Toy playing with massage hardcore and blowjob

Toy playing with massage hardcore and blowjob
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 12 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Posted Sun 13th of January 2013 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal as editor working with joan. Introduction: This is about the adventures I enjoy behind my husband, Paul's back.

Previously: Ross had come upstairs and told me he wanted Steve to finish fucking me and go downstairs. Ross wanted Steve to get his entire fellow apprentice hot, black, muscular teenage studs to come up stairs.

Not only did he want to bring them upstairs he wanted to bring Paul upstairs to the kitchen. Only the dining room would be between me and Paul in the kitchen. I had told Ross that was too chancy having Paul so close. Then Vincent asked me how much I wanted to get screwed. Vincent told me either Steve went down stairs and brings the other eight black, muscular teenage men and Paul upstairs or he and his fellow guards would leave. Also he would send Ross and Steve downstairs and tell the other eight big, black, teenage apprentice construction workers not to come upstairs to fuck me.

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Now: From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 12. Of course I gave into Vincent's demands and agreed to let Steve go to the basement and bring the other eight, muscular, black teenage men and Paul upstairs. Steve shot his load in me and left the living room. "Come on Ross push your big cock in my ass or pussy. I need your big black cock in the worse way." I moaned.

"One of you studs, push your big black cock down in my mouth and way down my throat." I was in complete lust for cock. I wanted more cock. No I needed more cock. Ross came over to me and pulled his cock out.

It was as big around as my wrist and a good ten inches long. I felt his big hands move along my side as he walked behind me and slapped my ass cheek hard. "Do you want my big cock in that fucking ass hole bitch?" Ross asked. "Yes, ram that big cock in my ass." I answered. "I need that big cock in my ass in the worse way Ross." "Kent, get your cock over here and push it in the sluts mouth. She needs that big black cock of yours." Vincent yelled.

A black six foot muscular man in his late teens walked up to me. He pulled his T-shirt off revealing his muscular chest and abs. I reached up, undid the top button of his jeans and pulled his zipper down. I reached in and pulled his hard cock out pushing his pants to the floor so he could step out of them.

Kent's hard throbbing cock smacked my cheek and I could feel his pre-cum running down my nose. I stuck my tongue out and caught a drop before it dripped on my chin. It was delicious. I opened my mouth just as Kent pushed his big cock head in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock and pushed my tongue into his piss hole. Kent took a hold my head with each of his big hands and rammed it down my throat until his big black balls had slapped my bottom lip.

I felt Ross pump his ten inch thick cock all the way into my ass until his big balls slapped my pussy. I felt my pussy spurting again. Kent was pulling his cock out of my throat until only his cock head was in my mouth. I heard muffled voices that must have been coming from the kitchen. Steve must have talked Paul and the others into coming upstairs. Then I heard the kitchen door opening and heard Steve saying in a loud voice. "I'm sure you like my idea about drinking our beer in the dining room where there's more room Paul." "This is working out great slut.

Your husband is in the very next room while I'm fucking that slutty ass of yours bitch." Ross whispered in my ear pushing his ten inch big cock all the way back into my hot ass.

At the same time Kent pushed his cock down my throat. They both pulled their cocks from my ass and mouth at the same time until only their big cock heads were in my mouth and ass. I wanted to shout for them to ram their big cocks into me again, even though Paul was just in the next room.

"Shit this is exciting." Kent whispered as he rammed his cock down my throat and out again until only his cock head was in my mouth.

He was ramming his big cock in and out of my throat harder and harder. Behind me Ross was pounding his big cock in and out of my hot ass.

"I'm Cumming slut in that hot ass of yours bitch." Ross moaned in my ear. I felt his cock expanding in my ass and I knew he was shooting a big load. At the same time Kent's cock pushed to the back of my throat and he moaned. "I'm shooting my load in your fucking throat bitch.

You're a fucking good cock sucker! "I felt his cock thicken and vibrate in my throat and I knew he was shooting his load directly into my stomach. He pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth shooting another load across my face. It dripped down my face and I licked it off my lips. Ross and Kent both pulled their big cocks out of my ass and mouth. I didn't even have to say anything before two more big cocks took their places in my mouth and at the entrance of my ass.

