The sight of beauty engulfing his cock delights concupiscent dude

The sight of beauty engulfing his cock delights concupiscent dude
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I've been playing soccer since about the time I could walk.

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It's early August now and I have been training since April for this year's school varsity soccer team. Unfortunately there is going to be a new varsity coach since our last one left in a drunken rage. Soccer tryouts begin about a month before school first opens its doors. I'm about to turn 17 and I am entering my Junior year in high school.

Morning I awoke with a start and slammed my hand down on my alarm clock. I climbed out of bed in a daze, but quickly gained awareness when my feet hit the floor and felt the stiffness in my thighs from yesterdays jogging. A cool breeze blew in from the cracked window and my nipples were instantly erect. Goose bumps appeared on my toned thighs and arms as I went to shut the window. I was prepared for today's tryouts and almost walked past my mirror in anticipation.

Every morning I examine my reflection closely, critiquing my imperfections. I stared back at myself in my short white tank with matching white panties. A few soft curls escaped the boundaries of my underwear, and I decided I would do something about them in the shower.

I would be changing in front of other girls this morning. I was pleased with my waist line which held a distinct hourglass shape, and my breasts had finally evened out and reached a modest B cup. I wasn't angry about the size of my breasts, really quite the opposite; I needed a light figure for speed on the field.

I leaned in towards the mirror and ran my fingers through my shoulder-blade length blonde hair and pursed my lips. I flexed the muscles under my high cheek bones and moved my freshly plucked eyebrows up and down. I smiled happily at my appearance. Carefully, I opened my door minding not to wake my brother down the hall. I slipped into the bathroom next to my room and began to shed my clothes.

The shower let out a high pitched squeak as I adjusted the knobs, rushing water and steam soon added to the noise. As I stepped inside the shower I welcomed the warm water on my skin. I lathered up with my favorite vanilla scented soap, feeling that it was a good day, and quickly began my shower routine. I shaved the hair from my armpits and legs, but as I approached my upper thigh I began trimming my bikini line.

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Deciding that I shouldn't stop there I sat down in the tub propped a leg up and shaved between my folds. I began to rub soap all over my freshly shaved mound and as I went to rinse a rush of water hit my clit sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body.


I carefully inserted a finger into my cunt and with my other hand pulled the hood from over my clit, so it was fully exposed. I let the jets of water hit me with an unyielding force and it was instant ecstasy. My muscles tightened around my finger and I threw my head back and moaned through clenched teeth.

I began to regain clear consciousness, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. I toweled off went back to my room and began to don my clothes. I chose a comfortable sports bra, light pink cotton panties, a pair of green running shorts, and a black tank. I put my soccer socks on, slipped into my Adidas sandals, grabbed my bag full of miscellaneous soccer equipment and headed out the door.

I got into my small Toyota and plugged my IPod into the radio. It was only about a five minute ride to the school soccer fields. I trekked up the steep hill leading to the back fields and when I reached the top I noticed a few familiar faces.

Casey who was returning as a senior and Colleen the captain of last year's team. They grinned at me as I took a seat on the bench. I pulled my cleats on and tightened the knots, then carefully sliding onto the grass I began to stretch. I failed to notice the man who was sitting on the opposite end of the bench before, but spied him as I reached for my toes out of the corner of my eye.

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He was staring at me. My cheeks grew hot under his gaze, and I stood up abruptly. I headed towards the circle of my former teammates to get a better glance at the man. His deep brown hair and pale blue eyes clashed magnificently, and even though he appeared to be in his mid-forties he was a very handsome man. He had finely toned calves from the angle at which I viewed him, and his shorts hiked up a little as he leaned back into the bench. His thighs were well bronzed and bulging with muscles.

As my gaze traveled upward to his face, he caught me staring and grinned. I stalked faster to the group of girls. When the JV coach arrived she informed us that the new varsity coach was unable to make the first tryout due to family issues and instructed us to do 3 laps around the goal posts as a warm up.

My curiosity spiked as to who the identity of the man was. He was still watching the tryout, but not the other girls, mostly just me. It was about two o'clock when the JV coach instructed us to have a seat in the grass. She told us she wanted to introduce us to someone. She beckoned to the man sitting on the bench. A film of sweat lined his brow as he walked over; it was about 80 degrees outside. The JV coached nodded to him, he flashed a pearly white smile and said "Hello girls, I will be coaching the girls Varsity soccer team this year, you can call me Greg.

I thought it would be a friendly experiment if I saw how you played without knowing I was here, so I'll see you tomorrow girls. His gaze finally fell upon me and he smiled.

