Hailey Young Has Her Petite Teen Body Punished By A BBC

Hailey Young Has Her Petite Teen Body Punished By A BBC
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Rei's turn - Evangelion lemon in "Asuka, the toilet slave" by MISTER BIG T A new episode in the series. SEVERAL DAYS AFTER MISATO AND RITSUKO TURNED ASUKA INTO TOTAL SLUT FOR THEM, AT REI'S APARTMENT.

Rei was lying on her back on the bed while watching the ceiling. "Commander Ikari." she slowly murmured as she moved her hands to pick up the broken glasses from the night table. She looked at them for a long time before placing them back to their place and then moving her attention back to the ceiling, just staring at it. The girl didn't really have any sort of hobbies or things she did other than pilot Evangelion so whenever there was an off day, her day was pretty much boring and meaningless.

Meanwhile outside the apartment Asuka was cursing her foul luck, as she fumbled with the lock picks, trying to open the tumblers on her blue-haired compatriot's door. "Shinji. You can't even buy decent lock picks of the internet." One of the delicate implements snapped in the door, and the red-head looked up to her superior, who was cooling herself off with a paper fane.

"You know Rei probably leaves her doors unlocked, right?" Misato commented off-handedly, letting out a loud belch. She'd gorged herself on spicy curry ramen and cheap beer in anticipation of this moment, and its churning in her stomach was giving her a bit of gas.

Sure enough, the redheaded girl twisted the knob, and the door clicked open. Simple enough, really.

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Rei raises her head a bit as she slowly looks at the direction of the voice. "Ikari? Is that you?" she softly asked as she did not expect anyone else to really ever show up than Shinji's father.

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She slowly moved herself to a sitting position while she stared curiously towards the door. "Hello? Did you hear me?" she asked while keeping her emotionless expression. Misato lead the way, her semi-drunk perma-grin plastered to her face, with Asuka bringing up the rear.


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Are yooooou hooooome?" Asuka couldn't help but grin, which would have been the first sign to anyone else that trouble is on the way. The duo burst into the main room of Rei's apartment, both dressed in cut off jean shorts with white and black tank tops for Asuka and Misato respectively. Misato had a large duffle bag slung over her shoulder, which she promptly dropped to the ground. "Happy Birthday, Rei!" Misato proudly announced, as if the actual day had not been months ago.

Rei blinked few times as she was somewhat surprised to say the least "It. It's my birthday? But it has already been a long time ago Misato." she said while looking back and forth between the two smiling women. She then thought it must have been special occasion so she forced up a smile of her own. "What is in the bag?" she asked while gesturing towards it.

Misato laughed, as she looked to the bag for a second before her eyes shoot open. Frantically reaching inside, Misato drew out a small piece of cake, still on the plate and wrapped in a plastic. "It's your birthday cake!" Asuka commented, carefully omitting the fact the cake had equal parts Spanish fly and ex-lax.


"I made it myself, so you should eat it all!" Misato quickly zipped up the bag so none of the other devious instruments were shown "C'mon, Rei! Eat it! Misato and I have already had most of the cake. See?" Asuka lifted up the front of her shirt to show her slightly bulging tummy.

Rei was silent but then finally nodded and took the cake into her hands. ". You should not have done this." she said as she didn't really ever thank anyone for anything. Not even when her life had been saved.

Rei took a small bite of the cake. "It tastes good." she said while starting to eat more of the cake slowly. Asuka watched her blue-haired teammate carefully finish the confection, and licked her lips, looking over to her guardian.

"So, how did you like the cake, Rei?" Misato asked with a smile on her lips due to the early reaction Rei was experiencing from the aphrodisiacs; the normally silent EVA pilot was back to lying down on her bed, a bit of the cake still left on the plate.

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Hands between her legs, Rei bit down on her lip, and stifled a moan. "Mhuhhh. W-What's happen-ning?" Without wasting a second, the vertical pair of NERV agents crawled onto Rei's single bed, pinning the unfortunate girl to her furniture.

