Came across one of my all time faves

Came across one of my all time faves
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This is a side, side project and the outline is pretty loosely formed so not sure when i'll put out the next one, but until then, enjoy.


Elle picked up the Hollis' twins from day care as arranged shocked at how little their mother cared for them seemingly content to leave her precious children in the arms of strangers while she greedily worked.

As usual Elle played with the children for a bit before feeding them and putting them to bed. She then sat on the couch watching TV as she awaited one of the parents to arrive home and plotted her justice against self centered lady of the house. To her surprise though it was a mildly intoxicated Mr. Hollis that arrived home first.

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Drunk and horny as Elle knew him to be it did not take him long to notice the gorgeous teen girl. Instantly Elle saw a change in demeanor in him as he smiled and asked her how the night went with the kids. Elle told him as he opened the wine she had brought to loosen up his wife and poured himself a glass then with a wink poured her one too.

"I won't tell anyone if you don't." he said handing Elle the glass as he sat odwn right next to her. Elle took it with trembling fingers as she realized he was actually trying to seduce her. Despite having had her body for some time now it still took her by surprise that handsome guys like Mr.

Hollis found her worthy of their attention. "Mr. Hollis…" "Please Elle, call me Jeff, I hate being mister anything its far too formal." He said as he placed his hand on her thigh. He was being awfully forward far too much so Elle thought but for some reason she let it slide. They talked for some time and Elle was shocked how interesting Jeff was and how interested in her he seemed to be.

After several glasses of wine Elle finally half jokingly spoke up, "Jeff you wouldn't be trying to get a teenager drunk would you?" Jeff gave the faintest hint of a smile then grew embarrassed.

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"No.not really, it just Liz is never around, and you seem so grown up, I just wanted someone to talk to. I get lonely, in more ways than one lately…" It was ell done and if not for her friend absorbing the alcohol so she could think straight Elle would have surely melted into his arms falling into the trap.

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Then again what did she care if it was a trap, Jeff was clearly an experienced lover, why not give him what he wanted better him than some clumsy teenager. "Beside," she chuckled thinking to herself ,"Every time I fuck my dear step-mom I take 10 times what he's probably got, so its not like I'm exactly a virgin over here." She took his bait and comforted him and right on cue he kissed her. Elle marveled at the sensation as she made out with a guy for the first time. Jeff was certainly a master at this and once her had kissed her for a while he began kissing his way down her neck lightly caressing her body as he did.

After a few minutes of this he whsper to her to remove her shirt and she did so without hesitation. Then they were making out again and before she knew hat happened she bra was off and he was sucking her ample tits as she moaned with pleasure. Elle felt herself getting more wet than she could ever remember being and by the time Jeff scooped her up and carried her to his office in the basement Elle hardly cared about anything but feeling his hard shaft in her wet pussy.

When he set her down on the small bed Elle immediately removed her last items of clothing and gladly spread herself for him. Jeff needed no second invite he dropped his pants and revealed his beautiful cock to her. She leaned forward to suck it briefly before he put it in. Once he thrust it in Elle felt like she had never felt before even though she was well experience with Peter, this was different and somehow better, she understood Crystal's fascination with this now.

She was soon lost in the feel of Jeff skillfully thrusting his shaft in and out of her. So much so that she hardly noticed him, without breaking stroke, benind over to take her nipples into his mouth one at a time. She tried to hold the back of his head to her ample chest, but he held her hands down at her side as he drew her closer and closer to her climax. At last when she could take it no longer she exploded. However Jeff was far from done her merely rode out her climax before spinning her so she was on top then using his powerful arms he began moving her hips up and down on his shaft.

Eventually Elle caught on and when the strength in her legs returned she took over bouncing up and down on his shaft with reckless abandon her boobs bouncing as she moaned out in ecstasy.

This time her orgasm came even quicker and the last thing she remembered was a wave of pure pleasure as Jeff moaned and warm liquid filled her inside, then everything went black. Elle awoke to find herself alone in the bed, a note was on the bed.

"Elle, you can go now that I'm home thanks for that I had fun, Jeff" Elle snorted as she redressed finding all her clothes lying on the bed next to her she then as instructed left, but she didn't go home, after all she had set out to get justice on Elizabeth Hollis, and somehow just fucking her husband didn't seem like quite enough punishment. So Elle made for Mrs. Hollis' office knowing that was where she would be. She planned to go on the pretext of complaining about the fact that Jeff had just tried to have sex with her, hoping to get the woman jealous and feeling reckless.

