Skinny nurse gets wild fucked by her boss

Skinny nurse gets wild fucked by her boss
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Scooby Doo: Between the Scenes "Well, gang, it looks like we have a new mystery on our hands," Freddy Jones said, pointing at the roof of their hotel where the phantom Bellhop had just disappeared. "Well, he's no phantom, that's for sure," Velma Dinkly said, glancing at Shaggy Rogers and his dog Scooby Doo as they held each other tight as they shivered and shook in fear at the apparition that had screamed at the gang before disappearing.

"You're right, Velma," Daphne Blake said, brushing back her luxurious red hair without taking her eyes off the roof of the hotel. "Whoever the phantom is he didn't come down the outside of the building, so he must be somewhere in the hotel." "Ok, gang," Fred said with a nod of his blond head, "that means it's time to split up and search for clues.

Daphne and I will take the upper floors and search the rooms. Shaggy, you and Scooby search the basement. We don't know if the phantom is a guest or an employee so keep your eyes open for anything out of place." "I know, I know," Shaggy said, slouching his way toward the front door with Scooby quivering at his heals. "And Velma," Fred started to say before Velma interrupted him. "I'll go with Shaggy and Scooby," Velma sighed in a bored voice.

"At least one of us won't be running away at the first sound, and since I have the Scooby snacks I should be able to keep up Shaggy and Scooby's courage." "That was almost too easy," Daphne said, holding Fred's hand as they followed their three friends into the hotel. "You don't suppose they know what we're really up to, do you?" "I'm sure Velma knows that we're up to something, but she's far too innocent to know what we're up to," Fred mussed.

"But Shaggy and Scooby? If it doesn't scare them or they can't eat it they don't notice anything unless you explain it to them." "I guess you're right," Daphne sighed. "I guess I'm just nervous, this could change all four of us forever. But I'm too excited not to go ahead." "Me too," Freddie admitted, leading Daphne up the stairs to where their rooms were; the phantom Bellhop forgotten for the moment.

* * * * * * * "I can't believe those two think we don't know what they're up to," Shaggy giggled as he, Velma, and Scooby took the cold cement stairs to the hotel's basement. "Well it's only fair," Velma pointed out, "after all, they have no idea what we're up to." "What are we rup roo, Shaggy?" Scooby asked his friend. "Nothing you have to worry about, old buddy," Shaggy told his Great Dane. "Velma and I are going to check things out in that supply closet we found earlier while you stand guard outside the door in case the phantom bellhop shows up." "Re?

Rand guard ralone?" Scooby asked, eyeing his best friend suspiciously. "Roo ray." "Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?" Velma asked, taking the box out from wherever she hid it under her bulky sweater and shaking the box enticingly. "Rell," Scooby said hesitantly.


"Okey, two Scooby snacks," Velma offered. "But you have to stand guard outside the door and don't let anyone in and let us know if the phantom bellhop shows up. "Rokey," Scooby agreed, catching the two treats tossed him and running his tongue across his lips to make sure he got every crumb.

"Here's the supply room we found earlier," Shaggy said, opening the door and gesturing for Velma to enter the room ahead of him. "Now Scoob, you give a nice loud howl if the phantom bellhop shows up while we're searching the room." "Right," Scooby said, sitting down on his hind quarters and curling his tail around his legs as he took up his position just outside the door.

"Come on, Velma, let me show you what we found earlier," Shaggy said, taking the brown haired girl by the hand and leading her through the open door. "So you and Scooby checked out the basement earlier?" Velma asked while Shaggy led her through the closely packed shelves of the supply room.

"Why would you do that before we knew there was a monster?" "When was the last time we went anywhere and didn't get attacked by a monster?" Shaggy laughed. "Scoob and I figured it would save time if we searched the basement ahead of time, and when I found this, I thought it would be perfect for the two of us." Just as Shaggy finished speaking he rounded the last shelf and pulled Velma along with him and gestured to the small bed and nightstand tucked away in the corner of the room.

"I figured one of the hotel employees set this place up as a little get away for him and his girlfriend and I figured it would be a great place for the two of us." "It's great for us," Velma agreed, adjusting her glasses and ggiving Shaggy a shy smile, "but it may be that this is just a place for one of the employees to grab a nap when things are slow." "Maybe," Shaggy admitted, "but if it was just a place to take a nap then I don't think they'd have these stashed away." Shaggy opened the top drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a strip of condoms.

"Good point," Velma said, sitting on the edge of the bed and reaching for the hem of her bulky orange sweater. "Say, Velma, do you think I should borrow one of these condoms? I'm sure whoever put them down here will never notice if one is missing." "Put them back, Shaggy, all of them," Velma told her friend, her voice muffled by her sweater as she pulled it over her head.

"I was just thinking," Shaggy said defensively, putting the condoms back where he got them. "I know that Fred's using condoms - I saw the box in his suitcase when I took everything up to our room earlier - so I thought if he and Daphne are using condoms then maybe we should think about it too." "We are not Fred and Daphne," Velma pointed out, tossing her sweater to the floor and working her way down the buttons of her blouse.

"Fashion conscious Daphne Blake is worried about getting pregnant and embarrassing Fred, herself, and her parents when the baby starts growing in her belly. I, on the other hand, am not that concerned about getting pregnant and having your baby, Shaggy. Besides, scientifically speaking, the odds are that a girl won't get pregnant. Do you know how many couples try for years to get pregnant?

I'm pretty happy with those odds." "It may take some couples years to get pregnant," Shaggy said, "but what about the other couples who get pregnant with just one fuck?" "I still like the odds," Velma replied, "and like I said, it won't bother me if I end up getting pregnant.

On top of that, the chance that you could knock me up makes me feel even hornier." "I guess I can understand that," Shaggy said watching closely as Velma wriggled out of her blouse and tossed it on top of her sweater. "But, Velma, I didn't know you were a gambler." "If you think about it, all scientists are gamblers," Velma shrugged so that her surprisingly large tits bounced in response.

"We all gamble that our ideas and theories will work when we run our experiments. Shaggy, why are you still dressed?" "Sorry, Velma, I just get so distracted watching you get undressed that I forget to take off my own clothes," Shaggy rushed to pull his tee shirt over his head and then kicked off his shoes so he could drop his pants and underwear to the floor next to Velma's clothes.

By the time he was done Velma had removed the rest of her clothes so they both sat down on the edge of the bed totally nude. "Zoinks, Velma, I still can't believe that you manage to hide those big beautiful tits under that bulky sweater you're always wearing," Shaggy said, stroking his friend's perfect breasts until her nipples popped out so he could suck them. "Well jenkies, I can't understand how you manage to hide that huge cock in those shabby pants you're always wearing," Velma said, stroking Shaggy's prick so that he shivered with pleasure.

"I guess we're as well matched in our shabby clothes as Fred and Daphne are in their fashionable clothes," Shaggy giggled. "I don't know about that," Velma said, pushing her glasses up on her nose, "but I know what I like and you have it." Shaggy giggled as Velma stroked his shaft and then leaned down to kiss the tip of his prick. "And you have what I like," Shaggy finished, giving Velma's tits a quick squeeze before he ran one hand down her belly to her wet slit where he rubbed her clit.

"And now we're going to do what I've been wanting to do for weeks," Velma said, rolling onto her back and opening her legs invitingly. "Fuck me, Shaggy, pop my cherry and fuck me like crazy." "You don't have to ask me twice," Shaggy chuckled.

With Velma's encouragement Shaggy crawled between her thighs until his cockhead was buried in the thick fuzz of pussy hair surrounding Velma's drooling cunt. Shaggy took a deep breath and looked deep into Velma's eyes as he guided his cock between her hungry pussy lips. Shaggy sunk his cock into Velma's pussy and he felt the outer lips part to let his cock slide into her fuck hole.

When he felt his cock hit the barrier of Velma's hymen and he paused, waiting for Velma to give him to okey. Velma gaped at the way her pussy stretched around the head of Shaggy's cock. Finally she realized that Shaggy was waiting for her to give him the final approval before he popped her cherry and she gave him an enthusiastic nod. "Do it, Shaggy," she growled, "pop my cherry and fuck me, fuck me now." "If you say so," Shaggy said, shoving his cock deeper into Velma's welcoming pussy.

For a second he felt Velma's cherry resist his efforts, then it finally gave way. Shaggy shoved his cock all the way into Velma's drooling cunt until their pubic hair meshed together and his cum filled balls bounced off her ass cheeks. "Jenkies!" Velma yelped. "I didn't think it would hurt that much to lose my virginity, or feel this good to have your cock buried all the way in cunt." "Zoinks, you're right," Shaggy agreed, "I never realized it would feel this great to have my cock in your pussy.

But now it's time to start sliding in and out of you cunt and see how that feels." Instinctively Velma squeezed Shaggy's cock as he pulled it out of her pussy and she gasped with pleasure when he shoved it back into her pussy.

She let out another gasp of pleasure when Shaggy leaned forward to suck her tits while he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her slit again and when he slammed forward again she cried out with pleasure.

"Jinkies, oh jinkies, oh jinkies," Velma cried with every thrust of Shaggy's cock in her hot wet cunt. Between Shaggy's deep thrusts and constant sucking on her ripe tits Velma could feel something growing deep in her belly and she realized that it must be an orgasm, and she could tell it was going to be a big one. "Jinkies, Shaggy, I never imagined fucking would feel this incredible." "Zoinks, Velma, I think it's about to get better," Shaggy said, reluctantly taking his mouth away from Velma's nipples.

"I'm going to cum, are you sure you want me to come in your pussy?" "Do it, Shaggy," Velma managed to gasp, "I'm about to cum too, and I don't want you to pull out until my whole body explodes." "Whatever you want, Velma," Shaggy growled, shaking his head at the chance they were both taking, but enjoying Velma's tight slit too much to argue with his friend.

With his last thrust Shaggy tried to bury his cock as deep a it could go into Velma's clasping cunt and his balls exploded, shooting his cum deep into the brunet's ripe belly. When she felt Shaggy's cum flooding her womb Velma clamped her whole cunt around his buried cock and her orgasm exploded from her belly.

Velma's whole body was shaking and shivering through her orgasm and she had to wrap her arms and leg around Shaggy's body when her body started to shake itself off the bed.

"Jinkies, that was great," Velma panted. "I can hardly wait for the next time." "Zonkes, me either," Shaggy agreed, kissing Vellma. "But if our luck runs true to form the phantom bellhop is going to show up for the chase any minute so we better get dressed before Scooby starts screaming in terror." "You're right," Velma sighed, pulling her panties on and patting the wet spot where Shaggy's cum oozed out of her slit, "but promise me we'll fuck again before this weekend is over." "Oh, we'll fuck again, and again, and again," Shaggy promised.

"I'll find a way to fuck you again this weekend even if I have to tell Fred and Daphne that we're fucking so they'll let us have a room to ourselves." "But you won't, right?" "Right," Shaggy agreed, pulling the last of his clothes on just as Scooby started screaming for help. Chapter 2 "Come on, Daphne," Fred said, loud enough for everyone in the lobby to hear, "why don't we start by checking our own rooms." "They're already gone, Fred," Daphne pointed out, "you don't have to give an excuse to the rest of the gang why we're going into our room." "I guess I'm just a little nervous about finally getting to fuck you," Fred whispered.

"I'm nervous and excited too, Freddie," Daphne shivered, "but if we don't act normal Velma and Shaggy will realize something's up between us. So stop trying so hard to seem so innocent." They got to their rooms and Daphne used her key to open the door to the room she shared with Velma.

She stepped into the room and then reached out to grab Fred by the collar and pull him into the room while he tried to look innocent by whistling nonchalantly in the hallway. "Come in here and stop acting so innocent." "Are you sure you're ready for this?" Fred asked as he looked around the room like he expected someone to jump out and surprise them. "I'm ready," Daphne said firmly, "are you? Did you remember the condoms?" "Yes I did," Fred said, holding the foiled strip of condoms so Daphne could see them.

