do? See me? No of course not, I want to fuck you too. Are you nuts?, I´m your mother not your girlfriend Yes I know but I always thought that you´re beautiful and all my friends did it too, and this is what I want from you, now it´s your decision, if you don´t do it I will upload the video to a porn site and send the link to your friends and to my father, nobody will know who send the mail.

Well I hope you make the best decision for you.


And think that your life could be destroy. I hate you Fred. Yeah whatever, bye And now what I will do? If he upload that video I will be ashamed and all my family and friends will laugh.

Even as now I had problems with my husband he will use this against me because is when he went out to work and I went to a bar.

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I know Fred hate me and he will upload that video. But have sex with him is not something I want. That night at the dining Fred was looking Amy and she feel uncomfortable. He was seeing her breast and her ass making that she get caught to him. When everybody stand up to go to sleep Fred wink his eye to Amy and go. Amy and her husband Steve went to their room and after change their clothes lay down on the bed and as he was tired begin to sleep almost instantaneously and Amy was watching TV trying to escape from Fred´s proposition and thinking in what she can do to avoid her son.

At 12:45 she stand up and thought that maybe was better if she dressed as Fred told her and make up her face and try to get a deal from Fred, maybe if she was really sexy she can make only an strip tease to obtain the video, but what if he want something else?

She doesn´t want sex with her own son, but it seems he want to fuck her. Finally at 1 o´clock she went to Fred´s room dressing with a tight black dress, she was wearing a black pantyhose and a daily use pantie and high heel shoes.

The dress had a miniskirt that coming up to the middle of her thighs and the cleavage was generous to saw her breast. She looks amazing. Amy knock the door and Fred open the door. Good to see you, I knew you will come. And you´re dressed as I told you. Yes, I agree to come but I want to talk first. When she enter in the room and sit down in the bed her miniskirt rise and Fred could saw almost all her thigh and he begin to get excited.

Look Fred, you´re my son and even as we have a lot of problems I think that is better if you give me the videotape and in exchange I can give you some money or maybe try to convince to your father to buy you a car. It could be but now that I saw you with that dress, I´m convinced that I want to fuck you. NO, you´re my son. What if I make a strip tease for you and then you give me the video? Well that sounds good, you´re my mother and I don´t want to force you.

Fred was thinking that if she get naked then it was going to be easy to fuck her, even forced her to have sex with him. The relationship between both was difficult since he was 15 years old. I will put some music so you can dance Fine. Fred turn on his cellphone and put some music and Amy all ashamed begin to move her hips at the rhythm of the sound, she was caressing herself her ass and thighs, even her breasts.

Then suddenly tears roll down her cheeks thinking about what she is doing. I don´t want to follow with this But we had a deal, you know the consequences if you not fulfill your word. But you´re my son I don´t want you to see my body naked.

Well it´s your decision. You can go now, tomorrow you and everyone you know will receive an email with the link to your video. NO, please don´t do this, I´m your mother. It´s your decision, now go I want to sleep.

Mmmmmggg well if you want I will do it Then Amy resume her dance and after some minutes while she was still crying she raise up her miniskirt so Fred could saw her pantie and pantyhose, her ass was amazing.

He was beginning to have an erection. As she was dancing she start to pull down the top of her dress and finally she take out her dress and while she was still crying she stop her dance. - Well I'm done, you saw enough. - What are you talking about you're not naked yet. - But I'm your mother - It doesn't matter to me, you need to fulfill your word and try to stop your tears. Then Amy crying and sobbing start to dance one more time and thought that maybe was better to hurry up, then she take out her shoes and pantyhose and finally turned around and take out her bra and pantie.

- I hope you are satisfied now. - To say the truth I'm not.


Then Fred stand up and put his hand on her mouth to avoid her screams and push Amy to the bed and his body was now on hers. He was strong so he easily put her own pantie as a gag.