We all got up and wiped the blades of grass from our legs. Bent over I was gathering my water bottles and bag, not knowing the view I was giving Coach Greg. As I stood up and began to walk towards my car he grabbed my arm. "You're a great soccer player, you know, but you seem to favor your left leg when dribbling." My mouth formed an O and I let out a soft moan. "Childhood injury?" Greg asked.

"Yes, I fell bike riding last year and hurt my right ankle", I said fully turning to face him. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but may I see your ankle, you might want to consider investing in a brace." "Sure," I said almost too willingly. I sat down on the bench and Greg kneeled in the grass. He pulled off both of my cleats and socks, and his fingers gently kneaded my ankle. Electric shocks ran through my body and I was very unaware that he could see up my shorts.

His fingers touched a swollen spot and I took in a sharp breath. "Yea, it would be a good idea to buy a brace, and to ice your ankle every night. Also your spin move on the field was really great, but I could show you how to make it deadly." he smiled. "Alright", I said eager to gain any new skill, and a few points with the varsity coach. He kicked a ball over to me and told me to demonstrate my spin.

He adjusted my feet a few times and when I had gotten the move down to his satisfaction he added himself as a defender.

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I ran towards him and turned into him so my ass pressed against his groin, carrying the ball with me. He stopped me by grabbing my hips; still pressed against him I felt his hot breath on my neck. "You need to be lower and quicker, move your arms out to block defenders from moving around you." he breathed.

Chills shot down my spine and a flock of butterflies were suddenly swarming in my stomach. The musky smell of his sweat and cologne filled my nostrils and as he moved my arms upward with his rough hands. "Try again", he commanded. This time as I span against him, I felt certain hardness against my ass when we made contact. My face turned red and I quickly kicked the ball into the open net. "Good job", he said beaming and scratching his short hair.

The sky had turned a beautiful hue of orange when Greg shook my hand goodbye. I thanked him for his help as I opened my car door. I put my key in the engine and turned it already imagining a warm soothing bath. No response though. I jammed my foot onto the gas and turned the key once more, the engine squealed in protest. I opened the hood of my car, but it was really no help because I had little knowledge of what was under the hood.

Headlights illuminated my car, as Greg hopped out of the driver's seat. "Need a little help?" he said raising a brow. "Yea I don't know what the hell is wrong with this thing!", I said through clenched teeth.

"It's alright I'll help you", Greg said laughing at my frustration. He crept up behind me and draped his arms around my waist while pressing his palms onto the car; his torso pressed against my back.

I took a sharp breath not expecting the contact, but something about the man made me obey every one of his advances. He checked the oil and somehow quickly determined that the battery was dead.

Well aware of the jumper cables in his trunk, Greg offered me a ride home. I gladly accepted knowing that I lived only about 5 minutes away. "Hop in", he said with a smile. I slid into the leather seat next to him. We made small talk while we drove into town, he asked questions like how long had I played soccer, and about the other girls' playing abilities.

We approached the ice cream parlor and he asked if they sold soft serve ice cream. I replied with a simple "Yes", and he pulled into the parking lot. "I'm treating", he winked. Greg bought two vanilla cones and slid into the booth across from me. We conversed some more about soccer, but my answers consisted of only one or two words because I was so fascinated by his blue eyes. We were soon on our way to my house, it was almost 9 o'clock and the street lights were just about coming on.

He pulled up in front of my house and I went to thank him for the ride and ice cream, but he grabbed my wrist. "Jen, I'm really feeling an attraction to you, but I know it's not right.

I'm old enough to be your father.", he sighed. He began again, "I met you about 10 hours ago and I don't know what I am doing here with you, your only 16. I hope I didn't offend yo-". "It's okay", I interrupted. He reached up a thumb to caress my cheek, and I looked into his eyes. "What am I doing?", I thought. His face was close to mine, almost to close.

His cologne was intruding in my sense of smell, but was very welcoming.

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My mouth was filled with a warmth that quickly spread throughout my body. He was kissing me and I was kissing him back. He pulled the parking brake and moved deeper into my mouth. His tongue swirled around mine and his arm came around my neck, pulling me closer to him. I could feel the roughness of the light stubble on his face brushing my cheeks and chin. I've kissed boyfriends before, but never like this.

I didn't even know where to put my hands. His hands were all over me caressing my face, and wrapping around my waist to feel my stomach and breasts. "Can I take you to my house", Greg said in-between kisses. I moaned a "yes" into his mouth, and he released the parking break. He pulled speedily out of the cul-de-sac, and back onto the main road. When we hit a red light he asked me if I was a virgin, I replied with a shy "yes", he smiled gently at me and pulled my head towards his for a gentle kiss.

