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Long deep pounding phat dick
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The Ghoast and Me Part 3 Finding an Answer I was perplexed at the night ventures. My dream, as surely it must be, was full of life and could not be as vivid. I was unsure of my own true feelings, but I had faith that there was something else to my dreams. So, I decided that I would venture out today to find something of this mystery that was invading my life.

It was while travelling in the elevator that two elderly women boarded, chatting away. Though I tried to focus upon my own ordeal, I overheard one elderly woman talk about my lovely garden and how it was over due for flowery happiness to spring forth once more. I interrupted the women, by saying, "Excuse me, but I'm sorry, I overheard you talking about the balcony garden.

Is that correct?" One woman looked at me with suspicion but the chatty one of the two replied, "Yes love, the balcony garden on the 5th. I think it belongs to Sam?" I said, "I'm sorry I live there now and it's my garden. Who is this Sam?" I asked in a perplexed tone. The chatty lady said, "Oh Sam was wonderful. We used to have tea on the balcony some times.

Don't you remember Dee? Sam was lovely, a nice young girl. But, I thought she was in an accident? wasn't she?" I said, "I'm sorry ladies but I don't know. I just rent the place now and I thought a garden would brighten my life." The chatty lady answered, "You've done well love. It's beautiful. Sam would've been proud. I knew that she always loved flowers." I said, "By the way, you wouldn't know Sam's last name would you?" The chatty lady said, "I'm Alice and this is Deirdre, no I don't I'm sorry.

I was introduced by Bernice, in 3A. She may know." I thanked the ladies and told them that I would invite them for tea in the near future. After the elevator stopped I pushed on the third floor button, and rode it until it stopped there.


On exiting the elevator I saw the customary signs guiding people to the apartments. I walked the few short metre to 3A, where I hastily knocked on the door.

I waited and knocked again. Then waited some more. I stood there for a long while when it was obvious that no one was at home.

Now, I felt really frustrated. I was closer to finding out more on this mysterious girl, thought, still a long way away. I got back into the elevator and rode it to the ground floor. As I got out and made my way to leave the building, I received a call on my mobile. I looked at the number which was new to me, but still answered. I said hello, when I heard a female voice on the other end. The voice said, "Oh, good you're there.

Well there was something really strange on the video." I recognised the voice but couldn't put a face to it. I said,"Whose is this?" The voice said,"It's Kylie Reed. Samantha's friend! From last night!" Then everything fell into place. I said,"Oh hi Kylie. What were you saying." She said,"Meet me at the UTS coffee shop in 30 minutes.

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We have to talk." I was now really frustrated and perplex. My day wasn't starting out as it should, I had one little piece of information and I had this dam lesbian wanting to see me. It was just bad luck and unbelievable. I went to the University of Technical Studies and once I arrived, I made my way towards the campus shops, when I saw Samantha.

She either didn't see me or didn't want to see me. As I watched her I could tell that she was walking a little strange, as if she was sore in her legs. I kept walking until I found the coffee shop, when someone grabbed my arm and forced me inside.

I looked at my arm which had been grabbed, then at the person who was holding on to it. It was Kylie. I saw Kylie looking around, like she was checking that nobody we knew, saw us together. Kylie was also holding something, but I couldn't see what it was, except that it was a small case of some description.

She was a really strange girl. Cute but strange. I said,"Hi. What's all the secrecy? What are you doing?" Kylie seemed to settle down a little and walked towards the coffee shop counter.

She stop in front and ordered 2 coffees from a really cute girl. Kylie looked over at me and gestured me over. I walked over and stood near her. Kylie looked me up and down, and said,"Adam what happened last night?" I said,"What do you mean?" Kylie looked at me then carried on,"You and Samantha made love last night. I know. I saw it. It's all on tape." The girl returned with two foam cups and Kylie exchanged them with an five dollar note.

She picked up the coffees and said, to the shop girl,"Can we use the back table." The girl bent back slightly, looked along behind the counter. She turned back to Kylie, nodded and said,"Yeah, sure no ones there." Kylie picked up the case and shouldered it. Then, she grabbed the two coffees and walk towards a doorway with those plastic thin stripped curtains.

As she walked through I followed and saw her moving towards a table. She put the coffees on the table and sat down. I waked over to her and sat on the other seat there. Kylie handed me one of the coffees and I started loading my usual dose of sugar into it. I looked at Kylie and said,"I don't think it was Samantha.

I think it was Sam. I don't know why or how, but I think Samantha was possessed by Sam, the ghost, the apparition, whatever it is." Kylie looked at me astonished, lifted her coffee to her mouth drank some and put it down.

