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Anna Lena Blum Doppelt Geknechtet
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I am writing to tell all the readers about a night I planned out with my girlfriend Sarah. It was the end of the week and we were home, planning to relax and spend some time together. What Sarah didn't know was that I had some extra things planned to make it an even more relaxing and romantic night together. This is how the day played out.

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I awoke early, I did my best not to disturb Sarah as she slept. I went into the kitchen, started coffee and decided on what to make for breakfast. Feeling a little spontaneous, I decided to crawl back in bed with Sarah while the coffee brewed.

Sarah only sleeps in a thong, so as I crawled into the blankets with her, I got close and could feel her soft skin against me. I ran my hand down her side, touching her breast lightly with the tips of my finders, slowly down her side, to her hip, pulling her a little closer, lightly, not enough to wake her, but enough to get her closer.

I slowly circled my finger tip over the small indenture at her hip bone, squeezing some, which is what she loves when we have sex. This was making her moan lightly as she slept. Being careful not to wake her, I ran my hand up, slowly over her soft skin, causing small goose bumps as I circled her breast with the tip of my finger, then over her nipple, just barely touching it so so soft, making it turn rock hard under the soft touch.

Sarah's nipples are so sensitive, she loves having them played with. Sarah began to shuffle some in bed and turned onto her back from her side. She opened her eyes some and then back to sleep. I worked my hand down her body, slowly from her breasts to her tight tummy, lightly rubbing her belly button, then down to her panties. I ran my finger tips down lower, touching her inner thighs, softly, then slowly with just the tip of a finger, I would touch her pussy, feeling her clit under my fingertip.

Sarah moaned some more and shuffled a little bit again, but spreading her legs, as if she was having a hot dream. I worked another finger over her pussy, rubbing a little harder now, circling with my fingers, I was rolling her clit, making her squirm some more. I could feel her panties getting wet, and wetter, feeling the heat on my finger tips was intense.

I moved over her some, and flicked my tongue over her hard nipple, making it glisten, then blowing on it, making it cold and sensitive, I took it into my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue over it.

Mmm, I loved feeling her nipple in my mouth, her hot pussy under my finger tips, all while she was sleeping. Sarah stirred some more, then awoke enough to turn on her side again, then backed up to me. By now I was rock hard and I was naked. Sarah shifted some and as she realized I was hard and naked, she reached back and took my cock into her hand. I reached up, pulled her closer to me and kissed her shoulders, neck, ears and then her lips, feeling her tongue in my mouth with so much passion.

I reached down, squeezed her nipples, making them both so hard. Sarah was squeezing my cock and stroking over the head, running her finger tips over the ridge at the head. It felt so good, I reached down lower and ran my finger tips over her pussy again, this time she spread her legs more and told me she could feel my playing with her while she slept, but was really awake, she just was liking the playtime. Her pussy was so wet, her panties were slick, so I rubbed harder, then slid her panties to the side, sliding my middle finger into her, Sarah moaned, telling me it felt so good.

She pumped my cock, squeezing It so hard. As I bit her shoulder some, not to hard, but enough to drive her nuts, Sarah pushed back, placing my cock at her pussy, she pushed back, taking me into her, slowly at first, getting my cock all wet with her juice, then inch by inch, she took my cock all the way in.


Sarah was moaning, looking back at me as I filled her pussy so deep with my cock. She was so wet and so tight. I pulled her closer, holding her by the hip, squeezing that hip like she likes, I pumped my cock in and out, deeper and harder with every stroke. Sarah was begging me to fuck her, for me to give it to her hard. Instead, I worked the head of my cock in and out just a little, teasing her, making her push back to get more, anymore, Sarah was going nuts, so I went deep, as deep as I could go, then I pushed forward with my hips, working my cock in even deeper, moving a little so I could grind my cock inside her.

Sarah told me how fucking good that felt and started to shake, her pussy got so wet, I could feel her g=spot and as I worked over it with my cock, she squirted, soaking my cock and balls with her cum.

Sarah was cumming so hard, I just kept grinding, reaching down I pulled her ass cheek up, opening her pussy for me, I went deeper, making Sarah moan so loud, I worked her hips so she moved up and down in small strokes as I packed her deep, her pussy was soaked, making the bed wet and making her asshole wet.

I moved my pinky finger over her ass and slowly played with it, working my finger into it. She was so tight. Sarah looked back at me and spread her legs some. I could feel her fingers working her clit as she played with her pussy. Sarah moaned out that she was cumming and I could feel her pussy pulse, squeezing my cock over and over, as she came on me.