They both shoved their big cocks into me the same time. I heard Ross say. "I'm going to have to get dressed and go around the house and come through the back door so your husband won't know I was in here fucking your hot ass." I looked up just as Ross pushed his softening cock into his tight jeans.

I opened my mouth wider as the cock in my mouth pushed down my throat. Ross went to the front door and went outside at the same time the big black muscular teenage stud pulled his cock out until only his big cock head was in my mouth. The big black stud behind me also pulled his cock out to the entrance of my pussy and rammed every inch into my pussy. Both men pumped my mouth full of big juicy cock over and over again. I heard my husband and his apprentice construction workers talking in the dining room and then heard Ross holler.

"I'm finished in the washroom for anyone who needs to use it." "I have to use the washroom in the worse way." I heard a man with a deep voice say. "I have to go like a race horse. Do you have a toilet upstairs Paul?" I heard another man ask. "Yes just go through the living room and it's on the other side of the wall." Paul answered. "Do you want me to show you were the stairs are Fred?" I felt light headed.

That's all I need is for Paul to come in the living room and spoil all my hot fucking. "Don't worry I'll find it on my own Paul." The man answered. Suddenly the door between the living room and dining room opened and for a second I saw Paul sitting at the end of the dining room table with his back facing the living room. A muscular black bare chested man about 6'5" walked into the living room and I recognized from when he had sat on one side of me in the kitchen earlier.

I remember wrapping my small hand around his cock inside is jeans. "I remember those hands undoing and feeling my hard cock when Paul was in here checking the air conditioner.

Are you still hot for my big cock bitch? I'm Fred and I need a good fuck." Fred said. "You get her as soon as I shoot my load." The guy pumping my pussy groaned. "It won't take long. Her ass is so hot and over flowing with cum. "Take my big cock slut." "Pump the bitch's ass hard because I want her pussy." The hot black man that had just walked into the living room said still smiling.

Just then the front door opened and another black, muscular teenage stud walked in and said. "So this is where all the hot sex takes place.

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You look so fucking hot on your hands and knees Joan." I couldn't answer because my mouth was full of a big cock head and the big black teenage muscular stud had a good grip of each side of my head. "Take my cock you fucking slut.


Fred's already claimed the slut's pussy; you'll have to settle for her hot mouth and throat. Believe me you'll love fucking the slut's throat. I am enjoying fucking it." I felt good as the big stud rammed his entire big cock into my ass until his balls slapped my pussy and clit giving me yet another bug orgasm.

He pulled his big cock out to his cock head and rammed it into me again. In front I felt big hands holding my head and ram his entire cock down my throat. He thrust it in and out of my mouth pumping harder and harder. "Fuck your throat is great." He moaned. "Your ass is still tight even though you just got fucked by a huge cock. You're a fucking slut. I own a kennel. Do you want to try some horny big dog cock sometime?" He asked pushing his cock into my hot ass again and again.

I couldn't answer him because my mouth was full of a huge cock head at the moment. Even if my mouth wasn't full of a big black cock I wouldn't know how to answer him. I had never thought of dogs fucking me before. I sure hoped he wasn't talking about some small dog. I was sure I wouldn't even feel them in my pussy, ass or even my throat.

If a small dog's cock was even large enough to even reach my throat. "Hurry up guys and shoot, your loads. If Jade and I are gone too long, the bitch's husband will wonder what's taking us so long." Fred said undoing his tight jeans and pulling his zipper down. He bent over forward pushing his jeans to the floor and then stood up stepping out of them. I looked at his king sized thick cock when he stood up.

His huge cock was pressed against his flat muscular stomach drooling pre-cum. I remembered how it felt under his jeans earlier. Now I could actually see it in the flesh. I wanted to yell at the guy ramming my ass hard to hurry up and shoot his load so I could enjoy Fred's huge cock in my hot pussy.

