Felicity feline drumming and playing stoner rock behind the scenes

Felicity feline drumming and playing stoner rock behind the scenes
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*Note from the Author- These characters and events are mine. This belongs to me and isn't open copy or share. For your additional understanding. The Main character isn't completely human, he's also part Daemon, its something along the lines of a vampire, you'll see some of it come out as his emotions get more intense. And as I add more chapters you'll see it more prevalent and I'll explain more.

He's also a Daemon hunter, which he alludes to in part 2.


(Damien Skylar Chapter 2) So now, Enjoy! I originally posted this on my account, xxxArtemisDawnxxx, on Literotica.com* '.'=thoughts. Chapter 1 *Part 1* "You're late again Mr. Skylar." Kroger practically shouts at me as soon as I walk through the door. "I know Sir I."He overrides me like I haven't spoken, "I told you just last week if you were late again I would dismiss you, and here you are.Late." He speaks the word like it's the foulest thing to ever exist.

"I know that sir but I got up late from." he cuts me off again. "Late night, huh Skylar? I can only imagine the crude things you do in your personal time but it has nothing to do with why you're late." I feel the blood start to heat my veins as anger starts to override my delicate self-control.

"Actually sir I'm late because of you keeping me here until 2 in the morning fixing up the store because you're too cheap to hire a decent contractor." I say heatedly getting in his face.

I see fear creep into his expression and he takes a step back. "If you don't g-g-get out of my store now I'll call the police on you right now, and don't think I won't." he stammers at me, trying to be firm but failing. I take another step towards him, and stop myself when I feel my claws extending. I see complete and total fear encompass his expression as he takes in a sight of my daemon eyes. I glance down at my sneakers taking a deep breathe to calm myself.

"I take it your firing me sir" I say, not as a question but he takes it as one. "Yes, you are no longer employed here Mr. Skylar. Now leave the premises or the police will be notified." He says regaining his arrogance as I make him forget the sight of my slight transformation. I nod and turn leaving the store. As I walk slowly back home, hands in pockets, I can't help thinking.

'That fucking hypocritical prick, he can take that job and shove it up his ass.' I continue sulking and not paying attention with where I'm going. Next minute I'm on my ass with a feminine voice shouting profanities.

"You asshole, watch where the fuck you're going, you spilled my coffee all over me." I look up and receive a shock. The girl standing over me is absolutely stunning. Tight white blouse, deep red mini skirt and black stilettos, long chestnut hair and dazzling violet eyes.' Damn this woman is.' "What the hell are you looking at spaz?" she asks me, slightly mocking but still pissed.

I recover myself and stand up, wiping gravel from my pants. "I'm sorry miss, It's been.a long day." I mumble apologetically. I look at her violet eyes. They soften as they take in my rugged appearance.

"It's alright, I'm sorry I jumped down your throat, I've been having a bad day too." She says lightly patting my shoulder; it feels as though my blood is boiling again, though not from anger, and a feeling a stirring in my jeans.

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"S'Okay. I'm just glad the coffee didn't burn you too much." I say as I look at her white blouse covered in coffee, her nipples poking out slightly and the stirring in my pants becomes stronger. I shake myself lightly trying to get the feeling away as I look back at her face. She's smiling lightly, showing dimples. I lose the filter between my brain and mouth and ask, "So why don't I buy you another cup of Joe?" I immediately feel my face get hot, and I shift my eyes from her beautiful eyes to her full mouth.

'Why the fuck did I say that', I chastise myself, God I'm stupid. 'She must think I'm a complete and total womanizing ass.' Her voice breaks through my self-loathing. "I'm sorry, I can't. But maybe next time." I look up at her face, recognizing the dismissal. She's smiling, and pulling her phone from her pocket. "Do you have your cell phone or something to write with?"" she asks me, looking at her phone.

I stare at her and she looks up. "Wh-why." I stammer. She looks at me confused. "So I can give you my number silly, so you can get me that cup of Joe later." I feel my mind go blank and my heart drop, then they both go into overdrive. I quickly pull out my cell almost dropping it in the process, we exchange numbers, I sound like a virgin schoolboy, but I don't care.

