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Golden Chains in Sherazad This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now onto the nasty sex, some more action than the first, the Sultan's humiliation might not be for everyone (M/f, nc, inter, rape, humil, bdsm) Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen DO NOT READ!!!

If you liked it drop me an email [email protected] if not fuck off. Chapter 2 : The fall of Galandria The next day Kailya threw herself into the mountain of paperwork she had to sign, her father had never explained to her how many times she would have to sign and seal decrees! The Queen frowned and stroked her signet ring, thinking about her parents always made her sad. They had been assassinated just two years after Kailya had married the man of her dreams, the young queen was forced to ascend the throne to bring stability to her kingdom.

Kailya's nails scratched the desk, though she had no proof, she had always suspected the guilds were somehow responsible. Thankfully Beren had been a strong rock she could lean on, his charisma and leadership skills had banded the Galandrian's behind their new Queen and King.

Kailya tried very hard not to think about Khalim as her morning passed on. About lunch time Captain Beleris entered looking more serious than usual. The knight bowed low, "Your majesty I can understand the need to show the Kalashites our strength but my conscious demanded I beg you to find another way." Queen Kailya put her pen down, "What are you talking about captain?".

Beleris gulped a little, "The ambush of the ambassador and his guard, the troops prepare to leave for the north portal as we speak." "What! I requested no such thing." "My apologies Queen Kailya, King Valdis spoke to our order this morning, he said it was your wishes." Kailya growled her temper rising. "Cancel the ambush Captain, thank you." Beleris bowed gratefully and left.

"Where is Valdis?" She pounced on her seneschal in the corridor. "He is sitting down to eat lunch with your daughters, your majesty, I was coming to inform you." He called out as his queen thundered off. Kailya stormed into the royal wing and onto the balcony. Gemma smiled at her mom and then gulpedfinding her yogurt very appetising. "When exactly did I give the order to assassinate Ambassador Kareef?" Kailya started as calmly as possible. She thought about telling her daughters to leave but decided she had to show Valdis she was not afraid of him.

Chandra looked up surprised, Gemma paled. "But my beloved, surely you are not going to let the ambassador threaten us like that, these Kalashite's need to be put in their place." "I did not give the order!" Kailya thumped the table. "But my love, it is what you wanted, isn't it? For the good of the kingdom?" Valdis replied calmly. Kailya took a deep breath, Valdis had obviously sensed something had happened last night and was taking petty revenge.

"But mother, you can't! It's wrong!" Anjelica laughed coldly at her younger sister, "That is why a runt like you will never be Queen, you are soft and weak sister, the throne takes a will of steel. I think it's a great idea, slaughter them like the beasts they are." "Anjelica, do not talk to your sister like that!" Kailya said angrily, her eldest just smiled, sipping her juice.

"Assassinating the ambassador will achieve nothing. The Sultan would have already received your poor choice of words, Anjelica." Kailya's eyes flashed at her eldest. "What about his generals? They have practically won the Sultan's campaign in the dutchies. You do want them dead, don't you?" Valdis continued, turning the dagger in his wifes chest, that would show the bitch for whoring herself to the Kalashites.

Chandra looked up at her mother, the two looked at each other for sometime. Kailya fought a new wave of emotions as she was forced to think of Khalim. She cleared her mind and thought logically. "Killing the generals would be as pointless, the Sultan would merely promote within his army, besides they are powerful adepts and not easily slain. It would prove too high a cost even if our knights were successful, don't you agree beloved?" she fought back.

Valdis glared at her logic before leaving the table.

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Anjelica stormed off in a huff, Gemma smiled happily at her mother and sister. * * * Near evening a small contingent of Galadrian mages escorted a stunningly beautiful, light brown skinned woman to the Queen. Kailya had left her magical past behind her but she could feel magic flowing off her.

She flicked her eyes into astral, as she suspected a magical creature. The woman had deep green eyes, kissable red lips and high cheek bones. A sparkling string of diamonds wrapped around her long black hair creating a bun before dropping the black hair to one side.

The queen took one look at her body, dusky features and the woman's see through veil and knew who sent her. A silver top barely concealed her large tanned breasts, her stomach was bare and well toned. Her see through pants revealed curvy hips and a firm wide ass. The creature wore high diamond encrusted slippers, balancing gracefully on miniscule heels. Her guest flicked her hair and huffed, her eyes roamed over Kailya.

"I don't see what all the fuss is about, master has gone mad.", she muttered. "Silence, demon." One of the mages snapped. The creature rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

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"Our apologies your majesty, this thing was found sneaking through the city, please be careful, she is a genie, a creature of trickery created by the power hungry Shai-ir of Kalish." The genie looked at the archmage in disbelief and huffed again. Kailya smiled at the wizard's prejudice.

Her own adept powers had developed at a young age, even younger than Gemma's. Her parents understood the hardship it would bring their only daughter but also the dangers sitting on the throne brought.

Finally it was decided the young girl would be tutored in private. A tutor was hired and Kailya was schooled in the Galadrian's tradition of sorcery. It was kept a secret for the princess' protection, only her husband had known of his wife's adept powers.

That was a long time ago and Kailya had not studied the art in many years now. "It's alright magister, this genie is it dangerous?" "Only to fools." The creature spat darkly. "Silence your deceptive tongue! Lest I summon the nine damnations of Akabar!" the magister threatened. The genie glared at him before raising her nose in disdain. "What does it want?" Kailya decided to carry on playing stupid. The creature's eyes lit up. "Well somebody has half a brain in this unholy land.

