Boy gay sex videos first time Making out and deep throating on those

Boy gay sex videos first time Making out and deep throating on those
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This is *NOT* My story. It is just a story that I enjoyed, and would like to see it posted on XNXX. Credit to noodz in beastforum Chapter 1 Being a teenager is hard. So many decisions, so many choices and all the time you are fighting against the social conformities that both protect and restrict you.

I was that teenager, getting ready to finish my exams, have a short break before starting my summer job and then head off to university, to do the school thing all over again. I had finished all my exams bar one and was pretending to study while doing some basic chores.

Walking around listening to my Spanish language cd I saw the neighbours cleaning their pool, getting it ready for the summer that was just around the corner. I waved at the two men and continued on my study way. My mother had been delighted when the pair moved in to the large house next door and converted the basement into a gym and therapy area.

One of the guys was a personal trainer and life coach while the other was a massage therapist, and a good one if you listened to the locals who used him. Dad had a problem with the fact that the neighbours were gay but mum would just smile and shake her head. In fact that seemed to be the response of all the men and women in the area.

Homophobia was alive in well in the suburbs. The fact that they seemed to spend most of their time in tight lycra bike pants infuriated my father and the fact that they had three 'old ladies' dogs, fox terriers, or something, made him laugh. All the same, they held good parties, kept the house immaculate and could talk knowledgeably about most sport seemed to keep the men happy.

The women loved the fact that Steve gave discounted service with the personal training and Sean had hands that were magic. Mum and dad would often phone the lads and tell them when they were going away so they could keep an eye on me and so this weekend it was going to be just me and my watchers. Steve called out so I had to take my earphones out and get him to repeat it. "I said, Hey chica, wanna come over?

I've got some bud we could share." I nodded and said I'd be right over. I wasn't a pot head but I did catch Steve sparking up at one party and we had occasionally had a sneaky smoke since then. I put on some flip flops and looked in the fridge, grabbing a cold bottle of savingnon blanc, and headed over. Sean was talking on the phone to someone and motioned for me to go on back.

The dogs were barking from behind their room barrier so l leaned over and scratched them on their heads. There was a large cage in what had been the dining room. In the cage three equally noisy dogs whined and whimpered. "What's going on in there?" I hugged Steve. He lit up the joint and handed it to me for the first puff.

I inhaled deeply and smiled. Taking another inhalation I handed it back and waited as the buzz began to drift over me. "The boys have to service some bitches, spread their pedigree seed around." He sucked on the joint and then asked if I was okay before he gently rolled the lit tip, putting it out.

"You are going to see some hard core dog fucking." He grinned and noticed my nipples poking out, the result of the buzz. Joking that I would take someone's eye out with those he reached over and squeezed my unrestrained breasts, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. I giggled and slapped his hands away. Sean came in and told us that the owner of the bitches was going to be late and so they would have to service the dogs without her there.

He then asked how I was, commenting that I was looking tense, stiff around my neck. He put one hand on my shoulders and another on my stomach, controlling my breathing while digging his fingers into my back and neck. Murmuring something about shakra's he suddenly cupped my pubic mound and buried his thumb into my left shoulder making me cry out.

Releasing me he told Steve it was time to get going. The three dogs were brothers, pedigrees. They backs were knee height and their long, narrow noses were busily sniffing the air, circling the cages and barking at the bitches. "You can help us out, can't you Chrissy?" We entered the room, kicking the bean bags to the side.

The dogs ran at us, eager to get our attention. I was starting to really feel the impact of the weed and when one of the dogs shoved his snout up my dress I just shrieked with laughter and collapsed on a bean bag, legs kicking out from under me.

All the dogs rushed my crotch, and as I rolled to get up I was mounted by all of them. The men watched for a moment before pulling the horny dogs from me. I was still giggling when I was handed a lead and told to keep a hold of Winny.

Steve got one of the bitches from the cage and dragged his dog to her. Holding him he positioned him at the bitches rear. The dog whimpered and hopped around a bit as Sean and I sat on the couch. "How do you feel?" I smiled and replied that I was feeling good.

He pulled the joint out again and lit it, making me take a couple more hits. "Look, he's getting into it, his penis is poking out." Sean pointed at Neville, the terrier Steve was holding. "He's going to-" he stopped talking as the dog mounted the bitch. Steve held the bitch while directing his dog's small, wet, pink cock into her. There was sudden howling and crying out from the female dog as he began to hammer his penis into her.

I could not stop looking at it, even when I noticed that it was making me feel a little turned on. Neville suddenly stopped.

"Is that it?" I asked. I hadn't had sex before, but it was only because the boy I had decided to lose my cherry with ended up having sex with my panties, not me.

I guess premature ejaculation went across species. "No, sweetie" Steve laughed, " His cock is swelling up inside her and he's got this knot that will tie them before he swings his legs over and they'll be arse to arse for at least ten minutes. Just wait until you see the size of their cocks, honey, you'll be wanting one for yourself." I looked under Winston's belly and the soft white sheath.

Sean told me to grab it and rub it. I did, feeling the penismoving the sheath a little until the little pink tip emerged. Neville moved, dragging a back leg over and the two dogs were joined tightly. I felt Winny growing and looked under to see a shiny cock getting longer.

I moved my hand from the sheath onto the slick flesh and began to gently jerk the doggie cock. "Watch, Chris, he's pulling out." With a sharp bark Neville pulled his now massive dick from the bitches passage.

My mouth dropped as I saw the long, thick tool, the knot still large as the penis jerked and hung between his legs. He began to lick on the penis as Sean put the bitch back into the cage getting out the second one. I was on my knees at the back of the dogs, holding on the cock, feeding it into the bitch and feeling the slick member thrusting into her as my hand held it.

"This is awesome," I murmured as Winny rapidly mated her, knotting and turning moments after he had entered her. "Not many virgins get to see this much cock in an afternoon," Sean joked as I remained bent over, watching, amazed. "You'd better watch out or you'll find yourself being bred by some horny males." I looked at the two men and said that if a horny male wanted me at the moment, they could have me.

I felt my dress being lifted and turned to see Sean kneeling behind me. "Stay there, Chris," he pulled the crotch of my knickers to one side and pressed his clean shaven face into me, his tongue poking into my moist vagina before it flickered downward across my sensitive clitoris.

My toes curled as he pulled me down onto his face and began to eat my cunt noisily. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of a man driving his tongue in and out of my untouched pussy. It felt so different from my own fingers, it was wonderful. The sound of a zip made me open my eyes as Steve knelt in front of me.

He pulled out a thick, tanned cock and held it to my lips, running it around the flesh until a opened my mouth. "Taste it, flick your tongue over the tip, good, now run it around the bottom and the top." He groaned and told Sean I had a lot of potential. Sean replied that I was coming over his face and I was the juiciest little virgin cunt he had ever eaten.

I glanced over at the dogs and saw Winny's big cock dangling between his legs, the bitch whimpering quietly from the mating she had received.

I rolled my eyes back and rode the tongue in my pussy, bucking into my first tongue induced orgasm. Steve continued to give me instructions for my first blowjob and I felt a more insistent tongue driving into my pussy.

There was a slap on my arse and Sean pushed me down, my knees spreading out wider until my clit occasionally grazed the floor. I felt a push on my back and then felt fur on my arse. Trying to pull my head off the cock in my mouth I was told to relax, to get my little virgin pussy ready for a hard cock. Sean's hands spread my wet lips and there was a sudden sharp thrusting in the mouth of my vagina as Neville began to try and find somewhere to bury his cock.

Moments later a dog took my virginity, popping my cherry with a long, pistoning action that slid his dick in and out of me. I cried out as the dog fucked me, burying the length to the hilt and the two men I had assumed to be gay took it in turns to feed their cocks into my mouth. The dog hunched faster and faster until I could feel him swelling and the bulbous knot.

The men took their cocks from my mouth and watched my expression as the dog began to knot with me, filling my inexperienced passage with his alien member while his semen began to spurt into my womb. The pain was incredible, I was almost aching from the stretching but there was something more. Sean moved and licked his fingers before he began to softly rub and manipulate my clit while Steve began to tug and pinch my swollen nipples. Neville attempted to turn but as his cock began to shift and rotate another orgasm bucked through my system.

The sudden movement released the tie and his fat dick slithered out, popping and sucking as the knot withdrew. Doggie cum began to dribble from my gaping lips and my knees began to spread further. Sean didn't allow me to fall to the floor, holding me up with one strong arm. I thought he was being helpful but he was holding me in position for Tony, the only dog who had yet to breed with a bitch. I don't know if Tony was a bigger boy or if I was just very sensitive from my initiation but he filled my passage so much that I could feel the cum escaping the join between my cunt and his knot.

His rutting slowed as his balls pulsed, sending shot after shot of cum deeper into me. Sean lit the joint again and blew smoke in my mouth, telling me I was a good cunt and the dogs liked having a woman to fuck. I was gasping as the dog's fat prick pulled out, the large knot pushing my lips apart as he withdrew. I was crying from the pain and the humiliation as Winny mounted me, jack-hammering his cock into my now bleeding pussy. The men began to jerk their cocks off, occasionally popping it into my open mouth, gagging me as they pushed down my compliant throat.

Winny's semen joined the others so when he pulled out after a relatively short knot it felt as if a litre of cum was spilling from me. Sean took my hair in his hands and powered his fat tool into my throat, grunting as his cum shot into my, filling my mouth while Steve preferred to empty his balls over my face.

I lay on my stomach, cum pooling between my legs and watched as Tony was taken to the third bitch to plant his seed in her. Steve helped me up and ran his hand between my legs before bringing it up to my mouth, feeding me the mixture of mine and the dogs' juices.

He took me outside and told me to take off my dress. "Clean yourself up." "But I'll get… semen in the pool, and I'm bleeding." "Honey, that was just your cherry, you're not torn, just sore, and as for cum, I've had more pussy in this pool than anywhere else, so don't you worry." He held my dress while I dove in.

He told me to do breast stroke, with the frog legs so my used cunt would gape open, flushing juices out. "You were spectacular," Sean came out with a robe, "you are a natural little cum slut. I can't believe how you took those cocks and the knots. The boys fuck hard and fast and you took them in your sweet little cunt." He slid the robe around my shoulders and tied it around my waist.

"I can't wait to fuck you." He turned me around and I saw my mother standing on the patio, looking for me. "Shit," I swore quietly. "Hey! Mum!" I waved and asked why she was back. "We forgot our phone charger, I've been trying to text you for the past hour" I watched as Sean licked his thumb and stepped behind me. "Sorry Mrs B, we needed her help with the dogs." I gasped as his thumb pushed into my tight arse while two fingers curled up into my loose pussy.

"We'll send her right back after we've finished using her." My mother laughed and waved her hand dismissively. "Use her all you like, boys, just remember she needs to practice her oral." "We're only too happy to help her out with her oral, Mrs B." He leaned forward, "you have a nice tight arse, I'm glad we're going to get rid of that cherry later." His knuckles grazed over the walls of my pussy and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of needing to pee. He continued to rotate the fingers and knuckles as I tried to focus on what my mother was saying.

She asked if I was okay, I seemed a bit flushed. Before I could answer Sean twisted his knuckles and I began to cum, juices dribbling over his hand and down my leg as he held me upright. "We've just been keeping her busy, giving her a good working over." My mother laughed at this, laughed at the daughter being held up by two rotating fingers in her recently deflowered pussy and still virginal arse. She waved and left me in the care of these two lechers.

I watched her leave, half disturbed that these two men were going to do anything they wanted to me and half willing her to go so I could spread my legs for another hard fuck. Steve moved in front of me and pushed the robe back, licking and sucking my c cup breasts as Sean began to finger fuck me more vigorously. I shuddered again from the stimulation and grunted as more juices ran down my legs.

Sean moved his attentions to my anus, moving the thumb out and the two fingers in. I sagged against Steve's mouth and tongue and began to ride the thrusting digits. "Let's take this inside, we need to get this little virgin begging for cock." I looked at the two men, my body like a raw nerve.

I told them I wanted their cocks in my cunt, that I wanted them to paint me in cum, that I wanted them to take my last virginity, to ram themselves in me, to make me cum so much I would be addicted to their sperm. I told them I wanted to be gangbanged by their big cocked dogs, that I wanted to feel them squeezing their knots into my tightness and filling me with their watery cum.

I wanted to feel the men's lips close over my nipples and their tongues fucking in and out of my wet cunt. I told them this as they walked me inside, one of my hands rubbing on each of their hard cocks. They had a breast each and nibbled and sucked on the puckering nub.

I reached into their lycra shorts and pulled out a thick rod of flesh. Steve was long and uncut while Sean's fat dick curved to the left, the head, red and exposed. I may have been young but I had seen my fair share of porn in my quest for the perfect orgasm. My memory had a whole collection of things to say and ways to act. At school all it ever gave me was a grope and fondle with a sticky skirt or pair of panties but I had two stone cold hunks who knew how to fuck. I knelt in front of the men and licked my lips as I held their warm, pliant dicks.

Licking the tips I moved back and forwards, taking each cock further into my mouth with each change. Holding a cock in my mouth I flicked my tongue along the bottom of the shaft, marvelling at how they thickened and lengthened.

They took me over to the ottoman and I sat down then lay back, letting the robe fall open. I spread my legs and reached down to explore my newly broken pussy as they watched.

Steve smiled and knelt between my legs, running his tongue from my clit to my arse before sucking my clit into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the sensitive flash before noisily driving the rolled, moving flesh in and out of my juicy cunt. Sean began kiss me, sucking on my tongue as he massaged my breasts. He asked how I liked my new job as their fuck toy and the dogs' new bitch. As Steve rode out my next orgasm, his tongue firmly grazing over my pussy lips, I gasped that I loved it, but I was looking forward to more on the job training, especially from the horny terriers.

Chapter 2 I was wet from Steve's tongue when Sean moved behind his house mate. He tapped him on the back of the head and watched as he moved away, holding my legs open. Kneeling, Sean ran the blunt tip of his hard cock up and down my slit, occasionally pushing it into the mouth of my pussy before forcing its way back up through the aching lips. "You've had three dog cocks in you, now it's time for me," he pounded his hips forward and drove his 7 inch dick into me.

I felt my vagina accept his length and girth as he began to pump the full length in to me, allowing the cock head to pop out again so he could have me experience the entry again and again. "She is so tight, so tight." "I told you she would be up for it. When she saw that chick blowing me at the Christmas party her nipples got hard." He grabbed my breast and sucked the nipple into his warm mouth.

I had forgotten that night. I hadn't thought she was blowing him, I hadn't really noticed her as I was too toasted from my dabbling with drugs. My nipples were hard because that seemed to be what the drugs did to me.

"Do you like my cock, you little slut?" he was pumping me quickly, grunting as his balls swung and hit my arse. "feels different from the dogs cocks, I can keep this up for just as long." Unlike the dogs his cock didn't swell up but he did keep fucking me for much longer. "I'm going to cum in you, baby, I'm going to cum," he threw his head back and with a strangled cry emptied himself deep inside me.

He pulled out of me, straddling to move to the couch where he collapsed, legs spread, massaging my juices around his shaft as he watched Steve move into position.

"Sloppy seconds isn't my scene, bro. You could've come on her tits." I was flipped over, my legs spread again and another cock began to caress my lips, burying its head in my moist opening. All the men in the street thought these guys were gay and here they were, about to service the leading lady in the middle aged men's spank bank.

He continued his shallow thrusts and then would run the cock over my gash, occasionally pushing against my clenched anus. I grunted and moaned as I got lost in the feeling of being the fuck slut of these two men. "Ready to lose your next cherry?" Before I could form the words I was shrieking as a large, solid tool shoved its head into my arse. I could feel the force of his weight driving his penis in and in. "Please, please, it hurts, it's burning, you're so big," I tried to moved away but he grabbed my shoulders and held me as my arse began to adapt to the fat cock buried in it.

He spat into his hand and slathered it around the base of his penis as he began to slowly withdraw. It felt uncomfortable and unfamiliar as he pulled out only to drive the more lubricated tool back in. My back hunched as I cried out again, begging him to take his cock out of me, please. He was deep in me when Steve picked me up and moved so he was sitting with my arse in his lap and my legs held up. He lifted and dropped me down as I continued to whimper and beg. Sean was pulling on his cock as he watched his friend violate me over and over.

Laying back I was left straddling Steve's hips. "If you want me out then lift yourself off." Leaning forward I rested my hands on his thighs and began to try and slide myself off the fat cock. He twitched his thighs and I lost my leverage, sliding back onto him until he was even deeper inside me. Steve sat up and grabbed my thighs again, pumping his shaft into me at lightening speed until he gave a coughing grunt and spasmed, shooting his cum into my bowels. Pushing me off his lap he looked down at himself and went to the kitchen.

He returned wiping himself down with a wet wipe and spread my arse cheeks. "No more," I whimpered. He used the wipe to clean around my arse, not sopping up the leaking semen, just the less attractive leakage from my now broken anus.

The two men sat, cocks hanging out, smoke in their hands watching as I slowly recovered. "Well, now you're a real woman, Chris." Steve leaned over and kissed me, blowing smoke into my mouth then sucking on my tongue and squeezing my breasts.

"How do you feel?" I winced and sat up. I was sore and told them so. "You've had five cocks in you today. Neville popped you and so did Steve." I glanced at Steve and told him he had hurt.

He told me to get used to it because he had loved the feeling of my tight, warm arse and he couldn't wait to do a double on me. The doorbell rang and the men tucked themselves in, talking about the expected guest, the owner of the bitches. I reclined on the couch and smiled as I ran my hands over my body. It felt battered, stretched and bruised but one sneaky caress set my nerves jangling and pulse racing.

I heard barking and they took out the cages while the lady led the three guests out to her car. Talking loudly they all returned and stood outside the dogs room. I watched their reflection in the glass on a picture and sat up as the two men moved to stand in front and behind her.

They began to kiss and touch her, pulling at her clothes and basically working her up. Then they disappeared into the dogs' room and I lost my view. I closed my eyes and reached down to stroke myself. There were a collection of moans until a sharp cry and a series of grunts got my attention. I got up and walked to the room. Standing naked in the doorway I watched as one of the dogs hammered his hard cock into her willing, wet cunt.

Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed as Steve pressed the dog into her, helping him knot with his new bitch. Winny came up to me, jumping up, and alerted Sean to my presence. He beckoned me over and told me to sit down and spread my legs. He leaned over and began to suckle on my nubile flesh and tender young titties. His hand patted my pubis and moments later a probing nose was investigating before a long, hot tongue began to paint my flesh with doggie spit.

I shuddered under his ministrations and looked at Sean who called me a cock hungry little slut. The woman looked at me, her eyes hooded by passion as the dog wrenched his hard cock from her and began to clean herself off. Steve called Winny over and told me to move to the floor. I was pushed forward and told to take hold of my ankles and pull my legs back. Fully spread I was introduced to my next experience.

A skilled tongue dug deep between my pussy lips and the woman began to eat me, yelling into my gash as the dog began to pummel her sopping cunt. The boys watched as their dogs serviced the woman and she serviced me, sucking my clit, biting it and rhythmically lapped my juices. When I got tired holding my legs Sean moved into place and squatted over my face, encouraging me to lick his cock and balls as they rested on my active lips and tongue.

Lying in bed that night I had to force myself to keep my hands from my pussy. I was sore and had immediately covered myself in anti-inflammatory cream when I got home. It was a bad move as the peppermint in the cream burnt and turned my already tender flesh into a raw nerve but I was desperate to get over the soreness.

I was desperate to go back to their place and get fucked again. I couldn't believe I had waited this long to lose my virginity. I had been poked and fondled by inexperienced boys but these men were skilled. I was pretty sure that a couple of friends fathers would be as good and thought I should've tried to seduce them. There was still time and if the lads continued to school me in cock sucking then not a man alive would be able to resist me.

I took the laptop to bed and went to a porn video search engine, putting 'double' into the search box. It was an indication of my dedication to near future cock action that I did not immediately jam my entire fist into my cunt when I saw what it meant.

A video clip of two men holding a woman between them as they stood, sawing their long, fat cocks into her helpless cunt had me clenching and unclenching as my pussy longed for the treatment I was watching.

Some guy called Steve Holmes seemed to figure in a lot of the movies and further searching had me actually cumming by squeezing my legs together as he and a bald guy got all bdsm on a woman, double fucking her with an intensity that made me ache from need.

The next day my older sister came home from university, taking a short break before she was due to start working for the holidays. I had no chance to slip next door until Tuesday and no opportunity to do some more research into double penetration.

I lay in bed softly caressing my pussy until I drew an orgasm out of my body. It was not the same as a cock or a tongue but it did allow me to recover just a little more.

On Tuesday I was due to go and study at a friend's and so my newly discovered need had to be put to one side for one more day. I did pop next door to tell the lads that I had to go and study and they seemed as disappointed as me. Steve invited me in and asked if I was sore then took me to the side of the house that was the gym and studio. He had me lie on the massage table and called in Sean.

They ran their hands over my body, touching the bruised flesh and complimenting my anti-flam idea. "Your little pussy is still a little puffy." Steve kissed the blonde hair on the mound and commented that it would be better if there was no hair to get in the way.

Teen couple gets bored and starts fucking

The dogs would be licking me in the future and both men would like to watch the tongues digging in to my slit. They bustled around as I lay on the table, dress pulled up and panties dangling from one ankle. "We're going to wax you, baby, make you nice and smooth, but it's going to hurt like a hard cock ramming up your arse… which you should remember." The hot strips were laid on and ripped off as Steve held me down then held one leg the another so even the hair between my arse cheeks was wrenched out.

Steve continued to hold my legs aloft as Steve feasted on my newly exposed flesh and drank down my juices as I came in his mouth.

Sean then massaged oil into the sore, red mound and asked me if I had played with myself last night. "No, but I looked up what a double was and came just by squeezing my legs together.

I saw a video of two guys holding a girl up and giving it to her as they stood up." Steve liked that idea and said that a double fuck standing would be possible. They wanted to know if I was going to try and get my friend to eat my pussy, because I had enjoyed the female strangers tongue dancing over my little erect clitty.

I blushed and shook my head. They asked if the girl's father was handsome and whether I would like to suck his cock and let him cum on my face. I paused for just a moment too long and they teased me about wanting to blow a man as old as my dad.

And I did. Sitting opposite Mr Hudson all I could think about was his cock. He was in his work clothes, just trousers and a white shirt with a tie but I could not stop looking at his pants and zipper. He had a close cut balding head and a sort of trendy moustache and reminded me of a weedy version of one of the porn guys I had watched the night before.

Stacey and I spoke in Spanish through the entire meal, with her telling me in halting words that she wanted to sneak out after dinner.

I replied that I was tired as I had had a big day yesterday and I was worried about the exam. She dismissed that, saying I was silly, or an idiot, I was the top student. "You don't have to be good at everything," she said in English. "I need to work on my oral, I can't get my tongue around it all," I looked at Mr Hudson, "I want to be the best at oral that I can be." Stacey shrieked with laughter and reverting to Spanish told me I sounded rude.

I let my eyes widen and slapped my hands over my mouth. I was a good girl, Stacey was the slut. She was going to sneak out to shag her boyfriend even though she had been grounded for the length of the exams.

She got up and helped her mother clear the table. "You are a real over achiever, aren't you Chris." "I like to be good at what I do, Mr Hudson." I took my thumb in my mouth, sucking off some sauce and drawing the digit out slowly, flicking my tongue around it.

"I need help with my oral, I need to get my tongue around all those big… words." He shifted nervously and snuck a quick look under the table where he saw my legs open and my naked pussy exposed.

Clearing his throat he began to say something but Stacey bounced in and told me we should head to her room. I leapt up and followed her out, returning moments later to grab her phone. I leaned over his shoulder, grazing an erect nipple across his cheek and grabbed the Nokia before running out. I paused outside her room, catching my breath, totally aroused by my daring seduction then went in. We spent an hour studying then at half seven her mum came in to say she was off to book club.

Stacey waited for her dad to pop his head in next to say he was going to be in his study working and not to disturb him. He gave me a rather longing look and closed the door behind him. Stacey was out the window less than a minute later, leaving me with my study books and a twitching pussy. I studied for another half an hour then changed in to my shorty nightie.

Stacey said she would be home before her mum at ten so I had a couple of hours to try and get to Mr Hudson. I padded down the hall and stood outside the office, getting some courage and squeezing my legs together. I knocked on the door and stepped in, closing it behind me.

He looked up from his work and coughed nervously. "I'm just going to make myself a drink. Do you want anything to drink… or eat?" He stood up and moved around his desk, pausing and then sitting on the corner.

He cleared his throat again. "What has come over you, Chris." I smiled and told him 'nothing, yet, but the evening was still young.' He wanted to tell me off, for being so overtly flirtatious but I noticed his pants move slightly.

"Maybe you have something for me to drink." I took two steps forward and he moved nervously. He offered me alcohol, a brandy to calm my nerves and settle me down. He then asked if Stacey had snuck out again. I nodded and said we were all alone in the house.

His cock jerked in his pants and I walked to him. "I don't need alcohol, I need something else." I moved in close, standing between his legs, the desk corner pressing into my mound. I gently humped the wood, my hands on his thighs. His hands rested on top of mine and after pausing for a moment he pulled then up towards his crotch. I moaned in what I assumed was a sexually suggestive way and found the shape of his lengthening penis.

He was a big boy. Leaning forward I whispered in his ear. "Get your cock out for me, Mr Hudson, I want to see your big penis." He hurriedly unzipped and fished a sizable tool from his y-fronts. I was instantly on my knees and gripping the cock. It took both my hands and the head still stuck out. I lashed my tongue over it and began to swallow it, jerking my open, moist lips up and down until I was taking it down to my second hand. He rested a hand on the back of my head, encouraging my movements and telling me to take him deeper.

"Yeh, baby, take my dick, take it, suck it down, baby, get your tongue over my cock, yes, yeeeeeessss." He pulled me off, his cock popping out of my sucking lips with a loud slurping noise.

He made me stand up and kissed me deeply, pulling up my nightie and moaning into my mouth as he felt my bald skin. "You little, slut, you are dripping wet." A finger curved up into me and I took it upon myself to lean back and open my legs, holding them behind my knees.

"I need your tongue in my cunt. I need you to fuck me with your tongue," I begged. He obliged with no hesitation, feasting on my juices and telling me what a little hot slut I was. He took me on his desk, driving his big cock in and out of me and I humped up into him. I was tight, and wet and my little pussy was gripping his fat cock and he loved fucking my teenage cunt. I wrapped my legs around him and began to ask if he was going to empty his balls in me.

He asked if he could shoot in me, if he could cum in my little teenage cunt, in my little slut pussy and I moaned 'yes, yes, yes' as the older man began to pile drive his cock into my barely used vagina. One huge thrust was followed by another as sweat poured from him and his cum spurted deep into me. Collapsing on me I felt his shrinking prick slither from me and jerk onto my thigh.

"You fuck like a little pro, Chris," his tongue invaded my mouth, wrestling with my own before he began to suck my tongue and flick around my lips. "Your little pussy is so tight." "You are only my third cock," I paused, "if you don't count the three dog cocks." That information was more effective than Viagra and within ten minutes of sucking and finger fucking I was on my hands and knees with my friend's father pounding in and out of my accommodation pussy.

He clawed at my breasts as he sawed his penis in and out of me, asking if that was how the dogs had given it to me. A fat thumb in my arse forced me to buck into a powerful orgasm and he asked if I would like his big cock in there.

I would not, not yet. I told him I had only been fucked in my arse once and that was enough to set off the pile driving, breath taking, grunting and gasping cum spurting routine. He collapsed to one side, leaning against his desk. I got up and straddled his face, lowering my pussy on to his lips and telling him to clean me up. He was reluctant at first until I told him that he needed to clean me so the other women would not smell him in me. His tongue lashed out and he began to suck out the generous cream pie he had deposited.

I rode his face, begging him to put his tongue in me deeper, to eat me faster as my juices coated his face. I arched my back and pressed his face into me as I came loudly then with shaky legs walked out of the room and to bed. The next morning Mr Hudson drove me home, to a house that was, once again, empty.

I asked him to help me with my bag even though it was my small satchel school bag. He followed me dutifully and found himself in my room. If the blinds were raised one of the sides of my room looked out straight into the studio room of the neighbours. They were rarely opened but as Mr Hudson dropped my bag on the floor I opened them, hoping for an audience. I thanked Mr Hudson for the ride home and unzipped his trousers. Kneeling in front of him I took his cock into my mouth and gave him a spectacularly successful blowjob.

He spurted his cum over my face shortly after I had pulled him from his pants and with an embarrassed look at my semen coated cheeks he told me we could not do this again and fled. I stood up and looked out the window to see Steve and Sean smiling and applauding my performance. They took their cocks out of their shorts, both were hard, and beckoned me to come over, to give them what would become known as 'the Mr Hudson' treatment.

Chapter 3 "I'm a little slut," my head bobbed up and down one cock before I turned my head and sucked down another, my hands sliding back and forward over the shafts. "I can't get enough cock." Steve pulled his penis from my hand and told me to take off my dress and bra. Sean slowly stroked his tool as his house mate rubbed oil on by breasts and then straddled my chest, squeezing my breasts together and fucking his cock between them.

I didn't have large breasts but they seemed to do the trick as me bucked faster and faster, telling me to put my tongue out and lick the tip of his prick. His cum shot up my nose, into my eyes and hair and down my throat, making me cough suddenly. He rubbed the cum over my face and stepped away only to be replaced by the larger cock of Sean. He repeated the actions of his friend, titty fucking me until he moved up, grabbing my head and my nose, burying his fat cock deep in my throat.

