Evelyn lin rasierte Muschi anal und schlucken

Evelyn lin rasierte Muschi anal und schlucken
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When we got home, we made plans for dinner and went to our rooms really quick so we could clean up and get more comfortable. While in my room, I got an idea and that was to send him a selfie. So I freshened up my make up and put on the teeniest and tiniest little panties that were see through and a tiny bra that was see through too. You could see my pink nipples perfectly through my bra almost perfectly and I went ahead and pulled my bra straps down to my elbows so he could really see my boobs good.

That and I made sure my nipples were showing really good too. I kinda leaned over so my nipples were peaking out, used my pinkie nail to pull by bottom lip down and took a selfie like that. I wanted to see what he would do and I wanted him to get horny and take some naughty and sexy selfies for me.

What I really really wanted from him were some pictures of his dick, I really wanted to see how big his dick was and if it was as sexy as he was. So I went ahead and sent that to him hoping that it would make him horny enough to send me some. Me: Hey sexy, what you doing?

He didn't text for a few minutes, but he sent me a reply. "Oh my fucking god." I whispered to myself when I saw the pic he sent me. I started to cream my panties so bad that it started to leak through them, oh.my.god! He was standing kinda side ways in front of a mirror, he was completely naked but he was covering his dick with a white towel, but not all the way. I could see part of his dick from the side and I could tell he wasn't hard at all, but it still looked really fat.

His whole body was wet so I knew that he must have just finished taking a shower as in, just walked out a half of a second before he sent that pic to me. He looked so so sexy with all that water rolling down all of his big muscles and that amazing ass of his. Him: Just got out of the shower, what are you doing. Me: just getting comfortable before I go hang with my baby girl. Him: god you look so good, you're incredibly sexy, love the pic Me: Good, I love your pic and I think you're sexy af, but I think you missed a spot Him: yeah, where?

Me: I can't really tell, you may have to move the towel out of the way so I can see better Him: you want me to move my towel? Me: yes, I need u to. Him: need me to, why? Me: because I want to make sure you got every inch.

Him: you're just trying to see my dick Me: maybe ;p Him: if I move my towel do you promise to tell me if I missed a spot Me: I promise. Oh my holy god I was so horny just from that! I didn't think he was going to because I waited for less than a minute and it felt like forever. Oh my god no way, he really did it, I thought when I got what I wanted. He was standing the same way, only his soft huge dick was not covered by anything at all and he was holding his towel. Even though he was soft, his dick still looked huge, it was really fat, really thick and long!

Remember Mr. King? Yeah, his dick was just as long as my new boyfriends soft dick when he was as hard as a rock, but it wasn't even close to being as fat and thick. I shook a little, put my hand on my pussy, and started to squeeze my legs together hard to keep from having an orgasm.

He had by far, the most beautiful dick I had ever seen and he was all shaved nice, clean and bald. Him: is that better? Me: uuummm, I can't really tell yet, I may need a close up After a minute, I got another pic, only his dick looked like it was really growing, it had to be because it looked fatter and longer.

Me: not close up enough baby, here let me help you. Since he sent me some sexy nudes and yummy dick pics, I decided to send him some, so I took my panties and bra off so I was completely naked and took a selfie in my mirror. He could see my wet, bright pink and shiny waxed pussy, and even though my legs were spread, all he'd be able to see was my little slit.

I didn't have a meaty pussy at all, so he couldn't see my tiny labia at all, but if he was pulling his huge yummy dick out of me, he'd be able to see it wrapped tightly around his fat dick. I've been told that I had a very very young looking pussy, and I mean it looked really really young, that's what they said, I knew what that meant but I didn't know where they had seen a young young pussy, but it's whatever.

It drove some of my fans so crazy that it didn't take long for them to cum really hard and others, couldn't watch my webcam shows anymore because it bothered them. So because of the ones that didn't like my pussy because it looked way too young, I was kinda worried that my new man wouldn't like it at all, but I was ssssoooo hoping that he would love it and go crazy too and the only way for me to find out was to show it to him.

He could also see my small perky little boobs with small bright pink nipples, I was completely naked and I was biting my pinkie nail. He didn't text, but he sent another picture where his dick was rock hard and trust me, his dick was so so not small! "Oooooooh my god, mmmm." I moaned with a shaky voice. I was shaking, moving my hips and rubbing my slit because I started to ache and drip for him really really bad.

