Jalandome el ganzo en la ducha

Jalandome el ganzo en la ducha
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I wrote this because I'm sick of people copying stories from other sites. It brings no originality or creativity to XNXX which, I think is what writing these stories is all about. Anyway I hope you enjoy :) Laura slipped her long slender legs out of her bed and sat up wiping the sleep from her eyes. It was three weeks to her seventeenth birthday and already she couldn't wait.

Since her birthday fell on the week before Christmas she would have family visiting she had never seen before and that meant plenty of money for her birthday and Christmas. Despite the fact that she was a far from materialistic girl Laura knew that she needed the money she got at Christmas to keep her going for the next few months until she could get a job in the summer.

She stood, shivered slightly in the cold, and then swiftly proceeded to the shower. When she returned to her room she took her time brushing her long brown hair, she slipped on a pair of boring underwear and deftly put on her C-cup sized bra. Putting on her school shirt, skirt and jumper she proceeded to the bathroom and after which thundered downstairs, picked up her school bag and ran out the door. It had been another long uneventful day at school as Laura headed home.

The streets were almost empty when she exited her bus and carefully walked along the frosty footpath to her suburban home. It was half past four and darkness was falling. She felt goose bumps run up her bare legs and stuffed her hands into the luxurious warmth of her coat pockets. As she neared home she noticed a face staring at her through the window of her neighbour's house, it was framed by the flashing lights of a T.V and she could hear music and laughter emanating from the house.

It was Michael. He was a thirty-something year old man who she had often seen playing rugby on a Sunday morning.

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He was tall, well built and athletic. She smiled and gave him a little wave. He returned the smile and then he was gone.

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Michael had been watching her as she gracefully strode home. He had immediately lost his ability to do anything else but watch her slender tanned legs as they slid past each other in a sexy show of the utmost femininity. She was around five foot five and couldn't have weighed more than fifty five kilograms. Her legs were only the start; he knew that beneath that coat she had the most succulent breasts he had ever seen.

They were round and an exact handful of what he could only imagine to be the softest, most gloriously perfect breasts known to man. On those beautiful days that she wore a tight pair of pants he would secretly gaze at the form of her round ass.

All of these attributes were nothing compared to the beauty of her face. She had soft luscious lips, bright brown eyes and a slender face. She was the centre of attention everywhere she went and deep down she knew it. He turned back to the party and smiled as George came and clapped him on the back. "Come on, lemme introduce you to Sandwa," he slurred. "I take it she turned you down then?" Mike asked smiling. "Ha, I dun think so. She came onto me but I jus don't feel like it, you'll see why." Laura woke early the next morning feeling a hand on her breast.

She smiled then gently chewed on her bottom lip in ecstasy as she moved her hand down to almost take her full breast in her hand. She gently palpitated it feeling the exquisite pleasure run down her spine. She slipped her other hand beneath the band of her underwear; skimming over the soft fuzz of her mound she slowly worked her finger to her clit.

She teased it gently with a finger then used two to begin to rhythmically work herself toward a climax. Meanwhile her other hand had used its fingers to viciously pull, squeeze and twist her erect, bud like nipple.

She dipped two fingers into her virginal hole and moaned lightly. Looking down, with the covers splayed on the ground and her t-shirt a scrunched up ball beside them she delighted in the view of her young body, her pert breasts, her flat lightly tanned stomach and her legs twisting in sheer ecstasy around her slim fingers while they did her dubious bidding.

The early morning light illuminated her soft skin and she began to go through a mental list of men she wished were making love to her.

Top of the list was Mike. As her hand movements increased she imagined him tearing her virginity and filling her up with his perfectly proportioned cock.

She imagined his smooth, muscular body above her and she felt every stroke of his perfectly timed stokes.


Her fingers were becoming increasingly wet and she knew she was almost there. Mike woke early to the horrific realisation that he had slept with Sandra, who looked to him to be an enormous hundred and fifty kilo bear. He quietly slipped out of bed and muttered. "Jesus, how drunk was I last night?" "What did you say honey?" Sandra asked from the bed.

