Boys drink their own piss and swimming naked videos gay Kyle

Boys drink their own piss and swimming naked videos gay Kyle
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Jerry and I had been together for almost two years the night we discussed our sexual fantasies. As close as we were we had never discussed our needs or desires. We had a great sex life and had no reason to talk about fantasies. This particular night we were watching a murder mystery and the plot revolved around a married couple revealing their sexual fantasies to each other in a moment of closeness.

That revelation eventually led to the man killing his wife because of his mistrust of her afterwards. It got us to talking and we realized we knew nothing of the other's dreams or sexual fantasies.

We both felt nervous about revealing our deepest darkest "Masturbatory" fantasies to the other. We both felt though that to be together we should know everything about each other in order to establish and keep a trusting relationship.

Better for them to break us up now before causing a murderous rage we agreed laughing. We decided that we would tell each other our top two most arousing and oft used fantasies when masturbating; The ones we knew we could never do in real life but the thinking of them still invoked mind bending orgasms.

We had to flip a coin to decide who would go first and I lost. At first I started to make up something inconsequential. I could always be honest if his answers warranted it once he had confessed his fantasies I reasoned. I decided that would defeat the entire reason we were doing it and my guilt demanded my honesty. Besides, we really should know each other inside and out or how could we ever forge a lasting relationship? Anything else would be living a lie or at least a misrepresentation of who we really are.

I steeled myself and told him my hottest fantasy was being raped, made to do disgusting things to my rapist and fucked hard, painfully, while unable to get away.

In my fantasy the big cocked man always subjugated me with his cock and made me love my debasing. Jerry just smiled and said, "Isn't that every woman's fantasy, I was afraid you'd say something like you wanted to fuck your boss and I'd know you were with him every day at work like in that murder show".

Jerry watched expectantly as I grappled with the decision if I should tell him of my second most stimulating, the one I was afraid might disgust Jerry so much it could really influence our relationship. My gaze lowered to the floor as I began and I felt my heart pounding in my chest and my mind was overwhelmed with doubt and trepidation as I began stammering, I.I.I.need…no…I mean I want&hellip.then calming myself I slowly said, Jerry I think about being fucked by a really large cock&hellip.taking a deep breath I added, a really huge black cock…&hellip.raped by him is my favorite but any black cock fucking me I find exciting.

I know its crazy but the thought of experiencing a huge black cock fucking me gets me off every time. Jerry sat there with an astonished look ingrained on his face and I assumed the worst. My heart seemed to quit pumping in my chest. I rushed to explain my answers saying, I think the reason I like those fantasies is that I know there is no safe way to be raped so I am sure it will never happen unless I am actually raped and I doubt I would enjoy that.

Jerry even though it really arouses me to think of fucking black men I know I can't because it really turns me off thinking of a black man touching me in any way. I know it sounds crazy but I think it's just the taboo nature of a black guy in my white pussy that really makes me so hot. In my fantasy it is the thought of fucking a huge black cock not an actual person fucking me that does it for me. I knew that sounded crazy and that's the reason I knew it could never take place in reality.

Jerry was fidgeting in his seat looking uncomfortable and it was then that I noticed his dick was straining his pants and his breathing seemed more rapid and deepI He said seriously, "Really Lexi, I would never in a thousand years expected you to say that.

You really like thinking of fucking a black guy", he questioned? I almost blurted out I was just kidding and starting to laugh but his hand was gripping his hard cock and adjusting it in his pants and I was confused as to how he could be both mad and excited at my revelation simultaneously.

I decided to just be honest and answered, "Yes, I even have a black dildo somewhere I bought years ago to supplement my fantasy and make it more real.

Does that disgust you Jerry", I asked? "My god Lexi I've beat off a hundred times thinking of watching you being fucked by a huge hung black guy.

Just the thought of you screaming and hunching as he fucked you makes me need to cum so badly. Look at my dick baby, just you admitting that has me aroused as hell", he replied. His reply both elated me and astonished me. I was astonished that he would fantasize about me fucking any man but himself, but, to be aroused and find pleasure in thoughts of me with a black man made my clit pulse with my excitement at that knowledge.

I was elated that out of all the possible fantasies we could separately have, we had the same one, masturbated to the same thoughts. After Jerry told me his favorite masturbatory fantasy was imagining me being fucked hard by a well hung black guy and the man making me cum my ass off, I had to wonder if he hoped to actually see that happen.

A yearning gripped my pussy so intensely that my thighs squeezed tightly at that possibility and a hard shudder shook my entire body as I instantly became aroused.

I was about to tell him I needed him to fuck me when he revealed that his second fantasy was to sit and jack off watching me play with myself and making myself cum repeatedly.

I couldn't believe he hadn't just asked me to do that and I told him so. He just said he thought I'd think him weird or something if he asked me to do it. I had never allowed anyone to watch me play with myself before that night. I could never expose my humanity, my sexual needs to another human being like that even though I had fantasized about doing just that many times.

I was sure I'd be embarrassed to death to attempt it but it did make my clit throb and excited me thinking of him stroking his cock while we watched each other. Besides, his revelation that he wanted to watch me fuck a black guy had me intrigued and wondering if I could actually do it, much less with him present. I thought if I complied with one of his fantasies now and then decided that I wanted to fulfill his best fantasy in the future he would owe me and be unable to back out.

I was beginning to get aroused thinking of playing myself in front of him so I rose and went to our bedroom and stripped nude. It was then I remembered telling Jerry of the black dildo I had bought to use when I thought of being taken by a black guy. I felt like it would tie in to both his favorite fantasies. I had to look for it in the closet where I had stored it away because Jerry rarely gave me reason to use it. Once I found it I washed it off and warmed it under hot running water.

I thought to myself, yeah I need a hot black cock inside me. Then I felt it in my hands and realized I had forgotten how large it was. My pussy clenched and a yearning emptiness filled me as I remembered how full I felt with it fully in me.

A shudder passed through my body as I thought of Jerry seeing my reaction to its size and how my inhibitions fled me when I used it. I retrieved the lube I used with it and sauntered back into the living room.

With each step my excitement bubbled from the molten cauldron of my pussy to flow like hot lava in streams down my inner thighs. Fueled by the knowledge of what I was about to do as he watched me, the inferno raging inside me consumed my pride, my inhibitions and the ability to have rational thoughts.

Jerry's eyes opened widely with an inquisitive look as I sat at the other end of the couch from him and lay back facing him.

I lay my head back against the couch arm so I could watch his face and see his hard dick. My thighs opened revealing my wet gash to his gaze.

