Naked slave dildo in ass jerkoff cumshot gay show

Naked slave dildo in ass jerkoff cumshot gay show
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The rape of a Pearl I was feeling a little uncomfortable. I am a country boy that was out of place. I had to go into the city for a business meeting in one of the tallest buildings in the city.

I found a place to park about five blocks away and walked the rest of the way. I was amazed at how tall the building was, it looked over a hundred stories tall. My appointment was on the 27th floor and the building was a very busy place. I felt lucky to find an elevator that wasn't crowded. On the way up the elevator made a few stops.

When it stopped the third time the door opened and a fat lady got out. I casually looked out and saw a fantastic looking Asian woman, or was she a girl, I wasn't sure at first, she looked young.

She was sitting behind a reception desk and she had a face that looked young and innocent. All of a sudden I felt my manhood growing out of control. The elevator door began to shut and I moved around and strained my neck to get a last look at her before the doors closed.

The vision of her kept running through my mind all during my meeting and I had to keep moving around to hide the bulge in my pants. When I got into the elevator for the ride down I was still thinking about her but I was beginning to get some control of my cock. Again the elevator made a few stops and I almost lost all control when this incredible young Asian woman got onto the elevator.

I stepped to the back and held my briefcase in front of me to hide my huge bulge. The elevator doors were almost closed when a folder appeared between the doors. The doors opened again as a woman's voices came from outside. "Pearl, Tom told me to give this to you before you leave".

The beautiful young Asian woman took the folder and quickly opened it, quietly she read it aloud, (Miss Lee, please drop this off at Judge Franklin's office while you are at the court house). "Ok. Susan, I'll take care of this, thanks" she said as the doors began to close.

The elevator doors closed and it made a few more stops before it got to the ground floor. I couldn't take my eyes off this incredible looking young woman. Her black hair hung down over her shoulders and looked so soft and silky. She wore a brown business suit with a knee length skirt that was tight around her waste.

Her jacket didn't quite cover her ass. The outline of her ass had the shape of two perfect tear drops inside her skirt. I was so captivated by her beauty that I missed my floor. When I looked around I saw that only Pearl and I were left on the elevator. I almost began to panic when the elevator doors opened in the underground parking garage. At first I didn't know what to do or say.

She stepped out of the elevator, took two steps and looked back over her shoulder. "Have a nice day" she said with a smile that made my hart race and mind melt. I stuttered a little" ya, ya, you too" I said as I stared into her beautiful soft brown eyes. She had the face of an angle but I thought I saw a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. She let out a small giggle, then turned around and walked away. Again I was totally lost and didn't know what to do so I walked down the row of cars parked on my right.

I kept looking back to see what car she got into. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I saw her get into a dark green Subaru that was parked in the row next to the wall in front of the elevator.

I noticed a security camera over the elevator that was pointed in her direction. I pretended to be looking for my keys as she drove by. I thought to myself that I had to fuck her. For the next week I couldn't get this incredible woman out of my mind. I told my friends about how incredible looking she was.

The more I told them, the more they wanted to see her. After hearing me talk about her for a week my friends Mike and Jimmy finely had herd enough. "Ok Bruce lets do something about her", Mike said. "What do you have in mind" I asked? At first I thought about asking her out to dinner, but then the reality of life regained control of my mind.

A woman as young and beautiful as she is would never be interested in an older man like me unless she wanted something. She looked like she was 21 at most and I am in my mid 40s and I am not a handsome man.

She would only laugh at me if I dared to even ask her out. The three of us talked for hours. We talked and planned and then talked and planned some more but couldn't come up with a good plan. It would be easy to just grab her off the street but it would not be easy to get away. Too many people are always around in a busy place like that.

All of a sudden we were startled by a female voice in the shadows. "Ah, ah, we were just talking" Mike said, but he was cut off by his wife. "I know what you were talking about, I have been listening to you guys for the last fifteen minutes" Janet said. "Would it be easier if you had a woman like me to help"?

She came over to the table and Mike pushed a chair out for her. "So what have you guys decided so far" she asked? "Why would you want to help us kidnap and rape a young woman" I asked her? "It has been a few years, but before I met Mike I had a few girlfriends, if you know what I mean" Janet told us.

Mike looked at his wife and gave her a shocked smile. "Ok, Ok, I know what you are thinking, but I like a little pussy too, not just cock" Janet told Mike. "We can talk about it later if you want" Janet said.

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We sat there for another hour planning before we came up with a real plan to capture and get some of that wild, young, Asian pussy. It took another week before we got everything we needed for the abduction. Between us we had friends that could get things that were less than legal. Things like a false Id, drugs, and a few other essentials. It was now three weeks after I had seen the woman that was the center of my attention and we were ready.