Yes I have a message from my master, listen to it so I can leave." She said primly. "Careful your majesty, it could be a trap." The mages cautioned. Kailya waved her hand, "Let her speak." "Finally, I really do not understand why your surround yourself with these fools. My name is Mushira Ashara Lal Kadeem second daughter of the Amir of Nadakazar and twenty second in line to the Silver Throne." She paused waiting for the queen to acknowledge her title. Kailya tilted her head slightly and the creature continued.

"My master commanded me to deliver these to you, he said you would understand and Kalah would guide your heart. Really the clouds in this land are turning his brain to soup. Take these, as gifts from him." She reached into her pockets. The four mages raised their hands, spells at the ready. Khalim's genie raised her eyes to the ceiling muttering in a strange language before revealing a small black parcel and a letter.

She put them on the ground and clapped her hands. Before the mages could move the genie streaked to the window and jumped out. An eagles cry announced the creatures new form as it began flying east. * * * Queen Kailya stood by the balcony watching her daughter's unit cross the courtyard; she could not lift the feeling of dread that griped her throat.

She looked down angrily at the note in her hand and nibbled her lip. The silk parcel was a carefully wrapped figurine, a King's Champion white queen, without a crown.

In flowing script on the letter was a simple message, Open when the Sultan invades. Kailya did not have to wait long. Two short weeks after hearing her daughter refusal, the Sultan's army of Kalah invaded Galandria, the countries border defenses were quickly overwhelmed and the army began a straight march for the capital.

With shaking hands Kailya had opened the letter. She looked down again; it was Khalim's sincerity that struck her. Dear Kailya With heavy hands I write this letter, I am sure the Sultan will not take your daughter's rejection well and I will be forced to raise my hand against your country. Please understand, it is not a task I wish, but a task I must excel at, Kalah demands no less. We will rapidly approach your capital, before meeting your army, do not worry, Farouk prays daily for Chandra's safety.

We will be victorious, please do not consider it boasting, I write so because our hearts are pure and full of Kalah's love. Before we siege the capital I pray Kalah helps you see the truth, you must escort your daughters to Thuul, we will not attack there for sometime. Please go with them, I write this though I know you will not. The Sultan enjoys humiliating his opponents and your daughters will be his tool, they must not fall into his hands. If the Sultan takes you alive, I am conflicted, I want to hold you again, but I understand if you must take your life to avoid the Sultan's fate, it will bring you much honour in Kalah's eyes.

I pray you choose to live, once the Sultan tires of you, I will ask he gives you to me, I have yet to take reward for this campaign and I will never meet such a beautiful, intelligent woman ever again. Stay strong, bend to the Sultan's will, resistance will only bring discipline and live. He tires quickly then I will take you and care for you my flower.

This will be difficult for you to read, but you must do as I say, save your daughters and if your pride requires it stand tall against the Sultan, I will come for you. Kailya had shouted, screamed, crumpled the note into a small ball and thrown it across the room. Somehow it had found its way into her pocket. She had a bitter fight with Chandra. Her headstrong daughter had plainly told her mother that her unit was joining the main army to meet the Kalashites on the Merrypuddle plains.

Both women had landed up screaming at each other, Kailya forbid it, Chandra accused her of controlling her life. The fight had ended with door slamming. Kailya angrily wiped a tear away, Queen's do not cry in public. She fought the urge to mount up a horse and ride after the column, to tell her daughter one last time she loved her. Stubbornly she wrapped her fingers around the balustrade, her eyes following the light infantry marching through the town.

She would not because she would see her daughter again, the Galandrian army would be triumphant, her knights were renowned as the best fighting unit across the continent, they would show these black skinned demons. She looked up, Kailya had never been a particularly religious person, the Galandrians followed Nustress one of the old goddesses, she hadn't visited the cathedral in years but a prayer found its way onto her lips. The Queen opened her eyes again and stared at the letter in her hand.

She may be proud and stubborn but she agreed with him, her daughters must not fall into the Sultan's hands. Kailya tried not to think about Chandra, she had placed one of her children in Nustresses hands, she would not tempt fate with her remaining two. Even now Captian Beleris was making ready to escort her two daughters through the escape tunnels to the royal airship and on to Thuul. Kailya had thought about what Khalim had said, she would stay and fight the Sultan, if her meagre defenders could just hold out until reinforcements arrived.

The other countries would aid her, it was in their best interest to see the Sultan defeated, the Kalshites were obviously not content with their foothold on the continent. But that would not be necessary, she had briefly spoken via magic mirror with the other rulers and everybody agreed to wait until the Galandrian army had tested the Fist of Kalah. Her army would be victorious, they had to be.

* * * Chandra shifted uncomfortably, the summer heat was blazing down and even in her magically cooled armour she was still sweating. The army was heading for the Silvercreek portal, about a day's travel from the capital. From there they would activate the rune gateway and travel to their far east portal, near the Merrypuddle plains. The princess looked around, she looked up on the hills and frowned, she didn't remember such a large forest in the valley, she used to ride through the area often with her father.

Impulsively she left the column and rode Starr to closer to the start of the strange forest. The princess angrily shook her head, what was she doing? It was the fight with her mother distracting her, they had not left on good terms and she was feeling bad. Stellia her shield bearer had dropped the colonel's sword and Chandra had flown into a rage almost drawing blood with her crop.

It wasn't poor Stellia's fault, the young adept was trying, Chandra had to clear her head, they were heading into battle and she needed to be focused. The colonel took one last look at the forest line, the way the wind was blowing through the trees, it was hypnotic, she berated herself again for lacking focus before spurring her horse on, back to the marching army.

"That was too close, I thought you said nobody would look twice at your magical forest witch?" The Sultan's Right Hand lowered her hand, the adept archers lowered their bows. The Hyissian witch turned on the black haired woman. "My magic is very powerful and will distract a peasant easily but that is Princess Chandra, a colonel in the army and a strong adept.

