3d grün monster fuck hentai mädchen hart

3d grün monster fuck hentai mädchen hart
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I check the front door and find it unlocked. I slowly turn the knob and open the door, slipping inside. I slip my shoes off and carry them with me, trying not to make a sound. I begin looking around the place for valuables. I know I don't have much time so I decide to find the jewelry… easy to carry and can make more money off them than a big television. I make my way through the house until I find the bedroom. It seems like the most logical place to find jewelry. I creep up to the dresser and reach out for the jewelry box sitting atop the dresser.

"Stop right there!" My heart leaps in my chest because I know I have been caught. I slowly begin to turn around to see who it is that caught me. I am looking at the ground and spot the toes of black boots. My eyes begin to slowly rise up as they follow the boots… along the calves, up to the knees, all the way to the thighs!

There is just a small gap between the tops of the boots and the bottom of a black skirt. I can see dark fishnet stockings along the creamy thighs. I am scared but I can't help but notice a twitching in my groin. "Now look, I don't want any trouble… I must have come in the wrong house.

So sorry ma'am" All I can hope is that I can talk my way out of this. I realize it won't work when my eyes notice that above the black skirt is a black belt with handcuffs and holster resting upon the hips. I can see the badge pinned upon ample breasts.

Another twitch in my jeans. Looking at the face of the police officer standing in front of me, my breath is taken away. The most gorgeous eyes are glaring at me.

I am entranced by their beauty; I can't tell if my rapid heartbeat is because I know I am going to jail or this vision of delight in front of me. Suddenly I have to turn slightly away from her because it is hard to hide my excitement. "Turn around and put your hands on the dresser… NOW!" I turn around and place my hands on the dresser. No need to worry about hiding my erection.

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My fear has taken over my amorous feelings quickly. I feel the cold metal of handcuffs being slipped over one wrist. My arm is yanked painfully behind my back and a strong hand pulls my other arm back. The metal bracelet is deftly snapped in to place around my other wrist. The policewoman pulls up hard on the handcuffs with one hand and pushes hard in my back with the other. My face goes forward into the dresser and I am pressed hard against the smooth wood.

"Do you have any weapons on you?" I hear her say as she begins to pat me down. "No ma'am, nothing on me… I promise." Her hands still run along my legs, my sides, and arms. Her fingertips run slowly across my back, down my back… this doesn't feel like the usual pat down other burly, macho cops have given me.

She steps up against me, pressed up against me hard. Her right hand slides around and lays flat against my stomach and the left reaches up and starts running through my hair. Quickly she grabs a handful of hair and pulls me upright again.

I am pulled a step back from the dresser, up against her body firmly. She has my head pulled back sharply, so her mouth is right next to my ear. "Nothing on you, huh? Then what is this?" Her right hand slides down to my crotch and grabs hard. I exhale sharply with a mixture of surprise and a little pain. "I don't like being lied to… don't do it again!" "Yes ma'am.

I'm sorry." My mind is racing and confused. What in the world is going on? "I guess I need to see exactly what it is you are hiding from me." "I promise, I am not hiding anything!" I let out a yelp as I feel a sharp pull on my ear as the officer bites on my ear lobe.

"Do not lie to me!" She hisses fiercely at me. The officer quickly grabs my belt buckle and tugs at it roughly. It doesn't want to budge. Frustrated, the officer spins me around and shoves me on to the bed. I fall back and feel a sharp pain as I land on the handcuffs. The officer climbs on the bed and kneels with one leg across my chest, facing my feet.

She makes quick work of my belt buckle and slips the belt from its loops. I raise my head up to see what is going on and right in front of me is the most beautiful ass barely covered by the skirt rising up atop her hips. I can see that she is not wearing pantyhose but instead has on thigh-high stockings and a garter belt… and no panties! I can't help myself as I lean up as far as I can and place a gentle kiss against the fishnet stockings that run along the smooth skin of her thigh.

I quickly gasp and fall back as a strong grip squeezes my groin again. "I did not say you could touch me! You have been a bad boy…" The grip lightens up and slowly becomes a strong caress. My mind swims as I try and figure out exactly what I am supposed to do and what is going on here. Her hand stops rubbing me as it slides up to the top of my jeans and fights with freeing the button and zipper.

My pants undone, she slaps my hip hard and tells me to raise my hips. I struggle to lift my hips up under the pressure of her leg. Seeing that I couldn't move, the officer slides her leg across my body and sits straddle me; that luscious ass just inches from my face.

I lift up my hips up off the bed and she tugs and pushes my pants down below my knees. "Hmmm, very nice choice of underwear… nothing I expected from some two-bit hood." Her hands begin to run across the smooth material of my tight boxer-briefs. She touches along my thighs and around to my bottom. As she runs her hands all over my underwear, she carefully avoids touching my penis directly.