We all gathered at my house at noon on Friday and loaded up into the van that Janet had rented using the fake ID. I drove for the first half hour until we got into the city. We stopped and double parked beside an old Pontiac sedan on a semi quiet street. Mike opened the side door and slipped out with a screw driver and quickly took the license plates off the old car. We knew that the security cameras would see the vehicle and the plates so we stopped again before we got to the building where Pearl worked and hung the new license plates over the ones on the van so the vehicle couldn't be traced.

Jimmy took over driving and drove into the underground garage. Once inside jimmy pulled the van up beside the car that Pearl had driven the last time I saw her. The van was parked between the security camera and Pearls car. Jimmy put on a big brimmed hat and got out after parking the van, he kept his head down a little so the camera couldn't see his face. We had planned that he would take the elevator to the front lobby, go out the front door and find a place to have some coffee and waste some time until we called him on his cell phone.

Janet and I were ready for Pearl when she came out about an hour after we got there. Pearl came out of the elevator and didn't hesitate as she walked around behind the van.

When she got between the van and her car Janet jerked the sliding door open and I jumped out behind her. Before she could speak or turn around to see who I was I grabbed Pearl around the waist with my left arm and I placed my right hand over her mouth and nose. A strange odor entered her nostrils as she struggled and inhaled the chloroform from the cloth that was in my hand.

Soon her mind got cloudy and her body went limp. I turned her around and set her on the edge of the van floor. Janet quickly removed Pearls jacket and picked up her car keys.

While Mike and I pulled Pearl's limp body into the van Janet put pearls jacket on and got into her car. The sliding door on the van closed and Janet backed pearls car out and drove away.

I called Jimmy and told him that we were ready. Fifteen minutes later Jimmy got off the elevator, got into the van and we headed for home with our beautiful prize unconscious on the floor of the van. Janet parked Pearl's car at the airport where we picked her up on the way out of town. When we got out of the city Jimmy stopped along the side of the road near a river. We looked around to make sure nobody could see us before we pulled the stolen license plates off and threw them into the water.

Miss Pearl Lim was tied, gagged and drugged on the floor of the van. We drove to an out of the way place deep in the woods of a state park. Mike and Janet had been there many times and had never seen anyone there.

We were so far back in the woods that Mike and Janet had spent an entire week there last summer and nobody came around the entire time. We had set up a large tent for us to stay in. We had all taken a week off from work so we had time to do what ever we wanted to Pearl. It took us three hours to get there but we kept Pearl unconscious the entire trip.

It was almost dark when we got to the campsite but we were already set up and ready for Pearl. We parked the van behind some bushes so Pearl couldn't see it when she woke up.

She was still unconscious when we opened the side door of the van and pulled Pearl's limp little body out and carried her to a tent we had made out of a tarp. We laid her on her back on a cot and then tied her hands and feet to the legs. We left her clothes on for now and Janet took Pearl's jacket off and laid it over her.

She looked so innocent and peaceful as she lay there sound asleep and tied to the cot. The day had started early for all of us and we were getting tired.

We had some dinner that we cooked on an open campfire before we pulled out the cooler full of beer. We sat around the campfire drinking and talking about what we had done and what we were going to do to this little Asian beauty.

The next morning came and I woke to the sound of Pearl's frantic cry's for help.


I wiped the sleep from my eyes and went to see her. "HELP, HELLLLP, somebody please help me" Pearl screamed and cried. "Good morning Pearl" I said to her in a calm voice. "What happened? Where am I? Who are you and what are you going to do to me" she asked? "First of all Pearl, you can scream as loud as you want. We are in the woods and nobody will hear you but us".

"We are going to have all the fun with you that we want, and there is nothing you can do about it". "OH, OOOOOOHHH NO, please don't hurt me, I, I, I have never". Her voice trailed off. "I've never been with a man" She said. "I won't cooperate; I will fight you every second". "You can fight us if you want, but the harder you struggle, the harder it will be on you and the longer we will keep you" I told her.

Her voice calmed "please mister, please let me go. I will give you anything you want, I have some money and some beautiful friends that you can take instead of me". "No Pearl, I am no fool, you will be ours today, tomorrow and as long and as often as we want you" I told her. "How do you know my name" she asked? I explained that we had all kinds of information that we found on her drivers license and other things that we found in her purse. "Can you let me loose for a few minutes?

I will come right back" she said. "Ya right, I am sure that if I let you loose you won't run away, like I said I am no fool".

