Cute awesome brunette dreaming panda sex

Cute awesome brunette dreaming panda sex
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In the 69 Matt shoved his tongue way up inside me, which made me shudder, knowing that some of Chris's cum was still there. I feverishly sucked on his cock, trying to get him to cum. After probably less than a minute he did cum, hard, spraying into my mouth as I swallowed what I could. What I couldn't swallow leaked out the sides of my mouth and down his cock. I turned around and lay next to him and we both passed out.

The next day nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until in the early afternoon when I was walking to the store I ran into Chris.


He smirked and asked me how my night was. I felt like I blushed, and softly said that I enjoyed it. Without a pause he replied, "Good", and that I should come up to his apartment at 9 that evening. I started to say that Matt and I had plans, but he cut me off and repeated himself, adding that I should wear the shortest skirt I have, along with the tightest and thinnest t-shirt, with no bra and no panties.

The look on my face obviously showed how that freaked me out, since what would I tell Matt, and Chris seemed to read my mind, saying that he doesn't care what I tell Matt, just be there as instructed, and with that he walked off. Shit, I thought, what am I going to tell Matt? I quickly figured I could just tell him I'm going out with a friend and then sneak back in and up to Chris's.

It seemed risky, especially being dressed like Chris wanted, but it was all I could think of. The rest of the day I could barely focus on anything, nervous and excited, knowing that it was probably going to be a repeat of the night before, getting fucked hard by Chris. I did tell Matt that I was going to have to go out for drinks with a friend from work (who I knew he didn't have a phone number for), who I said just broke up with her boyfriend, and needed consoling.

Not a very sophisticated excuse, but it worked.

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I knew that Chris wouldn't bother going out, but instead get drunk at home, his default activity. I didn't want to give Matt the opportunity to question my attire too much, so I didn't get dressed till right before I had to leave, about 8:45.

I'd gone to the gym in the late afternoon, and took a shower right before dressing. I dropped the towel on the bed, and while Matt was in the other room, well into his drinking, I picked out a dark red skirt that was much shorter than a normal miniskirt, and an old light green faded t-shirt, that was just what Chris wanted- thin from years of washing, but really tight and sexy, especially without a bra.

My breasts are 34B or C, depending on the bra, and I looked kind of slutty, with the skirt and my nipples being clearly visible through the shirt. Now I was really nervous, knowing I was going to have to deflect Matt's comments on what I was wearing. I gathered up my courage and walked out to the living room, and found him engrossed in some kind of video game at the computer.

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I quickly walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders, saying bye and that I'd be home late. He barely acknowledged me, and I was able to slip out the door. I'd planned on actually going outside, so the door would close and he could see me walking down the street, if he looked, but he was so into what he was doing that all I did was open the door to outside and let it close, then pull off my shoes (low heels) and sneak up the stairs to the third floor where Chris lived.

I quietly knocked on the door, and he immediately opened it. In a low voice he ordered me to take off my shirt and skirt, but leave on the heels. I shuddered at the thought of being naked in the stairway again (something proving to be a favorite of his), and knowing that no one could just walk by, this being the top floor, with no other apartments on the floor, I quickly complied.

This time he didn't leave me out there, but had me enter.


Without any other kind of greeting, he pulled me to him and roughly shoved his tongue down my throat, grabbing my butt and breasts.

I was totally turned on already, and kissed him back, so excited. He stopped and told me to make us a couple cocktails, pointing to the vodka and vermouth on the counter. While I did that, he stripped naked, his cock springing free, the sight of which caused me to miss the glass I was pouring into and spill some vodka on the counter.

He seemed to want to get me drunk, as he insisted on quickly drinking those martinis, and then told me to make more. Those, too, quickly were drunk, and that's just how I was now feeling- drunk. Without being told, I dropped to my knees and licked the length of his cock before taking it into my mouth. Chris held my head and started pumping into and out of my mouth.

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I was working it as best I could, and Chris seemed really into it, and after what must have been 10 minutes he started spasming and, pushing his cock into my throat, shot his load into me. Before I could start calming down from the excitement, Chris pulled me up and pulled me over to the door. I was still in sort of a daze when he opened the door and roughly pushed me out, just like the night before.

