Fake Driving School Barbie Sins sloppy blowjob and hot wild anal ride

Fake Driving School Barbie Sins sloppy blowjob and hot wild anal ride
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The CamCorder Two years ago, when my wife purchased a camcorder for my birthday, little did I know the turn of events that would occur in our lives from such an insignificant purchase.

Initially, we took videos of our family and vacation trips just like most people do and we both felt that the quality and interest of our filming efforts was pretty good by most comparisons. We both had suffered through countless hours of ridiculous and meaningless showings of videos by some of friends and even our own family and we worked hard to try to make our videos look at least better than their efforts.

One evening, we had been watching a late night cable movie on TV and had downed several glasses of Chardonnay. The movie had been filmed in the South of France and scenes taken along the beach showed nude sun bathers lying and walking along the beaches.

Most of the women were very well proportioned and their breasts moved from side to side as they walked along the beach.

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The camera would zoom in for close ups of their breasts and then pan away to show scenes of full frontal nudity. Nancy looked intently at the scene and said, "I don't know if I could do that or not, it certainly looks so free and refreshing to be able to walk around like that, but.I would be too self conscious, I think." "You would be the talk of the beach.

You're breasts would put those women to shame, Honey," I said, meaning every word of what I had said. My wife, without a doubt, has the most magnificently shaped breasts that I have ever seen.

They are large without being obtrusive, firm, needing no support with perfectly sized nipples surrounded by light brown aureoles. I love to watch them jiggle when she walks around the bedroom naked. "We ought to go on a vacation sometime where there is a nude beach, it would be a real experience. I'd be hard the whole time, I'll bet, just from watching the men looking at you," I said smiling.

"Yea, sure, you'd be looking and drooling at all of the bare titties bouncing around, I know you too well darling," she said. She was probably right, I did like to look at the women even though I had better right at home. After the movie was over Nancy went into the kitchen to get things straighten around and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

I had purchased a carrying bag for the camcorder as well as a tripod. We had noticed that it was hard to hold the camera still during some takes and that if we had a tripod, the quality would surely improve.

I had hooked the camera directly into the TV and placed a cassette in the VCR and had just placed the camera on the tripod when Nancy walked in the bedroom.

"What in the world are you doing?" she asked. "I'm trying out the new tripod; I want to learn how to use the zoom feature on the camera better before I tape Fred and Bonnie's wedding next month. I want that video to be a good piece of work," I said, "Something they will want to keep for years to come." I moved the camera around the room and I could see the same image on the TV.

I caught Nancy bending over in the closet and captured a nice shot of her backside and could see the outline of her bikini panties through her tight slacks. Nancy had a nice ass too. Having the two kids hadn't hurt her at all. When she raised up, she noticed that I had focused on her bottom and told me to quit.

I then move the camera to her face and zoomed in for a close up. She smiled, then stuck out her pink tongue at me. The clarity of the picture and the close up was astonishing. I could see the little beauty mark at the side of her mouth and even see her long eye lashes and some facial hair, as fine as it was. "Stop, that Harry, It really lets you get up close doesn't it?" she said.

I played around trying different techniques and as she took off her clothes, I would zoom in for another quick shot. As she was leaning over removing her hose, I again zoomed in show her ample cleavage and she caught me yelling, "Stop that!" She went into the bathroom to finish getting undressed and to get herself ready for bed. I set the video camera where it was pointing toward the bed and quickly started the VCR to record.

I lay down and could clearly see myself. The camera had an automatic focusing lens which would adjust to any light. So, when the lights were low, the lens would adjust so that a clear picture was always maintained.

Thinking about taking a video of myself or "us" had gotten me excited and my cock had poked it's little head out from the fly of my pajamas. I reach for it and moved my hand up and down on it and at the same time, I looked over at the TV to see my cock being stroked. Now this was fun. Hell, I was an exhibitionist!


"What in the world are you doing?" Nancy said as she came out of the bathroom. "Oh, my God, Harry" she looked at me and then the TV.

"That's wild!" She moved close to the TV and watch as I continued to play with my rock hard member. She moved to the side of the bed and reach out to stroke me, while looking back at the TV to see her hand come into the picture. She was enthralled with what was happening and seemed more excited by the moment. Nancy was wearing a thin nightgown and I could see the darkness of her nipples through the light green material and even the small patch of dark hair at her crotch.

We moved together on the bed and it was like watching yourself in a porno movie. I pulled her gown up revealing the outline of her pussy for the TV. My fingers moved to her soft mound and the middle finger slipped easily in between the lips of her moist slit. She voluntarily spread her legs as I slipped yet another finger into her wet love sheath. I got up from the bed and told her to get completely naked. She sat up and removed her night gown displaying those magnificent breasts and cupping them for the camera and the TV screen.

I pointed the camera toward her face and zoomed in for a close up. I was surprise at the look on her face. It was one of pure lust. I quickly moved the camera to focus on her luscious titties and then down to her exquisite bush. Again, I zoomed in for a closer look at that fantastic pussy just as her own fingers parted the outer lips disclosing the bright pink interior skin of her sex.

