I know you love jacking off to me in my panties JOI

I know you love jacking off to me in my panties JOI
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Tim to Jennifer Part 2 "I have a proposition for you. I would like to offer you the opportunity to live as Jennifer full time.", he said. "I will make it worth your while by offering you a contract that will guarantee you 1 million dollars over 3 years if you will think agree to do as I ask", he said with a wicked smile on his face. I was so surprised that I just sat there with my mouth open.

"If you keep that mouth open without answering me, I have something here that I will be happy to fill it with" he teased. This was a total shock. I did not know what to say. "You had told me earlier that you were going back to an empty apartment to begin a one week vacation", Bud was saying. "I propose that you spend that week with me, here at my home, to think about what I have said." The very proposition he was making was really tempting.

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"What would be expected of me?", I asked. Bud began,"I have been looking for someone like you for quite some time. You have many features that could already be considered feminine. Your full pouty lips, your somewhat rounded ass and your long slim legs. Your have little body hair and, of course, you really took to the sexual role very quickly." I blushed as he said this but I had to admit that I had never felt quite like this before. My image in the mirror was an extremely convincing image of a lung sexy woman.

Bud continued, "While you were, ah, under the influence, you seemed quite eager to tell me of a couple of your fantasies. You were basically in a twilight type sleep and were very cooperative while I shaved your body, dressed you and applied your makeup.

I even took care of your beautiful hard on twice while getting you made up. You were quite the eager student." Again I blushed.


He explained that the twilight sleep I was in bypassed many of my conscious safeguards and allowed many of my subconscious desires to come forth. "I believe I would at least like to spend a few days with you to see where this leads." I said.

He smiled and told me that the offer was open for me and that the money would be placed into an irrevocable trust that would be mine at the end of the three year term if I so desired. I would due provided with everything I could possibly need in addition to the trust. I would live here with him. "That is quite an offer", I said as he put his arm around my waist and his left hand on my thigh.

"You will not regret any of this", he said as he drew me up to him and kissed me hard and long. His tongue searching the inside of my mouth and I eagerly returned his kiss.

His hand had begun working its way under my nightie and inside my panties. I could see his beautiful cock was at full attention and I was really getting turned on. I really wanted to taste his cock again and slid down onto my knees between his legs. I took his cock into my hand and began to kiss the tip, pushing my tongue into the hole. The hard smooth helmut of a head, I took between my lips and began running my tongue around it.

He began moaning and his hands grabbed my head and began pushing my head down further on his cock. I took a deep breath, remembering why he said to breath from my nose and took all of his hard cock with the head deep in my throat. he began fucking my mouth slowly, pulling out and pushing back in until my nose was against his stomach. Suddenly he pulled my head back and his cock slipped from my mouth with a slight pop.

I looked up at him with a questing look and he was smiling down at me. He pulled me to my feet and with one quick motion pulled my panties down to my ankles.

"I want my little girl to sit on my lap", he said. He was strong and almost effortlessly grabbed me and pulled me into his lap facing him. He pulled me up slightly and I could feel the sooth head of his big cock at my back pussy entrance.

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He pushed my hips down until the head was in all the way. It still hurt a little, but once the head of his cock was in he sat me down hard, so I was completely impaled on his stiff rod.

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I gasped and he held me in place for a minute then gradually pulled me up a little and began thrusting his cock in and out moving his hips. He pulled me close and began kissing me deep and hard. I was in such ecstasy that i returned his kisses with heated passion.


I was sucking on his tongue deep In my mouth and this just excited him more causing him to thrust harder and faster. I could feel every vein and surface of his cock in my tight pussy as he continued thrusting hard and fast. Suddenly his hands pulled my hips down into his lap hard and I could feel his cock brow even larger. It began to throb and I could feel him cumin deep inside me. His hot cream flooding my insides.

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He kept pumping me full of his semen for what seemed like minutes until I could feel it leaking out of my tight hole around his cock. "Oh Jennifer", he said, "I really need you.


I want to make the woman out of you that you are deep inside. I love fucking that hot tight little count of your." "I can't believe how much I enjoy sucking your hard thick cock and feeling it deep in my pussy", I said. His cock began to soften and even as I protested, he lifted me off his lap. His cock came out with a slight pop. He quickly lifted me up and laid me back on the bed.

Suddenly he was between my legs and his tongue was licking my back pussy. "I want to clean you up a little", he said, "and you have such a fine tight pussy." It felt so wonderful and I began moaning loudly.

I couldn't believe it but I was going to cum without even touching my cock. Just his tongue on my tight little count was bringing me to another orgasm. He knew I was about to cum and he quickly grabbed my 'clit' as he called it, and engulfed it with his hot mouth. I began coming uncontrollably. Bucking my hips and it felt I would never stop.

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Finally he crawled up on the bed next to me. I was exhausted. "Time to sleep my little girl.", he said as he took me in his arms, "you will need your rest for later." I smiled as I snuggled up to him and fell asleep.

"Time to wake up beautiful", he said as I felt his hard member already inside me. I was laying on my side and he was behind me ob his side sliding his cock into my tight pussy.

I squealed with delight as I felt him fucking me from behind. I pulled my legs up closer to my chest to allow him full access and he immediately too advantage of this by pushing every last inch of his cock deep.

He held it there while I begged him not to pull out. It felt so good buried to the hilt. After a minute he gradually began fucking me slowly as I pleaded for him not to stop. He nibbled on my ear and planted hot wet kisses on my shoulder. "You are everything I ever wanted", he said. "I cannot believe how much you turn me on". "Oh daddy", I said, "I have never felt so good as when I am with you. You make me feel wonderful and sexy." I began moving my ass for him to enter as deep as possible and to feel his cock move around in me even more.

He was so big and I was so hot I began to feel as if I was going to cum again. "Daddy, I am going to cum again", I squealed.

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He quickened his pace and I felt another fantastic orgasm welling up deep inside me. Suddenly he thrust as hard and deep into as he could.

His cock began pulsing and I could feel his seed pumping into my depths. This was enough to put me over the top and I began cumming almost in rhythm with his pulsing cock. I would feel him squirt deep inside and I would squirt a load.

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Over and over for what seems like minutes. We came hard and then he held me tight and whispered in my ear agin how hot and sensual I was. "I just get so hot and horny being near you", he said, "I want to hold you close to me and fuck you all day long".Once again I could feel his cock start to soften and my pussy, overfilled with his large amount of cum, began to leak but it was so satisfying.

His proposal was really sounding great right now. I wanted to do everything I could to satisfy Bud. end of part 2