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Petite teens threesome Bella  Sara Luwis and Mike Angelo huge dick
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Here's part 2 of Little Sophie's story. Again I absolutely do NOT condone child abuse of any kind and anyone who gets off on it is a sick bastard. ;) Enjoy! I stared at her for a moment, not saying anything. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, searching in mine for something. Compassion, mercy, hope. None of which she would find.

With my eyes still glued on her, I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down a little.


I watched her every movement, anticipating her reactions. She glanced down at my cock. It was already fully hard and stood at attention. I knew she was too young to fully understand what was happening, and she'd probably never seen one as big as mine. It's about 8 inches not hard. The best for fucking little girls, in my opinion. I scooted my chair closer and placed the tip of my cock right before the hole in the cage.

"Sophia." I said in a monotone voice, all of the friendliness and compassion she had heard before were gone. "Do you know what movie stars do with this?" She shook her head no, her face tense and full of fear. "Open your mouth and lick it.

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Suck it and I might let you out of there." She hesitated, and I wasn't in the mood for being patient. "NOW." My voice boomed throughout the room. Thank god for sound proof doors, or my secretary might come disrupt me. Her tiny body jumped at my loud voice, and she leaned her head in to flick her tongue up and down the head of my cock.

It twitched, and she stopped. "Keep going. Put it in your mouth" I commanded. That's the thing with little girls, they have no idea what they're doing-which is partially good and partially bad. She wrapped her lips around it, her beady eyes looked up at me for reassurance. I smiled. "Good girl." She gently sucked and a few drops of precum escaped my cock. She popped it out of her mouth and made a sour face like she'd eaten a lemon.

I smiled a devilish grin and open the cage. She began to climb out and crawl quickly towards the door. Stupid girl. I grabber her hair and brought my hand down for a hard slap on her young face, leaving a red mark. She began to tear up again, but I didn't have the patience to calm her down, nor did I care to. I grabbed her head with botth hands and positioned it above my cock. "Open." She slowly opened her mouth and I jammed my dick while pulling her head down.

She tried to scream, but the sound was muffled by my cock. I used her head like a toy, bobbing it up and down against her unwilling mouth. Her small hands pushed at my stomach and chest, desperate to get me away, but an 9 year old has no power against a full grown man.

It was very clear she'd never had a cock in her mouth, her teeth were scraping against my dick in the worst way. I pulled her off of it, and tilted her head up at me. God those eyes.

Shimmering and crystaling with tears. "Don't use your teeth, just suck." I pushed her back down, and she showed a little improvement, I felt more sucking movements and less teeth. "Very good." I said. Like a child learning any other skill, practice would make perfect.

Out of nowhere there was a knock at the door. Sophie heard it too, she stopped sucking and I could feel her tensing up. I grabbed her face between my thumb and index finger, making her lips pout out in the cutest way.

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"Be quiet, but don't stop." I pushed her under the desk and back into the cage, placing my dick in the hole it was designed for. I looked at her and she began to suck again. "If you make any noise, I will kill you, do you understand?" She sniffled and nodded a little, with the tip of my cock in her mouth. I scooted in closer to my desk, and cleared my throat.

"Come on in!" I yelled towards the door, trying to keep my hips from bucking into my little movie stars' mouth. My secretary slowly opened the door. She was a pretty girl, 19 years old, wearing a pencil black skirt and a ruffly white top. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes, tanned skin and a ass to die for. She smiled when she saw me and walked toward the desk with a file in her hand.

" Mr. Donovan, I have Sophie's stats." She said passively as she set the file down atop my desk. Sophie was starting to get sloppy, her small sucks were getting less enthuiastic by the second, and those damn teeth were coming back.

'OUCH. FUCK.' I thought to myself. I cleared my throat again to mask the pain and said "Thank you Jessica." "I think she's cute, I could see her as the next big thing!" Jessica said with a smile "She's got that whole innocent thing-" Jessica stopped. Sophie had made a squeal, followed by a sob. Jessica smiled again and apologized.

"I'm sorry Sir, I didn't realize you were busy." I chuckled and smiled, and as the 9 year old continued to milk my cock I said "That's quite alright sweetheart, just knock next time." She nodded and walked out the door. I was disappointed in my new girl. I pulled out my chair and banged on the cage with my fist, making the whole thing shake and clang violently.