I saw his tongue slide over his lips and my clit pulsed with the knowledge he was thinking of eating me. His eyes seemed to seethe with the arousement that had him reveal his cock to me.

His swollen mass jerked strongly in his grasp. I slowly raised my left leg and extended it over the couch back. My hips began undulating as he stared at me openly. I felt such a complete slut displaying myself so invitingly. My pussy filled with an intense hunger knowing he was watching me. I opened myself even more widely as my right leg slid sideways until I lowered my foot to press flat on the floor as my pussy undulated with need.

I felt open, vulnerable, and wantonly craving! If there had been a real black guy there with us I would have fulfilled Jerry's best fantasy by begging him to fuck me. I knew in that moment that I could allow a black guy to fill me with his large dick and fulfill both of our fantasies. I knew he was seeing my pussy clenching and releasing rapidly with each hard throb of my clit, saw the wet expression of my excitement.

I couldn't prevent my hands from grasping my gaping pussy and pressing two fingers of each hand into my wet hole excitedly. I began fucking myself with my fingers, pulling my tight pussy open while the heel of my one hand rubbed my clit hard. I had never felt sluttier in my life as my moans filled with the urgency I felt.

I already wanted his dick in me, a hunger for him spreading through me quickly. "Why don't you take your clothes off and get comfortable baby and you can watch my black friend here fuck my pussy, are you ok with that honey", I asked him? Jerry stood and hurriedly stripped and by the time he sat back down his cock was swollen larger than I ever remembered seeing it.

His dick was jerking stiffly, bobbing under its own weight as it swayed back and forth with his heartbeat. I saw the excitement displayed in his eyes and his hand found his dick and he began slowly stroking it as he asked me, "His dick is a lot bigger than mine baby, are you sure you can take all that black cock, do you really want him to fuck you with me right here watching it?" I felt my pussy overflowing with an excited moistness as I rubbed the largeness of the black glans over my clit.

My hips began hunching as I teased myself with the black cock. "I don't have a choice baby, he said he's gonna make me take it all, said he was going to pound his bare nigger dick all up inside me and cum in me, drain his black balls and make me pregnant." My fingers began rolling my clit as I placed its black tip at my hungry inner lips and began pressing it into me forcefully while saying, "Oh god Jerry his dick is so big.

He's hurting me baby, oh damn he's so much bigger than you. Please stop, I can't take're hurting me. OhhhhHHHHHHHHGOD Jerry he won't stop. Please don't, oh god it feels like he's ripping my pussy with his black dick, my pussy is burning.ohhhhh goddd he's so fat…mmmmmmmm…so hot&hellip.oh god I feel it throbbing& good&hellip.damn…damn he's so good…so hard and thick…he's fuckin me baby…fucking my pussy so deep…aieeeee&hellip.aieeeee&hellip.fuck me&hellip.yes.yes…oh god it hurts so good." "Is this what you wanted to see honey?

Does it turn you on watching me fuck my pussy with this big black cock. I love the way it feels inside my pussy, the way it stretches me deeper than you can. Does it make you angry that when you're not home I think of huge cocked black men raping my pussy like this. Does it bother you that I crave cocks bigger than yours, cum violently as I think of them.

Is this what you wanted to see baby, how much I love fucking my pussy thinking of big cocked men fucking me", I taunted him. I knew that if he was being honest about the thought of me fucking black men turning him on better than anything that it was because he wanted me to take bigger cocks than he possessed? Jerry was caught up in my role playing and honesty. I had never seen him so hot and excited. It seemed like the sluttier I was and the more I expressed my desire to have big cocked black men fuck me the faster his hand stroked his dick.

That seemed strange to me but I loved it, loved knowing he really did want to watch me fuck other guys. I had wanted to fuck a really huge dick ever since the first time I cum with a fat cucumber stuck up my pussy while masturbating. I had seen a black boy in the alley behind our garage beating off with two of the neighbor girls kneeling in front of him sucking his cock.

I had watched him fill both their mouths with his large loads of cum from my bedroom window. He had what at the time appeared to me to be a two foot long really fat dick. I had never seen a hard dick at that point in my life and I'm sure I exaggerated his size but he definitely was huge.

I was thirteen at the time and he was my masturbatory fantasy for years. Once I found black cock sites on the internet I found I didn't need that particular memory anymore. It was replaced by the black men online pounding white pussies that I watch regularly even today.

Seeing his excitement while feeling my pussy stretched and full had my back arching, thighs squeezing tightly as my hands pulled at the black dildo embedded fully inside me.

Jerry knew I was thinking of a real black man fucking me as my orgasms coursed through me repeatedly. Knowing he was watching me with that knowledge of my thoughts so intensified my pleasure that I couldn't stop ramming the dildo deep inside me until my body was curled up in a fetal position that forced me to roll off the couch to my knees on the floor as I hunched hard into the black cock I was pressing as deep as possible in my stricken body.

My upper body was lying on the couch cushion as I hunched and roughly ground my pussy into the dick held in me deeply by my hands. I was lost to the wild electric like spasms coursing through me and was no longer even capable of thinking of Jerry as orgasm after orgasm gripped me! I was not prepared for and didn't expect what Jerry did next.

My eyes were closed and I no longer resided on this earth. I was moaning my love of the heaven my thoughts and black dildo had me residing in when I suddenly felt a hot bareness pressing first againstthen into my virgin asshole.

It took a few seconds for my mind to realize what was happening and by then my asshole was burning as Jerry's extremely hard dick had impaled me, opened me to his hot hard meat and was pistoning wildly inside me as I screamed.

His hands held my hips as I felt his hot meat lodged inside me with my asshole gripping him tightly as I felt every stroke of his cock spreading my asshole open as he pistoned deeply inside me. It felt like I had a large turd sliding in and out of me rapidly and the nerves it roughly caressed streamed pleasure that made the burning sensations seem worthwhile.

I felt obliged to scream how he was killing me but to be honest, by then my hips were rolling, ass squeezing and I couldn't stop roughly hunching into the black dick still impaling me. I felt Jerry's arms encircle my waist, his hands pushing mine away as he began pressing the dildo into me very forcefully. He fucked my asshole and pussy alternately while telling me to spread my thighs a little. I did and his fingertips immediately began making small circles on my clit very lightly.

The contrast between the roughness I felt in my ass and pussy and the softness of his touch on my tautly swollen clit instilled an insanity in my mind and body. I lost it completely feeling his dick and the dildo battling inside me through the thin partition separating them while the sensations emanating from my lightly caressed clit filled every cell of my body with a pressure to cum that overwhelmed me and had my hips moving in a blur of insane hunching.

