Webcam stocking sex Fed up with waiting for a taxi naive youthful

Webcam stocking sex Fed up with waiting for a taxi  naive youthful
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This is a true story. My wife and I have been married for five years. We have always shared our fantasies with each other. One of them was being with other people. Sometimes during our lovemaking, we fantasize about her getting fucked by another man or making out with a woman (she is bi-sexual). Or, I fucking another woman while she watches. Our fantasy finally came true New Years 2012 in New Orleans.

Let me give you a little background info. My baby is a beautiful black woman. She is 5' 4", 118 pounds, perfectly tone legs (from running track in college), 34C tits, nipples that are almost ¾" long, big beautiful brown eyes, a hairy pussy with a phat camel toe, and long curly brown hair. You can see pictures of her at Look for "My Bitch in New Orleans. She looks fabulous for a woman with three kids and in her 30's. I myself am 6'4" with an athletic build, 230 lbs, and in my 40's.

One night she wore a very loose fitting halter top that allowed her tits to keep popping out, along with a school girl skirt that showed the bottom of her ass as we walked on Bourbon Street.

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Sometimes I would let her walk in front of me so I could watch the guys and girls expressions when she walked by. When we would get caught in a traffic jam, I could see guys and girls reach under her skirt to rub her pussy and ass. Sometimes she would stop, stand with her legs slightly open, and give them time play with her goodies.

She would look back at them and smile before moving on. At least three ladies went so far as to reach inside of her top to feel her tits. My baby loved the attention she was getting. When we walked past the crowds of people on the balcony, they would beg her to show her tits. She would give me "the look" and I would then walk up behind her, and pull her top open.

I would then play with her nipples for all to watch. Needless to say, she had a hell of a lot of beads that night. Later, we went to a strip club on Bourbon Street and we both got a lap dance. I love watching her with another woman. I paid the stripper an extra $100 and got to watch her eat my baby's pussy until she squirted her juices on the strippers face.

Now I am a fairly cheap person, but it was worth every penny.

After a few more drinks and naughtiness on Bourbon Street, we headed back to the hotel. As we walked to the hotel, I would have her pose and show me her tits and pussy for me to photograph as people walked by. She didn't care. She loves to show her body. I was taking some of the last pictures when a white guy walked by and stopped to watch.

He was mesmerized by her beauty. It also didn't hurt that she was flashing her pussy and tits. I asked him if he wanted to feel her tits and he responded with a "hell yeah!" He caressed her tits for about a minute, and then asked if he could suck them.

I said no, but allowed him to play with her tits a little longer. After a few more minutes, he thanked us and we started walking to the hotel which was a couple buildings away. Surprisingly enough, he was going into the same hotel. He went to the restaurant and we went to the elevator. He was still staring at my baby every chance he got. We said goodbyes again and waited for the elevator. After he disappeared around the corner, my baby leaned against my arm and said she wanted to fuck him.

I looked at her with wide eyes, and asked if she was serious. She said yes. My dick immediately started getting hard. We went looking for the "stranger dude" and found him coming out of the restaurant because it was closing.

His eyes opened wide when he saw us and he asked if we wanted to get a drink with him nearby. I was standing behind my girl, playing with her exposed tits while we talked. He was staring at her long hard nipples when my baby said sure to his drink offer. At the bar, my girl sat on the stool next to him and I sat on the stool behind her, still playing with one of her tits.

The "stranger dude" dropped his eyes to her tits and started to play with the other nipple. The bartender returned with the drinks and told us to enjoy ourselves. Because the skirt she was wearing was so incredibly short, her hairy pussy was fully exposed to the "stranger dude". Another delightful quality about my baby is that the aroma of her pussy is incredibly intoxicating. He commented on how great she smelled.

She responded with a thank you and opened her legs wider. I could smell her sweet nectar from behind. It was powerful and hypnotic. He looked at me as if seeking approval and I gave him the nod. He put his hand on her leg and worked his way up to her bush. My baby was feeling good from the liquor and having two men rubbing her tits in public.