I had seen dicks like his in porn all of the time, and only one that was almost as big from one of my webcam show fans. But I had never, ever touched, sucked or seen a dick as big as my mans dick in real life. I had always wanted to feel my pussy get stretched by a huge dick like that, so you have no idea how horny I was getting because I knew for sure that I was finally going to get stretched by a massive dick, and it just so happened that it was my new boyfriends fat fat yummy dick.

Since he sent me my new favorite selfie ever, I spread my legs and zoomed in on my soaking wet and shiny pussy and took a picture of it. When I looked at the picture, I could see my white girl cream oozing out of my aching hole, making my small little lips shiny. I wasn't going to send it at first since all you could see was my little slit, but I really wanted him to see how wet he made me and see if he would like my pussy or not, so I sent him the pic. After I sent that, I got another pic from him, a close up of his shaved, smooth, sexy, beautiful big dick.

I could see all of the veins and ridges, his foreskin that covered a little less than half of the bottom of his perfect fat head. It was really long and so so fat, it was way thick and it literally looked like it was heavy. It had a gorgeous light light bronze or tan color to it and it kinda hung and curved down since it was just hanging there.

I stared at it for a second and licked my phone like I was licking his actual beautiful hard dick. I couldn't help it, he had the most beautiful huge fat dick I had ever seen in my life. I didn't know that perfect dicks existed until I saw his, oh my god it was so so perfect! So I sent him another one of me with my eyebrows slanted and I was biting my lip so hard, I was actually moaning while I did that. I showed all of me this time including my face so he knew how fucking hot he made me.

Then I just took another one where the camera was in my face, I slanted my eyebrows and just relaxed my mouth and let it fall open a little. Him: is this close enough? I sent him that selfie to answer his question.

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Me: yeah, but I need to see more, you may have to lift that big yummy dick so I can see under it Him: like this? Then I waited for a minute, and just when I sat on my bed, I got his picture.

He had his dick laying up across his sexy, yummy, rock hard abs and it was a close up. He was either laying down or laying back on I'm guessing was his bed, but his dick was so big that the head was way past his belly button even though it was kinda sideways. His foreskin was being held down naturally by the way he had it laying on his sexy sexy body, oh my god he had such a perfect amazing dick and dick head, fuck.

His dick was still a yummy tan color, but it had a really sexy tint of pink and red. His head had the most red in it, he had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I could even see his big shaved sexy balls, oh my god "Oh my god." I whimpered with a shaky voice while I stared at his veiny sexy and perfect dick. Me: OMG your dick is so so big and yummy baby, LLLOVE your big sexy cock! Him: I love that you like it sexy, I want to give it to you Me: OMFG!! I want you to mmmmmm Him: do you see the spot I missed yet?

I pushed my middle and ring fingers in my hot wet sex while I laid back, bent my knees and spread my legs really wide. I slid my fingers knuckle deep, then pulled them out, back in and out again before I started to text him again.

I didn't even lick or wipe my fingers off so I started to get so much of my girl cream all over my phone. Me: yep, there it is, you did miss a spot. Him: I washed it though Me: you may have to try again. Him: I made sure I washed it really good while I was thinking about my new sexy girl, u Me: mmmmm thank you baby, did you have to wash it so much that it made you cum Him: yes Me: while u were thinking about me Him: even when I was cumming all over my shower wall "Oh my fucking god." I whimpered while my girl juices started to pour out of me and on my bed like crazy.

Me: hmmmm, I still see that spot though Him: yeah? where? Me: right under your head, where that sensitive spot is, where I really really wanna lick you right now.

Him: mmmmm id love that, I'd let you lick me, I just don't know what to do to get that spot cleaned Me: I know what would get that spot off Him: yeah, do you sexy? Me: yeah I do, want me to tell you how? Him: if you want, I'd rather you show me Me: mmmm I was hoping you'd say that, hold on I'll show you Him: ok I didn't text anything else for a minute because I wanted to take another selfie.

I laid back on my bed and moved so my head was hanging off of the edge, angled my phone so that I could get a really amazing picture of my boobs, my face and down my body. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out like I was waiting for him to shove his massive yummy cock in my mouth and took a few selfies of that. Then I took another selfie of my hot wet little pussy while I spread my tiny lips apart so he could see where I wanted his dick perfectly.