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My head flailed around as my mind filled with the insanity of pleasure I felt exploding inside me. I needed to get away or go crazy but he had me trapped between his body and the couch and all I could do was scream and flail my arms, claw at the couch until my entire body tensed, my elbows pulled into my sides and I tried to bend into a fetal position on the couch cushion as I cum harder than ever before in my life.

I was completely immobilized as he raped my ass and held the black cock in me hurtfully and now rubbed my clit roughly also. My chest heaved, my body jerked, trembled as he fucked me fitfully. I felt thrills that raced through me like lightning bolts from my asshole directly up my spine to the pleasure center of my brain. The deep pulses of pure pleasure from my clit caused every cell of my body to condense at the pain in my pussy and flow from me as a liquid that drowned the black dick lodged there.

I begged him to stop, shouted how he was killing me and his response to my pleas was to wrap his fingers in my hair and pull my head back as he held me to his rough ass fucking. His body rammed against the dildo with each deep thrust of his dick up my ass. I couldn't stop cumming! My entire body squeezed the dick in my pussy, my legs straightened out behind me as he continued fucking my asshole. I couldn't control my body as it violently shook, bucked, hands squeezing my breasts tightly, fingers pinching my nipples hoping the pain would distract my mind from the hard dick pistoning madly in long strokes fucking my asshole.

I loved it even though I knew my ultimate demise was near. My mind screamed NO!, NO! as I heard my voice begging, "Fuck me, don't stop, oh god I love your dick up my ass, I feel so slutty cummin while you fuck my ass…aarrgghhHHHHHHH…& dick……ass……oh god Jerry I love you&hellip.fuck me&hellip.god you're killing me&hellip.don't stop……can't stop cummin.aaiieeeEEEEEEEEEGODD I felt like my first fantasy was coming true, I was being raped, held helpless to stop what I was experiencing.

For the first time in my life a man raped my asshole, took it and made it his and I loved it! I heard Jerry grunting, gasping and I knew he was about to fill my ass with hot cum. My mind melted as I realized I was about to have a dick cum in my asshole for the first time in my life. I wanted it, needed it and my hips began rolling, pressing my ass into each hard thrust he presented it.

I squeezed his dick with my ass while meeting his most ferocious thrusts with equally forceful rearward pressure. My whole being cried out for it and when it came I screamed and began milking his cock with my ass muscle as he exploded up my colon.

I felt it hot inside me and his dick immediately became slick with his lava like expulsion. It felt nasty as I fucked his dick with my ass while his balls kept pumping me full.

So nasty that shivers of excitement trembled my body when he again began fucking me slickly. I had never felt sluttier than then as I pressed my cummy asshole back into his swiftly fucking cock. I could feel his cum coating his dick, lubricating it as I squeezed tightly to elicit every nasty ounce of pleasure from this carnal act. My upper body was lain flat on the couch cushion, thighs widely spread as Jerry continued fucking my ass.

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The feel of the dildo still lodged in my soaked pussy reminded me of my desire for black dick. My mind filled with visions of a black man fucking my asshole and my body immediately began moving hungrily.

It was a testament to Jerry's excitement that his dick was still stiffly risen as he worked it in my ass. "Jerry baby would you care if two black guys fucked me, one in my pussy and another in my ass like you and the dildo are now?", I asked as my thoughts had me hunching smoothly with his stroking. "I think I fell in love with a real black cock slut. Hell yes I'll care whenever anybody fucks my future wife. I'll expect them to make you cum your ass off if I'm gonna watch them bury their black dicks in my woman and fill her with their hot cum." My eyes filled with tears as I realized that in one statement Jerry had indicated he wanted to marry me and also that he expected anyone that fucked me to make it good for me.

When we had disclosed our fantasies to each other I didn't think he would ever consider having a wife that he wanted to watch fuck black men especially one that admitted it was a fantasy of hers to do it. I thought he was indicating that he knew our relationship would someday fail and that we should just enjoy ourselves sexually until it happened. "Jerry, when you said if someone was going to fuck your future wife they had to make it good for her, what did you mean, who were you talking about", I asked seriously?

"I was talking about you, who do you think I was talking about? I thought it was understood when I told you I loved you that I expected us to get married someday. It seems that the woman I love, being you, needs to fuck big dicks, black ones it seems which I cannot possibly provide.

That being the case, and it turns me on to no end imagining that taking place, then I expect them to use you the way you need to be used and to make you cum as good as I know you will make them", now do you understand? "Or you could marry someone that doesn't want to fuck big black dicks, did you ever consider that", I asked? "Not for a second, why would I? You have been more honest about your desires and needs than any woman I have ever known.

Plus, it just so happens that if you remember it was me that told you my biggest fantasy was you doing precisely what you said you had fantasied about so long. Now I suggest you close your eyes and imagine some big dicked black guy fucking your ass which you seem to enjoy now that you've done it", he replied. So that's what I did right after saying, "I love you with my whole being Jerry, now fuck me with that black dick in my ass". My visions became even hotter as I imagined two black men fucking me while my "Husband" watched how big a slut his wife could be!

Jerry addicted me to assfucking that night. Before that day I had considered a woman that did that a real slut that evidently loved pain. But that night as I lay there with my pussy stuffed imagining black men taking turns fucking my ass, my cum running wetly from my pussy and his from my ass I learned to love nasty, slick cock in the ass fucking.

That night brought us closer together and we actually began talking of getting married as soon as possible. My ass was sore for a few days afterwards but every time I sat down I had to smile as the pain reminded me of the feel of a hard dick pistoning up my crapper.

It seemed natural now to have a hunger in my asshole as great as the yearning in my pussy when I became aroused. Jerry informed me that because I had filled his fantasy of watching me masturbate that he was going to figure out how to have me "Raped" in a safe manner.

He said he would wait a while so I wouldn't be expecting it but that it would happen. That's all he'd tell me except that black men would be involved in it. Days turned into weeks and then weeks into months with nothing happening until I finally decided he really couldn't figure out how to accomplish it or just had forgotten about it.

I didn't care though, I was extremely happy with Jerry in bed. He had even bought me more black dildo's so I could take them in my ass and pussy while sucking him. He also paid a fortune for a "Rabbit" vibe that just has me cumming my ass off for hours and hours. I told him I didn't need a man anymore as long as I had batteries for my Rabbit.

He put his cock in my ass and then grabbed the rabbit and used it on me while fucking my asshole and made me admit that maybe I'd keep him around till I had another vibe for my ass.