"I have to go pee" she said. "Ha, Ha, I chuckled, that's not a problem. Where do you want to go, here, or in the woods" I asked? "In the woods, I don't want anyone to watch me" she quickly replied.

I untied her feet and her arms as I told her, "Ill take you to the woods and watch you so you don't run away". "What she replied? You are going to watch me pee, are you a sicko" she asked? "Don't worry honey, before we are done with you, you won't have anything left to hide from us". Her face turned bright red with embarrassment but she had to pee so bad that she didn't have a choice, "ok, lets go" she said.

She quickly walked out of the tent and looked around before she began to walk quickly in the direction of some thick bushes. When she was behind the bushes she stopped and looked at me," are you going to watch everything" she asked. "I will help you if you want but I won't take my eyes off you for a second" I said.

With out another word she turned her back to me and it looked like she was fumbling with her zipper and belt. Shyly she looked back at me and gave me a disgusted look as she pulled the pants of her suit down as she squatted to pee. Her blouse hung down over her ass so I couldn't see anything but soon I saw a wet spot in the leaves grow under her. She looked back at me again" I don't suppose that you have any toilet paper, do ya" she asked?

"Nope, you are just going to have to drip dry or use a leaf" I said. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a crumpled tissue and then reached between her legs. She dropped the tissue on the ground and quickly pulled her pants up when she stood up.

When her pants were up she buckled her belt and zipped her pant. All of a sudden she started running away from our camp. She was still wearing the high healed shoes that she wore to work.

The ground was soft and her heals pushed deep into the dirt so she didn't get vary far before she fell and I caught her.

"Why? Why me? Why are you doing this to me? She cried? I pulled her to her feet, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back to camp. When we got back to camp I took her to a place between some trees where we had some ropes and pulleys set up. Pearl was struggling as I slipped a loop of rope over her hand and around her wrist and then I did the same to her other hand.

I pulled the ropes tight enough pull her arms straight out, but not tight enough to hurt her. I stepped around in front of her and smiled as I said "You are a very beautiful young woman. Young women like you think you are too good for a less than perfect man like me.

If I asked you for a date you would just laugh at me and treat me like shit. That's why you are here". Mike and Janet came out of the tent with Jimmy close behind.

"Started early I see" Janet said with a giggle. "She woke me up with her screams for help. I took her into the bushes over there so she could pee and she tried to run, so I tied her up for the day's fun" I told them. Mike looked at Janet and said "Why don't you get some breakfast started and we will get this cute little Asian pussy ready to eat". "Ok", Janet went over by the camp fire and started getting food out of the cooler.

Mike joined me over by Pearl while Jimmy went to the tent. "What are you going to do to me" Pearl asked? "For now we are just going to strip you completely naked, you will be that way until we let you go" I told her.

Jimmy joined us with a video camera and began to record everything we were doing. As I stepped up in front of Pearl she kicked up and tried to kick me in the balls but I caught her foot and held it. "Look bitch, if you keep fighting us we wont be so nice to you" I said. "What do you mean nice, you are going to rape me" she said. I looked her in the eyes "we can be gentle or vary rough, your choice" I told her with a serious look on my face.

She seamed to understand that she had no control over what was going to happen. I could see the resistance fade from her eyes and feel her body relax. Jimmy was getting everything on tape as I let her ankle go and her foot fell to the ground. "That's better" I said. Mike walked around behind her as I reached out and began to unbutton her white blouse.

Her entire body cringed as Mike ran his hands over her hard ass cheeks and around to the front of her pants. I pulled her blouse up out of her pants and I was unbuttoning the bottom button as mike unzipped her pants and pulled them open. I could just see the top of her light blue lace panties that matched the small bra that she was wearing. With her blouse and her pants pulled open I could see how flat and firm her stomach was.

Her body was vary slim and looked almost child like. I thought to my self that if it wasn't for her beautiful breasts she could easily be mistaken for a 15 year old girl.

Jimmy got into a good position to record the action as Mike grabbed the waist of Pearl's pants and panties and began to slide them down. Before he got her pants down over her hips she crossed her legs and locked her ankles tightly together to stop him. Mike and I looked at each other and nodded, we were both thinking the same thing. "I warned you not to fight us" I told her as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a folding pocket knife.

She began to cry and speak but Mike quickly put a piece of duct tape over her mouth so all she could do was mumble and cry. Her tears flowed freely and a look of horror came over her face when I slipped the sharp blade inside her pants at the bottom of the zipper.