She was quiet for a long time then she said,"How do you know this?" I wondered myself at my own statement. I looked at Kylie and said,"She acted differently towards me.

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She was vibrant and she had that ghostly glow about her. Did it show on the video?" Kylie lifted the case up to the table and open it, bring out a digital video camera. She twisted the view screen, so we could both watch, then did something else, that made it come alive. Kylie pushed a button and my bedroom sprang to life on the screen. She said,"Watch. Don't speak, just watch. And you tell me." Kylie was fast forwarding the video. I could see myself come in for bed.

It was funny, as I saw myself strip off my clothes, then pulled my boxers on. There was one point, where I was going to laugh but held it back, because I could see my flaccid cock swing humourlessly as I was pulling my boxers on. I got into bed and the video showed me turn one way then the other, lying still or rolling on to one side.

The room was dark but this camera may have had some night viewing qualities to it. Then something flashed in and out of my room. I didn't see the object, as the camera was still on fast forward. But, it seemed like a ball of light that came in, stop above me, then flashed away. As I watched myself, Sam, my Sam, came into the room. It was Samantha, but not the woman who is usually rude to me. She was naked. Her proud breasts standing away from her body, nipples erect, her long dark hair riding over one shoulder, and her slender figure, with a small mole on the left hip, as she stood next to my bed looking down.

Kylie then slowed the video down to normal speed. I watched as Samantha got into bed next to me. I couldn't see what she was doing but she was touching my groin area. I saw her pushed back the bed clothing.

She was stroking my member. Then she bent down in line with my cock and put it into her mouth. The video showed everything that happened, right up to the park where we reached our climax. I saw the part where we moved apart and Sam was lying next to me. Then she rose up from the bed and walk back out towards the lounge room. I was horny from watching the video, because I knew every feeling that I had during this encounter. I remembered her taking my cock into her mouth.

I remembered me lowering myself to her pussy and eating. I remember how I felt as my cock entered her waiting carnal tunnel of delight. Then the experience, as I drew us to the hight of our culmination of love making.

The video also showed one other thing. The emanation of light that shone out and around Sam. After the scene finished Kylie turned off the video. She seemed a bit perturbed at this sexual encounter and said,"So that wasn't Samantha?" I said,"Yes and No. That was Sam and Samantha.

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I think that somehow Samantha was possessed by Sam." I then went on,"Today before I got your call I was talking to two elderly women who knew about my balcony." I told her all about the conversation and then going to Bernice's door, but no one was home. I recalled what I was told by Alice, and her knowing of the girl, I believed to be Sam.

Kylie sat back on her seat and drank from her foam cup of coffee. She looked at me and said,"Do you know what this means?" I didn't know anything, or even why me.

I just know that someone, or something or both was making love to me every night. I shook my head and Kylie ventured on,"Well, the ghost is certainly attracted to you by the garden, or something, I don't know that part yet." she went on,"But, she, the ghost, will find away to thank you. I think that maybe you brought her back with the garden." That sounded plausible, but something was missing. Anyway, I said,"Look we've got to find out who this girl is" Kyle said,"Well, I'm coming back tonight.

I want to get other readings and video the event if happens again. We'll see about Bernice too and ask her questions, if she's home." I said,"What about Samantha?" Kylie said,"No I'm not bringing her.

I think enough damage has been done. Don't you?" Then Kylie watched me, went looking for my non verbal response.

I nodded my head and just said,"Yes. your right." I started thinking then and I ventured a little with Kylie. I asked,"Kylie please don't be offended by this and don't think I'm a perv. But, are you and Samantha lovers? Are you lesbians?" Almost immediately I knew that I should've shut my mouth.


But Kylie looked at me, through piercing eyes and said,"Well I am. But, Samantha's bi-sexual. Why?" I shrugged my shoulders again and said,"The way Samantha treats me. She's always rude, as if I offender her or something.

She switches from nice as pie to down right being rude." It was Kylies turn to nod her head, and say,"Yeah. If she thinks you're trying to get into her pants, they she'll be a lioness ready to rip into you. But you aren't? Are you?" I said,"No. I just want to be friends, nothing more. But." I let the rest die and drank my coffee.

I was going to say that there be no chance, as I felt to intimidated by Samantha. Kylie finished her coffee and then placed the camera into it's case. She picked up the case and placed it over her shoulder once more. The she started leaving and said,"I'm bringing over another girl tonight. Do you want me to bring dinner? You cooked last night!" I just nodded and said,"Thanks." Kylie started to walk off, when she said,"Oh.