I worked downtown in the business district for a firm in their mortgage origination department. I usually took lunch at a small corner diner near our firm. One day as I was leaving, there were three black guys obviously from the "Hood" sitting in a booth. As I walked by them one squeezed my ass and said something smart. I turned quickly, pissed, and said, "Keep your fucking hands to yourself you fucking black asshole".

The guy stood up and said, "Listen up bitch you better watch your tongue cause a black man will fuck your white ass up". A cop who is a regular there had watched the whole thing and stood up and said to the guy, "Son that's what is legally called terroristic threatening and can get you up to a year in jail, especially when you're stupid enough to do it in front of a cop.

I would advise you to apologize to this lady and hope she won't want to press charges otherwise you and me are going to take a little trip downtown. The guy glared at both the cop and me but finally said, " I'm sorry if I offended you ma'am I was just joking around and didn't mean no harm". I looked at him and said, "Just keep your hands to yourself from now on and everything will be ok". The cop said, "It's your call ma'am, do you wish to press charges.

What I saw was considered sexual assault and terroristic threatening. I looked at the man and saw the wedding ring on his finger and asked, "You got kids". "Yeah, a couple. The wife's watching them at home now", he answered. "Go home and hug them then because they're the only reason you're not going to jail today." Then to the officer I said, "Thanks for your help but I don't want his kids to suffer because he's an asshole".

"You're a lucky guy buddy", the cop said to the man before turning and walking back to his stool and sitting down. He sat there watching as the three guys got up and left. I walked over and asked him if he had been serious about the man's actions being sexual assault and terroristic threatening and he replied, "Serious as a heart attack. You don't know how scared he was because I know for a fact he just left the courthouse from being put on parole for another asinine act he committed.

If you had charged him he'd probably be serving around eight years. Next time though don't say anything to the guy just call a cop because some of those guys, and he's one of them, will hurt you. I thanked him again and went back to work. If the guy had squeezed my ass in other circumstances it might have led to him fucking me. He was a masculine black man, not bad looking at all.

The rest of the day my mind kept returning to the feel of his hand squeezing my ass tightly. My panties were a soaked mess by the time I arrived home. If I hadn't been so turned on maybe I would have noticed the three black men sitting in a van smoking dope watching me walk to my car in the parking garage.

Unbeknownst to me, the only thing that saved me then was they hadn't cut out a section of the cable to the surveillance camera yet. Tomorrow was another story though. Jerry was late arriving home and when he saw me nude he apologized telling me he had a migraine and needed to go straight to bed in the dark, which he did after kissing me good night.

I felt frustrated and the pulsing need in my clit and clenching yearning I felt in my pussy had me again meeting up with my largest black dick dildo for some hard fucking. I retrieved my black lover and proceeded to be raped by the black asshole at the diner earlier.

I imagined him telling me he was gonna fuck me up as he fucked my white pussy with a vengeance for embarrassing him. I couldn't remember a lot of how he looked because I was afraid to look at him at the time because of the hatred I saw in his eyes. I did remember thinking he was someone I might fuck under different circumstances. I also very plainly remembered the feel of his hand on my ass. I thought of both his large black hands squeezing my ass while pounding his big dick deep in my pussy.

After an hour or so of cumming while enjoying black cock fucking I showered and crawled in bed with Jerry and went to sleep. The next morning Jerry's head was better and I told him of the events and my arousement the day before and let him know he had missed my good time fucking the black guy on the couch.

As I was walking out the door he stopped me and kissed me and said he had a surprise for me when I got home that night. He would say no more so I decided to just wait and see. I really figured he had a new and great sex toy for me. That evening as I left work I was halfway to my car when I heard tires shrieking and turned around quickly to see a grey van stop and two men rush out the open sliding side door and grab me and push me into the interior rear of the truck.

I began screaming when I felt my nose and mouth covered with a cloth and was trying to remember the smell that overwhelmed me as my mind became a darkness. When I next awakened I was nude on my back on a mattress, hands tied together above my head and my legs restrained spread, tied to the sides of the van.

I writhed as I tried to rid myself of my bindings but to no avail. They had placed pads like gauze or something over my eyes and some kind of band to hold them in place and I couldn't even tell if it was day or night. I had no sense of the time of day or night it was. I could hear and smell. I felt open, vulnerable to anything they wished to do to me.

I was terrified as I struggled to free myself asking why me? As I moved I realized my ass crack felt wet, my pussy felt like it was leaking fluids, like I had been fucking but I knew I hadn't been. Then I remembered I had been drugged or something and really didn't know what had happened to me while I was out. I felt the truck stop and heard a door open and cool air rushed over my body.

I knew someone had got out and I heard two people talking, laughing, then someone opened the side door and I heard someone say, "OK, here's your money" I felt someone between my thighs, heard a zipper and then felt something hot rubbing over my clit and along my slit before lodging at the wet flesh of my pussy. "No, NO! oh god what are you doing…don't…please don't", I begged as I realized I was about to be fucked.

I felt the hotness of the man's dick slide into me and begin fucking me. It felt like Jerry's dick and as his stroking became faster I was sure it was him. I immediately calmed down and relief washed over my body. This was the surprise he had talked about, my rape. Knowing I was safe I began enjoying his fucking, hips lifting to his hard thrusts, rolling as I remembered he said he would have black guys fucking me also.

I was excited now. I was going to be black fucked. My excitement had me close to cumming when I felt the hot gush of cum inside me and his rough jerking thrusts as he drained his balls in me. He immediately withdrew and I heard the zipper and felt him move to the door and again felt the cool rush of air over my body. I lay there panting wishing I could touch my pussy and make myself cum.

My pussy was clenching repeatedly forcing his cum from me to slide down my ass crack. I felt like begging for someone to fuck me but this was supposed to be my rape, I wasn't supposed to enjoy it. The door was still open and a breeze of cool air caressed my bare body. I heard someone ask, "How old are you little brotha", and a reply of "18". "Go on an get you sum of the white bitch, it's on me this time". Again I feel someone enter the truck and hear their heavy breathing and again feel a dick pressed in my slick pussy.

I wonder if he's really eighteen or if it's just part of my rape for me to think so. His dick is fatter and longer than the last guy and he fucks me hard, deep and unrelentingly. His dick hurts my pussy and I want to reach down and grip him by his ass and fuck him roughly, to give as good as I get but I can't.

All I can do is beg him to fuck me hard as his mouth finds my nipples and he sucks them roughly, almost chewing on them as my body writhes.

God I need to hold his head to my tits as he rapes my pussy. I cry out as much from my frustration at him cumming, before I have, as I do from the pleasure of his hot jism soaking my pussy deeply. I'm excited, craving to cum as I feel his dick swollen even larger, stiffer and he wields it to persecute me even deeper as instead of softening he fucks me even more frenziedly.