I did not think her mother would allow her to join the army." "So that is princess Chandra, how do you know this witch?" The Hyissian smiled at her blind apprentices, "I also have my spies Kalahshite.", she said secretively. * * * Kailya put down her pen and rubbed her tired eyes, it had been two long days.

Finally this evening General Kalver had informed her by magic mirror that the Kalahshite army was waiting for them on the Merrypuddle plains and they would engage them at dawn. The Queen took a deep breath and for the hundred time tonight tried to push her fear for her daughter's safety out of her mind.

Chandra was in the goddesses hands now, Kailya had to be ready.

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She stood up and walked around her study, it was early in the morning and she hadn't slept at all. Whatever she did, the mother of three could not shake the feeling of dread.

She calmed herself down and sat down again, resolutely picking up her pen. At least Valdis had been scarce tonight, she had been fighting with him constantly since the ambassador's visit and it was draining her.


As much as Kailya hated the thought, she would have to speak to Cardinal Mirschadal when all this was over and petition the goddess for a divorce. She balled her fists, she would not be threatened by the guilds any more. Her daughter's scream propelled her into action; she jumped out the chair and rushed for the door.

She found her two daughters dressed in their nightgowns in the passage. Gemma was crying uncontrollably and for the first time in a long time her eldest daughter Anjelica look afraid. "What's wrong honey." Gemma flew into her arms. "The city, mother, it's burning." Anjelica whispered. "What do you mean?" their mother asked, her hands shaking. "Mother I woke up with a bad dream and went to the window, it's burning!" Gemma wailed.

Kailya took her two daughters by the hand and dragged them back into the study, she burst through the doors to the balcony and stopped. "By the goddess." She whispered. "What does it mean mother?" Anjelica asked shaken.

Kailya scanned the horizon, one of the fires was definitely the cities barracks, and another looked like the mage's tower. Her lips were dry, even from here she could here the sounds of people screaming on the streets, a large contingent of horse riders had gathered in the square, making for the castle gates, though far in the distance Kailya picked up their shirtless black skins.

"It means we have been betrayed." "Milady, I came as quickly as I heard." Kailya turned relieved as her ever present seneschal entered. "Morris please take Anjelica and Gemma down to the cellars, Captian Beleris will meet them there." The serious knight had discussed what to do if there was an emergency, Kailya had been amused but entertained him, she now thanked his cautious mind.

"But mom, what about you! You're coming with us." Gemma started her voice rising scared. "Take them Morris now, I must raise the guard." Kailya tried to stop her hands from shaking; she went to her desk and opened her bottom brawer, carefully wrapped inside red satin were her magical bracers of protection, the ones she never expected to ever have to wear. She had just picked them up, trying very hard to ignore Gemma's pleading when a whistling sound followed by a sickening thud and then her daughter's screams jarred her.

Morris, her faithful seneschal stumbled towards her, he fell to the ground, a crossbow bolt lodged deep in his chest. It all happened quickly, two large men pounced on her daughter's at the doorway, grabbing them by their hair, dagger's at their white throats.

Kailya raised her hands but her blood ran cold, Valdis entered carrying a crossbow. He kicked the fallen seneschal. "Always wanted to do that old man." He smirked. The Queen turned on her husband furiously, He shook his head, "What ever you are going to do beloved, stop or pretty Gemma's blood will soak the carpet. "You bastard!" Kailya spat out. She eyed the large men, they had firm grips on their daggers, even if she could animate them, Valdis was carrying a crossbow and she doubted she had enough magic to turn all three weapons aside.

"My dear wife such language and in front of your daughters. You'll pay for that slut, gods hear me, you'll pay, but not by my hand, beloved, the Sultan wants you unharmed, I hear he is something of a monster in bed." He smirked.

Kailya gulped and prayed the guard would come and find her. "The castle is secured and under guild control, Captian Beleris never saw the dagger in his back. We will just wait here until your new master arrives." Valdis smiled smugly. The Queen fought her despair and focused her anger. "Traitor!" Valdis just smiled. "Who me? No my dear, you are the traitor for not showing the guilds, the true power in this country their due respect. The Sultan's invasion was the perfect opportunity for Galandrian's true power to emerge.

These Kalashites are fools, you know all he wanted was their pick of Galandria's women. Hah! With the countries coffers I can buy an entire harem! Oh he wants to parade you around Sherazad before selling you at their slave market, I fear your pain has just begun, dear wife. He has graciously promised your daughters to me." Her step father turned with undisguised lust on a terrified Gemma. "I'll ask him to let you watch as I rape my dear step daughter." "Coward!

Leave her alone." Kailya's eyes narrowed and she took a step forward. Valdis shook his head and aimed his crossbow.

"Get on your knees whore, now." He barked. Kailya balled her fists before Gemma cried out, the dagger touching the young maiden's throat. Her eyes blazing with fury, Kailya knelt. "Good slave." He smirked before locking her wrists in manacles.

"Now let's go to your bedroom dear, you know the one you never let me enter, the Sultan has requested you present yourself like a queen before he disgraces you." The helpless Queen glared back praying to the goddess Valdis was bluffing. The three women were roughly herded into Kailya's quarters.

Valdis tossed his crossbow to one of the mercenaries and flung his wife's closet open. "There are too many dresses bitch, where is that sluttly one, the dress you whored for the Kalashite's, the one your fat tits were falling out?".

Kailya glared at him, Valdis had always been loathsome, now he was plain disgusting, the dress was in her storage closet, wracked with guilt, the queen had moved it after Khalim had left. "I sent it to the cleaners, now let us go." Valdis laughed loudly, rummaging through the large closet, he pulled out a blue dress and threw it at her. "Strip and put it on." "Never!" "I won't ask twice fucking bitch." Valdis spat angrily, he walked up and grabbed Anjelica by her long blonde hair.