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A few minutes later Elle stormed into the office to find her query hunched leaning back in her chair and, could that be moaning? Elle couldn't believe her luck she knew the signs of a woman getting herself off too well to be mistaken and the situation couldn't be more perfect.


She gently knocked on the door and a very startled woman opened her eyes in shock to find a super slutty version of the babysitter she had hired standing in her door. "Elle?!

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What are you doing here?" Elle smiled and said, "Well your husband is home, but upon arriving he tried to seduce me, I just thought you'd want o know. From the looks of it though he's not the only one not getting his needs met is he ma'am?" The older woman was caught and she knew it something in the teens eyes commanded the truth from her. "No…Elle, he's not." This angered Elle, but she held her tongue deciding to use this new information against the older woman.

"That's what I thought and stop being so modest ma'am its not as if you have anything I don't see in the mirror everyday. By all means continue given my former body type I know all about sexual frustration and the need to get oneself off every so often. In fact I'll stand guard if you want to let loose a little." Elle said moving close to the older woman and locking eyes with her. This close she felt a strange sense of power and command over the other she decided to test it a bit.

"Go ahead Lizzie, take off that fancy shirt and bra and let those big tits of yours breathe, you know you want to touch those aching nipples." Elle could hardly believe what she was saying, but to her even bigger shock Liz didn't bat an eye at what was said she just removed the shirt and bra and pinched her erect nipples and moaned.

Elle smiled and watched the older woman lose herself in pleasuring her body. Liz clearly need release bad and Elle encouraged her. "There that feels much better, don't hold back I'm watching the door, you're safe to please yourself to your hearts content." Then she got and idea and said, "Unless you'd like a hand that is?" Liz was so lost in her own ministrations Elle doubted she heard the offer.

So Elle quietly made her way around to the back of Liz's chair and after briefly admiring the older woman's body, went to work. As she did a funny sensation overtook her and it was if she was channeling the seductive abilities Jeff had shown. She sententiously kissed and caressed Liz until she had soon taken over for the weary older woman. It wasn't long before Elle found herself between Liz's spread thighs licking away at her soaking wet pussy. Elle went slow at first gradually licking faster and faster until she had Liz writhing with pure ecstasy.

Not long after Liz's orgasm over took her and she exploded all over Elle's face.

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Elle cleaned her up a bit before standing up, dropping her shorts and panties and sitting on Liz's desk and saying, "Ok my turn." Liz at first seemed hesitant but then shrugged and buried her face in the teens now sopping wet pussy.

Elle was soon in ecstasy herself and it was definitely clear that Liz had done some experimenting in college, because she was an excellent pussy licker.

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When Liz had eaten Elle to an orgasm the older woman slumped back in her chair and said, "That was fun and did I need it. You got one heck of a tongue Elle.


Just too bad you don't have a big dick too no offense but this girl needs a good old fashioned fucking." Elle smiled wickedly as she felt Peter stirring, "Likewise ma'am." The older woman glared at her, "Elle we just had our faces buried in each other's cunts I think were on a first name basis now, don't you?" "Right, I suppose we are Liz. Did you mean what you said about that fucking? Because I think I can help with that." "Kinky Elle, I'm surpised at you, but no nothing plastic I need something with a pulse." Elle smirked as she shook with the pleasure that proceeded Peter's emergence, "Then ask…and you shall receive…" Elle said between shudders of pure pleasure.

Elle watch the look of awe spread across Liz's face as the giant blue rod grew out of Elle's pussy. "What are you?" Liz at last managed to ask as Elle stood stroking Peter and moving toward the shocked woman. "Tonight, I'm the answer to your prayers baby, now get on that desk and spread 'em." Elle could tell Liz was far too shocked for coherent thought so she obeyed and not long after the big blue cock was bottoming out in Liz's tight pussy.

Elle then proceeded to use the massive tool to fuck Liz near senseless and as she prepared to unleash her justice upon the half conscious woman she smiled her most wicked smile. "Open that fertile womb of your wide bitch, it time for you to be a full time mommy again, my friend here will see to that, set aside your career dreams baby neglector, from now on on a mommy is all you'll be, so you'd better learn to love it!" With that Elle let loose the torrent of cum into Liz's unprotected uterus she knew that it wouldn't be long until like Crystal Liz was carrying a litter of her own.

Elle kissed the bedraggled woman once more on the lips before leaving her naked and cum soaked on the desk.

She dressed and blew a kiss at the camera that had observed the whole thing, this time tomorrow Elizabeth Hollis would be fired for fucking a minor on company premises. Elle wouldn't press charges, so long as the new mommy agreed to stay home from now on. Elle smiled justice was sweet, and pretty darn fun too.