Jaye Summers Sucks Dick and Rammed POV

Jaye Summers Sucks Dick and Rammed POV
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I've never been to Jamacia and do not know much about it. I just decided to write something about it to keep boredom away. Please do not start hating on me because of my lack of detail on Jamacia. Next time I'll do much more research. The land of Jamacia sparkled as the sun rose above its streets.


Beatiful, lust, green jungles were scattered everywhere. People and cars roamed the streets below like a busy hive of ants. It was beatiful and I was able to see all of it through my small six inch window on the airplane I was sitting in for nearly an entire day.

Tall buildings gave off an erie shadow as the sun rose high above them. I watched as the people below did their everyday lives. It was quite a marvelous site. At least for me. "Amazing isn't it?" My father asked as he was looking out the window with me. I nodded and kept on staring. Thinking about what fun and excitment lie ahead on this vacation. Sadly it wasn't the fun and exciting vacation I wanted. Instead, I get quite the vacation. Just not fun and exciting. At least for me.

Me and my father strolled into our hotel. With excitment on my face. Not wanting to wait and talk to some clerk for a room. I wanted to be out and about. Doing things not all 13 year old white boys do! My father walked up to the clerk and asked for a room.

I turned my head as they countinued doing what adults do. I looked around the large hotel lobby and saw people everywhere. The lobby was filled with loud noise and Jamacian chatter. Hearing a Jamacian talk for the first time was awesome! At least through my 13 year old eyes. Plus the hair styles of the Jamacians was also quite the shocker. I saw women with large bundles of hair in ponytails, I saw large dreads on many men, I saw. "Come on Charlie, we got our room number." My father said as he took the keys from the clerk.

We walked steadily up the stairs to our room. My father took the keys and opened the door quickly and walked inside, me following quickly as well. "Our we going to do anything today dad?" I asked as I put my backpack down on one of my beds.

"Today? I don't think we hae anytime today Charlie. I'll be too busy unloading, getting everything set up." My dad responded in steady voice. Dissapointment flushed around me.

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"Can we do at least one thing?" I asked. "No Charlie, I'm sorry but I can't." I responded with a frusterated ok. Throughout the next couple hours I sat at the window or at the TV watching some interesting Jamacian television. Sitting at the window was probabaly the only fun thing to do. I sat and watched cars drive by, Jamacians walking back and forth through the crowded, semi-dirty streets.

As I was sitting and watching the people from my room, I started having ideas about how to actually do something.

How about sneaking out during the night and go exploring? I don't know, I read that white people get killed here sometimes for just being white. I sat there thinking on the thought.

Why would I risk going out and getting myself killed just to have alittle fun? I guess being bored and lonley on an airplane for twenty-four hours can do that to you. But where would I go?

I could probably go down the street or look throughout the neighborhood. Yeah, I would say that's pretty safe, and fun.

A small smile came across my face as I started planning to go out. Tonight was going to be fun! My eyes slid open as my alarm vibrated in my hands.

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I let out a moan wondering for a second why I had turned it on. Then I saw it was only 1:24 AM.

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Then I realised I had made my plans yesterday and tonight was the night! I quickly got out of bed and put on some lame clothes. A t-shirt and some basketball shorts. I sneaked across the room and saw my dad was still completely asleep. I opened the door and snuck right out. Right out into the night of Jamacia. I stepped out into the parking lot of the hotel and quickly ran off to explore.

I walked the streets, looking and marveling at the sites and sounds. I saw as I passed a large fishing market, jewlery store, electronics, everything.


Of course I received a couple glares from some of the people as they passed by me. Probably beacause I'm white or something.

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Who cares, this is amazing! As I was walking I saw a small alleyway. I looked into it and saw what looked like a neighborhood on the other side. I quickly walked into the alleyway, thinking how much fun this could be. I passed through the alleyway quickly and saw rows and rows of houses. Amazing! As I was walking, unknowingly several blocks away from the hotel, I heard a small voice behind me. I turned around in a flash and saw a large black Jamacian with large black dreadlocks.

"Where you going 'lil man?" He asked as walked alittle closer. "Just exploring." I said, trying to keep my cool. "Oh are you now 'mon?" He said. "Yes but I do-" I was interrupted suddenly as the Jamacian lundged at me and knocked me to the ground. I attempted to scream but the Jamacian easily overpowered me and cuffed his large black hands around my mouth. He easily picked me up off the ground and shoved me behind several large clumps of scrap metal next to what appeared to be an abandoned house.

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"I haven't had me a piece of ass for fifteen years! Fuckin' prison will do dat too you 'mon." The Jamacian said as he wrapped his large fingers around my pants. I screamed into his hand as I felt my pants drop below my waist.

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Then I realized something, I forgot underwear. "Look at 'dis fine white ass!


I love you fuckin' Americans and your nice asses!" He said as I felt his hand wrap around my exposed ass, remembering to keep his grip on my mouth nice and tight.

"I don't got no lube so you're gonna have to take this bitch dry!" He said as he pulled down his baggy pants to reveal a monster.

A large black eleven inch black dick came flopping out of his pants. A pair of tennis sized balls flopping behind it. I tried screaming no but only a muffle came out. I felt as his hand left my ass and wrapped around his large cock. Aiming it right at my hole. I felt the large cock head touch my asshole and the next thing I knew it, pain swept throughout my entire body as he shoved three inches into me. I screamed in pain, trying to get away but the Jamacian responded with a simple punch to the face.

I collapsed onto the dirty ground. I felt more pain as he shoved another couple inches into me, then another, then some more, then finally with a large moan from him, he shoved the last inch. He was balls deep. "Damn you're one tight motherfucker!" He moaned as I felt his balls slap into me. He pulled out some inches then shoved them back into me, then again, then again, until eventually he was full blown fucking my virgin ass.

He kept his weight on my shoulders to make sure I didn't get up, plus to lift my ass up into the air some more so he could get at it. I moaned in pain everytime he humped me. Feeling his large Jamacian cock inside me was painful enough. I couldn't beleive this. I was getting fucked by a local behind a couple piles of scraps in a populated neighborhood.

I could just imagine it now from someone else's perspective.

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A large black Jamacian on top of a small white boy. His dreadlocks swung back and forth and struck me in the face with every fucking. My ass attempted to get his dick out of me by pushing, but it ended up massaging it for him. Wanting to fuck me more.

"That's right! Take it! Take it!" He moaned into my ear as his black balls slapped into my ass, making a sound like a hand slapping water. Now he is fucking me like a bitch in heat. My entire body is moved and sweat dribbles down my face as his oversized cock is pumped in and out of me.

"Almost there 'mon! Almost!" He said as his speed picked up to the point where I thought an earthquake was happening. I was being rocked and forth by him like a ragdoll while feeling his cock inside me, inside my warm rectum, it was the most painful thing I could've gone my entire life not going through.

I looked behind me and saw his cock go in and out of me. His dick was so black I could barley see it in the night. "Here I come! I'm cumming you bitch!" He shouted loudly as his grip on my shoulders tightned and he went balls deep into me. I let out a large moan as did he as I felt his Jamacian nigger cum enter my ass.

He stayed ontop of me for another minute, still cumming until finally he got off me. Making a loud popping sound as his dick left my bloodied ass. Cum gushing from the gallons from my ass. "Thanks, I needed 'dat. Haven't fucked somebody like that for years." He laughed as he buckled his pants.

"Oh and here you go." He said as he tossed a couple coins at me.

He laughed as he walked off, leaving me on the ground ass into the air and cum gushing from me.