Hot BBC Outdoorfuck with Angelica Heart

Hot BBC Outdoorfuck with Angelica Heart
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"SHE" said it was ok to post her story as it was written by her. The curious incident of public sin Remember the fun and love we had, he revisits our history and recalls.

We have the desire to go back together and recap it, even for a moment. even alone. Only to remember it. He would remember the familiar feeling of overpowering desire, and the intense passion that takes hold of both of us.

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What else are we to do but to give in to it? Rather, I become his servant and surrender to him. There is no question, two people who are drawn in this way will fuck on desire, wherever and whenever the impulse takes place. And so the true story begins this way. David had a great idea, "Let's take a drive through the country side. I'll show you a property I might be listing". Of course I was interested. We would spend the day together before I was due to be at work in the afternoon.

With David in the driver's seat, we began our drive, making our way through the gravel roads that led to our destination. We didn't say much, but enjoyed each other's presence and the weather that brought a perfect sunny day. We passed a long driveway, leading into a field next to a wooded area. David brought the van to a complete stop on the road. We both turned our heads and faced each other. Without a word spoken, it was as though I heard his voice say "That is the perfect place to fuck".

I answered out loud, "Let's do it!" and the van was then in reverse, heading into the driveway. It was no sooner that the van was in park, that our hands and arms reached out to undress the other. Our lips came together like a magnet, slipping the tip of my tongue in his mouth while I undid the buttons on his shirt. He reached his hand in to my blouse to grab a breast, and in his heavy pant he mentioned how soft my skin was.

My mind knows what will happen when my hand reaches his crotch. I feel the swelling of his cock trying to bust through his pant, then I instantly feel my tampon sliding as my cnt becomes wet. "Let's get in the back seat. I need to remove my tampon". As we both hurdle to the back seat, I slide off my Capri pants. I pull the string between my legs and open the side door to drop it on the ground. The door shuts just before I lay on my back and begin to beg him to fuck me. I will beg for that cock if he puts it in me.

"Oh fk please. I worship that cock!" Of course, I know there is no other cock that fits like it was custom made for my pussy. He's managed to undo his pant, down to his knees as I continue to moan from the ache of my cnt throbbing. I am so damn wet that my pussy lips are sliding together, and the feeling produces more.

David takes the tip of his cock to my pussy, and begins to rub my drippings from top to bottom of my clit. He inserts the tip of his cock in me, and the thickness of his swelling head presses up into my G-Spot. Just as I'm inclined to yell out "Fuck Me!" for the second time, a white truck approached behind us.

"Who is that?!" I yelled out. "Shit, we are on someone's property". A man came out of the truck and began to walk toward the van.

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"Duck down and I'll tell him something" said David. I curled my body up as best as I could between the back seat and the floor. Out of the side window, I saw the man approach with something in his hand. David made his way to the front seat when we heard a bang on the driver's side window.

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"What are you doing in there?!" the man yelled. "Sorry. I will leave right now". "What are you doing in there?!!" the man repeated. "Nothing. I'm leaving now. I'm Sorry. I'll go!" The man quickly got in his truck and was gone as fast as he came. "I think we'd better get a room" I laughed. David thought it was a good idea as well, and we chuckled at what had just happened. We put on our clothing and headed toward town. There, we took a room at the Super 8.

In the elevator up, he took my hand and pressed it against his groin. His cock was busting again, and it's thick shape could be seen bulging. I put my mouth to his, and again we plunged into an intense kiss. We entered the room and I immediately fell to my knees, in the submissive position. That cock is worthy of my submission, of being worshipped, and I will be made to do whatever it takes to have it in me again.

David picks me up from the floor, puts his hand under my chin and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips. "Undress, get on the bed and give that pussy to me". "Yes sir" I answered him swiftly. We spent the next couple hours fucking, as David could cum repeatedly. The next round I put my ass up in the air, and being David's favourite position, he slipped his cock in my hole right away.


He would squeeze the flesh on my ass as he spread my cheeks apart to sink his cock in deeper. He slapped my ass a couple times to get it nice and red, then grabbed the bottom of my hair at the back for leverage.