"I don't want to hurt you so you better stand real still" I told her. Her body shook with fear and her crying got louder when I pushed the blade of the knife down the front of her pants, first one leg and then the other. When the knife finished cutting the second leg of her pants open Mike pulled the cut pants off of her from behind and threw them on the ground in front of her. "Don't resist us again or you will have to go home completely naked. Do you understand me" I asked?

She hung her head, mumbled through the tape and nodded her understanding. Mike pushed her legs forward and I grabbed her ankles and lifted them off the ground.

Her wrists were still tied so she couldn't fall. Mike joined me in front of Pearl and we both took a leg as Pearl just hung there helplessly. With little effort Mike and I spread her legs just far enough to pull her panties down over her golden brown thighs and past her knees until we were pulling them off over her shoes. We pulled her shoes and stockings off and then slipped another loop of rope around each of her ankles. Before we let her feet back down we decided to have a better look at our sexy prize.

Carefully we lifted her legs a little higher and spread them farther apart. The view was fantastic. We could see her entire crack from the top of her ass to the small patch of curly black hair just above her cute little pussy.

Even with her legs spread wide apart her pink slit and her ass cheeks stayed closed. Her knees were bent and her bare pussy was exposed for all of us to see. She looked like she was reclined in an invisible chair and we held her there for a moment to admire the view. "Janet, come take a look at this cute little twat" Mike called to his wife. Janet placed a frying pan on a table and walked over between Pearl's wide spread legs.

Janet bent over to get a closer look. She licked her lips and slid the tip of her finger between the folds of Pearl's cunt. Janet's finger slid up and down the tight little slit between Pearl's legs two or three times before Janet pulled it out and placed it in her mouth.

"She's not wet but she does taste sweet, this is going to be good" Janet said as she turned her head and smiled at the camera. Mike and I let Pearl's legs down until her feet were on the ground. Pearl stood up with her bare feet on a bed of pine needles. She was completely naked from the waist down, her tiny little hips and her shapely legs looked so young and incredible. She kept her feet and legs closed tight together to show nothing more than a tightly closed crack between her legs and the small patch of pubic hair just above it.

All expression was gone from her face and her head hung down when I stepped in front of her again. With my left hand I cupped her chin and lifted her head so I could look in to her eyes. "Ok miss Pearl Lim, I am going to have to untie your hands to get your blouse and bra off.

If you fight me or try to get away we will just tie you back up and rip your clothes off and you will have nothing to wear when we let you go. Do you understand me" I asked? She blinked her eyes, nodded her head and mumbled through the tape in response.

"Will you be quiet if I remove the tape over your mouth" I asked her? Again she nodded and mumbled her response. I grabbed the edge of the tape and told her to get ready, it would hurt for a second. I gave the tape a quick hard pull and ripped it from her face. "YYYYEEEEOOOOOUUUUU" she screeched. I smiled at her as she cringed and expected something for her screech of pain.

"That's ok Pearl, I would make a little noise myself" I told her. Her face was a little red but not hurt. Mike loosened the rope attached to her right hand and I slipped the loop off her wrist as mike loosened the other rope. Her hands were free but her feet were still loosely tied. With out saying a word Pearl reached up to her unbuttoned blouse and pulled it back off her shoulders, down her arms and off over her hands. "Who gets this" She asked?

I reached out and took it from her and then threw it on the pile of clothes that we had cut off of her. She sighed and reached behind her back with both hands. Her breasts were small but with her hands behind her back like that her chest stuck out nicely. Even with her bra unhooked her breasts didn't sag. Her hands moved from her back to the straps on her shoulders and without hesitation the sexy blue lace bra slid down into her hands.

After quickly throwing her bra to me she folded her left arm across her breasts and cupped her pussy with her right hand in an attempt to cover her naked body. "Now, now, that wont do" I said as I pulled her hand away from her pussy and put the loop in the rope back around her wrist. Soon we had her hands tied and pulled to her sides leaving her completely naked and spread wide open for everyone to admire.

Her sweet young face had lost all expression but she was still beautiful. Her shoulders were soft and smooth and led down over her chest to her vary firm 34 B breasts and nipples that were small and pink like a child's. My gaze continued down over her body as I surveyed ever square inch. Her stomach was flat and hard, and hips were small enough so you couldn't tell where her waist stopped and her hips began.

I couldn't help staring at the soft mound of silky black pubic hair and the slit just below it. I had just finished my survey of her entire body, front and back when Janet called everyone for breakfast. "I am hungry too, can I have something to eat? Please" Pearl asked? "Of course you can eat" I told her. "Can I have my clothes back and can you untie me so I can eat" she asked?

"That's not exactly what we had in mind" Mike said with a laugh. Pearl started to speak again, but I cut her off "I will bring you some food, but you will have to eat here and naked" I said. I moved the cot that she had been sleeping on before over behind her and loosened the ropes so she could sit down.