After that I looked at the ones I took with my mouth open like I was waiting for his cum, picked my favorite one, the only one where I had my eyes closed, and deleted the others. Then I looked at all of the ones I took of my aching pussy and noticed that I was so wet that my fingers were literally coated in so much of my goo that even I was surprised. I had NEVER been that wet in my life and I was a fucking slut till I got pregnant and I did webcam shows. It was like when you dip your fingers in a bucket of paint, the paint is really thick on your fingers when you pull them out.

My fingers looked like that only my cream was clear and kinda milky looking, it made my fingers just as shiny as my bright pink little pussy. My favorite one was where I was spreading my pussy open and I could see my coated fingers and this thick gooey string of my girl cream that went from my fingers to my pussy.

But you could see my hole too, but what I loved was you could really really see my cream oozing out of where I wanted his long and fat dick and that it was open a little.

I saved that one, deleted the rest and sent him the two I liked the best. Me: that's how we can get that spot you missed, I hear that my mouth and little pussy would get that out baby Just a few seconds after I sent him those and the text, he sent me a gif he made where he was standing in front of a mirror so I could see his gorgeous face and all of his hot as fuck body. Then it slowly zoomed in and went down to his dick, and that's when I saw his huge, long and fat fat dick throbbing in his other hand, and there was no curve to it.

He wasn't gripping himself, he had his hand open a little so he was just holding his heavy looking dick up while it throbbed.

Him: oh my fucking god, mmmmmm oh my god your pussy looks so so good, and your little boobs, mmmmm fuck!! Right after he sent that text, I was typing my reply when I got another selfie from him.

This time it was a close, close up of his dick head and the pee hole was facing the camera. That's not what made me cum a little, what made me cum was that I saw tons of precum that was coming out of his cock. I could see it rolling down the underside of his dick head and it looked like he took his thumb and wiped a whole bunch of it all over his red tinted fat fucking dick head making it all shiny. "Ooooh god." I whimpered before I gasped and licked my phone like I would lick his dick if it was in my face for real.

Me: mmmm I could make your cock that shiny Him: I want you to so bad, fuck I'm about to cum Me: I love your cock so much, I want it, I want it really bad baby Him: I want to be inside if that tight sexy little pussy so bad, fuck! Me: mmmmm I want you in me so bad Him: that sexy mouth of yours, god I want u so fucking bad Almost a minute went by before he sent me a short video of him slowly jerking himself and moaning my name. I lost it after that, I grabbed my toy, shoved it in my pussy and started to video tape it.

"Mmmmm, Yeah Trevor, fuck me, fuck my little pussy baby." I whimpered while I slowly fucked myself Then a few minutes after that, he called me on face time and jerked his cock until he was cumming all over his bathroom counter, and the thing that made me cum really really hard, was that I could see all of him. The look on his face, in his eyes, all of his big muscles tightening up, his dick throbbing while he shot one of the biggest loads of his cum I had ever seen.

And to top it off, he was moaning my name. And while he was doing that, I was fucking myself until I was cumming harder than I had ever cum. Once our orgasms were over, I looked at my phone to see him smiling at me.

"God that was so amazing baby." I said while my body shook while I left my toy in me. "Yeah it was, next time it'll be real." He said making me smile and moan. "Promise?" I asked while I licked my fingers off for him. "I promise, you are so fucking sexy, I love your whole body." He moaned making me get all horny again. "I love all of yours too, you have a really huge cock, I want it." I whimpered.

"I want your little pussy, I want you." He sighed and moaned at the same time. "Mmmm, good because you're definitely getting me this weekend, I wanna feel you stretch my little pussy so so bad." I whimpered before he pointed his camera down to show me that his dick was still rock hard. "I can't wait to feel you wrapped around me." He moaned making me shake. "Neither can I." I sighed while he turned the camera so he was looking in it again.

"I can't wait to taste you, god I can't wait to taste you and fill you." He sighed making me moan. "I can't either baby, I can't wait till this weekend, I get to have that gorgeous huge dick in my pretty little mouth and deep inside of me." I whimpered.

"Fuck." He sighed. After we talked for another few minutes, we hung up and I got up and cleaned up. I could not stop thinking about what me and my man just did, so it was like I was permanently horny now. I took a shower and went to make dinner and get the movie ready for me and Katie all while I thought about my brand new boyfriend and his sexy fat perfect dick. While I was cooking, I saved all of the pictures that he sent me because I was going to show him off to my fans that night, I had to because they wouldn't believe me if I didn't.