"Well hopefully I'll see you soon, maybe tomorrow?" she asks, with a coy smile playing around her lips. "Um, yea sure. I'll, uh text you the details to let you know." "Well good bye.I'm sorry, I didn't get your name." she extends a hand to me, "I'm Selene Tuteur." I take her hand, and electric jolts travel through my arm. "I'm Damien Skylar." She smiles and I smile stupidly back at her. "It was nice to meet you Damien, and I hope we see each other again." She says with a wink.

"Oh I'm sure we will Selene." I say her name, savoring the honey like feel it leaves behind. "Well, bye Damien." She says with a wink and walks past me. I look at her go, admiring the way her hips sway and how her hair swirls to emphasize them.

I start to walk back to my apartment, feeling like I just won a million dollars. 'I gotta date with the hottest woman I've ever seen. My day just got a whole lot better.' *Part 2* I sit on my bed, staring at my phone.

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So far in this little staring contest between me and my phone, the phone is winning; trying to get the courage to text a girl to ask her out is harder than facing a horde of daemons.

I reach for the phone and keep my hand hovering above it. 'What the hell man, grow some damn balls and call the girl already.' I take a deep breath and grab the phone. I flip through the numbers and find her. My heart races with just her name. I open up a text and send for her to meet me at Valarie's, which is the local coffee/pastry shop, at 8 o'clock.

I set the phone down and take a breath. I'm not really the "relationship" kind of guy, but I really want to know this woman. She's intriguing, and I won't lie, absolutely sexy. Then my phone chimes, and I practically fall off the bed lunging for it. I've got a text back from her, saying she'll see me there, and it has a winking emoticon. I feel my pants stir again. Damn, I've never had a women entice me like she does, and I haven't even seen her naked.

I smile to myself. 'Yet.'' *** "So thanks for walking me back Damien, I really enjoyed tonight." Selene says as she walks up the steps to her home. I bend down picking up the keys she dropped on the steps and follow her up and hand them to her. "Oh, thank you." She says with a smile.

"No problem." I smile back. "So, um, how would you like to do it again, they're playing this new horror flick at the drive in on Tuesday, would you like to go?" I ask with a bit more confidence than the first time. "Sure, I love horror movies." She says enthusiastically.

"Great, I'll pick you up at 7." "Alright." She says and puts her keys in her door. "Well, good night Selene, I'll see you Tuesday." I turn to walk down the steps. "Damien, wait." I turn and see Selene coming down the steps. "I almost forgot." She says as she gets closer. "What?" I ask, as she gets closer. "This." She presses her full mouth against mine, taking me by surprise and I act automatically.

I wrap my arms around her waist while her fingers curl in my hair. I press her body closer to mine, deepening the kiss. All too soon, she reluctantly pulls back. She looks at me with her violet eyes. She kisses me again, softly, before heading back to her door. She turns to face me and smiles. "Would you like to come in Damien?" She asks, her voice sultry, eyes smoldering.

I feel my mind go blank again, and then it sinks in and casually stroll to her door. "Sure." I say, putting on a small smile. She smiles at me and turns to unlock her door. We walk into a luxurious living room. I've never seen so much leather. Makes me think of my small apartment.

I don't have much time to sulk. As soon as I close the door, Selene has me pinned against it. I smile down at her. Her eyes are absolutely blazing with lust, I'm sure mine mirror the same. "I want you Damien." She says silkily. She presses her hands against my chest and kisses the hallow of my throat.

I curl my arms around her waist, and place my hands on her ass and squeeze slightly. I feel her sharp intake of breath against my throat. She pulls back, her eyes wanting. "Follow me." She turns and starts up the stairs. I quickly follow. *Part 3* 'Shit.' "We don't need protection do we?" I ask as she leads me up the hall.