She sat sown and crossed her legs and I handed her a plate of food and plastic knife and fork. I sat down on a stump in front of her and ate my breakfast with her. We talked all through breakfast.

I almost felt bad about kidnapping her and the rape that she was going to get, but she was just so incredibly beautiful. When we were done eating I took her plate, "what are you going to do to me" Pearl asked in a soft calm voice?

I told her that if she was good that we would let her go Sunday afternoon, but until then we would use her body for any sexual thing we wanted to try. I could hear her crying softly as I walked away.

When I came back I loosened the ropes more and pushed her onto her back on the cot. Then I tied the ropes on her wrists to the legs of the cot. The ropes around her ankles I pulled tighter to spread her legs wide open.

As hard as she tried she couldn't keep her pussy from opening. I positioned her body on the cot so her little bare ass was hanging over the edge. "No, please don't, please don't do this to me" she whimpered over and over again. I knelt between her legs and leaned forward, I felt a small tremor shoot through her body when my tongue gently made contact with the soft tender skin below her clit.

She whimpered and begged me to stop even more as my tongue began to push its way between the soft pink folds of her pussy.

Her body trembled as she cried. I pulled her pussy lips apart to reveal her most intimate parts. Gently I began to push my tongue up and down her pussy from her hard little clit to the opening that led deep into her body. My rough tongue continued to rub against the soft pink skin as I continued to explore her pussy.

Soon my tongue was pushing in and out of her and her crying and begging had stopped. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Jimmy standing near by with the video camera focused on the action as my tongue began to attack Pearls clit. Pearl's whimpering pleading had stopped and I began to hear her soft moans. My tongue and lips continued to explore and penetrate her hard little body inside and out as I continued my oral assault on her pussy.

I could feel the wetness grow between her pink pussy lips. The more her wetness grew the harder her body shook with pleasure. Carefully I ran my finger up and down her wet slit until I stopped and gently pushed it into her love tunnel. Her incredible body felt vary tight around my finger as it slid in and out, her moans got louder as she tried to talk. "Wha, Wha, What are you, whaaaaaaaats" her voice trailed off as her entire body began to shake.

Then I could feel her body tighten and turn ridged as a gush of warm sweet liquid spread over my face and tongue. She was still in the grip of her orgasm when I stood up and dropped my pants to release my rock hard 7 inch shaft. Again I got down and gave her dripping wet pussy a few quick licks before I slid my tongue up her crack, over her belly to her small firm breasts and hard nipples.

I sucked and lightly bit her nipples and my cock made contact. Her tender young pussy lips yielded to the force of my manhood and allowed me access to her most private inner parts. Her warm female juices quickly spread over the head of my shaft. With the small amount of control that she had regained I could feel her pussy drastically tighten in an attempt to stop the violation of her womanhood.

"Don't try to stop me, I will have your sweet pussy around my cock one way or another" I told her. "Please don't, I really am a virgin. I wanted my first time to be special" she said. "You won't be a virgin for long, but if you resist me I won't be gentile and your first fucking will hurt a lot more than it needs to" I told her.

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Reluctantly she relaxed her muscles but her body continued to be tense. My cock pushed against her tight opening and gradually entered her. "OUCH, OUCH, please stop. That hurts, please stop, stop" she whimpered and cried as my cock started stretching her pussy.

Her pussy was so incredibly tight and she let out a scream when I pushed through her cherry and her virginity became a thing of the past. Slowly, inch by slow inch I pushed deeper into her wet hole. I stopped pushing for short periods to let her pussy relax and her body adjust to the invasion. I could feel her muscles contract and relax around my hard shaft. I pushed in a little deeper every time she appeared to accept the invasion of her virgin pussy.

When my dick was all the way in I waited for a moment before I began to pull out and force my way back in again. Soon her whimpering and crying had stopped and her face no longer showed the pain she was feeling. "Please stop" she said in a soft voice, but I ignored her and began a steady rhythm in and out.

I saw Janet walk around and stand at Pearl's head. I didn't think much about it until I saw her bend over and kiss Pearl on the lips. Pearl turned her head to resist but Janet held her head in place and kissed her again.

I kept fucking Pearl as I watched Janet step back, unbuckle, unzip and push her jeans and yellow cotton panties down around her ankles. Mike and Jimmy watched in surprise as Janet stepped out of her jeans and panties and pulled her T-shirt and bra up over her head and off. Other than her sneakers Janet stood there completely naked.