"I said last night was great," Mike said then proceeded to the bathroom.

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"Certainly hears like a bear," he muttered after he had closed the door. He had been pleasantly surprised to find he wasn't hung over then horrified seconds later when he discovered the colossus he had slept with. He opened the top of his bathroom window to gey some fresh air. The window was head height and situated just in front of the toilet. He relieved himself and just as he was about to flush he noticed a movement in Laura's house.

He looked closer. Laura's curtains were open and on her bed, amazingly was Laura, completely naked and not just that but she was giving herself some serious alone time. His cock became like a rod of steel immediately as he watched. Only about fifty metres separated his house and hers. His bathroom window was the only window which afforded a view of her house and he cursed himself for not having known her bedroom was on his side of her house.

He immediately began to work with his engorged dick as he watched in stunned silence as the beautiful, lithe form he stared at worked its way to a climax. He noticed her hips begin to buck and her hand begin to squeeze her soft breasts. They both drew close to climaxing. He gripped the sink beside him as he pumped himself across the line on the home strait. She came with the arching of her back and what he could only assume to be a stifled scream.

He came with all the urgency of a man on a mission sending his load into the deep abyss of the toilet bowl. Laura lay panting on her bed, the hand that was between her legs was soaked and a light film of sweat covered her body. She glanced out the window and froze. Mikes frosted glass bathroom window was open. It was never open, that's why she had always felt so safe to sleep and sometimes even masturbate with her curtains open.

Then her jaw dropped.

She saw Mikes head in the window. Then he looked up and their eyes met. She was stunned. As stunned as he was. After a moment he turned quickly and left. She sat their in her own juices as she contemplated what had just happened. No one had seen her naked since she was ten and certainly no one had ever seen her touch herself. She felt a little scared but more importantly, she felt intoxicated by the feeling that she had exposed herself to a man. After everyone had left his house Mike sat on his couch running the mornings events over and over in his mind.

After a while he decided to have a shower. He returned downstairs, ate lunch and then decided to wait until that evening when Laura would be going to track and field practise to confront her and ask if she was okay with what had happened.

At three o'clock Laura left her house. She was still in a state of shock but had regained enough composure to go to practice. She walked lightly down the street, perfectly warm in her favourite pair of jeans and a light jumper on. She was passing Mikes house when she heard her name being called and turned in amazement to see Mike standing before her. "Hi, eh do you want to come inside for a minute to talk about, eh, this morning?" he said awkwardly.

"Nothing happened this morning.

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Don't worry about it," she said softly and began to turn away. He grabed her arm, far from painfully and said."Please just come in so we can talk about it. It would really put my mind at ease to know that you're okay." "Alright then, I suppose I can give practice a miss for one day," she said giving him a light smile and looking into his clear blue eyes. She settled down on his couch while he poured them drinks.


He drank water and she accepted a glass of lemonade. The house was immaculately tidy since there had been a party the night before and when she remarked on this he simply smiled and ambiguously said he wanted to get rid of bad memories. He returned and sat with her on the couch, taking care to sit as far away from her as possible. "Relax Mike, its not like you raped me." He relaxed visibly and moved a little closer to her.

"Look, I know you're probably finding this pretty awkward but you don't have to. You saw me this morning and it was as much my fault as yours." She watched his reaction and noticed his eyes stray for only fleeting seconds to her breasts, she couldn't help but blush. "I know," he said. "But you're a minor.

I shouldn't have looked. I shouldn't have kept looking." "Wait a minute," she said in a cool voice that as always sounded like honey pouring onto whipped cream. It was luxuriously warm and soothing. "How long were you watching me for?" "Well, eh, to be honest, quite a while," he said bushing and looking into her eyes.

"I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't help it." Her body immediately stiffened and then she seemed to relax with a smile playing across her luscious lips. She slowly moved up the couch. He reciprocated by moving a little toward her as she whispered, "I was thinking about you this morning." Their lips met first and then she felt herself being completely encapsulated by his great arms.

