Eu e esposa deliciosa de Campinas

Eu e esposa deliciosa de Campinas
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Ch 5 Alec flashed back into his room to find Isabella making his bed. He quickly waved her off, then got on his telescreen to order some more vibrators.

That night, over twenty packages arrived. The next morning, the telescreen woke Alec at promptly 8:30. He dressed, then chose the vibrators for the day.


He stepped onto the telepad and flashed off to see Queen Diana. When he arrived, she was not there. However, there was a faint voice coming from the bed, so Alec walked over. He saw Diana laying in bed, waiting for him. She threw off the covers to reveal her naked body to him. Diana beckoned him to join her, so he crawled onto the bed and gave her a kiss.

She ferociously kissed him back, and his hands moved to her perfect breasts. They played with her hardening nipples, causing Diana to squeak with delight. Alec's right hand worked its way lower to her pussy. His fingers started to lightly rub her clitoris.

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She moaned, so Alec lowered his mouth to her breasts and inserted a finger into her warm, waiting womanhood. His mouth worked its way down her body to her wet pussy. He looked up at Diana's green, lust-filled eyes and said teasingly, "What do you say?" "Pleeeeease?" she moaned out. Alec attacked her pussy with unmatched ferocity, causing her to writhe with pleasure.

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He masterfully continued to eat her out, bringing her closer to her inevitable orgasm. Right as she was about to climax, Alec looked up again and asked, "What do you say?" There was a nearly inaudible beep as she moaned "Oh…yes…Please make me cum!" Alec quickly brought her to an orgasm.

She squealed and moaned as she humped his face. She recovered quickly this time, and was able to sit up a couple seconds later. "Now its time for you to get dressed, young lady," Alec said playfully. He scooped Diana up into his arms and carried her to what he assumed to be her closet.

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But when he opened the door, it was not a closet. It was an entire room filled with elegant garments. Gowns all colors of the rainbow lined the walls, and there were at least a hundred pairs of shoes underneath them. Alec set Diana down on her feet and searched through the numerous dresses to find one that looked, well, slutty. He picked out a strapless, short golden dress.

She laughed when she saw it, and exclaimed, "I haven't worn that in years! It'd never fit!" Alec laughed, and asked her to try it on, allong with a matching pair of golden vibrating panties and bra.

She had him exit the closet, so Alec had to entertain himself by looking around the room, examining any orifice for ideas for future escapades. Luckily, she didn't keep him waiting long. Diana exited the closet looking beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a slut could look.

The dress barely covered her ass, and it revealed the top of her golden bra.

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It clung tightly to her body, flaunting her figure. Examining herself in a mirror, Diana was deciding on whether or not to go the whole day looking like a whore. Alec, sensing the internal debate said, "Pleeeeeease wear it. I'll give you a surprise later if you do." She laughed, then consented, on the condition that he would come back promptly at five.

Alec bowed low, getting a glimpse of her panties, then walked off to the telepad. He flashed back to his bedroom. Ch 6 Alec returned to his bedroom to find Isabelle, his chamber slave, kneeling before him. She had anticipated (correctly) that he would be horny. As he stepped off of the telepad, she rose, perfect breasts jiggling, and said in a slutty voice, "Would Master like some pleasure from his slave?" His cock becoming hard with anticipation, Alec started stroking his hand through her hair.

He grabbed a large handful of it, and forcefully led her over to his bed. Alec threw her down onto it, and asked in a tough voice, "What do you want, slave?" "Oh Master," she moaned, "Please give your humble and obedient slave your cock. Let her pleasure you to the best of her ability." Alec quickly undressed, haphazardly throwing his clothes onto the floor.


His cock stood erect, waiting for Isabelle's warm mouth. She didn't make it wait long. Isabelle sprang off the bed and quickly started licking up and down his shaft. Her soft hands started to lightly caress his balls as his cock was engulfed by her practiced mouth. Isabelle's head bobbed up and down over his fully erect member. Her Master, knowing he wouldn't last much longer, pulled his dick out of her mouth.

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He laid down on the bed, his cock waiting for Isabelle. She leaped onto the bed and straddled him. Alec's dick was enveloped by her warm, moist pussy. Isabelle started riding Alec, and the tempo increased until they were fucking in a wild frenzy. She moaned and groaned in delight, her perfect tits going up and down with each bounce.

They both approached their orgasms, the pleasure building. Alec released his cum inside of Isabelle with a grunt, and she spammed on top of him. She quickly jumped off of him, bowed, and left. Laying on the bed, Alec recovered from his orgasm. He set to planning his next phase in Diana's eventual submission.