"Hi mom." Haylee said snapping me to reality. "Hey baby girl, what's up?" I asked while I went to her and hugged her. "What were you doing in your room?" She asked. "I was talking to my boyfriend." I said with the biggest smile. "Oh, what's he doing?" She said with a knowing smile before we went back in the kitchen. "Oh he's just cleaning up and getting ready for bed, he has an early morning flight so he's gotta go to bed early." I said making her give me a grin. "So is he going to come see you tomorrow?" She asked before we started to make dinner.

"Maybe, I don't know, I didn't ask him." I said. "Well maybe you should have, maybe I wanted to see him too." She said with the biggest smile. "You seem really happy about him too, you can't stop talking about him and you can't stop smiling." I said making her look at me, she was still smiling.

"Because he makes you smile all the time and I like seeing you smile like this." She said making me so happy that it was almost overwhelming. "He makes me happy and smile and I'm not stressed about him either. If you hadn't already met him, I would be stressed about if you would like him or not." I said making her put her hand on my arm.

"Mom, I knew he was a good guy when I first saw him, you wouldn't have anything to worry about because I still would like him." She said like I was kind of a dummy. "Yay!" Was all I could say. "So are you saying that if I didn't like him then you wouldn't be his girlfriend?" She asked. "Yes and here is why, you're my baby, you come first and I wanna make sure that you're happy with who I'm happy with.

That's why I haven't dated or had sex with any of the guys before, you didn't like them so I didn't want to waste any time with them. You're the most important person in my life and that will never change." I said. "Well at least you know I like Trevor." She said with a giggle. "True, very true." I said. That night I was so so distracted that I couldn't think straight at all.

I kept sneaking peeks at the pictures of that perfect perfect dick and the nudes that my boyfriend sent me and trying to not touch myself with my daughter there.

I was able to get dinner cooked for me and Haylee without burning any of the food or the house down, so that's good. The thing was that I did have a really really great orgasm when I was talking to him earlier, but I was still way beyond horny. Everything about him was so so attractive and so sexy that it's all I could think about, not to mention the fact that I was finally going to get laid that weekend, god I couldn't wait! So once we were sitting in the living room eating, I noticed that Haylee seemed a little distracted, but she had this little grin on her face and she was blushing.

Now before anyone starts talking about how she was too young to know anything, I get it and yes I do agree. But we were very open about everything, and I mean everything. If she asks me a question, I don't lie to her like my parents lied to me all my life, I tell her the truth because I want her to trust me, I already promised myself that I wouldn't be like them.

But the only thing I didn't ever talk to her about was sex. In fact, I promised her that I would talk to her about it as much as she wants when she was older.

Actually, I didn't really talk to her about a lot of things on purpose because she was to young for that stuff. But, she already knew about sex, as in dick inside of a pussy and everything, I didn't tell her anything about that. So here's how she found out about it all, she has a friend named Amy who lived in Colorado and she was a model too, in fact they did a lot of shoots together.

Haylee told me that she caught her parents having sex, and I'm guessing that they didn't stop when Amy walked in on them at all.

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Amy's parents were open, very, very open with her about it when she asked her parents what they were doing. So when Haylee and Amy were doing a photo shoot in Florida, she talked about it with her a lot. So as you would expect, my baby had questions, a lot of them, but I didn't have to tell her much of anything at all since Amy already told her about all of it in detail.

As in, graphic, graphic detail. I'm talking the differences between a boy and a girl, how having sex felt so amazingly good, and how much fun having sex was. I guess Amy's parents then showed her the differences between a boy and a girl, basically showed that guys dicks get big and hard when he gets horny and women get hot and wet. Then they had sex again and let Amy watch them, as in, she was on their bed watching them.

She even told Katie about how she does things to make herself feel really really good and sexy, Amy's words. Plus Haylee caught me doing my webcam shows and fucking myself a few times, but that was after Amy spilled her guts to her. So all I had to do was tell her that Amy was right and I answered a whole bunch of question. I was pissed about that because I didn't want her to know all about that kind of stuff yet, but, what's done was done.

But believe me, I was way pissed and I did say something to Amy's parents about it. Thank god Haylee had no idea what a dick looked like, and I hoped to god she wouldn't for a while, but she knew what one was. The only reason I'm saying all of that is because of what happened that evening while we were eating and watching TV while I was trying to not look at the pics that my sexy man sent to me.