Her hands and fingers graze me softly ever so often, teasing me. It is driving me mad and in my lust I once again raise my head up and give the inside of her thigh a soft, quick lick. "What is wrong? Is this what you want?" The officer wiggles her amazing pussy in front of me just out of my reach. Why was she doing this to me? "Yeah." Is all I can think to reply. SMACK! Her hand slaps my thigh, hard.

"What did you say?" My mind reals as I try and think of something to say. Am I supposed to say yes or no? How do I answer? Cautiously I repeat my answer… stupid, I know, but I was not thinking clearly. SMACK! Her hand slaps my other thigh. "I don't think you understand.

I am an OFFICER.OF.THE.LAW!" Each of these last words was accentuated with alternating slaps against my thighs. I am sure that my thighs were beginning to turn red and the sting was building up in each of the spots she was slapping. "Now answer me properly… Is this what you want?" Another wiggle of her ass in my face.

"Yes ma'am!" I really hoped I had figured out what she wanted to hear. "Good!" To accentuate her answer she did not slap me. Instead she quickly leans back and sat upon my face. She did not put all of her weight down, but it was hard enough that I really had nowhere to move or room to try and kiss or lick her. Confusion entered my head as I tried to figure out what she expected me to do.

I learned real quickly as she began to rock back and forth on my mouth. She was using me to get off… I was nothing but a tool for her pleasure! She rode my face fast and I could tell by the moans of pleasure that she was already getting close. As a long, shuddering moan escaped her lips I felt her juices as they ran over my lips and cheeks. As she rises up a little off of the bed I gasp for air.

"Oh no, we are not done yet." With that, she reaches back behind her and grabs a handful of my hair; she pulls me up to her pussy, wet and waiting. "Now do it right." I quickly begin to lick her, relishing in her sweet taste. I stick my tongue out and press it between her folds.

I must be doing something right because I hear a moan leave her lips. I bring my mouth up to her clitoris and suck it into my mouth and begin to flick it with my tongue. As she gets closer to going over the edge her body begins to rock harder and faster against my mouth.

I can feel the fingernails of her free hand as they begin to tightly grasp and dig in to my thigh. She is moving so fast that it is hard to keep my tongue on her. I am rewarded for my work when a moan of ecstasy comes from her and more of her nectar begins flows out across my lips and down my chin.

She releases my hair and climbs off of me. As I start to sit up, she quickly turns to me and grabs my throat. She slams be back into the bed and holds me down by my throat. Seductively she slides up along my body until her mouth is right next to my ear. I feel another bite and tug on my ear again.

"No…no… no. Where do you think you are going? We are not done yet." She begins kissing along my jawline and making her way to my mouth. I begin to try and kiss her back but she only squeezes my throat tighter.

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"I will tell you when to kiss me, do you understand?" "Y-Y-Yes ma'am" I barely gasp out to her. Her grip loosens on my throat. She begins to kiss along my lips, nibbling at them as she does. She sucks by bottom lip into her mouth and I give a moan. I am rewarded as a sharp bite of my lip.

It was a stark reminder of my place in this situation. The officer begins to kiss and lick all around my mouth and down my chin… suddenly I realize that she is getting every last drop of her own juices off of my face! What a turn on! As she finishes cleaning off my face, she releases her grip around my throat and climbs off of me. She pulls me up to a sitting position and slides around behind me. Again her hand comes up to my throat and grips me tight. She pulls me back into her body.

I can feel her breasts pressing into my back and her warm breath against my ear again. "I am going to release these 'cuffs for but a moment. If you try and make any move at all…" Her grip on my throat tightens until I can't breathe. I nod uncomfortably to let her know that I understand. She releases my throat and I soon feel the tight constraints around my wrists loosen.

I fight the urge to bring my arms around to my front when all I want to do is rub the pain out of my wrists and shoulders. I feel the fingers dig into each of my sides and then my t-shirt is being pulled up and over my head. My shoulders scream out in agony as they are pulled up and above my head. Just as my shirt is about the come over my hands, she pulls the material tight and I am held there with my arms above my head.

Holding me there with one hand, the officer slides out from behind me and yanks hard on my t-shirt. I am forced backwards onto the bed. Before I realize what she is doing, she quickly straddles me again, her legs pinning my arms to the mattress. I wince as I feel the metal wrap around my wrists again. The clicks of the handcuffs sound ominous as I realize that I am now tethered to the headboard and am not going anywhere. Then I catch the smell of the sweet nectar that is but a few inches from my face and I suddenly do not mind my predicament quite as much.

She somehow notices the change in my resolve and a wicked smile crosses her lips. Without a word she rises up and brings her hips forward so that I am able to embrace her with my lips. I begin to kiss and nibble at her; my head begins to swim at the pleasure I am receiving in giving her pleasure.

