Full barrzar sexi 2019 new movie bobs and prob hub

Full barrzar sexi 2019 new movie bobs and prob hub
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Mother My mother has been a single Mom for several years now but she did the best she could. My two sisters had gone with Dad when they split up but I chose to stay with Mom. I was ten when they divorced and I am now fourteen years old or at least I will be tomorrow. Mom's new boyfriend John is very crude. He swears, drinks, and smokes.

He has tattoos, piercings, and funny looking hair. I can't see why Mom likes him. For the past month he has been in her life and in her bed.


However my life sure changed when John arrived. John gave Mom rules to obey in the house and he enforces them too. He didn't give me any rules, just Mom. 1. She cannot wear anything to bed. She has to be completely naked. 2. She can not wear any bras, panties, or any other form of underwear at any time.

3. She has to keep her blouses open to just below her breasts. 4. She has to wear mini skirts only, no pants.

5. She must keep the door open at all times if she is in a room. That includes her bedroom and the bathroom. That rule has allowed me to see her on the toilet and in the bathtub. These rules give me hard-ons all the time. I know I jerked off a lot more too. I also get to see parts of Mom that I had never gotten to see before.

I have seen Mom punished by John on several occasions for not obeying his rules too. Once she had to stand next to the television set topless while John and I watched a two-hour movie. About half way through her punishment John took two Polaroid pictures of her and gave me one. Mom had to sign and date it for me. He told me to put it somewhere safe and then he told Mom not to look for it and not to destroy it either.

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A few days later Mom had to stand naked with her back to us next to the television set for a two-hour movie. About half way through her punishment John took two more Polaroid pictures of her and gave me one. Later Mom signed it for me. A few days after that Mom sat naked in a chair that was turned backwards. She was turned around in it so that the back of the chair covered her tits but her legs were spread wide and her pussy was visible under the chair back.

Again it was for a two-hour movie and she was right next to the television set. About half way through her punishment John took two more Polaroid pictures and had her sign them. A few days later Mom was told to bend over, grab her ankles, and put her ass in my face for another two-hour movie. I was really beginning to like John's way of punishing Mom. Then all of a sudden John was gone a few days before my fourteenth birthday.

The day before my birthday was a Friday and when I came home from school Mom was standing against the wall with her feet about a foot and a half apart.

She was completely naked with her toes touching the baseboard and her hands at her side. There was an envelope stuck in the crack of her ass with 'Kid' written on it. That is what John had always called me. He wasn't home. The note read: 'Kid, your mother is being punished again. She is not to say a word or move a muscle until five o'clock. If she does, tell me. Enjoy the view.

Ps…There is a digital camera on the kitchen table for your birthday. Take as many pictures of your mother as you want too. Jerk off and be happy.

John' It was only three-thirty so I would get to watch Mom's butt for an hour and a half. When I went into the kitchen to get my new camera I could see that Mom had her eyes closed. I could see her bare tits from the side, her slightly rounded belly, and the fur on her pussy. When I came back out with my camera I could see her trembling slightly.

At first I felt sorry for Mom because I remembered being punished too, but not like this. I read the quick start instructions to the camera and took a dozen pictures from different angles.

Then I read the note again and unzipped my pants. I am sure that Mom heard me but I was too excited to care. I pulled my cock out and jerked off like it said.

Then in about twenty minutes I jerked off again. I took more pictures of my mother's naked ass. At five o'clock Mom's alarm clock went off in her bedroom. She turned and faced me then asked, "May I please go into my bedroom and turn the alarm off?" Of course I said, "Sure Mom." Soon Mom returned and stood against the wall facing me this time.

Her feet were once again opened up about a foot and a half. There was another note stuck in her pussy for me. It read: 'Kid, your mother is not to say a word or move a muscle until seven o'clock.

If she does, tell me. Enjoy the view and take lots of pictures. Jerk off, finger her pussy, and suck her nipples if you wish. John' Mom had merely gone into her bedroom to reset her alarm clock and get this note for me.

Now I was staring at Mom's tits and pussy. I had been enjoying the rear view and had even gotten closer to look at her ass but now I could get closer to her pussy.

So I cautiously walked up to Mom. She closed her eyes. I stared at her tits and then I got down on my knees to look at her pussy.

With her feet apart like that I could see it real well. Her pussy lips were open enough to see some of her juices flowing out. Mom was excited too. I wondered if I dared touch her. I cautiously reached a finger out. Mom felt my finger touch her pussy hair and pressed her ass tighter into the wall but other than that she didn't move. Even her hands were tight to her sides.

I slipped my finger in between her pussy lips. It went in past the first knuckle. Mom's hands were pressing tighter into her legs. I lowered my finger in her slit and then raised it again. Mom jumped slightly as I came up to touch her clit. I had seen enough Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines to know what it was like in there.

This was a gift from heaven to a kid just turning fourteen. I rubbed Mom's clit and watched her shudder.

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Then I lowered my finger and pressed it in. It slipped in all the way until my other fingers got in the way. I wiggled it around then found that it slid up her slit much better now. I could rub it around her clit better too. So I went from poking it in her hole to rubbing her clit. I couldn't stand it any longer so I pulled out my cock and started jerking off while I played with Mom's pussy. I was pretty sure that I made her cum because she got wetter and I could see cum oozing out of her pussy.

I got bolder and put two then three fingers in her hole and played with her clit. I cum real good and caught it in my hand. A smile came to my face as I thought about using my cum to get Mom even wetter. Besides I knew that a few men had cum in Mom's pussy before and I wanted to be one of them. So I pushed as much of my cum as I could into Mom's hole and rubbed her clit in earnest.