I had my phone on the couch next to me one side and Haylee on the other and I kept sneaking peeks at that amazingly beautiful dick my boyfriend had. I was completely distracted by the picture and was trying to hard to not stare at them or show how horny I was, god I was so horny, but all of a sudden my baby girl scared me a little. "You know what mom?" She asked while she gave me a little grin. "Yeah babe." I said while she started to blush with that little grin.

"I think you should have sex with him." She said making me choke because I wasn't expecting that at all. "What?!" I asked while I laughed. "I think you should have sex with Trevor." She said making me laugh.

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"Well, um, I am this weekend." I said while I smiled. "Does he know that?" She asked with a little look on her face. "Yes he does, that's what we were talking about earlier." I said while I started to cream my panties so so bad.

"I know, I heard you and I saw you taking pictures too, did you take them for him?" She asked making me breath hard. "Yes, he sent me a few too." I said making her smile. "I know, I could tell." She said with a huge smile. "You saw all of that?" I asked while she nodded her head yes.

"I heard everything too, you wanna make him all shiny with your mouth and hoo hah." She said while she made one of her eyebrows jump a little. "Oh my god I'm so so sorry." I said while I started freaking out.

"It's ok mom, I get it, so what are you going to make all shiny, his whole body?" She asked with a grin.

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"No, not his whole body." I said while I started creaming my pants so so bad. "Then what part? The part he sent you pictures of?" She asked with that little grin. "Yeah, definitely that." I sighed while I tried to eat but struggled to because I was breathing hard. "What did he send you pictures of?" She asked while her grin disappeared. "I, I don't know if you should know this baby girl." I said making her frown.

"I mean I know that you do naughty shows at night and you play with yourself, I've even seen you do it so I don't know why not. C'mon, I wanna know." She said while her face started turning pink and she started to breath a little hard.

"You really wanna know?" I asked while I looked at her. "Mmhmmm." She replied while she bit her lip a little. "His penis." I sighed making her kinda bite her lip. "So that's what you wanna make shiny?" She asked while her eyebrows slanted a little.

"Yes." I replied while I started breathing hard. "Sounds like a lot of fun." She said shocking me before she started eating again. "I know, god I know." I sighed. "Well, you have a date with him so you can do that." She said with a smile. Thank god she dropped it right there because I was so not ready to tell her anything else or show her my mans dick!

Anyway, we went to bed early because we were tired, well, she was tired, I was way too horny to be tired in fact, I couldn't wait to tell my fans that I had a boyfriend now and that my daughter absolutely loved him! So after she fell asleep, I went to my room to do my webcam show, and believe me, so many of my girl fans were really jealous and the rest didn't believe that my man really had a dick like that.

So because there were so many that didn't believe me, I promised them that one day I would prove it to them, as in, have him in one of my shows, and yeah, I'd probably fuck him for them too. Do you know how sometimes you go to bed and try to sleep but your brain starts to go crazy? How no matter what you do you just can't stop thinking about something? Well, that's what happened to me because when I was done with my show, I tried to go to bed and sleep. Then I started thinking about something and tried to get my thoughts to go away so I could sleep.

It started when I started thinking about how my little Haylee came right out and told me that I should have sex with him with that look in her eyes, a look that I was very very familiar with. I started to wonder if she was already feeling things, I mean, it would kind of explain why she absolutely loved Trevor so much. Did she have a crush on him, was my boyfriend her very first crush?

I started to get really really horny and it started to get so bad that I tried to get my mind to go somewhere else so I wasn't thinking about Haylee by looking at porn, and while I was doing that, I found a whole bunch pictures of naked girls that were my age when I got pregnant and some even younger, but not by too much. That's when I noticed something about me, I liked girls. I mean I have always liked girls but I didn't realize that I liked girls that were, say, um, young.

I think it had a lot to do with the what I did with Mr. and Mrs. King honestly, and the more I looked at those pictures, the more I realized why they would like them so much and why they did what they did. When I looked at those pictures, I don't know what else to say except that I was dripping so bad that I stripped down and got naked. I looked at a whole bunch of them and even saved some to my phone because they were so so hot and so so sexy, so so yummy.