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She had trimmed her curly brown pussy hair into a narrow patch just above her slit and now it was only about a foot from Pearls head. Jimmy watched and videoed Janet as she spread her legs and stepped forward. With one leg on each side of her head Pearl was looking up into Janet's wet pussy.

"I'm not like that, I won't do it with women, Please don't" Pearl said. "I'm going to have my fun too so just start licking you little Asian cunt" Janet told her as she lowered herself down onto Pearls face. Pearl closed her lips tightly and turned her head again to resist. "Lick it bitch" Janet said in a strong voice as she reached back and pinched pearls nose shut and pulled her head back up into place.

When Pearl opened her mouth and gasped for air Janet lowered her wet pussy into Pearls open mouth and ordered her to lick her pussy again. I didn't think it was possible but the sight of Janet's pussy in Pearl's mouth just inches away from my face made my cock even harder. I don't know if Pearl realized the difference between her legs but my pumping got more powerful and soon I could feel the pressure start to build in my balls.

I pushed harder and deeper into Pearl's tender cunt. Her body began to respond to the pounding her pussy was getting, I could feel quakes in her body every time I drove hard and deep.

Janet was sitting on Pearl's face and pearl had begun to lick Janet's pussy. Janet was roughly massaging Pearl's firm breasts and pinching her hard little nipples when she leaned forward even more and our lips met. With all the licking, sucking, fucking, and kissing that was happening I couldn't take any more. The pressure in my balls had started moving up my shaft. I strained to hold back the pressure that was building but I couldn't.

Janet knew what was happening by the look on my face and whispered "let it go". Janet's body was in great shape and she looked hot and I was looking into her beautiful blue eyes as my body got to the point of no return.

I drove my cock hard and pushed as deep inside Pearl's tight body as I could. My cock exploded inside her and I pumped load after load of cum into her hot, tight womb.

I didn't know she was close to an orgasm, I could feel her legs straining to close around me, her pussy was even tighter around my shaft and her entire body was shaking wildly with an orgasm.

My load was spent but I continued to pump until the last drop was deep inside of Pearl's belly. My load was spent and so was my energy. Pearl was still in her orgasm when I pulled my wilting meat out of her freshly stretched out hole. Her legs were being held apart by the ropes and her glistening slit was still open from the fucking she had just received. Janet smiled at me "I can't wait until it's my turn" she giggled. Janet was still sitting on pearl's face but Purl was engrossed in her own orgasm and had stopped licking.

Janet leaned all the way forward until she was lying on top of Pearl's tiny body and her head eagerly dropped between Pearl's wide spread legs. Janet looked around at each of us, especially at Mike. She gave him a wink and a devious smile before she lowered her face to Pearl's freshly fucked pussy. After a few quick licks she looked up at me "Fresh pussy juice and fresh cock cream, my favorite cocktail. I haven't had anything this good in a long time.

Mike's cum Tastes good, but it's even better with fresh sweet pussy juice like this mixed in." Mike, Jimmy and I looked at each other as Janet turned back and began licking Pearl's slick slit again. We also noticed that she was rubbing and grinding her own beautiful cunt in Pearl's face.

I motioned to Mike and pointed to the big bulge in Jimmy's pants. "Jimmy, give me the camera, I will take the video while you have some fun. Go ahead, it's ok. Janet and I talked about it and you can have either or both of them." Mike told him. Jimmy handed the camera to Mike. Jimmy didn't waste any time and his pants were off and he was standing at Pearl's head, cautiously he looked at Mike again.

When Mike nodded his approval Jimmy reached out with both hands and gently caressed Janet's soft bare ass while she ground her pussy into Pearl's face. Jimmy's cock was hard and throbbing as he spread Janet's ass cheeks and pushed the head of his meat against her puckered asshole. He rubbed his cock up and down between her cheeks and pushed it down into Janet's wet pussy.

Janet let out a soft moan of pleasure as Jimmy's cock pushed its way inside of her. Pearl was still licking Janet's clit and Jimmy's balls were pressed against her nose. Pearl rolled her head to one side and then the other to avoid Jimmy's cock as it slid in and then out of Janet's dripping pussy.

Jimmy reached down and held her head in place. "Just keep licking you little Asian bitch. Lick us both" Jimmy grumbled to Pearl. His balls slapped against Pearls nose every time he drove his hard shaft deep into Janet's hot hole.

Again Pearl tried to turn her head but Jimmy tightened his grip on her head. "I said keep licking bitch" Jimmy told Pearl again. She knew that she had no choice and Jimmy could feel her resistance fade as she began to lick Janet's pussy and now his cock as it continued to slide in and out. Jimmy's cock was covered with so much of Janet's hot pussy juice that it was dripping off and all over Pearls face.