My legs pull at their restraints as my body tries to lift to his hurtful thrusts as I begin cumming, pussy undulating around the mass of his dick as he fucks me unceasingly. My body is in the throes of orgasm, pussy clenching his dick tightly when he pulls from me and begins thrusting at my asshole.

My ass is as craving as my pussy is and soon he is fucking my asshole as fiercely as he did my pussy. My pussy flows wetly but it feels empty as his dick slides through the cum coated orifice of my ass. I can't stop cumming and when I hear him say, "Damn bitch you're really a slut for black dick aren't you, even my cock up your ass gets you off", I know it's true but I don't care. Just knowing I have any black cock cumming in me excites and drives me. His dick feels like it just keeps swelling thicker and thicker and I begin cumming again hard.

As I tense I hear his grunts and feel him fucking his dick up my asshole deep, hard and feel the flood of his black ball juice squirting inside me in a hot stream that quickly coats his thick dick as he roughly fucks the entire contents of his black bag inside me. My ass is hunching quick, legs pulling at their bindings as I strive to milk every drop into my asshole. As I tense he reaches down and grabs my swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger and squeezes hard while twisting it roughly.

The sudden pain has my ass clenching, body shaking violently as my hips roll and twist as I try and escape the pain. He won't release me and soon the intense pain makes my orgasm seem exquisite in its intensity. My legs and arms pull roughly at my restraints as my orgasm grows more intense every second he pulls and rolls my clit. My mind can no longer distinguish between the pain and the pleasure I feel as his dick slickly rides through my squeezing anus.

My ass squeezes, jerks, bucks as I sob my wonderful agony. I scream my plight until someone rams his cock deep in my throat saying, "Shut the fuck up slut". Finally the boy releases my clit and withdraws from my ass leaving my body hunching crazily as I try to squeeze my thighs shut to no avail. My mind is lost as I suck frantically on the cock in my mouth. I want to scream for a dick, beg someone to fuck my pussy, torture it with hurtful deep fucking but the dick fucking my mouth prevents it and I begin to sob at my inability to control anything that they do or don't do to me.

My clit throbs, burns from its rough handling but it throbs with a desperate need to again be tortured, sucked, licked, anything to keep me cumming as intensely as the boy had forced me too.

The dick in my mouth had a rougher texture than Jerry's and I was sure it was a black dick fucking my throat. I felt so used, so thoroughly subjugated by everyone that used me for their pleasure. I was their slave, my feelings didn't matter and I felt no guilt at the slut I was becoming because I was tied, forced to accept their dicks in any manner they chose. What else did Jerry have in store for me I wondered as I felt hot cum jetting down my throat? I shook my head wildly as I tried to dislodge the cock pulsing in my throat as it continued spewing its owner's hot relief into my white mouth.

He held my head to his erupting cock until the air in my lungs exploded from them forcing his hot jism to flow like lava out my nostrils as I choked on his thick glans. Finally he backed his fat tip out to my mouth allowing me to gulp some air before again ramming his dick deep in my throat as it pulsed the dregs of his balls product into my gullet.

He pulled his cock from my throat and I felt a ribbon of white cum following it from my throat and laying upon my tongue as I tried to suck it from his tip and swallow it. Once out of my mouth he wiped its tip against my cheek leaving the ribbon of cum draping from my tongue to my face as I tried to collect it with my tongue. With my eyes covered my senses seemed heightened and I could feel everything on my skin. My face and neck were covered with cum. I felt it dripping from the tip of my nose but nobody cared, I was just a cum bucket not even human it seemed.

As the man was leaving the truck I heard someone with a gruff voice ask, "How much", and someone replied, "For you ten bucks". I heard the gruff voice say, "She clean or do I need a jacket". "Naw, no jackets allowed, the bitch needs a nigger kid to remind her of tonight", then I heard loud laughing before again someone entered the truck.

I heard a zipper and rough breathing and could feel eyes on my body. Then a weighty hotness was lain on my groin. At first I didn't know what it was, it felt big, heavy and although I didn't feel anyone against my thighs I felt the heavy object extending over my clit almost to my ribcage.

When he began lifting it and then slapping it down against my body I realized it was a dick, a huge meaty dick. My breathing became instantly rough, deep as I filled with a fear of what I knew was about to happen. My ass wiggled as I searched for a way to prevent him entering me. My moans became cries of, "Please don't, you're too big, don't hurt me, let me suck it". I had craved this moment for most of my life and now that it was upon me I was scared to death.

I had always imagined being fucked by a huge black cock but I never imagined how large some black men were. "Jerry don't, I've had enough, please Jerry", I cried out hoping he was near enough to hear me. "Ain't no Jerry here sweetie, just a bunch of nigga's needing to bust a nut in sum white pussy", the man between my thighs said. I steeled myself for what I knew was coming as he ran his fat glans along my slit coating it with the slickness he found there. He felt huge, hot against my soft flesh as he began pressing into me.

I felt his tip move down to my asshole and I was instantly terrified but he brought it back to my pussy as I cried, "Oh my god, I can't get that in me, please don't, no, no, it's hurting me", I plead with him. My eyes began flowing with my tears as I felt my pussy surely ripping he was spreading me so widely. It felt like a softball was being forced in me. I sobbed, begged him to stop but he said, "Done paid my money now baby and there ain't no refunds".

It was then I realized they were selling my pussy. Jerry would never do that, would he, I wondered. Had he gave me to them to "Rape" and they took advantage of it to use me for their prostitute.

Was he even here? This man had said there wasn't any Jerry there. The pain in my pussy shot through my entire body as the man rammed his hips forward hard, driving his fat cock past my tightly stretched inner muscles.

I saw a white explosion in my mind and I believe my brain shut down for a few seconds to protect me from the searing explosion of pain that was excruciating for the time it took for his fat glans to become lodged firmly inside my pussy. I lay with his heartbeat resonating in my pussy as I felt a burning sensation at my abused inner muscles where they gripped his horse like girth. "Now you gonna get fucked real good baby. That was the hard part the rest is fun.

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Let's start real slow and when you're ready I'll give you dis black dick like you white bitches dream of." I bit my lip as he began moving. God I'd never felt anything so good before. My pussy already felt full and stretched with just his glans in me. My hips began a slow undulation as I felt his hot dick with my pussy. My breathing became deep, more rapid as my mind began to absorb the pleasure his fat girth afforded me. This is what I had dreamed of since I first saw those girls sucking black dick.