I feel her fingers begin to caress my head gently, almost lovingly. I lose myself in the moment and in my joy and fervor at going down on this lovely woman, I once again let out a moan of pleasure.

Bad idea. Suddenly the fingers that were just a second ago running through my hair are now once again gripping my hair and pulling my head back away from her. "Hmmmm, you seem to keep forgetting that this is not about you… yet.

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Be a good boy and maybe that will change." She pulls my face up against her again and I tentatively begin to lick her again. Just as I am feeling relaxed, my head is yanked back again.

"You know, I have a better idea." With that, she releases my hair and readjusts her body so that her luscious thighs are once again on each side of my head. I can feel the leather of her boots against my cheeks. "I think you know what you need to do." I start to kiss along her labia again and was rewarded with a hard slap against my thigh again. A flash of confusion courses through my mind.

What did she expect me to do? "Think again… " Suddenly there is a tight grip on my crotch that is hard enough to make a gasp escape my lips. "And be sure you are right this time." She lowers herself towards my mouth once again and right in front of me is her rosebud. I know exactly what she wants.

With fervor and desire I bury my face in her ass. I stifle a moan of passion as I lick her bud, not wanting it to end. Her hands rub up and down my thighs, across my stomach, and along my chest. Her moans increase in pace and get louder as she gets closer to orgasm.

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I know she is at the brink or losing control and I quickly press my tongue as deep into her as I can. It is enough to send her over the edge and as she screams out her pleasure she twists my nipples sharply.

My eyes begin to water and the mixture of pleasure and pain slams through my body. The officer slides down my body and off the bed. I can feel my pants being pulled from around my feet and so I look up.

I am just in time to watch this sexy, amazing woman crawling up my legs like a stalking cat; the look in her eyes is that of a huntress. "I am guessing you think that it is your turn. Oh sure, you may get some pleasure out of this, but don't think it is about you.

I will be doing what I want, when I want; if you happen to enjoy it, it is but secondary." And with that warning, she begins to run her hands across the smooth material of my boxer-briefs again. She lowers her face to my cloth-covered penis and begins to lick and kiss it. With the kisses, she drags her fingernails across my inner thighs. The pleasure shivers up and down my body and my head drops back against the mattress. My eyes close and I suck in a deep breath. "Mmmm, you like that? It is okay, I give you permission to enjoy yourself." To punctuate the statement, I feel her take a nibble at the skin of my scrotum through my underwear.

I can't control the shiver of pleasure or the moan. She digs her nails into the skin on my thighs and sharply drags them upwards to my hips. She slips her fingers under the waistband of my underwear and slides them down my body.

Slithering along my legs, she makes her way back to my feet, pulling my underwear completely off. When she begins to crawl back up the bed, I feel my calves rising, sliding up until my thighs rest on her shoulders. I feel her lips caress the underside of my cock, her tongue moving up to the underside of the head. With one quick motion she engulfs me in her mouth. Still holding me inside, I can feel her tongue running up and down the underside of my penis.

The pleasure is immense and I let out a light "yes" from my lips. As soon as I do, she slowly, luxuriously slides her mouth up my cock and places a quick kiss on the tip. She lowers her head and starts licking my balls, pulling them into her mouth, nibbling at the skin. After some time, she dips her head a little lower and starts licking the skin between my balls and my anus. I am in heaven. Without even realizing I was doing it, I lifted my hips slightly off the bed, drawing her closer.

"So, you really like that? Interesting." The officer pulls herself up on to her knees and grabs my left knee. She pulls it over her head and pushes it across my body to the right. The forced motion causes my left hip to pull over and my body rolls over onto its stomach.

My wrists scream out a little at the weird position I am now in.

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I feel a tight grip on each of my heels and a forward pressure forcing my legs up and under me. Suddenly I am on my knees and face down in the mattress. From between my legs I feel an arm slide up and under me until the hand is raking its fingernails across my nipple and down my chest. As it reaches my crotch the hand takes hold of my penis and pulls it back underneath me. There are a few slow and gentle strokes and then it is swallowed up by her mouth.

She bobs ups and down on it as her hands rub my ass cheeks. She removes one hand from my butt and wraps it around the shaft of my penis, slowly pulling her mouth away. With very slow strokes with her one hand and the other still rubbing my ass cheeks and lower back, she moves her mouth back up to the small area between my sack and anus.

Making small circles with her tongue, she adds a little more pressure each time. She pauses for a second… "You know, I really liked it when you did this to me, let me see how you like it." And with that, she probes deep with her tongue into my ass. The pleasure! I have never felt anything quite like it and my knees almost buckle under the immensity of it.

She can tell what she is doing to me so the keeps it up. She alternates between licking and probing, enjoying the moans of pleasure that keep escaping from me. I can tell by the sounds and the sensations, I am getting sloppy wet back there. It is such a strange sensation. Without warning, I suddenly feel a piercing pressure back there and my knees do buckle this time.