"Leave her!" Kailya fought back. Valdis ran a dagger up his hostage's side, playing with the princess's nightgown. The Galadrian queen tried to disintegrate her husband with her eyes or at least hope this was all a very bad dream.

Finally she began to undress. "Take a good look men, soon the slut will be fetching a good price at the whore house." Kailya eyes never left her traitorous husband, the mercenaries eyes lusting over her body. Valdis smiled, the satin blue dress was low cut, showing the Queen's magnificent breasts and gathered around her waist before flowing over her wide ass.

"Perfect, you should have open your legs to me belovednow you are just a piece of flesh for the filthy Kalashites." "Nustress take you to hell." Kailya spat back. "Not likely, you will be surprised at how much absolution a country's coffers can bring. Now the heels and then the makeup, come on whore we don't have all night, or should I begin entertaining myself with pretty Gemma?" he smiled at the young princess, Gemma paled at the suggestion.

"Leave her alone." Kailya growled, she eyed the mercenaries, they were openly oogling her body but their knives had not lowered and two crossbows were still pointing at her. Valdis snapped the manacles back on his wife and groped her breasts, Kailya stared back defiantly.

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"You will never get away with this." "Oh yes I will, the Kalashites pay a fortune for beautiful white skin, pity I had to bargain you away, I would so enjoyed beating you into submission myself." Kailya dugs her nails into her hands and glared at her molester.

"Come whores." Valdis pushed Kailya towards the door. The mercenaries brought the three women to Anjelica's bedroom. Valdis threw her a tight fitting golden ball gown. Anjelica didn't move. The traitor king walked up to her and viciously slapped the princess, sending her flying. "Stop it, leave her alone!!" Kailya cried out fighting as one of the mercenaries held her arm.

Valdis grabbed his step daughter by the hair. "Fucking bitch, I have seen the way you look down at me. Your sister is going to be chained to my bed and fulfil my every wish. Your hot ass I am going to chain to the dungeon walls and you can scream for you dinner every night." Valdis laughed with the dutchy mercenaries. "Now get dressed or I will give you your first whipping, first of many slave trust me." Valdis patted a riding crop against his leg.

"Anjelica, just do what he says." "Good whore, now listen to your mother and strip nice and slowly." Valdis smiled as he sat down enjoying the show. The mercenaries whistled as the first princess was forced to strip in front of them. "Check out that ass." "No Brorn, those tits, a man can suck them all day." "Come on sugar, spread those pussy lips." The three laughed. Anjelica glared at her step father before picking up the silken fabric and stepping into her dress.

"Come on slut, help your sister." Valdis barked at Gemma. With shaking fingers Gemma helped her sister into the tight dress and high golden slippers.

The three women were finally pushed into Gemma's room. "Strip nice and slowly step daughter, you are going to spend the next few years satisfying my cock, so put on a good show.". "No, stop it now, not Gemma, leave her alone." Kailya fought in her manacles. "I didn't see you fight when they ordered me to strip, mother." Anjelica spat at her mother.

"Gag these sluts." Valdis ordered. The mercenaries grabbed Kailya and roughly pushed a pair of Gemma's panties into her mouth, Kailya fought bitterly but the large men were too strong. "Now start stripping." Gemma looked tearfully at her mother, Kailya was still fighting the two men. "Do it now whore! Your mother can no longer save you from my hard cock, now get busy!" he screamed.

Kailya watched disgusted as her husbands rampant erection pushed through his pants. "No, please let us go." Gemma pleaded. Valdis cracked the riding crop on the pink side table. "No?

A slave never says no, I am going to have to beat your training into you." He took a step forward, Gemma stepped back, her face whiter than a sheet. Kailya jumped in the men's arms. "Got a real fighter here milord, needs a good gang bang." "Not until the Sultan has seen her, he was very insistent. Now my slave start stripping or I don't care what the Sultan wants, I will whip that tight ass black and blue." Gemma looked at her mother, tears running down her face, Kailya nodded.

The young princess looked embarrassed at the three mercenaries. "Please, please, make them turn around." She pleaded. Valdis laughed, "Stop stalling slave, I want to see those perfect tits." Gemma blushed deep red, she took one more tearful look at her gagged mother. Kailya's heart broke, she was not sure how but she would have her revenge on her husband for his act of treachery. "Strip!" Valdis barked again. The blonde princess closed her eyes and dropped her nightgown.

The mercenaries wolf whistled, "Look at those tits!" "You could crack nuts with those ass cheeks!" "Yes, you will do nicely." Valdis purred, stroking his hardon. "Please some clothes." Gemma wailed miserably. Valdis stopped, thinking for a moment, Kailya felt a cold shiver run through her, thankfully his face changed.

He stood and walked over to her cupboard, enjoying Gemma's sobbing. He found the ball gown and threw it to his step daughter. "Get dressed daughter, have you no pride! Stripping like a common harlot! Put some clothes on." He mocked her, Kailya continued futilely struggling as her youngest daughter burst into fresh tears. Gemma quickly put on the white ball gown, the same she had worn for dinner with the Kalashite ambassador. Kailya nodded bravely, encouraging with her eyes.

Anjelica was pushed forward and pulled the laces at the back of Gemma's gown tight causing the young girl to yelp, her eldest sister smirked in her makeshift gag before pushing Gemma's feet into silver high heels. Finally all three women were marched off, in manacles to the throne room. Kailya was surprised to see her servants had been herded into the room and several of the nobles from the nearby estates were standing, looking shocked and dazed. Most of the men had been beaten, they stood naked, their hands bound behind their backs.