Ummm. Samantha hasn't seen the video and I didn't tell her what's on it. So if you see her say nothing. Ok! See you tonight." Kylie walked off and I sat there.

I got up, threw my empty cup into the bin and walked out too. I was making my way back through the campus, when I was touched on the shoulder. I stopped, turned and saw Samantha standing behind me. She actually smiled at me. I was suspicious straight away. She said,"What are you doing here?" I responded, "I'm thinking of starting a course in horticultural." Samantha just nodded. Then she went on to say,"Have you heard from kylie yet?" I shook my head and said,"No." Samantha again nodded her head.

I don't know what it was, but, she seemed a little different. Especially to me. I smiled and said,"I have to go. Ahh, I have to pick up some plant food and a few other things too. I'll see you later." I gave a short wave and started to go again, when,"Oh. Ok then I'll see you tonight. Have a good day." I was really perplex now. This didn't seem like Samantha at all. It fact if I didn't know any better. I'd swear it was Sam's tone of voice.

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I looked back over my shoulder and Samantha was watching me go. Again I smiled and gave a small wave to her then turned back and kept walking, wondering about this strange girl. I stopped by the real estate office. But, the manager wouldn't see me. So, I went to the local library and made a 'Google' sweep for anyone with Sam's name that died in the area.

But that went no where. So, I left went to a local florist shop, which sold supplies. I'd seen it many times, but never ventured into it.

As I entered I saw a beautiful purple and red orchids, sitting on a shelf. I looked at it in amazement at it's colour.

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The owner approached me and ask if her could assist me I asked about the orchid and he said,"That's a Wirra Willa orchid. It's beautiful isn't it?" I just nodded my head. I was in rapture with this flower. It was strikingly beautiful. I decided to buy it.

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At my enquiry to purchase the flower the owner said,"Well I suppose you can have it. It was for another customer. But, she never paid and I've never seen her again since ordering it." At that moment something hit me, so I asked,"It wasn't for Sam was it?" He looked at me and said,"I think the girl's name was Sam. Let me look in the order book." With that the owner disappeared to the back of the shop.

The owner returned a short time later holding a small book and flipping through the pages until he stopped. He looked at me and said,"Yes a girl by the of Sam Kitchener. As I remember she use to come in her often and buy things.

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It was only when she ordered this flower did I get her name. Are you a friend?" I smiled and looked at him and said,"Yes I am." He sold me the orchid, giving advice on where to put it and how to look after it.

I also purchase the other item I entered for and left shortly afterwards. I was over the moon. Sam Kitchener was her name. I returned home and went and placed the orchid onto the balcony. I gave it some water, and made sure there was a little shade. I then went about attending to the other plants and was enjoying my day.

It felt like the addition of this glorious flower actually mattered to this place. I couldn't describe the feeling. But everything felt as if it actually fitted into the area. It felt like the apartment was overjoyed at the addition of the orchid. I was happy now.

I couldn't explain it any further than that. I knew who she was and her love for flowers. I felt closer to her than any other thing. I went about cleaning my room and the rest of the apartment. So, I was ready for my visitors tonight.

Afterwards, I went and laid down on my bed, drifting off happy. I was asleep when I felt a feathery light kiss to my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw Samantha above, clothed and staring into my eyes. I said,"What? How did you get in?" in a surprised tone. Samantha was different. Her smile seemed loving, her eye hazel eyes alight. Her auburn hair again swept over her right shoulder.

This was not Samantha. I said,"Sam?" She responded with,"Yes, darling." I said,"Did you see?" She nodded her head and her smile got bigger. "Yes. It's s beautiful. Thank you Adam for buying it." She replied. I loved this version of Samantha.


"I thought of you when I saw it. I knew that you would love it too." I said. Sam brought her head down to mine and our lips touched.

The light kiss turned into one of passion where our lips bonded and melted as one. Our tongue played together, as we both experienced each other.

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I was in heaven. It wasn't long before we shed our clothes and lay next to each other. I ran my finger tips along the side of her body, until I could reach no more. Then I ran my fingers back the way they'd come. I would lean in every so often, to kiss her mouth and let my lips linger on hers. I wanted to savour every minute, being with her. Now, I leant over and kissed her shoulder, while running the palm of my hand down her side until I cupped one cheek of her backside. I leant down further and licked my way up around the breast until I stopped on the side, kissing it.

I moved my lips down onto her nipple and took it between my lips and pushed her body down onto her back. Sam was breathing hard and had hold of my head, as if she was feeding me her breast. I sucked and licked her nipple, letting my tongue circle it, then bath it, with my tongue. I moved my hand from her cheek and ran it over her groin, letting my fingers trail behind to touch lightly on her skin. I moved my mouth up to hers again and started to slowly kiss her lips, then parting her lips with my invading tongue.