Nancy was writhing around on the bed and watching her own hands manipulate her clitoris. She was putting on a damn good show and I wanted to be a part of it. I moved to the bed and resting on my knees, I placed my head at her spread thighs and started licking her hot, moist pussy.

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Nancy could watch my tongue sliding in and out of her parted pussy lips and she was moaning all the while she was watching herself being eaten on TV! "Oh Harry, this is so good, Oh! Oh!, I can see your tongue working on my clit. I'm about to cum Honey.faster!.there!

Oh! yes, that's it right there." Nancy came in a tremendous climax and her legs tightened around my neck as she thrust toward my hungry mouth. I kept licking and tonguing her slick pouty lips until she eventually calmed down. "Now, it's my turn," she said and turned so that we both could see the TV screen. She moved her head closer to my now throbbing cock and slipped the purple head between her open lips and into her warm mouth. She was looking directly into the camera and smiled as she sucked my prick.

I was so excited form the previous action that it was no time at all that I felt the flood of semen rising up the shaft of my cock. I felt myself tense and started to spew my thick, sticky cream into her mouth. I watched as her cheeks filled and she lifted her head so that just the tip of my cock was still in her mouth. The white frothy cream spilled out from the corners of her mouth and cascaded down the sides of my rock hard member, over her fingers and into my curly pubic hairs. She again looked directly into the camera and pulled her head from my cock, leaving a thin string of sticky semen attached from her lips to the tip of my cock.

I reached down and brought her face to me and kissed her wet lips. I could taste the musky fluid as we darted out tongues in and out of each others mouth. "That was fantastic!" she whispered, "Did you like watching yourself on TV like that?" "Not only did I enjoy seeing us like that on the TV, but I also have it on tape so that we can see it again, if we like." "You recorded it, our making love like that," she said, "Hell, yes I want to see it again, I didn't know that you were recording too.


Let's play it back again and see what it looks like!" I got up and stopped the camera and the VCR and pushed the rewind button. In a few minutes we were both lying in bed, side by side watching a replay of our first video performance. "I can't believe we're doing this," Nancy said, "Oh! Look, here I am taking your cock and jacking you off!" We both got excited, just watching it again and soon we were fucking "doggy-style" just so we could both watch and fuck at the same time.

We found ourselves doing a critique the video with ways that we could make it better and more exciting to the person viewing it. As the video came to the end, showing my cum dripping from Nancy's mouth and her smiling at the camera, we lay exhausted but content. We talked about what we could do and decided we should use more zoom shots showing greater detail and better angles for better viewing.

The artistic quality also needed work and then we discovered that it was probably impossible to do those things unless one of was operating the camera.

One could not be involved in a particular scene and work the camera at the same time. We were excited about the possibilities of being movie makersactors at the same time and were disturbed at what we could do to improve the actual taking of video tape for better quality.

I nervously suggested that we should find a close friend to operate the camera or I could man the camera if she wanted to have an affair with another man or even for that matter, an other woman!

"You can't be serious!" she said, and I let the matter drop for the time being. Several days later, I was reading comments on the computer (we joined an adult BBS Bulletin Board) and this couple was asking if anyone on the board had any "private videos" they would like to swap and signed their code name for any responses that might be forthcoming.

I mentioned this to Nancy and after some thought, said that it would be fun to see what other people have done and it could be exciting to at least send them a message and find out more about what they had in mind or had to offer. I sent a "private" message to them saying that we had just made our first such tape, but that we were not sure how it would measure up to a tape from an experienced couple.

I told the couple that we would like to know more about what they were suggesting and "if" they thought our tape was the kind of thing they were interested in. By the next evening, I had a "private response" from Greg and Alma! The BBS Message said: "Hi!, we're Greg and Alma, thanks for your nice message.

It sounds like you two just started to experiment with your video camera and that is just how we got started too, some months ago. It was so exciting to see ourselves on tape and when we had the opportunity to see what others might be doing, we thought it would be stimulating to share tapes.

That is how we got started and think you two might be a nice couple to exchange video tapes with.


Our tape is probably longer than your initial tape, but we would nevertheless be just as interested, if you want to give it a try. Just so there is no misunderstanding, we are in our middle 40's, he's 6' and weighs 190 and pretty well endowed. She is a red head (for real.:) you'll see) and has really taken care of her self.

We both like oral sex but no B&D or pain. That's important to many people.but if that is what you are looking for.go for it! We have a special oriental friend who helps us take the close ups and even joins in on occasion, so the pictures are really fantastic, we think! We hope to hear from you soon and let us know if you have any other questions.Anxiously!.Greg and Alma." Well, there it was, an offer to exchange personal videos with a couple on the adult BBS.

We still didn't know who they were or where they lived, but that could come from the next message if we followed up on the offer. We replied the next day! "Dear Greg and Alma, You both sound so interesting, as does your oriental friend. You have obviously found the solution to the close ups and different angles of taking pictures of people having sex.