I got a few poundings before he slapped my ass a couple more times, then rubbed the area. Slap it again, then rub.

It would make my pussy twitch, expecting pain, but would feel so good that it triggered my orgasm. My skin was a beautiful shade of red and so warm that I came again. David dropped me off at work and took the road to his home, where he was pulled over by police.

The officer, who asked David to identify himself, had knowledge of our encounter in the field. "Who were you with today?" the officer asked. "I was by myself officer". "What were you doing on this property?" "I needed a place to pull over and answer my emails" David answered. "Who was the girl with you?" "There wasn't any girl with me" he fibbed again. The information the officer was privy to, claimed different.

While at work, I received 7 phone calls from a private number. "Well, I can't return a call from someone who doesn't leave a message" I thought to myself.


"I better keep and eye on my phone because this person is determined to get a hold of me". I receive a text, it's David. The text reads, "The police are trying to get a hold of you. They think I raped and killed you and they are searching for your body." "David, I can't answer.

I'm at work". "Ok.

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I will tell them". It was half an hour later when I received another text from David saying, "If you don't contact them in the next hour, they are going to arrest me".

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I immediately went to the staff area to make this call. The woman who answered had a worried tone, "Are you ok? Are you being held against your will?" "I am fine. I'm at work right now. I haven't been kidnaped" I advised her.

"You will need to come to to the station so we can see you in person" she stated. I asked, "What will happen if I can't come there?" "Then we will come to you".

"Ahhhhhhh. I will be there within the hour". I arrived and buzzed at the door, as the lady instructed. I passed the corridor where I waited for an officer to give me access. "Please wait here" I was told. A man in an officer's uniform came to me. "Follow me please". We walked passed a cage with barred doors, what was otherwise known as the "Drunk Tank". A man banged a plastic cup against the bars, and cried "Please let me out!" I continued to follow the officer to an interrogation room, where I sat at a table across from him.

"We had our Search and Rescue Team out looking for you. You were a missing person until now". "Yes, I am very sorry, I didn't know who was calling me all day" I explained. "I understand, but we believe your boyfriend is lying, and we've used our resources unnecessarily.

Someone needs to give us the whole story or he's going to jail". "Ok. I will tell you the complete and entire truth, but you cannot arrest him.

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This needs to be the deal". He knew the truth, he just didn't know the reason for it. "We found a tampon in the field and we also have pictures taken of you both through the tinted window. We pulled you up in our database to find your information".

"You can tell who the person is by a silhouette?" I asked. "Yes!" He said firmly. "Impressive" I said. "The man also saw your legs sticking out from the back seat, which made us believe you had been murdered!" "Ok, so we have a deal?" "Yes, we do".

After telling the truth and nothing but, he began to scold me. "The only reason we detained him is because he lied.

If he told the truth, we could have avoided this and send him off with a warning". I understand officer". "So we will send you off with a warning, and he will likely receive a fine. But if this happens again, you will both be arrested immediately!" "I understand". I left the room, past the drunken prisoner, and out of the building, where I was accompanied by the officer. Since we decided to fuck on the outskirts of town, they held David at the county jail closest to the area. I followed the officer there, but not before I texted David, I received back the text "They are arresting me".

"Noooooo! He promised to let you go!" Once I arrived, I approached the officer who had promised this deal. He tells me, "My boss is very upset about his lying. I don't think there is much that will change her mind". "You promised! We made a deal" I cried. "I will talk to her" he promised again. There I waited, and two hours passed before I saw David exiting the front door.

He walked casually toward me as I went to him. Now, I cannot count the number of times we did the very same thing we vowed to the Police we would never do again. That cock was sucked at the side of many roads. At every opportunity, in many parking lots, I straddled him in his seat and slide down that cock.

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I stroked him wherever possible, choked on his cock at the side of buildings while people watched and walked by. I've lifted up my skirt in parks to give him access to slip in a finger. He's filled my pussy, where I took it home to my husband and fed him the taste of my lover's cum without him knowing.

This didn't stop us. He is my sinful pleasure and we gave in every time. As long as that cock stays hard and he has the desire for me, it will be done.