Then out of nowhere, my deep dark fantasy hit me so so hard and it basically took over completely. My whole body got all tingly, I got the biggest butterflies and my whole body started to ache. I didn't even have to touch myself at all, but I felt this buzzing and ache so bad in my pussy, all I had to do was squeeze my legs together with my hand on my pussy and I was on the very edge. My cream was pouring out of me like crazy and I was shaking, my hips were even moving without me making them move.

My whole body got so achy and hot that I couldn't breath and the more the images filled my head, the worse it got.

Only this time, my fantasy had faces and people in it that I knew, and the more that fantasy played in my head, the closer I got to cumming harder than I had ever cum in my life. By then I had my purple toy and I was fucking myself slowly so I didn't cum right away, I mean, I wanted to make it last as long as I possibly could because it was so deliciously sexy, taboo, so so wrong and so so yummy.

All of a sudden my vision got so so cloudy and my body felt light and once I saw one specific image in my head, my world started to spin like crazy. My hips were moving without me making them move and I was just holding my toy, I was literally fucking my toy.


The sounds played in my head too, and after a few minutes, I couldn't hold back anymore and I started to cum so hard that my whole body was shaking like crazy. The things that happened in my fantasy that night started off innocent but then it just took off like wild fire. It was so bad that I was staring at a picture of his dick while I fucked myself until I had like, four really big orgasms.

Once I was done, I still couldn't stop thinking about that fantasy and about some of the things that Haylee said to me and the way she looked at me when we were talking about Trevor earlier, when she told me that I should have sex with him. I had to stop and we all know why, it's just that my fantasy was so real to me that night even though I was in my room alone. I did eventually fall asleep in my cum soaked bed thinking about my sexy and deliciously sinful fantasy.

The next morning I woke up and I was completely naked, but I didn't wake up on my own, Haylee woke me up. I would have freaked out but she'd already seen me naked before so I was ok with it. She just smiled and told me she was hungry and yes she asked me about what I did that night and asked if I had a lot of people watching my show. Of course I said yes, but I didn't say anything about my amazingly sexy fantasy.

So Saturday finally comes and the time between when me and Trevor met and started going out as boyfriend girlfriend was only two days, and those two days were torture for me. I was so so excited to see him but so was Haylee, but I was also so fucking horny for him that I literally couldn't stand it. I think it was because we kept sending nudes, talking really dirty, and all I could think about was him in my fantasy, I was oober oober horny, I had never been so horny in my entire life, ever!

We talked so many times a day that you'd think he wasn't at work, he even got to talk to Haylee a lot, I just hated that I didn't get to see him during those two days because he had to fly to Kansas City then up north, back to Kansas City then St.

Louis. He just got back home late Friday morning and was taking a few days off so he could spend it with me and Haylee. But like he promised, Saturday was my day and believe me, I was definitely going to make it worth his while. Thank god I didn't have school that day because it gave me all the time I needed to make myself look so hot for him that he couldn't stand it.

I meant what I said when I said I was going to get laid. I took Haylee with me to get our hair and nails done, and when I only had an hour left, I did all of my makeup and started to find what I should wear. I found some jeans and what I thought was a sexy little top, I actually thought I looked hot, but then Katie came in my room. "Um, mom." She said making me look at her to see the look on her face, she didn't like my outfit.

"Yeah baby." I said before she smiled. "That outfit isn't going to work." She said with a grin. "It's not, you don't like it?" I asked. "I mean, I like it but I think you should wear something different, you gotta look really hot for him." She said before she went to my closet.

"I can't find it." She said after a few minutes of looking in the closet. "Find what?" I asked. "Remember that one dress you wore that one day I found you doing your internet show? It's the really really cute black one." She said while she kept looking.

"Um, I don't know, I haven't worn it since the day you caught me." I said before I realized what she was trying to do. "Well, I think you should wear that for Trevor." She said. Just so you can know what the dress looks like, it's black like Haylee said but, it was a off shoulder sleeve mini sundress and it was way way sexy. When I saw it, I had to get it because it was so so cute and the girl that was modeling it looked so so hot.

It wasn't so short that my ass hung out of the bottom of it, but it was pretty short and it wasn't really tight at all, but it wasn't loose either if that makes any sense. I loved that when I wore it, I actually feel like I'm naked, that's how comfortable it is. The short sleeves and neck are loose enough that they slide down my shoulders really easy, and if I don't catch it, it will slide down until it uncovers my boob all the way.