The women had all been dressed for a ball but were unharmed. Several black soldiers stared at the queen with undisguised lust. Kailya felt her hands become sweaty and her throat dry, she had heard of them and seen pictures but the Sultan's Sardukar were even more intimidating up front.

They were his elite bodyguard and shock troops, strong, tough and mean. Their massive muscular bodies were covered in strange red tattoos of protection and obedience. Several by the door were armed with curved scimitars and rune covered staves but most were armed only with wooden canes which they freely used on anyone who disobeyed.

The Queen was prodded onto the red carpet before her throne, where she would stand to greet dignitaries. "Stay close to me Gemma, everything is going to be okay." Kaliya said soothingly. One of the mercenaries raised his hand, Kailya calmly stared him down. She recognised them now, Silver Dutchie mercenaries and silently cursed herself. Just last week her seneschal had delivered a report from the town guard that a large number of mercenaries had been seen in the taverns, Valdis had "admitted" to hiring them to bolster the town guard but wanted to keep it quiet, she had been such a fool for not seeing his treachery.

As the time went by the room filled with more and more of her disposed court, the Sultan had been supplied with very accurate information and any man or woman of importance in the kingdom was herded into the room in chains. Some hours went by, the prisoners were forced to stand by the brutal Sardakaur. Valdis entered with three guild masters, Kailya's eye blazed across the room, begging her magic to break her bonds so she could throttle her idiot husband.

The head of the steel guild, the harvest guild and the tavern guild laughed at their former queen's helpless rage, the three bowed mockingly before lusting at Gemma and Angelica. "Valdis you are a fool, the Sultan will never share power with you. Keryen I expected you, but Dernen, how could you?" Kailya accused the jovial Tavern guildmaster, the fat man ducked her accusing eyes behind the tall steel guildmaster.

"Silence slave." One of the Sadarkaur raised his cane. "No it's alright Sadarkaur, I want her to hear everything." The head of the steel guild commanded the tattooed warrior. "Queen Kailya, you look radiant this morning." He mockingly complimented her, the other two laughed.

The three guildmasters stared hungrily at Kailya's breasts, her hands manacled behind her back, she was powerless to stop them. "Keryen you are a fool for trusting the Sultan, he will not share power, please give up this madness." The guildmaster smile dropped and he reached forward to slap her, Kailya stood tall, the Sardakaur caught the smaller man's hand. "Unharmed." He growled at the guild master. "Fine, the bitch will get what is coming, as Valdis was saying the most beautiful women in the land is a small price to pay for free reign over your country.

You know I thought my predecessor's plan to kill your parents would end your reign but that fool Beren was more charismatic that we thought." "You bastards! Nustress help me I will strike you down." Kailya roared in rage. The Sadakaur pushed the guildmaster away and lowered his cane touching Kailya's chest.

"Silence slave, the Sultan will teach you respect for Kalah." The guildmaster glared at the Sultan's warrior before laughing at the queen, the four men sauntered to one corner of the room. "Mother, I'm scared." Gemma whispered. "It's okay honey, just stay close and everything is going to be alright." Kailya tried to convince herself, her hands still shaking. Some more time passed before there was commotion at the door, the double doors were thrown open and a slightly built man in golden chainmail armour entered, on his head a sparkling turban, next to him a tall brown skinned woman dressed in a leather cuirass, Kailya's eyes instantly noticed some kind of whip in her hands.

The Sultan of Kalah strode purposefully towards the queen. "Is this her?" he looked Kailya over and then her daughters. The woman nodded. He turned back and spat at the Queen's feet. Kailya gulped, trying to calm her shaking hands. "She looks like a whore in a dress. Get on your knees whore and kiss your master's feet." He extended one of his dusty riding boots. The Queen of Galandria looked around, very aware of her two precious daughters next to her.

She swallowed her pride and fell to her knees, kissing his boot. The Sultan sneered and kicked her away. "You are not worthy of Kalah's forgiveness." He turned to the assembled crowd.

"Kalah has declared your people unfaithful, not fit to serve her as devout worshippers, only fit to be her slaves." The crowd gasped, several women broke into tears.

The woman standing next to the Sultan cracked her whip, the crowd instantly fell silent. "This is what happens to those who dare defy the will of Kalah." Kailya felt strong hands grab her, hauling her to her feet. The Sardakaur ripped her blue dress from her body, Kailya suppressed a sob as she was disgraced in front of her court. The Sultan smiled and reached forward groping the Queen's large breasts, Kailya glared defiant as he fondled her.

The sultan greedily mashed her large mounds, tugging on her sensitive nipples, smiling at the defiant infidel as they hardened from his attention. "Very nice udders whore and already hard nipples, you will make a lusty fucktoy what do you think Jarzia?" Jarzia had long black hair tied in a severe pony, her eyes were deep brown but they made Kaiyla shivered, they were cold and merciless.

She had a beautiful body, toned and atheletic with a well sized bosom. The woman looked over the queen with a critical eye. "She has potential, Kalah has blessed us with sellable flesh." "Hear that whore, your udders will fetch a good price at my slave market but first I will show you slaves what happens to those who defy the Will of Kalah.", he laughed at the furious queen before grabbing her by the shoulders and exchanging places with her, her roughly turned the half naked queen around so she was facing her shocked court.

Kailya bit her lip as her subjects stared at her naked body. The Sultan reached behind and jiggled her breasts. "What do you think men? Is this whore fuckable?" The queen blushed as the Sardakaur roared with approval, several showed her their tounge, obscenely kissing air, worse some pulled down their loose pants revealing massive erections.