Her lips were incredibly soft, it was like kissing the purest silk and soon Mike slipped his tongue into her mouth. She complied and soon their tongues were intertwined. She was lost in his embrace and rested a hand on his lap while the other held one of his arms. After a while she pulled away and threw off her jumper and t-shirt, then he took her hand and pulled her up the stairs after him.

He tore open his bedroom door and laid her gently on the bed (he had previously washed the bed sheets… repeatedly). He lay down beside her and gently kissed her again.

While he kissed her he reached around and opened her bra. She flung it onto the ground as he gently began to kiss her neck. He used a hand to cajole one nipple into budding into life and then proceeded to wreak havoc by fondling her breast and palpitating it in much the same way he had seen her do it that morning drawing hard-on inducing moans from her soft lips. He then moved his lips down, taking her nipple in his mouth and began flick it softly with his tongue.

Then he gently sucked it and bit it. She pulled his head into her breast with her hand and with the other reached for his pants which she deftly unbuttoned.

She then pushed him onto his back and yanked on his pants, pulling them free and throwing them down beside her bra. She looked up in wonder at his enormous shaft that stood tall and strong. His legs hung over the edge of the bed and she knelt between them.

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Laura took his great shaft in her small, soft hand. It was warm to touch and throbbing delicately. It was easily twenty centimetres long and she slow began to run her hand up and down the shaft. He threw his head back in abandon as her hand worked its magic. She then repositioned herself and slid off her pants and thong, when she returned he felt her tongue lick the head of his cock.


He felt her soft breasts brush against the inside of his legs and then felt the head of his cock disappear into the velvety warmth of her mouth. She sucked gently at first, running her tongue around the head of his penis while she softly fondled his balls.

She could taste a slight saltiness at the start but then that went and all that was left was the truly sexy thought that she had a man's dick in her mouth. She slowly took more and more into her mouth. She kept going until she felt it against the back of her throat, making her gag. She then slowly began to suck harder and harder. She soon got a tingling feeling on her lips from the constant friction between her lips and Mikes cock.

He began to thrust softly into her mouth. She reached between her legs to her already soaking pussy and rubbed her clit with tenderness. He began to buck into her mouth now, hitting the back of her throat with every thrust. Then she felt something hit the back of her throat, it was hot, and came in spurts.

He was coming in her mouth. She swallowed the entirety of his enormous salty load in one gulp. She got up and kissed him lightly on the lips. "You want your turn?" he asked. "No you can do me later. Right now I wanna fuck you." She bent down and kissed him again. It was a deep kiss. He could taste the saltiness of his come. She pushed her hair to one side and he noticed it smelt of vanilla. He fondled her breasts for a moment until he felt he was ready to go again.

His cock re-hardened and she felt his stiff member on the inside of her leg and smiled her sweet, radiantly bright smile. She straddled him and took his cock in her hand, the before he could say anything she bent low and kissed him then pushed her hips down in his enormous cock. She felt her pussy lips spread wide to take his girth. The head slipped in and there it met her natural resistance.

Still kissing she forced her hips down and completely impaled herself on Mikes cock. He went in the whole way and she accidentally bit his tongue in an effort to stifle her pain. He felt blood in his mouth and blood rolling over his balls but he didn't care, he had just popped the most beautiful girl in the worlds' cherry.

Her pussy was beautifully tight and as she gently began to ride his cock she tightened up even more. She continued to kiss him, tasting the tang of his blood where she had bitten his tongue. She began to pound his cock harder and harder, moaning softly.

He withdrew from their kiss as his neck was getting stiff from craning to reach her mouth and she straightened up and began to bounce on his cock. He took her breasts in his hands and squeezed which elicited a soft moan from her lips. He was coming closer and closer to climax. As was she and soon she screamed softly as her body shivered and her legs gave way.

She came, covering his cock with her juice as he reciprocated by blasting his come deep into her.

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She laid her head on his chest panting, come running down her legs and a smile on her lips. Let me know your thoughts on this story and if you want to hear more from Laura or Mike :)