After about a minute or two, he slid his finger inside her hot pussy. She moaned as his finger entered her. She opened her legs wider allowing him more access. She was so horny. He commented on how wet she was as her juices had flowed out of her pussy and onto the stool.

The "stranger dude" leaned in closer and stuck his tongue into her open mouth. She didn't care who was watching. She was in heat. He plugged two more fingers inside of her. She couldn't control herself. She started fucking his fingers more deliberately. The bartender caught a piece of the action and left with a big smile on his face. My dick was hanging out of the leg of my shorts.

My shorts had a huge stain because of all the pre-cum I was leaking. As I was trying to gather myself, the "stranger dude" looked at me and asked "can I fuck her?" Before the question could reach my brain, I said "hell yeah!" We left the bar and headed back to the hotel which was across the street.

We were lucky to be the only one's on the elevator. I stood in front of my baby and the "stranger dude" stood behind her. I sucked on her titties while he finger fucked her from the rear. By the time we reached our floor, she was completely naked and didn't care if anyone saw her. As we walked down the hallway, he continued to rub on her tits as he walked behind her.

She started rubbing on his dick through his pants when she realized how hard his dick was. She stopped, turned around, unzipped his pants, pulled out his junk and started sucking his dick in the hallway! I was in total shock. By this time I had leaked so much pre-cum, I wasn't sure if I had enough left to bust a nut when the time came.

My dick was so hard watching my baby suck another man's dick. I couldn't believe one of fantasies was actually coming true. After a few minutes of public dick sucking, she got up and led us to the room while holding his hard dick in her hand.

When the door closed, I threw her on the bed and started eating her pussy. She opened her mouth and moaned as I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit. "The stranger dude" wasted no time in moving to the edge of the bed and putting his dick in her mouth. Watching her suck his dick made my dick grow even more. Her juices were running out of her hot pussy like a faucet. Her "cat" gets sloppy wet when she sucks dick or she gets fucked her in the ass.

We then switched positions with me laying on the bed and her wrapping her juicy lips around my rock hard dick. The "stranger dude" mounted her from behind. She let out a long deep moan as he entered her. His dick parted her hairy pussy lips and slid deep inside her bushy wetness.

She continued to moan softly as his dick penetrated the depth of her pussy. He could not believe how tight and wet she was. He kept telling her how beautiful she was and how fabulous her tight pussy felt wrapped around his dick. She started rocking back against his thrust, pushing his dick deeper. Before long she started screaming "fuck me, fuck me." She looked at me and said "he's fucking me daddy.

He's taking your pussy daddy." I called her a slut for giving my pussy away. She loved being daddy's slut.


About 10 minutes went by, when I felt her lips tighten up around my dick. I thought she was about to cum, but she wasn't. He had pulled out of her pussy and was entering her ass. She grabbed my hand and let out a low moan as he penetrated her ass. She was truly daddy's slut. And I loved it.

After about 10 minutes of watching her getting fucked in the ass and sucking my dick, I could no longer contain my massive orgasm. I shot my load into her hot waiting mouth. Like always, she swallowed every drop. The "stranger dude" went back to pounding her pussy. I got up to watch. I thought I was dreaming. Here I was, watching my lady getting her pussy pounded by a stranger. And, I was loving it. Watching his dick spread her pussy lips and dive deep into her love nest drove me wild.

My dick started to awake again and soon, I was ready for more. I could tell they were both about to cum.

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She told him to pull out because she wasn't on any birth control. She reached her orgasm first. She bit into the pillow as the first wave of her orgasm hit. She screamed as her juices exploded from her pussy. She spread her legs wider for him to penetrate her even more as he continued to beat on her pussy until he couldn't hold back any longer.

He grabbed her hips and let out an "OH SHIT!" She realized that he was cumming and tried to pull away. But, he held her hips tight and flooded her pussy with his hot cum. She told him to pull out but he ignored her. He was already filling her unprotected pussy with his seed. She turned to face him with a submissive look on her face. She knew it was too late to stop him.