Where the dress was hemmed on the sides, sleeves, the neck line and a place under my boobs and right about two inches above my belly button were black lace. But here is the sexiest thing about my dress, the rest of the fabric, was see through, all of it was. I'm talking about every inch of it was see through, not just the lace. Basically, if I wore the dress with nothing on under it, you'd know for sure that I was completely naked under it if the light hits me perfectly, which didn't take much actually.

The only way you wouldn't be able to tell is if you're blind. "Oh, here it is, I think, oh yeah, this is it for sure, you should wear this." She said with the grin she had the night before. "Oh my god he will like that, what should I wear with it?" I asked making her kind of bite her lip, put the dress down and go to my closet again.

"These, they'll look good with the dress." She said while she grabbed a pair of my dark brown cowgirl boots and put them next to the bed.

I didn't even wait for her to leave to change because my baby girl was a huge help for me since I was so nervous. I was way nervous for my first real date that was not on a plane, I mean, I was about to go out with the hottest and sexiest guy I ever saw in my life. And another reason was that she had already seen me naked a few times including a few nights before when I was taking nude selfies for Trevor.

That and I'm not the only one she's seen naked because she was use to seeing girls get naked to change outfits in front of her for her modeling shoots, plus she got naked in front of them too. So since being naked wasn't new to her, I thought what the hell. So I took my shirt and bra off and pulled my shorts and panties down and off. Then I found my tiny black bikini bottoms and put that on. Then I grabbed my black bikini top which was the smallest crop top ever and was getting ready to put that on.

"Mom, don't wear that, just wear the dress and boots, and these." She said with that look in her eyes while she went to my dresser and pulled my smallest lacy black panties out and handed them to me.

"If I don't wear a bra then everyone will see my boobs hun, they'll see everything perfectly. This dress is completely see through and so are those panties, I might as well be naked." I said making her smile. "Well, I want you to have sex with him so you have to look good." She said while she kept looking me up and down.

"But this is a date." I said while her face started turning red. "So? Maybe he'll like the way you look so much that he will just take you to his house.


Besides, he's gonna to be getting you naked anyway mom." She kinda sighed. "Great point." I sighed while I laughed making her bite her lip.

"You know you want him to mom, I heard you guys talking the other day." She said softly before she sat on the bed. "Oh my god yeah I do, when did you become such a genius?" I asked making her shrug her shoulders. "Ok, I'll be right back, I'm going to go put this on and you tell me what you think." I said making her smile and jump on my bed.

I went to my bathroom and put my dress on hoping I wouldn't mess my hair up, then I put my panties on. I already had make up on so I didn't have to do much else except for go out and see what my daughter thought. "What do you think? How do I look?" I asked while she just kind of stared at me.

"Hot, you look hot mom." She sighed making me kind of dizzy.

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"Thanks baby girl." I said while I twirled around for her. "I think you should just take the panties off and just be naked under the dress, he'll probably like that a lot." She sighed making me start to cream really bad.

"You think he will?" I asked. "I mean, Amy said that guys like hot naked girls, you're hot and you'll almost be naked so I think so." She said making me cream even more. I didn't even wait, I just pulled my dress up and my panties off and tossed them on my bed hitting her by accident. She took them and put them next to her on the bed. I know she knew that I was really wet because they were soaking wet with my girl cream, but she didn't do anything about my soaked panties.

She just sat there and smiled. "Perfect! Now don't change." She said. "I won't." I said with a smile while she came up to me and gave me a high five. "Promise?" She asked while she held her pinkie out. "Promise." I said while I hooked my pinkie with hers before she started to head to the door. "Oh wait, moms coming over to babysit you, she may not like what I'm wearing." I said making her stop and look back at me.

"It's ok." She sighed while she looked me over a little with a smile. "No because you know how your grandma is." I said.

"Well, let's hope she's late then." She said making me giggle. "So let me ask you something." I said making her come back in my room while I put matching socks and my boots on. "Ok." She said. "Um, what if I brought him home and he spent the night?" I asked making her light up like crazy, I mean her eyes got huge and her mouth dropped open while she gasped, she got that excited!

"Can He Mom? Please?" She asked while she turned to me. "You sure?" I asked. "Yeah I mean, I think it'll be way cool if he did! Oh and we get to hang out with him all day tomorrow!" She said while she bounced up and down on my bed. "I fucking love that you like him, oh my god it feels so good to know that." I said before I hugged her. "I love you Mom." She said while I hugged her. "I love you too baby." I said before I let go of her.