I dragged my hand up her body, starting at the pussy, then running my finger tips back down again. Every time I brushed her pussy, I could feel the moisture starting to gather at her entrance. I moved my tongue to the other nipple and began to nip it with my teeth. This brought gasps of pleasure from Sam and she would suck in air.

I raise my head and looked down at her face. The signs of pleasure were on her lips, as I watched her quiver. I moved my head down and kissed my way to her mons, where I could smell the sweet intoxicating smell of her womanhood. I looked at her pussy and watched as I teased each lips with just a single finger tip.

Then, I used the same finger to circle around her clitoris, pushing the hood back enough for it to be teased. All the time Sam was gasping and groaning her response to my touch. She opened her legs more, to indicate to me where she wanted to be touched.

I watched as I moved my finger around her pussy, dipping it in occasionally. Then running it in through the thinly trimmed pubic hair, above her clitoris. Finally as I dipped my finger into her quim once more, I lowered my mouth, placing it around her clitoris and hood. I started sucking on it softly at first. Then harder and as deep into my mouth as I could. I could hear Sam gasping heightened in sound, as I continued my assault.

Sam was now pressing my head into her groin and the smell became powerful and tantalising. More I sucked on Sam's clitoris, the more she groaned, until I slipped my index finger into her hot juicy hole and touched the area just behind her pee hole.

Sam exploded and went rigid, her body went through a whole metamorphosis of being unable to control herself to her body shaking to my response, To a form of rigidity where she was unable to move. She seemed to be holding her breath, with her eyes closed.

Then she exhaled and her mouth opened to a wide smile. I said,"Did that blow your mind?" Without opening her eyes, she again smiled and said,"Yes." I moved on top of Sam, who now spread her legs for me. She grasped my manhood in her hands, which seem small in comparison. I moved forward, and she guided me to the entrance of her tunnel of carnal delight. She moved the head of my cock, to lubricate it, around her vagina. Then she guided me in until I breached her opening.

Now as I pushed into her, I felt the walls of her pussy surround me, engulf me and welcome me in. I started to thrust slowly, into the warm, satin feeling of her cunt.

She raised her legs and gripped my side, as if to ride me. He ankles laid on the cheeks of my arse and she used them to manipulate my thrusts. I slowly entered her until our groins met, ground together and I touched her cervix.

I slowly exited her and then again started to push forward, until again our groins met, yet again. Her hips were rising too, to meet me. Now we were pushed against one another and cock pistoned faster into her. I was feeling every inch of her delectable pussy, and it was then that I decided that I didn't want anyone else. As I was watching Sam, I notice that her hazel eyes were changing to more of a green hue.

Her face had a little more chiselled edge to it. Her hair a little lighter. I don't know what was happening but Sam was changing. I kept thrusting into her, when I rolled us over and she was onto top. Now Sam was above me and using her own body to raise up and down from my cock.

I watched as my cock lewdly left her pussy only to be engulfed once more. Sam leaned away from me and using her arms for support, raised only her hip, so my cocked was being bent into her. Now she moved again so that she was above me and her hips were ramming onto my cock. Her pussy felt divine it didn't matter what she did, the feeling was always good. Sam leant down and kissed my lips. So, I trapped her body and rolled over again, trapping her body under mine.

It was now that I just wanted to ram into her. To give her the feeling of my cock and it invade her very soul. I wanted her to know that it would be forever and that no other cock would do. So I started thrusting harder into her. Sam met my thrusts and started saying,"Adam, I want you. I need you. Come in me. Make me yours forever." It was those word, that started me feeling my inner core send, rushing towards Sam, my seed that would be buried into her and forever be apart of us.

I sensed my seed running up my cock, and at the last thrust, pushing into her cervix, I sent my seed, forward with force, into her. As my seed entered and accommodated itself inside her. She felt the warmth of the liquid and this sent her over the edge. Her legs still in the riding position, locked my hips to hers. Her arms wrapped around me, capturing me to her breasts. He lips then locked onto mine, letting me feel that they would never be released.

We held like this for a millennium, when we felt ourselves start to subside from our orgasm. As we came down from this rapture, and released each other, our breaths came in short sharp gasps. That was when I rolled off and away from her. As I lay on my back, Sam rolled into me and laid facing down onto me, her head cocked towards my eyes.

So, I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her head, and we drifted off to sleep like that. Part 4 A Questioned Unveiled and Answered