This man is right, his cock is what fuels the dreams of white women. My body writhed against my bindings as my pussy rotated around the massive cock impaling me, subjugating my mind and addicting my body as he fucked me. He seemed to be savoring the feel of my soft inner flesh massaging his meaty dick. Each time he pressed into me I felt my pussy opening deeper and deeper. It felt like my pussy was a big mouth yawning as it inhaled his dick.

Each time his hips retreated his glans caused a suction within me that seemed to pull at my womb. He didn't need to fuck me fast, hard, or anyway but deeply to have me craving to cum on his black cock. I just lay there feeling his huge dick moving within me as my body seemed to swell with the pleasure it imbued. He knelt between my widely spread thighs working his hips slowly forward and back as he squeezed my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers as a craving grew in my mind for him to fuck me hard, to hurt my pussy deeply and not just with his huge girth.

He was so gentle with his huge horse cock as he fucked me with no hurry. My breathing continually deepened as his dick opened me deeper and deeper. When his fat glans finally met the resistance of my deepest walls I felt him stretching me, distending my inner flesh until his slow pistoning had me moaning loudly as my legs pulled at my restraints as I held my pussy to his thrusts.

With my pussy held against his fat glans I felt the pulsing of it as its heat permeated my entire body. I felt a madness creeping into my mind as my hips gyrated with increasing force and speed.

He must have sensed my need because he began fucking me forcefully, ramming his dick into my pussy until the restraints on my legs held me to his deep fucking. I wanted to see this man so badly, to watch his face as he fucked me, to know who he was so I would know the man giving me this pleasure. I began cumming as soon as he began hurting my pussy flagrantly with his need. My thighs wanted to close, my arms wanted to lower so I could grip him by his ass and rape his dick but all I could do was cum on his cock as my hips hunched my pussy as he fucked me.

I thought I was going to lose my mind as I couldn't stop cumming as he pistoned forcefully into my pussy with deep hurtful strokes that had my entire body violently writhing around the huge mass of his dick. My pussy felt ripping as I felt his cock pulsating strongly and knew he was about to cum. I was still cumming strongly and I begged him not to cum, not to stop fucking me. I begged him to tell me his name and told him he could fuck me for free. He cum right then and I lost it, god I thought a volcano had erupted in my pussy as his lava like cum scalded my pussy hotly.

He roughly fucked it into me. The pain of my bindings digging into my ankles fulfilled my rape fantasy intensifying my wonderful plight; each deep spewing thrust jarring my body and ripping my pussy as I begged him not to stop.

I almost told him I loved him my emotions were so distraught at knowing he would take his dick from me in seconds. I felt him lean over me and place his lips on mine as his dick continued spewing his hot juices.

His kiss was passionate as he sucked at my mouth and slid his tongue around my own. I thought my mind was exploding as I felt his dick swelling and receding in my pussy with each hot blast from his furnace like balls.

He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, "Damn you got some good pussy baby", as his body jerked and his cock stiffened as he left me the dregs of his ball juice. I had never been fucked so good in my life and this black man had paid for the privilege. "How can I find you I asked hurriedly", before he could leave me. "12th street rec club ask for Big John baby and you can have this dick anytime you need it", he replied. Then he began pulling his dick from me and it left me with a loud sucking sound and it felt like it was suctioning my guts out with it.

I felt like someone could stick a fence post in my gaped pussy. I actually felt a coolness inside the hole where my pussy used to be and I couldn't even squeeze my thighs shut to keep my guts from falling out. I knew Big John would be fucking me in front of Jerry if I lived through this. The next guy that entered the truck stuck his dick in my pussy and cursed and then placed it at my ass and began pressing into me.

He wasn't real large and his dick sliding in my slick asshole felt pretty good. I don't know how many more men fucked my asshole, but I do know it was squirting cum for days afterwards. I was used for a few more hours, made to suck and fuck many more guys and then I was driven to my house and as they parked out front the original three black men cut my restraints and allowed me to enjoy myself as they all fucked every hole of my body repeatedly.

I believe they thought they were punishing me for some unknown infraction but I loved every minute of it. I figured Jerry had arranged my rape and they took advantage of him by using his girl as their prostitute. When they were all limp dicked they handed me my purse and opened the side door and put my cum covered weary nude ass out on the sidewalk.

They kept my clothes. It was after two in the morning and as they were pulling off the one guy said, "Now we're even.

I would have killed any other bitch but seeing as you did me a good turn I'll do you one." I finally realized who they were and why they had used me like they did. Oh my god, I thought, Jerry wasn't a part of any of this and he had a surprise for me. I then realized I was standing nude out front of my home and anyone in the neighborhood could have seen me get out of a truck full of black men naked. I quickly unlocked the door and quietly went into the bathroom and began showering. I had cleaned the cum from most of my body and was just beginning to shampoo my hair when Jerry came into the bathroom and began pissing.

I leaned my head out and asked him what time he went to bed? "I had a few beers and I think I passed out around eight", he replied. "I think I got home right after that. I'm sorry I didn't call but I didn't think we'd be an hour or so and when it dragged on I was busy and forgot I hadn't called", I lied. "I tried your cell and your office phone but both went to voicemail", he said.


"Yeah my cell was in my purse at my desk and we were in the conference room and I couldn't hear the landline. Was it anything important", I asked? "No, nothing that couldn't wait.

Why are you in the shower this late anyway", he inquired? "I was just so tired I can't sleep I guess. I thought maybe a hot shower might help", I again lied. "Well I'm going back to bed, unlike you I can't hold my eyes open", he said as he left the bathroom. I took a leisurely shower then. I even felt my pussy to see how gaped it still was and my asshole kept leaking cum. I began thinking of Big John, remembering how his dick had felt in me and soon I was rubbing my clit.

Him, and the eighteen year old were the only two I really remembered. While parked in the front of the house I heard the men talking about the "Eighteen" year old that couldn't have been over thirteen but fucked the shit out of me because he was so excited to be fucking a white bitch. I looked in on Jerry and he was snoring so I got the largest black dildo I had and retreated to the living room where I lay on the couch and began fucking myself as I wondered how many of the men that fucked me tonight would remember what I looked like.

I was sure all but one had been black and I knew that every time I saw a black guy now I'd wonder if he was one of them. I am also very sure that every time a black guy smiles at me I'll know he was one and be blushing my ass off. I loved being tied up tonight, not being able to get away from anything happening to me. I was sure though that I was safe. If I had figured out who they were quicker though I would have been scared to death the whole time. It was while remembering the kidnapping that I realized I had left my car at the parking garage.

