Tiny amateur Stepdaughter enjoys take giant love stick in mouth till jizz

Tiny amateur Stepdaughter enjoys take giant love stick in mouth till jizz
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Little Red stood motionless as the three gigantic wolves leered at her. She could not tell how many stood behind her but could feel their eyes burning into her.

The back of her neck tingled causing goose bumps from utter fear.

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The wolf in front of her towered over her. She felt his warm excited panting breath against her face. He was only inches from her.

A slight smell of her buns detected. He was the one that had helped himself to one earlier when she swam. His large teeth and gigantic hands could tear her apart if he so wished. That was not his plan. She asked quietly what the wolves planned to do to her. They did not answer back. They would soon show her. The wolf she looked at just smiled. Big white shiny teeth showed.

These man type animals had roamed the forests for years. Legend had it they found girls walking the paths and had their way with them. Some of the girls had even become pregnant from the encounters.

Little Red had always wondered if these stories were fact or fiction. She now would know the truth. The warm rain continued to fall. It was heavier now. Little Red looked like a sexy drowned little rat.

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Her silky hour glass fitting dress clung to her body. It revealed her sexy curvy tight little shape. Her hair completely soaked dripped off her ass. She looked so cute and innocent. Her big blue puppy dog eyes begged the wolves to leave her alone. They were not going to. She could feel the wolfs rock hard throbbing cock pressing against the front of her dress.

It pushed against her desperate to enter her tight shaved pussy. All that stopped it was her silky smooth dress and soft wet cotton panties. The warm rain soaked her skin. Her brown tan was accentuated as water cascaded down her. Her basket of buns was ripped suddenly from her right hand.

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The two wolves behind her ripped the buns out and ate the in a crazed frenzy. As this happened the front wolf stroked hi pre cum dripping cock. All twelve inches of it. Little Red was transfixed on it watching it throb and pulsate. Large veins encircled the wolfs gigantic cock. She knew she was going to get that one way or another.

Little Red saw her chance. The wolves were distracted for some reason. Their ears went up and they turned towards the south end of the bush. She ran. Hard. As fast as she could.

She had only made it about fifty feet when she felt her back jumped upon and being pushed to the ground. The ground was warm and wet from the rain. It was soft grass she fell on. The weight was heavy. It knocked the wind out of her. Her face was held sideways. Her left cheek pushed down into the wet grass. Her legs spread forcefully apart. With ease though by the strong wolf type men. Little Red could feel the rock hard rod like cock pressing between her and the wolf body.

It rested on top of her dress right between her tight little ass. Hands then removed her protective fabric barrier. Her little dress was hiked up and wet furry hands grasped and ripped off her panties. She let out a little shriek. She tried to kick and wiggle away but it was of no use. She was pinned down. One held her hands stretched above her head. They were strong. Her little wrists squeezed and forced into the ground. The other held her legs by her ankles. Her little white runners now stained with green grass.

The last wolf on top of her. She felt his cock slipped down between her legs. She remembered feeling surprised thinking how human like his gigantic cock felt. Except much larger than any man that had ever fucked her. His pre cum dripping cock poked at her pussy entrance. Little Red tried in vain to squeeze her pussy lips together to prevent this violation. It did not work. She remembers passing out just after it forced its way into her tight little cunt.

She let out a loud shrill scream. The sheer size filled her cavity and thrust right to her back wall as several inches had no where to go. She came in and out of consciousness as the wolf thrust into her from behind. His cock worked like a piston rod. It did not stop. It thrust in and out in a quick rhythmic motion.

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It bounced her little body on the grass. Her tight pussy grabbed the wolfs cock squeezing it like a tight sock. The wolf loved the feeling. Just giving it to this little forest slut.


Eventually he had had enough. Little Red between blacking out and coming to felt his engorged cock pounding her insides. She could feel his excitement as his body convulsed and twitched. He became much rougher. Each fuck thrust pushed her pelvis painfully towards and into the ground. She would cry out softly each time.

He held her by the back of her neck and the other hand on her upper back. As he came he howled ever so loudly. She had heard that loud howl before in the woods. Now she wondered if when she heard that had other girls been meeting the same fate as her? The grip he had on the back of her neck tightened and squeezed.

Her face squished into the wet grass. His body arched and he rammed his cock hard into her. She felt warm cum sprayed with great force into her insides.


It did not stop. It went on for a good minutes. His hand on her back clawed and dug deeply into her skin. The dress turned into tattered rags. Little Red blacked out.

She awoke on her back. Now completely stripped of her dress. The rain brought her out of her black out. She only had one runner on. Another one straddled her. His giant cock stuffed into her little mouth.

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He red lipstick now smudged and rubbed all over her face. She tried to grab at his cock to move it out of her mouth. She could not. Her hands were being stood on stretched above her head. Her long hair was wrapped around his hands. He used it as a handle to pull he face up to his cock. It was long. It jammed down her throat with every vicious thrust.


She wondered where the third one was. Then she realized. She felt his large strong tongue licking her clit. His massive hands surrounded each tight little thigh and held her legs spread wide apart. The tongue worked in a highly expert and manipulative fashion.

It circled and toyed with her sensitive clit and then darted near the entrance of her pussy poking and prodding gently. The overly long eight inch tongue snaked down between her legs and toyed with her asshole. The one fucking her mouth had had enough. Load after load of warm cum pumped down her throat. Excess drizzled out the sides of her mouth down her cheeks. Little Red took as much as she could.

She felt it settle in her tight little belly. Now somewhat distended from the sheer amount. As he finished the wolf that was eating her out flipped her over violently onto her stomach. His large hands grasped her little waist and he thrust his cock into her asshole. It hurt her. She cried.

A few pumps made the wolf cum. He came so much it dripped from her ass. Between her legs. Down her thighs. They left her. And ran off. Passed out in the wet grass.

Face and knees stained green from grass.

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Twigs in her messed up hair. She lay there whimpering and sobbing. Full of cum.