Taylor Vixen geben jerkoff Anweisungen

Taylor Vixen geben jerkoff Anweisungen
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Note: This is the end of the Belize trip and a continuation of Water Park Love. The music pounded and I didn't know what was happening. I remembered "Stereo Love" pounding in my ears and then a warm breeze hit my face. I was outside.

Stumbling and stuttering. The moon bounced off of the ocean and into my eyes, illuminating the various streets and closed shops. I stumbled and tripped. My eyes were becoming heavy, heavier by the second.

I couldn't get up. I was grabbed by the arm and yanked up. Black. My eyes lifted back up to see a window overlooking the ocean. Black. My eyes opened to see the same thing, but this time I was being entered from behind with heavy grunts. Black.

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Earlier that Day… The next morning I woke up to a breeze hitting my face and the smell of the ocean filling my nose. I slowly arose, squinting out the sun as I rose. I supported myself with my elbows and looked around.


I then began o think about last night. I smiled when I thought about how sexy Mark looked in his captain hat and naked body, the sunset reflecting off his washboard chest. I thought about how I was his "lost traveler" and how he fucked me on the boats large wooden steering wheel. I got a huge erection just thinking about it. Thinking about my "captain" I looked over to see him sound asleep, his dick flopping in the breeze, his captain's hat still on, and the slow flexing of his abs as his chest rose and fell.

I slowly got up, kissed his forehead and walked down to the main deck, and went down into the cabin. I found my Speedo that I had lost in the frenzy last night, and put it on. I then went back up top and jumped off the side of the boat and into the water.

Now for those who haven't read my earlier stories, I swam in my earlier high school years, and I haven't said, that I gave it up for senior year (which I'm in right now, all the stories about us to date have been about the summer between junior and senior year).

Anyways, back to the story.

I'm a pretty good swimmer; I swam in laps, making distances from points in the water, and did a lot of laps. During my swim, I thought that I hadn't told my man that id be leaving, and thought about him freaking out, so I swam back to the boat and climbed aboard.

I grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I had the towel over my head and heard "damn, that body never gets old".

I jumped and flung the towel off to see Mark leaning against a wall of the boat, still completely naked. "Same with yours" I said with a wink. His dick grew to full attention. He looked at his cock, up to me, and then said "Ya know traveler, you can't just ride on my boat for free, and you gotta earn your keep.

Come over here and help the captain" he said with a wink. I came over and he grabbed my back, and my legs, and swept me up into his arms.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. We began to feverishly make out. He reached into my legs and yanked off my Speedo, throwing it to the ground. He then cautiously carried me down the stairs, and into the shower. He turned the water on and set me down. Now, the shower is not very big, especially because it is in a boat.

The water fell on me, and his body was pressed to mine, because there was really nowhere else to go. Our cocks were pressed in between our bodies, and he shoved his mouth, tongue and all, into my mouth. We made out passionately for a while, I didn't know how we would have sex, because there was no where to move. He noticed this to.

He began to furiously grind his hips into mine, our cocks rubbing together. He would grind his pelvis in circles and sometimes move then straight up and down.

The friction and everything about it was amazing. I looked down and watched as his abs flexed when he ground into me. He moved his mouth down and began to kiss my neck. This grinding went on for about a half an hour, all the while his grunts and breaths getting heavy, and my climax gradually rising.

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I couldn't take it any more, with a few more grinds I began to come, my cum shot up and hit us both. It kept spurting, and before I knew it, his was shooting out too. Our stomachs were a creamy mess, and he was smiling the whole time.

He came back on me and began to kiss my face and neck. After we were done kissing, we cleaned off and got out and dried off. We got clothed and I followed him all the way to the top and he turned on the boat and we were off to our hotel. The whole boat ride I could just not stop smiling. I was so happy to be with Mark in Belize and to see him so happy. We got off the boat and back to the hotel. We got to the hotel at around twelve in the afternoon, so the day, at least to me, was young.

We spent the day playing on the beach, relaxing at the suite, and cuddling. At around 8 Pm I surprised Mark. "Get dressed to go out" I told him.

He didn't ask any questions, he just did it. When he came out, he looked stunning. He was wearing a very tight white tee and jeans. I was wearing jeans with a white button down. I told him he looked hot, he said the same, and we left.

"Where we going?" he asked. "You'll see" I slyly replied. We walked down some streets, and about ten minutes later, we came to this narrow street and I grabbed his hand and we walked down. We came to a door and I knocked on it, we were let in and led down a hallway.

We entered a door and were greeted to loud music and tons of people. I brought him to a premier gay bar in Belize. Now for those of you who don't know, male homosexuality is illegal in Belize. Women homosexuality is just frowned upon. So the only gay clubs are "underground" so to speak. "Have a blast" I told him.

We went into the dance floor and we began to dance, he ground his hips into my ass, and I ground back. We danced for hours, and drank continuously. We were having so much fun. While we were dancing I looked up to see a man at my level, grinding into someone else.

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I looked into his eyes and realized who it was. It was the guy who was in my hotel room. He was shirtless and still had the same amazing body and tan. He smiled at me, and I felt a chill run down my back. I stood straight and made mark and I move.

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Mark and I danced somewhere else, and I took a break to go to the bar. I asked for a beer and the bartender put down my drink. I looked to my left and saw a very large(fat) man sitting there. He was smiling at me and eyeing me up and down.