Kailya was horrified that the female Sardakaur gripped their crotches and beckoned to her. The soldiers behind the disgraced queen checked her heavy manacles before nodding to their leader, the ruler of Sherazad walked around slowly, his soldiers quietened down. Suddenly the black man slapped Kailya, her head jerked from the vicious blow, the soldiers threw her onto the throne room floor.

She had heard the reports, the Queen of Galandria knew what was going to happen and she desperately hoped they wouldn't make her little baby watch. "Mom! What are you doing? Please let her go!" Gemma suddenly said her concern for her mother outweighing her fear.

The Sultan turned on her and smiled, "Ah yes, the young virgin." He motioned and his Sardakaur ripped her white dress from her body. Gemma cried out fearfully, the soldiers held her hands as she tried to cover up her nakedness. The Sultan smile faded and was replaced with lust, he grabbed her face in his hand. "Slaves do not speak unless commanded to; you will learn to respect your master and mistresses." He caressed her alabaster cheeks making Gemma shiver in fear, she gasped as his rough hands fondled her perfect breasts.

"Such beautiful flesh and a virgin, I think I will take you for myself. What do you think Jarzia?" "Beautiful Sultan, she will be a perfect fucktoy when I am finished with her." "No! Leave her alone, I beg you, take me but please spare my baby." Kailya cried out, from the floor. The Sultan turned to his slave trainer "Make sure the virgin watches, I want her to see everything, she closes her eyes cane her until she opens them." He ordered Jarzia ina cold voice.

Gemma felt the soldiers tighten their grip on her arms. The black haired woman walked behind her, running her hands up the tight white dress. "No please, don't make Gemma watch." Kailya tried to plead with the black ruler. The Sultan smiled before dropping his pants. Kailya gulped, the Voice of Kalah was an impressive six inches long and his black manhood was easily wider than her dead husbands.

On her back, naked and defenceless, the matriarch tried to futilely back away but her assailant grabbed her hips, pulling her towards his large cock, he slapped her again before roughly ramming his cock into her tight pussy. "Tight slut! Haven't been fucked in awhile? We can cure that, soon you will be begging for Kalashite cocks!" the Sultan panted as he thrust deep inside the blonde queen.

"Watch closely and learn slave." The slave trainer whispered in Gemma's ear. "Please make him stop." Gemma felt tears fall down her face as her mother was brutally raped, horrified but morbidly fascinated, the young maiden watch the Sultan's black cock plunge in and out of her mother's ravaged womanhood. "You have never seen one before?" Jarzia laughed in her ear. "Don't worry, the Sultan won't fuck you for months, he's still busy with his little jungle bitch and your infidel brethren we enslaved in the Silver Dutchies.

Until then your sweet pussy is mine." The slave trainer menaced, licking the young maiden's ear. "Please, he's hurting her, please make him stop." Gemma closed her eyes trying to escape the nightmare. She cried out in pain as the slave trainer crop lashed her pale behind. "Watch little whore, watch everything, your mother is going to live in a world of pain from now on and you will join her unless you obey my every perverted command." Jarzia menaced before sucking her ear. The Queen of Galandria refused to give him the satisfaction of her tears and just stared angrily as he violated her.

Her silent defiance obviously annoyed the Sultan and he began slapping her between his thrusts. "Fucking whore, you like that don't you bitch?" He began twisting her nipples and mauling her large breasts. "Beast, coward!" she spat back. The enraged Sultan slapped her several more times before grabbing her hips, he groaned loudly pounding her pussy hard.

Kailya looked away as the monster howled in orgasm, his filthy seed flooding her bruised pussy. He pulled out and used her hair to clean his dick, he spat on her again. "Hang this slut up, I want to show my new slaves what happen if they don't obey Kalah's decrees." The two Sardakaur grabbed Kailya and pulled her towards the centre of the room.

The mother of three steeled herself, the soldiers had hung two sets of rope from the ceiling, at first she thought they were going to hang her but she feared they had something much worse in mind.

She pushed the terrifying feeling out of her mind as she felt the sultan's copious seed run out of her violated womanhood and streak down her thighs, she had to be strong, she had to stop her tears from flowing, for her babies.

A strangely beautiful woman dressed in a black dress watched from the one wall, she was tanned instead of black like the Kalashites, with full red lips and a voluptuous body. Some large, half naked black man attended her. The Sultan look over the defiled queen with contempt before casually walking undeterred by his nakedness over to the shocked Gemma, he could see her terrified eyes focus on his flaccid cock. "Watch slave, you will learn quickly from Jarzia or she will make you scream.

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She is my royal slave trainer, the best in the land, yes you will make a perfect cocksucker." Gemma face paled as the Sultan's eyes roamed her body, the young maiden's face transfixed on her mother's back.

"Jarzia make that worthless white slut scream, I want all this white whores to see what happens to those who defy Kalah's Will." The young princess shook her head fearfully as she watched the slave trainer walk over to her mother, her high heeled boots clicking on the marble floor.

Jarzia unfurled her whip and cracked it in the air. Kailya jumped at the sound behind her, she was facing her shocked court, determined not to show any weakness. The guildmaster's walked around the room to better watch the spectacle; Valdis toasted a glass of wine to his wife.

"See my beloved you refused to let me in your pussy, how did your new master feel? You are such a frigid bitch, I'll bet he'll sell you to his whore houses within a month!!!" he laughed mockingly. Jarzia grabbed Kailya's ass and squeezed, she ran her whip around the queen's body so Kailya could see it. It was a strange looking whip, long strips of leather about the width of a dagger each were bound into a handle. "Ever seen one of these before slave?

We call it the Kiss of Kalah, it's a slave whip, don't want to draw blood do we? Ever been whipped? I didn't think so; you westerners are so pathetically weak.