Janet was enjoying everything she was getting so much that it didn't take long before she began to moan softly. The closer to her orgasm she got, the louder she moaned, and the louder she moaned the harder she licked and sucked Pearls young little clit and crack.

Suddenly Jimmy felt Janet's pussy get tight and her short pants and moans had grown to one long orgasmic groan as her juices exploded around his shaft. He drove deep and hard and he felt her body respond with hard spasms and another gush of pussy juice forced its way out around his cock, run down his balls and run onto Pearls sweet face.

Janet was completely engulfed in her exploding orgasm and her pussy stayed as tight as she could squeeze. Jimmy took advantage of the moment and began to fuck her harder and faster. It just made Janet's orgasm last longer and longer. Janet was so lost in pleasure that she let out a loud scream and Jimmy couldn't take any more.

He drove in deep and hard, his entire body got stiff and he began to shake as he began to release his load deep inside of Janet. When he regained some control he pumped a few more times, then he pulled out. A big glob cum and pussy juice dripped out of Janet's pussy. Some dropped onto Pearl's face and some dropped into her open mouth as she gasped for air.

She couldn't turn her head and she couldn't sit up so when she tried to spit it out it just spread all over her face. Cum was still oozing from the head of Jimmy's limp cock when he stood up and stepped back. Janet had regained control of herself and was trying to get up off of Pearl as she just laid there totally helpless and used.

Janet stood up and looked down. Cum was dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy and running down her leg. "I need to get cleaned up" she commented. Then she looked at Pearl, Pussy juice and cum was crusting between her legs and now all over her face. A big glob of cum was on her nose and running into her tightly closed eye. "Looks like we should give her a chance to clean up too, or do you like it extra sloppy and messy Mike" Janet asked with a chuckle.

"No, I don't mind a little sloppy, but she really is just too sloppy for me right now" Mike replied. Pearl moaned and softly said "Please, no more please. Just let me go and I won't tell anyone.

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I feel so dirty and sore. I need help, please" she pleaded. "Ok, let's take her to the brook and help her get cleaned up" I said. We all agreed and we untied her. Pearl just laid there without moving. Mike and I each stepped up beside Pearl and helped her up. She groaned and whimpered as she sat up and she broke down and cried when we pulled her to her feet. "Come on Pearl, we will help you get to where you can get cleaned up.

You will feel better then" I told her in a kind gentle voice. She continued to cry and whimper as we carefully and gently walked her between us.

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"Can I get my clothes on now" Pearl asked? "Not yet sweetie" I told her softly. I continued to talk to her and calm her down. Her entire body was very sore and she walked with difficulty but she cried less with each step. When we got to the brook the water was cold but it felt god on her sore swollen pussy.

Janet was still naked but she had carried her clothes with her. Janet dropped her clothes on a big rock beside the water and took her sneakers off. Two beautiful women walking around completely naked in front of us was a very exciting site, I could feel my cock coming back to life as I stood there and watched. Janet walked over to Pearl and took her by the hand "come with me, Ill help you get cleaned up" Janet whispered. Janet lead Pearl to a spot by a big log where she squatted down with her back to us, Pearl squatted down beside her.

Mike still had the camera and was pointing it at the women. I could see the women splash around in the water, a few times Janet would point at something on her body or on Pearls. Then I would see their arms move in a rubbing motion. When they were almost done washing I saw Janet's ass raise up about a foot from the water.

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Pearl did the same thing and they both peed while they were in the water, another splash or two of water on their pussies and they walked back to us. "I feel a little better" Pearl said softly with her head hung down. "Will you please let me go now, please" she pleaded. "We can't let you go yet Pearl.

Mike hasn't had his turn yet and we still have tomorrow. If you don't give us any trouble we let you go Sunday morning. If you are real good we might let you go tomorrow night" I told her. "What more are you going to do to me" she asked? "What ever we want" I told her. She hung her head lower and she whimpered some more. All of a sudden she turned around and started to run away. She was still barefoot and we had our sneakers on. It was a very short run before we caught her and pulled her back.

"I was beginning to feel sorry for you and I was going to give you some time to recover. You tried to run away again so now its my turn" Mike said. Mike looked around and said "come with me". He pulled her over to the big rock that Janet had put her clothes on while she cleaned up.

Mike pushed her down and bent her over the rock and held her down with one hand. Jimmy had the video camera and was recording all the action. Mike looked at me and asked me to help hold her down while he fucked her.