"You said we couldn't fuck unless I remembered to bring them. But I still don't understand why we need them, if we're going to fuck why don't you just go on the pill?" "Because I don't want my parents to find out that we're fucking," Daphne said. "If I go to the free clinic I can go on the pill without telling my parents, but I still have to hide the pills and I just know my parents will find them." "And my parents won't find my condoms?" Fred asked.

"You're a guy, your parents expect you to do things this, but my parents expect me to be their innocent little girl forever." "I guess that makes sense," Fred sighed, "it's not fair, but it makes sense." "So," Daphne said, looking at the string of condoms in Fred's hand, "do you think you have enough?" "I don't know," Fred shrugged, "I wasn't sure how many we'd need for the weekend, but just in case I have another whole box in my suitcase." "I guess that will be enough to get us through the weekend," Daphne decideed.

"If it isn't I can always buy more," Fred pointed out cheerfully. "Let's see what we can do to put those condoms to good use," Daphne said, pulling her scarf from around her neck and carefully folding it before she placed it on the chair next to her bed. Fred set the condoms down on the bed and removed his ascot, revealing several hickies along his neck. "Oh my, it looks like this one is starting to fade," Daphne said, "let me take care of that." On tiptoes Daphne planted her lips on the fading mark and sucked hard enough to leave a fresh bruise.

"And everyone thinks your ascot is silly; if only they knew the real reason you wear it." "Well I'm glad they don't," Fred said, "if Shaggy and Velma knew about the two of us it would be end of Mystery Inc." "Fred, I don't think the gang is going to split up just because Shaggy and Velma find out what we're doing.

But, I think it is a good idea to hide the full truth from them." As she spoke Daphne continued to undress, removing her fashionable shoes and stockings and placing them under the chair and then removing her purple dress and placing it carefully on the back of the chair. With nothing but her lacy panties and bra left Daphne turned to see how Fred was doing and found him examining the carpet in front of the room's built in bookcase.

"Fred, what are you doing?" "Look at the carpet here," the blond teen said, "you can actually see a track through weave. I bet there's a secret passage behind this bookshelf. All we have to do is figure out how to open it." "Freddie, that can wait," Daphne said, "fuck now, investigate later." "Oh, right. Sorry about that," Fred apologized, he quickly removed his own clothes and turned to watch Daphne remove her last two items of clothing while he watched.

"Well, it looks like you're ready," Daphne said, grinning at Fred's obvious erection. "Ready and willing," Fred agreed, eyeing Daphne's perky tits and red furred pussy.

"Are you ready to start? Or do you want to do something before we fuck?" "Foreplay would be nice," Daphne said, "would you like to eat my pussy before we start fucking?" "Sure," Fred said, stepping forward to stroke Daphne's breasts, "I wouldn't mind playing with your tits either." "That does sound like fun," Daphne shivered at Fred's touch. "Why don't we do it this way, you lay back on my bed and then, after I put a condom on your cock, I'll straddle your face so you can eat me out while you play with my tits." "That does sound like fun," Fred said, arranging his long athletic body on Daphne's bed.

"And once you're ready you can sit on my cock and pop your own cherry." "Exactly," Daphne agreed, straddling Fred's chest and scooting her way up until the blond boy could reach her cunt with his mouth and her breasts with his hands. Fred took a few seconds to enjoy the view of Daphne's well trimmed pussy hair and he could see that the red hairs were already moist, and even as he watched another drool of pussy juice oozed out from between her pussy lips. Even so, Fred wasn't going to say anything if it meant that he'd have a chance to eat out Daphne's virgin cunt one last time.

"Oh yeah," Daphne hissed with pleasure as she rotated her hips around Freddie's lips while he ate her hot cunt and played with her breasts. "Oh, Freddie, you know just what I like," Daphne purred when Fred ran his tongue up her slit and tickled her clit with the tip.

At the same time Fred was playing with Daphne's tits, stroking and squeezing them until her nipples popped erect so he could tweak them. "Oh, Freddie," Daphne moaned, "you've got me so hot I can't take it anymore. Fuck me, Freddie, fuck me and pop my cherry." As she spoke Daphne worked her way down Fred's body until she was poised over his erect prick. "You're in control, Daph," Freddie pointed out as he continued to play with the red head's firm tits.

"Whenever you're ready, you can pop your own cherry with my cock." "Right," Daphne growled, licking her lips nervously as she guided Fred's sheathed cock to her slit.

With one last breath Daphne slammed her hips down so hard that the bed groaned in protest. With one quick thrust Daphne's pussy lips swallowed Fred's cock to the root and the teenager swallowed hard against the scream of pain as she lost her virginity.

"Daphne, are you alright?" Fred asked, catching her by the shoulders before she could fall over." "I'm fine, Fred," Daphne panted, "I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of my cherry all at once, but I didn't realize it would hurt that much. But now that we're past that, let's start fucking for real." "Oh yeah," Freddie grinned, "now ride my cock, cowgirl." With a broad smile of her own Daphne flexed her thighs and slid her pussy up Fred's shaft until only the head was still caught between her cunt lips and then lowered her hips back down until their pubic hairs meshed.

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She repeated the motion, picking up the pace with every stroke until the bed springs let out a rhythmic moan to match the one that issued from Daphne's mouth. Once Fred was sure that Daphne wasn't going to fall over he shifted his hands back to her breasts and continued to play with her bouncing tits as he lifted his hips off the bed to meet Daphne's hips with every stroke. "Oh Fred, oh Fred, oh Fred," Daphne moaned every time Fred's cock slid into her belly.

"Oh Freddie, this feels so incredible. If I knew fucking felt this great I would have fucked you weeks ago no, months ago." "I wanted to fuck you years ago," Fred groaned, "I just wish I didn't have to wear a condom to do it." "The condom won't be forever, Freddie," Daphne promised. "Sooner or later my parents will finally accept that we're a couple, and then they won't care if I get pregnant with your baby.

But right now they aren't ready to be grand parents, so we have to take precautions." "I still wish I could actually feel your pussy on my cock," Fred sighed, "this condom just gets in the way." "Only for now," Daphne grunted, she could feel her orgasm starting to build between her pussy and her stomach and she knew it wouldn't be long before her whole body exploded with pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum, Daph," Fred gasped. "So am I, Fred. Keep going, since you're wearing a condom you don't have to worry about pulling out.

Just let it go and I'll cum with you." "Here I cum," Fred screamed, grabbing Daphne's hips and holding her tight against his body as his cock jumped in her clamping fuck hole and sprayed his cum into the protective condom. "Oh. Fred, that was wonderful. You were wonderful," Daphne whispered in Fred's ear as she slid off his cock and snuggled up against him.

"It will be even better when I'm not wearing a condom," Fred suggested before he kissed the naked girl. "And before you say it, I know our parents aren't ready to be grandparents. Before my parents went out to a party the other night I saw my mom looking at herself in the mirror and she was obviously concerned about every possible age line and grey hair.

I think the idea of being called Grandma would freak her out." "What night did your parents go to that party?" Daphne asked as Fred ran his fingers over her quivering tits.

"Wednesday, why?" "Because my parents went out the same night," Daphne said thoughtfully. "You don't suppose they were going to the same party, do you?" "Somehow I don't see them socializing with each other," Fred said after thinking about it for several seconds, "but I guess it's possible.

But that's a mystery for later, right now we have to get dressed and get back to the phantom bellhop. And I think we should start by checking out that secret passage behind the bookcase." Chapter 3 "Careful, Fred," Velma called from the back of the Mystery Machine. "Sorry, Velma," Fred apologized, "I had to swerve or that other car would have sideswiped us. That driver was all over the road." "Well another swerve like that and my lunch will be all over the back of the van," Velma said with a hard swallow.

Daphne turned to look at her friend and saw how green her face was. "You better take it easy, Freddie," Daphne told her secret lover, "I don't think Velma's joking. "Okey, I'll slow down," Fred agreed, taking the pressure off the gas peddle so the van slowed down on the dark road. "But just so you know, we're already running late, at this rate we won't get to the mansion until ten." "Better late than to have Velma sick all over the back," Daphne pointed out. "Are you sure you're okey, Velma?" Shaggy asked.

"Maybe you should have stayed home if you're feeling sick." "I'm not really sick," Velma said, swallowing hard when the van took a curve in the road. "My stomach just feels a little queasy, that's all." "Rar you sure, Relma?" Scooby Doo asked, getting a good whiff of Velma's scent. "Roo smell. . ." "I know what I smell like, Scooby," Velma cut off the great Dane. "If you know what's good for you, you won't say anymore, and I'll give you a Scooby snacks to keep quiet." "Two" Scooby suggested.

"Okey, two," Velma agreed, pulling the box out and tossing two snacks so he could catch them in his mouth, smacking his lips in appreciation.

"Are you going to tell the rest of us what Scooby just sniffed out?" Shaggy asked, taking Velma's hand behind the level of the front seat so Fred and Daphne couldn't see what they were doing. "I'll tell you later when we're alone," Velma promised Shaggy in a whisper. The rest of the gang couldn't hear what Velma was saying because a police car zoomed past the Mystery Machine with its siren wailing away. "Wow, I wonder if they're after that other driver," Fred said as they police siren faded away.

"If they are they'll never catch him on these back roads," Shaggy said. "Isn't that the way to the mansion?" "It is," Fred nodded, "but there's plenty of other places along this road. The driver and the police may not have anything to do with us." "You're kidding, right," Shaggy laughed, "when was the last time we weren't involved in a mysterious police chase?" "You're right," Fred sighed, "knowing our luck we'll arrive at Gridley Manor just in time to see the ghostly driver jump out of the car and disappear into the nearby graveyard." "That sounds like our kind of luck," Shaggy agreed.

"So tell me again, why are we going to another creepy mansion? I thought we had enough ghost chasing with the phantom bellhop last month." "Well the phantom bellhop turned out to be the actual bellhop using the legend so he could sneak around and rob the hotel guests," Fred pointed out, "so he doesn't really count as our ghost quota.

My cousin Henry is the caretaker at the mansion and when strange things started happening he thought perfect investigators for the case." "Sounds like the perfect mystery for us," Shaggy giggled nervously, "I'm glad I remembered to pack my sneakers." "I just hope Relma has runty of Scooby Snacks," Scooby added.

* * * * * * * * * * "Okay, Velma," Shaggy panted in his high pitched terrified voice, "the ghost is gone. We should have a few minutes before he comes back and finds us is this room." "It always seems to work that way, doesn't it," Velma said thoughtfully. You don't suppose all these ghosts and monsters we always hunt have some kind of union rules about when and how they have to hunt us down, do you?" "Now that would be something, don't you think Scooby?" "Rah, rah," Scooby chuckled.

"Raybe the rhosts are on a coffee reak." "What do you think, Velma," Shaggy asked the brown haired girl as she sat down on the old bed and coughed at the cloud of dust that rose from the blanket. "Forget I mentioned it," Velma sighed.

"So, now that we're alone are you going to tell me what Scooby smelled earlier? Or are we just going to fuck?" "Both, I hope," Velma said, pulling her bulky sweater up and tossing it to the floor. "Wait," Scooby said, looking from Shaggy to Velma and then back again, "Rou two rar rucking?" "Sorry, old buddy, we were trying to keep it secret from Fred and Daphne but I guess we should have trusted you." "Rue got rhat right," Scooby said, sitting on his hind quarters and crossing his front paws in front of his chest.

"I'm sorry, Scooby," Velma said, "do you want to stay and watch? You already sniffed out what I'm going to Shaggy." "Rell I'm rot roing to rook for the ghost," Scooby stated. "So what did you want to tell me?" Shaggy asked, sitting down next to Velma before he started removing his own clothes.