- Ok mom as I saw you naked now I want more than ever to fuck you. Move your head if you agree or I need to rape you. Amy move her head from left to right indicating that she disagreed with him and she was fighting to release from Fred, then he take her pantyhose and tied up her hands and as she was crying and trying to kick him he undress and she saw his full erected cock it was big, maybe 9 inches, she was now afraid about what will happen next, her own son will rape her.

Then Fred grip her legs and lay down over her and begin to rub his cock in her pussy, the sensation was unbelievable for him, he was licking her nipples and with his hands gripping her ass then he begin to push and his cock was burying inside Amy's cunt and now he was pumping in and out faster in every thrust.

She was making noises trough the gag while she cry and try to escape moving her body but he was heavy and strong.

Then Fred put Amy's thighs on his shoulders and this let him to have more accessibility to fuck her deeper, she felt pain now. Fred was now fucking her faster while her hands was groping her tits and she made unintelligible sounds. - Oooouuugg I'm cuming inside you mom. Mmmmggg wow you had a great body. Now I will retire the gag but don't scream ok? Amy move her head up and down thinking that finally he fucked her and she will obtain the video. Then Fred remove the gag. - Well finally you fucked me, now release my hands I want to go to my room and give me the damn video.

Then Fred release her hands but he was still inside Amy's cunt moving in and out. - What the hell are you doing? Get off me. She stand up and take her clothes and the video and go out. When she was in her bedroom she wash her pussy, get dressed with her pijama and lay down to sleep, her husband didn't realize that she wasn't in the bed because he have a trip the next day and need to sleep.

Well this nightmare is over, he was rough but finally I get the video. The next day while she was eating her breakfast with her husband and saying goodbye she was afraid about all that happen the last night. One hour later when her husband went Fred appear to eat and say hello to his mother.

- Good morning mom, how are you? - Bad about what you did yesterday - That's not good news, because today we are going to do it again all the day. - Are you crazy? I did it with you just because of the video. - But now I have a new video, come you need to see it. Then Fred went to the living room and turn on the tv and put the video, it was she making the strip tease and finally the part where she was without the gag and he release her hands while he was moving his cock inside her and then the video end.

- It seems that you make a strip tease to seduce me and then fuck with me, you know what could happen if I told that you have sex with me, your son? You could go to jail for incest. - Now you impress me, you put me a trap. - But in the video it seems you enjoy. - You are an stupid, I hate you. - Me too, but I love your body, now come here I want your cunt again. - No way, I'm not your bitch.

- But you will, if not you will go to jail and will feel really ashamed in front of all the people you know, do you want that? - But this is wrong you're my son.

- Yes I'm but you said that you hate me. - That was because you abuse of me. - Well I did it once, and now I want to be with you again, let's go to my room. - NO I don't want to. - Well then I will call to the police to tell my story of sexual abuse from my own mother, where is the phone?.

Fred takes the phone and begin to press the buttons. - No, stop &hellip. Ok I will do it but this going to be the last one, is that understood? - You really think that I'm going to stop of fucking you. All my friends thought that you're one of the most beautiful women and I think the same. Now lets go I can't wait to be inside you again.

- But we can't do this for all the time you want, I need the promise that you end this when your father return the next week, it's a deal? - Mmmm ok it's a deal, one week as my sex slave.

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- Ok but don't say it in that way. - Then we will be lovers, now to my room. Amy lower her eyes and begin to go upstairs crying while Fred follow her. She was wearing a tight jean and a top and when she enter in the bedroom, Fred caress her hips and pinch her ass then rip her top so her breast pop up and she turn around and push him.

- What's wrong with you? Usually you're so rough? - Yes I'm, and is better to you if you get used to after all we have an entire week. Now shut up. Amy start to cry louder, never in her life she was treated so rude and now her own son was doing it. Fred begin to bite her nipples while with his hands unbuttoned her jean and take it out, then he lifted Amy by her thighs and put her on the bed, and it was when he pulled down his pajama and get naked. He was full muscle and with a big cock as she saw and feel the last night.