We don't have that luxury (yet) and feel that out tape may be too amateurish for your tastes, (no pun intended). We both think it would be exciting to see what you have done and maybe we could learn from your technique. Please let us know where we need to send our video tape and you can send your tape to: Harry and Nancy Bowers, 1313 West Dover Drive Maysville, KY 49090 Looking forward to the exchange and hope you like what we have to offer.

We're sure we will like your tape from what you have told us. Regards, Harry and Nancy! We received an immediate reply from Greg and Alma and learned that lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, and they too, sent their address along with a short message. "Looking forward to a lasting relationship and being very special friends, hope you like the video" Greg and Alma! I had a friend of mine make a copy of our tape and mailed it the next day to Greg and Alma.

On Saturday of that week, the tape from Greg and Alma arrived and I was actually shaking with excitement trying to open the package. I called out to Nancy, "The tape arrived! Interested?" We went into the living room and I slipped the tape into the VCR and settled down on the sofa next to Nancy, who was now smiling broadly with nervous excitement.

The tape flickered several times and then we were looking at a couple presumed to be Greg and Alma. They were looking into the camera and preceded to introduce themselves and telling the viewers that they hoped that they liked their video. The picture then showed Greg sitting in a stuffed chair watching a ball game on TV when Alma entered the room. She was telling him that all he ever did was watch TV and she wanted some attention. She stood between Greg and the TV and started to unbutton her blouse.

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Off came the blouse revealing her bra and plenty of cleavage. She then unzipped her skirt and that too, dropped to the floor leaving her only in her panties and bra.

"Maybe I can interest you in something else than that damn ballgame!" she said running her hands along her thighs and up to cup her full breasts.

She reached around and unfastened the light blue lacy bra allowing her breasts to spring free. Pulling her right breast up to her mouth, she licked the extended nipple and suck the hard little button into her mouth.

All the while she kept looking at Greg who by now had let his hand drop to his own crotch to adjust the increased pressure his cock was putting on his trousers. She placed her fingers on either side of her panties and pulled them down toward her ankles revealing the bright red pubic hair that Greg had mentioned in his message on the Bulletin Board.

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Alma moved toward Greg and climbed on the chair straddled his chest and placed her muff directly on his mouth. The next camera angle was taken from the floor level looking up at his tongue snaking its way in and out of her gaping pussy.

His hands were gripping her ass cheeks pulling her closer on to his mouth. The lips of her pussy were extended and had opened like a taco allowing his probing tongue full access to the bright pink flesh of her cunt.

"OH My! Harry, look at that, isn't that wild? Their oriental friend must be taking those shots to get that detail, look, they're zooming in to show a close up." The picture was a full TV screen picture of Greg's tongue sliding up and down the full length of Alma's glistening, pink pussy.

Greg had unfastened his pants and released his rock hard cock as Alma slipped down from his probing tongue and lowered her gaping slit onto his 8" cock. She took it all, clear to his balls until their pubic hair became tangled together. "Look how big he is Harry and how pretty her pussy is, this is exciting!" Nancy sighed. "They really do get it on, don't they?" she said as we watched her pussy grip his cock with each thrust of his love meat.

I was furiously masturbating while Nancy was working her fingers in and out of her squashy cunt. We both were very turned on by what we were seeing on the video tape from Greg and Alma.

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The fucking was fast and furious when Alma jumped down and started suck Greg's large cock. It was so large that she was only able to get the crown between her lips and her hand was jacking his cock as fast as she could. We could see him thrust his hips as she worked on him while droplets of white semen oozed form the corners of her mouth. Alma opened her mouth and a large glob of cum coated his entire shaft and ran over her fingers onto his stomach.

Just then, a figure appeared from the left with long black shiny hair. It was their oriental friend, and she and Alma took turns licking the cream from Greg's shaft and took turns taking his cock into their sucking mouths.

The kissed each other passing the sticky white cream back and forth. She was a beautiful young girl and I was hoping that I would be able to see more of her before the tape out. She had obviously gotten so excited that she moved away from the camera so as to get into the action and enjoy herself.

After a short while both girls were kissing Greg and then the girl returned to the camera as the picture faded away to a blank screen. Nancy and I continued frigging ourselves as we watched the screen.

The picture returned with Alma and the oriental girl going "69" and that really excited Nancy. She moaned loudly as Greg positioned the camera just right to get the full effect of Alma's tongue squirming around in that tight oriental pussy. Then he would move the camera to the other side to show the girl licking Alma's sweet pussy and show zoom shots of the finer points of eating pussy by a true expert.

Seeing two women making love has always been a favorite of mine and with seeing those two beauties tongue each other was all it took, I grunted and said, "Honey, I'm cumming!" Nancy immediately grabbed my cock and took it fully into her mouth and swallowed my entire load of warm sticky juice. Letting my limp member slip from her mouth she raised up and kissed me saying, "You can repay me tonight, when we watch this tape again." The video showed Greg and Alma sitting on the sofa when the oriental girl joined them and they all said that they enjoyed making the video and hope that we enjoyed watching it.

Well, we surly did enjoy it and Nancy and I spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking each other and planning what our next video was going to be. We certainly learned a lot from Greg and Alma, for sure! -=[ THE END ]=-