I choked around his shaft and was almost relieved to feel the hot spurts of semen blasting my tonsils. He stepped over me and smiled down. I sat up and wiped my face, looking at Steve's back. "Is that it?" Steve turned, tucking himself back into his shorts. "If you want more, you need to ask for it. We thought you just want us to come on your face.

Isn't that what you just showed us, your new appreciation for older men's spunk?" Sean handed me a wet wipe and I dabbed the juice from my face and nose. "I've got a client in a couple of minutes." Sean left the room and Steve came over to me. He kissed me softly, darting his tongue around my mouth as his hands dug into the cheeks of my arse.

He wanted to know if I wanted more or if I liked the feeling of men unloading on my face, so turned on by my teenage body that they couldn't control themselves. He asked me about Mr Hudson, how it had felt knowing I had that kind of power on a man who had watched me grow up. Knowing that I had the ability to make him forget his wedding vowels, forget those family times I had shared, forget everything but burying his cock in my tight pussy.

It had felt good. I had spent a few moments looked at the almost bald head of my friend's dad as he tongue fucked me, and then later grabbing his head as I rode his tongue.

He had whimpered and moaned like someone in pure ecstasy. I had liked that feeling and I had like the idea of this familiar face being buried tongue deep in my cunt. I squirmed as I told Steve all this and he just smiled. "I have watched you ever since you got drunk at your 18th and jumped into our pool in your nightie", (I had a slumber party and got trashed playing some drinking game.) "When you got out I could see your little virgin bush and your cute little nipples poking through the material.

I had a hard on for days thinking about bending you over and fucking your arse." Sean came in, grinning. He had been expecting Sylvia Blair, a woman who lived across the road but it was her husband. She had made the booking because he had been complaining about tight shoulders and stress. He was one of the men who had loudly complained about these guys (gays) moving in to the neighbourhood so having him getting comfortable on the table was a coup. Steve was the first to start chuckling.

He asked how long the Blair's had lived in the street. "They've been here twelve years," I frowned and asked why he wanted to know. "How long have you known Mr Hudson?" It became apparent where Steve was heading with his questions. I squirmed. Mr Blair was a lawyer in the city and spent every major sporting event at our place, drinking with my dad and yelling at the screen. He dressed well but had a bit of a Neanderthal look with an almost permanent 5 o'clock shadow and a haircut that was the bane of his wife's life.

I had never spent any time thinking about him like that but now that Steve introduced the idea it was all I could focus on. Sean went off to start his client and Steve followed him, scheming. I stood up and squeezed my thighs together. Going down to the studio I stood in the open doorway and watched Sean manipulating the feet of the older man. They were chatting away as he dug his fingers into the calf muscles then moved around to the shoulders, avoiding the entire middle of his body.

Mr Blair grunted as the massage therapist found the tension and began to work at it. Mr Blair was certainly a hirsute man with hairy forearms and a thick pelt on his chest. "Nick, I have someone here who is doing a bit of work with me, learning the, um, ins and outs of the business. Is it okay if she comes in and observes?" He got the client to turn onto his stomach and rest his head in the donut shape at the head of the table.

"No pressure," he leaned down and muttered something in the man's ear and then beckoned me in. I had a choice. I could turn and leave, go home and do some study for my exam the next day, or I could enter and let whatever was going to happen, happen. I could let really let my slut loose. I stepped inside. Sean was all business. Apart from the fact that I was told to strip via sign language he proceeded to tell me what to do.

I focused on the legs, using the hell of my palms and then my oiled forearms to roll the hairy flesh. Steve knocked on the door and said there was a kind of important call for Sean. I was suddenly alone with the 46 year old neighbour. I kept the movement going and moved up to his back. "I know it is really bad, but now that it's you, can you do my thighs and lower back.

I sound like a homophobe but having a man's hands on me freaks me out a bit." He reached around and pulled the towel from his back, exposing a pair of hairy thighs and butt cheeks. I told him that it was fine and continued to use my forearms to press and roll his firm flesh. I was oblivious to the fact that as I reached over him my breasts were dragging across his skin.

"So, this must be a little different, being on the other side." I had no idea what he was talking about.

"I suppose there is a big difference between being a massage therapist and a masseuse. It's funny that the one that can offer a happy ending is the cheaper of the two." "I think that depends on what you consider to be a happy ending," I commented, having no idea what a happy ending entailed other than having unlocked muscles.

He asked me to work on his thighs and gluts, shifting occasionally as I reached across. As my hands and arms moved over him I was getting more and more worked up. It was the hair, the flesh, and nearness of his naked body and the potential to have this familiar man fuck me senseless. As I moved around to the other side he moved and the towel he was resting his head on fell. I bent over to pick it up and unwittingly gave him a clear view of my naked arse and bare breasts.

His thighs were slightly parted and I got a good view of his hairy ball sack, sending a thrill straight to my now tightly clenched thighs. I traced my hands up his inner thigh and watched as he parted his thighs even more. My oiled fingers ran down the crease of his arse and gently caressed the crinkly, hairy scrotum. I don't quite know what came over me but I climbed on the table and bent down, licking his arse and darting my exploring tongue onto his sensitive flesh.

"Oh, God. My wife thinks I'm tense because of work but if she actually let me sleep with her, if she did this, oh God." I lay on him, my pert, hard nippled breasts pressing against him. "Turn over." I lifted myself so he could roll onto his back. I took the towel he had been resting his head on and covered his face.

"No touching." I slid back down his body, his hard cock dragging between my thighs, over my moist pussy lips, over my stomach, between my breasts and finally the hard rod sank into the warm depths of my mouth. The mass of grey and black hair made his solid, thick cock seem small but the length reached back to my tonsils, making me gag and withdraw. Moaning I began to suck and lick, enjoying the new shape and taste in my mouth. I was sucking the cock of a man who's wife took me shopping for a ball dress, a man who I had never thought about in a sexual way until ten minutes ago.

I ran my hands over his furry belly and wanted to feel that coarse hair on my thighs, and spread my cunt juice over him. Mr Hudson was my first older man but he had said no more. Mr Blair could be my second older man, and my new fuck buddy. I turned and straddled his belly, grinding my wet, aroused pussy over him, feeling the hair tickling me. I back up further until I felt his chin and the stubble rasping on my lips.

I moaned as his face moved and his mouth opened to taste me for the first time. I fell on his cock, shafting it in and out of my mouth like a woman possessed. He shouted as he clumsily ate me, kissing and sucking. I pulled his cock out and sat further back. "Drive your tongue up into me, fuck your tongue in and out, yes, that's, yes, Suck on my clit, flick, oh," I grunted my instructions while my hand jerked his spit covered cock up and down.

I rode his rapidly learning tongue and lips until I felt an orgasm approaching. I bent back down to continue sucking him. I could feel his balls tightening and pulled my lips from him. "Come on my face, Mr Blair, come on my face." His tongue flattened and one fast lash across the clit sent a sharp shiver through me. I grabbed his cock and slid my mouth down the side, begging him to shoot all over me.

He barked out a sharp grunt and thick, white cum spurted then dribbled out. I ran my face over the still hard shaft and then, with a groan, climbed down from him and the table.

His eyes were closed, his face slightly glazed with my juices. I leaned over and flicked my tongue across the tip of his now softening cock and he gave a satisfied groan as he sat up. "Now, that was some happy end-" he saw my come smeared face and froze. "ing. Jesus, Chris, is that… what the fuck, what the…" He climbed off the table and reached for his towel.

I moved closer to him, running my hands over his hairy chest, gripping the hair and then swirling my tongue around his nipples. He pushed me away and I sat on the table, legs wide for a clear view. "Your tongue felt so good in me and you have a lovely cock, so thick and your balls are full of tasty cum." He clumsily wrapped the towel around him and asked what the fuck I thought I was doing.

He was a friend of the family, a friend of my dad. I was doing some work experience with Sean, what if he came in and saw them, he would be furious. I looked at the closed door and then back at him. He was struggling to comprehend the whole situation and was fighting the morality of my actions. "You said your wife needed to fuck you not send you for massages but here I am, I can do both, anytime you want." He couldn't take his eyes off my bald pussy. "I've never eaten a woman's…" "Cunt, Mr Blair, you've never eaten a woman's cunt.

You just needed a couple of pointers and you were very good. I really want you to… I have only been with three men," I paused for effect, "and three dogs." That was the clincher. He was buried in my teenage pussy right up to his hairy belly in a matter of minutes.

The table screeched as he bucked upwards, clawing at my breasts as I clung to the padded equipment loving the fast rhythm of his hips colliding with my arse. He grunted and groaned as he fucked the wet little pussy of his neighbour. I looked up into a floor length mirror, watching my flushed face as I winced at his girth stretching and pummelling me.

His eyes were shut, his mouth was open and sweat was making his chest and belly hair glisten. He lifted my right leg, changing position slightly and giving himself more leverage as he drove deeper and deeper. He gasped my name as I begged him to fuck me harder and harder, to make me cum and to cum over my face so I could eat his spunk. "I want to cum in your tight little cunt, I need to…" he shot his load deep in me and immediately pulled out, stepping away from me as if I was radio-active.

He looked at me, still bent over the table, watching him as he paced around the small room, overwhelmed by the guilt of what he had just done. "Jesus, what if your dad finds out." He was doing it, doing a Mr Hudson. He had sucked me, nearly made me come and shot his load over my face before he had pounded into me and now he was panicking.

"I'm not going to tell him." With a simple 'we cannot do this again' he fled the room and almost knocked Sean over as he rushed through the door. I stood up and swore quietly. He was older man number two who had no problem fucking me until he had cum, then he got the guilts. While their cocks were in my mouth or pussy there was no issue. "Jesus, has he got a place he has to be?" I felt a little teary and asked why Sean and Steve had set me up like that. I wondered if they were punishing the local men for treating them like social outcasts or if they were going to start to pimp me out.

"Men think about sex all the time, everyone knows that. They just forget that women think about it just as much. We just thought you needed a bit of fun before you head off to uni and who better to have fun with than men with a lot to lose?" Steve led me out of the room and up the stairs.

"You are having fun seducing these men, aren't you?" He leaned down and sucked on my breasts as I whimpered 'yes'. "They might run away and say they don't want to do this again but one flash of your sweet little pussy and they will be ramming their cocks onto you while their wives are checking outside gardening." He told me that he couldn't stop thinking about my snatch and if he didn't have to get sorted for another client he would be getting some practice for this standing double I had mentioned.

He sat me down on the couch and left, closing the door behind him. I smiled and sighed, then realised I was in the dogs' lounge with three curious terriers looking at me. I spread my thighs and called Tony over, patting the bald mound. All three dogs came over, sniffing around me. Winny went after the protein shake deep in my cunt while Neville and Tony pinned me, paws on my breast as they cleaned my face and hair.

Their probing little tongues flicked in my ears, my mouth and my nose while Winny virtually burrowed his snout into me. I slid from the couch and got on to my hands and knees, spreading them wide so I would be low. With no bitches on heat and no men restraining the boisterous dogs it was difficult to keep them worked up.

I had to remain still so Tony could try and do more than just slide his cock all over my arse cheeks. I tried to reach around but they thought I was playing and started to bounce and nip at me. When Neville mounted he managed to drive his cock in and out about seven times before he slipped out and got tackled by his brother. I was so frustrated! My first experience had made this all seem so easy!

Steve found me covered in scratches and nip marks, bent over and unsatisfied. He shook his head and told me I should relax then invited me to sit by him. Reaching under the couch he pulled out a small wooden box and took out a lighter and joint. I knew I shouldn't, that I should keep my head clear for my exam but when he offered it to me I took three deep hits and passed it back.

He put the joint out and then got a small bottle of something out of the box. Telling me to unzip him and take out his cock he spread some lubricant on my palm and told me to get him hard. Squatting in front of him with my arse elevated I back on to his hard cock, allowing him to guide it into my puckered little arse. He rocked me back and forth, twitching his hips and pushing himself deeper with every movement. Taking me but the thighs he lifted me and spread my legs, shafting his thick rod in and out of my stretched hole and constantly building speed.

"You're going to love this," he let me rest, still widely spread, on his cock and patted my pussy lips, calling the dogs over. I had a fat man cock filling my anus as his three dogs began to tongue lash my cunt and thighs. After a disappointing day everything was starting to look up and as Steve pulled away the hood to expose my shiny little clit to the dogs tongues I felt the shuddering orgasm I needed wash over me.

This was the relaxation I really needed. I had one commitment left and then I had the entire summer spread out before me. There were a whole lot more middle aged men who needed to experience the guilt that only the freshly fucked cunt of their daughters friend can deliver.

Chapter 4: I knew I was obsessed by my carnal needs when I looked at my Spanish teacher and weighed up the consequences of trying to seduce him as he prepared me for my exam. "How has the oral prac been going?" He fussed around with the video camera. "Oh, it's been okay, I got to practice with Mr Hudson the other night." He glanced at me, trying to gauge the intent of my reply.

I bit down on a cookie and looked at him. Smiling I shook my head, apologising for what I had said, claiming I forgot about the potential for double entendre. He shook his head and said something in Catalan, his native language. I didn't understand it because of the speed of the statement but I think I heard the word 'virgin'.

I completed the oral exam in front of the anonymous supervisor then went to Mr Acosta's office, a gift in my hands. I really wanted to give him a better gift, but a framed photo of our class cooking paella would have to do. He gave me a hug and told me I should call him Carlos now. I giggled and thanked him. Giving him three cheek kisses, with the last being a slight graze of the lips on the last one I backed out of the room. "Have fun at Tina's party on Friday, do not drink and drive!" I promised I wouldn't and said I thought I was going out with Stacey.

He paused and told me to get my phone out, then gave me his number. He was a little unsure of Stacey's ability to be responsible. I walked out to the car park and smiled, target acquired. I was now officially on holiday and to my mind that meant that I was now fully available to Steve and Sean.

I had made myself almost delirious thinking about what I had done and what they would do to me. I was going to give myself carpal tunnel if I didn't start getting sex from someone else. I didn't want to try and sneak into town to a sex shop to get a vibrator and I didn't have access to a credit card to buy one on line. The telegraph cucumber was not great.

It was a little too big and as I was the one trying to shove it in I lost nerve and snuck it back to the fridge after I took the plastic cover from it. I hung around on the balcony, looking over at their place but I was the only one on holiday. They were busy. I saw Steve by the pool with two clients, going through a fitness routine, being professional and motivational.

He waved and focused back on the people paying him. Dad had left me a list of jobs so I mooched around doing them, mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, organising and doing the washing. He was prepared to pay me a wage if I acted like a gardener and cleaner and I didn't really want to work in the city.

I wanted to be at home, available for a booty call, really. But by Saturday no call had come. I guess people were stressed with Christmas around the corner and also wanted their holiday bodies to be firm and tight.

The lads were working 6am to 8pm. Even dad mentioned their dedication and said the self-employed had to make hay while the sun shined. When Stacey picked me up on Saturday she mocked me almost immediately.

I had lemon, lime and bitters, not alcohol. I needed to cut loose, apparently. I was really tempted to tell her how I had very recently straddled her father's face, telling him to tongue fuck me until I had a very satisfying orgasm. Instead I watched as she went up to her boyfriend's friends and within half an hour of sunset I was being clumsily felt up by an 18 year old football star.

I enjoyed the kissing. He had soft lips, and his tongue was strong and demanding. I kept imagining what it would feel like if he ate me out and I supposed he took that sudden change in my attitude as a free for all.

A hard kneading and a clumsy fumble had my fantasy disappearing quickly. I pushed him away and he followed, his mouth seeking me out and his grip becoming just a little too insistent.

I stumbled back and tripped, falling on my butt. He looked down at me and called me a tight nerd and walked away.

Stacey had watched the entire thing and just shook her head, not at him but at me. "Just let it go, you are going to die a virgin if you don't let someone stick it up you." She took her boyfriend's hand and walked away, leaving me. I took out my phone and looked at two numbers I could call. Carlos's number was just there but I didn't phone him. He could wait. I needed to prove a point. Waiting by the road I saw the lights of the Toyota utility approaching.

I rubbed my eyes to get them looking red and watched as the car pulled around and the passenger door open. "Sorry, I didn't know who to call. Mum and dad are at a work do and…" Mr Hudson looked at me and pursed his lips. He asked where his daughter was and shook his head when I told him I didn't know. She had gone off with her boyfriend and that was the last I had seen of her. I sat as far away as I could from him, looking out the window and pretending to sob.

He began to drive back towards town but he pulled off, entering a large reserve that was popular with runners and dog walkers. "You need to tell me what happened." I turned to him and made his face out in the shadowy moonlight.

"It is really stupid. She called me a silly virgin because Jeff tried to feel me up and I pushed him away. All I could think about was… you. I don't want a silly boy to fumble with me, not when I can remember your hands, and tongue," I spread my legs slightly, pressing my hands into my crotch, "and your beautiful, big cock." I moaned quietly.

"Why would I want to have anything to replace what I felt with you? Every young woman should have someone to teach her, to not judge her because of her urges." I arched my back as I squeezed my thighs and squirmed around. "Pull your dress up." He pushed the overhead light on so it shone on me. He reached over and touched my naked thigh, pushing his left hand between it until he could rub up and down my slit. I lifted my arse and rolled my panties down. He took the opportunity to spit on his hand and then slid his fingers up and down, spreading the moisture over me.

I began to massage my breasts as he pushed a fingertip into me. I closed my eyes and began to pant as he took one nipple then another in his mouth. He was starting to pump his long middle finger in and out of me, sucking hard on my sensitive nipples.

"I can't stop thinking about you," he panted, pulling away and almost ripping his pants off in an effort to get his cock out. He grabbed me by the hair and I was pushed down.

"I want your mouth on me, suck me, get me hard." I moved and knelt on the bench seat, my naked arse poking up as I held his soft length in my hands. I licked the tip, sucking the head in and out of my mouth, making loud popping and sucking sounds as it began to swell. He slid his hand over my back and curve of my arse before running my fingers down over my arse and into my wet pussy.

It felt so good to have someone else's hands moving over me, spreading my lips and dipping in and out with one, two then three fingers. I took his now hard cock deep into my throat, just avoiding choking each time I sucked it down. Cold air suddenly blew in as he opened the window.

My skin puckered as I felt the chill moving over me, arousing me more than just his hands moving on me. He put a hand on the back of my head to keep me focused on the task at hand, or at least at mouth. "Yes, yes, take it deeper, suck my cock, baby," he moaned deeply as I ran my tongue around him. "You are so wet, I need you to…" There was not a lot of room in the cab so my head kept hitting the roof as I tried to straddle him. He entered me deeply and I cried out as a cock finally filled me for the first time in almost a week.

When my head smashed into the ceiling I lurched to one side, blasted the horn and almost fell off him. He told me to get on my hands and knees, my head out the window. He slid under me and I was positioned over him, arse to his face. He took a quick lick then moved around until I could feel his cock head pressing into my flesh, looking for its hot, wet home.

I sighed and whimpered as I felt his hands on my hips, pulling me down onto his throbbing tool. Using the window frame I pulled myself up and down on him until he started to jerk his hips up and fuck me harder and harder. "Your cunt is so tight, God, your little tight cunt is…so… hot." My breath caught in my throat as he began to buck into me, the car rocking as he began to almost shout for me to fuck him faster, that he was going to cum in me, asking me where I wanted his cum.

"My cunt, shoot inside me, fill me with your cum," I screamed, the veins in my neck straining as I arched up, pushing my pussy down on to him, feeling his hair pressing against my naked mound. He coughed and spluttered, spasming in me, his balls emptying in me. I licked my lips, tasting sweat from the exertion.

I opened my eyes and saw several shadowy figures by the trees. I slid forward, his softening cock sliding down my thigh. Opening the door I slowly exited the car and stood up, stretching, moving around to the front of the car. Removing my dress and bra I leaned back against the grill and moved my hands over my breasts before delving between my legs, drawing out the liquid seeping from my satisfied pussy.

I licked at my moist fingers and smiled as I heard a familiar strangled grunting from the tree line. Whoever was there and however many there were they had all reached a satisfactory end to their voyeurism. Elated by my little trip into public display I went back to the passenger side. Mr Hudson was lying on his back, his head by the door. He told me to sit over his face so he could eat my sweet little pussy. Grunting softly I felt his tongue dart in and up, lapping our mixed juices.

He made little satisfied muffled noises as he painted my lips with his lips and tongue. It took me by surprise even though I had demanded this after our first encounter. Straddling my friend's dad, feeling the absolute thrill as he rolled and flicked his tongue in and out of my cunt I was in heaven.

I began to groan and jerk my hips slightly as he pleasured me thoroughly. I don't know if we were being watched but I didn't care. All I could focus on was the wave of heat and relief washed over me. As we sat in the car outside my house, the engine idling, he cleared his throat. I looked at him and smiled. I told him that he felt so good inside me. "I want to do this again." This was a change from his last time. "Stacey and Robyn are flying out to Sydney tomorrow to go Christmas shopping for two days.

I want to fuck you so bad, I can't stop thinking about how tight you feel." He was leaning in towards me, his hand on my thigh. I shifted nervously, not sure I was as keen on his attention if it was this insistent. "I have never thought about cheating." That got my interest. "How does it make you feel?" "You are a little minx, your little arse is…" he didn't know what to say, he knew it was wrong but he couldn't stop himself.

I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye-bye, Mr Hudson, thank you for rescuing me and eating out my juicy little pussy." I put my panties into his shirt pocket and got out, jogging to the front door. I hung around the house, doing boring chores while my parents nagged me about my future. Dad wanted me to make decisions about everything and I could not escape next door as mum was going for a massage there.

I listened to my dad telling me how important it was to get my life sorted and that I should be taking this time to really focus.

He just went on and on. "I need the car." That was out of the question. I could have the scooter if it was important. Going to Stacey's was not good enough but when I said Mr Hudson was going to talk to me about choosing the right courses. Before I could stop him, my dad was on the phone, checking that it was okay if I popped around. "He's just going next door but he'll be back in 15 minutes." And with parental permission I was off.

I couldn't believe my father had arranged this liaison and wondered what Mr Hudson had said in response. When I arrived I parked the little Italian scooter by the front door and walked up the path. He flung the door open and slammed it after me, unzipping as he closed the door.

I was on my knees and feeding a long soft cock into my mouth while he knotted his fingers in my hair and controlled the speed and depth of my actions. The smooth round head filled my mouth as I ran my tongue around it, flicking it rapidly as I moved around the shaft.

I cupped his balls and squeezed as he moaned for me to keep doing what I was doing. "Look up at me," I did and blinked as a flash lit up my face. He had taken a photo of me with his cock half way down his throat. I tried to pull off but he held me firm, instructing me to suck harder and deeper while he kept photographing me. I tried to look away but he tilted my head back, tugging on my hair. I grunted rhythmically as he drove himself into me, cutting off my air supply and choking me with every fifth or sixth thrust.

Dribbling spit he pulled out, his cock bobbing up as it curved to the left. I wiped mouth and looked up at him, standing slowly. The control I had at the seduction was shifting. He had figured out that I was a cock hungry slut and his was my cock of choice. "I have a surprise for you." He led me through to his study, pulling up my dress and unhooking my bra. I walked into the scene of our first time and saw a large, black retriever sitting on the rug in front of his desk.

"I don't know what dogs you have fucked but Rufus here is a pedigree stud dog. I want to see you on your knees." I stared at the dog, a dog significantly bigger than the terriers. Those dogs were pretty big when they were pushing their dicks into me. This guy was going to be even bigger. I didn't move. I just stared at the dog, picturing myself under him, his coarse fur scratching my soft arse as he pushed his cock into me, spreading me, filling me so much more than the terriers.

I could only imagine the his size and the feeling of that knot in me. Mr Hudson yelled at me to get on my knees. His raised voice took me by surprise and I sank to my knees. He asked if I was wet and checked, running a probing finger in and out of me before moving to Rufus, to let him sniff then lick off my juice. He got up and followed the hand as it returned to my exposed pussy. Mr Hudson slapped my mound, reaching in to find then spread the lips.

A wet, warm snout pressed into my arse as the dog sniffed and tasted my now freely leaking cunt. He licked into me then moved around to cover my arse and thighs with his spit. Mr Hudson spent his time taking photo after photo of his neighbour's dog eating me out. He told me to look up and got a good shot of his cock in my mouth and the dog's nose buried in my pussy.

The instructions kept coming as I wiggled my arse, sucked on his balls and cock head and hunched down lower. The dog's cock was beginning to poke out and as he began to prance around I caught a glance of it and just how foreign it looked.

He attempted to mount, jumping at my side, my shoulder and giving excited, high pitched yips as he moved around. Mr Hudson pulled his cock from my mouth and crawled around to my rear. Rufus, overwhelmed by his experiences so far attempted to mount the man and was shoved off.

The dog was encouraged to return to my butt and give it a quick lick. Mr Hudson spread my cheeks and slapped the exposed flesh. The hit stung but the sensation was quickly replaced by the softness of Rufus's tongue. He repeated the slap three times, heightening my sensitivity, before he dragged the dog onto my back. Rufus seemed to understand his role in this and began to bounce on his back legs, repositioning himself, his claws digging into my sides.

I reached back to try and hold his legs off my skin but human hands colliding with my ready mound made me lose my focus. I felt a hot, slimy rod sliding over my arse cheeks and onto my thighs before it found the gap and started to slide across my pussy lips.

Mr Hudson grunted quietly as he pressed the dogs lengthening cock into my teenage cunt. I threw my head back and cried out as he slid into me suddenly before pulling out. There was some repositioning and a significantly larger cock was thrust in. The dogs front legs clamped around me as he hunched in, driving his dick deeper and deeper. I was gasping as the thrusting drove my breath from my lungs and sucking breath back in noisily. He was pounding in and out at a rapid rate ensuring that his fat dick had stretched me out fully in preparation.

"Jesus, what is…" Staring at the pumping cock Mr Hudson witnessed the swelling knot as it moved from thrusting in and out to forcing its way in and out until finally he was stuck.

My head was now hanging down, my mouth open and a thin line of drool ran from my lip to the floor. Rufus began to shoot his cum into me, the short jets of semen hitting my womb as he emptied his balls.

He was so big, and the shape in me was so unusual that I was overcome with sensations and collapsed onto my elbows. The dog yipped loudly as my change in position dislodged him and his still ejaculating penis ripped from me. I looked at the huge tool that had filled me so completely and groaned. It was a fat, veiny red sausage with a knot the size of a peach at the base. The cock jerked in tome with each spasm of his balls and he left a trail of thin doggie cum on the floor as he returned to the rug to clean himself off.

I could feel the scratches on my stomach and hips begin to welt up and rolled onto my back before I sat up. My legs were grabbed by the ankles and almost thrown over my head as Mr Hudson sank into me with a satisfied groan.

His cock pushed the come from my pussy and soon he was fucking me hard and fast with the dog cum lubricating his frantic thrusting. He pulled out and crawled his way up my body until his balls rested on my chin and he was feeding his cock into my mouth.

The long tool was slick with the doggie cum he had fucked through when in my cunt and I was reluctant to take it into my mouth. He was most insistent, holding me by the neck and slamming his hips into me and he skull fucked me, pausing only to take another graphic photo of my slutiness. He pulled out to cum on my face then demanded and got a full clean up.

Lying by me panting He sat up and said he had to get Rufus back to the neighbours before they grew suspicious the dog often roamed into their property but never into their home. He seemed so casual about what he had just done with me, putting his pants on and calling the dog after him. I wasn't going to do him again, I decided as I searched for his camera. Scanning through the photos I was instantly turned on and yet somewhat fascinated by the sight of me in action.

I considered copying them or stealing the memory stick but deleted them all instead. I then took a whole lot of photos of his couch and carpet and left the camera near what it had been found. I almost fled from the house, a good twist on the relationship, after all, he had been the one running away from me last time.

I didn't want the middle aged man to just assume I was his. I wanted the thrill of guilt and he seemed to have lost his. Arriving home I told dad that Mr Hudson had been busy with the neighbour's dog but had taught me a couple of good life lessons. I went to my room and sat on the bed, feeling Rufus still leaking from me. Going to the shower I began to wash but the memory of that large cock and the lumpy, veiny feel as he pushed through my tight pussy lips over and over, faster and faster, meant that I spent twenty minutes virtually humping and riding the shower head until I had washed the dog's semen from me and had brought myself to a satisfying orgasm.

Leaving my robe handing open so the neighbour's could see, if they bothered looking, my naked form I checked my phone for messages. There were two messages, both from the same number. "I hope the party was ok, no dramas" then "I didn't realise you like being in the woods alone, next time you should ask for company." I looked at the messages and smiled. Mr Hudson was history. "If you were close enough to see you are close enough to join in." I replied and sent it to Mr Acosta. Who knew there were so many men who longed for my sweet little pussy?

Chapter 5: It took me nearly a week of causal observation and sexual frustration to realise that my neighbours were fucking more than half of their clients. The women coming in for personal sessions with Steve work get a rather vigorous work out and Sean's version of a deep massage was one of the favourites.

I only really found out the extent of their activities when I made them some cookies, a way into the house I guess, and saw Mrs Saville from one street over, bent over a swiss ball and crying out as she came from a hard fisting. The lads were servicing half the wives in the neighbourhood while continuing to do things like slap each other on their arses and acting in a way to maintain their reputation with the local men.