Asuka crawled to the head of the bed, and pressed her panty covered crotch to Rei's face.

Rubbing her clothed slit across her partner's face, Asuka cooed out, "Eat it, bitch!" Meanwhile Misato rifled through the duffel bag, taking out a few pairs of handcuffs, taking the time to securely fasten younger girl to her bed, as Rei tried to fight back but was unable to overpower the two females especially after Misato cuffed her comfortably and restraining her from making any hasty movement, as Asuka's panty clad pussy rubbed against her face, she finally closed her eyes and shielded away the disgust as she planted a small kiss on it.

"L-Like this?" she'd ask as she began to slowly lick along the thin fabric, as her cheeks were reddened and she blushed heavily. Misato took out a box cutter, and carefully cut a side of Rei's panties off, dragging the clothing down to her ankle.

Carefully pushing the young girl's legs apart, Misato saw a glistening pink slit, the area around which was dusted in light blue pubic hair.

Savoring the sight before she dug in with her tongue, Misato took a deep breath, taking in the scent of the teenager's arousal. Meanwhile, Asuka was rubbing her panty covered cunt across Rei's face, moaning in delight as her ego was fulfilled.

Rei thought she was such hot shit, but who was the one eating her pussy, now? Asuka pulled back from her teammate's face and licked her lips, pulling off her striped panties and flinging them behind her shoulder.

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Pressing a ginger-furred muff to Rei's face, Asuka rubbed her leaking slit across the other girl's nose, smirking in triumph. Rei gagged as the scent was intoxicating, a mixture of Asuka's sweat, piss, and pussy fluids. She began to slowly lick along the hairy pussy of the red head, sucking on the moist pussy lips as her own cunt was also revealed and teased by Misato's breath tickling it. "Mmhh. Please let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone." Rei soon began to speak again, as she pulled her head away slightly to say it.

"Please." Soon she gasped as she realized that Misato was putting diapers on her and the more she tried to struggle, the more her face was pushed into the pussy of Asuka forcing her to eat her out even further.


"What are you doing?! Stop this Misato." Rei whimpered as Asuka sat up just enough for her to speak before sitting back down on her face. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misato laughed as she finished wrapping the diapers around Rei's bottom before giving her a playful pat at the rear "I think now is about time we give Rei something to eat." Hearing that, Asuka recalled what Misato had told her the to try out today as the redhead blushed extremely hard "Are you sure Misato.?

I mean, we never, ever done anything quite like that yet." Misato let out a soft hmm at hearing this, as the realization that Asuka still had limits that would need to be bend before she would truly do whatever she or Ritsuko would wish. However, the idea that she could start training her further already began to make the mature woman's pussy moisten.

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"Yes, I am sure. After all, you need to learn to do these things eventually as well Asuka." the mature woman would murmur before moving closer to Asuka and moving her hand to caress the chin of the red head, before bringing the hand to the lips Soon to Rei's horror, Asuka would slowly open her mouth and Misato would begin to push the hand inside, making the girl gag softly as the hand would push as if trying to get to her throat.

Not happy with just having her hand in the mouth though, Misato soon began to move the hand back and forth as if rocking it and teasing the throat of Asuka even further, making the girl gag again.

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It didn't take long before Asuka had enough and Misato could feel something wet starting to reach her hand, making her quickly withdraw away from the mouth as Asuka lurched over and began to vomit all over the face, mouth, and hair of Rei. Thick, creamy, almost porridge like vomit began to spew from the mouth of the red head as more of it kept covering Rei's face.

She felt so disgusted and some of the filth got in her nose as well, forcing her to open her mouth to breathe; only to receive a mouthful of puke that she had to drink down. The smell of the nasty bile was incredible but it was nothing compared to the god-awful taste. It tasted horrid, enough to make Rei's head spin and her wretch, as if she would throw up any moment herself.