"Shaggy, take a good look at me and tell me if you see anything different," Velma removed her blouse and tossed it to the floor next to her sweater before she crossed her arms under her breasts. "I don't think so," Shaggy finally replied after looking Velma's almost naked body over from head to toe. "Look at my breasts, Shaggy," Velma said. "See how they've grown almost a full size in the past month?" "Just that much more to play with," Shaggy snickered, reaching out to tweak Velma's nipples.

"Isn't this just normal growth?" "Roh Rother," Scooby muttered. "What?" Shaggy asked in confusion. "What am I missing? What does Scooby know that I don't know?" "Scooby's nose sniffed out the difference in my scent," Velma said.

"The sudden growth of my tits is the only visible clue of what's happening to me so far, but Scooby noticed the change in my hormones." "Ok, I give up," Shaggy said, "why are your breasts growing and why have your hormones changed?" "Because I'm pregnant, you goof-ball," Velma said, grabbing one of Shaggy's hands and placing it on her bare belly.

"You can't see it yet, but in a few months my belly going to get so bing that not even my sweater will hide it." "You're really pregnant?" Shaggy said, running his hand up and down Velma's belly like he expected it to start growing as he watched.

"Rhe rure ris," Scooby sniffed. "When I missed my period two weeks ago I thought I might be carrying your baby, then I noticed how big my tits were getting, and the last few days I've been dealing with morning sickness. But just in case I bought a pregnancy test and the result was positive. The only thing I haven't done is get checked out by a doctor, I plan to go to the free clinic this week." "So our baby is really in there?" Shaggy said as he continued to stroke Velma's flat belly.

"Zoinks, what happens when your parents find out that you're pregnant?" "I'm hoping that I can hide the pregnancy until it's too late to do anything about it," Velma replied. "Thanks to the bulky sweaters I wear I should be able to hide my belly for a few months, but it won't hide things forever." "But long enough," Shaggy finished.

"I guess it's a good thing you always wear those sweaters, can you imagine how soon Daphne will be noticed when she gets pregnant?" "Yeah," Velma said with a thoughtful grin as Shaggy worked his hand down her belly until he was stroking her pussy through her plain white panties. "When Daphne gets pregnant her belly will be noticeable in no time with her fashionable clothes." "That's true," Shaggy chuckled, "she'll start showing before you do." "No she won't," Velma said, adjusting her glasses with one hand while she stroked Shaggy's cock with the other.

"Daphne and Fred are using condoms, it's not very likely that she's going to get pregnant." "Actually, she is," Shaggy said hesitantly. "Did I ever tell you that Fred talks in his sleep?" "I don't think you ever did," Velma shivered. "Well he does, and lately he's been begging Daphne to let him knock her up in his sleep.

Knowing Fred I realized he wouldn't do anything to make his own dreams come true so I decided to do it for him and I decided to do it for him. So, I used a pin to put holes in all his condoms including the ones in his pocket. If I know those two they're probably fucking by now so it's only a matter of time before Daphne is just as pregnant as you." "Normally I'd say that was a very bad idea," Velma said, "but Daphne talks in her sleep too, and she's been begging Fred to knock her up night after night.

So I guess it's a good thing that you decided to help them. Of course I can't see Daphne wearing a bulky sweater like mine so her belly is sure to be noticed before mine." "You know," Shaggy said, running his fingers through Velma's drooling slit, "all this talk of babies and big bellies has me so horny all I can think about it how much I want to fuck your pregnant pussy." "If you think you're horny just hearing about big bellies, just imagine how horny I am," Velma hissed, stroking Shaggy's hard cock, "I'm the one with all the extra hormones running through her body right now.

I want your cock, Shaggy, and I want it in my pregnant pussy right now." "Wait," Shaggy said hesitating before he shoved his cock into Velma's belly, "what about Scooby?" "What about Scooby," Velma asked, shivering in anticipation of Shaggy's cock.

"Reah, rhat about re?" Scooby asked from where he was watching from the door. "Well, Velma and I are about to fuck up a storm," Shaggy pointed out, "and you're just sitting there watching us. Do you want to join in, old buddy?" "Shaggy!" Velma cried in shock, sitting up in the bed and looking from Shaggy to Scooby and then back again. "Ro ray!" Scooby said, glaring at his best friend. "Rhaggy, RI'm a Rog, RI don't ruck girls, I ruck ritches." "What?" Shaggy asked, trying to understand what Scooby was saying.

"Scooby said that he doesn't fuck human girls, he only fucks bitches female dogs," Velma translated. "Rat's rite," Scooby agreed, "rut RI rould rike to ratch." "I don't mind if you watch, pal," Shaggy decided. "What about you, Velma, do you mind?" "I don't mind as long as Scooby doesn't join in," Velma decided. "In fact, in honor of Scooby watching I'd like to try fucking doggie style. We may as well get into practice since that's the best way to fuck once my belly gets big with our baby." "There you go, talking about babies and bellies again," Shaggy giggled.

"I say we go ahead and fuck doggy style, after all, we do have a dog watching us." Shaggy pulled back for a few seconds and helped Velma get up on her hands and knees, running his fingers through her wet pussy lips before bringing the head of his cock up to her swollen slit.

"You got a good view there, buddy?" Shaggy asked, giving Scooby a quick glance before he turned back to Velma's hot wet pregnant cunt. "RI've rot a reat view," Scooby giggled without taking his eyes off the juices dripping from Velma's ripe pussy. "Okey, pal, enjoy the show, I know I will," Shaggy said, driving his cock so deep in Velma's pussy his balls bounced off the girl's engorged clit. "Jinkies, Shaggy, that's just what I need," Velma groaned, rocking back to meet Shaggy's next thrust.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pregnant pussy and fill me with your cum." "I like the way you think, Velma," Shaggy growled, thrusting his prick in and out of Velma's hot slit, "and I'll give you all the cum you want, now and forever." "Play with my tits," Velma cried. With no hesitation Shaggy placed his hands over Velma's swollen tits and started squeezing them.

"Just think about it, Shaggy, because of the baby growing in my belly my tits are going to get huge and fill with milk. And once my milk comes in you'll be able to drink all you want until I need it for the baby." "Zoinks," Shaggy gasped as his cock jumped in Velma's pussy, "every time I think you can't do or say anything else to excite me you come up with something new." "Good," Velma said as her stomach started quake with her approaching orgasm, "at least our fuck sessions won't get boring." "Never boring," Shaggy agreed, his balls jumping with his own approaching orgasm, "always exciting and always enjoyable, but never boring." "I'm cumming, Shaggy," Velma screamed, locking her elbows and thighs as her body started to buck and shake with her orgasm.

"Cum with me, Shaggy, fill my pussy with your sperm and give our baby a cum bath." "Oh yeah," Shaggy screamed, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma's wet slit and pumping her womb full of cum as he squeezed the brunette's engorged breasts. "Row, rhat a reat show," Scooby said, watching the cum that oozed out of Velma's stuffed pussy after the exhausted teens collapsed on the dusty bed.

"Row I rust have to rind a ritch in heat and rock her up." Chapter 4 "This way, Daphne," Fred yelled, looking back as the Gridley ghost chased them down the mansion's long hall.

Fred spied an open door and led red head into the storage room. Too late Fred realized that there were no other doors in the room and before he could stop her Daphne pulled the door closed behind them.

"Daphne, no," Fred called as he turned to reach the door before it slammed shut. From the other side of the door he heard the ghost laugh manically and then the lock clicked as the ghost sealed them in the room. "I'm sorry, Fred," Daphne sighed, "I didn't realize it was a dead end. Now we're trapped in here until the rest of the gang finds us." "Exactly," Fred said with a grin, "that's why this is so great." "What's so great about being trapped in a storage room?" Daphne asked, giving Fred a puzzled look.

"We're trapped here together," Fred pointed out, "and since it's going to take a while for the rest of the gang to free us, we have plenty of time to fuck." "I didn't think of it that way," Daphne admitted with a grin. "You do have some condoms, right?" "Of course," Fred said, pulling a string of condoms out of his pocket.

Fred was so horny he didn't even notice the pinpricks from where Shaggy had sabotaged the foil wrapped packages. "Well there's no bed here," Daphne said, looking around at the helter skelter collection of furniture. "No bed," Fred agreed, "but I bet that chair will hold our combined weight." "I think you're right," Daphne said, looking over the high backed chair.

"I'm up to trying some new positions if you are." "I'm always ready with you," Fred said, pulling his clothes off in a rush and sitting down naked on the chair's upholstered seat. "What's taking you so long?" Fred teased. "I thought you'd be as horny as me by now." "Hornier," Daphne said, "but I want to give you a good show. Now, you just sit there and enjoy my little strip tease." "Yes ma'am," Fred said with a broad grin as he gripped the armrests of the chair.

As Fred watched Daphne started by pulling her scarf free and setting it down on a nearby table. Next she removed her hair band, shaking her red hair free as she tossed the band on top of her scarf. Rolling her hips suggestibly Daphne reached for the zipper of her dress and then let the fabric slide down her body until she stepped out of the purple puddle on the floor.

Daphne could see the way Fred's cock stood erect and blew him a kiss before she picked up the dress and set it out on the table. Next she removed her fashionable shoes and pushed them under the table with her toes.


Then she rolled her stockings down her legs and tossed the bunched leggings on the table. With just her lacy panties and bra left Daphne pranced toward the chair where Fred waited, stopping just outside of the blond boy's reach and jiggling her hips and breasts suggestively. "Don't tease me, Daph," Fred begged, reaching for the red head as she swayed just out of his reach. "Well, if you're ready for the next act," Daphne giggled, she reached back to unfasten her bra and held the fabric clear while her taut breasts bounced free of their prison.

Daphne tossed her bra on top of the table and cupped her tits with her hands. While Fred watched closely Daphne ran her hands down her belly until her thumbs hooked her panties and slowly pealed them down her hips to reveal her red furred slit, drooling and ready for Fred's cock.

Daphne stepped out of her damp panties and tossed them to the table before she sashayed her way up to Fred's naked body. "I like what I see," Daphne said, stroking Fred's erect cock as she knelt between his legs. "There's something we never got around to the last time we fucked," Daphne said, admiring Fred's cock as it swayed before her eyes.

"What's that?" Fred asked, hoping he knew the answer. "We never got around to this," Daphne said, holding Fred's cock steady while she slipped the head between her lips. With obvious pleasure Daphne slid her mouth down her boyfriend's shaft while Fred moaned at the pleasure of her throat muscles around his prick.

"Careful, Daph," Fred groaned, "if you suck me too long we'll have to wait before we can fuck." "And we don't want that," Daphne agreed, taking her mouth off Fred's cock. "Give me one of those condoms and I'll put it on for you." Fred tore open one of the foil packages and handed the sabotaged condom to Daphne, they were both too excited to notice the damage as she rolled it down Fred's shaft.

"Now the real fun starts," Daphne said. Satisfied with her work Daphne stood up and straddled Fred's thighs. While Fred played with her tits Daphne slowly settled down on his lap, guiding his cock into her slit and enjoying every inch of the thick shaft as she forced it deep into her body.

"Oh Freddie, this feels even better than the first time we fucked," Daphne groaned. "It does," Fred agreed, squeezing Daphne's right breast and licking the nipple when it popped erect. "Are you sure you put the condom on right?" "Of course I did," Daphne groaned as she slid her hot pussy up and down Fred's cock. "How can anyone put a condom on wrong?" "It happens," Fred said, enjoying the way Daphne's fuck hole rubbed against the bare flesh of cock.

This fuck was definitely different from their first fuck, but if Daphne said she put the condom on right then it must be his imagination that made things so much better this time. "Oh Fred," Daphne moaned, "do you love fucking as much as I do?" "More," Fred said, his voice muffled by Daphne's tits as he continued to suck her nipples. Daphne was fucking him so hard that his balls were bouncing off her taut ass cheeks every time she slammed her pussy down on his cock.