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It takes a second to realize that she has just put one of her fingers in me and is slowly massaging me. The little bit of pain subsides and a warmth of pleasure spreads over me.


With one hand softly rubbing my lower back, she continues to slide her finger in and out. As I start to slowly relax, it starts all over again!

A second finger?! While she continues to take me from behind, she slides her body up along me. Straddling across my thighs, she has the back of her hand pressed up against her clitoris. She lays down against my back and begins thrusting her hips against her hand… she is simulating fucking me while stimulating herself!

It is one of the strangest, yet most erotic, feelings I have ever had. I catch myself slowly lifting my hips in rhythm with her and I can't tell if it is to add pressure to her or to pull her deeper into me. Her free hand is slowly running her fingers through my hair and she is kissing and nibbling my neck. "Maybe next time I will use my strap-on and really take you." In the throes of my pleasure I am not sure which registers first: Next time? Strap-on? At this point I don't really care.

She continues to do this to me until her rhythm starts to speed up and her breathing becomes more ragged. Suddenly she arches up against me hard and bites into my shoulder to stifle her screams of passion. She slumps down against me and slowly removes her fingers. Rolling off of my back, she pushes against my side to push me over.

She leans over and takes me in her mouth again, slowly bobbing up and down. With a quick motion she swings her leg over me and slides herself down onto my throbbing cock.

My eyes almost roll into the back of my head at the feeling of her warmth. It is amazing. Ever so slowly she starts to ride up and down on me. She leans in and gives me a kiss.

Our tongues meet for the first time and they dance against each other in rhythm to our slow love-making. All of this amazing foreplay has already built me up to the brink, and even with the ever slow movement between us, I am unable to hold back.

My body becomes rigid as I am emptied into her. As my breath slowly returns I am only able to whisper an "I'm sorry" because I wanted it to last so much longer. "Oh don't worry, we aren't finished yet." With that she lifts herself off of me and turns her body around.

She lowers her mouth over my cock as she lowers her bottom down to my face. She slowly licks our combined juices from my soft penis, trying to coax it back to life. I run my hands all over her ass cheeks as my tongue darts out and begins to lick along her sweet lips.

It is a strange sensation, tasting both of us on her. I had never tasted myself before, but mixed with her sweetness, it was an intoxicating experience. After a little while of this, I could tell that my body was reacting, ready for more. She shifted her bottom down a little until my mouth was once again at her rosebud. This time I did not need any instruction. As I licked and probed with my tongue, she began to increase her pace with her mouth. Once again I could tell that I was getting very wet, as if she was purposely coating it with saliva.

After a moment I soon learned why. She quickly let my penis out of her mouth and scooted her body down my chest until she was straddling me. I watched with anticipation as she began to lower herself onto me. What I did not expect was what happened next.


Instead of gliding between her soft lips, she grasped my cock tightly and lowered sweet rosebud to the head. Ever slowly she began to slide down my rigid member until her cheeks were firmly against by hips and belly. What an incredible feeling! What an incredible sight! She held still for a moment, getting used to the sensation.

Then she began to slowly flex her hips and move up and down upon me. Her speed and rhythm began to build to a nice tempo and her moans of pleasure changed into repeated chorus of "yes" and "more." I felt her hand reach down and start to rub my scrotum as she moved up and down. Then her other hand reached lower and she began to rub my anus with a finger. With a deft thrust she had her finger in me again and was sliding in and out to the same rhythm that she was riding me.

Little by little her pace increased until in a magic moment we both went over the edge and reached an orgasm simultaneously. As her movement slowed, she withdrew her finger from me and lifted herself from my cock. She once again shimmied up my body so that her bottom was in my face. We began to once again clean each other off, but this time it was more of a slow, sensual come down instead of getting ready for another round.

After a few moments of this, she climbed off of me and turned around. She lay next to me with her head on my chest and a leg draped over my hips. I must have dozed off for a moment because when I opened my eyes, she was standing up next to the bed and uncuffing me from the bed.

I slowly sat up and rubbed my wrists to get any kind of feeling back in to them.

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I scooted down to the end of the bed and was starting to pick up my clothes from the floor. "You know, not that I didn't really enjoy that… and not that I want to hurry off to jail, but what if the owner of the house returns?" The only answer was a soft chuckle and something landed on the bed next to me.

I felt the bed shift behind me as I reached down to pick up what she threw at me. It was a small picture frame and when I turned it over I was shocked. There was a group of young women all dressed up in costumes at some Halloween party.


And right in the middle of the group was the "officer" that had caught me breaking in. "I don't really think we have to worry about the owner pressing any charges or anything." I turned to look at this stunning beauty… and there she was leaning against the headboard, slowly clipping the handcuffs to her wrists.