Despite the taste, Rei's nose was full of the nasty vomit as well so she had to swallow up the bile to be able to breathe while trying to sneeze the bits out from her nose at the same time.

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This was not helped at all by the fact that Asuka kept holding her head still and releasing more of that thick, foul smelling puke into her mouth. Rei groaned slowly as she felt like she would pass out from this insane treatment any given moment. However, instead the ex-lax began to work its magic as the already upset stomach of Rei was brought to edge as with a loud fart, she began to release her shit into the diaper slowly filling it and making it bulge out.

Meanwhile Asuka would finally stop throwing up and she would wipe her mouth clean before speaking "Oh you were right Misato that did feel good too." Just then, Asuka would notice the bulge in Rei's diapers that continued growing as Rei released all the filth she had in her stomach from the effects of her upset stomach and the laxative with nasty wet farts accompanying the shit. "Oh my Rei, how can such a petite girl let out so much filthy shit?" Misato taunted, as she would give a playful spank at the diaper, making a disgusting squishy noise come with small whimper by Rei following shortly behind.

Misato would then open the diaper and reveal the nasty shit within it and coating the rear of the girl. "Come check this out Asuka." As soon as Asuka got close enough though, Misato would grab hold of the girl and bring her face first against the diaper making Rei gasp as the mature woman rubbed the female's face into the diaper, as the shock made her release more shit against hands of Misato and head of Asuka that was accompanied with wet disgusting farts.

"How does it taste?" Misato cooed before finally letting go off Asuka's head, who to everyone's surprise did not pull her head away from the messy diaper immediately but rather was clearly eating the shit from within.

"Atta girl, why don't you let us see your face now?" Asuka did as she was told, slowly raising her head to show that her face was coated in thick layers of shit, with few pieces falling off from her mouth as she was chewing on them.

Misato smirked, as she would help Rei get up before gesturing for Asuka to get down on her knees. "Now it's time we repay the favor" Misato cooed as she would bring her hand to push it into Rei's mouth while her other hand worked its way down to her own mouth, making Asuka whimper and open her mouth with her tongue sticking out. Soon both Rei and Misato gagged with the horrid vomit coming out, Rei's vomit being orange colored liquid with half-eaten noodles and remains of that cake falling on Asuka's face while Misato's vomit was thick, brown in hue and with plenty of after taste of alcohol.

Despite all that Asuka had done so far, she felt herself wretch at the horrible taste of this combined cocktail entering her mouth and her tongue, gagging heavily. However Asuka did try keeping her mouth open and allowing both of the females to vomit into her mouth and all over her face and body, as the girl's hair, clothes, and exposed skin were slowly coated in the thick bile.

Asuka was forced to swallow repeatedly while some of the vomit got into her eyes as well, stinging extremely much and even causing her to let out a surprised yelp. She however did not dare to stop because she remembered how Misato had been the last time she had tried to backpedal away from their toilet fun.

Ever since the time they had started, Asuka had found herself somewhat scared but also at the same time lusting for her guardian. Misato moved the head of Asuka backwards, bending her neck slightly so that she could face Misato behind her before the mature woman would give a kiss to Asuka while continuing to vomit directly into the mouth of the female as Rei released some of her bile even on top of the face and hair of Misato as well.


It felt like ages but it was actually three minutes of constant barrage of disgusting vomit before Rei could regain her composure and stop throwing up. Misato would soon follow up, as she would kiss Asuka one last time with filling her mouth with that bile. After wiping her mouth, Misato would grab hold of Rei and bring her close, as all three of them would share an affectionate hug.

"Misato, Asuka. Does this mean that my real present was. The second child?" Rei would soon speak, breaking the female from her thoughts. "Oh yes. I have been training her along with Ritsuko though as you could tell she is still a bit rough on the edges.

I am sure you'd not mind helping us turn Asuka into complete filth?" Misato cooed while stroking the hair of Asuka who was half-asleep, half awake by now. After a long moment of silence, Rei would let out an evil smirk before speaking "Yes, of course I will." To be continued.