I almost made her fall over and then I stopped for awhile. It was six-thirty so I had another half-hour before she could punish me for touching her pussy. I stood up and started sucking her nipples and feeling of her breasts. Mom has nice tits. She knows it too. I have seen her admire herself in the mirror before going out on dates.

I looked and Mom had not opened her eyes since I had gotten close to her. I looked at the clock and figured that I had just enough time to take a bunch of pictures before seven o'clock.


I stood there sucking on Mom's nipple and fingering her pussy and clit as I took pictures. I started to cum again and filled my hand and rubbed it right into Mom's hole. I poked it in too as best I could. Then the alarm went off and scared me to death. Mom opened her eyes up and asked, "May I please go into my bedroom and turn the alarm off?" Again I said, "Sure Mom." Mom returned and this time handed me an envelope.

She got against the wall facing me and squatted down as low as she could get. She moved her feet to get as comfortable as she could. This note read: 'Kid, your mother is to stay in this position until eight o'clock.

If she doesn't, then tell me. However after an hour in this position she may need your help getting up with the blood flow cut off. Enjoy the view. Let her suck your cock this time. John' I looked at Mom her eyes were open but she was just staring at someplace on the wall behind me.

I took several pictures of Mom squatted down like that and her pussy totally opened up. Her inner pussy lips were poking out and that excited me. Some of my cum was clinging to her pussy lips. A drop had even fallen to the floor. I got on the floor and took a bunch of close up pictures of Mom's open pussy. Then I decided to reach out and touch someone.

Mom! I opened her pussy up with my fingers and took some more pictures. Then I read the note again, pulled out my cock, and touched it to Mom's mouth. She opened her mouth and allowed me to stick it in.

Mom sucked on it but didn't move. Oh yea she wasn't supposed too. So I started fucking my mother's mouth. I took more pictures from my view and then one from as long as my arm would reach. I decided to set the camera on a stand and use the self-timer. I sat it all up while Mom watched me. Then I put my cock back in her mouth and took several pictures. I slowly began to jerk off and slip my cock into Mom's mouth at the same time.

It wasn't long before I started cumming.

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Mom's eyes were wide open now and I kept taking pictures. I took more with my cock in Mom's mouth as some of my cum leaked out. Then the alarm clock went off. Mom fell over trying to get up and eventually crawled to her bedroom. In a couple of minutes Mom walked back into the living room, handed me an envelope, and laid flat on the floor.

This note read: 'Kid, your mother is not to say a word or move a muscle until ten o'clock unless you tell her to do so. Every fifteen minutes for the next two hours have her change to one of these positions. Enjoy! Fuck her this time as often as you want to. John.' The list read: 'On back spread Eagle, On belly, Standing and holding ankles, On side, On hands and knees, In the plow position, Standing on head, and with Feet behind neck.' While Mom was on her back I took pictures of her tits standing up really nice.

Her tummy was flat and her feet were apart. I reached down and fingered her pussy again. She didn't bat an eye this time as if she expected it. I thought about fucking her but noticed the clock and that the first fifteen minutes was up. I almost had her get on her 'belly' but I changed my mind to 'feet behind neck.' Holly shit!

In that position Mom's pussy was stretched wide open and I could see her pussy and her asshole clearly. I took lots of pictures and pulled out my cock and slipped it into her pussy. Oh my God! That felt incredible. I fucked into Mom's pussy. I was no longer a virgin. I was a man and I can tell everyone for the rest of my life that it happened when I was still thirteen years old.

I stopped and got the camera and took a picture then used the self-timer a few times too. I slipped my cock into Mom's hole and took more pictures. I pumped into her until I cum. Then I took more pictures of my cum. 'Stand on head' was a good one for next.

I had enough knowledge to know that gravity works and my sperm will swim downhill better. Mom spread her legs very wide apart so that I could take a couple of great pictures. 'On hands and knees' was very nice and I took pictures and fucked her from behind. I was sure enjoying cumming in Mom. 'Standing holding ankles' was nice too and had allowed me to finger Mom's asshole.

'Plow position' was also very nice and allowed me to put my cock in Mom's asshole this time. I took a couple of extra pictures of this.

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Plus I could play in her pussy while I butt fucked her. The pictures were great. 'On belly' and 'on side' did not impress me, so I had Mom get into 'feet behind neck' and the 'plow position' again. I got to fuck her one last time before the alarm clock sounded at ten o'clock.

Mom got up and asked, "May I please go into my bedroom and turn the alarm off?" Again I said, "Sure Mom." She came back one more time and handed me an envelope.

This note read: 'Son, I am not being punished by John. I am all yours to do with as you wish for the rest of your life. Take thousands of pictures of me. Fuck me all you want. Happy Birthday, Mom' After I read it Mom asked, "Is there anything else you would like to do to me now. After all you have played with my pussy and tits and you have fucked my mouth, pussy, and asshole too. My mind was in a whirl as I realized that Mom, not John, had set this all up.

I replied, "Wow! This is the best birthday present ever! Let's go to bed." Then I took Mom's hand and led her to her own bedroom. This time when I made love to her Mom moved and it was fantastic. As we laid there Mom said that John had left her several days ago and that he had opened her eyes up to the fact that I was the only man in her life.


That was why he had left. Mom had devised this scheme just for my birthday. That weekend was great.

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Mom would not pee, poop, or bathe without my permission and my camera recording it. She told me that I could share her with all of my friends too if I wanted. Hell no! Mom was way too good to let them have her.

The End Mother 152