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I started to panic, but the door shut in my face before I could even say anything. I was freaked out, but knew that I couldn't yell or bang on the door, so just knocked and tried to whisper. I got no response, and didn't hear anything downstairs, so figured he'd let me in after letting me stew, so I tried to calm down.

I started thinking how Matt was two floors down, ignorantly playing video games, while here I was, naked on the landing, drunk, cum in my mouth. Suddenly I heard Chris talking, and put my ear to the door. I heard him say come on up, and heard Matt's name. OMG, my eyes went wide, and now I really did sort of bang on the door, to no response.

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After a few minutes I heard my apartment door downstairs open up, then close, and the locks being locked from the hallway. What???? Matt was about to walk up the stairs and find me naked??? I heard him start walking up, and pushed myself as flat as I could against the door, trying to delay the time that he'd see me.

Right about as Matt got to the second floor, the door swung open, Chris pulled me in, and he closed and locked it. Again he had that smirk on his face, and roughly took my arm and marched me into the bedroom. It was almost comical that he told me I'd be staying in here.

Like I was going to wander out while my boyfriend was in the other room! Then the buzzer rang- Matt was outside. Chris ordered me to get on the bed on my hands and knees, and pulled me down so I was curled up sort of, and before I knew it, had tied my wrists to my ankles.

He yelled, "Just a minute!!", and I heard a drawer opening and closing, and he pulled my head up by my hair, and slipped some kind of leather bondage mask over my head! It was a full mask all the way around, with eye, nose, and mouth holes. With that, he walked out, closed the door, and welcomed Matt, which I could hear.

So here I was again, in a position I couldn't have imagined just 15 minutes before. Naked, tied, mask on, while my boyfriend was drinking with our neighbor. I could hear them a little bit, shooting the shit, making drinks. I was able to relax fairly well, although it wasn't the most comfortable position. I was straining to hear them talking through the mask, when suddenly the door opened and Chris was saying, here she is, Matt.

I thought OMG, he's telling Matt I'm here??? But then Matt said who is she again? Chris replied some slut I've been seeing, who wants to take it from multiple guys.

You interested, he asked Matt? What?? He was asking my boyfriend if he wanted to fuck me, but my boyfriend didn't know it was me, thinking it was "some slut". I couldn't believe my ears when Matt replied, or rather slurred, fuck yeah!


Chris told him to try my mouth first. I heard Matt pulling off his shorts and he got up on the bed right in front of my head. Chris reached over and pulled my head up, and Matt stuck his not-hard-yet cock into my mouth. My boyfriend was doing this with an anonymous woman!!! Chris slapped my butt and said suck him! I started to, and Matt quickly got hard, and quickly got into it, shoving his cock in and out, getting deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, Chris was fingering my pussy, and replaced his fingers with his cock.

So now I'm getting double teamed by my neighbor and my boyfriend, my boyfriend too drunk to even realize who I was. This was freaking me out, but getting me really excited. Chris started pushing something into my ass while he was fucking my pussy, and I realized it was a butt plug once it was in.

After a couple minutes he pulled his cock out and switched with Matt. Matt, however, only spent a moment in my pussy before pulling out the butt plug and in one motion pushing his cock all the way into my butt.

Suddenly he was fucking me like a mad man. He kept it up for a few minutes before I heard him grunting like he always does, and then stopped, having cum.

Chris was like, I thought you'd like her. Hang out here while I get rid of her. I felt Matt flop onto the bed, again like he always does after cumming, and Chris untied my wrists from my ankles.

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He led me into the living room and true to form, after pulling off the mask, told me to walk into the hallway, handing me my skirt and shirt as I did, and told me he'd see me in a few days, since he has plans. Odd, I thought. But I put them on and quietly went back down and into our apartment. I immediately showered and then made a bath to relax and think about what just happened.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later Matt came home, and when he opened the bathroom door I could smell the alcohol on him, and he had a stupid smirk on his face. I immediately thought does he know it was me???

But he just said that he was just drinking with Chris, and that he's going to hang out with him again tomorrow.