It will hurt like nothing you have ever felt before. Best get used to it bitch, Kalashite owners beat their infidel slaves all the time.

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Please feel free to cry." Jarzia bit the queen's shoulder before laughing taking a few steps back. Kailya prepared herself, there was a whistling sound and her back exploded in pain.

Her parents had never even raised a hand against her, she managed to stifle her cry of pain but the whip kept flying through the air. Gemma watched horrified as her mother was whipped, the young maiden eyes transfixed with terror as the sadist swung back and forth.

After ten lashes Kailya broke down, "Please no more, please." She wailed. Jarzia smiled and simply increased her pace, "That's it, slave beg for mercy." She spat out.

Kailya's body shook from each blow, her fierce pride obliterated by the intense pain, she screamed, begged, pleaded for the sadist to stop. Jarzia's whip left wide red strips along the matriach's back, across her thighs and her plump ass. Something snapped inside Gemma, "Let my mother go, now." She softly whispered.

The sultan turned, his lip twitched and he motioned, two of his soldiers held Gemma's arms. "You are brave little one, but such insolence must be punished. Jarzia whip the whore's breasts twenty lashes, I want to show my newest fucktoy what happens to those that defy me.

If she does not count, whip her mother twice." Gemma shook her head, "Please no, please let her go." Jarzia walked around and pulled Kailya's hair forcing her head up, the tears were running down the matriarch's face. "Hear that slave? Your daughter has earned you your first breast whipping, if you thought the back was painful, just wait until you feel this." She slapped Kailya and slowly walked away.

"No, goddess, please no more." Kailya begged. The Sultan watched Gemma's face, "I will not tell you twice slave, count everyone one your mother's lashes or Jarzia will give her two.", his eyes's daggers daring the virgin's defiance. Gemma snapped, her eyes burnt into the Sultan, "Let my mother go now." She whispered. The Sultan's motioned with his hand. "Add another ten lashes." He ordered. It happened suddenly, Gemma felt a beautiful heat radiate from her chest. A magical force picked up Jarzia and threw her across the room.

Thr soldiers let go as the young maiden's body erupted in azure flames. The sultan took a step back, he gulped and motioned to his guards, the young girl's blonde hair blew in a magical breeze, her body rose off the ground, levitating several inches. "Now!" Gemma screamed. "She's an adept, kill her!" the Sultan said panicky.

"No, leave her alone, I beg you.!" Kailya managed to plead through the pain in her back. Gemma felt her rage focus, the black soldiers had drawn their swords and were cautiously approaching but the young maiden could only see the Sultan. She had never truly been angry in her life before, never considered actually killing somebody, but for one second she could imagine a magical force snapping the Sultan's neck and deep down inside she knew she could do it.

Suddenly the amazing heat in her chest was snuffed, her azure flames died down and she sank back to the floor. Gemma's gasped for air, it felt like somebody had ripped the air from her lungs. Kailya watched the black dressed woman weave magic, she opened her hand a small ball of energy appeared, she flung it across the room, behind the hanging queen, the sorceress raised her hand and beckoned with her fingers.

She caught something in her hand and raised it to her lips. The sorceress breathed the new adept's magic in, sweet, pure, strong. She strode across the room, the Sardakaur reluctantly making way for her. "Out of the way!" she commanded. She ignored the Sultan and took the gasping adept by the shoulder, shaking her. "Breathe child, breathe!" she urged her, "You lungs were full of magic, now breathe!" Gemma took a deep breath; she looked dazed and confused before fainting.

The sorceress' spirit warrior caught the unconscious girl. "You Kalashites are such barbarians, have you never seen an awakening before? Hyissa has blessed this one with great power." she reached out and caressed the young princesses face her eyes twinkling.

"And great beauty, she will be perfect." "What are you talking about witch? She is my newest slave who I will personally beat into submission." The Sultan appeared from behind one of his Sardakaur. The witch turned on the Sultan' ignoring the armed soldiers. "No longer, I am taking this one as payment for my services.", she said imperiously. "Do not make demands from me witch, your Black Circle has been well paid for its services." The sorceress gently stroked Gemma's arm examining the young maiden.

"Gold, what do I care for Kalashite gold. You have paid the circle and now you pay me. This one is worth more than all of your gold and I am taking her." The Sultan crossed his arms, "Kalah finds your lack of respect, disappointing.", his Sardarkaur raised their swords.

The witch rested a hand on her massive spirit warrior's ebon arm. "Tell me Sultan, have you ever heard of the essence of the Black Will plant?" The Sultan's men approached, the witch didn't look impressed. "We had a wonderful meal last night didn't we Sultan? Jarzia really can cook, I remember you commenting on the unique flavour.", the witch smiled evilly. "You are bluffing witch, my Sardakaur personally taste my food and detect poisons, I am not that stupid to travel with a Hyissian bitch and not take precautions." The Hyissian laughed undeterred.

"Ah yes your Sha-air and then demons, they lack the subtlety of our spirits. While you were planning your treacherous attack, my apprentices slipped Black Will into the pot. It's a very specific poison, triggered by a simple command word." She smiled.

"You lie, kill the witch.", he commanded. His soldiers advanced, the witch sighed and clicked her fingers, the four Sardarkaur instantly clutched their throats falling to the floor, writhing in wordless agony. The Sultan gulped and touched his throat. The witch smiled again. "Now I will be leaving tonight, see that I am not disturbed." Her spirit warrior picked up the blonde haired girl and slumped her over his shoulder.

She walked past the stunned crowd. "My baby, where are you taking her?" Kailya asked, tears in her eyes. The woman walked up to her new slave's mother, "This will be difficult to accept but she is mine now." "No, no, please not Gemma, she is so young and innocent." The woman smiled, "We will speak later; the Sultan is not finished with you." She left the sobbing queen.