With every stroke he could feel the pressure growing in his balls and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to blow inside her cunt again. "I'm going to cum, Fred," Daphne shrilled, "cum with me." "I am, Daph," Fred groaned, moving his hands from Daphne's breasts to her hips and slamming her down as hard as he could on his cock while her cunt muscles squeezed his shaft like a vice and his balls pulled up tight and shot his sperm into the protective sheath of his condom.

"Oh Freddie, that was wonderful," Daphne sighed, kissing him hard on the lips. While her whole body continued to twitch from her orgasm. "It sure was," Fred agreed, "it was so good that I'd swear we were fucking bareback." "But we weren't," Daphne insisted. "I put the condom on you cock myself so I know we weren't fucking bareback." "Okey, okey," Fred sighed, "but you should probably get off my cock so we can get dressed before the rest of the gang finds us." "I'd rather enjoy the feel of your cock in my belly," Daphne said with a grin, "but you're right." With a reluctant sigh Daphne pulled herself off of Fred's cock and stepped back from his still twitching shaft.

"Daphne," Fred said, staring at his bare cock and the shredded condom that pealed away from his slowly drooping shaft. "The condom broke," Daphne said, just a shocked as Fred when she looked down at her pussy and saw his cum dripping out of her slit.

"That's why it felt so much better this time," Fred muttered. "I'm sorry, Daphne, I didn't mean for this to happen." "I know you didn't, Fred," Daphne said, reassuring her friend as she wiped his cum from her pussy lips and inner thighs.

"Condoms do break without warning." "But what if you're pregnant?" "I could be," Daphne said, "this is the perfect time for me to get pregnant, I'm between periods and if I'm not ovulating right now I will be in a day or two." "I'm so sorry, Daph," Fred said, shaking his head regretfully.

"Don't worry about it, Fred, it's not your fault. I'm actually glad that this happened. I wasn't sure how to tell you, but secretly I wanted you to knock me up, I was just too worried about my parents reaction.

But now that this has happened we don't have to worry about using the condoms anymore, after all, if there's a chance that I'm going to get pregnant this weekend I already have enough of your cum in my womb to knock me up for sure. So from now on why don't we forget about the condoms?" "I'm so glad you wanted me to knock you up, Daph," Fred said with a relieved sigh, "because I wanted to knock you up.

I even thought about sabotaging the condoms but I didn't." "I believe you, Fred," Daphne said, pulling her panties up snug against her dripping slit. "But like we said earlier we have to get dressed before the rest of the gang rescues us. So get dressed and start yelling for help." Chapter 5 Velma shivered as the cold breeze washed over her.

She pulled the blanket tighter around herself for a second and then changed her mind and threw the covers off and sat up on the edge of the bed. When she turned to look at Daphne's bed she wasn't surprised to find it empty and she put her glasses on to get a better view of the rest of the room. She spotted Daphne through the open door to the balcony and pulled her flannel nightgown tighter as she stepped into her slippers and followed her friend to the balcony.

"Daphne are you alright?" Velma asked, trying to suppress the shiver against the night chill. "I'm fine," Daphne said, watching the mist of her breath rise into the air with each word. Velma wondered how her friend was able to stand the cold air with just the thin fashionable nightgown she wore, especially since the fabric was sheer enough to reveal everything it was suppose to be hiding.

"No you're not," Velma said, "you always sleep through the night unless something is bothering you." "You're right," Daphne sighed. Velma couldn't help noticing Daphne's tits rise and fall under her diaphones sleep wear. The brunette realized that her own breasts were larger than her red-haired friend's, especially with the new growth from her early pregnancy. "Velma, I'm worried about what's going to happen to the gang," Daphne admitted.

"Now that Fred and I are. . ." "Fucking like bunnies," Velma finished for her friend. "Come on, Daphne, don't look so surprised. You know I'm smart enough to figure out what the two of you are doing. And Shaggy may act like an idiot, but he's figured out his share of mysteries." "You've got me there," Daphne admitted. "Fred and I thought we were hiding things pretty well, but I guess we shouldn't have bothered. Still, what are you and Shaggy going to do now that Fred and I are fucking?" "Oh, we're fucking too," Velma said, grinning at the shocked look on her friend's face.

"We started fucking about the same time as you and Fred the weekend we were dealing with the phantom bellhop at least that's when I assume you started fucking since that's when Shaggy found the condoms Fred hid in his luggage.

For someone who's a genius at setting traps, Fred's pretty bad when it comes to hiding things." "You've go that right," Daphne chuckled. "So what do we do now?" "Keep going the way we have been," Velma shrugged, "it's not like things have changed that much. Of course there will be a few changes, both now and in a few months." "What's changing?" Daphne asked. "To start with, unlike you and Fred, Shaggy and I didn't use protection," Velma said, placing her hand over her belly.

"You're pregnant?" Daphne said, looking at her friend like she expected Velma's belly to start growing as she watched. "I'm about a month along," Velma told her friend. "I figure Shaggy knocked me up that first weekend, maybe at the same time he popped my cherry." "Well you may not be the only one," Daphne said slowly. "Fred and I fucked after we got locked in the storage room, and the condom broke. You know old 'danger prone Daphne,' I got enough cum in my pussy to knock me up with twins, not that I'm going to mind having Freddie's baby, in fact I'm looking forward to it.

But now that I've had a taste of fucking Fred without protection I want it again, and I don't want it to stop." "I know what you mean," Velma said. "I enjoy fucking Shaggy so much that all I can think of is how good his cock feels sliding in and out of me. And that brings me to one change that we're going to have right now." "What's that?" Daphne asked.

"We are going to change room mates and bed mates right now." Fred Jones blinked against the sudden light when Velma switched on the room's overhead light, "What's going on?" he muttered. "Fred, Shaggy, get up. The four of us need to talk," Velma said, crossing her arms under her breasts while she and Daphne looked at both boys with a wistful smile. "Where's Scooby? I thought he'd be in here with the two of you." "Scoob said something about getting some hot tail and then he left," Shaggy yawned, stretching his long arms out as he sat up in his bed.

"So what's up?" "Yeah, what's up?" Fred asked, letting out a big yawn without taking his eyes off Daphne's nearly transparent nightgown.

"Fred, you should know that Shaggy and I know about you and Daphne," Velma said, stepping between the two lovers and placing her hands on her hips until the blond boy stopped trying to look past her.

"You should also know that Shaggy and I have been fucking as long as you and Daph; and, I'm pregnant." "You have? You are?" Fred asked, looking from Velma to Shaggy. "Yes we have, and yes she is," Shaggy snickered.

"We knew the two of you were going to start fucking when I found that box of condoms in your luggage and we decided to join the two of you but without the condoms." "So what does this mean for the four of us, five if you count Scooby," Fred asked, trying to read Velma's facial expression. "For the most part, nothing," Velma said.

"We'll keep traveling around and solving mysteries just like we have been though Daphne and I will have to do our best to hide our swollen bellies in a few months. But things are going to change in our sleeping arrangements.

From now on when we go to a hotel we'll rent two single rooms instead of two double rooms and you and Daphne will share the bed in one room while Shaggy and I share the bed in the other room. Don't look at me like that Fred Jones, you know you want to do it, and you know that most people think we're already doing it, so we may as well do it and save some money as well as enjoying our nights." "Okay," Fred said with a big grin.

"For now, since Daphne has the most luggage the two of you may as well take our room. Just grab what you need for tonight and the morning and get the rest of your things in the morning; and I'll do the same with my things, in fact I already have everything I need right here," Velma said, indicating the small overnight bag she had in her hands." "Now hurry up and grab your things so you can get in Daphne's bed, because I'm so horny I can't wait to get into Shaggy's bed." "Yes, ma'am," Fred said, jumping out of his bed and grabbing a change of clothes and his toiletries before following Daphne to the other room.

"I thought they'd never leave," Velma sighed, letting her bag drop to the floor and stripping out of her heavy nightgown. "Me either," Shaggy said throwing his blankets to the side to reveal that he was naked in the bed. He quickly scooted over to make room for Velma as she set her naked ass on the side of the mattress. "I've been thinking of you all night." "I can tell," Velma said, stroking Shaggy's hard cock.

"Can you tell I've been thinking of you?" "With those hard nipples and drooling pussy?" Shaggy asked, tweaking Velma's erect nipples with one hand while her rubbed her wet slit with the other. "If you weren't thinking about me you must have been thinking about what we've been doing." "More like what I want to do with you," Velma sighed, snuggling up to Shaggy's naked body.

"Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me and sleep with me just like I've been dreaming about." "Like we've both been dreaming about," Shaggy said, guiding his prick between Velma's drooling pussy lips and sliding his whole cock into her belly with one thrust. "Oh, yeah, that's what I've been dreaming of," Velma said, pushing her whole body against Shaggy's so that her hard nipples dug into his chest.

Instead of complaining Shaggy wrapped his arms around the moaning girl and pulled her even closer against his chest. "Good dreams," Shaggy muttered, "and now they're reality." "That's the best kind of dream," Velma said, riding Shaggy's cock faster and faster as she felt her orgasm building in her pussy.

"Oh, Velma, your pussy feels so good I can't hold back, I'm going to cum." "Cum in my cunt, Shaggy," Velma panted, her own orgasm getting closer with every stroke of Shaggy's hard cock. "Cum in my cunt and give our baby another cum bath." "Oh yeah," Shaggy grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma's belly and holding it there in her quivering fuck hole as they both came.

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"Shaggy, don't pull out," Velma begged in a tired voice. "I want to feel your cock inside my cunt while we sleep together. Promise me you won't pull out while we're sleeping." "Pull out?" Shaggy said with a weary chuckle, "I'll probably end up fucking you in my sleep.

How does that sound for a good dream?" "Wonderful," Velma said, her head dropping down on the pillow, too tired to even remove her glasses before they fell asleep together. * * * * * * * * * As soon as Fred closed the door to their room Daphne opened her sheer nightgown and let it flow to the floor in a diaphones puddle. "Oh, Fred," the red head sighed, "I'm so glad Velma suggested switching roommates like this. I've been dreaming of sleeping with you for weeks." "Me too, Daph," Fred agreed, "but I don't think Velma suggested it just for us.

In case you didn't notice Velma jumped into Shaggy's bed even before we left the room." "Yeah," Daphne said dreamily as she reached back of unhook her bra, "I guess she really was as horny as me." "Wait, Daphne, let me get your bra and panties for you," Fred said, tossing the last of his clothes to the side along with his overnight bag. "Oh my, what a gentleman," Daphne said, dropping her arms to her sides and letting Fred guide her backward until she was standing next to the bed they were going to share.

"What a horny gentleman," Fred chuckled, giving Daphne a tongue filled kiss as he unfastened her bra. He moved his lips down the red heads neck and shoulders before he dropped the right cup of her bra and sucked the turgid nipple between his lips until it sprang erect against his teeth.

"Oh, Fred," Daphne moaned, "that feels wonderful." "And we're only getting started," Fred said, giving Daphne's nipple one final kiss before he shifted to her other breast.

"We have the whole night together." "We sure do," Daphne agreed, thrusting her tits forward to give Fred easier access to them. Fred continued to work his way down Daphne's body, kissing her stomach and sucking on her bellybutton until she giggled.

Finally he hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her purple lace panties and pushed them down her hips until her red furred cunt was exposed. Well her ran his fingers through Daphne's wet pussy hair Fred nudged the girl with his shoulders until she sat back on the edge of their bed.

With a quick swipe Fred removed Daphne's panties and tossed the damp material out of the way. Daphne squealed with delight when Fred licked her slit and then sucked her pussy lips into his mouth so he could nibble on the sensitive flesh.

"Eat my pussy, Fred, eat my pussy," Daphne screamed, grabbing the back of Fred's head and pushing him even closer to her cunt. Fred continued to eat Daphne's pussy through two Earth shattering orgasms before he pulled his lips away from her still quivering lips and stood in front of the red head with his erect penis shivering in anticipation.

