Schülerin eduvation ccc Deutsch dub)

Schülerin eduvation ccc Deutsch dub)
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Weeks went by after my surprising moment with Nicole. George, her boy friend, didn't call and the next couple of game nights were cancelled. I got to thinking she told him or he found out and that was the end of things. Then Wednesday the call the came. George called me at work which was uncharacteristic of him. "Hey Bill." he said. "Nicole and I were wondering if you and Tabitha wanted to get together for a movie night.

Nothing special just a few beers a couple of flicks and some pizza." I had to think about it for a moment. If George was going to out me it could be the end of may marriage but if he wasn't then I might throw a shadow of suspicion on things by declining. "Yeah George that sounds great. So six-o-clock Friday?" I replied. "Better make it seven," he responded "I am out of the office most of the day so I could be running late." "Excellent. See you at seven then." I said.

He hung up and I got to wondering and worrying.

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Friday night we headed over to Georges place. He had a good sized house; As one might expect from a corporate lawyer.

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His car was in the drive way so it seemed he had made it home on time. Nicole met us at the door. In the background George's 50" flat screen loomed over the living room.

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We always had movie nights at his place because he had the big screen and all that fancy surround sound equipment that I just could not afford. "Okay we have a problem." said Nicole as we entered. "George just got home, I have a leaky pipe in the basement and we still need to get the pizza and movies." "Oh Bill is handy." Tabitha said volunteering me.

"If you have the tools he can fix just about anything." "Hey You don't mind helping me pick out a couple movies do you?" George asked my wife.

"You know if I go alone it is going to be kung-fu and aliens." "Oh hell no." replied Tabitha.

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"We let you choose last time." Moments later I was watching my wife drive away with George leaving Nicole and I alone. "So where is that leaky pipe?" I asked. She closed the door and led me down stairs to the laundry room but there was no sign of anything leaking. "We need to talk." she said and I had a cold chill run up my back. "George trusts you and he trusts me. What happened a couple of weeks ago." "I know.

It won't happen again." I said.

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"I meant to apologize. It was rude of me to just presume you would be okay with it. George was furious that I risked your friendship." I had to take a moment. "What are you saying?" I asked. "From now on if anything is going to happen you will know about it and we will keep it out of your home." she replied. "Are you interested in continuing what we started?" I was surprised to say the least.

"Now?" I asked. "If you are comfortable with that yes." she replied. "George has been teasing me about you. I have been wet all week in anticipation.


Please say yes." I nodded me agreement. She did not wait lunging forward pressing her lips to mine. In rapid succession our tongues passes into each others mouths entwined like two writhing snakes. I ran my hands up her sides then down and around cupping her tight buttocks. So round and firm from her exercise regime. I groped her a while as we allowed our kiss to linger.

I noticed something else as I felt her magnificent backside; she wasn't wearing any underwear, not even so much as a thong. She broke our kiss yanking off her top and bra, then discarded her pants and socks.

I did not wait, I couldn't. I quickly peeled off my clothing as if it were an Olympic event and ever tenth of a second mattered. Nicole backup up and lifted herself up on the edge of the washing machine.

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I assumed that things would have gone the same as before but I guess she had decided I would get things started. I embraced her with a deep wet kiss then slowly made my way down her body to her snatch. She wasn't kidding, she was already very moist. I dove right in sucking in her clit and ravaging it with my tongue. She gasped apparently not quite prepared for the onslaught. I licked away eliciting a chorus of moans and gasps.

I might not be the best fucker but I more than made up for it with my oral attention. "Towel." Nicole said between moans. "Get a fucking towel!" I continued to pleasure her while my right hand blindly searched the floor until I found something. Nicole wasn't making it easy, she was writhing around like a possessed woman. "Give it." was all she could get out. She snatched the towel from my hand and roughly shoved me back.

She then covered her snatch as she convulsed. I suddenly understood. She bucked her hips a few times, her eyes rolling back in her head as she let out a series of loud moans before finally slowing down. ":Sorry." she said. "Forgot to tell you I sometimes squirt.

It would have been difficult to explain that to your wife when she gets back." She discarded the towel and it was nearly soaked through.


She wasn't kidding. She would have showered me in her love juices. I embraced her again teasing her for a moment then sliding my throbbing erection into her. There was practically no resistance, she was so damn wet but that did little to reduce the pressure of how tight she was. I slowed my entry trying to consider how it was I was fucking her again with little hope of maintaining control and no condom.

She grew impatient at my slow entry choosing to wrap her legs around me and pull me all the way in. It was like pleasure personified as I sank into her. I had fucked quite a few women over the years but Nicole took the cake for pure physical pleasure and thus far she wasn't even doing anything. I slowly withdrew a couple inches then slid them back into.

She reached up and pulled my face down to hers and we began a long passionate kiss. Her legs pulled me back in each time I pulled a little out, her hips bucked slowly against mine and I swear I found a new depth within her that I never knew my hard-on could even reach.

We rocked there for a couple minutes, I fought the urge to cum almost from the moment of entry. Then she let me pull out almost all the way then grasped me with her legs and forced me back in slamming into her hard shaking the washer beneath us. A few more of those and I was at the point I knew I could not hold back. I wanted to tell her so but her arms held my face against hers while our tongues danced with each other.

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I tried to break the embrace as I realized I could not hold back, even tried to pull out but she pulled back driving me into her as deep as I would go.

I broke the kiss almost forcibly as I blew my load and gasped part pure pleasure part absolute horror. She realized after it was already too late and released her death grip on me. By the time I pulled out I had emptied my balls into her. Cum flowed from her beautiful pink pussy and ran down the side of the washing machine. "Oh god. I am so sorry." she said. "I just needed, wanted.oh fuck." "I didn't mean to.I tried but.crap." I replied.

I retrieved a second towel and watched sheepishly while she cleaned herself up. My mind had turned from how enjoyable that was and how much I like Nicole to the consequences of what had just happened. "What are we going to do?" I asked. "If you get pregnant." "We might be okay. I just finished my period Tuesday. George and I used to use the rhythm method. I am very regular." She replied.

"But what if?" I replied.

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"We'll cross that bridge if we get to it." she replied. "That is a lot of fucking cum!" "I haven't since you were last over." I replied.

"Me neither." she said. "Thank god I didn't blow you. I would have drowned." She gave me a disarming smile. She was gentle and kind and I felt guilty about doing what I did with her, but only a tiny bit.

We redressed and went back upstairs. I washed my face in the bathroom. Though my mind kept going to the "what-if's" I tried very hard to put them out of my mind. Nicole prepared some potato skins and we sat on the couch eating a few while we waited for George and Tabitha to return. As we had feared George had picked out some B movie sci-fi flick no one had heard of and Tabitha had picked out a romantic comedy that George and I would try to stay awake during.

The night ended with my wife curled up and sleeping on one side and Nicole sitting next to me. She even snuck in a quick peck on my cheek when George seemed to nod off. Then the movies were done and it was time to go home. As we drove home I wondered what next Friday might bring?