The guy pushing his big cock in my mouth thrust it to the back of my throat and moaned. "I'm Cumming bitch. Take my fucking, cum, slut." "I'm Cumming too." The man behind me moaned as he shoved his entire big cock deep into my ass as it pulsed and vibrated inside me.

The two studs pulled out of me the same time. The hot big cocked stud behind me pulled out and sprayed a big load across my back the same time the man plowing my mouth pulled his big cock out and splashed cum all over my face. No sooner than the two studs pulled out of me Fred was behind me holding my hips in his two hands pushing his huge cock head into my cum filled pussy.

At the same time I opened my mouth wide and Jack pushed his huge cock head into my mouth. It was wonderful taking two big muscular teenage studs at the same time. Both of them rammed their entire cocks into me the same time groaning at the same time.

"Take my cock slut." Fred and Jack didn't waste a minute as they both grabbed me hard. Jack was holding my head between his huge hands and Fred my hips. They pounded their huge cocks in and out of my mouth and pussy the same time. I felt saliva run down each side of my mouth as Fred rammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat.

At the same time I felt cum squishing out my pussy as Fred rammed his cock deep into my ass with his big balls slapping under his cock. I felt myself moaning around Fred's huge cock as he started pounding his cock in and out of my mouth. His cum filled balls pushed up against the bottom of his cock. "Shit your throat is wonderful." Jack moaned.

"Her pussy is still hot and tight.


Damn she knows how to grip my cock even though it's full of hot cum. Oh yes bitch you're hot. You're on fire." Fred and Jack both groaned. I heard Paul and the others talking from the next room. They were talking about Fred's kennel.

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I heard someone saying how Fred was the dog's breeder and got well paid for it. He had started the business just before it was time to breed the German Shepherds. The only thing was that Fred didn't know what he was going to do when the season to breed was over because the males would still be horny. The bitch dogs were only hot during one season of the year.

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Fred told him that the males would want to get off the entire year. "Didn't Fred just rent them for the season?" Paul asked.

"You don't rent stud dogs Paul. You have to buy them." Another man said. "I guess Fred will have a problem then." Paul said. "Unless of course he sells them and then it would be someone else's problem." "No one's going to buy stud dogs out of season.

They don't want the problem either." Another guy said. "I wonder if a woman would take the dogs inside her and solve the problem." "Not a chance." Paul answered.

"Do you mean you don't think that hot slut of a wife wouldn't want one of those big German Shepard's to ram their big cocks into her.

If she did she'd be a real bitch dog in heat." I heard Ross say. "I'm glad that Joan is upstairs and can't hear you talk about her like that Ross.

Joan is a real lady and always has been. She wouldn't even think of touching a dog's penis, never mind letting one push one into her." Paul said sounding upset. "All right Paul, settle down. I'm just giving your slutty wife a complement.

I'm just saying I'd love to watch her get fucked by some dogs." Ross said. "That's not a complement, it's an insult." Paul answered sounding like he was pleading instead of angry. "You mean you wouldn't help your friend Fred out in his new business and get that gorgeous big titted wife to get on her hands and knees. Can you imagine her taking a dozen horny German Shepard's in her hot pussy, ass or even in her mouth.

Can you imagine what her hot pussy would feel like after the dogs fuck her?" Another man said. "He's right Paul; your wife would be so juicy for your cock when she got home." Yet another man said. "That's enough of that crap. Let's get back down stairs and work out in the gym. You guys are getting too raunchy and need to get it out of your system. All of you need a good work out in the gym. You boys need to pump iron and forget all that crap you were talking about." Paul said.

"Okay Paul." Some other man said. "A good, work out sounds good to me, Paul, so go upstairs and get that slut so we can have a good workout." "Behave yourselves you know that's not the kind of workout I was talking about. All of you can find some women to take care of your needs tomorrow.

Tonight I want to finish going over those blue prints for that new building we have gotten the contract for. Let's get going to work out in the gym and get back to the blue prints." Paul said. Fred whispered in my ear. "I bet you would love those big German Shepherds fucking your ass, pussy and throat.

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End of Chapter 12.