Oh shit I thought. I hurriedly threw on a house dress with nothing on under it and called a cab. I wrote Jerry a note saying I was going to get a fast food sandwich because I couldn't sleep and had missed dinner and was hungry.


I sat anxiously waiting for the cab and when I saw it coming up the street I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I gave the driver the address and noticed him looking at me through the rear view mirror.

I could see the smile on his face and because he was a nice looking black guy just assumed he had been one of them that fucked me earlier. My pussy felt wet and my clit throbbed as I crossed my legs and began pumping it as I squeezed my thighs with need. "Kinda late isn't it to be going to a parking garage.

Not really safe for a looker like you", the driver said matter-of-factly. "I'm sure I'll be fine", I said. We arrived and I began digging in my purse for my money when I realized they had taken every dime I had earlier.

I hadn't thought of it earlier but how else would they have known where I lived. I explained that someone had taken my cash and asked if he could take a card or follow me to an ATM so I could pay him. He smiled a knowing smile as if he was used to this happening and his glance at my body told me what he was thinking as he said, "That's an awful lot of trouble when I can just go to your car with you and we can figure something out." My pussy was yearning and my clit was pounding like a jack-hammer knowing this black guy wanted my pussy.

God I'm such a slut I thought, fucked two or three dozen guys and still wanting more black dick. I lay back in the seat and spread my thighs and began rubbing my clit as I looked at him lewdly and said, I'd like that a lot. His gaze met my pussy and his tongue slid over his lips and he backed up and turned in the parking garage and stopped at the ticket machine and pressed the intercom and when a guy answered said, "Hey Charlie I got a fare picking up a car, a woman can you raise the bar so I can drop her off at it.

She don't need to be walking around up there alone". The bar raised and he drove to my car and then got in the back seat with me. I took my dress off and watched as he undressed. I was going to suggest him fucking my ass because I was sure I was still gaped from Big John until I saw this guys dick. He wasn't a Big John but damn close. I lay back on the seat and he crawled between my thighs and began pressing his dick into me and he felt tight and I immediately began moaning my love of his dick.

It felt good to be able to wrap my thighs around this black guys hips and really fuck his huge cock. "Oh fuck baby I might be riding you a lot in the future&hellip.oh god fuck me&hellip.hurt me…god I like it to hurt…big fucking black dick&hellip.arrgghhhhHHHH yeah give it to me&hellip.yeah you know what I need……oh god its so fuckin big…thick&hellip.make me cum baby& know how I need it&hellip.give it to me hard, deep and forever&hellip.oh fuck give me that dick…fuck my white pussy." He pressed his whole dick inside me and as I cum hard, I wrapped my legs around his thin hips, locked my ankles and held his thrusting cock deep in my pussy.

As I held him to my pussy he reached back and opened the car door. I felt my body lifted by my ass, my arms folding around his neck as he backed out the car door. I was lost as the cool night air caressed my body. It excited me knowing he was willing to risk exposure to enjoy my pussy without any of the encumbrances of the confined rear seat of the cab. Being able to hear cars driving in the parking garage, their tires squealing as they maneuvered the aisles told of our inevitable discovery nude, fucking in public.

I didn't care, if anything it heightened my arousal knowing someone might see me cumming like the slut I was on his black dick. Nothing mattered but the feel of his black dick persecuting my pussy as I hunched fiercely down onto it. I fucked him forcefully with my body suspended upon his upright dick the whole time he walked me to the side of the car. I begged him to fuck me, to hurt my pussy. He pressed my back against the taxi, pinned me there as he fucked his dick up into me with all the force of his excitement as he tried to give me what I was pleading for.

His dick was so thick I held my thighs as widely open as possible as his hard thrusts jarred my pussy, bounced me with the ferocity of his assault not only on my body but also my mind. My weight holding me down on his fat cock assured that my clit absorbed every forceful ramming to my depths.

God I felt so slutty hunching crazily into his big cock as I felt it ripping my pussy while nude in public. I loved it, couldn't stop cumming as my hands reached down and pulled him into my pussy by his ass like I had wanted to Big John. I felt my cum running in streams down my ass as I flooded the side of the car.

His fat cock made horrible squishing sounds that just excited me more as he fucked me deeply. Finally dropping me to my feet he turned me facing the car and rammed his dick up in my cunt and bent me as he persecuted my pussy like every white woman wants to be fucked by black dick. He hammered my pussy forcibly until my body was upright, pressed fully against the car and he held me pinned by his huge cock as he fucked me deep, driving his cock into me roughly as I screamed my need.

I couldn't get away couldn't do anything to stunt the full effect of his deep fucking of my pussy as I was held captive between his dick and the car. His huge cock began swelling in my pussy, tightening the grip of my already stretched vaginal walls as his pistoning increased both in speed and force as he fucked me.

I heard his breathing become gasps and knew his explosion was imminent and my entire body craved it and hated it simultaneously. His sudden lunge upwards left my pussy feeling ripping, burning as my deepest tissues were stretched forcibly. When he finally cum I couldn't stop pressing my pussy into his thick pulsing cock head as it spewed hotly, its heat soothing the pain of his impalement of me.

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I loved it and loudly moaned my pleasure as he filled me so deeply but a part of me also groaned my disappointment at the knowledge he would be leaving my pussy now and I hadn't wanted it to end. I just thought it was over as it had been with everyone that had cum in me earlier that night.

To my surprise and enjoyment though, after he had drained his balls in my hungry white pussy he lifted me until I was laying over the top of the car. Its cold metal pressed against my breasts as his hands spread my ass cheeks which now resided at his face level.

When he began eating me fitfully, driving his tongue deep inside my cum filled pussy, his nose pressing my asshole my mind just seemed to melt. His tongue flew over me, licked my clit, probed my pussy and then he sucked at my leaking asshole like he loved it.

While his face was buried in my ass, tongue probing its well opened muscle, a car came by with a woman driving it and she almost wrecked as she watched us nude in public, having to slam her brakes on quickly to avert a collision.

I saw her gaze directed at us and imagined she was seeing the huge length and girth of his huge black dick hard and flopping around stiffly as he ate me. As she watched, now sitting motionless in her car, he pulled me down onto his stiff dick and again began torturing me deeply as my head flailed, my hips hunched and he fucked me completely senseless as she watched.

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I couldn't care, if it had been Jerry watching I couldn't stop, wouldn't have stopped because I couldn't stop cumming on his magnificent animal like dick. I was out of control, this whole day had me overwhelmed sexually and now I couldn't get enough black cock. I begged this taxi driver to fuck my ass and he just replied, "Anything you need baby", as he moved his fat glans to my asshole and began fucking it into me.