She turns her head and smiles at me. "No, I've got that covered." I smile. 'Thank you Birth Control.' She leads me to the her bedroom. Huge bed with mahogany frame and red plush spread. She lets me in first and closes the door behind her. "You're comfortable with this, right Damien?" I look at her.


'She's giving me the choice whether or not we fuck? Shouldn't it be the other way around?' I smile at her. "Oh yea, very comfortable." I stride towards her and pull her to me, wrapping on hand around her waist the other fisting her hair as I crush my mouth against hers. I hungrily seek out her tongue. Her hands snake around my waist and they firmly grip my ass like I did to her a few minutes ago.

I feel my erection growing stronger and start to poke against her belly as our tongues fight for dominance. My hand tightens in her hair and she gasps into my mouth. I pull away and my hands travel down her blouse undoing buttons and pull it off, showing her lacy black bra. I admire her slim waist, shes toned and very fit, but in that sexy way, not the "creepy bodybuidling woman" kinda way.

Her hands move from my hips and go behind her back and she unclasps her bra and takes it off slowly revealing beautifully formed double D breasts. Milky pale to match the rest of her, with darker perfectly rounded hardened nipples. I take her breasts into my hands and pinch her nipples.

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She arches her back, pushing them more into my awaiting palms. I smile at her and take her hand and pull her towards to bed and push her down onto it. I kneel between her legs and spread them revealing her lacy black panties under her short black skirt. She sits up and looks at me. I give her a devilish smile before saying. "I think I'll start." my fingers travelling up her thighs, "here." My fingers finding their goal. I smile even broader, feeling how wet she already is.

I push slightly against her panties, drawing a small moan out of her. I lift her skirt, and find the waistband of her panties. Keeping eye contact I start dragging her lacy panties down her toned legs. Her lips part slightly when I revel her pussy. I look at her cunt and smile. Completely shaved and smooth, pink, wet and her clit already starting to poke out from its hood.

"You're beautiful." I say softly. I hear her moan again as I press the tip of my index finger to her clit. I start to rub small circles and her moans increase. I lower my head, replacing my finger with my tongue and am rewarded with a gasp from Selene. I lick her slit slowly, occasionally dipping between her pink folds til I have her panting. I pull back. "Enjoying yourself?" I ask impishly. She looks at me with complete lust and nods. "Yes." She practically moans.

I lower my head back down and lick her clit roughly, grabbing it between my teeth and nipping. I hear the gasps from her growing louder. I move my tongue down to her wet hole. I quickly dip my tongue into her pussy. I feel her clench around my tongue.

I lick vigorously, drinking her sweet juices. "Damien." I hear her moan. I lift my head from her quivering cunt. She's lying back on the bed and gripping the sheets and gasping. She looks at me with those violet eyes. My erection is pushing painfully against my jeans. She sits up and pulls me towards her. She notices my bulge and smiles. "I think it's my turn, don't you Damien." I smile wickedly at her.

She undoes my belt and fly and pulls them down freeing my 10' inch cock. She looks at it with a slight hint of fear. My smiles becomes even broader and I bring it closer to her. She puts her small hand on my shaft and gently strokes it. I close my eyes slightly, enjoying the feather light touch. Then I feel her tongue touching my tip and a slight growl escapes my throat.

I glance at her, but she's engrossed into her current goal. She runs the tip of her tongue around the head then runs into down the underside of my shaft to my balls. Another growl escapes me as she takes one into her mouth while still stroking my shaft. She pulls back and presses the head against her mouth and starts to take me in with agonizing slowness.

She stops when it hits the back of her throat, and she starts to pull back again with equal slowness and repeats the process going a little further each time til she has about ¾ of me down her throat. Her mouth is so wet and warm, it feels like heaven. I feel her start to pull back again slowly, but she doesn't complete the process, instead she plunges down on the rest of my cock until her nose is planted into my pubic hair. I moan loudly and grasp her hair. She starts to bob her head quickly, sucking me off.