Feeling her pussy pulse and her g=spot hitting the head of my cock, I lost it and pumped my cum deep inside her. Sarah was telling me how good it felt feeling my cock swell even bigger as I came.

As our orgasms subsided, I held her close to me, kissing her shoulders, neck and mouth, looking at her beautiful eyes, telling her how gorgeous she is. We laid there for a few minutes, then I got up and brought her back some coffee. I told her I was going to make breakfast while she took a shower. So I went to make breakfast and while Sarah was in the shower, I worked on some other things I had planned.

See, I had went earlier in the week to a store and had bought Sarah a couple gifts. But those come into the story later. As I made breakfast, Sarah came in to the kitchen in her robe. I knew she had just gotten out of the shower and was nice and clean and wet. Her long dark hair was wet and she looked so sexy. I turned from what I was doing and pulled her close, kissing her deep.

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I held her face with my hand as I kissed her, looking into her eyes, I pulled her robe open. Mm mm mm, she was naked.


With hard nipples and her shaved pussy looking so good. I grabbed her and placed her on the counter, kneeling in front of her, I licked her pussy, running my tongue over her lips, then her clit, sucking lightly, taking her clit into my mouth.

She tasted so good. Sarah touched my head and moaned, telling me how good it felt having my mouth on her pussy. She loved having her pussy kissed and licked, and I love doing it. Suddenly, Sarah tells me breakfast is burning. Luckily It was just some toast. So we stopped playing for a little bit and ate some food.

Sarah was still naked in her robe and no matter what I did, it was all I could think about. Sarah is gorgeous, she is tall, brunette, brown eyes, slender and has the hottest ass and her pussy is so sweet, I just love having it on and in my mouth, I could lick her pussy all day.

Sarah asked me what I was thinking about and I told her I was wondering what she wanted to do later. She smiled and said she wanted to do me. =) As the flirting continued, we managed to get through breakfast and Sarah said she needed to run to the store, to get a couple things for later and asked if I needed anything.

Replying no, she kissed me, reached down and squeezed my cock and told me she would be back soon. As soon as she was gone, I set my plan into full action.

I went to the bedroom, and cleaned up, took the blankets and sheets off the bed. Replacing them with a set of black sheets we have. I covered the windowsmaking it darker in the room. I then placed candles all around the room, plus a hidden surprise, my video camera in the corner.

Sarah loved being in pics and vids, so I knew she would be okay with it and thought it would be hot. The final touch was a couple new toys for her, and a new porn vid. Sarah loves porn, especially if it is a girl getting fucked by a group of guys. Knowing I didn't have much time, I finished up and wrote a note to Sarah, so she would see it when she got home.

This is what it read. Sarah, hey Gorgeous I had to go to Mikes for a little while, he needed help with some things real quick. I will be back soon.

While I am gone, enjoy the surprise for you in the bedroom. I was thinking a lot about you this week and wanted you to enjoy today to the fullest. Love you, oh and while you enjoy, keep my hard cock in mind, imagine It inside you, filling you so deep, strething your pussy open, packing you, pumping in and out of you. Xoxoxoxo =) With this I waited for her to get home, turned on the porn and I went into the closet and waited for Sarah to come in.

I could hear Sarah in the kitchen, then I heard her walk into the room. She giggled some and looked over at the video that was playing. She could not see me and did not know I was there. On the bed was a note and the new toys, I had bought for her.

The note said, enjoy =). The toys, was one small vibrator/clit toy and then a dildo, shaped pretty thick, with different vibrations and an anal stimulator. Of course, I got anal beads too, in hopes she would like them. Sarah was excited, giggling as she held the toys and felt the vibrations in her hands. Then she ran the small vibrator over her tits, moaning some. I was so hard, watching her play. I had my cock in my hand and was stroking it.

I had some pre cum cumming out, so I worked it over the tip of my head, lightly rubbing it so it felt like a soft tongue flicking my cock. Sarah was so hot, pulling her shirt up, then her bra, showing her hard nipples and working her toy over them. Sarah was moaning and squeezing one nipple, while working the toy over the other. Sarah's eyes were glued to the porn. I could hear the girl in the porn, gagging, then moaning loud for a second, then gagging some more.

Since the vid was about girls and groups of guys, I could only imagine the vid, some girl getting throat fucked by huge cocks, guy after guy. Sarah was rubbing her tits, in a trance imagining her self being that slut, getting her mouth filled with cock after cock, all that meat just for her. Now she was topless and quickly working on taking her pants off.