Jarzia walked up to the Sultan, the Voice of Kalah was furious. "That fucking bitch, give me that and clean up this mess." He kicked one of the dead Sardakaur before grabbing the slave whip.

Kailya screamed as the Sultan swung the whip, her red back exploding in fresh pain. Anjelica who up until now had been very quiet hoping the Sultan would somehow forget her refusal felt hands grab her ass.

"You don't think he's forgotten have you slave?" Jarzia laughed from behind her. "He wanted you to watch all of it before he makes you pay, you think your mother is suffering? Wait until he's finished with you." Anjelica gulped and her flawless features paled. Thankfully the Sultan tired quickly and motioned to his guard.

Kailya was cut down, she collapsed on the floor sobbing. "Please mercy, no more, please." She begged. The Sultan grabbed her by the hair. "You think I am finished with you slave? Your precious youngest daughter is gone, and I have defiled your infidel womb but I left your eldest daughter for last." He smiled evilly as Kailya stopped crying and started shaking her head.

"No, not Anjelica, she didn't mean it, please." The Sultan turned, "Please who?" he tested. The Queen of Galandria swallowed her shattered pride. "Please master." "Louder! I want the whole room to hear." Kailya suppressed a sob, "Please master, spare my daughter." She begged. The Sultan just smiled and turned his back, "No!" Kailya wailed as the Sardakaur hauled her to her feet. "If that whore says another word, twenty lashes to all the pleasure slaves." The Sultan took the slave whip and flicked it through the air.

Anjelica paled, the black conqueror motioned and her golden dress was ripped from her body. "Ah Sultan, your majesty, I can explain, I have friends and can give you much power." The eldest princess started. The Sardaukaur wordlessly attached shackles to her ankles, a short iron chain running between them.

They then unlocked her manacles before reattaching them in front, running another chain from the manacles to the shackles on her ankles. They nodded and took a step back. "Sultan, please, what I said, it was a misunderstanding, I am ready to marry you now." the beautiful blond pleaded, the sultan's eyes narrowed and he advanced.

Kailya shook her head helplessly as the conqueror stormed up to her daughter. "Fucking whore!!!" the Sultan screamed, the whip whistled through the air.


Anjelica cried out as the leather strips struck her bare breasts, she fell to the floor. He loomed over her. "You stupid infidel slut, did you really think I was going to forget!!!!" he screamed at her. Anjelica looked up in terror, shaking her head, pleading with the enraged man. "No stuck up white infidel dares refuse my offer, this is what happens to those that insult me." He swung the whip catching the princess on her thigh.

Anjelica wailed and tried to crawl away, but with her hands and feet shackled it was futile. "Crawl slut! Fucking crawl, like a bitch! You are not worthy to lick my dick cunt!" the Sultan swung the whip again and again in a rage. "Mother please, make him stop please, Aaaah!

Please!" Anjelica wailed, Kailya felt her broken heart shatter even more as her first born was brutally beaten. Sultan whipped the princess around the room, he made sure all his new slaves witnessed what her arrogance had brought her. He laughed as she begged for mercy, trying helplessly to escape the slave whip. Anjelica looked up at anyone, pleading for their help, the courtiers looked away.

The first princess had always flaunted her station above her mother's court, flirting with newly wedded men and looking down on their wives, teasing and mocking the members of the Galadrian court, Anjelica found little sympathy in their faces. Jarzia eventually pinned the wailing princess to the throne floor with her boot as the Sultan whipped the princess' beautiful ass and back again and again.

Kailya felt her tears flow freely but she knew she could do nothing more than pray. The Sultan put the whip down, Anjelica had passed out from her beating, he spat on before giving the slave whip back to Jarzia. "Take her to her bedroom, you will use that whore's room for grading?" the Sultan motioned at the Queen, Jarzia bowed. "Send for a healer, I will make this piece of shit scream all night long before I pass Kalah's judgement." A Sardarkaur walked up to his Sultan, bowed and whispered a message.

"Good, excellent timing Captain." He walked over to the three guildmasters and King Valdis. "Ah, Well met Sultan, I take it our mercenaries were able to secure the city for you?" Keryen smiled as a servant poured another glass of wine.

The black Kalashite ignored them, he threw a bag at the guildmaster's bodyguard.

"Your commanders are dead, work for Kalah and live." He said simply to the men. Valdis's face drained, he stood panic stricken as the Sardarkaur advanced on the men with their canes. The mercenary captain looked inside the pouch of gems and pearls and nodded to his comrades, before falling on one knee.

"What is the meaning of this? We had a deal." Keryen complained as the soldiers pulled his arms behind his back, snapping on manacles. The Sultan sneered.

"Kalah does not make deals with traitors. Make sure they are sent to the mines commander, I want them worked to death, twenty hours a day.". "No, no, please Sultan, this must be some mistake." Valdis said suddenly very scared. The four men were hauled off, the Sardakaur canes used to silence their protests. Kailya smiled just a little, Nustress had answered one of her prayers, she would not shed a tear for her traitorous husband. Her smiled faded as the four men were herded out, their treachery was complete, Galandria had fallen and even images of Valdis pushing mine carts under a slave driver's whip would not change her fate.

The new ruler of Galandria turned to the slaves. "You are all slaves, learn to serve Kalah and she may be merciful. Obey your commands instantly or suffer the consequences. Get these white whores out of my sight." He ordered something in the eastern tongue and the Sardakaur moved forward. Kailya watched as the clothes were ripped from the enslaved women, any man who fought in their bonds was beaten with the canes.