They had, as far as I could tell from one week's sexually frustrated observation, two women each per day and then would often bring some hot chick home in the evening. I was still waiting for the promised double and was beginning to get annoyed with them for putting paying clients before eager students. I did manage to sneak over late one evening when I saw them out having a smoke by the pool.

Mum and dad were off at a business dinner and I was free to escape the controlling glare of my father. Sean was only too pleased to pass me a joint and ask me about Mr Hudson.

Both men got interested in my story of Rufus and thought it was hilarious that I had made my decision to avoid him. "Most 18 year olds would turn submissive, babe. You have more balls than he thought." "I didn't want him to have photos of me, what if I want a job somewhere and they have seen a picture of me with a fat dog cock in my cunt and while I'm blowing Mr Hudson." Steve leaned over and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth as he exhaled smoke into my lungs. He called me a little slut and his probing fingers found my pussy juicy and ready.

"I am still waiting for you two to finish teaching me about sex." Sean told me they had a few tricks up their sleeves as he moved in to suck my newly exposed nipples then kiss me, dragging deeply on the joint then transferring the buzz to me. Steve was on his knees at the end of the lounger and pulled me downwards.

In full view of anyone who was watching he took my knickers off and pushed my legs back, exposing my cunt to his exploring tongue. I closed my eyes, letting the combined sensation of a probing, lapping tongue and sucking, nipping lips as they moved over my sensitive skin. Sighing with each exhale I listened as the sound of wetness as it filled the air. Steve used his shoulders to keep my legs spread as he separated my lips and sunk his tongue in even deeper. Sean covered my open mouth with his and flickered his tongue in and out until I began to buck and spasm through a satisfyingly comprehensive orgasm.

Sean then suggested that we take ourselves inside. I reached for their crotches and both men moved away. They had a big day tomorrow but there was someone that could help me scratch that itch. Tony was knot deep in the breeder I had met previously. He was panting in a satisfied manner as she lay with her arse raised, accepting his cum as he shot into her over and over.

"You boys took your time." Her face was flushed as she looked at me and licked her lips. "I see you've brought me something to eat." I moved over to her, sitting in front of her and putting my hand on the back of her head. I pushed it between my legs and groaned loudly as she immediately sucked my aroused clit into her mouth, grazing her teeth over the erect little bud. My reaction was immediate and had Tony not decided to pull his cock from her at that moment I would've come in her mouth.

I lay massaging my breasts, waiting for her to return to her feast as the dog cleaned up her juicy gash. She moaned and sunk her tongue into me, telling me how good I tasted, how she loved my little teenage pussy. She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs so Tony could really get to work licking out his cum from her gaping cunt.

The boys picked me up and I straddled her face, looking down her body at the dog and his busy tongue. I looked down at the spit and cum covered mound and glanced at the boys. I was loving her tongue in me but I was a little unsure about any plans for me to eat her out. She grabbed on to my arse cheeks, spreading them as the boys helped Winny get into position behind me. With her tongue worrying my little clit and her fingers pulling on my pussy lips the dog needed little assistance to find his mark.

His narrow cock pistoned in and out of my vagina as he shuffled around behind me. His front legs hung over my sides while his back legs danced around. He found my welcoming cunt and began to really fuck me hard, his cock widening, filling me more and more as she lapped the leaking juices from me.

"I can see his knot going in and out of her tight pussy. God, he's stretching her so wide," her tongue danced across the dog cock and my cunt as the dog drove in and out of me. "He's in her, he's coming, I can see his balls pulsing as he shoots into her." I began to emit a long, low moan as both the woman and the dog serviced me, one with his veiny red cock, the other with her delving, diving tongue.

Sean sat on the couch watching, joint dangling from his lips as he watched, telling Steve to hold Winny in place because I was loving having all this cock. My knees went from under me as my pussy gave in and I started to come for the third time in less than an hour.

The cock pulled out of me as I collapsed and rolled onto the carpet. Unlike Tony, Winny had no chance to clean me up as the woman, whose name I still didn't know, pushed my legs back and attacked my slit again. As Neville got to sink his cock in her deep cunt she grunted and whimpered in my mound, drinking up all the cum leaking from me.

Steve kissed me softly and squeezed and pinched my nipples. He stroked my face and asked if I liked feeling a woman old enough to be my mother sucking dog cum out of my cunt. He asked how I liked feeling my little pussy filled up by cock and how I enjoyed making older men lust after my slutty little body. I replied that I enjoyed spreading my legs and masturbating as Mr Hudson watched, his penis swollen with blood, his mind filled with images of my lips curling around his fat joint.

I loved his cock jerking inside of me but I loved the feel of a dog thrusting in and out, getting thicker and thicker until he knotted and tied to me.

I loved it when I had his meaty cock in my arse and the dog feasted on my spasming pussy. "Let me suck your cock, Steve." I ran my hand over his chest but he removed it and kissed it. He was all worn out but they would give me that much longed for double soon, maybe for Christmas.

I slept late the next morning, happily fulfilled from my night time activities. The lads had given me a present when I had left and when mum came into my room I pushed it out of view and sat up. She had a pile of magazines from their party host. They were from Argentina and Chile and in Spanish so mum thought they would be good for the school.

I had some text books that she had found in a clean-up of the study so I had to head in sometime this week. She kissed me on the head and said that they were off to do some shopping so I was on my own again. I waited to hear the car leave and pulled the gift out from under my pillow.

It was a long, narrow vibrator with a little dolphin half way down. Flicking the switch to on I watched as it buzzed and the head rotated, swivelling and pulsing. I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it.

Lying back I spread my legs and ran the still head up and down my slit, burrowing it into the mouth of my pussy. I pushed it in and out a bit, then a bit deeper. Closing my eyes I thought about my life in the past three weeks and the incident with Mr Hudson in the car.

I then thought about the text message from Mr Acosta and began to plunge the vibrator in and out. Burying it deep I turned it on and cried out as it filled me with unexpected pleasure, my mind fantasying about being fucked hard and fast by my old teacher.

I arched my back as I imagined his lips suckling on me as his knowledgeable hands caressed my body, the vibrator rotating round and round as the little dolphin danced over my clit. I wanted to know how big his cock was, if he would fuck me hard and fast or whether he would turn me and pound into me from behind. I was loudly moaning as my brain drifted into one scenario after another, all centred round me seducing him.

If he had seen me in the forest then turning up in his class with no panties would be all the hint he needed. I would sit on his desk as he sat in his chair. I would put my feet on his chair arms, spreading my thighs so he could bury his Spanish tongue deep in me, making me cum over and over.

The vibrator slowly eased its way out of me as I lay, spent, after my self pleasuring. I grabbed my breasts, massaging them gently as the tremors slowed. I took a deep breath and reached for the purple tool turning it off. I was committed to the idea of seducing my teacher and looking at the pile of books and magazines was enough to set me off again.

Ladyboy anal toyed and smashed real hard

The vibrator was well used by the time my parents got home and I was dozing after making myself cum four times. It was going to be a big Monday and I needed all the energy I could muster. Chapter 6: For men who were only pretending to be gay, Sean and Steve certainly knew a lot about grooming. I had told them I was feeling a little bit of stubble on my puss and asked about waxing only to be told it was not long enough. They gave me cream that would help me out and then talked about possibly landscaping that area.

I smiled as they discussed it as if it was the most natural thing in the world, for me to be spread eagle on the massage table, hair being dissolved by some sort of chemical.

The decided I should go full nude, in case my mother caught a glimpse of me, best to say inexperienced shaving for my bikini that have her asking about the love heart or arrow that pointed to my pussy. Wiping the foam off they washed me and kissed me on both sets of lips before offering the dogs to me. I paused for a moment before turning them down, I had a busy day ahead. I took the scooter to school, cheekily parking outside the front office.

In a cute little baby doll dress with a pair of leggings under it, I jogged into the reception area and told the office ladies that I had a bunch of books to drop off.

I held up the bag of books and magazines then asked if I should just head up to the language department and drop them off myself. They thought that would be best and told me the junior school was actually about to start watching a touring school band perform. I knew Mr Acosta despised those sorts of assemblies so assumed he would be in his class. "I'll come back here if he's not in his room." I smiled and, all perky, I turned and left. I restrained myself from running to his classroom although I did pause at the bottom of the stairs and slid my leggings and panties off.

Squeezing my legs together I could feel how wet I was getting. If he wasn't there I would have to stop to get batteries for my vibrator. He was there. He was sitting at his desk reading some kids work, sucking on one side of his moustache, something he did when he was reading disappointing work. He wrote something and sat back, his dark hair peppered with grey, his strong chin a bit shaded with stubble.

His body wasn't hard and cut but you could tell he had muscle under a thin layer of good living fat. He dressed in a creased, fashionable way in a suit with an open neck shirt, but it was the way he could twist his tongue around words that had me excited.

I knocked on the door and waited as he held up a hand, finished his marking and then looked up.' I opened the door and came in. I held up my text books from several years ago and put them on the back shelves then took the magazines up to him. He watched as I walked, checking out my breasts, perky and in an easily undone bra and my arse.

I stood in front of him as he sat back, leaning back on his seat, resting his hands on his thighs so I ended up looking straight at his crotch. I put the magazines on his desk and asked how he was and if he was missing me. He responded by asking if I had enjoyed the party and then asked if I went to the park often. "No, no, I don't." He said he had caught a glimpse of me as I was getting out of the car. If he hadn't been jogging with his dog then he would've come over to see me but he had kept running.

I had been yelling, obviously upset about something so he had felt bad not coming over. I paused, suddenly aware of the fact that I had no knickers on. I had assumed that he had seen me in all my glory, fingering myself to an orgasm as I leaned against the car but he had merely glimpsed me.

I took a deep breath. All he could do is get upset and send me on my way. "I had one of the soccer boys trying to feel me up and then yelling at me when I told him not to." "Ah, teenager boys," he laughed.

"Yes, all that fumbling and all they want is me to take their cock in my mouth or fuck me until they cum. They don't care about me, they don't want to spread my pussy lips and lap up my juices." I could feel my nipples as they became erect and I could see a physical reaction from him. I kick off my sandals and moved around to sit on his desk in front of him. "A man would know that is what I want." I stretched my legs out and with my knees still locked together put a foot on each arm rest, controlling the direction of his chair.

"A man would know that if I took his cock down my throat, if I licked his balls as he spunked over my face then he should eat my juicy little cunt. I parted my knees and gave him an uninterrupted view of my bald mound and slick, pink lips. "Chris, what are you doing?" I took my eyes off his face and glanced at his groin. His penis had shifted position and was beginning to tent the front of his suit pants. He put his hands on my feet, preparing to move them from his chair.

"I think you know what I'm doing," I moved my right foot to rest high on his thigh, using my toes to feel around in his pants, gently touching the swollen shaft of his penis.

"The question is, what are you going to do?" He ran a hand up my leg, over my knee and down my thigh. He reached my smooth mound and his fingers ran over the puffy groove. He leaned in and deftly separated the lips, planting a chaste kiss on my clit then pulled away.

He moved my legs off the chair and pulled my dress down. Standing up he didn't immediately stop me as a reached for him, mapping the shape and length of his cock about the same size as Steve but it seemed wider in the middle, behind the distinct shape of the head. He grunted quietly then moved my hand away. "You deserve more than a quick fuck on my desk," his accent made it seem so much dirtier, so much more taboo. "I do not have this need, not here, like you do." I felt stupid, and lucky.

He could've busted me, made a scene about the fact but he was a little into it himself, just not at school. He kissed me softly, then with a bit more insistence. As his tongue explored my mouth I unzipped him and felt the heat of his bare skin as a gripped his tool. I groaned at the fact I could not close my hand around him, then as he pulled back, removing my hand and telling me to stop trying so hard. He said something in rapid Spanish and finished with 'Okay?' I wasn't really listening.

Something about 9pm. Something about a forest sign. Something about holding my teachers cock in my hand made me not really care. I tried not to focus too much on the idling of the scooter and the vibrations it sent through the seat. In my loose jogging shorts and shelf bra I looked like I was here for one purpose. Turning off the engine I slid from the seat and unlatched the helmet. Putting it under the seat, I locked the bike up and smiled at a couple of dog walkers.

A heavy set older man with a goatee paused to get a good look at me and I smiled, tightening my pony-tail and threading the key through a lace before knotting it securely. "You've left it a bit late for a run, the light won't last for long." "I'm just going to do the ten minute circuit," I reassured him. He went to move off, his large brindled dog pulling at the leash, but he paused and looked at the scooter. "Do you normally drive a white utility?" I shook my head and waved goodbye as I jogged off through the trees to the fitness track.

He had obviously been one of my audience from the other night, although I did look quite different with my hair pulled back. The heavy set guy was right. By the time I reached the forest path sign it was almost dark. There was no moon and so shapes just started to loom up as I slowed my pace to a walk. I heard footsteps behind me and was grabbed from behind. A hand covered my mouth as another hand immediately burrowed down the front of my shorts.

I was dragged back off the path as the roaming hand began to massage my breasts. The stranger pushed me against a tree, holding my head against the bark with a bit of insistence. My shorts were pulled down and I stepped out of one leg so he could part my thighs more easily. A hand explored my slit, delving fingers into my moistening vagina.

One then two fingers pumped in and out before he kicked my legs wider. There was quite a lot of fumbling, ripping and grunting then I felt a strange sensation on my thigh. It was a condomed cock, something of a new feeling for me. With my head still held against the tree trunk he used two fingers with part my lips and thrust into me.

His cock felt smaller than I anticipated. I groaned as my breasts pressed into the rough bark, dragging the nipples over the coarse, dusty wood. He began to make gentle whimpering sounds and turned my head so he could try and kiss me, his tongue licking at my skin and his lips sucking on my tongue. It was only when I noticed that he had a beard that things started taking a turn for the bizarre. The man behind me had a big belly, and a goatee and a smaller cock than the one I had felt earlier in the day.

He slammed into me, pressing me hard to the tree trunk as he told me over and over that he was coming. He pulled out and unrolled the condom from his cock, throwing it on the ground by my feet. He reached around for a squeeze and shoved something down my top. And he was gone.

I shuffled away from the condom and stepped into my shorts, shaking out leaves and bark as I pulled them back on. I had just been fucked by a total stranger. I had anticipated that it would be Carlos, that he was going to take me as I had just been taken, secretly but in public, so I did not react.

It wasn't sexual assault because up until the last minute of realisation I had been totally into it. I fished into my top and pulled out a $50 note. So I had come into the woods to have sex with my teacher but had instead been dragged and shagged by a fat old guy with a goatee and a dog who had paid me money for the privilege of fucking my tight little cunt.

I was incredibly turned on. I returned to the forest path sign and waited for a couple more minutes before I started walking back to the car. I was too wary of the noises in the woods to be comfortable there, especially after the unexpected fuck. I sat on the seat of the scooter with the helmet hanging loosely and checked my phone. There was a message from Carlos 'I am sorry you changed your mind'. It had been sent two minutes before.

"Shit," I buckled the helmet on and started the scooter. Turning the bike around I drove out of the park and saw my teachers car turning on to the main road. There was no way I could catch him so I went home, despondent.

I had misunderstood his Spanish and while I had been fucked in the forest it was not by his raw, big cock. Lying with my legs spread I was glad that my parent's room was at the exact opposite end of the house. I worked the vibrator in and out slowly as I relived my adventure, with a few embellishments. I was bound, tied to a picnic seat, my legs spread wide and the goatee man crouched behind me, his tongue darting in and out of my puckered anus.

As he lapped at my arse he pushed his fat fingers in and out of me while his thumb circled round and round on my erect clit. He then moved to one side as his broad chested brown and black dog mounted me.

His short hair rasped over my sensitive flesh as his enormous prick began to emerge from his pale brown sheath. The grey and pink rod sliced through my moist petals and into my welcoming passage. He hunched closer and began to pump his thickening rod in and out, the knot sucking and popping as my pussy mouth gripped onto the bundle of flesh.

The fat, hot bulb was finally forced through painfully and he began to shoot jet after jet of bubbling sperm as he knotted with me. I pumped the vibrating toy in and out of me at a great speed, imagining a fat hard cock in me as a stranger watched over my depravity. I bucked my hips up, biting on the fist I had to shove in my mouth as I came over and over from the fantasy and the actuality. It was not the way I wanted to end my day, but it was good enough to get me through.

Tomorrow would be different. Tomorrow would be the day I would get what I wanted. Chapter 7: The bell went and an eager group of students flooded out of the room, rushing to catch buses or rides home with parents. I leaned against the door and watched as Mr Acosta cleaned the whiteboard and went back to his chair, slowly putting his suit jacket back on. I knock on the door frame and smiled as he looked up at me. He shrugged and I came forward, pausing to close and lock the solid wooden door.

I was in the same dress as my last visit, and the same underwear none. "I was waiting in the forest, by the sign, I saw you as you were leaving." He sat on his chair watching as I walked around his table. "You should be careful in there on your own, all sorts of people go there to do all sorts of bad things." I sat on his desk, repeating what I had done on my last visit.

I looked at him, he seemed bemused. "I know, I have found that out and I wouldn't say bad things, I'd say things that are best done in secret." I parted my legs and reached for his head. I smiled as I caressed his cheek and lips. "I had to go home and pleasure myself," I murmured in bad Spanish. "I wanted to feel you, terribly." He allowed his eyes to drift to my bald mound and put up no resistance as I pulled him forward.

He moaned loudly as I parted my slit and exposed the moist, young lips. His tongue emerged and he gave the whole length one long, slow sweep. Grunting to himself he did it again, pausing this time to suck and lick my clitoris. He was very skilled with his tongue and did not rush through eating me. He held my thighs apart and filled the air with grunts and the sound of his tongue smacking against my wet flesh and eager hole he was consuming. His moustache tickled and irritated the sensitive bud of my clit as he sunk his tongue into me over and over, fucking me into a desk clearing orgasm.

I was lying back on the school desk that had recently held a number of my A grade essays and assignments as my teacher, my mentor, feasted on me, riding through the orgasm that shuddered through me. I heard a zip and slowly sat up. He was still flicking his tongue in and around me but I could see one hand freeing his cock. Pushing his head away I slid off the desk and into a kneeling position between his legs.

Slapping his hand away I reached in and let my hand close around the smooth, warm flesh, pulling it from the confines of his pants. "Beautiful," I held it and kissed it along the length until my nose was buried in the dark pubic hair that cushioned his cock. It seemed to bulge out from behind the head, blue and purple veins running the length of the thick tool. I kissed along the top then held it up, licking the ball sac, before making my way up the now fully erect penis.

I licked the smooth, round head then forced my tight lips over it, lashing the tongue around the thick vein on the underside. A bag bashed into me as one of the kids ran out the door and I jolted back to the real world. I crossed my arms across my chest, hiding the almost painfully erect nipples from the exiting class.

Carlos looked up from where he sat at his desk and smiled at me. He waited until the last student left and got up from his seat. I took a step inside and watched as he approached, reaching behind me to pull the door shut.

"I was waiting in the forest, by the sign." He looked at my face, his eyes slowly sweeping up and down my body, pausing on my erect nipples. He stepped towards me and I was steered backwards, into the privacy of the corner. He pressed up against me and I moaned as I felt his lips on my cheeks and neck.

His moustache tickled my skin and made me giggle. He said something in Catalan, his language made me weak at the knees. I sank down and nuzzled his groin through his suit pants.

I felt his cock move and looked up at him as I unzipped his pants, reaching in to pull his almost hard cock from his underwear, but there was none. He knew I would come to see him. Looking up at him I fed the head into my mouth, moaning as I licked the smooth bulb round and round. His mouth fell open as he watched me spread spit around his penis.

It was just like I imagined, smooth, tight head that bulged into a veiny, large rod before it seemed to reduce back into the silky black hair that covered the base. I licked around and along the shaft, my tongue lapping at his balls before kissing back to the head. He took my head in his hands and guided me back to the tip, taking the cock in his hand and rubbing it over my face, popping it in and out of my pursed lips. I reached around to grab his arse and drove my head forward, taking his prick right down my throat until the gag reflex kicked in.

I did it again and again until he took over, fucking my mouth as he groaned and grunted. "Take it, take it, take it…" he gripped my hair and bucked into my mouth, spurting his hot cum into my mouth. I lapped at the head, cleaning him up and I knelt behind the door of a classroom, drinking down his mature cum.

He breathed deeply and pulled me up, kissing me deeply, making me suck his com from his tongue as he tongue fucked my mouth. "You little bitch, why did you have to wait until now to do this? I would've had you drinking my spunk all year." He reached beneath my dress, disappointed that I was wearing underwear but that was no barrier to his probing fingers.

"I want you to fuck me, I want your big cock in my tight little pussy, I want you to eat my cunt until I cum in your mouth," he pumped two fingers in and out, sucking on my bottom lip as he told me just how he would make me cum on his cock, how he would pound my little pussy until I was begging him to stop.

There was a loud knock at the door and it started to open. He backed off me immediately, catching the door and controlling the speed it opened. Another language teacher, the head of the department, came in and started talking before Carlos jerked his head towards me. "Oh, Chris…" she looked from me to Carlos, "you looked flushed, are you alright?" "I think I stuffed up my exam," I replied quickly, then wiped at my non weeping eyes, "I just needed Mr Acosta to…" I shrugged and tried to look helpless.

"Chris, when will you trust your instincts. You know what you are doing, and I'm sure Senor Acosta has given you what you need." "I will give her what she needs, always." He smiled and then corrected his own grammar.

"I am sure when she finds out her results she will be on her knees thanking me!" The Head of Languages gave me a 'foreigners, they just don't understand the nuances of the language' look and started to ask about some paperwork she needed.

The teachers talked quietly and quickly as I went and sat on the back work table. I pulled up my dress as he looked at me and shook his head, a wry smile on his face. He hurried his colleague off and came up to me, pulling my skirt up so he could see my bald mound. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys, giving me his house key.

He had a class after the break and then he would come home. He wanted me to be there, ready and waiting. I broke the speed limit getting to his quiet, private bungalow. I parked the scooter in the carport and went to the front door.

His house was rather unexpected. It was white and cottagey, with roses and creepers dangling from pergolas. He didn't seem to be the sort of guy who would like gardening. Opening the door I smiled. White walls, dark wood and leather furniture; that was what I expected. I wanted to explore his house, to find out a bit more about the man who had taught me and the man I was about to teach. I looked in his refrigerator and then had a glass of water.

There was a loud bark and I looked out the window to see his dog. I went out the back and found the large dog in a well fenced run. The large caramel coloured beast looked at me suspiciously and then wandered to the wire. I opened the door and he snuffled at my hand then licked it. "Hello," I read his tag, "Barca." The man loved bad puns.

Barca loved his freedom but was well trained enough to not bolt. He ran round and round in circles for a bit then collapsed on my feet.

I couldn't stop myself, I had a look at his sheath and checked that he hadn't been fixed. I had an hour at least. I sat on a wooden bench and patted my thighs. He came over and rested his head on my legs, his big brown eyes gazing at me. His black muzzle and cheeks vibrated as I scratched his head and behind his ears.

Cautiously I moved and rolled my knickers down my legs. I offered then to him and smiled as he sniffed at the unusual scent. Spreading my legs I watched as he ducked his head under my dress and snuffled at my slit.

I told him to stay and went to the kitchen, grabbing some peanut butter to help him along. A minute later I was lying back, enjoying the sensation of a dog tongue digging in and scooping out peanut spread and pussy juice.

Holding my legs apart for the dog I closed my eyes and rode his tongue, loving the feel of his soft jowls on my thighs. He was starting to work me up so I sat up and stood up, meaning to take him into the house. Barca began to prance and yip, his nose disappearing up my skirt, eager to get back to the place he had recently discovered. I went into the house and looked at the lounge, but decided against it.

Walking down the hall I found the spare room and went in, grabbing the pillows from the bed. I bent over and he began to sniff and lick my arsehole then dragged his soft, malleable tongue through my lips. I moaned quietly as he began to dig in deeper, pushing his tongue further into my cunt seeking out the now free flowing juice.

"God, that's good," I looked behind at him, gauging my height in relation to his legs. He was bigger than the dog Mr Hudson had brought in for me so kneeling would be okay. Backing away from the bed I pulled up my dress and knelt down. He began to move around and I grabbed his back legs, checking to see if he was getting bigger. The little pink tip peeked out and I reached out to touch him. He danced away and attempted to mount me with his cock near my mouth. It was a bit of a struggle.

I had had issues with the terriers but they were significantly smaller than this dog. I patted by bum and waited until he was near my rear before I grabbed his forepaws and dragged him over my back. His back legs kicked around a bit until I began to buck my hips back into him, colliding with the sheath and then feeling the slick, hot cock sliding over my cheeks. Wriggling around, I groaned as the cock began to thrust between my legs and then over my clitoris.

I raised my hips slightly and on the next thrust his thin penis found its way into my willing cunt. He seemed to feel the difference and gave two hard thrusts then he was out of me again. I groaned and then cried out as he barked and yipped, pounding home, his cock suddenly long and moist and deep in me. His legs pulled me backwards and his back started to arch as he began to hammer his fuck stick into me, his thin cum shooting into me as he began the long process of emptying his balls.

I began to whimper as his long cock got bigger and bigger, arousing me insanely as my cunt mouth stretched to accommodate the girth. I felt the knot beginning to form and frantically began to reach back, eager to stop what was obviously going to be a fat, swollen bulge. I touched the slick length but he forced it deep into me before I could stop him.

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I almost screamed as the dog made me his willing bitch and he began to fill me up. He moved suddenly and he pulled his front legs away from me and dragged one leg across, standing at an angle as he pumped his semen into me.

I was attached to this large dog cock, being fucked by my teacher's pet less than a month after I had first been introduced to the joy of sex. His tool was so hot in me, so big, so alien. I allowed the feelings to wash over me, groaning each time I breathed. The dog moved again and he dragged a back leg over so we were arse to arse.

It hurt as he began to move, walking towards the door. I slipped and found myself suspended mid-air, a hard, fat cock joining us. Finding my feet again I tried to stop him but he wanted to go. There was a sudden feeling of pressure and a slurping noise as his knot, followed by the wide shaft of his cock, slid from me, splattering cum on my thighs, calves and the floor. Gasping I collapsed forward, still on my knees but now resting on my elbows.

He noised my wet gash and began to lick up our shared juices and clean me quite thoroughly, ignoring me as I spasmed into an orgasm. Having been so well serviced by the large mutt dog I didn't really feel like I needed another cock, but one was on its way home. I went to the bathroom and stripped off, showering, shoving the shower head into my crotch, cleaning myself out the best I could.

I really wanted Carlos to spend some time worshipping my cunt with his tongue and figured he wouldn't want to be gulping down dog cum. I had to restrain myself from actually riding the shower head, promising myself that my next orgasm would be on the tip of my teachers tongue. If only he would hurry up and get home.

Chapter 8: I was curled up on a wing back leather chair, watching tv when he arrived home. Barca was curled up at my feet and he leapt to his feet, excited that his master came in the door. I uncrossed my legs and stood up, walking to see him as he put down his satchel and took off his suit jacket.

He patted his dog and told him to go outside then he turned to me. He cupped my breasts, pinching and rolling the aching nipples between finger and thumb before leaning down and sucking one then the other through my dress.

The large, damp area left by his wet mouth heightened the feel of the material on my skin. His stubble rasped over my flesh as he kissed his way up my neck before his full lips and fat tongue insinuated itself into every part of my mouth.

He seemed to focus on covering my mouth and licking every surface within as we exchanged saliva with loud sucking and smacking noises. I sagged against him as he all but cut off my air supply with his consuming mouth. He held me tightly, one arm snaking around to lift my dress, burrowing his hand between my cheeks.

He pulled his mouth away and licked his fingers then watched my expression as he shoved his forefinger up my butt to the first knuckle. With my mouth suddenly wide from surprise he resumed his oral assault. I stood in the foyer of my teacher's house as he kissed me deeply, groaning into his mouth as he rammed his thumb into my arse and two fingers into my cunt. He manoeuvred me back to the wing chair and lowered me down, still kissing me.

Pulling my legs apart so they were resting on the arms of the chair he crouched between them kissing me and running his hands over my young body. His knowledgeable fingers began to strum at the moistening opening of my pussy as his thumb worried my clit.

I couldn't focus on anything other than breathing past the delving, intrusive tongue in my mouth as I moaned and groaned into his mouth. Gasping for breath I watched as he pulled away then made me lick his fingers. I was reluctant at first but he gave me no choice and I coated he digits in spit then watched as he slid down my body, sucking my tender, swollen clit into his mouth as he thrust two fingers into my arse and his thumb into my cunt.

He used his other hand to trap my clit, flicking his tongue over it at a remarkable rate. I began to cry out and buck uncontrollably as I grabbed at my tits and came loudly, filling his mouth with a sudden gush of fluid. He removed his fingers and dove it, wetly sucking up the juice flowing from me. I listened to the grunting sounds of pleasure he made as he drank me and feasted on me and immediately came again. His fingers returned as he began to suck on my nipples then began to kiss me, his moustache soaked with my juices, his tongue forcing my taste deep into my mouth.

His fingers moved between my pussy and arse until I was whimpering for him to stop, three fingers stretched me to what felt like my limit. He wanted to know how it felt, if I liked it, if my teenage cunt liked an old man eating it, if I had ever felt a hard cock in my arse. I was almost delirious with pleasure and told him I wanted his cock, I wanted him to fuck me hard. I told him I wanted his cock in my mouth and tried to move him but he had a different idea. Walking up to his room he followed me closely, lifting my dress and sliding his hands over my smooth butt, sliding his hand between the welcoming thighs.