Then he begin to rub his cock in Amy's pussy, she was still with her pantie. He lay down over her and start to kiss her neck, he was moving up and down while his hands was caressing all her body while she was sobbing. Then one of his hands move to a side her front part of the pantie and he push his cock and as she was wet it was fully inside in just two pushes, he begin to moan and move in and out of her.

In other hand she was sobbing and trying to fly away of this sexual abuse but it was impossible, his cock was the bigger she has inside in all her life and most than pleasure she feel pain, then he begin to move faster and finally cum inside her, she felt the explosion in her but he was pumping until his cock get soft and take out.

- I love to fuck your pussy. Now get dressed with a nice dress we are going to eat outside. - No, I'm not going to go out with you. - Ok first rule are I'm the boss here, so you must do whatever I told you or I will call the police and deliver the video.

- That damn video, ok what clothes do you want I use? - Any dress with miniskirt but don't put a bra, now lets go to take a shower. - You mean we? - Yes of course so I can caress your body. In the shower he begin to put soap all over her body and as the soft sensation was new to Fred he get aroused and start to rub his cock on Amy's ass cheeks, she was feeling afraid because she never fuck anally but Fred just begin to push his cock on her pussy from behind while groping her tits roughly, he was pumping his cock half hour until he cum inside and pull out his cock, then to Amy's surprise he order her to suck his cock, she usually do it to her husband but now was her son and reluctantly she put on her knees and open her mouth and begin to suck his cock, even as it was a little soft he was pushing so hard that she gag, and after a pair of minutes he take out his cock and finish the shower.

- It was awesome, now go to get dressed Amy was sobbing and with tears over her face, after all that her son forced to did to Amy, and as Fred cum inside her she go to the medicine cabinet and take an ant conceptive pill.

Fred put some nice clothes and she chooses a white dress and put a black pantyhose and high heel shoes. - You look awesome as always. Then Fred approach to her and lifted her miniskirt and caress her ass. We need to go now if not I will fuck you right now again. - But where are we going? - I told you to eat. - And why I need to go? - Because after the lunch I want to go to a see a movie.

She drove the car to a restaurant and after they eat both of them go to see a movie, he was hugging her, she felt comfortable but then he begin to caress her thighs and after some seconds his hand was rubbing against her pussy, she try to put his hand apart but he told in her ear. You belong to me, now let me touch your pussy. Mmmmm fine do it. And Fred was touching her pussy and later lifted up her skirt and pulled down a little her pantyhose and her pantie so he can introduce a finger inside her, so anybody could saw what they were doing.

She was closing her eyes and seeing If nobody saw them, but her pussy begin to get really wet, she can feel it, then she saw a flash of a camera, she get blind for a moment and then another flash hit her eyes and when she get accustomed she saw a guy approximately of the age of his son.

Hi Mrs. Watson, let me told you that you look amazing in that dress. I wonder what you two were doing, but as my cellphone have a great camera I could see that Fred is finger fucking you, my mom doesn´t do things like that. Hi, Mike were just watching a movie said Fred.

No you´re touching your mom, I want to talk with you two, let´s go outside said Mike. Then Amy and the two guys go outside and begin to talk. Well what you two were doing is not normal, I have two photos so now I want to have a piece of that body, if you don´t want I'll show this pics to your husband and anybody at our school.

WHAT, you´re trying to blackmail us? said Amy. Yes, this opportunity is unique and I always admire how beautiful you´re. And what do you want from me? I want to fuck you, or you know the consequences. Come here mom. Then Fred go to a side and told to Amy: he is a bad guy, I know he will do what he is telling to us. I think you put me a trap No, I swear not. So, what are we going to do? Let´s go to a motel and obtain that pics. But I don´t want to fuck one of your friends.


Then tell me what we can do? I can´t think in nothing, Ok let´s go. Ok Mike you win, let´s go. Then Amy drove her car to a motel that Fred used to go with his girlfriends and pay for a room. Amy was feeling ashamed, when they enter in the room she was really afraid of being in a motel room, she never went to a motel and now she was there with two guys, she felt quiet that Fred was there too but she felt weird that she is going to be fucked by another guy that could be her son.