I throw my head back sensing my eyes turning a bright blue. I feel my nails starting to elongate into claws. 'She's making me lose control of my Daemon side.Thankfully she doesn't seem to notice.' "God yes, Selene baby." I moan as she starts to hum and swallow around my cock. I pull back onto her hair. "I've got to have you now." I growl at her, a real growl, as I grip her shoulders and push her back to the bed.

I kick off my jeans and shoes. I pull her skirt off, almost ripping it in the process. I crawl up between her legs and plant kisses in my way up til I'm at her throat. I feel her hands on the hem of my shirt and I sit up slightly so she can pull it the rest of the way off.

I feel her hands skating around my toned muscles. I crush my mouth to hers. Devouring her and she moans. I start to grind against her pushing my erection against her clit making her gasp. I pull back. "Are you ready?" I ask her. She nods. I grab my dick and press it to her wet hole.

I dip the tip in slowly and start to push into her. I moan at the feel of her. Warm and wet and very, very tight. I go balls deep into her, relishing the feel. I look up at her and see her flushed. I feel her clenching around me as she gets used to me. "You ok?" I ask. She looks at me and smiles slightly and nods. "I've never had one this big before, but I'll be fine." I nod and pull back out of her slowly. Once I'm almost completely out, I dive back in, forcefully and fast.

I hear her scream out of a combination of pain and pleasure but I don't stop, I continue to pound into her furiously, losing what's left of my control.


Her screams become moans as she gasps my name. I grab her nipples roughly and squeeze. I feel her thrusting in time with mine, forcing me deeper into her. I start to pump faster.

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I start to feel her legs and pussy quiver around me. She drags her nails down my back making me moan. "You about to cum baby?" I ask her, already guessing the answer, all she can do is nod and grip my hands on her breasts and gasp. I start to slow my thrusts, pulling back slowly then plunging into her depths and I continue doing this, feeling her orgasm building up and she shakes more around me, at the same time I feel my balls tightening.

I run my elongated nails down her sides lightly making her moan. I grip her waist to keep her still my nails digging into her slightly. I plunge into her making her gasp. I cant take it much longer so I start to pump into her again, quickly as I can go, making her scream out of pure pleasure.

"Oh Da.Damien, I'm, I, I'm cumminggg." I feel her tighten around me and she releases, her juices flowing around my cock still pumping in and out of her. I pound her pulsating cunt, loving the feel of her pussy milking me as I grow closer to my own release. She continues to moan and I pump into her overly sensitive hole.

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Finally I can't take it and I grip her breasts and growl her name as I shoot my load in her, filling her. I feel my eyes turning back to normal, and my nails shortening and dulling off. I look down at her and I kiss her neck and trail them up her jaw to tenderly kiss her mouth. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. I pull back and stare into her violet eyes and smile. I feel my cock start to soften and slip out of her. I lay down beside her and she curls up next to me.

I wrap my arms around her waist, drawing slow circles with my fingers. "Do you want to stay?" She asks me sleepily. I think of the possibilities, but I don't want to work her too much, and she needs to rest. I shake my head. "I can't tonight. Besides. I think you should get some sleep." She smiles at me.

"You never do what I expect." I look at her. "Is that a good thing?" I ask, sorta nervously. She nods. "Yes, you keep me guessing, I can't wait to see where this goes." Her eyes start to drift shut.

I kiss her forehead. "Sleep baby. I'll see you Tuesday, ok?" She nods slightly. I kiss her softly, before slipping out of her embrace and get dressed. I look back and see her sound asleep. I pull the comforter around her and brush the hair out of her face. She looks peaceful and completely euphoric. I stoop down and lightly brush my lips to hers before turning and leaving.

'Good thing I had enough control to only turn into my half and half form. Wings, fangs and bloodlust would of been hard to explain.' I lock her front door behind me and start towards my apartment. I smile to myself. 'God, I can't wait til Tuesday.' -Feedback would be great, this is my first attempt so be nice and constructive, not an ass.

I hope you enjoyed it. Chapters 2 to 5 are already released.-