I slid the dress off and sat on his tall, rather gothic looking bed. The solid wooden headboard loomed large in a room that was empty apart from his bed. I was on my hands and knees, crawling towards the centre when he slapped my arse firmly. He flipped me over and began to eat me out again, his tongue driving in and out of me until I was begging him to be gentle. He stripped off and climbed on the bed, straddling my head and feeding his cock into my open mouth. He gripped the bedhead and slowly forced the hardening tool down my throat.

The small, smooth head bulged out into a cock so fat that I felt my teeth scraping on the shaft as he slowly pulled out. I gasped for breath knowing that the next thrust would once again cut off my air supply and trigger my gag reflex. Carlos spent nearly five minutes pushing in, holding himself and then sliding out as I fought the need to force him away, out of me. His cock was veiny and pulsating with need as I finally reached up to try and remove him as he forced himself balls deep into my throat.

He grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head. Before I could do anything about it they were being held there by something I couldn't see, cuffs of some sort. I compulsively licked at the prick that was sliding over my face as he checked the fastenings and then looked up as he moved to lie beside me. He rolled my hips to one side and held my right leg high, over his shoulder as me slid his cock into me, just nudging the head in and out. I knew the head was nothing, that his cigar shaped cock would feel almost like a dog cock sliding in and I kept my eyes on his as he forcefully slid into me until his coarse pubes were pressing hard against my bald mound.

"Your cunt is so tight," he murmured. "Are you going to cum on my dick?" He slowly pulled out then sharply thrust in, repeating the motion over and over until I stopped whimpering and began moaning throatily. He pulled out completely then thrust in.

I pulled down on my restraints each time he did, enjoying the half pain of my teacher's cock. He pulled my leg forward a bit and without any real warning he thrust hard, without any thought or tenderness, into my arse.

I screamed loudly. It hurt, it burned, the friction barely lessened by my cunt juice covering his cock. He spat into his hand and coated his tool as he withdrew. He was just so fat, filling me so completely. Tears streamed down my face as he told me to take his fat penis and I begged him, sobbing, to stop, that he was too big, that he was hurting.

He began to buck, thrusting in short shallow thrusts so the bulk of his cock was still buried deep in me. He was shouting in Spanish until he thrust forward and I could feel the pulsing of his shaft as he emptied his balls deep in my bowels. His softening cock pulled from me and I felt the bed sag as he rolled away then off the bed. Rolling on my back I watched as he returned moments later, a cloth wiping his prick, a joint dangling from his lip and a black butt plug in his spare hand.

He kissed me deeply, exhaling into my mouth, then pushed his penis into my cuffed hands, thrusting between the palms as he got me to kiss and suck the latex plug.

"You are such a little slut," he moved down my body, kissing my breasts before he crouched, spread my legs and rolled me so my pussy was tongue height. He described the look of his cum dribbling from my arse and wiped at it before he twisted and turned the plug into my rather sore arse. He looked at my tear streaked face and pouted, asking if his big dick had broken my little butt. Keeping his eyes locked to mine he began to flick his tongue over my sensitive cunt and clit. He would pull away occasionally and ask how people would react if they heard me begging for his cock or begin sodomised by my Spanish teacher.

He pressed down on the plug and it began to vibrate. I jerked my arms but they were still restrained. Reaching above our heads he then pulled down a scarf and wrapped it around my head. I could still see, albeit through a sea of green and blue but it covered most of my face.

He smiled and moved off the bed, putting his trousers on and saying he had someone coming around at 5 so he would leave me here for a while, to enjoy myself. He gave me a hard slap on my splayed arse, briefly driving the plug in deeper.

I lay on my back, then my side then swivelled around to look at my restraints. They were leather cuffs with a latch and padlock locking them.

The cuffs had a thick length of leather attaching them to the thick wooden beams of the headboard so there was no getting out of it. Nearly every position put pressure on the plug and the ache that seemed to pulsate from my arse. He had fucked me so hard with a cock that was uncomfortably thick. It had felt pleasurable as he rhythmically pounded my cunt but I was mostly virginal when it came to anal sex, and something that thick had not approached it before.

I lay in a foetal position feeling a little sorry for myself and heard male voices then a door slamming. The bed sagged and I opened my eyes to see a familiar face through the silk covering my face. "Hello Barca," I went to pat him and was quickly reminded of my position.

He seemed curious about my position and stood over me. I rolled onto my back and moaned as the plug altered its trajectory.

He moved around, going to a place he had enjoyed before. Spreading my legs he understood the invitation and began to clean the sweat, juice and cum from me.

His wet jowls slopped and slapped as he dug in. Thankfully he got curious about the sound the plug was making and I felt his teeth graze my flesh as he bit the base and ripped it from me, leaving my pussy for a moment, to put a solid chew mark in the latex.

The toy vibrated across the floor until his powerful jaws silenced it. He returned to rest between my spread legs, enjoying the juices now draining from my gaping arse. I closed my legs so I could roll over and Barca suddenly found himself faced with my raised butt, wiggling, encouraging him to mount. He was a fast learner, as was I. He was on my back and hunching rapidly when his emerging dick shot into my still wide arse.

I pulled away quickly and rolled away. I did not want him to find that warm passage welcoming his sizable knot. He was happy to return to licking my thighs and pussy so I just relaxed back and closed my eyes as his tongue teased a climax from me. I sucked in the silk as I slid down my face and thrust up into the dog's snout.

The sound of a door opening got the dog's attention and he was on his feet and out the door to see who was coming up the hall. A familiar voice greeted the dog and I suddenly felt exposed. It was the Japanese teacher from school, a man about the same age as Carlos. He had a halting English accent and we all used to call him Dr No, after the James Bond character because he looked like an evil genius. He talked to the dog, chatting away in Spanish, oddly enough but when he suddenly stopped it was apparent that he was standing in the doorway.

I heard footsteps and felt the bed move as he sat down. Even though he could not see my face I still turned away and tried to move myself into a less exposed position. "Shhh," he murmured and lay a hand on my stomach. He traced a circle on the flesh and I felt it goose-bump up. I felt the heat of his mouth before his lips closed over my once more erect nipple, moving from one breast to another. His hand ran down to my pubis but it was Barca that got there first.

The older man made a noise of shock and approval as the dog began to noisily clean my juices. He leaned down and pulled my lips apart so the dog could get in even deeper.

Dr No laughed a deep, throaty laugh and said something in Japanese. "I see you have found…" Carlos stopped mid-sentence, a little taken aback by the sight in front of him. Not only had his top student cum all over his tongue before begging for his cock but now she was being eaten out by his dog while his colleague held the cunt open for his tongue.

"I see you have found my little slut, my little dog slut." "He should fuck her, does he know how?" "Yes," I said quietly, "he does. Just don't let him knot in my arse." I moved and turned on to my stomach, pushing my arse up as I tried to get into position for the dog to mount me. I felt pillows being pushed under me and the men began to prepare me for another first. I smiled to myself as I suddenly thought about what was about to happen. Maybe I wouldn't have to wait for Sean and Steve to get my double.

Maybe tonight I would be sandwiched between two responsible members of the community as they sawed the cocks in and out of my cunt and arse.

"This should be good." Chapter 9: The dog sniffed and slurped at me as the men spoke quietly about what was about to happen. I heard a zip and moments later a limp dick was being dragged across my face. I opened my mouth and licked at it as it crossed my mouth. Dr No groaned and held the head in my open mouth, allowing me to suck and kiss the smooth surface. I made small mewing noises as he started to nudge the rod deeper and deeper as the dog began to whimper and yip, getting ready to mount.

Carlos checked my scarf and then sat back, commentating on the sight in front of him. "His cock so red," the dog jumped on my back and he began to search for the place he had fucked not too long ago.

My mouth gaped open and the teacher pumped his dick in and out of my mouth with no resistance. "Please, not my arse," I begged. Carlos covered the still distended hole and guided his dogs slimy cock into my wet pussy. "Oh, Jesus, he's in, he's in!" I cried, my head pulling away from the Japanese prick in my mouth.

I could feel the thin rod sliding in and out and then the dog's legs took hold as he began to thrust so deeply he felt like he was hitting my cervix. His cock began to thicken in the middle and the knot began to form, popping in and out until he had to force it in and he was stuck. He began to empty his balls as he bred with me forcefully. They marvelled as the speed of the dog's thrusting and the amount of semen leaking down my lips. They pulled at my pubis, looking at the fact that the dog had now knotted in me and my lips had sealed around his scarlet canine rod.

They flicked at my sensitive clit, enjoying the jolting reaction it got each time. I lay, moaning, enjoying the feeling of the dog as he filled my tight passage and filled me with his cum.

I also enjoyed the idea that two teachers were watching me being fucked by Barca. They moved around, talking about how my little pussy was filled with a dog tool, the sound of moist slapping indicating that they had taken things into their own hands.

My body was shuddering and shivering as I allowed waves of pleasure to wash over me and as Barca began to make short withdrawal movements I came loudly, relaxing my muscles enough to allow the knot to slide out and cum to bubble then gush from my open cunt. I rolled from the mound of pillows, my arms pulling back over my head, my thighs spread widely as I sighed, relaxing after the hard, fast fuck the dog had just given me.

"Look at the size of his penis, how could such a young little pussy take something that big?" Dr No ran his cock head up and down my cunt lips and then gave a guttural moan. I felt his cum hit my lips and my clit as he spurted on and in me. I cried out as Carlos licked across my nipples and then took my chin in his hand and kissed me, sucking on my tongue and encouraging me to suck on his.

"God, the cum is dripping from her." He nudged his softening cock into my vagina, commenting on how my muscles were still contracting in little spasms. When he pulled out Barca was between my legs in an instant, licking up the mixed juices.

Carlos moved and his dangling balls rested on my lips until I sucked them into my mouth before dancing my tongue over the bottom of his thick, veiny tool. He changed position and was suddenly skull fucking me, cutting off my air as he drove in deep before almost fully withdrawing.

He skid a hand behind my head and controlled me fully as the dog licked me and the Japanese teacher sucked and pinched my nipples. I was surprised when Dr No joined me in worshipping Carlos's fat prick, kissing me and sliding his tongue in my mouth before taking the smooth head in his mouth. Barca wanted me again and began to paw at my side but the men wanted me to themselves.

Barca got to lick No's arse and cock for a moment before he was sent out of the room. The men stood by the bed and discussed whether they were going to fuck me now or get me to get the dog spit and cum off. I sighed and whimpered as they talked about what a slut it was and how my pussy was going to be wrecked by tomorrow.

I was alarmed that their plans would take the night and Carlos sent No out to check on the dog. He came to the bed and pulled down the scarf.

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His cock was semi erect and bobbing about as he brought me my bag and phone and told me to ring my parents. Cuffed to a bed, my 18 year old pussy leaking the semen of my teacher and his dog I spoke to my mother and told her that I was out doing some Spanish stuff and would be home late, unless others were drinking then I would stay over.

She wanted to know where and then why my voice had gone all trembley. I couldn't say it was because a man they trusted with my education had just sunk his extremely fat cock in my dripping cunt. I said it was sad, I was finally realising I wouldn't see these kids again.

She told me to keep safe and not to get into a car with any strangers or anyone who was drinking. A deep thrust drove the air from my lungs and I disguised it as a scoff and then waited for her to hang up.

He pulled out and fed his tool with its coating of three different sorts of cum into my eager mouth. No returned and my scarf was rolled back down my face.

He pinched the tips of my nipples then suddenly attached two small bulldog clips to the erect flesh. I actually screamed, writhing to try and detach them and reacted loudly as they occasionally flicked and hit the clips to intensify the pain. When my pussy lips were peeled back and my clitoris exposed I feared for the same treatment but instead a speedy tongue began to lash it, flicking across the flesh at about 100 miles an hour.

I bucked upwards, riding the tongue as it fucked me, begging for more and more. And I got it. Carlos turned my head, pushing his cock into my mouth and demanding that I use my tongue on him. No reluctantly pulled away from his pussy feast and jackhammered his average but eager tool into me.

Both men reverted to their native tongue as they fucked, crying out as they ejaculated and rolled away from me. The clips were removed and two mouths gently eased the pain of the blood rushing back to my nipples. They remained active and attached as No pummelled two fingers into my pussy while pressing on my clit.

I screamed out as I came hard, almost peeing myself. Gasping from my climax I felt the bed move as they rolled off, then the shower being turned on. A door opened and closed and my blindfold was lifted. Carlos was mostly dressed, his shirt unbuttoned and his hair tousled and was un-cuffing me.

I rubbed my wrists, looking for bruising that would undoubtedly appear. Sitting up I looked at the messy, juice stained bedspread and then at Carlos. "Sorry," I murmured. He was fondling my breasts and kissing me deeply, telling me I should not be sorry for anything. It was the most incredible kiss, invasive and arousing. He told me I was unexpected, the best fuck he had had for a while, and I would be able to take his cock in my arse without pain soon enough.

He loved watching his dog breed me and fill me with canine cum and wanted to know which cock I had enjoyed the most. My reply reflected that I had fantasised about him taking me to bed and making me scream with pleasure for the last few weeks. "The shower is for you. No and I are due to be at a staff function in twenty minutes or we would be staying here with you and your tight little holes." He guided me to the bathroom and kissed me again.

"You can come and see me anytime." The scooter ride home was intense and a little dangerous as the seat vibrated and my panties were soaked by my arrival home.

Mum and dad were surprised to see me but pleased when I waved a dismissive hand and mentioned drunk, boring teenagers. They had people over, the neighbours in fact, and were sitting out on the deck having Long Island Ice Tea while chatting.

I went and changed into a more demur outfit of a tunic top and leggings then went out to play serving maid to my mum's hostess. The men were in the garden, talking about potential paving and renovation options while the women sat on the loungers.

I made up more drink and smiled as I heard Mrs Blair asking questions about sex. They were unaware that their voices were drifting up and were certainly ignorant to the fact that I had fucked Mr Blair. I stirred the tea and listened as Mrs Blair asked if any of the other husbands went 'downtown' for their wives. Mum laughed at Mrs Havers who thought it was a literal question. I liked that mum knew the code, and I knew dad took care of her, our early teen sex talks had involved the phrase 'if he expects you to do stuff then you should expect the same thing from him'.

"Conrad came back from his massage with Sean and it was like he was a changed man. I mean, I know I told him stuff when he did that deep tissue massage but… is there like a confidentiality code?" All the women, including the eavesdropper in the kitchen wanted to know more.

He had come home, been a bear with a sore head for a few hours and then had taken her to bed, spent quite a lot of time doing, you know, and it was wonderful. Then he had made love to her, and had done the same thing twice a day since then.

In fact, she could guarantee that after they left he would take her to heaven and back. "If I knew what he had been told and who had told him, I would send them a thank you card." It was like being newly-weds again, but better because he actually paid attention to her needs.

I called out that there was a fresh jug of tea on its way and then came out onto the deck. The subject had altered by the time I got out there. The men were making their way back as I poured the new drinks. Mr Blair held out his glass and avoided my eyes. I smiled and accidentally spilled some drink on his shirt. I gasped and apologised loudly, telling him I would get a cloth. His wife told him to go in the house with me and let me clean him up, something that caused him a great deal of stress.

"I hear you are having fun with your wife," I used some kitchen towel to dab at the stain. "The ladies were just talking about it, your wife is curious to know where you got those skills." His cock was swelling, pushing out his pants. "Wanting to know how you got so good with your tongue." I pulled him into the laundry, away from prying eyes.

"I would like to take your fat prick in my mouth, I would like you to empty your balls in my tight little neighbour slut pussy, I would like you to eat me until my juice is dribbling down your chin, but you need to save yourself for your wife." He kissed me clumsily, his lips strained and hard, his tongue limp and languid.

I ran my hand around his neck and pulled him to me, kissing him aggressively, taking control. He sighed into my mouth and took over, pushing me against the washing machine, lifting me and spreading my legs.

I rested my hands on his head and he pulled the gusset of my panties to one side and flickered his tongue across my lips. He ate me for almost a minute before he pulled back and sat up. Kissing me, forcing his juice coated tongue into my mouth he drew a shuddering sigh from me. Mr Blair smiled at this and pulled away.

"We should be getting back." He held his iced drink against his crotch, the chill deactivating his erection. "I would quite like another massage from you." He kissed me again and told me he imagined it was my tight little cunt squeezing his cock as he fucked his wife.

I liked that, I liked that he had decided that fleeing was not the way to react. He wanted me to understand that he had been shocked but if a young, hot thing like me wanted his cock then he would let her have it.

His wife wouldn't ever know, but she would experience the side effect, his insatiable need for cunt. "As long as you keep eating her pussy she will let you do anything," I then told him I would be over for a neighbourhood watch meeting in the next few days.

He caressed my breasts, causing me to moan from the pressure on the bruised flesh. He interpreted the moan as a reaction to his skill and kissed me deeply again. I handed him a clean plain tee shirt from dad's laundry pile and told him to take his shirt off. If I washed it then I would have a legitimate excuse to see him again. When we went back out Steve and Sean had arrived. They grabbed me and acted camp as they basically felt me up in front of the six others.

Sean whispered in my ear that I should head over to their place on Sunday. They had a client free day, some great weed and figured I had waited long enough for my double.

Standing between the two men who had introduced me to the deeper, darker side of my sexuality I looked at Mr Blair and smiled. I may have been waiting, but I had kept myself busy. Chapter 10: It was raining. My parents were mooching about, the Christmas preparation was reaching fever pitch and my sister had decided she could save more money by moving home, so I was stuck.

I couldn't use my rabbit to come to screaming climaxes, I couldn't sneak out and I couldn't dress in tiny little dresses without flashing everyone as the wind blew the hem up. I was bored and I was horny. The lads had been given tickets to a show in the city and in order to maintain the illusion that they were a couple they took them.

I wasn't even in charge of the dogs. Monday morning could not come soon enough. I would have the house to myself and I would be able to wear out those batteries. I drifted out to the kitchen where mum was pouring coffee into a travel mug. She pointed to an ironed shirt on a hanger and told me to go over to the Blair's and hang it on the back door.

I sighed and nodded. If he was home it would be good, exciting, he could practice his tonguing technique on me, but he would be at work like all the other men I had addicted to my pussy.

I didn't have much success with the rabbit. The batteries were well used and after a single, rather anxious orgasm it died on me. I was stomping around like a spoilt brat when I noticed a car drive by, a black Lexus, Mr Blair's car. I looked at my clothes, a spaghetti strap singlet and a floral mini and smiled.

Bare foot and without a rain coat I ran across the road with the plastic covered shirt. The chill from the rain caused my nipples to push against the wet cloth, the darker areolas showing through. I dashed around the back of the house and noisily attempted to hang up the shirt, jumping to try and hook it over the trellising under the porch cover. He watched me, my breasts bouncing, the nipples growing harder from the friction, as I jumped, then he opened the door to the kitchen.

"Oh," I leapt back into the rain as he unhooked the shirt. "Sorry, mum told me to return this." He told me to come inside out of the rain. I stood dripping on the kitchen floor as his eyes locked onto my breasts. "Can I have a towel?" I followed the silent man through to the guest bathroom and then into the bedroom next to it. He stepped forward and dabbed the towel against my hair before telling me to take my top off.

His warm lips and hands closed around my breasts as my arms were still above my head, the wet shirt held aloft over my head. With his top teeth resting on top of my left nipple he dragged his rough tongue up and over the nub of flesh.

It was slow and deliberate and I felt my knees weaken from this simple touch. He repeated the movement this time pausing to suck the nipple deep into his mouth. I clenched and unclenched my thighs as he repeated the actions on the other nipple until I cried out and dropped the shirt on the floor.

"Let me taste your little cunt," he shoved me back onto the bed, my willing thighs parting for him without a second thought. "God, look at you, you are so wet," he sniffed and snorted as he dug his tongue into my juicy cleft then repeated his nipple lick on my exposed clit. The slow, dragging movement was replaced by rapid flicking and it felt so good. I don't know where he had learned this skill but when his forefinger started to pump in and out of my wet pussy I shouted out his name and begged him to keep eating me.

"Tell me what you want me to do," he looked at me, his lips moist from my juices. I looked at him, meeting his eyes as he buried his tongue in me, watching my expressions as I tried to keep my eyes open. "Please, Mr Blair, eat my pussy, eat me, flick, oh God, fuck me with your tongue. God, you're making my cunt so wet," he dove in deeply at that and I suddenly hunched forward, cuming on his tongue then trying to push him away as he continued to lash at my over sensitive bud.

I spasmed up into his face, bucking and smashing against his lips as I tried to get away from him. He held my thighs firmly and continued to eat me, grazing his teeth and flicking his tongue as he moved up and down my wet gash. He looked up, proud of his achievements, and moved around the bed, unzipping. I rolled onto my side and began to move over to him when we both heard the garage door.

He went to the window and swore, the house cleaner had just arrived. His erection deflated quickly and he told me to get up and get out. Aroused and running was not a great combination but neither was aroused and unsatisfied.

His tongue had felt so good and I kept remembering how he had fucked me on the massage table, the aggressive thrusting and the friction from his body hair as he ground himself into me over and over. I grabbed my laptop and headed for the bedroom. Without my rabbit I would have to rely on my own two hands and my imagination. I started to browse through my most popular sites, pausing to watch a porn star called Dino eat out a woman dressed like a school girl.

His tongue darted and danced on her and reminded me of Mr Blair. I reached down and began to strum at the tender flesh, stroking it lightly and pulling apart the lips to plunge my fingertip into the moist opening. I paused, searching further until I stumbled onto a video site that thrilled me to my depraved little core. Some English woman in a dog paw coat tried to set a record and fuck as many dogs as she could.

I came loudly as she whimpered during a fat tie with a rottie, barely 5 minutes into the video. She was so confident and so assured and the men helping her were just that, helping. It wasn't like Mr Hudson who had gleefully watched or the lads next door who had small dogs, she had a combination of both. I wondered if I looked like that when a dog was breeding me. I liked her video better than the women who just used dogs like dildos and who seemed drugged or disinterested.

It inspired me to visit Carlos's house and have Barca mount me and knot with me for ages. The tingle started again as my fingers kept busy and I watched a pit bull mount her in the missionary position. I was setting myself up again when there was a knock on the door and I was startled out of my arousal.

I closed the laptop and lid off the bed. Straightening myself out I dashed to the door and saw the keen, middle aged Asian woman who was the Blair's cleaner. "Mr Blair was going to return these but he is home with some sort of" she danced her hands over her groin, "injury, so I said I would bring these to you." She held out a plastic bag with some plastic containers.

If he came over I could make him fuck me on my bed. I felt my nipples hardening almost instantly. I looked around and saw a flat pack on dad's study. I read the large sign and turned to the woman, taking the plastic bag. "I don't suppose you can put office chairs together?" I gestured to the study. "Oh, no," she gestured wildly. "Maybe Mr Blair could help you, as long as you do any lifting.

I could send him over. They take so long to put together, I think you should pay the extra cash and get one already put together." "Dad loves a challenge, well, he thinks I should love a challenge." She promised to send him over and I told him I would try not to wear him out. I stood by the door, watching, waiting, and then grinding against the door as I watched him come up the path, his pants already bulging at the front in anticipation.

I was finally going to get the pounding I needed. Chapter 11: Mr Blair found the door open as he approached. He smiled and looked in at the study to see the office chair all but put together. I took him into the room and told him he just had to slide the chair onto the hydrolic shaft.

He smiled again and lifted it on to the shaft then slid it on. He then sat down and unzipped his pants. I sank to my knees and moved in to position between his legs. I took his cock in my hands and kissed the tip, looking up at him as I did so. Keeping eye contact I opened my mouth and slid his stiffening rod deep into my mouth.

His lips parted and he began to pant as I sucked him deeper and deeper, my tongue darting out over the smooth tip as his cock popped out of my lips. "Oh, baby, take it deep, suck my balls," I did as he wanted, revelling in the sensation of sucking the hairy sack and lapping at the smooth underside of his shaft.

He pulled my head up and told me he wanted to fuck me. Bending over my father's desk I pulled up my skirt and looked over my shoulder at him. I then stood up and told him to strip, I wanted to feel his hairy body on mine.

I led him to my bedroom, with its slightly childish pink colouring and feminine, girly duvet. He pushed my legs back and dove in, tongue deep in my wet cunt, a loud slurping noise as his tongue scooped up my pussy juice. He slid up my body and suckled my breasts as his hairy belly ground into my thighs.

"Fuck me, give me your hard cock, I want you inside me," I pleaded, pulling him up my body. It felt so good to have his cock pushing though my lips, driving deep into my body, forcing air from my lungs as he thrust powerfully into my teenage pussy.

He turned me over, holding onto my shoulders as he used his whole body weight to drive his fat shaft in and out of my wet cunt. Finally, my face pressed against the wall as he held onto my breasts, gulping for breath and he roared and emptied his balls into me.

I smiled to myself as I felt him slide from me. Turning I kissed him and ran my hands over his sweaty body, the hair matting as I swirled my fingertips around his nipples. He kissed me back, and ran his hands down my body. He told me to hold my legs apart and he was suddenly between them, lapping up our combined juices and making me come so much I tried to push his head away from me so I could get some rest.

"Your little cunt feels so good. I love," he moved up, kissing me, making me taste our juices on his tongue and lips, "fucking you.

I love fucking you in your pretty little high school girl bed." He squeezed my breasts and moved down to suckle on them.

"I'm sorry I ran away the first time, I was just so surprised." He nibbled on the spiky tips of my tits. "I'm surprised you want an old cock like mine, when you could have those young guys next door." He was kissing me all over, using me like a toy, covering me in saliva, discovering erogenous zones and making me pant and moan. "But they're gay," I responded to his tongue, sucking it, flicking my tongue over his. "They're as gay as I am.

I know everyone thinks they are, and they act that way but they love pussy as much as I do, maybe even more." He moved between my thighs again, kissing my legs. "I think they are fucking every woman in the neighbourhood," he looked up at me, "except your mother, but if I had a cock as big as your dad's my wife wouldn't be going for special massages ever week." I didn't really want to hear about my parents' sex life but I was fascinated that Mr Blair knew about the lads and their secret. "You don't mind your wife sleeping with other men?" He did mind, but if she was doing that she couldn't complain about him doing this.

"Although if she knew it was you sitting on my face then she may object." "If you eat her cunt like you eat mine she wouldn't go anywhere else." I pushed him onto his back and straddled his chest, moving backwards until I felt his tongue on my splayed lips. I leaned forward and sought out his pink cock with my lips. "You're flogging a dead horse there, honey, but keep going," he slurped at me, fucking his stiff tongue in and out as I tried to encourage another erection from him.

He told me I tasted sweet and that he loved making me cum with his tongue. He asked about taking me up the arse and almost laughed into my spasming cunt as I came at the idea of Mr Blair shoving his cock into my arse so deep that his hairy pubes tickled my hole.

My moans were not quite loud enough to cover the sound of a car pulling into the wet drive way. I quickly rolled off, ignoring the tenderness of my swollen lips as I went to the window. "Shit," I turned and told him it was my sister and her boyfriend. I watched as he slowly sat up and put on his clothes, sliding his loafers on as he tucked his shirt into his pants.

I slid my dress over my head and opened the door into the garden. Hearing the front door open he turned and kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue and squeezing my breasts before he left. "Hey, Chrissy, you here?" I came out into the hallway and saw my sister, her boyfriend and an older guy who was Alex, her boyfriend's brother. "You looked flushed." All eyes were on me. "I was putting together that stupid chair." I gestured to the study and the empty box.

My sister looked at me and told me it was for my room so I should've put it together in there. She and Kyle were here to get a change of clothes as they were going to head to the beach. Alex got the chair and asked me where my room was. I looked at my sister and the two men and asked if they wanted a cup of tea.

I looked at Alex, sizing him up, wondering about the risk of making a move on him but there was the whole young stud air about him. With the older men I could maintain my reputation of being a slightly cute and kind of nerdy young woman, innocent in the ways of the world. They wouldn't want to rock the boat and reveal their addiction to my body, just like I didn't want to reveal my recent descent into the role of a cock slut.

Alex came back from my room and smiled lecherously. "Your room smells like sex," he grinned, "I guess that's what the old guy I saw running across the lawn had been up to." "What?" I looked offended and glanced towards the noise from my sister's room as the couple emerged. "What old guy?" There was an awkward moment when Alex's confidence wavered in the face of his brother and my denial about everything.

My sister came out with a bag and Alex mentioned something about me being a little bit of a slut. There were looks and I smiled as they drove off in the car. It was not going to be a good evening at the beach. I smiled as I read a text from my sister sent five minutes after they had left, "lx total douche thinks all chx hot4him Dck".

I couldn't help but agree. Pacing around the room, unsatisfied but a little spooked by the fact my room smelt like sex I ended up in my sister's room looking for any scraps of joints that I knew she smoked. I managed to find barely a butt on the outside window ledge where she had obviously flicked it away in a hurry. Grabbing some tweezers and a lighter I went onto the deck and sparked up, taking two short puffs, hoping it would relax me.

"I see you!" The voice jolted me and I dropped the tail end of the joint, watching as it fell into a puddle and then through the slats in the deck. I looked up and saw Sean standing under an umbrella by their pool. He had a rather large, smoking joint in his mouth and beckoned me over. It took less than thirty seconds to lock the front door and run across to their place.