I then looked to my left and saw the same guy from my hotel room. I was really creeped out and thought I heard Mark say my name. I turned around to see who said it, and Mark was gone.

I turned back around, chugged my bear, and went back to the dance floor. I found Mark and we began to dance. "Stereo Love" began to play, and I danced more, I love the song.

I began to feel woozy. "I'm gunna go back to the hotel, I don't feel well. Please stay here babe, have fun. Come back in an hour?" I told him. He tried to protest, but I told him no.


We kissed, and I stumbled out of the room, down the long hallway, and out onto the street. The music pounded and I didn't know what was happening. I remembered "Stereo Love" pounding in my ears and then a warm breeze hit my face. I was outside. Stumbling and stuttering. The moon bounced off of the ocean and into my eyes, illuminating the various streets and closed shops. I stumbled and tripped. My eyes were becoming heavy, heavier by the second.

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I couldn't get up. I was grabbed by the arm and yanked up. Black. I went in and out of sleep, and was being carried; I was going in the opposite direction of the hotel.

I then heard someone running from behind whoever was carrying me. I was then swung around, guessing because whoever was carrying me was surprised. I was then dropped onto the ground. It didn't hurt, mostly because I was so groggy. My eyes were half open and I saw two people fighting and I heard grunting and then one of the people swung, and the other fell to the ground. I then saw the person come towards me. I tried to get up and go, but my body refused to move. I was then scooped up and was now going in the direction of the hotel.

I heard someone cooing me and telling me I would be okay. Black. My eyes lifted back up to see a window overlooking the ocean. I knew from the location and view, even though at night, that I was in the Jacuzzi room of our hotel. I heard two people talking, I knew one was Mark; he was quietly talking to someone, someone who had a Spanish accent. "That is the one thing you want, do it. He IS my boyfriend, but you earned it. Please. I insist you, he wont mind." I heard Mark say.

"Ok" I heard a Spanish voice say. Black. My eyes opened to see the same thing, but this time I was being entered from behind with heavy grunts. This time, I was in more control of my body. I realized my hands were ties to the chair and that someone was thrusting into me.

I lifted my head to see the Spanish guy that lost his Frisbee in my room, was fucking me hungrily in my hotel. I kind of freaked out and looked around wildly. I looked left to see Mark, standing there, watching.

He was stroking his cock. "WHAT THE FUCK?" I said. He brought his finger to his mouth, motioning me to be quiet. I looked at the wall to see that it was two in the morning. I was confused, but I trusted Mark, as weird as that sounds in this situation. I focused back to the man fucking me. I lifted my head and studied him. His abs flexed continuously, I couldn't help admire his body and tan, he couldn't compare to Mark, but still, damn.

His grunts had a Spanish tone to them, and it made me so hard. I then focused on his dick.

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I felt it in my ass, it was huge. It pressed into my ass and hit all the pleasure points back there. He was fucking me like a wild animal, doing different things to make it even that more amazing. He then picked up my legs, and draped them around his shoulders. He came out of my ass all the way, and then rammed back in. He did this a few more times, and I couldn't stand how I wasn't being touched.

I began to whimper. Mark came over and grabbed my dick and began to jack me off. The way I was laying down, and where Mark was, he jacked me off, and still managed to put his dick in the mouth of the guy fucking me. I was so turned on. The man continued to fuck me raw.

Mark shoved his dick in his mouth, and furiously jacked me off. We continued like this for awhile. I kept looking up to see this pictures, and took a million mental photographs that would stay with me forever.

I felt the familiar tingly sensation begin to start in my balls. Before I knew it, my ass was beginning to clench as a had my orgasm. This sent the guy fucking me over the edge, he pulled out of me and ripped off his condom, he then began pumping his hand furiously. Mark then pulled out of his mouth, and stood over me, pumping his cock. They then began to cum, and all over me too.

Shot after shot of cum came out, I was amazed. Before I knew it, I had a huge pool of cum over me. Mark left the room, and the Spanish guy came over to me and put his dick in my mouth. It was a good 11 inches.

Mark came back in the room and began to take pictures with my new camera. He got some of the guy fucking my mouth, and some with his dick resting on the pool of cum on my chest. He then untied me and I got up. Mark sat down in front of me, as well as the Spanish guy, whose name turned out to be Guillermo.

They explained to me how, when I was at the bar, Guillermo saw the creepy fat guy next to me slip something into my beer while I was turned around. When I got up to see Mark and then leave, the guy followed me out, and when I fell, picked me up to take me home with him. Guillermo followed him, fought him, and then brought me back to our hotel. There Mark told him that he couldn't thank him enough and asked if he wanted anything.

After some conversation, it came out the Guillermo really liked me. So Mark told him he could fuck me because he saved my life. The reason I was tied up was because Mark knew I would freak out if I woke up. After this whole story, I couldn't help buy smile and think of what happened.

I got up and went into the Jacuzzi to clean off. They followed, and before I knew it, we were and making out and playing with each others dicks. After a little while, Guillermo left, and he left us his contacts so we could reach him in the future. Mark and I went to the bedroom where he fucked me to make up for the other guy, and then we fell asleep together. Later that morning we got up, packed, cleaned, and went to the airport.

I put his captain's hat into a special compartment in my suitcase to have the memory forever.

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We boarded the plane, first class again. This time I slept the whole way because the drug hadn't worn off. The last thing I remember form Belize was taking off, cuddled into Marks arms, and him saying "Spain here we come, love you babe" and him kissing me on the head. This was going to be one good trip :)