"Ready for the main course," Fred asked with a grin. "Almost," Daphne said. While Fred watched Daphne pushed her overheated body back onto the bed and pulled the bedding over herself as she rolled onto her side. "Snuggle in behind me Fred," Daphne suggested.

"Fuck me from behind, and when we're done we're already to sleep." "Okey, Daph," Fred said, sliding in behind the horny girl and snuggling up against her.

Daphne raised her left leg to give Fred easy access to her drooling slit. Fred guided his hard cock between Daphne's ass cheeks and hesitated for a second before Daphne said, "Not there, Fred, not yet. Once I know that your baby is growing in my belly I'll let you fuck me in the ass, but until then I want every drop of your cum in my pussy.

So, no ass fucking and no blow jobs until my panties start getting tight." "Yes, ma'am," Fred said with an exaggerated sigh and a wide grin. He guided the head of his cock past Daphne's ass hole until it slid through her slick pussy hair and into her tight little cunt.

Fred wasn't sure if he or Daphne let out the loudest sigh of pleasure as his cock sank into her quivering twat, but neither one of them paused to take a breath until his shaft was buried as deep as it could go in Daphne's cum thirsty belly. "I am so glad we're not using condoms anymore," Daphne said, her whole body shivering with pleasure. "It feels so much better to fuck you with nothing between us.

And I'm really looking forward to getting knocked up with your baby. I not even worried anymore about what we're going to tell our parents when my belly starts growing." "We'll think of something," Fred promised, "we always do." Daphne could feel her orgasm building in her pussy and she clamped her thighs together to make her fuck hole even tighter as Fred's thrusts got even harder and deeper as he approached his own orgasm.

With one final thrust Fred slammed his cock as deep as it could go in Daphne's belly and held it there as his sperm spat into the red head's fertile womb. "Don't pull out, Fred," Daphne gasped as she pushed her ass back against Fred's groin. "Leave your cock right where it is so I'll get every drop of sperm in my pussy while we sleep. And if you wake up feeling horny during the night, feel free to fuck me in my sleep. In fact, if I wake up and you're fucking me I'll be one happy girl." "Not as happy as me," Fred mumbled, slipping one hand under Daphne's arm to give Daphne's tit a good night squeeze under their shared blanket.

"Good night, Daphne." "Good night, Fred," Daphne said with a yawn as she adjusted Fred's hand on her breast, she hoped he'd play with it in his sleep. Chapter 6 "That was a great dinner Aunt Jebadissa," Shaggy said, patting his full stomach before he let out a loud burp. "Reah, rhanks Aunt Jebadissa," Scooby added, running his tongue around his face and smacking his lips.

"Oh, you kids don't have to call me Aunt Jebadissa," Jebadissa Bravo said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Now that my good for nothing nephew Johnny is gone you can call me Jebadissa, or Ms.

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Bravo if you want to be formal." "Well we want to thank you for the dinner, and for putting us up for the night since it's too late to find a motel," Fred said, pushing his plate away when Jebadissa offered him more food. "Believe me, you're doing me a favor by taking the rooms," Jebadissa said, "if you weren't here then I'd have to offer my lazy nephew a place to stay and I'd rather not have that lazy momma's boy here any longer than I have to." "Johnny is full of himself," Velma agreed, "with those muscles and crazy blond hair he sees himself as God's gift to women.

And he's so arrogant he can't even accept the idea that most women have absolutely no interest in a self-centered arrogant fool like himself." "I blame his mother for that," Jebadissa said, "Johnny is her whole life and he has no idea that other women aren't going to be that into him." "I know," Daphne said.

"No matter how many times I turned him down he kept coming on to me like he thought it was all a game." "Big blond and dumb isn't as perfect as he wants everyone to believe," Velma said in a whisper.

"What do you mean, Velma," Fred asked when no one else did. "You remember when Jebadissa was chasing us around as the ghost and Johnny and I ran into each other and lost our glasses?" "I remember," Shaggy giggled, "you ran right past me and Scooby before you and Johnny ran into each other.

Then the two of you were crawling around on the floor and you were going 'My glasses, my glasses, I can't see without my glasses,' and Johnny was going, 'My glasses, my glasses, I can't be seen without my glasses.'" "I wish I could have seen that," Daphne chuckled.

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"Well what's really interesting is what happened when I found Johnny's sunglasses and he found my glasses. I put Johnny's sunglasses on thinking they were my glasses and at first I thought I'd gone blind because they're so dark, but just before we switched glasses my eyes adjusted enough that I could see and I could see Johnny wearing my glasses clearly." "What's so strange about that?" Fred asked.

"You don't get it, once my eyes adjusted to the dark lenses I could see everything," Velma pointed out. "That means that Johnny wears prescription sunglasses, and the prescription is as strong or stronger than my own prescription." "That sounds like my nephew," Jebadissa sighed.

"In his opinion, anyone who wears glasses just isn't cool, but someone who wears sunglasses all the time is super cool. So he hides the fact that he needs glasses by wearing sunglasses, and as long as no one knows they're prescription sunglasses he looks cool." "Well kids," Jebadissa said, getting up from her chair and stretching, "I don't know about you, but after chasing you all over the house today, I'm bushed.

I'm going to head for bed, you kids can stay up as late as you want. Don't worry about the dishes, I'll take care of them in the morning." "Scoob, is she really gone?" Velma asked. Scooby paced over to the door and gave it a good sniff before he nodded, "She's gone," Scooby confirmed. "Good, now that we're on our own, why don't we all go to the parlor," Velma suggested.

"I'd rather go to our rooms and our beds," Shaggy snickered suggestibly. "Normally Velma and I would agree," Daphne said, batting Fred's hand away when he tried to sneak it under her skirt. "But tonight we have a couple treats for you boys, and since it involves all four of us together we thought the parlor would be more appropriate than our rooms provided we had the privacy." "It must be something really special if you want all four of us together," Fred said, letting Daphne pull him to his feet while he managed to place one hand on the red head's slightly swollen belly.

"Very special," Daphne agreed, leading the way to the parlor. Once the four of them were inside the small comfortable room she turned to Scooby. "Scooby, will you stand outside the door and make sure we're not disturbed?" "Rowkey," Scoob agreed, but with a glance at the two couples that said he would have liked to watch. Once the room's only door closed behind Scooby, Velma direct the boys swing a couple of the high-backed chairs around so they were facing each other with just a couple feet between them.

"Now, for the first treat of the night, we're going to watch each other having sex." "That sounds like fun," Fred said, turning to eye Velma before turning his focus back to Daphne. "It sure does," Shaggy chuckled, "at least I'll enjoy watching Daphne - I don't know if I'll enjoy watching Fred." "I think you'll be surprised," Velma said, "I think you'll find it more exciting than you expect to see Fred fucking Daph.

But if we're going to do this, we all need to get undressed, and you boys need to sit down on those chairs." "Right," Fred said, removing his clothes as quickly as he could before he sat down in one chair and watched the two girls strip out of their own clothes. Daphne's expanding belly was just visible under her fashionable clothing, but her three month pregnancy became obvious once she removed her clothes. Fred shifted his gaze to Velma as she pulled her bulky sweater over her head and dropped it to the floor.

Fred realized that Velma's heavy clothes disguised her pregnant belly better than Daphne's fashionable clothes but he was still surprised at how much bigger Velma's belly was since her pregnancy was only a month further along. He was also surprised when Velma removed her bra and her big tits bounced free. "Wow, Velma, your tits are really getting big," Daphne said in awe.

"Under those bulky sweaters you've always been bigger than me, but it looks like your pregnancy has made you at least a 38 double D now." "At least," Velma agreed, pushing her tits together and licking the nipples while the two boys watched, she noticed the way their erect pricks quivered as they watched the show.

"And what about you? You've grown a couple sizes there yourself. What are you now? 36 C?" "And still growing," Daphne said, enjoying the boys reaction when she played with her own breasts. "So, boys, are you ready for our second treat of the night?" Velma asked. "There's more?" Fred asked, his hands shaking as he reached for Daphne as she danced just out of her reach. "We've just started, boys," Daphne said huskily. "Fred, you remember the night you knocked me up?

When you were tempted to shove it in my ass instead of my pussy?" "I remember," Fred said. "You said you wanted to make sure you were pregnant first, but you'd think about it after that." "Well, you can't get more pregnant than Velma and I are now, so the two of us talked about it and decided to let you boys take us in the ass." "And for the final treat of the night, while you boys are fucking us in the ass, Daphne and I are going to play with each other.

So you'll get to watch some girl-on-girl action while you're fucking us in the ass," Velma finished. "I don't know about you, Vellma," Daphne said, looking at Fred's hard cock as it quivered in the air, "but I think the boys are as ready to go as I am." "I'm ready too, Daph," Velma said, looking at Shaggy's erect cock as he bounced up and down in his chair.

"Did you remember to bring the lube?" "Here you are, I brought a tube for each of us," Daphne said, handing one tube to Velma while she kept the other one for herself.

"Make sure you use enough, your ass doesn't have natural lubrication like your pussy." "Right," Velma said, stepping up to Shaggy's chair and putting some cream on her hand before she started stroking his cock. Once she was sure Shaggy's prick was well lubricated she placed the open tube to her asshole and gave it a good squeeze before tossing the tube off to the side.

While Shaggy rubbed her ass and pushed the lotion deeper into her asshole with his fingers Velma straddled her lover's legs and slowly sank into his lap while she watched Daphne do the same with Fred just a couple feet in front of her.

As Velma settled her round ass cheeks on Shaggy's thighs and let out a slow sigh as her ass hole adjusted to Shaggy's cock. She looked up at Daphne and realized that her friend was having trouble taking all of Fred's cock into her ass and held herself three inches above her lover's lap.

"It's too big," Daphne whined. "It won't fit." "Relax, Daph," Velma told her friend, "just relax and let it slide in." "I'm trying," the red head moaned. "Maybe this will help," Velma said, she leaned forward and pulled Daphne's face close and gave her a deep kiss. Daphne was so startled that she let out a little squeak and dropped the last few inches to Fred's lap. "I told you you just needed to relax," Velma said with a grin.

"How does it feel? Does it feel as strange to you as it does to me?" "It feels different," Daphne said, twisting around in Fred's lap and setting his cock even deeper in her virgin ass. "But it feels good too." "I know," Velma agreed, "it feels different from having Shaggy's cock in my pussy, but it feels good too, just not as good as having him in my cunt." "Right again," Daphne said, lifting her ass up from Fred's lap and then sliding it back down again.

"What do you boys think? Do you prefer our asses or our pussies?" "Your ass is tighter than your pussy," Fred said, "but I still prefer your pussy, especially since I can't knock you up when I fuck you in the ass." "I have to agree with Fred on this one," Shaggy chuckled, watching Daphne's tits bouncing around on her chest as she rode Fred's cock.

"Yeah," Velma gasped as she rode Shaggy's cock. "There's something about the thrill of getting knocked up that makes a pussy fuck more exciting than an ass fuck." "Still," Daphne said, "ass fucking is fun, and now it's time for the show we promised you. With that, Daphne leaned forward to catch Velma's bouncing tits and hold them steady so she could suck her friend's nipples. Velma gasped as Daphne sucked on first one nipple then the other.

With Shaggy's cock in her ass and Daphne's lips on her nipples Velma could feel her orgasm starting to build in her pussy and decided to give her friend the same pleasure.

While she couldn't suck Daphne's tits at the same time she realized that she could play with Daphne's red furred cunt so she reached between her friend's spread thighs to run her fingers through her wet pussy hair. Daphne caught her breath for a second when velmas fingers brushed her pussy lips and then started sucking Velma's nipples with even more gusto as her friend started finger fucking her while she stroked her clit with her thumb.

The whole gang was so caught up with their orgy that they never even realized that Scooby had cracked open the door of the parlor and was enjoying the show his four friends were putting on. He was enjoying the show so much he never noticed Aunt Jebadissa until she whispered, "Now that's one hot show." Scooby's head snapped up at the sound of Aunt Jebadissa's voice but she slapped a hand over his mouth before he could say anything.