I stood under the large cantilevered market umbrella and looked at the joint. "No, baby, this one's not for you." It had a little something extra in it and he was a sex, not a drug pusher. Steve came out and asked if I was wet all over, kissing me boldly, filling my mouth with smoke. They explained that they had returned, leaving their dogs at a breeders, because Steve's brother and sister-in-law had to fly overseas and needed someone to dog sit. The terriers and their 'cousins' two retriever-doberman crosses, did not get on so it was handy that the terriers original owners had offered to look after them.

"We see Mr Blair has been looking after you, Cherie." They could see into my room when I had the blind half tilted, which I had. "I'm a little surprised after the way he treated you." I told them my story and Sean groaned loudly, digging in to rearrange his hardening cock.

"Is it working?" Steve took another hit from Sean's joint. "God, I'm so hard I could break a window." I reached out and rubbed him through his shorts feeling the veiny tool as it pulsed against his thigh. He groaned again and reached for me, kissing me, fishing my tongue from my mouth so he could suck at it and then fill my entire mouth with his probing muscle.

I continued to rub his cock until he took my hand and slid it inside his shorts. His hot, pulsing dick filled my hand and as I pulled it from it confines I stepped closer, using the head to lift my dress and expose my nakedness. "You little slut, how many cocks do you want today." Steve pulled up the back of my dress and caressed my arse.

"It depends," I turned my head so Steve could kiss and suckle me, "have those dogs got cocks?" Chapter 12: It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, a slave to my own lust, with men willing to service me and dogs willing to breed me.

Sean had me lie back on an ottoman and spread myself wide using me shoulders to hook back my legs like a contortionist, exposing my cunt and arsehole to any and all probing tongues. He began to paint my pussy with his tongue, using long, broad strokes before circling the tip around the rapidly swelling bud of my clit.

Making grunting noises he drove his tongue through my tight lips, slashing it around the opening of my vagina, darting it over the tender flesh. I looked down my body to see this older man going to town on me, eating me voraciously, groaning into my moist flesh. "I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll squirt your juices over my face," he promised as he suddenly shoved two fingers into my tight channel.

He curved his fingers, rotating them around and round grazing them over an unexpectedly sensitive area deep in my cunt. He chuckled throatily and repeated the action as he sucked then flicked his tongue repeatedly over my clit. I began to squirm uncontrollably but the position I had got myself into locked me in place and he just continued to assault my poor exposure flesh.

Steve leaned down and kissed me deeply, exhaling another mouthful of ganga into a system already overloaded with sensation. The rotating fingers made me want to pee so bad that I started to squirm, undo myself, in order to scape. Steve firmly held me in place and Sean doubled his assault on my cunt and clit until I began to scream out that I was going to pee on him if he didn't let me go. My whole body seemed to spasm as the most incredible sensation shot through me centred deep in my pussy shock waves of pleasure pulsed out as the man eating my cunt began to noisily lap at the liquid I was sending his tongue.

Sean groaned loudly as his lapping tongue caught the juice that had gushed from me. I hadn't 'squirted' like he had said but I had certainly cum with a lot more juice that before. He looked up at me, his face coated in my fluids and then, with his fingers still hammering and rotating in me, slid up my body so I could taste the sweet, tangy saltiness of my orgasm on his lips and tongue. Steve wanted to know how I tasted and while Sean held my legs in place my other neighbour forced a rampaging, dripping orgasm from my abused cunt.

He didn't pause to kiss me, he just shifted up my body, lined up his swollen cock and buried himself in me with a satisfied grunt. My pussy continued to spasm around him as he stretched the walls wide, pushing himself as far into me as possible.

He rested, fully engulfed in my warm, wet cavity and watched as Sean positioned himself over my head and lowered his hard cock towards my lips.

Shoving deep into my throat I began to gag, my hands helpless at my side. He withdrew slowly, his fat prick slick with my spit, and watched as tears began to leak from the corner of my eyes. I was unable to speak or move as the two men used me, pushing hard and deep into my body until I was noisily, non-verbally reacting. Sean pulled out completely and using his latent strength and basic physics Steve rocked backwards, lifting me so I was resting on the stiffness of his cock.

The change in position released my legs and they began to fall towards the ground as I began to rock backwards. Sean was suddenly behind me, holding me up so only the head of Steve's cock was nuzzling into my wet pussy.

The spit slick cock slid between my arse cheeks and suddenly I cried out, moaning and murmuring 'yes, yes' over and over as two hard tools held me aloft.

I was being double fucked, suspended on two engorged penises as the men began to piston in and out leaving me empty then full at the same time. They fucked me that way for as long as they were able before Sean told Steve to sit down.

Straddling the older man I felt Sean hold my arse cheeks apart and drive his cock into the gapping hole over and over. Each time his cock pushed through the clenching muscle I moaned throatily and my pussy squeezed the cock buried balls deep in it. The couch was basically a writhing, sweaty, juicy frenzy with all three moaning and telling each other how we loved the feel of the cock, the cunt, the swollen little clitty.

With his tongue filling my open mouth Steve emptied his balls in me moments before Sean pushed deeper than before and filled my arse with his sperm.

I was gasping for breath, enjoying the feeling of the cum bubbling from my orifices when Steve moved his hand to caress around my pussy again, spreading a clear gel over and into my pussy and arse. Sean got up, his cock still half swollen as he walked to the door and opened it.

I watched as two large black dogs entered, eager for attention and then, noses in the air, eager for something else. Much to the lads joy I moaned and opened my legs, calling the dogs over. One homed in on the wet centre, the gel infused with the juices of a bitch on heat, delving deep into my full cunt with his long, probing tongue.

The other covered my face with slobber, French kissing me before he moved to stand over me, watching his friend eat my pussy.

I looked up at the hooked pink tip of his cock as he stood over me, sheath mere centimetres from me and I reached for it. The dog moved nervously then allowed me to run my hand over his covered penis, drawing the dark fur covering back from my prize.

Unlike other mottled cocks I had seen on dogs this one was dark pink all the way along. I arched my neck up and flicked my tongue over the tip, causing a reaction from the dog and the two men. "Look at the little bitch, she can't get enough cock, she's actually blowing the dog." They discussed taking a few pictures for personal use then reminded themselves about my reaction to Mr Hudson's photo essay on teenage dog fuckers. The dog's cock lengthened in my mouth and I felt covered paws scratching at my side, my licker was ready to breed me.

Releasing the growing cock from my lips I turned over, the room blurry from lust and drugs, my mind as blurry for the same reasons. I felt fur on my arse then two legs hook around my waist as the large dog pulled me back towards his thrusting pelvis. The hot, slick, malleable cock hot then missed my cunt four times before Steve stood up ready to help. The fifth hard hip thrust drove the fat prick about 10 centimetres into my willing and wet pussy, causing me to drop my jaw and release my dog cock lollipop.

Repositioning his legs I was pulled back again and he sunk the full length of his swelling cock into me. Without pausing he began to drive himself in and out at breakneck speed forcing the breath from me lungs and the other doggy cock from my hands.

I hung my head and closed my eyes as the solid length of his tool began to swell further and the bulb of his semi swollen knot passed in and out of my stretched pussy mouth. The boys had fucked me hard and long so I was ready to take what felt like a fist sized dog knot in my cunt. The bulbous flesh filled me completely and the dog settled in, his balls pulsing against my clit as the dog semen began pumping into my already filled vagina.

He shifted slightly, moving from paw to paw but unlike the terriers he was able to keep a firm grip of me with both rear legs on the ground.

The knot pressed up against the sensitive area that the boys had worried with their probing fingers and I felt the need to pee wash over me again. I was helplessly tied to a dog, his fat knot sealing my cunt to his cock as he bred me, filling me with his thin seed filled cum. The other dog pranced around, his tool hanging heavily between his legs, its dark pink flesh inviting me to suck on it, if I could only coordinate myself to reach out for it.

I collapsed onto my elbows, a shuddering orgasm sapping me of strength as one of the men reached around to the join and applied something wet and cold. The shock of the temperature change made me cry out and my lover immediately began to pull away, his knot suddenly smaller. The cock slithered from me, a trail of juice and cum dripping from my abused pussy.

The other dog was on and in me within a minute and this time the boys let the fat cock and even larger knot go the distance. I was in the middle of their floor, hips raised, hard, gushing canine penis knotted in my 18 year old rapidly learning pussy, my vagina filled with a mixture of human and dog semen. My hands slid from under me and the dog cock was the one thing keeping my hips aloft as I let the pleasure of the comprehensive fucking I was getting overwhelm me.

I felt the gush of an orgasm as the knot pressed onto my sensitive spot and cried out as my juices dripped from my splayed lips and onto the floor. I felt no guilt, no revulsion for my actions. I was a sexual beast and needed cock to sustain my appetite, and at that stage it did not matter where the cock came from. I had fucked dogs and men, I had eaten pussy and had my pussy eaten by a strange woman.

I had even gone into the woods and let a stranger bury his cock in me and fuck me until he came. I shuddered into another satisfying orgasm and then, exhausted, collapsed, causing the dog to whine and then pull out his barely shrunken tool.

I watched the dog, marvelling at the size of the knot and the fact that he had just had that thing shoved up inside of me. Lying on my back I let my legs fall open and watched as my last fuck buddy began to clean me up.

The lads waited for the dog to finish and an orgasm to gently wash over me before they moved in. Both had pricks slapping at their stomachs they were so hard. Sean pulled me onto my feet and bent me over barely pausing before his penis invaded my tight but willing arse. Steve grabbed me by the hair and began to skull fuck me comprehensively, allowing short pauses for me to breath before with a tight grip and a coughing groan and moan both emptied their balls into my receptive orifices.

I'm sure the brutality of the experience, the sense of being used and abused would alarm most women, most teenagers but as I lay in a pool of juices, every hole pulsing as semen drained from them, I was aglow with pleasure. They had fucked me hard and fast, had got two large dogs to breed me, had arse fucked me twice, double fucking me while I dangled between them.

These were the men who had got Mr Blair to eat me out, who had got a strange woman to flick her tongue over my pussy before sucking my clit into her mouth and making me cum all over her face. They were teaching me everything I ever needed to know about myself and what I could do, how I could control men with my cunt and how, at times my little cunt could control me. Chapter 13: I lay in bed, exhausted and sore from my depraved afternoon next door. Mum was a little concerned, checking me for a temperature, worried that I wouldn't be able to make the two day family trip to the country to visit my relations.

I had to assure her over and over that I would be okay, that I was just getting out of my study routine and that I was simply tired and didn't really feel like going. Actually I didn't want to leave the tongues and cocks of the men and dogs in the neighbourhood. She made me a deal, that if I was still a bit under the weather when we got out to the farm then I could stay behind while they drove further to see the other more distant relations.

It was a family tradition to try and have a barbeque together before Christmas as we all had different plans and family commitments.

I rolled over and told her it was a deal. I would cross my legs and use my fingers for a couple of days. The drive was only about two hours but it was windy and hilly, just enough to make me feel bad.

I had to lie down under a tree for a few moments when we arrived, just to let my stomach settle. Mum, my aunt, my sister and three cousins transferred food and gifts to the range rover and then my sister hauled me up and we went inside.

Uncle Donovan was making a big jug of cordial for us to drink as we sat down and had a bite to eat. I glanced at him and felt a familiar lurch in my stomach. He was a tall, solid man with a receding hair line and the facial features of a man who had worked outside most of his life. His calloused hands were broad and as he licked some of the powdered cordial mix from his fingers he caught me looking at him. I blushed and looked away, surprised that I had immediately wondered how his lips would feel curling around my clit as his tongue danced over the aroused pearl.

Mum's hand was on my forehead in a second and she claimed that I was hot. It was decided that I should stay alone on the farm, resting up, and they would put in my apologies. It was not up to me, there were going to be a lot of people there and if I had a virus it would be best if I kept it to myself. Donovan offered to take me to the loft where my sister and I usually bunked down at the farm.

While the rest of the family packed the cars he took me into the stables and through to the rather flash accommodation wing. "The beds are made up, we were expecting a couple of horses in but the owners have had truck problems.

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If they get it sorted they'll ring me and I'll get you to help them out." He asked if I could remember helping before and I shook my head. I had helped out in the birthing stable, but that was my aunts area. I had not helped uncle Donovan as his area, the breeding stable, was seen as being too racy for my young and innocent state. I made a fast decision and as he went to the kitchen to check there was milk I removed both my bra and my panties. "Your aunt may have turned the electric blankets on to air out the beds," he called, coming into the bedroom, "just check if they're still on." The plug was in the wall behind the bed.

I leaned over, right over, legs on the bed, knees apart, reaching forward. I felt my dress ride up over my naked arse, exposing my split muff to him, if he was looking. He made a small noise and then left the room, bashing into the door on his way out. "All sorted, uncle Don," he watched me from behind the bench of the kitchen, not quite hiding a straining erection.

"If they ring and show up shall I just wait for you or do I need to get the pony in?" "Just leave it all to me. I will…" my arousal was as obvious as his with my nipples aching as they grazed the cotton of my dress. His words faltered looking at my breasts and he shook his head suddenly.

"If anything pops up, I'll come back and deal with it." "I think a couple of things have popped up already, uncle Don, and it would be nice if you could deal it." I walked up to him, confidently placing my hand on his bulging crotch. I rubbed my stiff nipples over his chest and then stepped away. "I'll be here, waiting." He almost tripped as he left, looking back towards my waving arm, trying not to look at how I had pulled my dress up so he could see my pussy if he wanted to look.

I went back to the small apartment and made myself a cup of tea, giggling at my actions and his reactions. I was a little slut, that was for sure and he was, by all accounts, up for it. A man who spent his days watching his two stallions sinking their enormous cocks into ripe mares must have an urge or two that needed to be dealt with.

Standing at the window I saw three, not two car leave and smiled. They only needed two but Don may have insisted on a third in case he needed to come back unexpectedly. I drank my tea and went out to see the animals. The little teaser pony was the first to come up and investigate me, his soft, hairy lips tickling as he ate some hay from my hands. The two expensive stallions, the source of much of the farms income, were in separate fields, almost out of sight of each other.

They both stood at arms length from me, sniffing the air, curling their lips back and refusing to approach for hay or a pat. Their temperaments had made them successful racers and when Magic moved away from me I felt weak at the knees.

His penis was fully extended, hanging beneath his belly. I itched to get my hands around it, but that would be too dangerous. I would have to find relief elsewhere and when I looked behind the stallion, towards the trees by the road I smiled. There were few security measures you could take other than locking up a horse or having round the clock supervision when running a stud farm. One measure that worked very well, and one the horses didn't mind, was a roving dog or two.

Barney and Fred responded to my whistle and bounded across the paddock towards me, barking until they recognised me. The two rotties squirmed through the dog sized gap by the gate and greeted me with joy and affection. The big dogs jumped up and eventually as I sat on the ground by them they finished nipping and licking and pawing me, demanding attention and pats and shoves.

I cautiously looked around the leafy property and could neither see nor hear anything so I continued with my plan. Shoving Barney I got up onto my hands and knees, my dress sliding onto my back, revealing my naked arse.

I began to move around, bumping into the dogs, using my hands to seek out their sheaths and massage their doggy dicks. This was so out of control it was making me almost drip. The play was working and Fred was the first to find my moist little cunny. His nose snorted into it before his long, broad, flat tongue dragged up from hard clit to winking arse.

I groaned and backed into his tongue as he began to try and dig out the source of the juices he was enjoying, pushing that twisting, turning muscle deep into my cunt. I wrapped my hand around Barney's growing tool, jerking the sensitive flesh in my palm. Fred pulled back and began to whimper and prance around me as I wagged my tailless bum at him.

It was Barney who got the hint and with a gruff bark positioned himself at my rear, mounting me and trying to find the moist cavity to bury his burning dick in. With his paws tangled in my dress the hooked tip of his grey and pink rod found my parted, willing lips. He pulled back for a moment, but he now knew the way and there was little to stop him on his quest. My head dropped forward and I moaned loudly as the solid tube of flesh burrowed into me.

He jerked around, pulling at me with his clutching claws as he found the right spot, the right height. Satisfied that I was truly his he gripped me tightly and began to drive himself in and out of me, the cock like a slick rod pushing further and further into my soft flesh. I whimpered as his claws dug in and his prick began to swell just outside the mouth of my cunt.

I had no choice in the knotting situation as he drove into me again, his swollen flesh ballooning inside as he then hung on, emptying himself in me, spurting his semen and filling me. My tight lips kept his fat knot in my cunt as he half turned, his legs not quite touching the ground. I moaned loudly as the juices began to leak out, lubricating my tight passage and allowing the large bulbous knot to pull out of me with a long, loud sucking noise.

The gush of cum that followed was cleaned up briefly before Fred's brother, having learned by example, was on and in me immediately. The speed of the change over meant that my muscles had not yet contracted and so for the first minute or so Barney was able to fuck me with an almost fully formed knot sliding in and out, in and out.

The bulge moved over and over my g spot until with a scream of anguished pleasure I tried to squeeze my legs together, push the dog away from me and spasm uncontrollably at the same time. Barney's grip, however, was too firm and there was no getting that big dog cock from my gushing cunt.

My passage seemed to tighten around him and he barked and whimpered, licking my face as he tried to get his knot back into me. I looked up and saw the stallion had come towards the fence, curious about the breeding. His tool was no longer dangling, softly swaying with his movements.

It was now rigid, pulsing between his legs, lifting towards his belly. I wanted desperately to lick the huge tool, to have his jets of cum splash over me but I could not get close enough to receive what would be $25,000 worth of cum on my skin. Instead I watched the hard dick as I was brutally bred by two dogs, eager to make me their bitch. My mouth hung open as Barney pulled away from me, his pink cock still squirting as he collapsed onto the grass, licking it clean.

I pushed the cum from me, feeling it dribbling down my lips until Fred came up to clean me, rasping over my already sensitive flesh. I looked up and saw the softening tool of the horse, his payload still safely contained in his golden balls. Unlike him I felt satisfied and ignoring the rules of health and safety I ran all the way back to the house and stripped off my dress so I could jump into the pool. I used the opportunity to clean myself up, confident in the role of chlorine to kill off any nasties.

I swam a couple of lengths as the dogs watched and then got a little bored and wandered off the another part of the farm. I enjoyed the thrill of being naked and dried off as I sat by the side of the pool. Two hours later lying on a sun lounger, naked, I heard a car approach and opened my eyes to see Don's car pull up. I watched as he climbed out, looking over to the stables then at the house. I covered myself coyly and called out a loud 'hello?' Don came through the gates and to the pool.

He looked nervous. He seemed to relax when he saw I had a towel over me. "I didn't hear a phone call, are they on their way?" He looked down at me and nodded saying they would be here in a while.

He sat down on the side of the sun lounger and told me that he needed talk to me about what I had done earlier. "What have I done? I bent over and showed you my cunt, then I felt how hard that made you.

If we had had time I would've showed you more," my hand snaked across his thigh, heading towards the lengthening shape in his khakis. "I would've taken your cock in my mouth, I would've sucked your balls, swallowed your cum as you fucked my face." He ripped away the towel and took my breasts in his hands, twisting the flesh before he pinched the nipples so hard I cried out in pain. The hard nubs throbbed as he then sucked hard on my left then right tips. He then pulled my legs apart, holding the soft pink flesh of my pussy between two fingers and focused his tongue and teeth on my clitty.

The sudden, brutal assault had me bucking against his face within a minute. I heard the harsh sound of a zip and in an extreme missionary position he was fully dressed apart from his hard cock which was buried deep inside of me. He sighed and grunted in time with his rapid thrusting. "Is this what you want, you little slut, my hard cock in you? Your cunt feels so good, squeeze my cock, you whore, squeeze it around me. I'm going to fuck you all afternoon, and then I'm going to tie you down and let my guests fuck your little pussy," I bucked up against him at this, writhing against him in an unexpected orgasm.

"Oh, you like that, don't you, cunt, you want cock, don't you, you want a gang bang, cock after cock, drinking cum from cocks you've never met before." "Yes," I moaned, begging him to cum in me, cum in his little niece's pussy. This sudden reminder of who I was sent him over the edge and he pulled out of me, scrambling up my body, shoving his surprisingly long cock down my throat, cumming into my throat as he held onto my hair to keep me in place.

I had no choice but to swallow, which I did willingly. He stood up, pulling me up with him and kissed me deeply, running his hands over my body until I had two fingers pumping in and out of me then the juices fed to me as he watched me lick around the digits, a sign of what I could do to his cock and balls.

He watched, the bumbling, kind familiar face transforming into a wolfish mask, a sign that he knew exactly what he was doing. I had assumed I was the spider, catching my uncle as a fly but as he led me to the stables and into a large stall down the back I began to doubt myself. He kissed me again, his fingers toying with my nipples until I felt a cold tightening and looked down to see a shiny, chrome clamp being tightened around the swollen flesh.

He pushed me back towards the wall, commenting that never in 1000 years had he thought I would be the one begging for a hard, fast fuck from him and his friends. I had to try and get some control over the situation but when I told him to get his dogs and I would show him just how fast and hard I liked to be fucked his reaction was not one of sudden lust. He just smiled and commented that he wondered why I had been so wet that his boys had obviously given me a good seeing to.

"You are going to be a popular girl for my friends. I wonder if they've bought their dogs with them, maybe you could train up a couple more breeders for our little club." He cuffed me to the wall and then knelt between my thighs. He buried his nose in my bald mound and his tongue lashed out, darting into my used cunt then over my hard clit. He ate me aggressively, telling me to cum on his tongue, telling me how beautiful my pussy was, how sweet my juice tasted. I rode his tongue as he teased me, worrying a massive orgasm from me, covering his face with sticky juices and exhausting me physically and mentally.

"That should keep you going until out guests get here." Chapter 14: The cuffs were digging into my flesh as I was bent over against the stable wall. Uncle Don slowly rocked his hips forward, driving his hard length further and further into my willing pussy as he pulled on the clamps, dragging the tender tips out before he would then squeeze my entire breast.

He had eaten me to orgasm and then decided he couldn't wait for his friends to arrive before me fucked me again. I made his cock hard and he had to be careful not to just jack hammer himself into me and cum a minute later. All he wanted to do was fill me with his seed and watch it dribble out of my just fucked, splayed lips.

I tried to remain in control of my feelings but his words penetrated my head and it was impossible not to let them trigger small explosions of pleasure. He certainly knew what to do, how to play with me to get me bucking against him, straining for release, begging, repeating anything he wanted me to say as he held my head up.

I felt his sperm shoot into me as he seemed to burrow deeper into me, holding my breasts tightly as he emptied his balls in me. He put an extendable metal bar between my ankles, attaching more cuffs around my legs so I was basically spread eagle against the wall, then he turned me so my naked front was on show to whomever came in the stall door. I looked up and saw him swinging a hook to the centre of the stall and was confused. He smiled at me, his cock swinging flaccid and pink from its recent exertion.

He went to a leather satchel hanging from the side of the stall and pulled out what turned out to be a small leather mask.

He slid it over my head, testing it to make sure it wouldn't dislodge. He didn't want my identity to be revealed, I was, after all, family, and at the start of my adult life.

He would make sure that there was no recording of my gangbang but in the thrill of the moment he may not see everything. "Uncle Don?" I asked quietly, "do you do this a lot? What does aunty think of it, or does she…?" "Your aunt has her life, and I have mine. She doesn't know about this, but she does benefit from it." He smiled lecherously.

"I pick up skills here and there." "I loved you eating me out, your tongue felt so good in my cunt," I smiled coyly, regardless of the lewd words I had just spoken.

"You have a sweet tasting pussy, and bitches will do anything if they think they will get a solid licking." He chuckled and left the stall, letting me think about what was going to happen. A screen flickered to life in the corner of the stable and I saw the security footage of me being bred by Fred and Barney. It was from a distance but it was obvious that I was enjoying it.

I couldn't believe how I had so deliberately lured the dogs to me and presented myself to them, turning my arse up and spreading my cheeks so they could push their knots into my pulsating flesh.

I began to wish there was sound as I watched my head drop down as Fred stepped over me, his swollen penis dragging and scrapping the sensitive flesh. My pussy began to drip, the combination of my arousal and uncle Don's cum dribbling down my spread thighs. God, I was such a sex addict. The sound of barking woke me from the daze I had fallen into watching my breeding over and over.

I was starting to cramp and stood up, trying to stretch out, reposition myself. I could hear the voices of men as they approached the stall.

I tried to turn but the cuffs meant that I was fully exposed to the strangers. "Fuck me, Donald, what have you got for us?" Five men stood in the open doorway and looked at me.

"Looks like you have already given her a taste of your cock." A large brindled dog pushed through the men and immediately buried his snout in my bald pubic mound, sniffing, snorting and then swiping his tongue over the juice smeared flesh. I gasped loudly and amidst laughter and comments about my juicy little pussy needing a good shafting, the dog, Hercules, was called away. "So, how did you find this one?" "She kind of presented herself to me, bent over so I could see she didn't have any knickers on and I could see her sweet little pussy lips spread open, waiting for a prick to push between them." The men were all around 35-40, perhaps a little older, and the fact that an 18 year old was ready and waiting for them seemed to turn them on.

"I spread her out and made her cum on my face before I gave it to her." "I assume you've taken your little blue pill." I was getting aroused by the men watching me, talking about how they were going to spunk over and in me. They commented on how my nipples were puckering up, aching against the unforgiving clamps. One of the men, a little worse for wear from either the trip or some unknown narcotic, lumbered forward.

He pulled on the clamps and gave me a probing kiss, his hands roaming over my body before he roughly thrust two fingers deep into me. His tongue continued to explore my mouth as he then fed me the juiced fingers, pausing to suck on them himself.

He decided he wanted to taste the source and fell to his knees, slurping inexpertly at my clit and slick lips. Don approached and spread the metal bar at my feet even wider then used the hook to catch the chains on the cuffs. He moved me to a low covered hay bale and pushed me back before winding the hook upwards so my arms and legs were elevated. Hercules rushed at me again and was pulled back so the oldest of the men could feel me up and lap at me, coating my body in his saliva.

He undid the clamps and suckled on me as pushed his thumb into my arse. Don pushed over a bucket and handed over a hot water bottle and tube. I looked up and around, trying to figure out what was going on. "Clean her out, Dean." I felt the tube push into my anus and a sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before possessed me.

The warm water pushed into me, giving me an unexpected enema, cleaning me out. I could feel it filling me up, and a sudden tongue lashing had me babbling incoherently.

Pulling the tube out I was positioned over the bucket and everything gushed out. It happened twice, and while it was accompanied by men playing with me I found it a little too uncomfortable. The others had not gone to that much trouble, they just fucked me hard and fast. I was rearranged, my arms pulled back, my toes barely touching the floor as I stooddangling, in doggy position. The cuffs around my ankles were released one at a time as they put me into what felt like a climbing harness.

Straps around my thighs were attached to a belt around my waist and once tightened the belt was clipped and hauled up. More straps were tightened and my knees were bent as the thigh to spreader belts were shortened. While the pressure was released from my shoulders the discomfort I felt from my position heightened. I was a puppet, dangling and helpless, my knees drawn up, my thighs spread.

If my feet had been on the floor I would've been in a forced squat, instead I hung from a hook, swaying slightly. I felt fingers spread my lips and a finger delve into my dripping gash before it was withdrawn and a sound of sucking followed. My taste, he said, was delicious, like an oyster fresh from the ocean. I recognised Don's gruff voice and felt his hands over my exposed pussy as the men began to debate going down on a woman.

One thought it disgusting while two others thought it a means to an end. Don and the guy who had first touched me scolded the others, telling them it was a treat and there was no better way of controlling a woman than eating her out.

No matter how you looked, how big your cock or how perverse your desires, a tongue induced orgasm would have her coming back for more. "I loved you eating me out, your tongue felt so good in my cunt," I heard my voice echo through the stables. "If a horny 18 year old is willing to tell me that, gentlemen, and willing to do this, you should reconsider." "You talk too much, this little cunt is dripping, let's just give her cock.

When we're done she'll be ready for Hercules and maybe even Camelot," I heard the name of my cousins pony and began to try to free myself, pointlessly. My writing frame made the men laugh as one grabbed my arse, lined himself up and nudged a swollen, pudgy prick into my spread flesh.

He used the waist strap like reins and pulled me back onto his shaft, allowing his pounding hips to drive me forward again. The blunt, soft head of a strange penis traced across my lips and I opened my mouth willingly, taking the semi hard tool into my throat. I used my lips to push the skin back and darted my tongue over the sensitive base of the cock head. Having no control made it difficult to get a rhythm or keep constant pressure.

I had to use my tongue to lash from side to side until the fucking I was receiving stopped with a loud groan, a mysterious ripping sound and a weak spurt of semen onto my feet. The man at my head used this sudden freedom to hold me head and really fuck my face, his pelvis colliding with my cheek as he came deep into my throat.

Another semi hard cock was pushed into my mouth as a large dildo forced its way into my moist pussy. I cried out as it was rammed in and out with unnecessary violence, then again as lips suddenly attached themselves to my fully exposed clitoris. The clamps disappeared and suckling began, overloading my senses as I bucked up and down.

A hard cock ploughed into my upturned arse and there was a small cry of protest as the dildo and the lips left my pussy. The men didn't mind fucking the same hole, they just didn't want a pair of hairy bollocks near their mouths. The cock in my arse was thick, pulling at the lubricated flesh as it drove in and out of me. I squealed around the thickening rod in my mouth as the fucking got more intense. There was more conversation, muffled as my skull fucker had his hands over my ears and I was suddenly released.