Now Mrs. Watson I want to undress you to caress all your body. Ok do it, but you need to use this condom. And she closed her eyes. Mike approach to her and begin to kiss her neck and hug her, then his hands go down and go under her miniskirt and touch her ass cheeks, she felt strange. Then Mike with his hands caress her breast and then pulled down her dress so her tits was now outside and free, she try to cover them with her hands but he grip them and pulled to her back and then begin to lick the nipples while she start to feel his cock rubbing against her pussy.

When Mike release her hands he pulled down all her dress and now she was semi naked with just her pantie and pantyhose, she looks awesome, he was now naked and rub his cock against her cunt and with his hands was gripping hard her ass, then suddenly he pulled down the pantyhose and the pantie until her knees and push Amy to the bed, she was now lay down. Put on all fours, I want to fuck you from behind, and don´t take out your pantie and pantyhose.

Ok, but don't be so rough, after all I agree to do this. She climbed on the bed and put on her knees and hands then she felt as Mike begin to rub his cock between her ass cheeks and caress her hips and tits from behind, he was now moving and suddenly he push his cock on her pussy and the head instantaneously buried inside, she open her eyes wide thinking about what is she doing now letting to a total strange penetrate her cunt.

He was pushing and now she felt a little pain as he try to bury all his cock as fast as he can and as she don't take out the pantyhose and the pantie she can't open her legs and her pussy was tighter than normal. - Hey do it slowly, I need to get lubricated said Amy. - Sorry I never fuck a woman I'm a virgin said Mike. And he start to push slowly letting to Amy's body to get accustomed to the invasion, after two minutes of this he finally bury all his cock inside her and begin to pump.

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Amy was moaning thinking that she is taking away the virginity of a young man and his cock is long and wide, not as big as the dick of her son but as her legs could not be open it feels bigger like he will rip her cunt.

While Amy was fucking, Fred was recording everything with his cellphone and take off his clothes, he was thinking in what a good idea was to tell to his best friend what he will do to his mother and put the trap, now he have a new video to blackmail her.

Mike was pumping really fast while grip Amy's arms with one of his hands to pull her against his cock to fuck her harder while with his other hand he begin to caress her anus ring. - Hey stop what are you doing? You can fuck me but you cannot touch me there.

- Ok Mrs. Watson but move your ass I like to see how you move your body while my cock is inside you. Then Amy move her body letting to Mike's cock get buried fully inside her and go out almost in all his length. She felt as a whore being fucked by a strange in a motel.

- Wow you're movement is going to make me cum I'm already there just a few pushes more aaaagg aaaggg mmmggg I'm cuming bitch, take it all said Mike. Mike was pumping for another minute and then he take out his cock.

- My first time and it was with a pretty woman like you, you had a great body, thank you Mrs. Watson said Mike. - Get off me I want to go now said Amy. - What are you talking about mom?

I want to fuck you too said Fred. - WHAT? Why are you naked? said Amy - I get aroused of see you two fucking and now I want to fuck you too said Fred. - But we can go home and do it said Amy. - No I can't wait I want you right now, and I want you too in all fours said Fred. - Let's go home and I will do whatever you want said Amy.

- No, and remember that I'm the boss here said Fred. - Gggrrr I hate you said Amy. - Yes I know, now do what I told you or you know what could happen said Fred. Then Amy with anger put again in all fours on the bed. - You know mom I want something else, as I have a fixation with nylon take out your pantie and put just your pantyhose I want to feel your legs and ass with them said Fred. Amy reluctantly do what Fred want and again put on all fours on the bed and he start to caress her ass and legs with his hands and even her pussy over the pantyhose, she was wet as she fucked recently, then he begin to rub his cock while touch her tits roughly, he was doing this for some minutes and suddenly slap her ass and she scream in pain and then he rip her pantyhose from the top until the middle of her thigh and penetrate her cunt with his cock, she was wet so in just two pushes all his cock was inside, now she is afraid of her son.