"Shh," she whispered, "we don't want them to know we're enjoying the show." "Right," Scooby agreed, settling down to enjoy the show with the older woman. "You know," Jebadissa whispered, "I could see something was going to happen the way those kids kept looking at each other and I was going to warn the boys to be careful or they'd knock the girls up, then I took a closer look and realized that my warning would be too late.

The girls do a good job of hiding their pregnancies, but you can see it if you know what to look for." "Ror rhat to smell for," Scooby agreed. "As much as we're enjoying the show I bet you'd rather have a hot little bitch to fuck," Jebadissa said. "Rah-ha," Scooby agreed with a nod.

"While you're in luck, Scooby. I'm taking care of my neighbors dog and she's in heat right now. She's out in the old barn, but I suggest you wait until your friends go to bed before you head out there." "Right," Scooby agreed, turning back watch the end of the show. As her orgasm drew closer Daphne sucked even harder on Velma's erect nipple and was surprised to taste something spurting from her friend's swollen breasts.

Before she could say or do anything Daphne was overtaken by the orgasm that slammed through her whole body and she released Velma's nipple as she screamed her pleasure and squeezed the other girl's engorged breasts even harder. Even as she came down from her sexual high she could feel Fred's cum dribbling out of her stuffed ass hole and noticed that his cock wasn't shrinking the way it usually did after he shot his load in her pussy. When she looked at Velma, Daphne realized that she and Fred weren't the only ones to cum.

On top of that Daphne realized that not only did Velma have cum dripping from her ass hole, she also had milk dripping from her nipple.

"Velma, you're lactating already?" "Yeah," Velma said, pushing her tits up so she could lick the milk from her nipples. "Even girls who aren't pregnant can lactate if they play with their breasts enough, and believe me, I've been playing with my tits a lot since they started growing. But this is the first time I actually got milk." "That's going to make your pregnancy even harder to hide," Shaggy said, giving Velma's tits a quick squeeze so a few more drops oozed out of her nipples.

"Well, we knew it was only a matter of time," Velma sighed. "I guess it's time to tell my parents about the baby." "Time to tell our parents," Daphne said, patting her own baby bulge, "all our parents.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd feel more comfortable if we told all our parents together." "Good idea, Daph," Fred agreed, "strength in numbers. "When do we tell them?" "Well Wednesday night is out," Daphne mussed, "both our parents have that long standing party they go to on Wednesday." "That's strange," Shaggy said, "my parents go out every Wednesday too." "So do mine," Velma said, "you don't suppose they're all going out together, do you?" "Now that would be strange," Daphne said with a rueful shake of her head.

"I say we get together with our parents first thing when we get back home, that way we have less chance to chicken out when the time comes." "Sounds like a plan to me," Velma agreed. "Me too," Fred said. "I'm in," Shaggy chuckled. "But that's for when we get back home," Daphne said, "right now I can't help but notice that Fred's cock is still nice and hard in my ass. Anyone else feel like another round before we head for bed?" "I'm still hard," Shaggy agreed.

"And I'm still horny," Velma finished. "Let's do it." Chapter 7 "So it's agreed," Fred said, trying to concentrate on his driving while Daphne stroked his cock through his open zipper, "we all go to Daphne's house and then call our parents and ask them to meet us there.

Once we're all together we tell our parents about the pregnancies and see what happens from there." "With any luck our parents won't overreact if we're all there together and cooler heads will prevail," Velma said while she and Shaggy ran their hands across her swollen belly where she'd lifted her sweater and blouse to reveal the bare skin.

"Do I really have to be there?" Scooby asked. "Sure, old buddy," Shaggy said without taking his eyes off Velma's belly bulge.

"After all, no matter how angry our parents are with us, no one has any reason to be upset with you." "RI ron't row about rhat," Scooby said, "Ri've been ritty rusy rith some rot rithces." "Just how busy have you been, Scooby?" Daphne asked, turning her whole body so she could see him." "Three ritches, three litters of pups on the way," Scooby answered sheepishly. "I don't know if I should scold or congratulate you, Scooby," Fred said with a shake of his head.

"But even so, our parents can't hold you responsible for our pregnancies so you should have a cooling affect on our meeting." "There's the gate to my house now," Daphne said, pulling her hand out of Fred's pants and zipping him up before he turned into the drive. The gang was silent as Fred drove up to the mansion until Velma pointed to several cars already parked in front of the house and asked, "Is it my imagination, or is that my parents car?" "If you're imagining it than so am I," Shaggy said, "because that's my parents car." "And that one belongs to my parents," Fred said, pointing to the last car.

"I know we were planed to call them all together," Daphne said, looking over all the cars before turning to look at the front door of her family mansion. "But the fact that there all here waiting for us has me worried." "It has us all worried," Velma said, "but I say we go ahead just like we planed." "And we do it now before we lose our nerve," Fred added, parking the van and climbing out along with the rest of the gang.

"Mom, dad?" Daphne called as she and the rest of the gang walked into the front entry. "We're in the living room, dear," Daphne's mother called back. "Are your friends with you?" "Yes," Daphne said as she lead the rest of the gang through the mansion.

"Where are the servants?" She asked as she and her friends entered the living room and found their parents already sitting and waiting for them." "We gave them the day off so we could have some privacy," Daphne's father said. "Why don't you kids get something to eat before we start talking," Mr. Blake said, gesturing to the laden banquet table and it's impressive spread.

"You don't have to ask us twice," Shaggy said as he and Scooby rushed to the food. The rest of the gang looked at each other and shrugged before they made their own way through the food table and then found their own seats, Velma next to Shaggy and Daphne next to Fred with Scooby on the floor between both couples.

"Mom, dad," Velma said after a nervous swallow, "we have something to tell you." It was only when she paused that Velma realized her mother had spoken at the same time as her, "Kid's, we have something to tell you." There was an uncomfortable pause after Velma and her mother spoke, then after several seconds Daphne's mother said, "Why don't you kids go first?" "Everyone," Daphne said when her friend continued to hesitate, "Velma and I are pregnant." "Shaggy is the father of my child, and Fred is the father of Daphne's baby," Velma added when Daphne stopped, then they both waited for their parents response.

"Who had today in the pool?" Velma's father asked after several seconds of silence. "That would be me," Fred's father said with a raised hand. "You knew," Velma said as she watched Shaggy's father hand cash to Fred's father.

"You knew we were pregnant and you didn't say anything about it?" "Yes we knew," Velma's mother said. "Your bulky sweaters may do a good job hiding your figure. But I saw you every day and I noticed when your figure started to shift a couple months ago. Then there's the fact that you stopped using sanitary napkins, and let's not forget the time you almost ran me over in the hall in your rush to get to the bathroom because of your morning sickness.

I knew you were pregnant for quite a while, dear." "And you're not going to force us to get an abortion or give our babies up for adoption?" Daphne asked, looking from one partnets face to the next.

"Certainly not," Daphne's mother said. "We're not hypocrites after all." "What do you mean?" Shaggy asked, wrapping his arms around Velma to give her support as she sagged against his chest. "I guess it's time for our news now," Shaggy's mother said. "Kids, we're pregnant." "What?" Fred said from where he hugged Daphne. For the first time in weeks he took a close look at his mother and realized that she had a baby bulge as big as Velma's.

"It's true," Velma's mother said. "You kids were so concerned with hiding your own pregnancies that you avoided us and never noticed that our bellies were growing even bigger than yours." "But mom, why didn't you tell us?" Velma asked. "About our pregnancies, or that we knew about yours?" Velma's mother asked. "Both, I guess," Velma said after a second. "Well, we figured you'd tell us about your pregnancies when you were ready," Velma's mother replied.

"And for our pregnancies, well, the father of my child is Fred's father." "And the father of my baby is Daphne's father," Mrs.

Jones told her son. "Let me guess," Shaggy said to his mother, "your baby is Mr. Dinkly's, and Mrs. Dinkly's baby is dad's." "That's right," Shaggy's mother said, rubbing her belly while the others nodded in agreement.

"How did this happen," Fred asked, looking from parent to parent. "A few months back the eight of us were all invited to a party," Fred's father started. "It wasn't until after we arrived," Shaggy's father continued, "that we discovered it was a swingers party and everyone was swapping partners for the evening." "The eight of us weren't interested in swapping," Fred's mother chimed in, "but we were too embarrassed to just take off after we learned the truth.

So the eight of us went off in a corner together and ended up talking about you kids for the night." "After that first night we realized that we actually liked each other's company so every Wednesday we went out together for our own party," Velma's mother added, petting her own stomach bulge as she spoke. "And even though we didn't plan it," Shaggy's mother said with a sigh while she stroked her belly, "after a few weeks the eight of us started pairing off." "And the next thing we knew," Velma's father finished for all of them, "your four mothers were all testing positive on their pregnancy tests and we were trying to figure out what to tell the four of you." "Of course once we realized that the two of you were pregnant," Daphne's mother said with a grin, "we knew you'd understand the situation better than we'd hoped." "Mother," Daphne said nervously," does this mean that you and daddy.

. ." "No, dear, your father and I are staying together," Daphne's mother said, taking her husbands head with a smile. "We're all staying with our current partners, we're just having more fun with our other parrtners." "I can see that," Shaggy chuckled, looking at all the swollen bellies around the room. "So, now that we have everything out in the open, what are we going to do?" "Well, nothings going to change for us," Mr.

Blake said as the other parents nodded in agreement. "As far as everyone knows, all of us are just having another baby. As for you four, I'm pretty sure everyone already knows how the four of you were going to end up so I don't see anything changing there; except this. Starting tonight, Fred is going to spend every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night here in Daphne's bed and she's going to sped every Monday and Wednesday in Fred's bed. And every weekend when the four of you are solving your little mysteries I'm sure they'll be sharing their bed there too." "And Shaggy," Mr.

Rogers told his son, "you'll be in Velma's bed every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday and she'll be in yours every Monday and Wednesday." "Really," the whole gang asked together. "Really," their parents replied. "And we're not forgetting about you, Scooby," Shaggy's mother said, turning to her son's dog. "We've been getting some calls about you and a some pregnant dogs from the places you and the gang have been staying at." "Roh oh," Scooby said, trying to hide behind Shaggy's chair and hang his head in shame as he chuckled nervously.

"Don't worry, Scoob, no one's angry with you. In fact it turns out that all the owners were planning to breed their dogs so they're happy with the results. They were just calling to thank us for letting you breed them." "Scooby, why didn't you tell us that you were going to have puppies?" Shaggy asked his best friend.

"Actually I think he did," Velma said, "at least he told us on several occasions that he was going out to find a bitch in heat or a hot bitch as he put it." "Yeah, I guess he did," Shaggy chuckled. "Well," Fred said, grinning madly at Daphne, "if I'm going to spend the night here I guess I should go home and get a few things for tomorrow.

And I'm guessing that you'll want a few things from your house too, Shaggy." "Yeah, that would be a good idea," Shaggy agreed.

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"So why don't we drop Velma off at her house, then you and I can get our things and then I'll drop you off at Velma's before I come back here." "Hurry back, Freddy," Daphne told her lover, "I feel an all night celebration coming up as soon as you get back.

I'll be waiting in my room." "You heard her gang," Fred said, already running through the front door of the mansion with Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby rushing to keep up with him. "Thank you, mother," Daphne said to her mother as all the parents watched her with knowing smiles. "You're welcome, dear," Mrs. Blake told her daughter. "Now get to your bedroom, I'm sure Freddy will be back before you know it." * * * * * * * * * * As Fred hurried down the hall to Daphne's bedroom he could hear screams of pleasure as well as the sound of springs squeaking in protest coming from two spare rooms in the family wing.

When he reached Daphne's door he opened the door and just managed to keep his feet when Daphne ran to hug him like a naked red huricane. "Oh Freddie, you're finally back," Daphne said pulling at his clothes to get them off as fast as she could.