The cock left my arse, feet scrambled around and two lots of sperm hit my face and the mask. Four men had emptied their balls on me and I had yet to cum. I was hoping for more. Someone held me by the waist and my arms were released, falling like dead weights by my side. The spreader was released and the belts removed so I was just held by the climbing harness. The clip was changed to the front so I was now being held aloft, my back arched as gravity dragged my extremities downwards.

I was lowered slightly and felt the fat head of a cock nuzzling between my cheeks. The hard, familiar tool allowed gravity to take over and my arse filled with his cock until I was resting on his soft body. His hands reached around to play with my breasts as he used his hips to rock his cock deep into my bowels. The clip was released and he was now fully controlling me.

He turned my head and flickered his tongue into my gasping mouth, the French kiss arousing me suddenly. We both groaned as a broad, soft tongue burrowed into my open cunt and over his emerging cock. I looked up and saw the men watching Hercules feast on out juices. The dog was determined not to waste a drop and dug his tongue in deeper than anything I had experienced before.

Don pulled out, allowing the dog to do the same to my arse and then pushed his snout out of the way as he returned to arse fucking me.

Hercules paused then mounted both our bodies, his legs resting on the hay bale beneath Don. A hand reached down and I felt the scalding hot hooked tip of the mastiff's prick slide into my pussy. He pulled out and danced away, returning to lick us then attempting to mount again. This time he leapt forward as he thrust and it felt as if his full length had been driven into me.

Don grunted from the extra weight and from the engorged shaft rubbing against him through my flesh. The dog went crazy, hammering into me at breakneck speed until his knot began to swell, popping, noisily, in and out of my stretched muscles.

A helping hand held him in place and I was knotted with a huge dog while my uncle weakly drove his cock into my arse, coughing and spluttering as he drained himself in my orifice.

The clip was returned and I was lifted slightly. The dog struggled to turn, his new position made even more alarming by Don sliding out from me and leaving me, literally, dangling by my cunt, a fat dog cock anchoring me.

I began to cum, long and hard, my juices lubricating the tool buried deep, spurting its breeding spunk to me. Hercules pulled away, the flooding of our combined cum allowing him to almost drag out my uterus as he stepped away, pulling me with him. With a loud, juicy, farting noise his fat tool slithered from me, causing me to swing backwards and forwards a bit. Cum flowed from my gaping cunt as the dog wandered into the corner, his tool bouncing, almost touching the ground, fat, marbley and magnificent.

I licked my lips looking at it them felt hands moving me again. I heard the recognisable sounds of metal shoes as the family horses, Camelot, was brought into the stall. My eyes widened and I struggled to get away, the thought of the large rubbery hose like penis too much for me to comprehend.

I was swinging wildly, panting as I danced around, trying, and failing, to get some purchase on the stall floor. "Watch out," Don warned, too late. I head butted the wall and slumped down, not unconscious but certainly dazed. I was dimly aware that I was being moved but I couldn't control anything. I saw a large, fleshy cock dangling from the beneath the pony, the head looking as if it had been flattened out.

It was not slick and pointed like a canine cock but leathery and imposing. Only a massive shove would rip through my clenched lips, into my slick passage. I felt the floor beneath my feet and leaned forward, my hands resting on the railing that ran around the stall. Sighing from the relief of being able to support myself and control my position I looked around and saw the once flaccid, dangling cock was now bouncing, rigid against his belly.

The pony curled his lips back, snorting and stomping his feet, causing me to start panicking again. It wasn't so much the fact that his cock looked so imposing, in fact looking at it springing about made me moist, it was the fact that he was heavy and had feet that could crush me.

I went to move and found my cuffed wrists were not free as I had assumed. Wrenching myself back the men yelled at me and I froze. The horse was in a sling of some sort and as he collapsed onto me it took the bulk of his weight. I felt a fist sized cock head butt against me, sliding up and then down before then sawing between my spread thighs. Lubricant of some sort was sprayed onto me and with the knowledgeable guidance of a man who made his money feeding horse cock into willing cunt I felt the flared head of my cousins pet enter me.

Camelot made a strange noise and paused, trying to figure out what was going on. He then thrust, a pile drive that sent me head first into the wall again. This time the impact did cause me to black out. When I came to, moments later, there was a hose of semen gushing from a horse cock as it slid from my bruised, abused pussy. I was released from all bonds as the horse was led out and fell to the ground sobbing and holding my head.

"She's obviously fucked dogs before, the little cunt couldn't wait to get that fat knot in her pussy." "First time with a horse though, she looked scared." "If I had something the size of my arm pistoning in and out of me, I'd be scared. God, for a little horse he can certainly give it to the ladies," the men joked and laughed as they stood around my body, their cocks hard as they began to jerk off.

"Up on the bale," Don patted the hay bale that had supported me for our last fuck. I lay on my back, my hair hanging over the end, my mouth open as they shot their sperm over my face and tits. Leaving me covered in cum form three different species they left to set up the servicing of their brood mare to the stud horse. I rolled from the bale and lay in the hay watching the security camera, waiting for the coverage of the breeding.

Spreading my thighs I reached between to scoop up the juices that were pooling beneath me. Hercules was still in the corner, tied up so he wouldn't annoy the horse as he fucked me.

I gingerly stood up and went over to release him. He was thrilled not only to be free but to have me all to himself. I used an old towel to mop up my arse and pussy then collapsed back on the hay bale. Hercules approached me and began to clean the protein enriched cream that covered my face and tits.

His tongue was soft and warm like moist velvet on my sore nipples and tender face. His snuffling soon led him to my pussy and even though I was spent, spinning and scared I spread my legs and allowed the large dog uninterrupted access to my cunt with his tongue.

I watched the rapid breeding on the black and white monitor, orgasming several times as the dog cleaned me. I was moments away from turning over, presenting my gash to the eager dog cock when Uncle Don came in and took the dog away. When he returned he just smiled and led me to the house, throwing my mask away as we passed Camelot in his stall.

I shuddered and leaned against my uncle as he promised me an interesting time before the family arrived home the next day. Chapter 15: I hung the telephone up and turned to the older man standing behind me. He reached out and cupped my breasts, running his coarse thumbs over the puckering nipples. "They won't be home until late tomorrow, and aunty wanted to know how the breeding went so I said the guys left about an hour ago," which they had.

He kissed me, his stubble scratching at my soft skin as his tongue explored, battled and subdued mine. He seemed to want to possess all of me and while it drove me wild with lust thinking about my uncle draining my juices with his tongue I was still a little confused and upset about what had happened in the stables. In the movies a gangbang seemed to take ages, the men moved around feeding their pricks into the girls holes, driving her towards cumming as they delayed their own climax.

In reality these four men had just shoved it in, blasted their cum into a condom then faded away. The dog fuck with Don was pretty awesome, he at least seemed interested in making sure I got some pleasure but that thing with the horse was not a happy memory. If they had worked up to it, maybe shown me the breeding while one of them was eating me, suggested it might be sensational to have a big dick stretch me, I may have gone for it.

But only one of them wanted to lick me, and there had been no attempt to ease me into the equine breeding programme. I explained this to uncle Don as I lay in his arms in his marital bed. I was pressed hard against his hairy belly as his hands cupped and squeezed my arse, his fingers lightly dancing over my anus. He seemed to take in what I was saying and asked me, despite my reservations, if I had enjoyed having a horse mate with me. I hadn't but part of me really wanted to have a good time.

I told him I just hadn't been primed. I told him my first dog had happened when I was stoned and when I was already fully worked up. He told me that young women these days were so self-assured and then asked if I had my way what would we be doing at this point.

I wanted to sleep, to heal, but he wasn't talking about that. Instead I moved, sliding up his body and hanging on to the wooden bedhead I swung a leg over him, settling my pussy over his mouth. He chuckled and then proceeded to devour me noisily. I moved my pussy up and down his face, using his nose and chin to grate and grind against me before he held my cheeks apart and flicked his tongue over my arse hole, the feathery touch drawing a guttural moan from me.

I turned and saw his fat prick lying, nesting in his pubes and rearranged myself to take the flesh snake in my lips, trying to revive it with my lips and tongue. I enjoyed older men because they seemed to appreciate the fact that they couldn't get it up endlessly and that to keep me interested they would have to play with my body until they were ready to go again.

The rasping, direct pressure on my clit drove me over the edge as I gulped down his thickening length. He locked his arms around me, holding my cunt on his mouth as he serviced me relentlessly, the wet 'clacking' of my juices on his tongue punctuated by my mournful sobs. He told me he wanted to fuck me and I swung my leg off and got on my hands and knees facing the large wardrobe mirror. He ducked down slathering my arse with juices and saliva then got into position behind me. I felt the blunt, slick head of his erect penis nudge into my clenched arsehole.

He pummelled two fingers in and out of my aching cunt, watching my reflection, looking for the tell-tale sign that I had surrendered. My eyes half closed as I watched my lips and jaw slacken slightly. That was his sign. With authority he drove the head of his cock into my used tunnel, gripping my hips to help him gain access.

I winced and he pushed forward even more, forcing my arse wider as I felt his balls smash against my spread lips and tender clit. Slowly he withdrew, drawing the tight flesh out with him, watching the spectacle close up then looking at the reflection to gauge my facial reaction.

He was big, and thick, and relentless. He took a deep breath and started to saw his cock in and out of me, pulling me back onto him then pushing me forward. My face flushed as he reached down and worried my little clit then squeezed my nipples. Pulling me up, he turned my head, watching as I gave into to his exploring tongue as he kissed me and sucked on my lips and tongue.

He told me to watch as he moved my legs and I could see the width of his tool pushing into my delicate flesh. I saw the swollen, puffy lips of my pussy and the blood filled shaft of my uncle's cock as he arse fucked me.

He called me his little slut niece and shot his sperm into me, shoving deeper into my bowels with each spasm. Collapsing forward I was told to stay in the position and the two watch dogs were called in. They had patiently waited as the men, Hercules and Camelot had taken me and now they deserved a repeat performance.

Their muzzles pushed into me as their tongues tried to retrieve the protein rich semen leaking from me. One of them began to strip the sweat from around my breasts and armpit. My uncle pulled one of the dogs up my body and I felt the hefty weight of the beast as me was positioned on me. The hot slick head of his cock slid across my arse cheeks and pistoned deep into my stretched anus.

I opened my mouth to protest but the sudden girth of his knot pushing through the muscles meant I barked a loud grunt then bit my lip to keep from screaming any more. The seal was not perfect and as the dog cum began to leak from me the other dog moved into place, lapping up the juices.

"Do you like that?" Smoke blew into my face as my uncle sat by me, tweaking my nipples and kissing me to get me stoned. He moved away and told me to tell him how I felt. "I can feel his fat cock in me, filling me, his cum is shooting out in little jets and I can't take it all. God, he is so big, and heavy and that tongue… I wish he was in my cunt, I need a cock in me, I need to cum, I can't cum from an arse fucking…" my words were being recorded on a small camera as my uncle moved around, focusing on the tongue and cock pleasuring me.

My lover began to whimper and use his powerful back legs to move over me. He tried to turn but the continue fucking had loosened me and with a loud sucking noise the fat red prick was expelled.

His partner moved up to feast on me as the drugs began to take effect and I collapsed, moaning. Rolling on my back I spread my legs allowing the dog full access to my eager holes, burying his muscular tongue deep into my pulsating pussy. Grasping my aching nipples I pulled on them as the tongue drove me to a shuddering orgasm, captured for prosperity on my uncle's camera.

Still naked and compliant from a satisfactory fuck and pleasing orgasm I was led back to the barn. Leaning against my uncle he told me that he would make up for the disappointing experience. I was led not to Camelot's stall but to the stall of one of the ponies that lived on the farm. Stacking hay bales I then leaned forward and the pony was led towards me. He began to pace and stomp, his lips curling back as my handler prepared me.

He led the pony over me, his weight barely touching me as the cock seemed to stiffen then lose its rigidity. "Ready?" probing fingers drew a whimper of consent and a hard wand of horse flesh was pummelling me for the second time that night. It was brief and rough, seven or eight hard, forceful thrusts as the fat, hard, dry flesh possessed me and filled me with semen.

The pony pulled out, a gush of cum following his hard flared penis as it withdrew. I had completely surrendered to my desires and my uncle had continued in the vein of my older male companions, guiding my depravity.

I had enjoyed the feeling of being so powerfully taken and truly enjoyed the insistence of the smaller beasts cock. Lying on the hay I watched as the horse was led away and the dogs came in to investigate this new aroma. Drifting to the pool I dove it and used the water to clean myself before making my way back to the rooms I was supposed to be occupying. Waking up I discovered that my uncle was far from finished with me. My hands were tied to the bed posts, as were my ankles and between my legs a grey haired man with a moutache was cautiously tickling the clit his knowledgeable fingers had exposed.

It was still some time before the family would return and the staff of the farm had to get their Christmas bonus. Chapter 16: I moaned softly as the tongue flicked over my clit before he sucked on my cunt, a tongue pistoning in and out.

His moustache tickled my sensitive flesh as he devoured me, slurping my juices and his spit from my bald mound. He reached up and his rough calloused hands pinched my swollen nipples, milking my breasts as he ate my teenage pussy. I began to pump my hips toward his mouth and cried out as he lashed his tongue over my clitoris. He sat up and wiped his wet mouth with his shirt sleeve telling me he would be smelling my slut pussy all day now.

He unzipped himself and fumbled around before giving a satisfied sigh. He licked pussy with skill, as a cock master, however, he was small and eager.

Four thrusts and he was grunting and pulling out to spurt on my breasts. I closed my eyes and listened to him leave, thanking the boss for a great Christmas bonus. Smiling I heard the sound of claws on the polished concrete floors. Hot breath and wet tongues began to coat my body as the dogs lapped up the cum and sweat.

My legs were untied and I spread them wider allowing the rotties to growl and yap as they jockeyed for position, driving their hot, delving tongues into my vagina and over my leaking flesh. "Feel good?" I looked at my uncle through hooded eyes and nodded. He flipped me over and pulled me onto my knees, slapping my arse and my pussy lips. He helped one dog find his way into me, hammering me, driving his pink rod of pulsing flesh deep into me with one thrust. He thrust hard and fast, knotting with me quickly but pulling out painfully as quickly.

I cried out, looking at my uncle as he rhythmically stroked his hardening cock. He shrugged and said I could get lucky with the next dog. On my knees, a dog on my back, his scalding dog penis pushing into my human cunt I was a depraved slut. The dog was in me as quickly as his brother, pushing forward, thrusting hard with his rear legs in order to gain purchase for his swelling prick.

The knot popped in and out of my relaxed lips until it was too big to escape and with two hard thrusts he was still, the only movement being the pulsing of his balls as he emptied himself in me.

My pussy spasmed around his solid rod, the muscles clenching to keep him deep in me although I did feel a thin stream of cum dripping down as it bubbled from around the seal. My uncle moved over to me and presented his balls to my lips. I sucked on then the other into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the wrinkled sac, running around the base of his cock shaft.

He moaned and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back and told me to poke out my tongue. He slapped his swollen cock on it, rubbing the head around my lips before shoving his hard prick right down my throat. I gagged and tried to pull my hands up but he held me tight by my hair as I started to choke around his penis.

Pulling out he released me, snot, spit and tears all falling on the mattress as I collapsed. The dog shifted, growling at my sudden movement. He moved his leg, dragging it across my back and pulling his still swollen, knotted cock from my reluctant pussy.

Cum began to pour out of me as I fully collapsed. He grabbed my head again and tried to push his cock into my mouth but my fear of choking again was strong. "Hold still, bitch, or everyone is going to know how much you enjoy fucking dogs." I stopped struggling and opened my mouth so he could, once again, push himself so deep that my nose pressed into his belly.

I opened and closed my hands, pulling at my binding, tears running down my cheeks as they puffed out. He pulled out for less than a second allowing me to gasp, then swallow his cum as he spurted straight into my throat.

Pulling out his softening cock he reached down and slapped my cheeks then rolled and squeezed my hard nipples. "I have been waiting to fuck you ever since you turned 18," he dragged his cock over my face, trailing mucus and semen as he went.

"I'm just pissed off you couldn't keep your legs closed for long enough for me to take your cherry, like I took your sisters." I looked up at him and could tell by his expression that he was telling the truth. "If you had waited a little longer, but I guess your little cunt needed cock, any cock." He fingered me and then fed me the dog cum that was still dripping from my lips. "The other lads aren't in today so I guess if you want another fuck you'll have to go looking for it, unless you want another go with the ponies." I squirmed and he smiled.

"Dog slut, aren't you. You know with their knots their cocks are bigger than the pony dick you took." "I don't like it," he told me to spread my legs and patted my pubis, getting the dogs to come and clean up the cum they had so recently deposited in me.

"The hooves make me nervous, and they… the dogs want it, they want me to kneel down and get into position so they can breed me." I allowed my head to fall back as the tongues danced over my flesh.

Don untied me and told me my family would be back soon. I sat up and asked him about his comment concerning my sister.

"I got her stoned, actually, she got me stoned and I ended up bending her over a hay bale and fucking her." He saw my frown of disapproval and reassured me that he had eaten her out so she was gasping for it. "Tongue fuck you right and you'll do anything to sit on my face again." He was a prick but as soon as he said it all I could think about was lowering my spread pussy lips onto his mouth, begging for his tongue to dart in and out of my gaping hole before a roll over and spread my legs eager for a hard fuck with his fat cock.

I hoped they changed their minds and came to our place for Christmas. I may not like my uncle that much but the way he treated me was easy to ignore if I just focused on how he made me cum over and over. Chapter 17: I love Christmas and everything about it but things had changed over the past month. I knew what I wanted for my present and it involved me spreading my legs and a series of men servicing me before I assumed a position ready for a solid breeding.

I wanted to feel my lips clenching around a bulging knot as a dog pumped me full of his seed and his owner watched me, his hands wrapped around a solid rod of flesh almost crippled with the pleasure of the sight before him.

I just wasn't sure how you could gift wrap a present like that or whether my family would appreciate my cries of joy from receiving such a gift. In the meantime my joy for the season was lessened by the absolute lack of privacy. The house was full and my sister had her boyfriend and his brother, Alex, staying.

While the adults would disappear to cocktail parties or work the younger members of the household seemed to stick around.

The consequence of this was that Alex and I spent a lot of time sitting awkwardly while the couple disappeared off to her room and while I would've liked to have disappeared to my room it would've been rude to ditch him. Two days before Christmas we had to organise some new outdoor furniture and so a field trip was needed. While the three went off to sort out a trailer I was left alone. Finally. I arched my hips and drove the vibrator deep into my wet pussy, the rabbit ears dancing over the sensitive nub of my clit.

Gripping my left breast and tweaking the hard nipple I closed my eyes and allowed visions of what I had done with men, women and dogs play out. My body jerked as pleasure began to build. The swirling head rubbed around and round as the pearls moved pressing and arousing me further. I thrust it in and out thinking of the tongues that had made me come, of fucking my uncle, my teacher, my best friend's dad, my father's friend.

Pinching my nipple harder I arched higher and fucked the vibrator in an out as fast as I could, begging for a cock, a tongue, anything until an orgasm spasmed through me. Sobbing I collapsed, my thighs pressed together, the toy vibrating weakly as it remained, trapped, deep inside me. I heard a creak of stairs and voices and panicked, grabbing my bedding and leaping out of bed. My sister came into my room to see me recovering from buckled knees and asked if I was ready to go, then gave me two minutes.

Alex stood behind her, his eyes wide as he sniffed the air. I glared at him and told them I'd be there. We were half was up the road when I discovered I'd left my wallet behind so we pulled over.

Alex had stayed in the house so my sister said we could just text him and he could run it down, there was no way she was going to try a U turn with the trailer on the back of the car. I got out and said I'd be back in five minutes and expected to find the car windows non steamed!

I stood at the top of the steps down into my room and slumped against the wall. Alex was standing over my bed, my still moist vibrator in one hand a thick, long cock in his other. His jeans were pooled around his ankles as his sniffed and licked the latex toy, moaning as his hand flew up and down his penis.

He had seen me before as I burst into an orgasm. He had stood where I was standing, doing exactly what I was doing now, watching someone masturbate. I bit my lips and began to massage my swelling nipples. I imagined the tongue delicately lapping at the vibrator dancing over my clitoris and the large tool in his flying hand pushing into my soft, welcoming flesh. My voyeuristic pleasures were interrupted by the sudden vibrate of my phone.

I managed to creep back before it exploded into the techno ring tone. Loudly thumping my door open as I answered the phone I expected to see him fully dressed and looking calm. Instead I saw an empty room. Dashing in I grabbed my wallet and then headed out. Alex was in the kitchen, standing behind the bench. I smiled at him and waved my wallet then paused. "Hey, sis, can you do this without me?

I feel bad leaving Alex on his own here." They would be back in a hour or so. I looked at Alex who asked, innocently, if I was hungry. I walked around into the kitchen and he moved away, a loaf of bread casually held in front of his groin. I had never wanted a man nearer my age more than I wanted him and his big dick.

I sat up on the counter and asked if he was enjoying himself. "It is great, your house is so good, and it was going to be hard at home on my own." "Better that its hard here, right?" I smiled and pulled out a drawer, resting one foot on it so my thighs were parted ever so slightly. "You mean with those love birds?" He put some bread in the toaster and turned back to me.

A quick glance at his crotch revealed that any chance I had was gone. I closed my legs and slid off the bench. Going to the lounge I shook my head and scolded myself for being so willing to screw any big cock I saw. He came in with a plate of hot buttered toast and suggested we watch whatever had been recorded the night before.

Strike Back was possibly a mistake. Barely two minutes in I was squeezing my thighs together. "It all looks rather realistic." The man was having a great time eating out a woman. I looked at Alex and remembered that he had seen me come and I had seen him jerking off. "I've seen more realistic things this morning," I paused, "as have you." He looked at me feigning confusion. I moved to sit beside him. He shifted uneasily. "You always stare at me, and you told me my room smelt like sex, which it did because I had just fucked an old man in my pretty pink bed.

You watched me come all over my little rabbit and then you tasted my juices as you beat your meat." I reached into my panties and dipped my forefinger into my wet moist pussy, drawing it out slowly. "Why don't you taste something a bit fresher." I placed the finger centimetres from his lips and watched as he fought with his conscience.

He sniffed the digit and snaked out his tongue, moaning quietly. His cock stirred in his pants as I fed him my juices. We both moaned as our arousal began to build. He shifted, getting ready to take charge of the situation when we heard a lock in the door. By the time my squabbling sis and her boyfriend entered we were half a room apart looking at the tv screen. I had to get out of there before I just fell to my hands and knees and presented myself to any man with any cock.

I grabbed the helmet and jumped on the scooter, cursing the vibration of the seat as I rode aimlessly around town. I went to the park and sat in the car park for a few minutes wondering if anyone would be up for a quick, anonymous shag when my thoughts were interrupted by a familiar face. "Hello Mr Acosta," I took off my helmet and smiled. He came up to me, sweaty from his run and surprised to see me in the car park. "I just needed to get out of the house, I was feeling all, tense." "Tense?

You should have a massage maybe." His eyes drifted to my breasts before they returned to my face. "I would love a massage, a deep one." I looked at him and smiled. "Maybe you and Barca could help me out." "You little slut," he pressed his key into my hand and told me to start without him, he had a couple of things to do before he headed home. I was finally going to get some satisfaction. I sped to his place and immediately raced to see Barca. The dog remembered me immediately as I patted and played with him for a few minutes.

He pranced and barked and was nipping at my panties as I sat on the couch with my legs open. I squirmed out of the knickers and gave him full access. Having a tongue on my flesh was magic, so much better than my toy. Lifting my knees up he had more flesh to lap at and both holes to penetrate with his long tongue. I moaned and groaned as he serviced me happily.

Clawing at my thighs it was apparent that he was ready to mount. I slid off the couch and pulled some cushions for my knees. Barca sniffed and nipped at my bum causing me to squeal more than once. He danced around a bit and suddenly he was on my back sliding across my dress as he tried to get his cock into me. The tip slipped in and out and across for a few minutes as I tried to encourage him to do it properly. He suddenly slid around and I felt a hand guide him into my eager cunt.

Looking around I saw Carlos was positioning his stud dog to fuck me. I groaned and cried out that he was in me and I could feel his cock starting to knot and push at the walls of my pussy. I grunted and whimpered as my teacher held his dog in place, asking how it felt filling me with sperm. The dog hammered me hard and fast for nearly thirty seconds before he was too big to move and his balls began to drain into me. I sighed in satisfaction as I was bred by the large dog.

Carlos moved around and sat on the couch, his pants open, his cock swelling as he watched me fucking his dog. He offered me an early birthday present as he encouraged his cock into my mouth, forcing it as far down my throat as he could go. I gagged and spat the prick out then dove back onto it. Several days of frustration were being fucked out of me as I encouraged both hard cocks deeper into my body. It was going to be a good Christmas after all. As Barca stepped off me and pulled his still swollen cock from me, cum splashing out onto the floor I decided I wouldn't have to leave home next time my cunt needed filling.

Crawling up off the floor and lowering my sodden pussy on Carlos' cock I rode him, planning the seduction of Alex and how his fat young cock would stretch and fill me before Christmas day was over. I left the teachers house used and stretched but with the knowledge that I was about to start keeping things local. I had used Carlos and Barca just as I had used the other men after Sean and Steve had introduced me to this lifestyle choice. I had kept it old, using men who had far more to lose and men who would have no response to an innocent who would claim to have been led astray.

I now wanted a young man, a man my age. I just hoped that he knew what to do with his cock and tongue or I would be back to use these two again. Chapter 18: Christmas Eve saw the household expanding and every possible space for sleeping taken up. My parents reluctantly allowed my sister to have her boyfriend stay in her room but cunningly foiled her plans (they thought) by putting his brother, Alex, in the room with them.

From what I had seen he would be totally in to joining them, as long as they were keen. As for my itch getting scratched there was little chance. All the same I felt I was learning new things about my family. The evening before Uncle Don had been eating oysters, scoping and sucking, licking and slurping the morsels in an overtly sexual way. My aunt told him to stop being so crude but my sister and mother shifted nervously in their chairs and blushed a deep crimson.

All I could think was that they had experienced his skilled tongue action chasing their sensitive little clits, drawing out one shuddering orgasm after another.

It kind of turned me on, not that I wanted to get with them but that I was just in the scheme of things, one of his conquests. He had purposefully not met my eye over the oysters. I stood in front of the refrigerator wondering what juice to have when my parents came in talking to Don. Dad was annoyed that he had to work and mum was taking my aunt to do the last minute grocery shop while my cousins hung out with us.

The boys next door had offered us free run of the pool and so we were just going to hang out and do nothing but get a tan. There was little opportunity to be alone long enough to try and seduce Alex or even take my uncles cock in any orifice. There was certainly no time or privacy to sneak off with the rottie that Don had brought with them.

"I need batteries," I told mum, "can you get me one of those packs with 20?" "Why do you need batteries?" mum asked. Don raised his eyebrows and smiled. "It's Christmas, everything needs batteries, isn't that right, Chris?" I looked at Don and nodded. "You two should go running, you should take the dog to the forest, Chris, you could do that, couldn't you." I nodded and said I could be ready to go in half an hour but I would need the family car to take the dog.

"I'll take you, we'll take the Honda, let me get into my running gear and we'll head off." I literally ran to my bathroom and stripped off, looking at myself and cleaning myself up. I even considered having a shave but there was no regrowth from the last waxing. I put on a sports bra and loose running shorts that could be easily pulled aside. Putting my hair up in a ponytail I went out and saw Don loading the dog into the car. Calling goodbye to my parents I ran to the car and climbed in.

The dog, Boss, was on the floor in the front of the car and the bench seat made it easy for Don to have me how he wanted me by the end of the street.

He spread my legs on either side of the dog and pulled the gusset of the shorts to one side. Dipping an exploratory finger into the moist crevice he smiled and called me a dirty little slut. The dog sniffed the smell of my arousal and nuzzled into my pubis, his wet nose sniffing out scent.

I rolled my head back and sighed loudly at the first swipe of his warm, soft tongue. "Feels good, does it baby?" "I love it," I whimpered, jerking as Boss nipped at my lips, trying to get in deeper. "Is there a place we can go that is private enough for us to fuck?" "I have some experience, ohhhh, God, it has been so long…" Walking was difficult with swollen lips and rock hard nipples so jogging was even worse.

We made it ten minutes into the woods, off the tracks, with Boss jumping up at me the entire time. Don stopped by a fallen tree and grabbed me. He wanted me before Boss and pulled his already stiff prick from his pants.

Turning me around he pulled my shorts down and rammed himself in. He cupped my breasts as he grunted and thrust over and over, filling me for the first time in days. I fell forward, my hands gripping at the bark of the fallen tree as he stood up, his hands moving to my hips to put more force into his thrusts.

He told me how wet I was, how tight my little pussy felt on his cock, how he wanted to taste me but he needed to fuck me more.

He would make his tongue my Christmas gift, it would be a gift that would keep on giving. He choked out a groan and gave several short thrusts before staggering away from her. "Boss, go," he muttered as I collapsed on to all fours now I was not being held up. The large dog seemed undecided what to do and circled me, whickering and whimpering as he bunted and nipped at me, his tongue covering my arse with slobber as he homed in on my arsehole and pussy.