- Aaaauuuggg you're an asshole, why you're always so rough said Amy. - I like to fuck you in this way, now try to enjoy said Fred. - How can I enjoy, you're blackmailing me to have sex. Aaagg mmmggg said Amy - But you're moaning, I really think that you like it said Fred. And Fred was now going in and out with his big cock while Amy move her hips.

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Then he grip hard her ass and push a finger inside her anus, she try to escape but he was strong. - Take out that finger!! said Amy - Why? I want to be inside your ass too and I want it now, hey Mike come here and help me. -said Fred while put his hand on Amy's mouth to avoid her screams. She was moving wildly trying to escape with Fred's cock inside her pussy.

Mike took his shirt and begin to tie up her hands to the bed and later put her pantie inside Amy's mouth. Now she was at the mercy of this two guys.

Fred was now pumping her pussy and finger fucking her ass. Mike tie up one of her legs to the bed and now was pinching and caress her body. All of this was video recorded too. After some minutes while Fred was lubing her anus ring with her own pussy juices he took out his cock and begin to push in her asshole, as she was anally virgin it was tight, after some pressure his cockhead bury inside her, she was in pain but all she can say was - mmmmggg gmmppp mmmgggppp while she cry feeling her ass raped.

Fred was now pushing harder trying to bury all his cock on her ass, but Amy was tight so he need to use his body weight to penetrate her anus, now she was crying hard while he start to pump his cock in and out, the feeling was amazing, better than fuck her pussy, so he was penetrating her now hard and fast, he pulled her hair so he control the rhythm and slap her ass cheeks, she can't support the pain and was screaming in her gag, but to Fred her unintelligible sounds excited him even more, he was enjoying her pain and her movements when she try to escape from the abuse.

- Yes mom move your ass, I love when you grunt said Fred. - Mmmmg Ooouuwww was all that Amy could say. Finally after an eternity for her he scream that he was cuming. - Wow mom I love to cum inside you and your ass is amazing, for the rest of the week I will fuck you just anally said Fred. - Hey dude is that true, is better than her pussy?

said Mike - Yes is so much better, you can't imagine, it's so tight said Fred - I like to try it too said Mike - No way dude, you already fuck her cunt said Fred. - Please I beg to you, let me do it. I will give you my new tablet and $200 in cash said Mike Amy can't believe that this guy was trying to buy a chance to fuck her ass, she felt sad of what Fred just did, he treat her as a bitch, now she is tied up to the bed and gagging with her own pantie and she feel her anus burning and with cum flowing, but his son is protecting her from Mike that want to be inside her ass too.

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- Your new tablet? I always want one. Ok go to fuck her said Fred. Amy can't believe this, Fred accept to let Mike to fuck her ass, he sold her as a bitch and as she try to kick Mike his own son grip her free leg so Mike can easily begin to penetrate her anus, they don't have another condom so he do it bare skin and as her ass was still with all Fred's cum it was like have oil inside and his cock went inside almost instantaneously in just two pushes, it was warm inside and tighter than her cunt.

She can't believe what is happening, her own son raped her ass and for money let to another guy to rape her too. Mike grip her hair too and manage the rhythm pulling it while with his other hand was pinching a nipple and slapping her ass cheeks.

- Ohhh Mrs. Watson is true you're ass is amazing, is so tight inside. It worth every cent I paid said Mike. Then Mike accelerate his rhythm inside her ass, the pain increase in her with every thrust, now was like have flames inside. - Aaaagg yuhuuuu I'm cuming inside a married woman ass. Then Mike was pumping until his cock get soft. But Fred just have an idea and with his cellphone point to take a picture in what he can see a cock inside her ass and part of her face so if somebody saw the picture it seems that is consensual sex.

- Ok pal get out of her said Fred. - Just give me some seconds my cock is still semi erected said Mike. - You know mom, you were right, I put a trap to you in the movie theater, so Mike could be part of this too. He is my best friend and now we have more videos and pictures to force you to have sex, you're so naive I recorded all the sex session and you don't realize, now you really belong to me and you will be my slave.