She smiled and walked out so I could finish getting ready for my big date and while I was doing that, I decided that I was going to tell him about my webcam shows. I mean, I didn't want to not tell him and he got all mad because someone else told him, so I thought that it was probably a good idea to tell him myself.

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So I went ahead and checked my face and did some touch ups and put some perfume on, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't believe that it was me. I started thinking about my man and wondered how he would react when he saw me. I have to be honest, I had mixed feelings because I didn't know if he'd like seeing as much of me as he was going to on our first real date.

But the more I thought about it, he did love my nude selfies the day we became a couple, you know, the day we met. So maybe I was just overthinking it all, I didn't know but I do know this, I promised Haylee that I wasn't going to change anything about what I had on, so I wasn't gong to.

I figured that whatever happened, happened.

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So once I was ready, I had to wipe my pussy because I was so wet that it was almost funny. When I was done I went to the front room where Haylee was waiting for me. She looked up at me and smiled. "I can really see your boobs." She sighed with a grin. "Is it ok or should I go put something on to cover them?" I asked making her stare at my boobs for a second.

"No, don't. Keep it like that." She said with a smile. "Ok, I'm so so nervous." I sighed while I went and sat on the couch. "Why?" She asked like what I said was stupid. "Because, we just met and now we are going to be going out on a date, he's so hot that's it's intimidating, he's intimidatingly hot.

I mean, what if he doesn't like me as much once he sees me again, what if I'm not what he wa." I said like I was talking to one of my girlfriends before she interrupted me. "You worry too much." She said while she laughed. "I'm serious though." I said making her stop laughing and put her hand on my arm. "Look mom, he's already your boyfriend right?" She asked.

"Yeah, true." I replied surprised at how mature she was sounding. "See? You worry too much. Wanna know what I think mom?" She asked while I smiled because I was proud, really proud of her and how she was growing up! "Yeah I need something to help me." I said while I laughed. "Ok, I think he's changed you already, you're different but in a really really good way. That's why I don't just like Trevor, I love Trevor. He's way cute, he looks like a model, he's nice, he's funny, he actually likes me, he doesn't just pretend to like me because he likes you.

He's way way different than Mike and John, I don't feel stressed out around Trevor like I do Mike and John. You weren't happy and I know that, you tried to hide it from me but I still saw it.

But when you saw him in Hawaii, you were way different, like, I don't know, you changed and when you met and all that other stuff, you've been way happier. No offense but you're more fun now, I love my new mom." She said making me cry a little.

"You're ruining your make up." She said making me look at her. "Yeah, I'll fix it. Do you really love Trevor?" I asked.

"Yes, I wasn't joking when I said that I want him to be my dad, he'd be an awesome dad." She said with serious look on her face. "You wanna know something really cool about him that you didn't know?" I asked. "Mom, I wanna know everything about him, I have to get to know him too you know." She said making me laugh.

"Very very true, anyway, he LLLLOVES kids." I said making her smile. "Yeah I can tell." She said. "It explains why he's so amazing with you doesn't it?" I asked. "Yeah, and why I love him." She said with a smile. "Well, he loves kids so much that when he was married, he tried to have kids but couldn't and the problem was so bad that he went to a lot of doctors to find out why. At first they thought it was his wife so they gave her fertility pills that would help her get pregnant, but they never worked.

So they started checking him and that's when they found out that he was the reason they couldn't have kids. They still don't know why he can't have kids." I said making her look at me with her mouth open. "So he has no kids?" She asked making me nod my head no.

"But that's just a part of it all, his ex wife hated kids, she hated them, but he didn't know that until after he found out that he couldn't have kids." I said making her frown. "That's really sad, I don't like his ex. But you know what? When it all works out the way I just know it will, I'll be his daughter and he can adopt me, how amazing would that be?!

I've always wanted a dad." She said so excitedly. "Oh my god I love you." I said while I hugged her tightly. I wasn't expecting Haylee to be so mature for her age, but she was and I couldn't have been more proud of her. I couldn't stop smiling when I went to my room and fixed my face, especially since Haylee came right out and told me that she loved Trevor.

Was I still nervous about my date with him, a little and I still had my fears and stuff, but Haylee of all people made me feel so much better, I was actually excited about my date with him!