I tilted my head and saw that his penis was extended beyond his sheath. Wiggling my bum I reached behind and patted my rump, trying to encourage him to mount me in the right place instead of at my head or shoulder. Boss moved in and lapped at the mixture of my juices and Don's semen leaking out of me.

I actually felt my toes curl in my shoes. The tongue felt like velvet as it curled around the cervices of my pussy, rolling into the still stretched opening of my cunt and reaching depths no human tongue could. A heavy paw landed on my back as the black and tan beast shuffled forward, his pelvis helplessly thrusting as biology seemed to take over.

I moaned as the hot, rubbery tip of the dog's cock collided with my flesh, sliding up and down my arse before it began to plough up and down through my pussy lips. I could feel my knees sinking in the soft damp ground of the weight on my back pressed me down. I slid my legs further apart giving him a better angle and his thin cock shot in and out of me making me catch my breath. His uncovered paws dug in to my sides as he returned to the successful position and thrust his penis in rapidly for five thrusts before pulling out and dancing away from me.

"Boss, up," Don said gruffly. I tried to pull my singlet over my sides but Boss pushed it up as he mounted me again. Pushing with his rear legs he thrust in to me again and sank his doggie cock into me.

I dropped my head down as I felt his penis pushing into the walls of my vagina. His paws gripped me tighter as his thrusts drove the slowly expanding dick in and out. It felt so good to have a hot dick in me, to fill me, to feel that tell-tale lump growing as he fucked me. The thrusting became more manic as the knot needed to be forced in and pulled out.

"He's going to knot outside me," I cried out, and felt a sharp push as Don thrust down on the dog's hips and held him in place at the ball of flesh expanded to lock us together. My breath began to rattle as I the lewdness of fucking a dog in a public space began to work on my brain. Boss gave little pushes before deciding he was securely tied and could turn. I didn't notice the help Don gave the dog, lifting legs and keeping claws from ripping flesh as the movement of his knot against my vaginal walls sent me into a bubbling, sobbing orgasm.

I felt juices dripping down my legs as I fought to keep my legs from collapsing away. I wanted to cry out, to scream that it felt so good to have a cock in me again, to demand another cock to service, to beg someone to lick my clit so I could come again, but it was a public park. Anyone could wander off and see me on all fours with a large dog knotted to me as he pumped me full of creamy cum. I liked it when my canine lovers turned.

It meant I was no longer burdened by their weight or scratched by their claws. The downside was that it was rarely successful and when it was I felt as if the fat knot was going to suck my insides out when he pulled away. I was pleased that Boss seemed to have pumped so much cum into me that his pull out was almost liquid with the knot almost being forced out by the liquid that loudly splashed out from my gaping pussy.

Boss just walked off, his fat cock bouncing off the uneven ground a couple of times before he sat and began to clean himself. Don instructed me to push out all the cum and thrust four fingers into me, finger fucking me rapidly as his thumb pressed down on my swollen nubbin until I collapsed whimpering, his arm trapped between my quivering thighs.

Staggering out onto the path we almost ran in to a group of women with pushchairs. They seemed concerned about my disheveled state and the fact that an older man seemed to be almost carrying me. Don calmly explained that I had got tangled in the dog lead and had tumbled down a bank. He blamed himself as Boss was a strong dog who had completely dominated me so really he should've been the one in charge of the dog.

The women all told me it was a shame I would be cut and bruised for Christmas and what would my boyfriend say when he saw me. "He'll say get on your knees, my cock is hard for you and I need to throat fuck you," Don whispered as we watched the women continue on their way.

Walking across to the car I saw a large man loading a sleek grey dog into the back of his station wagon. He looked at us as we reached the car and smiled. "That was quite a show." I looked down and saw the outline of his cock as it pressed against his shorts. Looking around the car park I saw several cars but no people.

Getting into Don's car I beckoned the man over to the open door and reached out to firmly rub his penis, tracing its shape before reaching in and pulling it out. "Glad you liked it," Don said as the man's eyes rolled back, "You should come along to our next one." A car turned in to the park and I quickly tucked to man back into his shorts, finishing him off through the material.

He groaned and backed away from the car as Don climbed in and started the engine. "Let's get you home and cleaned up and then I'll try and convince Alex we should both give you our hard cocks for your midnight gift." Chapter 19: Pool side drinks on Christmas eve saw my mother, my aunt, and Mrs Blair all relaxing on steamers as I freshened their drinks.

The fact that they fell into an awkward silence as soon as I approached meant that I was curious about the subject. I joked that they were talking about my present but the high pitched giggles from them suggested that sex had been the topic. I dropped the jug of Pimms Fruit Cup in the kitchen and slipped through the hedge to eavesdrop.

I had a vested interest in the husbands of two and wanted to know if this was anything to do with their topic. Oral sex and Shades of Grey seemed to be their focus. Mr Blair had been going to town in his wife's pants and she couldn't figure out the sudden change in their once a fortnight routine. She had thought he could be having an affair and was learning new things until she had noticed his kindle and saw he was reading the erotica sensation. My mother claimed she hadn't read it yet and my aunt boasted that Don had a motto that if a way to a man's heart was through his stomach then the way to a woman's brain was through her clit and a good tongue fuck would have her coming back for more.

The women shrieked at the crudeness but my aunty was right and they all knew it. There was a splash and some yahoo-ing and the women's focus turned to the ripe body of Alex and his shapely arse.

Mrs Blair murmured that she could teach his a thing or two and they all laughed. I stood up and shook my head then headed back to the house. I would be on my own for a bit, I assumed, and could wear out some batteries.

I went to the kitchen and got myself a drink, sipping it quietly as I thought about the impact of the erotic books that had become so popular. Grunting and cries could be heard coming from my sisters room, indicating that I wasn't on my own and couldn't guarantee the quality time it would take to get off.

The park fuck had been top notch but I wanted to come more intensively. I walked down the stairs into my room and went to the French doors to close the curtain. Alex was standing at the end of the house, staring at the window.

I raised my hand to wave but saw him suddenly let his head fall back and a hand reach forward. He was jerking off in the hydrangeas. It was a waste, he should be feeding that fat rod to me, not wasting it. His other hand reached down, confusing me for a moment before I noticed there was hair between his fingers, blond hair.

He jerked his hips forward a couple of times and he staggered back against the house, looking a little embarrassed and scared. Fumbling swim his shorts he said something and waved then all but fled before Mrs Blair stood up and pulled down her top then ran her fingers over her mouth. I smiled and then laughed, drawing Mrs Blair's attention to me. She looked a little shocked but smiled when I gave her the thumbs up.

She pointed at me and said 'you're next!' then turned to go back and join her friends. I chuckled as I left my bedroom and walked through the house. "What's so funny?" My sister was drinking juice from the carton and looking suitably flushed. "I just overheard the old girls talking about the porn novels they've been reading." My sister murmured 'pathetic' and walked back to her room. I paused for a moment then took the opportunity to dash across the road to the Blair's, hoping that he was home.

He wasn't. Thwarted. There was only one thing for it, a swim. Going next door I walked over to my mother and asked if she could mind my towel. Mrs Blair sat up and said she liked my bikini top and randomly asked if she could try it on before I got it wet. The request took me by surprise and before I knew it she was leading me back to my room. We walked in through the French doors and she immediately pulled at the ties at the back of the top.

By the time I turned around she was topless. I slid off the bikini and handed it to her. "Did I surprise you?" she reached around and tied the top up before rearranging her breasts in the bikini. She stepped forward and kissed me fully on the lips. Her tongue explored my mouth as her hands reached and cupped my breasts, caressing and pinching at the nipples. Her forcefulness was overwhelming as she stepped me back to my bed. "You can still taste him in my mouth." She demanded that I kiss her back, pinching my nipples until I cried out and began flickered my tongue against hers.

She sat me down and pushed me back, latching on to my left nipple, sucking it into her mouth and rasping her tongue across the tender flesh. She was new to this, it was obvious, but she was keen. Pulling up my nipple using the suction of her mouth she let it go and looked up at me, my head resting on a pillow. Keeping eye contact with me I felt her right hand creeping down my body.

"I suppose this is a big surprise, your old fuddy duddy neighbour sucking off a young man outside your window, now doing this." Her hand burrowed between my thighs and she smiled when I spread my legs for her. "You like that, do you? You like to feel someone playing with your little pussy." Her fingers traced the crevice of my pubis and my eyes fluttered. She untied the bikini bottoms and her fingers pushed in to feel the rapidly moistening lips of my cunny.

She made a sound of approval and lowered her lips to my young breasts again. I spread my legs, eager for her to start fingering me but she returned her hands to play with my breasts and hold my head so she could talk to me. "I hope once I have done this for you, you will return the favour, I'd love to feel your lips on me." Her tongue danced across mine and she squeezed my breasts.

There was a change in weight on the bed that I assumed was her getting more comfortable but obviously the moist temptation of my pussy was too much for Boss who had found his way into my room.

The prying velvety tongue of the dog worked its way into my body as I arched my back and groaned into the open mouth of my older neighbour.

I began to moan loudly and thrust my cunt toward to muzzle of the rottie. Mrs Blair sat up and looked down my body, gasping with shock at the sight of the dog lapping up my free flowing juices. She used her nails to trace patterns on my stomach drawing out more gasps and groans.

"His tongue is going right inside you, isn't it?" she shifted, getting her phone from her pocket and then removing her pants all together. I could do nothing as Boss brought me closer and closer to orgasm and she took a short video, making sure she got my face in the film.

She then put her phone to one side before straddling my face. "You are a little slut aren't you, I think you could teach me a thing or two." Her pussy lowered to my face and I explored her large, dark lips, taking in the salty, fresh juices, flattening my tongue to lash at the sensitive flesh. Trapping her hooded clit between my top lip and rapidly moving tongue I sucking in, slurping noisily as I did to her what her husband did to me, licking and flicking forcefully.

Boss was still wetly licking at me as she cried out and collapsed sideways, away from my skilled tongue. I closed my eyes as the dog eased a relaxed orgasm out of me and my bed mate kissed me deeply, licking her abundant juices from my face.

I closed my legs, forcing the dog to pull back and jump off the bed. "Oh my God, look at him." Boss was ready to go, his pink cock half out of the sheath, but there was no time. "Do you think it gets bigger than that?" "Much bigger, but it's the knot at the base that will really make you scream when he pounds it into you." The older woman looked stunned by my comment.

I went to my drawers and got another bikini out, putting that on and telling Mrs Blair that she should really wear my one, and that we should really head out for a swim. "There is no time to fuck Boss, once he ties he can be in you for 15 minutes or more." "You little slut, how many men have you had?

How many dogs?" "You are the first woman I have ever eaten out," I arranged my breasts and turned to her, a coy smile on my face. "Young people today are far more liberal, but I am very aware of my digital footprint." I picked up her phone and scrolled through to find the video. I looked at her and told her I would do whatever she wanted but I needed to make sure the video was gone. "Whatever I want?" I nodded and deleted the video.

"Your talented little tongue made me come very quickly, quicker than my husband." "Maybe the two of us could make you come even faster." It was going to be an awesome Christmas Eve. Chapter 20: I loved the feel of a dogs tongue in and on me, the heat of the darting, slick head as it found my moist hole, the swelling, pulsing rod and the speed of the thrusting as it forced its way through my tight muscle ring.

The speed and heat made me shudder with pleasure and the pressure from the swollen knot holding the sperm pumping weapon in me, filling me until I was leaking made me whimper with pleasure every time. But the claws and the hair, no matter how soft, could not beat the teasing fingers and sweat slick skin of a man or woman.

Ideally I would be spread open, a dog hammering me in missionary while his master or mistress or both serviced me with their mouths and hands.

I pressed my thighs together and slid back into the water, cooling down as I frog kicked the length of the pool, washing the water up and over my wetness.

I glanced at Mrs Blair, now back with her friends drinking Pimms and commenting on her look in my bikini. I glided over to Alex and rested my hands on the tiled pool edge. "She looks okay for a 40 year old," I commented. He squinted in her direction and nodded. "How did your cock feel in her mouth?" That got his attention. He shifted nervously and looked down at me, licking his lips and trying to think of a reply.

"She looks like she might be enthusiastic and willing to learn if someone would teach her." "Does everyone know" I noticed the movement of a gradually arousing organ in his shorts. "No, I was in my room trying to figure out how to get your cock for myself when I looked out and saw you.

I thought you were doing it yourself until I saw her hair." I put my thumb in my mouth and slowly pulled it out, sucking loudly on it as I did so. "You didn't last that long, but I guess we're young, we can…bounce back quickly." He shifted his cock subtly so it was pressing up against the leg of his shorts and not ballooning at the crotch.

There was a loud shout and Don bombed in beside us, the splash and waves allowing me to slid a hand up Alex's shorts and cup the head of his fully erect penis. He gasped and tried to move away but Don swam up behind me. I removed my hand and turned to hug my uncle feeling the hefty bulge pressing into my thigh.

He pulled away and floated to the broad steps at the head of the pool where he had left his drink on the side. I followed suit and moved to sit beside him but his picked me up, squealing and threw me back in the water, splashing the women as I plunged in. Complaining about my splashing and about Don's rough-housing his wife told him to play nice. He waved his hand dismissively and when I returned to his side pulled me up and put me on his lap. "Nice enough?" He called out and was met by laughter and remarks that he was just a big kid.

He shifted slightly and I felt my bottoms being pulled to one side. While one hand moved the water to stop a clear view of what he was doing, the other hand pistoned two fingers in and out of my willing cunt. I was aware of four people potentially watching my reactions as I spread my legs to straddle his thighs. Using the buoyancy of the water I lifted myself slightly giving him more room to position the fat rounded head of his cock between my doubly slick lips.

I bounced back down, burying half his length in my willing tunnel. Alex was trying to figure out what was going on but the women had lost interest in our activity, assuming I was just sitting on my uncles lap, not on his aroused, fat cock. They gathered their drinks and headed back to our house to sit in the shade of our deck sails. Alex slid into the pool and swam over, sitting on the steps beside us. He was about to speak when he had a closer look at what was going on beneath the now calm waters and exclaimed 'dude!' loudly.

"Are you fucking her?" he whispered. Don pushed me up and pulled me back down. He told Alex to get his dick out if it was still hard then told me to go over to him. Obediently I pulled off Don's tool and moved over to straddle Alex, facing him so my breasts were in his face. His hard cock was poking out of the Velcro flies of his surf shorts and I grasped it firmly to manoeuver in into my still tight cunt.

With a grunt I collapsed onto it and felt him give two shuddering thrusts before he emptied himself into me. "Sorry, sorry… God…" he was embarrassed by his premature climax and I was disappointed. "I just wasn't expecting…" I swam out from the men and looked at Alex.

"I thought you would last longer seeing as how you have just been sucked off too," I told Don that Mrs Blair had also toyed with young Alex. That intrigued the older, powerful man who beckoned me back to him. "You have a lot to learn, young man. If you are going to fill her with cum after only ten seconds then you need to make sure you have already had her screaming your name before hand.

Have you always done this so fast?" Alex looked horribly ashamed but he was also a slave to sexual pleasures and was keen to hear any advice Don could share. He was new to all of this, an oral virgin before Mrs Blair and had only done it twice with a girl, both times lasting slightly longer, but not by much. Don thought that this Christmas could be a good experience as the older woman was obviously up for it and he could probably try some of the things Don would suggest. Oral sex was a must and there was nothing like having a woman push your head away because she could not bare to come again and when a climaxing woman said 'please stop' when you were lapping at her little clit, always give it a couple more licks before pulling away.

Alex's eyes were wide listening to Don speaking so casually about making a woman come with his tongue, about enjoying the taste of the juices and making sure that she would not mind a quick fuck after a satisfying service.

I reached into my pants and thrust two fingers into my juice and cum filled pussy, quickly drawing it out and rubbing the slickness on his face. He sucked on my digits and frowned as he realised his sperm was mixed with my juices. "It's a messy business, Alex, if you want to do it properly, you have to be prepared to get your hands, and your mouth, and your cock, dirty." "How long have you been doing this?" He could, no doubt, remember how innocent I was during his last visit.

I told him that up until five weeks ago I had been a good girl, not even second base with boys but then some men had shown me what I was missing and since then I had not missed a thing.

He wasn't really ready to hear about the more depraved side of my nature and how all I could think about was a gang bang with the neighbourhood cocks and Don with Boss thrown in as the finale. He just nodded and frowned, checking that Don was, in fact, not a blood relative, because that would be too weird. Don looked at me and said he wasn't that weird a wry smile on his face.

"And doing it in public?" "How exciting was it when Mrs Blair pulled out your cock in the garden, where anyone could've seen you? Where I saw you?" He shifted nervously and Don laughed, lamenting his youth when he was permanently sporting a hard dick. "sometimes the sexiest place is in your head, and the thought of being caught can be really… nice." The memory of being bent over a log while both man and dog fucked me senseless got me going and the fact that we were seen by the man with the grey dog almost made me moan.

I needed these two to stop talking and for Don to get his hard cock back, ready for me. It was going to be a full on night, I could see that now. My sister came through the hedge and asked the two men if they could come over and help putting the marque up for the lunch tomorrow, causing a bit of fuss when Alex, semi aroused, said he would be out in a minute.

Don covered for him, his semi erect penis being disguised behind a strategically knotted towel. Alex followed suit and soon I was alone in the pool. I got out and went to see if Sean or Steve, or their dogs were about.

The dogs were nowhere to be seen but the lads were both downstairs, their last clients wishing them a merry Christmas and giving gifts.

Both clients were men, so there was no way the boys would've been slipping them a special something, giving me hope that after all their efforts in introducing me to sex, they could see how far I could come.

"Hello gorgeous," Sean gave me a kiss on the side of the head and patted my bum as he set about tidying the gym area. Steve came in with an envelope containing a bonus of $500 for his work and helped tidying.

I just sat on the chair by the desk and watched as they bustled about. They finished in the gym and moved to the massage room, still chatting about their last clients. It was as if I wasn't there, which annoyed me until I thought about it for a moment. They had seduced me with drink, drugs and sensual play and now I was just showing up, almost demanding sex.

I had to seduce them, show them how I had used their training on several men and how I would continue to use their training. I walked into the massage studio having untied my bikini. They were folding towels into a hamper but stopped when I entered. I walked to them, looking as coy as possible.

"I've bought you a Christmas present, but I'm afraid the wrapping has come off." I dropped my towel and was standing naked before them. "in fact, I'm afraid it is a bit used, a bit," my hands caressed my breasts before one snaked across my pubis and into the crevice between my thighs, "moisture damaged." I walked up to Steve and reached for his face, dragging my wet fingers over his lips before kissing him passionately, our tongues battling to dominate.

Sean walked up behind me, pushing me into Steve and turning my head to kiss me and suck my tongue. They were the first, the original, the corruptors of my innocence. I moaned into Sean's mouth as Steve took a nipple into his mouth then knelt down, pulling up one leg to give him access to my juicy pussy. His tongue immediately found my hidden clit and his front teeth grated across the smooth nubbin of flesh drawing a breathy sob from me.

Both men pulled away and led me to a lower table, a thin, padded bench, like a weights bench. Steve bent me over then pushed me on my back, spreading me wide and forcefully introducing his swollen dick to my aroused pussy. He grunted as he thrust in deeper and deeper until his flat, firm stomach was resting against mine. Sean stepped over my head and lowered his hard cock to my lips, tilting my head as he began to fuck it in and out of my mouth. I gagged as the fat length cut off my air supply over and over and as his friend pummelled my wide spread pussy lips, driving his powerful rod into me with force and volume.

He loved the feel of my tight cunt on his cock and how I squeezed him when he tried to withdraw. They swapped places, dragging their dripping tools over my body before skull or cunt fucking me rapidly. I clawed at their bodies, grasping arms as they held my legs apart, gasping for air as a cock withdrew from my lips only to grunt as it drove back in. Tears began to form in the corner of my eyes as I was used comprehensively by these two men, their fingers teasing just enough to keep me on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm for almost ten minutes.

With two cock heads pushing into my widely stretched mouth I drank down the sperm that shot from their cocks, my tongue lashing out at the smooth undersides of the bulging organs. Both men grunted in satisfaction as they filled my mouth with their thick sperm. They pulled my legs up and apart, raising my arse from the bench and splaying open my swollen lips.

They each plunged two fingers into my now gaping cunt before one of them pushed the same two fingers into my tightly clenched arse.

I moaned 'no' quietly, a stream of come dribbling across my face as I lay, helpless and satisfied on the bench. Steve patted and slapped the spread pussy so the wetness seemed to splatter then he pulled his hand away.

A familiar sensation of a broad tongue swept up from arsehole to clit and I groaned loudly. Sean moved to straddle my head completely, using his knees to keep my arms above my head as Steve encouraged a mystery dog to mount me in missionary position. It was not a terrier as the bench seemed to be the correct height for the large dog.

"Don't put him in, he has got to learn how to fuck a woman like this," Sean warned, dragging his flaccid prick from my mouth and moving over my head. He held my hands together and bound them quickly, attaching them to a ring in the floor. I could feel the soft fur of a dogs belly on my own stomach as the large beast stood over me, his arousal not what it should be. Steve was running the small tip of the dogs cock over my pussy lips as the dog danced around a bit, confused by the new position.

I looked up and saw a large tan dog, much like Barca, and Sean peering between the dogs legs right into my wet pussy. I hunched my hips upwards, colliding with the dogs sheath. The beast suddenly got a ibt more interested and I felt the cock extend slightly.

Hunching again the dog moved, its shoulders shifting and its head collapsing on my chest as he began to hump at me. One more upward thrust and the now fully extended rod entered my warm, welcoming cavity.

Front legs clamped around me, squeezing my breasts and forcing me down onto the padding of the bench. I cried out as the dogs very big cock began to fuck me missionary style, the sensation of the bulge and the hairy sheath overwhelming my already sensitive and exposed clit. The thick rod of flesh pushed into my cervix, driving deeper and deeper as my lips spread wide to accommodate his girth. "Oh God, he is big, he is stretching me wide," I looked at the two men now standing beside the bench, their jobs done.

Steve was frowning, looking at the wall, at a television screen that was showing the dog humping his hips into my small body. It then changed to a shot of a large pink bulge at the base of his cock and my dripping, stretched cunt lips. I cried out in dismay, I did not want this, they knew that.

I struggled but my hands were tied and both men had a firm grip of my spread legs. I screamed loudly as the dog forced its knot into me. "He's in, he's in, God, I can feel him spurting in me, god, I feel so full." Steve reached between the beast and me and found my clit, pressing something onto it which began vibrating at an alarming rate.

I screamed again, the large cock filling me and the vibration on my clit forcing a gush of juice to explode from me as my hips sought to dislodge both. The dog began to whimper and jerk backwards as he tried to turn. My legs were dropped down and soon I was barely conscious on the bench as the large dog stood between my thighs, his knotted cock still firmly gripped by my full pussy.

The boys used a sponge to mop down my sweaty, hairy body, their tongues lashing across my sensitive nipples, drawing out whimpers and moans. I looked at the screen and saw that no matter what angle they were filming no faces were seen, I was just a willing body and the dog a wilful tool. "He's shrinking," I murmured, feeling the bulge move inside me. Ten seconds later I heard the splatter of our juices hitting the floor as he pulled is cock from me.

I watched as my spread, stretched lips and gaping hole dribbled out the watery, pale doggy cum, squeezing my muscles to force more out. Whimpering slightly the dog returned to sniff at his deposit but seems content to leave it draining out, down across my arse and onto the floor. Steve curled three fingers into my used hole, his thumb pressing onto my clit as he rotated his knuckles inside me. I bucked against his fingers and exploded in another juicy emission, dog cum coating his arm.

He smiled. "I think you are a little more than moisture damaged, Chris. I think you are a cum whore." Chapter 21: The family were surprised by my need to sleep after what they considered to be a relaxed day. They had no idea that I had been a busy girl and that I had been slutting myself around to several people today. Don explained that I had fallen when out running and that he just assumed I was exhausted after a successful year at school. He defended my admission that I did not want to go to the carols in the park with the rest of the family.

Mum looked at me and took me to one side, asking if I was alright, that I hadn't been the same carefree thing that I was normally. I shrugged and said that I looked around me and still couldn't decide what I wanted to be and that was starting to worry me. She scoffed and told me that I had so many choices available, many more than my sister thanks to my hard work. "We decided you didn't have to work these holidays so you could actually have a bit of a life, get a boyfriend, hang out with friends," she hugged me, "I'm going to ask Don to stay behind and talk to you, he used to be in HR, he'll be able to give you some ideas to sink your teeth in to.

And maybe you should talk to the Blair's, they have a lot of experience with interns and guidance." "Thanks, mum." "You need to have fun, cut loose, experiment with things, try something new like rafting, or, I don't know." She laughed and told me to go and have a nap. "We're going to go to the carols, then out to dinner so we won't be home until about 10." "You should go to midnight mass if you are going to be out that long." "Don wants to come carolling but he'll come home and chat with you after that." "I feel like I should be doing stuff," I sighed.

"You have been working your butt off for this Christmas, you always do, its time for your sister to do her bit." I went to my bed room and shut the door, stripping off as I walked to my bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror I saw a couple of claw marks on my lower back, welts more than scratches, and a big bruise on my upper thigh.

My wrists were red on the underside from being tied back and my pubis was still a little swollen. Apparently I was not fully designed to take that many cocks in one day. The thought of my activities, however, sent a shiver through me and looking at myself in the mirror it was apparent that the blood was rushing back to all my erogenous zones.

There was a knock on my door and I put on a long tee shirt and wet into the bedroom. My sister stood at the top of my steps, a frown on her face. "You're okay, aren't you?" I nodded. "It's just that there are marks on your wrist…" "It's from the dog leash, I got pulled over, a couple of times.

Boss is a brute and Don was…" "He can be so…" she shuddered, "He's been talking to Alex, so just watch yourself, I think the boy assumes you are part of the Christmas package." "I can handle myself, I may just surprise him." I paused and smiled, "although I think he is more likely to continue his education with Mrs Blair." Her eyes widened and I told her what I saw then we both burst out laughing.

She left, my innocence, or at least my inexperience, re-established. I lay on bed and waited for the house to empty out. I lay for a few minutes before exploring, actually looking for Boss, just in case he needed a bit of play time.

The missionary position with the large tan dog had been quiet pleasant and the bench was just perfect. My ottoman would be ideal. But Boss had obviously gone carolling with the families. I looked out the window to see the Blair's leaving and there were no Christmas lights on next door, indicating they had gone out as well. Don better be ready to go when he returned. I dozed until the sun went down and then wandered to the kitchen to get some cold pasta salad for tea. It was only 9.30 but I had been busy all day and I could do with the rest.

I felt the familiar sensation of a tongue circling my left nipple as a hand gently squeezed my right breast. The flesh was coated in spit, lubricating the path of the tongue as it moved over and over the swelling bud. The mouth moved to my other breast as I arched my back and discovered that my hands were once again restrained. Opening my eyes I saw nothing and felt my eyelashes collide with something.

I was blindfolded. My small breasts were squeezed together as the mouth attempted to suck in both nipples before I felt my chest straddled and a cock slide between the mounds of flesh. I lowered my chin and put out my tongue, reaching for the rounded head of the prick tit fucking me. Fingers pinched my nipples as I my lips circled the strange penis and my tongue flicked over the head.

I couldn't hear any groans and so lightly scraped my teeth on the underside of the shaft. The cock was withdrawn but I still couldn't hear anything. I groaned and then realised that I was completely deprived of my sight and my hearing. The bed shifted and I felt knees nestle under my arms, as the penis was fed into my mouth again.

There was no escaping the thrusting tool as it filled my mouth, driving into my throat and pushing deeper and deeper, past my gag reflex, faster and faster. Choking, I kicked out my legs and suddenly the tool was withdrawn and I coughed, turning my head to one side.

A tongue flickered into my open mouth as a hand held my face while another hand suddenly opened my legs and without warning, shoved several fingers into my hungry pussy.

Three fingers locked and rotated round and round as they thrust in and out of me before the fingers were put into my mouth, my juices fed to me as I groaned and squirmed, clenching my thighs together and licking at the fingers before they were thrust back into me. More movement on the bed and my thighs were pulled apart, hand separating them and pushing them back so the mouth that followed had complete access to both holes and my clit was exposed and eager for teasing.

I felt a stubbled cheek on my soft inner thigh and a tongue wetly lapping up from my open cunt to my aroused clit. He would pause and then resume, teasing, tantalising, tickling.

I know I made a lot of noise as the tongue took me to the very edge four times before I began to plead. At that I was brought to orgasm before a cock was thrust into my throat again and I was overwhelmed by the helplessness of my situation. There were at least two men on my bed, but I wasn't sure who. The familiar sensation of a fat, blunt head parting my wet pussy lips caused me to jerk my head away, dislodging the tool in my mouth, the result of which was a sharp slap and two very hard pinches on my nipples.

I was doubly penetrated, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth, both cocks plunging deep. The one in my throat pressed in and stayed in while the one between my thighs slammed hard and fast before burying deep with three hard thrusts then withdrawing. There was rapid movement and I was turned onto my stomach with some fumbling to part my arse cheeks. There was a sharp thrust into my wet cunt before he pulled out, slid his hard cock up and began to force his way into my unprepared arsehole.

I was completely immobilized as he lay on my, his hips giving hard, sharp thrusts as I cried out into my pillow. I felt a bite on my ear and a hot wet breath as a voice whispered "That's it, you little slut, take my hard cock, can you feel that, you haven't had anything in your arse for a while, nothing this big, nothing fucking you like this," I could hear myself grunting with each deep push, forcing the prick deeper and deeper.