Now calm down while I take some pictures and then I will release you said Fred. Then Mike take a lot of photos of her tied up to the bed, but emphasize her ass with cum flowing outside, then both guys get dressed and finally start to release Amy.

In all this time she was thinking in what to do, what Fred said was true her life with all that videos will be destroy if he send to her friends and her husband.

He will divorce of her and she could go to prison for incest. She was scrubbed, now she must do whatever her son told to her. When they release her legs and hands, she stand up immediately and take out the gag from her mouth.

- You pair of stupids what you think you just did I'm not a whore and then approach to Fred and slap on his face. - Calm down mom, remember the proofs we have against you. The best you can do is submit to me or everything will be worst to you said Fred. Then Amy begin to cry again and start to get dressed all of this was recorded by Fred too. She take out her ripped pantyhose and threw them but Fred took them as a souvenir.

She clean her ass and put her wet panties, when she finish she realized that past two hours. - Ok you're beautiful again, now lets go the house said Fred. Amy was sobbing and just follow Fred to the car, she can feel as the manager of the motel saw libidinously to her, he must be thinking that she is a whore. They get in the car and let Mike in his house and then go to their house, when they arrive she just go inside and run to her bedroom and closed the door, inside she start to cry laying down on the bed.

Fred just let her in peace and prepare a hidden video camera on the living room where he is planning to fuck his mother later. She felt so much pain, she was not able to sit down, her anus was hurting her. She get dressed with sport clothes and go downstairs to talk with Fred.

- Hi Fred, you know I was thinking that now you have everything you want from me even my anal virginity, please as your mother I beg to you to let pass this chapter said Amy. - Are you crazy? I always dreamed to have a sex slave and now you belong to me, come to see the last video said Fred.

On the TV screen it was an edited video of Mike fucking her from behind then showed Fred ripping her pantyhose and beginning to fuck her later while he fuck her ass and finally Mike penetrating her ass too. - I can edit the video so it seems that you're a horny bitch that used to fuck with your son and his friends. Now accept your new state as my bitch and take out that ugly clothes and let just your pantie and bra. - I can't believe what you're saying said Amy.

- Believe it, now undress said Fred - Please son don't do this to me said Amy - Now I'm not you're son anymore, I'm you're owner and stop your tears said Fred. Then Amy begin to take out her clothes staying with just her bra and pantie. - Is good to know that you accept to be my slave, now cook something I'm starving said Fred.

Amy went to the kitchen and prepare some food thinking about her new situation, her own son is fucking her roughly and she can't do nothing to avoid it.

Fred on the other hand was seeing her beauty mom cooking and imagine on what else he can do to humiliate her. When she end of cooking both of them sit down and eat, then he took two beers and told her to drink with him in the living room. - You know mom I always thought in fuck you since two years ago I admire your body, you're even more beautiful than anyone of my girlfriends, and when you begin to fight with me for everything I only desire to fuck you roughly even hurting you and when I found that video in grandma's house it was like a dream come true, I knew that with it I could blackmail you and recorded anything to have more material so you will be at my mercy.

Then I begin to prepare my plan and it work even better than the planned. Now lets see a movie said Fred. Amy can't believe what Fred just told about her, then Fred put a porn video. - I need new ideas to fuck you said Fred. - Please son don't be rough with me I will do anything you want but I don't like how you treat me said Amy.

- Shut up I will do whatever I want, now come here and give me a blowjob said Fred. Amy just get on her knees, pulled down his pants and begin to lick his cock from the base to the top, then Fred grip her head and push his cock inside her mouth and start to face fucking her at his rhythm he was going so deep that she felt her throat open to let his cock go inside.

He was pumping wildly as she gagging in every thrust and then with one of his hands he start to finger fucking her ass again, she felt the pain inside her and try to move to a side but he was now penetrating her anus with two fingers buried deep inside and with his other hand grip her hair and his cock inside her mouth was difficult to move. Later after some face fucking he take out his fingers from her ass and pulled her hair making Amy to bend over on the couch, he turn around and with his other hand pulled down her pantie and put his cock on her anus and with the first push his cockhead was inside.

