French arab with hairy pussy gets analyzed

French arab with hairy pussy gets analyzed
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My wife and I were invited to a Super Bowl party over at her older sisters. Hank and Marlene are nice people and we get along great.


Hank is semi-retired and works with a local charitable group. Marlene is a nice looking middle aged woman with a gravely voice from too much booze and too many cigarettes. We arrived at the party early on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon and the party plates and drinks were already out.

This was just a little private affair and we were all looking for a good time regardless of the game outcome. By halftime, the beer and wine had been flowing pretty good and I went to use the bathroom. On the way, I passed by Marlene's bedroom. The door was wide open and there was Marlene totally nude bending over to get dressed. I stopped cold in the doorway and just stared. She was a nice looking woman with some middle age bulges and a huge set of tits that were hanging and swaying as she fumbled with here sox.

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After a minute, she looked up and saw me standing in the doorway. She kind of grinned and said "I guess I should have closed the door. I'm just not used to having company in the house".

I said, "No need to close it on my account!" She stood there a moment longer and I continued to enjoy the view then she said excuse me and closed the door most of the way. I continued on to the bathroom and purposely left the door open a crack while I took my stiffening cock out to pee. I wasn't sure but it seemed that the door moved slightly open as I relieved myself and held my thick tool in my hand.

Not a word was said the rest of the day and my wife and I went home after the game.

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About 2 weeks later, work took me to the central part of the state and I decided to go by Hank's and see if he wanted to join me for a beer before I went home. I knocked and went in the back door of Hank's house around 2:00 in the afternoon. Marlene called from the living room that Hank wasn't home.

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He was gone to Washington with his work and wouldn't be back till tomorrow. I moved into the living room and Marlene was dressed in a robe watching TV. She offered me a beer and made herself a mixed drink.

I noticed that the bottle was already out and was down quite a bit. She said she had a headache and was trying to kill it with a couple of drinks. I walked over behind her on the couch and starting rubbing her shoulders and neck.

She didn't stop me as I allowed my hands to work over her shoulders and arms. As I was rubbing her neck, my hands were slowly opening up her robe and I was getting a clear look down the front of her robe at those beautiful big tits. I guess she could feel her robe being moved open by the message and said "Didn't you get a good enough look at those things the other day"? I was embarrassed at being caught but quickly replied "I can never get enough of a woman's beautiful breasts.

She laughed and let me continue my rubbing while I opened her robe further. I had most of her breasts exposed and finally I managed to open it past a very red and firm nipple.

The dark red circle and pencil size nipples were quite a contrast to her very white skin. I let my hands roam down and stroke and caress her breasts.

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She kept her eyes closed and started to gasp as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly.

"Harder" she said. "Pinch them much harder". I really gave them a good pinch and she squealed with delight. Then I bent over and kissed her neck and let my lips run down till I had a stiff nipple in my hot mouth.

I sucked them harder and harder. My cock was really stiff by now and I knew something had better take care of it. Finally, Marlene opened her eyes and said "enough of that". I thought we were finished until she got up and headed toward the bedroom. Once inside, she said "is this what you wanted'? "Oh YES" I said as I took her in my arms and felt those huge tits crush into my chest. I gave her a very wicked smile and said "I want every fucking inch of your body" Her body seemed to respond as she said "MMMM I like it when a man talks dirty.

Hank never could say he wanted to fuck me." I told her I was going to give her a great fucking time. I pushed her back on the bed and quickly buried my face in her hot cunt. The juice was already flowing and I licked her like a madman. She grabbed my head and humped my face. In just a minute or two, I could feel her have her first orgasm as she covered my face with her delicious pussy juice. I slide up and let her kiss me and taste herself. I got up and dropped my pants and my thick cock was at attention.

I climbed up on the bed, grabbed her blond hair and stuffed my prick into her mouth. "Suck it Sis" I yelled. "Suck your brother in laws fat fucking prick" This seemed to turn her on as her mouth quickly picked up the sucking action.

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Her fingers drifted down and found her wet cunt and started to rub her clit. I let her suck my dick for a few minutes then I turned her over and told her I was going to fuck her doggie style. I grabbed her hips and buried my pole into her hot cunt. My balls were slapping her cunt as I drove my cock home. I made her reach up and grab the headboard on the bed so I could see her big tits swing in the headboard mirror. She started bucking her ass when her orgasm got near.

"Fuck me you bitch, fuck me with your big ass" I hollered. I reached back and gave her lily white ass a good smack with my hand. I could feel her pussy contract as her orgasm started. I smacked her ass again and she went wild. She gushed pussy juice all over my cock and down my balls.

"Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck I'm cumming"! she screamed. She rode my dick until her orgasm slowly started to fade. "Oh God that was wonderful" she said.

My bone was still in her cunt and I needed to get it off so I told her. "I'm not finished with you yet Sis, I'm going to give you a good fucking again". She said "No, No, my pussy can't take it again yet".

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I pulled my still hard cock out of her soaking pussy and pointed the head between her big ass cheeks. She tensed and said "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" "I'm going to fuck your fat fucking ass" I told her. With that, I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back. "You want my dick in your ass don't you Sis" I asked her. Through tears she said "Yes".

I want to hear you beg for it I told her.

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"Please fuck my big ass with your dick" She cried. I kept hold of her hair and slowly let the head of my shaft slip into her tight asshole. She had never been fucked in the ass before and my cock is pretty thick. After a couple of minutes, the head slipped inside and then I gently began to push the length of it into her ass. Once it was inside, she started to relax and enjoy it. After a few minutes of slow ass fucking, she started meeting my thrusts.

I could see wild eyed lust in her eyes in the mirror. She started to grunt and finger her clit while I worked my cock in and out of her ass. As she got more worked up, she started screaming, "YES, F UCK MY GODAMN ASS, FUCK MY BIG FAT ASS. I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM INSIDE MY ASSHOLE!!" This really pushed me over the edge and could feel the cum building inside my balls. She frantically worked her clit and I couldn't hold back any longer. I shot wad after wad of hot cum into her ass. Her pussy convulsed into orgasm after orgasm.


Her ass squeezed my cock and continued to milk it dry. We must have cum for several minutes solid with neither one wanting it to end. By the time we got cleaned up, it was time for me to go.

"I'm sorry you missed Hank but I'm really glad you happened by.

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He'll be gone again next month. I gave your wife a copy of his schedule" said Marlene. I smile at Marlene in her robe with her fantastic tits hanging out and reached into my wallet and said, "You mean this schedule Marlene? How do you think I knew to stop by today instead of tomorrow?" Her mouth dropped open as she understood, then slowly turned into a smile and said, "I can hardly wait".