"When our parents started fucking each other I thought I'd go crazy waiting to get your cock in my pussy." "Calm down, Daph, I'm here now and we don't have to rush things," Fred pointed out, tossing his bag of clothes off to the side and then helping the horny redhead with his belt, buttons, and zipper until he was as naked as her. "I'm not in a rush," Daphne said, grabbing Fred by his erect cock and leading him to her bed.

"I'm horny, so horny that I had to try some of toys mom gave me while I was waiting for you to get back." As she spoke Daphne grabbed the box full of dildos and vibrators on her bed and pulled it off the covers and on to the floor with a crash. "But everything I tried just made me want your cock in my pussy instead. And now you're back, and obviously ready to fuck." "I'm always ready to fuck you, Daph," Fred said looking down at the cascade of red hair while Daphne ran her tongue around his cock and then swallowed it deep in her throat.

Fred reached past Daphne's sucking mouth to play with her breasts, they were large enough now that they rubbed together on their own.

When he squeezed Daphne's tits he could feel something shift and he wondered how long it would be before Daphne started producing milk just like Velma. "Like I said, Daphne," Fred groaned as his lover continued to suck his shaft, "I'm always ready to fuck you, but if you keep this up I'll need time to recover before I can fuck you." "Well we can't have that," Daphne said, pulling her lips away from Fred's cock and sliding back on the bed with her legs wide open in invitation.

"Fuck me Fred," Daphne purred, stroking her swollen belly and opening her legs as Fred crawled between her thighs.

"Fuck me now, fuck me when we go to bed, fuck me when you wake up in the middle of the night, fuck me before we leave for school in the morning so I'll have a pussy full of cum when I go to class, fuck me between classes, hell, fuck me during class if you think we can get away with it. Whatever you do, don't stop fucking me because I always want to have your cum in my cunt." "Just try and stop me," Fred grinned, watching his cock slide slowly between Daphne's pussy lips and into her pregnant belly.

"The only thing I like better than shoving my cock into your wet hot cunt is shooting my cum in your belly and watching it swell up with our baby." "You do know what I like, Freddy," Daphne groaned, pulling his blond head down and kissing him full on the lips before she let him move his mouth down to her swollen nipples so he could suck her tits while he gave her a slow loving fuck.

"Oh, God, I can't believe our parents did this for us. No more waiting for the weekend, no more masturbating myself to sleep every school night, just fucking each other to sleep like I've been dreaming about for months." "I like the way you dream," Fred said, "and I'll do my best to make them come true." "That's all I can ask," Daphne said, wrapping her legs behind Fred's ass and bouncing her ass off the bed to meet his every stroke as both their bodies started to quiver with their approaching orgasms.

With one last thrust Fred buried his cock as deep as it could go in Daphne's swollen belly and both of them screamed with their shared pleasure as he filled her pussy with a full load of cum. "If this is a dream," Daphne sighed as they lay side by side on her bed, "promise me you'll never wake me up." "If I did, then the dream would have to end for me too," Fred said, stroking Daphne's pregnant belly.

"And I never want it to end." Chapter 8 "No, girls, you're not going out to help us trap the skeleton general," Fred Jones said, glaring at Velma and Daphne with their swollen bellies and milk filled breasts. "Shaggy, help me with this," Fred said, turning to his frightened friend as he watched the hall through the crack in the door.

"Velma's almost nine months along and Daph's eight months along. At this point they can't even run. If they try their bellies and tits bouncing all over the place and they can't even follow a straight line. Even if they can run away from the general there's no way they can lead him to the trap." "I have to agree with Fred on this one, girls," Shaggy said with his high pitched giggle.

"I have to agree too," Velma admitted, pushing her glasses up on her nose as she spoke. "I'm far enough along right now that the right stimulus could start my labor." "But the boys can't just leave us out of the unmasking," Daphne argued. "We've been part of this mystery from the beginning, we should be there for the end." "Don't worry, Daph, you won't miss the unmasking.

Once Shaggy and I trap the general we'll come and get you before we call the sheriff so Velma can tell everyone all about how we know who the general really is before we pull his mask off." "Sounds good to me," Velma said, "we still get the credit for catching the general, but none of the danger." "I don't know about that," Daphne said, "what if the general decides to go after the defenseless pregnant girls instead of chasing the bait?" "That's why we'll leave Scooby with you, for your protection," Fred said.

"Fred, are you sure you can't leave me on guard instead?" Shaggy asked with a nervous chuckle. "Sorry, Shaggy, but it has to be the two of us or the general won't take the bait," Fred told his friend.

"Now come on, if we don't hurry we'll have to wait until tomorrow to catch the general." After the boys left them alone in the room Daphne sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked her swollen stomach with a sigh. "I guess I should have seen this coming," she sighed as Velma sat down next to her.

"I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner considering what our ghost chasing has been like lately," Velma said as she stroked her own belly. "Remember last week when I was trying to run away from the phantom from the lagoon? The way my tits were bouncing around I'm lucky I didn't knock myself out." "That's true," Daphne said with a groan as she pushed her shoes off and lifted her swollen ankles onto the bed.

"And at least we can get off our tired legs." "And out of these restricting clothes," Velma said, removing her sweater, skirt, blouse, and underwear until she was able to lay back in the bed totally naked. "This is a relief," Daphne said a few seconds later when she joined pregnant friend on the bed, just as naked as the brunette.

You don't mind, do you Scooby?" "Rot me," Scooby said without bothering to take his eyes off the bedroom door. "Rie ron't care rhat two ruman girls do." "Well he is a dog," Velma said with a shrug before she rolled over to open drawer of the night stand and grabbed two vibrators. "Do you want one?" "No thanks," Daphne sighed, "I may get some relief when I use one, but usually I just end up hornier than ever while I wait for Freddie to fuck me for real." "Yeah, I feel the same way with Shaggy," Velma admitted, returning her vibrators to the drawer.

"So, what are two pregnant and horny girls suppose to do while their boys are out trapping a skeletal general?" "I have an idea," Daphne said with a grin as she eyed a box of Scooby snacks. "Scooby, would you like a Scooby snack?" "Rah, rah," Scooby said, turning to give the naked redhead a hopeful look.

"Then why don't you come and get this one?" Daphne said, taking a snack from the box and sliding it between her swollen breasts until only the tip of the biscuit could be seen poking out from her cleavage. "Roh boy," Scooby said, galloping across the room and jumping on the bed so he could straddle Daphne's pregnant belly and start licking her breasts so he could reach the Scooby snack wedged between her milk filled tits.

"Wow," Velma said, her eyes glued to the view of Scooby's long talented tongue as it licked through Daphne's breasts to reach the dog biscuit. "Does that feel as good as I think it does?" "Even better," Daphne gasped, her body jerking every time Scooby ran his tongue along her tits to reach his treat. Daphne let out one last gasp of pleasure as Scooby finally managed to loosen the biscuit from between her breasts and gulped it down with one quick snap of his teeth.

"Rhank rou," Scooby said as he smacked his lips. "No, thank you, Scooby," Daphne said with one last sigh of pleasure while she gave the great Dane a weak smile. "Scooby, would you like two more Scooby snacks?" Velma asked before he had a chance to return to his guard post. "Reah, reah," Scooby said, looking quickly around the room before he realized that Velma was holding the two biscuits. "Here's one," Velma said, shoving the first snack even deeper into her cleavage than Daphne had.

"And here's the other one," Velma finished by crumbling the biscuit in her hands and letting the crumbs fall across her naked breasts so that most of them fell near her erect nipples. "Come and get it, Scooby." "Rho boy," Scooby said, jumping over to Velma and licking the crumbs off her tit, his tongue sliding across the girl's nipples as he tried to get every crumb. "Good boy, Scooby," Velma panted as Scooby's tongue flicked her sensitive nipples every time he licked up a crumb.

"Lick up all those crumbs, boy, every single one." "Oh, now I'm jealous," Daphne said while her friend moaned with pleasure every time Scooby licked up a biscuit crumb. "I wish I'd thought of that." "Well you thought about using the Scooby snacks first," Velma pointed out. "I never would have thought of trying this if you hadn't come up with your idea first." Velma's whole body shivered through an orgasm as Scooby licked up the last crumb before burying his muzzle into Velma's cleavage to lick out the whole Scooby snack between the girl's milk filled tits.

Daphne watched as Velma shuddered through her second orgasm and then let out a long sigh of pleasure before she settled back on the bed with a big grin on her face. "Yummy," Scooby said as he finished the last biscuit and licked his lips. "Scooby," Daphne said after a seconds hesitation. "I have another Scooby snack if you want it.

And this one is even coated with my special sauce." "Roh boy, special sauce," Scooby said, watching Daphne to see where she had the Scooby snack.

With Scooby's eyes glued on her every move, Daphne took another biscuit from the box and slid it down her body, past her swollen stomach, and stopped when she could feel the edge of the snack against her pussy lips. Working blindly Daphne opened her pussy and poked the biscuit between her cunt lips and into her slit until just the tip of the snack peaked out between the curls of her red pubic hair. "Come and get it, Scooby," Daphne called, opening her thighs to make room for the large dog.

Scooby bounced across the bed and settled down between Daphne's thighs. He carefully reached out with his long tongue to lick the edge of the Scooby snack that poked out of Daphne's pussy. Pleasure shot up Daphne's spine when Scooby's tongue licked along her pussy and nudged the biscuit in her slit. Scooby used his tongue to slowly draw the Scooby snack out of Daphbne's cunt and as he did he discovered that the biscuit really was coated with her very special sauce, a sauce that made the snack taste even better than usual.

It was hard to get the biscuit out of Daphne's cunt because every time Scooby stuck his tongue into her slit, Daphne shivered with pleasure.

Finally Scooby managed to get enough of the biscuit out of Daphne's cunt to grip it with his teeth and pull it out with one quick pull before he snapped it down his throat. When Scooby pulled the Scooby snack from her pussy it was the last thing Daphne needed to push her over the edge and her body quivered hard enough to make the whole shake as she moaned with pleasure.

Daphne grinned weakly at Scooby as he chomped down on the Scooby snack and licked his lips at the taste of Daphne's special sauce. "You know, Scooby," Velma said slowly, "I have a special sauce too. And just like last time I'll give you two Scooby snacks if you want them." "Reah, reah," Scooby said excitedly. He jumped from between Daphne's legs and minced his way between Velma's legs when she opened them invitingly. Like Daphne, Velma ran one biscuit down her body and over her swollen belly until she reached her pussy and pushed the Scooby snack between her pussy lips until it disappeared completely in her fuck hole.

Then she took the second snack and crumbled it up in her hands before spreading the crumbs through her brown thatch of pubic hair, leaving at least half of the crumbs on or near her erect clit. "Come and get it," Velma said when she was done. "Roh boy," Scooby said, licking his lips as he tried to decide where to start. "Go ahead, Scooby, it's all yours," Velma said, lifting her pregnant belly off bed so her crumb covered pussy was even closer to Scooby's mouth.

Without waiting for another invitation Scooby leaned forward to run his tongue through Velma's crumb covered pubic hair. Since most of the crumbs were close to Velma's erect clit Scooby ran his tongue across the girl's sensitive nub, sending a surge of sexual energy up her spine every time he licked up a crumb. Within seconds Velma's body started to shake and shiver through her first orgasm, and Scooby had barely started to lick up the crumbs around her pussy.

Velma lost count of how many orgasms she had while Scooby licked the crumbs from her pussy but eventually he found the last one and turned to the biscuit in her cunt.

Once again Velma's whole body shivered with pleasure as Scooby pushed his tongue deep into her slit until he could get it around the end of the Scooby snack and start pulling it back out of her fuck hole. With his tongue Scooby managed to bring the tip of the biscuit out far enough to grip it with his lips and teeth and then he pulled his tongue back out before grabbing the snack and chomping it down, special sauce and all.

