Sexy amateur teen gets facial and loves it

Sexy amateur teen gets facial and loves it
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Jim could not believe what he had just witnessed. His 18 year old daughter Miranda had just given her boyfriend Marcus the hottest blow job he had ever seen. To top it all off, he had stood just 10 feet from the scene behind a clump of bushes and jacked off, spewing his own huge load in the bushes.

Jim rushed back inside before he was caught. He then sat in his lounger until he heard the patio door open. Miranda!

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Honey is that you? I'm in the den. Come in here for a minute would you? Um, yes Daddy. It's me. Marcus just left and I thought I would run upstairs and take a quick shower. I'll be back down in a few minutes. Okay Daddy? Jim's cleared his throat and his voice became louder. Right now Miranda! I need to see you right now young lady. You can shower later. You and I need to talk. Miranda stopped dead in her tracks and gulped gulped.


Then she backed into the den. Uh. What is it Daddy? I really need to shower. Well then turn around so I can see you, he said. I need to talk to your face.

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Not your back. Miranda gulped again. Then she turned slowly around to face him with her head hanging down. When Jim cleared his throat again, Miranda lifted her chin and stared directly into his eyes.

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Her cum spattered face was now directly in his line of view. I'm so sorry Daddy. Really, really sorry! Tears were misting in the corner of her eyes. Miranda couldn't believe it when her Dad just smiled and shook his head.

That young Marcus fella sure gave my little girl a face full didn't he Miranda? I was watching the whole time you know. I saw the entire thing. You know what Miranda? I found out that my little girl is one hell of a cock sucker. I thought that boy was going to shoot your head off when his legs started shaking and that black pole of his started squirting cum all over your face.

Miranda still couldn't believe what she was hearing. What Daddy? Your telling me you saw the whole thing and your not mad? You saw Marcus spew his cum all over me like a whore and your saying you liked it?

Liked it, her Daddy asked? Hell yes I liked it. I loved it. My only disappointment was not seeing you take that big black cock of that young stud inside your tight little cunt. I guess this is what I'm trying to say Miranda. I have never been so turned on in my life. I wanted to see that big cocked boy fuck your brains out. "Oh My God Daddy." I can't believe your saying that. The only reason I didn't let Marcus put his thing in me was because I was afraid it wouldn't fit.

He's big Daddy. I mean, really, really big! Can I tell you something without you getting mad Daddy? Jim sighed. Then he ran his eyes over every inch of his 18 year old daughters hot little body. Honey, after what I just witnessed, believe me, you can tell me anything. Oh, and one more thing Miranda. When your talking about any mans cock, never, and I mean never call it a "thing". It's a cock baby girl.

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Miranda giggled when her Daddy said cock. Okay Daddy. Anyway. I'm not innocent at all. I have actually sucked more grown mens cocks than I have guys my own age. They all say I'm the best Daddy. They call me the best little cock sucker in the county.

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Oh, and one more thing Daddy. I really did want to fuck Marcus. The only mans cock I've ever had inside me was, um, well it doesn't really matter whose cock it was. But his uh, thing, I mean cock wasn't very big. It was kind of long I guess. But pretty skinny. Oh really, Jim replied?

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So now you think because you've had one mans cock inside you and it wasn't very big, that you won't be able to handle that black snake of your boyfriend Marcus? Oh by the way. I do have just one more question Miranda.

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I need to know who the lucky man was that got to poke my daughters sweet little honey hole with their stiff prick? Miranda winced, then said, your gonna be mad when I tell you Daddy. I know you will be. It was, um, Oh Daddy, it was your business partner, Mr. Jenkins. Do you remember when you told me at my birthday party to take Mr.

Jenkins to the basement and show him what a powerhouse I was on the pool table? Well! When we got down there he asked me if I'd like to make a little wager on the game. Well you know me. Since I thought for sure I would beat him, I told him sure, anything you want. So, he put up $500 dollars and he made me promise to put up my pussy.

Needless to say, I lost the bet and Mr. Jenkins fucked me hard 3 times on top of the pool table.


Oh. I'm so sorry Daddy. But he fucked me soooo damn good. I mean it too. Other than that, the only thing I have ever done with a man is suck his cock. I think there have been 6 men. No, make that 7 different guys after last Friday night. He listened intently to Miranda as she told him about good old Jenkins and now Jims cock was throbbing again. The front of his jeans tented out like a stake.

He sighed, taking a deep breath. Then he told Miranda matter of factly. Honey, that tight little cunt you have under that itty bitty bikini bottom will stretch to accommodate any mans cock. My cock used to be as small as that new hunky boyfriend of yours when I was his age. But I had no trouble sliding my stiff meat deep inside a girls hot little fuck hole and banging her senseless.

Small? You actually think Marcus is small Daddy, Miranda asked? I think Marcus is huge. If you think he's so small, then just what would you consider big to be? Leaning back in his recliner Jim reached his hand out and patted the throbbing boner that outlined his jeans like a baseball bat.

Your friend Marcus has a young boys cock Miranda. He patted his thick package again. This is what a real mans cock looks like. That pussy of yours will stretch Miranda. But it will never break. I think it's time for your shower now isn't it Miranda? Standing up, Jim reached out and grabbed his daughter by the hand.


Together they headed for the stairs. It's time for your Daddy to wash that boys cum off your hot body Miranda. Then when we get you all squeaky clean young lady, your Daddy is going to show you just how wide that succulent young cunt of yours will stretch. Then tomorrow night my little girl is going to give that young boy Marcus the fucking he deserves. How does that sound to you Miranda? Ohhh Daddyyyyy!! That sounds wonderful.

Dropping her Daddys hand, Miranda sprinted up the stairs two at a time. Looking down at him from the upstairs landing she squinted, then purred.

You better hurry Daddy. I really need a shower now. I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

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