I screamed as he fucked me rapidly, driving his huge dick up my shitter and I loved it, loved feeling my anus stretched and full. I looked at the woman and she was roughly rubbing her clit as she watched him fuck my asshole and I knew she wanted to be me and that had me cumming as I felt his fat dick sliding in my cum filled ass.

My hands pressed against the car as I held my asshole to his punishing thrusts as insanity filled my mind. Fuck me, fuck me……oh god fuck my ass baby. I had slipped into an abyss of carnality from which I couldn't escape and I motioned for the woman to join us.

I watched as indecision gripped her mind and then when I motioned again I heard her moan and saw the door open and she walked on unsteady legs to us. As she neared us I said, "Fuck her, she needs to feel your dick too". He smiled and turned to her and ripped her dress from her, buttons popping everywhere. Then he ripped her panties off and lifted her to the side of the car and told me to put his dick in her and I did and she began a wailing moan as he fucked his thick cock into her forcefully. Her eyes were glassy and I'm sure she had never been so hot in her life.

She was a good looking MILF with large diamond wedding rings on her finger and I'm sure she had probably never cheated on her husband but she was lost to this man's huge dick crying out, "Oh god its so big&hellip.never felt so huge a dick&hellip.oh god fuck me……oh fuck&hellip.aieeeEEEE…oh my god I have a black dick in my pussy and I love it…&hellip.fuck me&hellip.please don't stop Oh shit I'm cummin&hellip.arrgghhHHHHHHH…I'm cummin so good&hellip.fuck me…&hellip.oh god I'm cummin on a black man's big dick&hellip.oh fuck…fuck……aarrgghhHHHHHHH&hellip.never dreamed a dick could feel so good Shit its so hard…so much bigger than my husband&hellip.oh god…oh god I want to fuck you over and over…everyday.

"Get ready baby I'm gonna cum in that pussy, gonna fill it up", he told her. "Oh god I'm not on the pill anymore" "Want me to take it out then and cum on your face", he asked her. "NO!.oh god no…cum in me…don't stop…oh god I'm cummin&hellip.doit…cum…arrggghhhhHHHH&hellip.OH MYGOD a black man is cumming in my unprotected pussy&hellip.oh god yes&hellip.fill me up& fucking hot Oh shit you're still cumming&hellip.oh god I love your big black cock……c.c.can.can't stop cumming.

I watched her legs wrap his hips and her pussy hunched wildly down onto his cock as he fucked his cum up into her pussy forcibly.

There is no way she wouldn't be knocked up unless she used plan b quickly. His cum was flooding from around his dick as she ground it into her as deeply as possible.

When he finally quit thrusting up into her pussy he lifted her from his dick to her disappointed moans and said, "Well ladies its been fun now if you two would clean this black cock up with those lovely lips and tongues I can get back to work. I dropped to my knees quickly because I knew exactly what he needed and I wanted to please this big cocked black man. She was a quick learner and soon had his dick between her lips as we shared our own cum as we licked and sucked it from his cock and balls.

His dick began hardening and I sucked at him in earnest as I wanted his cum in my mouth. The woman soon realized that she could also help empty his balls and we took turns trying to press his dick down each other's throats. Soon he was spurting large loads of black ball juice down both our throats as we eagerly sucked it from his tip while the other pumped it into our mouth. We were both still kneeling there as we watched him retrieve my purse and sit it beside me then throw his business card into our cars and get in and leave.

I looked at her and she had a large spot of cum hanging onto her chin and I leant over and licked it from her and for reasons I can't explain I kissed her and smeared the cum over her tongue with my own as they entwined passionately. I'd never kissed a woman but I knew this would not be my last time as we knelt there nude in public fondling each other's clits and asses. We both tried to stand but it took a few moments as both our legs were weak from the fucking we just received and kneeling so long servicing his black cock orally.

We exchanged business cards and I assured her I'd be calling her and asked if she'd object to Jerry joining the two of us at our home. The thought of fucking a young man had her eagerly assuring me that it would be fine as long as we were all discrete. She tried to put her dress back together but it seemed pretty hopeless but she did manage to get it where she could drive home.

I slipped back into my house dress and picked up the drivers card and placed it in my purse with Rose's card. She did admit that she had never cheated before tonight and she had just got caught up in the sexuality of us openly fucking in public. That and the size of Adam's big black cock.

We kissed good-bye reluctantly but we both knew we had to get home. I stopped at an ATM before going to get a few burgers at an all-night fast food joint and drove home. I thanked God the men hadn't took my credit and debit cards earlier. Jerry was still snoring when I returned home and I slowly ate the burgers while thinking how nice it would be to have Big John and Adam both fucking me at the same time. Jerry would love it I was betting and I planned on finding out soon.

For the first time since I was thrown in the truck I felt sated. Having Adam fuck me like he did and me not being tied and unable to fuck him back was wonderful. I had never had anyone eat me the way he had. God he made me feel so needed and desired when he threw me up on the top and devoured my asshole and pussy. And when he began fucking me again I lost it. He fucked me like I had always imagined I'd be fucked by a black man. I knew I could tell Jerry everything that had happened but I didn't want him to feel left out.

I planned on having Rose over and having him fuck her after watching us learn each other's bodies. She was in her forty's and would love fucking Jerry if she isn't too gaped from tonight. If necessary we have the dildos. I lay on the couch idly rolling my clit as I thought of eating Rose's pussy. I knew she shaved her snatch because when I put Adam's dick in her I had noticed how smooth and hairless she was.

When we kissed while on our knees I groped her pretty good and know she has the body of a much younger woman. I wondered if she had made it in her house without being discovered with her clothing torn and ripped as they were. I knew that turned her on having her clothes ripped from her so a black man could fuck her.

Seeing it happen had soaked my pussy as I thought of him doing that to me. Every woman wants to feel she arouses a man till he can't control himself and Rose was taken in by that action I know. She was helpless to stop him from doing anything after his showing her how bad he wanted her pussy like that.

I still didn't know what my surprise was from Jerry. It certainly wasn't my rape evidently but that fantasy had been fulfilled very aptly. The only fantasy left was for Jerry to watch me be fucked by Adam and Big John.

My asshole is sore as hell now and cum is literally dripping from it which is a good thing if one of those two decide to fuck my ass. My entire body felt used and sore, asshole burning and I loved it. Every fantasy I had known my entire life plus a few had been fulfilled in the last twelve hours or less.

I was thinking of Rose's soft lips kissing and licking away the pain that inhabited my used and abused body as I finally fell to sleep while still laying on the couch. What would tomorrow bring?

Does anyone wish to know?