I felt a tingling between my legs in anticipation of tonight's events. He pulled into the driveway of a modest house. Greg and I got out of the car in a simultaneous motion. He swept me into his arms and carried me into the house.

He laid me down on a leather couch and mounted me, his faced lowered to mine and waves of kisses were draped over my face and neck slowly working their way up to my mouth. He tasted so good. "Wait Jen, your parents will wonder where you are, won't they?" "Yes, but it's all right, please don't stop Greg.", I begged.

He sat up and looked me in the eye, "Jen, you don't understand", he said acquiring a serious tone, "I could be arrested for this, you're a minor." "I'm so sorry Greg I didn't mean to put you in this situation. I'll call my mom and tell her I'm at a friend's." "I'll get some refreshments, phone is on the table.", Greg said while walking into the kitchen.

When I connected with my mom Greg returned with two glasses of wine, which he placed on the coffee table. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso, pushing his thumbs into the waistband of my shorts. I felt his hot breath on my neck, "I need you Jen." He whispered. He dragged my hand behind my back and onto his crotch where I felt a protruding hardness.

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I finally connected with my house "Hey mom, I'm staying at Casey'ss, oh-". Greg sucked my right earlobe into his mouth and squeezed kneaded breasts, rubbing his thumbs over my sensitive nipples.

"I'm staying at Casey's for the night, I'll see you tomorrow.", I said.

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"Alright Jen, be safe, I love you.", her mom replied. Click. I turned into Greg's arms, and he pulled me close against him. My breasts were pressed against his chest and his tongue intruded into my mouth again. His hands clasped my ass, and I felt the muscles lining his chest.

He lifted my tank and sports bra over my head and gently took a nipple into his warm mouth. I sighed in pleasure pressing my breast deeper into his mouth. He swept me up once again into his arms and carried me to his bedroom upstairs. The sheets were cool on my back as he pulled my shorts off. His mouth was on the crotch of my panties which were soaked clean through. He grinned up at me and peeled off my cotton panties.

He rubbed my shaved mound kissing it from the top and working his way down. He inserted a finger into me slowly until he hit my hymen, slowly inserting another digit he began to nibble at me, until he found my clit. As his lips closed around my clitoris I let out a noisy moan.

He sucked more intensely and I pressed his head deeper into me. I was soaring higher and higher until he stopped abruptly. "Not yet babe", Greg grinned. He shed the rest of his clothing and began to mount me. Wait a second; I want to do something for you. I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him, vaguely aware of his dick poking me hard in the ass.

I kissed him full on the mouth tasting my own juices.


I made my way down his body until I reached the soft curls surrounding his member. I rubbed a hand up and down his shaft and let out a puff of breath onto the head of his cock.

"Dammit, girl your driving me mad!", Greg moaned. I slipped his dick into my mouth and began to slowly suck only able to fit 4 of the 7 ½ inches in my mouth. I jacked the base of his cock off with my sweaty hand. When his stomach muscles began clenching he pulled me off of him and laid me on my back.

He pressed his chest to mine and whispered into my neck, "Jen, it hurts a little the first time, I'm sure you're aware, but I swear I'll be gentle." "I only met you 10 hours ago, but I trust you completely Greg", I said quietly. He spread my legs wide and put one on his shoulder.

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He aimed his dick into my sopping wet hole and gently pushed in. When he met my barrier, he tried easing into me slowly, but decided it wouldn't work. Thrusting into me quickly, I let out an acute scream. The pain was overbearing for a moment, but was replaced by an overwhelming fullness. "Shh, shh, you'll be alright", he whispered kissing my cheek. He pulled out of me almost completely and thrust gently back in, gradually increasing speed and force.

I felt exhilarated; he pressed on and gained a steady rhythm. He sucked on my neck and his breaths became shorter against my cheek.

He flipped me off of him, and lay on his back, then pulling me back on top of him I straddled his loins. He fucked me with twice the force and I cried out. His grunts became more incoherent as he grabbed my breasts. My nails were digging into his chest as I approached an orgasm. He gained speed and ultimately lost control as my virgin walls suffocated his dick. I felt a warm liquid gushing from me as I joined him in ecstasy.

I lay across his chest as he eventually went limp inside of me. His breathing slowed and I knew he was sleeping. I placed a kiss on his forehead and slipped into a deep sleep.