She had on a sheer white thong and damn was she wet. I could see it, her panties were wet. When I had liked her pussy earlier in the kitchen, she was dripping wet. As she took them off, she rubbed her hands down her body, over her tits and nipples, then down over her pussy. She moaned lightly, then laid back in the bed and got her new toys. As she watched the vid, I was surprised to see her grab the anal beads first. One by one she lubed them with spit in her mouth, then rubbed them over her pussy.

Sarah took both ends and worked the beads over her clit, back and forth. I had never seen a woman use these this way and she was loving it. I was stroking my cock so hard, which was pulsing and extremely hard at this point.

Seeing Sarah be so naughty, and not knowing I was there watching. I wanted to ravage her, but I wanted this to last for her and I both. It was hot. Sarah was watching the vid and at this point, the girl in the vid was obviously getting fucked. Her moans and deep groans were that of a woman who is getting fucked hard and deep. Sarah was watching so intense, and her pussy was so wet, I could see it glisten in the candle light.

Then Sarah shifted, spreading her legs, she rubbed the first bead over her ass, getting her hole nice and wet, she slid the fist bead in. Watching the video with her mouth open, breathing heavy as she pushed the second bead in. Sarah was packing her ass so good, being such a dirty slut like that had me so turned on. Sarah moaned loud and shook, cumming hard as she pushed the third, thicker bead into her ass.

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I could see white cream coming from her pussy. She was still so wet from my fucking her earlier, hitting her G-spot so much, was keeping her soaked. Sarah pushed another bead in, working them in and out some, then another, with only one more thick one to go. I could see her asshole was stretched open, with her pussy juice now dripping down onto her toy. Sarah rubbed her clit, spanking it a couple times, she slid a finger in, then another, then another, soaking them with her juice.

Sarah took her hand to her mouth and sucked her juice from her fingers, then packed them right back into her hole. She was shaking and moaning, "fuck me, I'm a slut, fuck me", she was so dirty. I was loving every second of this. My cock was hard as steal, with so much pre cum dripping out, I had to slow down my stroking, I was making wet sounds. I didn't want to get busted, yet. =) As I looked on, I could see Sarah working the last bead up her ass, now pooring cum from her pussy, she had almost her whole hand in her pussy.

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Sarah looked over at the video and began to cum, over and over, cumming hard, shaking and moaning. I couldn't take it anymore and I slowly opened the door to the closet, which was quiet, so she did not hear me. I stood over her, stroking my cock, pumping it hard until I came, shooting hot cum over her body. Sarah was shocked at first, then told me how fucking hot that was. Sarah still had the beads in her ass and I told her I wanted to see her play some more, while I stroked my cock for her.

Loving this, she didn't hesitate and began working her pussy over hard with her fingers, fingering her hole deep, making wet slapping sounds as her hand pumped in and out. Sarah came, telling me she was cumming, looking up at me while I pumped my cock for her.

She was being such a good girl, all naughty as fuck, just for me. I told her to imagine me and a few other guys watching her play with herself like that, all of pumping our hard cocks for her. She loved this and as I watched, I could see she had her hand in her pussy. I had never seen a woman fist her own pussy before, so I was stunned. Sarah's moan was deep, she was cumming non stop and her hand was slick with juice, pumping in and out, in and out, deep into her hole.

I knelt down, placing my cock at her face, rubbing the head on her lips, her cheeks, slapping her a little with it, being naughty to her. Sarah was going nuts, I couldn't believe how dirty she was being. I put the head of my cock in her mouth and slid it deep into her mouth, fucking her mouth and throat. She gagged and tried sucking more, so I pushed it in deeper. Sarah's tongue was working the bottom of my cock and then out to lick my balls as I packed her throat with dick.

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I reached down and held her nose, filling her mouth with cock, Sarah couldn't breath. Suddenly she was shaking, and I could see her squirt, pulling her hand out, her cum went everywhere, she slapped her pussy a couple times and cum squirted out.

I could feel her moans on my cock and as I let her breath some, she pumped my cock with her mouth, like she was hungry for more.

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Seeing that she liked being treated like such a dirty girl, I reached down and pushed the anal beads in a little further, then one by one, slowly removed them as she sucked my cock. They were so covered with cum, white and creamy cum.

Without a word, Sarah got up, pushed me down and straddled my cock, taking it deep into her pussy. She moaned so loud, telling me to fuck her, fuck her fucking pussy hard&hellip. I did as I was told and we continued fucking and sucking all night. At one point, I remembered the video camera. I told Sarah I had put it there, so we put the disc in the player and watched it as we laid together, played, smoked a joint and worked on tape number 2.