- Fred please don't do it again in my ass, you're hurting me, the pain is unimaginable. Oouuggg please not again, fuck my pussy but no my ass said Amy. But as he told to her, her ass was even better than her pussy and he was pulling her hair so hard that he control all the action.

He begin to push his cock and little by little he penetrate her ass again. Amy can't do anything to avoid the anal abuse and now she was crying.

- Please I beg to you not in my ass aaauuug take it out please oooouuuu not more please aaaaaaa please you're hurting me aaaauuu, I will do anything you want but take it out mmmmggg said Amy. - I love when you beg to me and cry in pain when you have my cock inside your ass, now just get accustomed and I'll begin to move and rip your ass again and if you don't be submissive I'll be rough said Fred.

- No please I'll do what you want but don't be rough said Amy. - Ok let's see if you cooperate said Fred. And Fred begin to move taking out all his cock and burying inside her ass again in every thrust, this was more painful to Amy, she begin to moan in pain and tears rolled down her face, then he begin to slap her ass cheeks for five times and later grip her thighs and forcing to Amy to move her ass so he can penetrate her faster.

- That's it bitch, now move your hips and try to tighten your ass muscles said Fred. - But that will increase the pain, please don't ask me that said Amy. - Well then prepare to rough sex said Fred slapping her ass again - No, is not going to be necessary I will try but don't be rough said Amy sobbing. And Amy make an effort and begin to tighten her ass muscles while she move her hips so when Fred begin to introduce his cock she push her ass against him making hard every new penetration so he can go so deep inside Amy.

Now she is feeling a new level of pain. Fred was rubbing her pussy lips with his hand and then insert a finger and with the palm of his hand rub her clit, this feels better but the invasion of her rectum don't let her to enjoy, he was doing this for a lot of time. - You're pussy is so wet now, I wish to have two cocks to fuck your two holes, well maybe tomorrow we can solve that. Now he was moving faster and gripping her hips with his two hands controlling the rhythm.

- Ppmmm aaaagg I'm cuminggg -and he pump a little more and take out his cock. - Now clean my cock bitch said Fred. - But you were inside my ass said Amy. - So? Just do it, or you want a punishment? said Fred Then Amy turn around and open her mouth to engulf all his cock and begin to move, the smell was awful but she need to do it she doesn't want that Fred begin to be rough, she was afraid about his comment of have two cocks, is he going to invite to Mike again?

And if he comes what to do? she need to obey Fred or he will be rough again. She was sucking his cock harder trying that Fred enjoy the blowjob, his cock is now soft and he take it out. - Well done bitch, now lets go to sleep to your bedroom said Fred. Amy took her clothes and go directly to her bedroom followed by Fred and when they enter he go and lay down on the bed. - Now go and put your black nightgown and stockings and don't put any pantie I want your pussy and ass accessibly to fuck you if I awake later said Fred.

Amy just did what Fred order to her and then lay down beside him. He start to caress her legs and later climb over and as his hands touch all her body and he kiss her neck and breast he rub his cock against her pussy.

Then he stop. - I'm going to kiss you and I want you returned it passionately said Fred. Then Fred open his mouth and touch her lips, she begin to feel his tongue inside and she start to move her tongue too, they were kissing for a lot of time while he continues touching her body and rubbing his cock then suddenly she felt his cock penetrating inside her cunt, it's amazing that he recovery so fast, never in her life she fuck so many times in so few hours.

He was pumping inside her while he was now kissing her and introducing his tongue so deep. His hands was caressing all her body then he begin to moan and she felt an orgasm, he move now faster and finally he cum and let his body fall over her and hug her. - Good night bitch said Fred. - Good night said Amy. He fall sleep almost instantaneously and she was now confused, this last fucking was nice and she even felt an orgasm, but usually he used to be rude and he raped her twice and let to Mike rape her ass too, then she fall sleep too with cum flowing from her ass and pussy.

End of part 1