Hot babe opens up her twat and loves hardcore sex

Hot babe opens up her twat and loves hardcore sex
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I was twenty years old and living with my father down in Florida for college. It was in July of 2010, and my father and has new wife aka real bitch of the universe, but anyway they were gone for the last week in July and I planned on have a quit week I was playing Halo on the big HD TV.

I was having the best time of my life in the first to two days of week, but my father called and said the my step grandmother and my aunt Lynn, which she was a dirty blonde, short, and had nice big tits and a nice round ass for a 38 year age women, would be coming over because they had a long way to travel to getting back home.

And they need a place to stay for a short time. When they got to house I help them with all their stuff just so I could look like a nice guy. My Momo, which is my step grandmother we just called her that don't know why and I didn't ask either.


Well I was sit on the coach when ant Lynn came in the living room and sat in the chair next to the coach, and she asked was college and my grades and I said that it all was ok and I was having fun with some of the girls there.

Then she asked me if I have a lot of sex sense I've been in college, and I didn't want to say that I haven't had sex sense high school so I lied. I told her that I had had some sex with at least two or three women from my college, but nothing came from it. She smiled and said that she was happy to hear that, but I thought it was wired that she would ask me something like that.

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Then she got up from the chair an sat next to me on the coach, which I thought was ok because I wanted to look down her t-shirt just so I could see her tits. But after about ten minutes or so of being quit she ask if she could lay down and have her feet on my lap I didn't say no I just ok not know what she was trying to do to me.


We were watching something on TV I really don't reminder what, but I asked her if I could lay on her and she didn't mind at all. After about ten or fifteen minutes of that, and like a teenager again I started to use my figures to walk up her legs and over her sides and on her shoulders then back down and each time that I did that I got closer to her pussy.

And out of know were Momo came out to tell use that she was going to bed and we could doing what we wanted, and you know what I think she knew what we were going to do too.

Well anyway I got so close to Ant Lynn's pussy that I rubbed her pussy a little by accident I thought she was going to bitch slap me or something, but she said that if I wanted to do that that I can. And in that moment my dick got so hard that I knew her ass had to heave felt it because my dick got so hard that I could feel the pre-cum coming out of my jeans and on to hers.

I just began rubbing her pussy like there was tomorrow and we weren't even watch TV in the first place. As she moaned it's about time you started that I thought you going to take all night.

Then when she said that; I unbutton her jeans so I could really rubber her pussy it was so wet it was coming out of the jeans. After about ten minutes I asked her if I could lick her down there, and she if you up for it and damn was I up for it. I think pulled those jeans off of her so fast I don't think she knew they were off until I slowly pulled her panties off and pushed them in my boxers. I could smell her womanly senses all over the place, and when I put my tongue on her clit she tasted like blue-berry and strawberries put together it was the best I licked up, down, side to side for at least an hour and it that time all she could was moan and scream at me with my tongue in her nice fat pussy her pussy lips were big I thought that they could eat me alive.

After about an hour she pulled me up on the coach and unzipped my jeans and pulled down my boxers with it and she saw that her panties were in there with my hard dick.

She told me that if I wanted them down their so bad that I could keep them and I said hell ya thanks ant Lynn, but when she pulled off her panties in the most sexiest way she just looked at my nine inch cock just flopping up and down because of the mound of blood that was flowing through it. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and started to jerk up and down as she did that she put it in her mouth so fast that I had to stop breathing for a few minutes just so I wouldn't cum to early.

Man did her mouth feel just like a warm hot wet pussy just going up and down on it her tongue was just playing with my hole on the end of my dick it was the best after about five to ten minutes of that I just could sat it anymore I just cumed in her mouth and she drank every last drop of it was so sexy the she did it thou.

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She got up from her knees and just toke all her clothes off and said you're not done yet little man that night has just beginning. In that moment, I said THANK YOU GOD, as she said those words my dick was listening because he got up pretty fast. She laid down on the coach and told me if I didn't put that big dick in soon she'd kill me and fuck my dead body, and I didn't I used the head of cock to circle around her fat lips down there then I slapped my dick on her pussy nice an hard just to mess with her.

She moaned each time I did it while she begged for my dick in her pussy right now. Just when I knew she couldn't begged anymore I slowly put in her, but it was the warmest, wettest pussy that I've been sense high school.

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I didn't even take it slow either I just pounded that pussy while she just moaned and screamed at the top of her lungs. Her tits were flopping all over the place I put my left hand I her left breast and my right hand on top of her clit just so I could have more fun man we fucked for thirty-five minutes just on her back, but by that time in was dark and the TV turned itself off, it had a timer.

Hell Momo came out to get a drink of something when her hear the noise and turned on a light at that time just keep going and going Ant Lynn said Oh FUCK, Momo said Damn, I said turn off the light or get out, and at that she walked really fast for age back to her room.

Ant Lynn looked at me and said damn you angry when someone walks in don't you while moaning out every other word. I said well damn if hadn't had sex in two years you'll be the same, and then all she could get out of her mouth was, Oh FUCK, Oh FUCK I'M GOING TO I'M GOIN TO CUMMMMMM!!! Man did she squirt out a lot of cum it was so much that my dick was just shot out because the there was so much.

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Well me I just put back in and keep going, but I didn't last long as I thought I would it was just about two minutes after she squirted her load all over me.

As my load of sperm was coming out of her pussy hole I stopped and at that moment she just let it poor down into her hand and just drank it like it was nothing; she said it was the best cum she's had in months. Then we just laid there on the coach when Momo came in said the noise stopped, so I just thought I'd come out now an say I was sorry for turning on the light.

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I looked up at her and said that I was sorry for yelling at her like that it was just I was in the moment and she stopped me in mid-sentence and said it was ok it happen to her one time. Then I told her that I really didn't want to hear about that time and we all just laughed.

I and Ant Lynn went to dream land and Momo went back to her room.

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After that night Ant Lynn ask Momo if they could sat for the whole week and she didn't mind we had oral sex and fucking sex each day until she had to going back home. Good thing to my parent got home soon after.