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"Yummy," Scooby said, smacking his lips as he walked back to the door to retake his guard position. "Are you okey, Vellma?" Daphne asked her friend as the brunette fought to catch her breath after so many orgasms in a row. "I'm fine," Velma managed to gasp, "in fact I'd like to try that again after I catch my breath." "I'd like to try it too," Daphne said, "but not right away, the boys should be catching the general soon.

Still, you did manage to take my idea and do it even better." "But it was still your idea that inspired me," Velma pointed out. "If you didn't think of putting the Scooby Snack between your breasts or in your pussy I never would have thought about spreading crumbs the way I did." "Now what are we going to do about Scooby?" Daphne asked.

"We don't want him telling the boys about this." "That's easy," Velma said, pushing herself up on an elbow and turning to look at Scooby.

"Scooby, if you don't tell Fred or Shaggy about this, I promise to give you a Scooby snack every night before bed. Do you agree?" "Rhile it have special sauce?" Scooby asked hopefully. "If that's the way you want it, that's the way I'll give it to you," Velma promised.

"Rokey," Scooby agreed. "Here, Velma," Daphne said, tossing her friend her underwear. "We should be ready when the boys catch the general, and that could happen any minute." "You're right," Velma said, pushing her breasts into her bra.

"In fact, now that you mention it I'm surprised the boys haven't caught him already." Even as Velma spoke the girls heard a crash and Fred's voice screaming, "look out for the trip wire, Shaggy." "Good thing Fred always plans his traps with Shaggy's clumsiness in mind," Daphne said.

"You mean it's a good thing Shaggy is always clumsy enough to set off Fred's traps when the ghost is chasing him," Velma replied. Suddenly the two friends looked at each other for a full minute and then started to laugh.

"I promise not to tell Fred if you promise not to tell Shaggy," Daphne offered. "Agreed, why should we change something that works so well?" Velma agreed as she shrugged into her orange sweater and patted her hair into place. * * * * * * That night when Shaggy and Velma were getting ready for bed Shaggy apologized for the way he and Fred had kept the girls out of the action.

"Don't worry about it," Velma said, holding her belly still as she sat down naked on the edge of their bed. "You were right about keeping us out of the action, we really are too far along in our pregnancies to take chances like that. Besides, we found a way to pass the time while you and Fred trapped the general." "I knew you would," Shaggy said, sliding in next to Velma until their naked bodies touched under the blankets. "Right now I hope you're up to passing a little time with me." "Always," Velma said, turning her head to give Shaggy a kiss while he ran his hands over her milk filled tits.

"Slide that cock of yours into my cunt where it belongs, lover boy." "You don't have to ask me twice," Shaggy giggled, sliding his cock deep into Velma's wet pussy." Velma sighed with pleasure and pushed her ass back to force Shaggy's cock even deeper in her pregnant pussy. "Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me and cum in my pregnant belly." "Whatever you want, Velma," Shaggy promised, "as often as you want it." Velma couldn't help but compare the feel of Shaggy's cock with the feel of Scooby's tongue when he was sliding it into her cunt.

Shaggy's cock was much better than Scooby's tongue, but Scooby's tongue was still better than a dildo, and much better than nothing. Shaggy slid his hand down to Velma's body and chuckled when it moved, "I think the baby likes having my cock in your belly." "I hope so," Velma sighed with pleasure as her pussy started building up to her orgasm, "because I plan to have your cock in my pussy as often as I can from now on." "And I'll let you have it as often as you want," Shaggy grunted, picking up his pace as his balls started to twitch with his own orgasm.

"Because I love fucking you as much as you love to be fucked." "Shaggy, you know just what to say and do when we're together," Velma panted. "Now fill my belly and give our daughter a cum bath." "Whatever you want," Shaggy said, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma's pregnant belly and giving the girl just what she wanted, enough cum to fill her cunt to overflowing.

"Thank you, Shaggy," Velma said as she nuzzled up to her lover and gave him a tired smile. "No, thank you," Shaggy said, stroking Velma's pregnant belly. "Now you get to sleep, neither of us is going to get much in a couple more weeks." Chapter 9 "Good morning, Shaggy," Velma said, straddling the rail thin boy so that her milk dripping nipples hovered just above his mouth. "Ready for a pre-breakfast snack?" "Like, I'm always ready for your milk, Velma," Shaggy said before he stuffed Velma's left nipple into his mouth and started sucking.

"Make sure you drink as much as you can," Velma told Shaggy, "you didn't drink me dry yesterday and I started leaking during Algebra class. I had to ask for a bathroom break so I could milk myself and return for the rest of the lesson." "Aren't you worried about leaving enough for the baby?" Shaggy asked as he switched to Velma's right, "after all, she's due to arrive any time now." "Shaggy, as much milk as I'm producing you can drain me right now and I'll have enough for the baby in about two hours." "Okey," Shaggy said, "as long as you have enough for the baby I'll be happy to milk you dry." While Shaggy sucked the milk out of her breasts Velma rested her pregnant belly on Shaggy's firm one and rubbed her pussy up and down Shaggy's slowly hardening cock as they both moaned with pleasure.

"Are you as horny as I am?" Shaggy asked as he switched tits again. "Even hornier," Velma groaned, "I'm ready for a good hot morning fuck." "Me too," Shaggy agreed. "Lift your pussy up a little so I can put my cock where it belongs." "Oh yeah," Velma hissed as Shaggy's prick slid into her pregnant cunt. "Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me with your baby maker." "Baby maker," Shaggy snickered as he patted Velma's swollen belly, "I like that one." "Well it is appropriate," Velma said as she stroked her belly, "and you know this won't be the last one." "I hope not," Shaggy said while Velma continued to ride his cock so hard that her milk filled tits bounced just above his head, threatening to knock him out with their weight every time Velma slammed her pregnant pussy down on his cock.

"I'll be happy to give you all the babies you want, no matter how many you want." "Good, because I want as many as I can get," Velma panted, she could feel her orgasm starting to build in her belly, but this time something felt different and she wasn't sure what it was.

Shaggy could feel his own orgasm building with every stroke of Velma's pregnant pussy and he did his best to drive his cock as deep as it could go in Velma's fuck hole.

Shaggy wasn't sure if it was him or Velma who shouted they were cuming first but he could see his lover's pregnant belly jumping as her cunt clamped tight around his cock and milked every drop of cum from his prick. "Wow, you were even hornier than I thought," Shaggy gasped, "just look at all that pussy juice coming out of your cunt.

"Shaggy, that's not pussy juice," Velma said through clenched teeth as her belly rippled. "My water just broke. I'm going into labor." "Zoinks! What do I do?" Shaggy asked, pulling his softening cock out of Velma's pussy and pushing himself to the edge of the bed as Velma fought to catch her breath after her first contraction. "Get my dad," Velma told Shaggy, trying to calm him down before he panicked. "Tell him I'm in labor and he needs to drive us to the hospital.

Then call the doctor and tell him what's happening, and then call Fred and Daphne and tell them to meet us at the hospital." "Right, your dad, the doctor, and then Fred and Daphne. "I'll do that, you just stay calm." "Stay calm," Velma muttered, holding her belly as Shaggy ran screaming from the room, "it's kind of hard to do that when I'm about to give birth." By the time Shaggy returned Velma had managed to get dressed in spite of enduring a second contraction that made her whole belly ripple while she closed her eyes against the pain.

"Oh good, you're almost dressed," Shaggy said, running back into the room and grabbing his own clothes before he helped Velma with the last of her clothes. "Your dad's bringing the car around right now. Your mom's staying here with the new baby but she says she keep in touch with us by cell phone. Fred and Daphne can't get out of school but they'll come by after class this afternoon." "That all sounds good," Velma said as Shaggy grabbed her bag and guided her toward the door, "but what about the doctor?" "He said he'll meet us at the hospital," Shaggy said.

"Actually he's already there, a late night delivery and he hasn't even been home yet." * * * * * * * * * * Velma smiled down at the bundle in her arms and let out a deep sigh that turned into a soft groan at the slight twinge of pain that passed through her overstretched pussy.

"She's beautiful," Shaggy said, looking down at the bundle. "She sure is," Velma said, kissing the top of her daughter's head. "Eight hours of labor, but she was worth every minute of it." "She sure was," Shaggy agreed.

"Shaggy, you have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm going to let it go this time because I'm too tired and happy to care. So when is the rest of the gang going to get here?" "The gang should be here any minute," Shaggy said, giggling at the way his daughter instinctively gripped his finger when he placed it in her hand. "Fred told me they were going to stop and pick up Scooby on the way and that was about fifteen minutes ago." "You know they're never going to let Scooby in here," Velma pointed out.

"When has that ever stopped Scoob from sneaking in when no one's looking?" Shaggy chuckled. "Besides, he said he wants to bring his new puppies along to meet us." "Is everyone decent?" Daphne asked, poking her head around the corner of the door. "Come on in, Daph," Velma called, "I was just asking about you guys." "Sorry we took so long," Daphne said as she and Fred entered the room and settled into one of the chairs with a sigh as she patted her pregnant belly.

"We promised to give Scooby a ride, and we wanted to pick up your gift while we were at it." "Here you go, Velma," Fred said, handing Velma a large flat gift box.

"My aunt knits these and we thought you'd like it." "Let me guess," Velma said sarcastically, "baby booties?" "Not quite," Daphne said, "it's a baby afghan or blanket if you prefer." "Really?" Velma said, opening the box and pulling the knitted blanket out to look at it. "It's beautiful, thank you." "A beautiful blanket for a beautiful girl," Daphne said as Velma moved her daughter into her new blanket.

"So, what is her name?" "Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, meet Daphne Blake Dinkly," Velma said, holding her daughter up so her friends could get a good look at her. When little Daphne began to whimper Velma knew what she wanted and pulled one side of her hospital gown open so so her daughter could suck on her nipple while her friends watched. "Of course it will be Daphne Blake Rogers once we get married and I officially adopt her," Shaggy chuckled.

"So you named her after me?" Daphne said with a bemused grin. "Of course," Velma said, "after all, when the four of us retire we'll need a Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma to take over Mystery Inc for us, right?

Who better than our own children?" "She's right, Daph," Fred said. "And we were talking about naming our baby after Shaggy or Velma." "I know, but I didn't think they'd beat us to it," Daphne sighed. "Psst, riss the croast clear?" a voice called from just outside the door. "Coast's clear, Scoob, come on in," Shaggy called.

With a lab coat draped around his body Scooby Doo scuttled into the room and looked around with a sight of relief. Once he was sure no one else was around he opened his lab coat to reveal several puppies he'd managed to smuggle into the hospital with him. "Scooby, are those your puppies?" Velma squealed as the pups started investigating the room. "Rost of rhim," Scooby said, scrambling to bring the pups back in order. "Rhis is Scooby Junior, rhis is Scooby Dum, rhis is Scooby Dee, and rhis is my nephew Scrappy Doo." "Nephew?" Velma asked.

"I'll explain later," Shaggy promised in a whisper. "Let's just say that Scoob and his sister didn't recognize each other until after they woke up the next morning." "Where's that nurse that told my Uncle Scooby he couldn't come in here? I'll give her a left and a right, I'll show her she can't tell my uncle what to do." "No, Scrappy," Scooby cried, catching his nephew before he managed to run out the door.

"Yeah, Scrappy," Shaggy said, "the nurse was only telling you guys the rules. Besides, she still let you come in, right?" "I guess she did," Scrappy agreed. "But she better not try anything else or I'll let her have it." "Relax, Scrappy, I'm sure everything will be fine," Shaggy told the pup. "Besides, if you make a fuss the nurse will have to kick you out instead of ignoring the fact that you're here." "So, if your plan is to make our own replacements," Shaggy said to Velma as he ran his hand over her body, "when do you want to start the next one?" "I plan to start fucking as soon as my pussy stops aching," Velma said with a grin, "the next baby can wait a while." The End