I walked around to the other side of the rock and held Pearls shoulder down on the rock. She wiggled and squirmed but she couldn't get away. "Please don't, I'm sorry for running, I won't do it again. Please don't hurt me anymore. I am so sore down there. It hurts, please don't" she begged. "You got her good" Mike asked me?

I nodded my head and mike let her go. He placed his hands on her hard little ass cheeks and forced them apart. Pearl knew what was going to happen and she begged and whimpered even more. Mike dropped his pants down around his ankles, stepped up and without mercy plowed her hard thick shaft up her pussy. Pearl screamed and winced in pain as her very sore pussy was invaded by force again.

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"She is tight" Mike said. "Let's try this" he added. Without missing a stroke he pulled all the way out and plowed into her asshole. Pearl didn't expect it. The pain was sudden and overwhelming. She screamed so I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her scream.


Mike showed no mercy as he pounded her ass with his thick cock. Pearl was in a lot of pain and she was breathing deep and hard with every thrust that Mike gave her. After a few minutes pounding Pearl's ass I could see that Mike was almost finished. Pearl was still breathing hard but not as hard as before. I watched as Mike stopped and pulled out. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and began to stroke it madly. Pearl let out a big deep breath of relief while Mike was shooting a huge load all over her back, ass and between her legs.

When Mike was done I helped Pearl stand up, Mikes cum was running down her back over her small hard ass and down her leg. "Can I clean up again" Pearl whimpered? "I don't trust you so I will go with you this time" I replied while I took my pants, sneakers and socks off. I helped her wash the cum off her back while everyone went back to camp. When she was done I got dressed and walked her back to camp. I took her back to the cot where she had slept and tied her back up so she couldn't get away.

She was sitting up on the side of the cot when I started to walk away. I really felt sorry for and in spite of everything she was still hauntingly beautiful. Something about her was still in my mind and hart. I stopped and turned around and picked up a blanket and covered her with it.

"Thank you" she said. "I don't want you to get sick, it's a little cool today" I told her. I felt sorry for her and I think she could see it in my eyes. I sat down beside her and we talked for about an hour. I was very careful to watch what I told her so she wouldn't find out how to catch us.

I talked to everyone and we decided to let her recover the rest of the day. She had been trough a lot and she had been used very hard for her first time. I really wanted to sit and talk with her some more but I didn't want to take any chances.

I only told her that we wouldn't hurt her anymore today. Again she said thank you and asked if we could talk again. I made an excuse and left her alone.

The next day Pearl was a little more relaxed and she wasn't as sore. She even cooperated with us for the most part. Many times we untied her while we had our way with her.

Mike, Janet, Jimmy and I talked and we decided to let Pearl go early the next morning. Sunday morning before sun up Pearl was still asleep. Janet carefully gave her a shot to keep her asleep while we packed everything up and got ready to leave. When everything was taken down and packed away in Mike's pickup we loaded Pearl into the van. She was unconscious the entire time and we were now ready to let her go.

Mike took his truck and went to the airport where we left Pearl's car. Janet picked the car up and drove to meat us. Jimmy and I took the van to a place where we would meat Janet.

When Janet got there we went to an overpass near the city where Pearl lived. Janet put all of Pearl's clothes in the car and parked it on one side of the highway, then locked the doors.

We quickly picked Janet up and drove to the other side of the bridge that went over the highway. We stopped the van on the side of the road out of site. Pearl was starting to wake up and we were ready. We put a blindfold over her eyes, opened the side door on the van and slipped her out.

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Pearl was still completely naked when Jimmy and I slipped pearl out of the van and set her on the grass beside the van. When she was awake enough to understand what I was saying I told her where her clothes were and where her car was.

Pearl was sitting naked on the ground leaning against a small tree when I dropped her car keys in her lap. I couldn't help myself and I leaned down kissed her cheek. I told her to count to 50 before she removed the blindfold and went to her car.

We drove away quickly and stopped just around a bend in the road. We were far enough away and far enough off the road so Pearl would not see us. Janet, Jimmy and I got out and walked back to the edge of the trees where we could watch Pearl's naked run over the highway to her car.

Jimmy handed me the video camera and I focused it on the spot where we left Pearl. I zoomed the camera in just in time to catch Pearl run completely naked out of the woods and across the bridge to her car. Traffic was heavy on the highway at that time and a lot of people got a real good look at pearl's naked charms. She fumbled with her keys for a moment before she got the door open. Once inside her car she ducked down for a minute or two before I saw the car start and pull away.

We went back to the van and went home. Janet turned the van back in three days later and I spent days looking over and editing all the video we had taken.

I made sure to watch the TV news and check the news papers for two weeks, but I never saw or herd anything about Pearl.