"What did I tell you, you stupid girl?" I roared. I wasn't even that angry, but I had to make my little pet fear me from the start. A weak man is a dead man. I bent over and grabbed her by her lucious brown locks, dragging her out of the cage and onto her feet. She started to scream, and she was practically seziuring she was shaking so hard. I slapped her across her face again.

"When I tell you to be quiet you be quiet. You want to be a big movie star and be on TV don't you??" I got no response. She just looked to the floor and cried. I shook her by the hair a bit. "Don't you??" She sobbed and shook her head no. "Of course you do." I said in disgust "Little brats like you will do anything to be on TV." I picked her up in my arms, shaking and frightened, she was too weak and in shock to fight back.

Instead, she withered into a ball in my arms, sobbing and quivering. I set her on my desk and spread her legs. She didn't bother to fight me off, although she had no idea what I was about to do. The tiny girl just trembled and kept her head to the ground. I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through little Sophie's hair.


After a few moments, she seemed to breathe easier and stopped shaking. "Lie back." I said simply, she obeyed, fearful of what else I might do to her. I reached under her tiny dress and pulled down her panties. I set them on her side and looked down at her for a moment, taking in the beautiful sight before me.

Her face was red and wet, her body, though no longer shaking was very tense and paralyzed with fear. I lifted up her dress and smiled in contentment. A perfectly bare, child, tiny pussy was so close to me. Her slim legs spread, her untouched folds invited me in and my cock twitched in anticipation. I rubbed the head of my cock against her small, undeveloped clit. Knowing she was too young to be aroused, I just wanted to draw her attention to the area I was touching.

She tried to rise up to protest, but I raised my hand like I was going to slap her, and she quickly laid back down, her big green eyes confused and fearful. I popped the head into her teeny pussy, and she cringed. I smiled, thinking of how much worse it would get for her. I pushed in slowly, staring down at her and watching her reaction. She squirmed uncomfortably, her eyes begging me to stop. I pressed up against her hymen, smiling to myself.

"Are you ready to be a movie star?" I asked. "N-no pleeease." She begged "I just wanna go home!!" She began to cry again. I reached over and grabbed her panties and with a final look in her eyes I plunged in, breaking her hymen and stretching her tight little pussy beyond belief.

It felt so fucking good.

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Being the first in a new pussy is fantastic, feeling my cock force it's way in and her pussy stretching and molding to make room. It was so tight, and a little trickle of blood seeped out. She arched her back and let out a painfully loud scream. I rammed the panties into her mouth, forcing her into silence.

I kept fucking, slowly at first, easing my way in and out, the blood lubricating my cock. She screamed into the panties, and I placed my hand over her mouth. God it felt so good. I forced my cock deeper into her, her pussy squeezing my cock unbelievably tight.

I pumped harder, and her squeals became more intense. She tried to push away again and squirm free, but she found that every move she made only brought more pain.

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So she laid still, her face hot and red, covered in tears. I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm.

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I fucked her harder and harder, ramming my cock deeper and deeper, as deep as I could, splitting the child in two. I tilted my head back and buried my cock deep into her and released inside her. I stayed inside her a minute before pulling out, just to feel her with my cum inside. I smiled down at her, she was now back to shaking like a little leaf and her eyes looked dead.

She had stoppped crying, but lay there frozen. I pulled out slowly, my cock tingling and stained with blood. I pulled my pants back up and sat back into my chair.

I grabbed a cigar from one of my drawers and lit it, enjoying the sensation the tobacco had on my settled mind. "Get up and put your panties on." I said.

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She sat up, and looked to be in terrible pain. She pulled the panties from her mouth slowly and hooked them onto her legs, very slowly pulling them her legs. She sat there a moment and started crying again. I sighed. "Now listen, I'm going to walk you over to the bathroom and you clean yourself up.

Wipe your eyes and your face and all the blood off. And remember, if you say anything to anyone I will kill you." I picked her up and set her on her feet. Her trembling body shook and looked weak as soon as I released her.

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I reached her hand and let her out of my office and into the bathroom. I held the door open for her and she walked inside without a sound.

It was like watching an angel who had been turned into a zombie. Jessica appeared at my side, smiling. "You messed her up pretty bad, Sir." She folded her arms across her perky tits. "Well.that's what I do. Get me a drink." She stook on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek "Yes Master." As she turned to leave I gave her a hard slap on the ass, smiling to myself.

'Yep. This is the good life.' [Let me know if you're enjoying it please! :) thankss!]