She looked at me thinking I would be upset. I was stroking my dick as I gave her a wink to let her know everything was fine. The "stranger dude" looked at me and said "I'm getting your bitch pregnant." She had stopped fighting and continued to take the last of his pounding thrust, until he had emptied his balls into her and collapsed on her back.

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About five minutes went by before he rolled off and his dick slid out of her. I could see his cum slowly dripping from her still wet pussy. Now it was her my turn. I mounted her from behind and slid my dripping cock into her sloppy wet pussy.

She moaned and her eyes opened wide. I started calling her a slut and that I was going to punish her for giving away my pussy. I told her she was a naughty girl and I was going to beat her pussy into submission. She agreed she was a naughty girl and needed to be punished.


I rode her pussy like it was the last piece I was ever going to get. I could feel his cum inside of her. She said she could feel my dick in her stomach. My mind was racing knowing that another man had fucked my baby and cum inside of her unprotected pussy. After about 20 minutes, I felt our orgasms start to build.

She came first. Tearing the sheets off the bed and drowning me with her juices. I followed close behind. I came so hard I thought I pulled a nut muscle. I emptied both balls into her pussy. This was a fantabulous feeling because we always use the withdrawal method of birth control. Cumming inside of her was a feeling I truly missed. My girl quickly fell asleep while me and the "stranger dude" talked about the great time we just had.

He asked if he could stay the night and I said sure. We put my baby in the middle and went to sleep. Everyone one was tired as it was about 4am at this point. I normally like to sleep late, but was awaken by movement in the bed. I turned my head to see my ladies face close to mine and her eyes closed. She was softly moaning the words "fuck me." I rose up to see the "stranger dude" was fucking her from the spooning position.

He said he wanted to fuck her again to make sure she was pregnant. I don't know why, but the thought of him getting my baby pregnant started getting my dick hard again. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said "daddy he's getting me pregnant." I responded by grabbing her hair and shoving my dick in her mouth.

We didn't plan on her getting pregnant when we came to New Orleans, but it was too late now. She sucked my dick and rode his dick like the pro she is.

She screamed she was cumming so loud that someone in the other room started clapping. The "stranger dude" grabbed her tits and dove deep into her pussy as he started to cum. This time she didn't resist. She enjoyed the feeling of his hot sticky seed filling her vulnerable unprotected pussy. Not long after, I filled her mouth with her favorite gooey treat.

We all fell back to sleep. About an hour later, I heard noises coming from the bathroom. I looked around and found I was the only one in the bed. I went to the bathroom and heard my girl and the "stranger dude" in the shower.

I opened the door and then the shower curtain to find her on her knees sucking his dick. He had one hand on her head, pushing and pulling while he fucked her mouth.

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My dick sprang up almost instantly. He looked at me and said "I hope we didn't wake you, but I just had to have her one more time." I smiled and said no problem. I climbed into the shower and worked my dick into her soapy asshole. After about 15 minutes, he shot his load into her mouth. Watching her suck another man's dick, then swallow his cum was more than I could take. I shot my load deep into her ass. She turned and smiled at me, with cum on her chin.

We cleaned up and said our goodbyes. We never knew the guys name and he didn't know ours. We actually liked that it worked out that way. A few weeks went by and I noticed that my girls oil change (period) was late. I told her she was probably pregnant. She thought I was joking and dismissed my comments. After another week went by, I noticed her tits were bigger. Again, I told her she was pregnant.

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She still didn't believe me so she took a pregnancy test. I was right. She was pregnant.

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I was so turned on that my beautiful baby was impregnated by another man, while I watched. At first, she was worried that I would hate and reject her. But, I assured her that she couldn't be further from the truth. I told her how much I loved her for making one of our fantasies cum true. Her getting pregnant ignited even more passion in our sex life. We always share our fantasies with each other, but this was unexpected, and so fulfilling.

After about three months of wild and unprotected sex, we decided it was time for her to have an abortion. We can't wait to get back to New Orleans for our next adventure. We made friends with the stripper and plan to hook up with her on our next visit. This time it will be daddy's turn.