"Take it, take it, tell me what you want." He gave a hard thrust, "tell me, bitch." "Fuck me, fuck my arse, give me your big cock, give me your cum, cum in me, cum in my arse," I groaned.

"Come here, give her your cock, let her suck your cock," he told his companion. He turned my head and I struggled to get the flacid head of the other penis into my mouth. My arse fucker let out a long, strangled groan and I could almost feel his sperm pumping into my violated bunghole. The prick in my mouth flopped out as I felt the coarseness of a handful of tissues scraping up, over my pussy lips and over my now gaping, empty anus.

I sighed and felt the weight lift from me, moving around until there was a hard slap on my butt cheeks. The earplug recently removed so I could hear the gruff abuse of my lover was shoved back in and once again I was deaf and blind to the situation.

I lay, moisture dribbling out of every open orifice, a little bewildered but still aroused. I hadn't expected a cock in my arse and while it hurt I think I quite liked the pain, and I certainly liked being told to just take the cock as it was pumped into me. I could've tried to get the eye mask and earplugs out but I just lay there, feeling my muscles contracting again, the taste in my mouth, the additional protein high moisture in both orifices between my thighs.

Still on my stomach my hips were pulled up and I was presented doggy style to my next lover. The earplugs were eplaced by large headphones and the eye mask removed although I seemed to have blinkers on, restricting my view to a tablet placed in front of me.

I watched as my face contorted in agony as a well trained rottie fucked me, plunging into my red, aroused cunt. It was one of the dogs from the farm and the film cut from dog to horse to men as I was filled with cum in all my orifices.

There was no hiding who it was and the realisation that Don had this film horrified me. It was soothing to feel the familiar pelt of a dog as he jumped on to my back, his hit, hard cock seeking out my eager pussy but being guided to my still tender arse.

The pencil sharp tip darted in and out, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust until he was about four inches in. He hopped forward, jolting a swelling rod deeper before he gripped me around the hips and began the satisfyingly rapid and sharp thrust, forcing him further into the already abused hole. I groaned and murmured how good it felt, assured that his knot would remain butting against the tight hole.

The dog was determined and I actually helped him out, pushing out to expand my muscles and allowing the swollen bulb of his knot to get sucked in to my eager arse. I let out a high pitched, faltering moan and looked at the screen, watching a horse spray me with a flood of semen while five men stroked their hard cocks. The dog stopped thrusting, just allowing his cum to pump into me as I panted and watched myself grab at the nearest prick, sucking it into my mouth as my hands sought out the next fat dick to pump.

The bed sagged and my hips were pulled down as another penis pushed over my sensitive clit then forced its way into my eager, dripping pussy. The dog did not like the fact that another cock was trying to muscle in on his bitch and tugged at his cock, trying to dislodge it and move away, but we were tied.

Hands held me as a human penis was thrust up into me. I was crying aloud, I could hear it through the headphones, over the sound of the men telling me what a cum whore I was and how they owned my cunt and arse, how they were going to fill me, use me up, drown my little teenage pussy with their cum.

The dog was pushing and pulling on his bitch and the man gave a substantial thrust, buried himself deeply then withdrew. I scrambled to stay on my knees to allow the dog to finish with me, fill me and pull out in his own time.

He scrambled around, turning and then, suddenly, collapsed, lying down and pulling me down so we lay, arse to arse, our connection being the pulsating large dick filling my anus with semen. My hands were released and I immediately reached down, caressing the balls and sheath of the beast buried in me. I could feel the bulge as it stretched out the mouth of my bum, marvelling at the way that I was able to accommodate the mass.

I then pulled off the headphones and blinkers and looked up at Don who was slowly masturbating his large, dark pink cock. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, inviting him in. "No, I want your tight cunt, my little slut," he smiled and moved my legs, kneeling over them and over Boss who didn't seem to mind his master taking his bitch this way.

He groaned and grunted as he sank into me, telling me how tight I was with a big dog knot in my arse. "yes, yes, did you like that? You won't have to give Alex a Christmas gift." He had been the first cock in me, getting instruction as he learned what to do, but he was gone, off to church, to purge his sins.

"It's just us sinners here now." He held my hips as Boss began his pull out the whimpered as the removal of the knot from my arse set off his own ejaculation. I rolled over and took his softening cock in my mouth as he reached around and pumped his fingers into my arse and pussy.

"I didn't know who it was at first, but I liked it, I like being… controlled by you." I squirmed up his body, letting him kiss me wetly and continue to finger me. "Only you." "What about those guys next door, the ones that taught you what to do," he sucked on my tongue before pulling away so I could respond.

"I control them, now, but you, you… " "You're my little slut aren't you?" "I'm your little slut, my cunt and arse are yours when you want them." "That'll be handy next year when you go to college. I have a lot of friends there and we enjoy having sluts spread themselves for us." I could only hope for men circling me, hard cocks eager for my wet holes, dogs with their slick cocks peeking from their sheathes, sniffing the air, aroused by my ripe cunt, mounting me, filling me, covering me with their seed as I writhed beneath them.

I probably wouldn't be putting that on my reason for applying to that university, though. Chapter 22: It had been an educational lead up to Christmas. I had transformed, or been transformed into a more worldly woman while still retaining my reputation as a good girl. The secret was trusting the right older men to guide me on that path and to let go of all my inhibitions. I had fucked men and a couple of women and more importantly bent over to be bred by some skilled canine specimens.

I lay awake in my single bed thinking about all the cock I had experienced and unable to do anything about it. The bunk bed beside me had two lightly snoring teenage girls who, although I had worked with for four weeks, were really strangers.

I spent the few minutes between hitting the mattress and sleep dwelling on the sexual awakening that had been December. The brief day dream was it for sex, however as the rest of the time was working on a conservation scheme, planting, tracking, marking and clearing with a bunch of teenage girls.

Well, girls and a couple of grizzly old Department of Conservation volunteers who were ex Girls' High science teachers. Dad had suggested it to mum who had agreed that doing a bit of community service would be good for future scholarship applications and would fill up my holidays.

Don had laughed and laughed at the idea of me on an island for eight weeks, no men, no dogs, nothing. He had convinced mum that four weeks would be enough and that he could set up an internship at a large multidisciplinary accounting firm, just in case I wanted to find out some more information about commerce. Apparently he knew the CEO and also knew that one of his friends was going to be out of the country and needed someone to dog sit for him. So, I would have somewhere to stay when I was in the city.

Luckily my parents had agreed and tonight was my last night on the island. When I got off the ferry I was suddenly aware of all the men in suits. Looking down at myself I was aware of the amount of hair growing everywhere and the rugged clothing I was wearing. If I was going to find someone to reactivate my inner slut I needed to get some personal grooming sorted.

Checking my phone I saw that mum and dad were staying at a hotel opposite the wharf and that they would be arriving at 2 pm. There was a room booked for me, although I would have to wait for check in time. I walked across and explained my situation and found them only too happy to store my bag and direct me to a beauty salon around the corner.

Waxing was as painful as I remembered and there was no one burying their tongue in me or flicking the rough flat across my swollen clit to take my mind from my pain. The tiny Asian women complimented me on my tanned and toned body, the result of my four weeks of hard work. They pluck and dyed, buffed and painted and two hours after I had arrived I left, sore, raw, but looking less country bumpkin.

Back at the hotel I went to the restaurant and sat by the window, looking out at the busy waterway. It was just before 12 but the place was starting to fill up with men in suits and I squeezed my legs together, wishing I had nicer clothing (mum was bringing appropriate work clothes) or at least had a chance to go to the privacy of a hotel room. I figured it would take less than two minutes to bring myself off. I smiled absentmindedly at an older man as he looked over his companions shoulder at me.

He said something to the waitress and moments later I had a champagne cocktail on my table. He walked over and introduced himself as Derek and said he thought I looked familiar. Before I could think of something that would make him take me to a room upstairs he asked if I was going to be working at his firm for a month.

With that cleared up, he was the CEO Don knew, he smiled and excused himself. "Damn it," I murmured, grinding my thighs together. The waitress returned with a note from the front desk. Luckily I was told I could go to my room early and so I would be able to masturbate and get that out of my system.

I was surprised that my soon to be boss got into the elevator with me as I assumed he was just having lunch. I could feel my nipples beginning to swell as I formulated a fantasy that involved him unzipping his flies and bending me over, groaning as his penis surged into my wet, warm vagina, the cool teeth of his zipper colliding with the softness of my arse as he pumped harder and harder.

My skin flushed as I looked at my reflection in the mirrored walls of the lift. "So, your uncle tells me you have a thing for older men." "What?" I shifted nervously, and moved behind my pack. "Let me help you with that," he picked up my bag when we arrived on my floor. "I think I should probably tell you what I expect from you when you start on Monday." I swiped my card and the door went green.

I compliantly let him in, standing in the middle of the room as he put the pack on the luggage shelf. "I expect you to be dressed more smartly." "I have been on an island for a month." "What sort of underwear have you got on?" I turned to face him and began to unbutton my shirt.

"My word, you are keen." "I have been on an island for a month," I repeated. I let my shirt fall open and took two steps towards this strange man who was standing in my hotel room. He reached forward and pushed my top from my shoulders, tracing the edge of my bra cup with his fingers. My skin puckered and I gasped.

He glanced down and I hurriedly unzipped and let my pants fall to the floor. He kissed me softly, insistently, his tongue plunging into my mouth before sucking my tongue into his mouth, his hand sliding into my knickers and finding me ready. My knees almost buckled and I lowered myself down, feeling the outline of his swelling prick. It had been a long four weeks. I unzipped the expensively cut trousers and reached in as he sucked in his breath.

The pale circumcised cock was just over a handful in its flaccid state. I leaned in and took the darker coloured head between my lips and immediately groaned. Moving my head I engulfed his organ with relish, my tongue flicking around as I took the tool further and further into my mouth. "Oh, Jesus, you do like old cock," he grabbed my hair and I looked up at him, his cock rubbing over my lips. "I like old tongue too," I took him full length into my throat and sucked for a moment before pulling away.

He was hard, his cock bouncing to one side as I stood up and moved to the bed. "I will keep that in mind, but I haven't got time to do anything but fuck today." He told me to lean over and moments later I had a cock in me again.

He pounded into me as gripped the bed cover, crying out as the recent fantasy came to life. He held my hips as he shunted me forward. I groaned loudly as a flush spread across my body and a much needed and much anticipated orgasm shuddered through me. Derek had played his part and as I fell forward his erect cock slid from me. I rolled over, my legs spread wide.

Reaching down I caressed my still red pubis, enjoying the sensation of the orgasm. He leaned in and rubbed his still hard cock into the swollen slit and with a muted gasp unloaded his seed into my skin. He smiled down at me and told me he had to go. Sitting up I watched him tuck his still swollen cock into his pants.

Derek promised me that I would be working closely with him for the next month and he would show me what he could do with a bit more time. "I imagine Don will have a few surprises for you this weekend." He saw himself out and I lay, satisfied, spread eagle on the bed. God, whoever said that something was better than sex had not been denied an orgasm for a month. Sex was glorious.

Mum and dad took me out for a lovely meal and told me I was looking happy and healthy and that the physical activity had been good for me. I was about to experience a mixture of both worlds next with commuting in to the city each morning and then having to dog sit on a rural property at the end of the day.

Mum took me shopping for a few new things, even giggling as she let me buy some 'rather sexy' underwear. They would be up to visit in another two weeks but it was uncle Don who came to get me and take me to the place that would be my new home.

"So, Derek said he met you yesterday." "Yes, I had just come back from getting all waxed and manicured and he was having lunch with, I don't know, a client. He bought me a drink and introduced himself, very charming." He didn't need to know that Derek had bent me over and hammered his cock into me until I came. I was expecting Don to pull over at a park and take me for a 'walk', in fact I had been counting on it.

Mum had barely left me alone, and I had no chance to make up for lost time. The memory of Derek had to sustain me. He just kept driving, he had to get to the farmlet at a certain time and then he was taking the owner to the airport. There was no time for nooky. The owner of the farm and the lovely dog was a young woman. She shook my hand and took me into the house while Don took my bags to the spare room. The woman was tall and athletic looking and not at all what I expected.

She apologised that she couldn't spend more time with me and said she had been moved to an earlier flight. "I've got a list of things to do and numbers you need in case… you know. It's on the computer and here is the paper with all the codes you'll need for the alarms and passwords and all that." We walked outside, past the pool and spa to the large enclosure that was a dog's kennel. "Luther!" A healthy, large Rottweiler came bounding towards us.

He wiggled his butt as his stubby tail wagged madly. "Luther, this is Christine, um, Chrissy. She is going to be your slave." Kelly laughed and pushed the dogs muzzle into my hand. He sniffed it and then licked it. I scratched behind his ears and his tail wagged again. "He'll get a little depressed when we go away, and Eddie and I haven't been away at the same time before so I don't know how he will react but he won't run away." "I'll keep him busy, I like to run and there are plenty of places to go walking.

Is there anything else he likes doing?" I noticed her look at Don and then at me. Kelly smiled and said he was a dog, he liked running around and then sleeping but he loved company. As I would be working 4 days a week I would have an extra bit of time to spend with him. "We need to go, Kelly, or you're going to miss your flight." "I'll phone tonight and see how it's going." She gave Luther a hug, putting him back in his compound and thanked me again for doing this for her.

I walked back into the house with them and stood in the doorway, waving as the car drove away. And I was alone again. Changing into my bikini I went out to the pool. Diving in I swam a few lengths and then climbed out. I was eager to snoop and the swimming was just delaying things. Drying off I went inside and looked into the bedrooms. I don't know what I wanted to find but the rooms were beautifully decorated and tasteful. In other words they were a bit boring.

Taking out the envelope I found the password for the computer and logged on. The list was rather extensive. It had Luther's menu, typical exercise routes for running with the dog he liked to bark at horses, so the routes avoided horse paddocks quirks of the house and account numbers for ordering groceries online.

I looked around and turned on the printer, wondering why she hadn't printed it out in the first place. I picked up the paper and started reading, realising immediately that it wasn't my list.

"Handy hints for maintaining your dog's training. Make sure you do not use the command words in everyday life or in mixed company. Remember that your dog had had standard positional training. Any variations, such as missionary, need to be trained using patience as it is not the natural breeding position." I stopped talking aloud and put the sheet of paper back, taking the list I needed in its place. She had printed a list of things to do for breeding with dogs, but not dog breeding.

I almost ran to the compound, calling out for the dog. I reached the gate and released Luther who ran around looking for his owner or owners. I sat on a sun lounger and waited for him to come to me. He whimpered as he approached, leaning up against my legs as I scratched his broad head and shoulders. He liked what I was doing as I scratched further down his back and sides.

He flopped down and rolled onto his back so I could rub his belly. I kept one hand on his chest while my other hand stroked around his sheath, pulling it back to see the tip of what looked to be a good sized member. "What is your command word?" I looked around and shimmied forward so I could slip off my bikini bottoms.

Sitting on the edge of the chair I spread my legs and leaned back, hoping he would get curious. A velvet soft tongue cautiously explored my bald mound.

I almost came immediately but held off for a few more seconds, crying out in anguish as Luther skilfully drove his probing tongue into my willing pussy. Nipping teeth and a slurping tongue had me gripping the side of my lounger, arching my back so he could go deeper. I sat up and stroked his head before pushing him away. I had to go inside, onto carpet. By all accounts he did not need a command word. On my hands and knees his nose seemed to push into my arse as he noisily munched on me, drawing out another passionate groan.

I mumbled 'oh God' over and over as he serviced me with his powerful jaws and tongue. I began to chant 'fuck me, fuck me' humping into his face.

I gripped the couch cushions, pulling on them, revelling in the tongue of the dog eating me out. I looked up and saw a pair of socks under the cushion and pulled them out. Immediately Luther stopped licking me and moved around. His large penis was already out of its sheath, he was eager to start. He didn't have a command word, he had a command action. It was the socks. I put them on as he held up one front paw then the other, tightening the Velcro that kept them on.

Back on my hands and knees I waited for barely five seconds before the dog was on my bag, heavy, struggling to figure out how far up he needed to move. I felt the sharp jab and slice of his cock as he humped me. I reached around, his cock slipped into my hand, filling it and causing my brain to go into overdrive with fantasizing about how it would feel when it was inside me. I guided it towards my spit and juice wet cunt and sobbed loudly as Luther's slimy, hot dog cock rammed into me.

He jumped slightly, tightening his grip around my hips, his large head resting on my shoulder, his hot dog breath on my cheek. Using his hind legs he began to fuck me hard and fast, his rod continuing to expand as he drove into my depths. I felt the solid bulge of his knot slapping wetly against my lips as he started to thrust with more force. I hadn't had that much cock for a while and suddenly thought I would not be able to take it.

It was a decision that was not up to me. He was a powerful dog who was well versed in breeding women. I clung to the couch, grunting in time with his hard thrusts, squealing in agonising ecstasy as Luther fully claimed me.

He pumped me full of cum, his knot stretching my passage, not fully sealing it but forcing it wider than it had ever been. Hours ago I hadn't known any of this would be my future and yet here I was, perverted, bent over, a dog cock wedged in me, cum dribbling around the imperfect seal of the knot. I massaged my breasts, turning my head and allowing him to kiss and slurp my mouth. Fuck, it felt so good to be spasming from one orgasm to another as a huge cocked dog made me his bitch.

An hour into dog sitting and I had figured out how to get his cock in me. The next thing to work on was whether Derek would make good his promise and be holding my legs akimbo as flickered his tongue over my pearly clit, jolting a massive, juicy cum from me.

After a month of austerity, I was back. Chapter 23: he first day of work is always exciting and as I had recently had a quickie with the boss I was quite eager to see what other adventures would occur. I took Luther for a run in the morning and revelled in the fact that I didn't start until 10am, missing the traffic and also allowing me a bit of a sleep in.

I sent mum a photo of my first day outfit, a grey pin stripped pencil skirt that stopped just above the knee and a white fitted shirt. I had a lemon cardigan to go over the top which matched the yellow stripe in wedge heels I had to wear. Mum had done well sorting out my clothes.

They were professional and young and the colour added something softer to the whole thing. She wished me luck and after putting Luther in his compound (with a promise of another good time coming his way that afternoon) I headed off in the large Toyota sedan that had been left for me to drive. The offices were high in a tower block and I had to pick up an ID to attach to my waistband so I could swipe in and out of the elevators.

It was all very serious. The lift filled with older men in suits as we travelled up to the 26th floor. I was aware of the woody aftershaves and the expensive suits as we crowded in to the small space. If they looked closely enough they would've been aware of my nipples crowning out of my flimsy bra. I bit my lip and squeezed my thighs together as I looked at the suited men old enough to be my father.

I wondered if they pictured me on my knees, my ponytail held in a fist as they pounded a swollen cock in and out of my bruised lips. I groaned quietly, my eyes darting around the room. As the doors opened and Derek was standing by a well dressed and elegant older woman. He smiled as the men walked by and then introduced me to his wife Sherry, who I insisted on calling Mrs Bray. She looked me up and down and smiled as she leaned in for a 'mwah-mwah' kiss.

"I hear you are up for anything, darling." She linked arms with me and we followed Derek to a large corner office. A young and earnest woman watched as I was led into the office, she was obviously expecting me to find her as she had three other interns gathered around her. I was led in and the door shut as Mrs Bray turned to me and cupped my breasts. She ran her fingers over the already aroused nipples and asked if I had been fantasizing about the elevator breaking down and being gangbanged by all the men in it.

I didn't respond but then I didn't move as she ran a hand up my leg and a finger delved into the already moist tunnel of my pussy. Derek walked over and his wife fed my juices into her husband's mouth. "I can see we will have to take you to our local park and see you in action," Sherry stepped away and opened the door. "Lovely to meet any friend of Kelly," she said loudly and sent me out of the office. I had no idea what had happened or what being taken to their local park would entail but it was pretty apparent that I would be using my tongue on Mrs Bray before the week was out.

Naturally I was a good student, eager to learn, but having Derek as my 'friend' meant that when the other young workers went off to do some rather dire work I was sent down to get some coffee for the head office. Standing in the queue was rather interesting. The interns had a tradition. Of the four taken on for summer one was expected to become the sex intern, available for glory-hole duty in the senior managers' bathroom.

The two men talking lewdly as they stole a sneaky smoko break and they didn't notice as I loitered waiting for my order. They assumed it would be Lauren, the korean teen from an inner city girls school She looked like she would stand a good spit roast or two.

I may have developed my inner slut but half of the terms they were using were completely unknown to me. I figured a spit roast meant having a man in front and behind but I was eager to know if they liked sandwiching a woman as they stood up. There was a name for it, probably, but I had enjoyed the absolute inability to do anything except let the sensation of two cocks driving upwards to my pussy and arse.

Control, that was my thing, or at least feeling like I had no control and was a pawn to my sensual nature. Looking at Lauren I smiled. There was no way she was anything but a good girl, off to do business at university before marrying her boyfriend of two years and settling in to domestic servitude. I, on the other hand, would be begging something or someone to make me come and then looking up, hopefully at cock level to a group of powerful men.

I sat in Derek's office and listened to a meeting between two men in Sydney, on in Singapore and the four men in this office. I took notes and tried not to think about getting home to Luther to work off some of my office tension. I was grinding my thighs together by the time to meeting closed and the men left. Derek watched them go and then took me out of the back door to his room. I was led to another side door of the women's toilet and he told me to go to the end stall. Day one was not yet over.

There was a narrow metal panel on the end wall of the stall. It was engraved oddly and seemed to be just floating on the wall, not bolted or screwed on in anyway. There was a noise on the other side and the panel dropped with a clatter to the floor. I leaned down to pick up the metal plate only to see a thin cable attached to the centre of the thing.

I sat back and looked up to see a flaccid penis in the diamond shaped gap in the wall. I could see the dark suit pants in the background as the cock was shaken as if to get my attention. Putting my lips onto the tender flesh I kissed it gently. It tasted clean and a bit soapy. Kissing my way to the circumcised tip I opened my mouth and sucked the head into my mouth. There was a low groan as I swallowed the still soft rod deeper into my throat.

Using my hands I began to milk the cock, using my tongue to add extra sensation to pumping. Finally he began to thicken and I didn't need my hand to hold him in my mouth. He didn't last long enough for me to do anything but cough and swallow to avoid choking. He would not be one to seek out for anything other than an extreme quickie. I sat back on the closed toilet and dabbed my face, mopping up any sperm that had escaped. The news had got out and within a minute there was another soft cock for me to service.

This happened three times and as much as the anonymity was cool it was not that exciting for me. I wasn't getting a lot from it. Then a very large, very solid penis was fed through the hole. It was a solid handful although I couldn't get my hand around it when he was erect.

I wanked him, pulling his foreskin back as I kissed and sucked the chocolaty head of his monster dick. I felt my pussy moistening as I worked on him and after five minutes with no sign that he was about to unload I made a big decision.

Standing up I hauled up my skirt and stepped out of my tiny knickers. Holding the cock up I backed into the wall and heard a muffled moan to accompany my whimper as the head of the strangers penis pushed into my welcoming pussy. I fucked him for another five minutes, enjoying the width of his tool before his warning spluttering had me turn around and take his cum down my throat. He pulled himself back through the gap and told me to sit back as the panel was pulled up and attached somehow.

The session was over. I left via the side door and ran into Lauren who was coming back from getting a drink of water. I rounded the corner and saw a group of men, including a tall Polynesian man, standing by a larger printer. Improvising I looked at Lauren and indicated that she had something on her chin. Dabbing at her face she walked by the men who all followed her with their heads. I smiled and said hello as I walked by and got a bunch of disinterested replies in response.

Jesus, what a bitch I was. Derek called me into his office at the end of the day. He was sitting behind his desk nursing a large tumbler of whiskey, the blinds half closed and his suit jacket was hanging on the back of his chair. "I hear you have had a positive impact on the work environment, although everyone seems convinced it is the South Korean girl sucking their cocks." "That is some perk you have going on.

Does the woman I'm dog sitting for do that too?" He laughed and said that Kelly had a different skill set that he encouraged with his own particular motivation to keep her doing what she does best. "Do you take her to this park of yours?" He said she had indeed accompanied them to the park. He patted his desk and I walked over and sat in front of him. He took each of my feet and removed the heels before resting the bare feet on the appropriate arm of his chair.

Sliding his cool, dry hands up my thighs he reached for a knife and sliced through the sides of my lacy g string. Leaning forward he used his hands to pull aside my soft pubis and immediately stabbed his long tongue into my wet cunt. Drawing his tongue out of me he dragged it up slowly before lashing fast and hard across my exposed clit.

It was as if every nerve in my body had been exposed and tickled with a velvety feather. Two fingers drove into my welcoming pussy and he seemed to curve them upwards, thrusting hard and fast over the roof of my cunt as his tongue continued to dance over the aroused bud. With some kind of superhuman strength he held me down as a climax reared up, overwhelming me with sensation.

Squeezing my eyes shut I arched my back and felt my shirt being pulled up. My nipples were squeezed and lips descended on mine, a tongue thrusting in as Mrs Bray helped her husband bring me to an explosive but now muffled climax. I was sobbing into her open mouth as her husband rearranged me and moved up to join in the kissing, forcing me to taste myself on his tongue.

"How was your first day, darling?" I sat up and stood briefly before my legs crumpled under me. The climax had been violent and all consuming and my insides felt as if they were oozing down my thighs.

Sitting on the floor I looked up at them and said it had been a fairly normal day, until that afternoon. I collapsed backwards and started to laugh, my skirt still up around my waist as my legs fell open. There was snuffling and I looked over into the face of a sad looking dog.

He 'gruffed' and pawed at me, his basset hound expression masking the fact that he wanted to play. Pulling myself up slightly I patted him and scratched his ears before taking what I thought was a discrete look at his shaft. Balls nestled high against his belly and there was a flash of scarlet from an exposed cock tip. "Oh, Baxter, I believe you may have a playmate." Sherry seemed thrilled by the fact that the dog liked me.

He gave me a wet lick across the face and I squealed and pushed him away, which only encouraged him. The game continued for a minute until he became quite forceful and I noticed that there was about three inches of slick shaft poking from his sheath. The husband and wife had gone quiet watching me. Suddenly Sherry put a cushion under my butt and they took a leg each, pulling them apart. Baxter left my face and went to investigate the place his female leader was patting.

My juices excited him even more and soon a wet, broad muzzle was pushing against me as a tongue forced its way into my puckered arsehole and slightly more opened pussy. "Come on, girl, isn't this what you want? A fat cock in you? Just lie there and let Baxter breed your little pussy, his fat dick will have you crying out all over again." The dog was encouraged over my stomach, missionary style while Derek helped his inexperienced thrusting until my cunt accepted the slick blade of the dog cock being thrust in at such a different angle.

I lay in the head office of a large accounting firm with a young basset hound fucking me missionary style. His claws dug into the carpet as he took purchase and continued to force the walls of my vagina wider even than the large cock I had squeezed in earlier in the day.

My small breasts jiggled frantically as the dog fucked me harder and harder. Sherry gave Derek instructions and the dog was pushed further forward, causing me to grunt and attempt to sit up. His knot was huge and it was getting bigger and bigger. "God, it feels so big," I cried out as Derek leaned on Baxter's hips, keeping the huge ball of flesh in me. Sherry held me back down to keep the dog relaxed as my sudden squirming had made him nervous. "I don't have young knees like you so I like to be on my back when a dog is breeding me, and Baxter here has the biggest cock you will have need for." I could feel his balls pulsating as he emptied his seed into my willing womb.

"Can you feel him stretching you out? That's his knot, he'll be inside you for a few more minutes yet, just to make sure you can have all his little puppies." He began to buck against Derek and I was pulled off the cushion and onto the floor.

Sitting up I saw the almost obscene site of my distended vulva stretching around the slick marbled breeding tool of the hound. I had never seen it before and Sherry held me up so I could reach down and run my hands over the almost alien looking cock that was pumping its life juice into my welcoming body. Baxter swivelled around, dragging his clipped claws across my thighs and pulling the massive bulge of flesh from me. I circled my hands around it, feeling the heat and coating my palms in our combined juices as he pulled out, dragging a last small orgasm with the withdrawal.

Pulling on his soft mittens I stripped off my robe and got onto my hands and knees. Luther sniffed my willing pussy, now washed out due to a long soak under a massaging shower.

He put one paw on my arse, as if reassuring me that it was going to be all good then he was up, his powerful front legs wrapping themselves around my waist, his spine curving as he hunched his hips closer and closer between my thighs. I closed my eyes at the familiar rhythm he was establishing as his soft, jabbing cock sought out its target. I pictured the slick red cock that had joined me to the much lower but not smaller dog earlier in the day and how I had licked at the balls, cock and cunt of the couple who fucked doggy style right over my face.

Luther found my pussy and with three thrusts he tightened his forelegs and began his powerful breeding. I encouraged him, telling him to give me his cock, to fuck me, to breed me, to knot with me.

I wished I had an audience like my perverted new boss or my always willing uncle, someone to witness my need for cock at any cost. I felt the bulge of flesh push through my still tight cunt and Luther released his grip as he filled me again.

I collapsed forward and reached for a couch cushion to lie on as canine balls emptied into their human vessel. My depravity knew no bounds and now I was going to become not only a fuck doll for an office but also for those lucky enough to enjoy going to parks.

Fin. ------ This was all that was written. Please remember - NOT BY ME. Credit to noodz in beastforum