Fuck ANd Black Cum On Blonde Spring

Fuck ANd Black Cum On Blonde Spring
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Chapter Four. It felt like a lot longer of a drive home then it really was. I had two beautiful naked vixens in the front seat, Lisa sitting on Jyll's lap, gabbing away like they have been best friends for years, covered in sand (which I'm pretty sure I would be cleaning out of my car for months).

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The conversation started out with Lisa's pierced nipples and then turned to how long Jyll and I had been together. That's where it got interesting as Jyll explained that I was her mother's boyfriend and she had come up to help with the store so her mom could go see her out of town doctor, yadda yadda yadda.

No there is no incest. Yes she's always had a thing for me but was always scared. Then I gave her the best fucking of her life&hellip. yadda yadda yadda. Lisa's head kept flipping around looking at Jyll and then me with each juicy revelation. Throat fuck&hellip. Came in my ass&hellip. Deeper than any other guy&hellip. Passed out&hellip. Finally I pulled into the driveway and shut off my car. I think we all took a good look around before we made a mad, naked, laughing dash towards gate to the backyard and its relative safety from prying eyes.

A couple of years back I installed a bar, grill, outdoor shower and hot tub. Kind of an outdoor man cave complete with music and high def TV. We washed the sand and other crap off us from the lake. I fired up the hot tub and Lisa and I hopped in. Jyll made a line right for the bar where she started opening cabinet doors.

"Where the fuck is all the alcohol?" "Let me ask you this. If you had an outdoor bar would you leave the alcohol outside?" I replied. "Good point. I'm going to run inside and get us something to drink." Once Jyll retreated inside, Lisa laid her head on my shoulder and began to softly rub my chest and toy with my nipples. "Can I ask you something?

She said. "Sure." With an almost innocent sound to her voice, "are you going to try and fuck me in the ass?" "Do you want me to?" "I think so. I mean I've never had a man in, you know, my ass before." I thought for a second about that last statement. "What have you had in your ass?" If you could feel someone blush this was that moment. Using the same voice, "Sometimes when I rub myself I like to slid my finger in my ass when I cum. A couple of times I used my little vibrator and then there was Jyll's finger&hellip.

Never a man." Wow. I can only assume Jyll had her finger in Lisa's ass when they were locked in that 69. Hell of a mental image. "I probably will but if you don't want it just stop me." She nodded. Jyll came back out carrying a bottle of Chopin shove in a bucket of ice and a trio of shot glasses.

My camera bag was slung over her shoulder. "Well don't you two look comfy," she said. "I think you're going to be well taken care of when I leave. Just don't fucking forget about me. You were mine first." Lisa motioned towards the bag. "Whats that for?" "That's for him silly," Jyll replied. "I want him to have something to jerk to when you're not available." Jyll handed out the first round of the vodka before sliding in the hot tub and taking up the opposite side of Lisa.

The vodka was ice cold and perfect. The nude women were better. After a few rounds Jyll announced that she wanted Lisa to herself for a while and suggested I keep myself busy with my camera. I pretty much got kicked out of the tub.


I pulled the Nikon from its bag and quickly set it up. They were already kissing, and honestly, how many times is a guy going to get to photograph two beautiful women half his age going at it. Jyll was surprisingly gentle with her. Not the aggressiveness she has used on me. The kisses were soft. Hands on Lisa's cheeks, cradling her face.

Tongues didn't dance past the teeth. Jyll's touch was light. Sliding down over Lisa's breasts and under the waterline. When her hand reached Lisa's lips and clit her body arched up out of the water revealing two of Jyll's fingers buried deep inside before slowly dropping back into the water while Jyll's mouth found Lisa's nipples. Lisa's hands woke up. One hand's fingers entwining in Jyll's hair and the other going after one of those wonderful breasts. She took control, firmly but not aggressively, but pulling Jyll up for a much more passionate, deep kiss.

Lisa lifted herself out of the water and sat herself on the edge. Lisa guided Jyll's mouth down to her shaved mound and lips. I watched as Jyll hungrily devoured Lisa expertly using her tongue and fingers to bring Lisa to a shattering orgasm.

All this time I was taking photo after photo.

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I was in heaven. Lisa planted another deep kiss on Jyll, tasting herself, before breaking the kiss and stating, "my turn." Leading Jyll by the hair over to one of the hot tub jets, she bent her over it.

Still holding her hair she ran her free hand down her back, over her ass, pausing to lightly tap one of her fingers on her asshole. I heard Jyll gasp. Clearly Jyll's ass is one of her favorite places to be violated. Lisa's fingers continued down.

I could tell when Lisa's long, slender fingers slid inside Jyll. Jyll's expression changed to ecstasy and her eyes glazed over. I knew that look well. The combination of Lisa's fingers and the hot tub jet was quickly pushing Jyll to an orgasm. Her breath quickened and she grasped at the deck boards. "Do you like that?" Lisa teased. "Oh fuck YES." "Do you want more?" "God YESSSSSS," Jyll hissed. Shooting pictures from the front I watched as Jyll's mouth fell open and she gasped for air.

I had no idea what Lisa was doing to Jyll but whatever it was she was doing it right. Jyll panted out her first hot tub orgasm not by screaming&hellip. no sound came out. She held her breath. Suddenly she gasped again and began sucking in air. Her muscles remained tight and she continued to claw at the deck. Another orgasm was coming soon. Lisa asked again, "do you want more?" "Fuck yesssssssssss" Jyll hissed.

Again suddenly Jyll was immediately rocked with another orgasm. For a second I thought she was going to pass out. There was even a few minutes when I stopped shooting pictures in wonder of what was happening before me. I have never seen a woman rocked by orgasms like this. When Jyll's breathing returned Lisa asked one more time "do you want more?" Jyll mumbled and "un huh" as she weekly nodded. Jyll tensed again and looked right in my eye and said "Oh my god it feels so good." Lisa looked at me, "Put your camera down for a second.

I need you to hold her shoulders so I can turn her around." I of course complied and steadied Jyll's shoulders. Lisa released her grip on Jyll's hair and took one of Jyll's legs and slung it up over her shoulders while kneeling in the tub.

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Jyll was pretty limp with ecstasy. With Jyll facing the other way, her back to me, ass facing the jet, Lisa asked me to help her up and sit her on the edge of the tub. When Jyll came out of the water and we got her in a sitting position I looked down to be greeted with an unexpected sight. I grabbed my camera and began shooting again. Lisa had her entire hand inside Jyll, just past her wrist. Jyll looked down at herself impaled on Lisa and then back into Lisa's eyes with a sly grin on her lips.

"Ready?" Lisa asked. Jyll reclined back propping herself up on her elbows before nodding. Lisa began working her hand back and forth quickly while wiggling her fingers, never coming out past her wrist. The effect on Jyll was instant.

She collapsed back and began shaking, arched her back, her skin flushed and she gasped for air. Mid orgasm Lisa suddenly pulled her hand out and locked her mouth over Jyll's clit. It was by far the most intense orgasm I have ever seen. It left Jyll spent by the time it was over. She just laid there, chest rising and falling as she worked air into her lungs.

Lisa turned to look at me. "And you're worried about a guy's cock in your ass?" I asked. "I wont be in a few minutes." She waded over to me and took my camera away setting it on the desk before smiling at me and pushing me down into a sitting position in the tub. Lisa turned around. I was staring at the perfect ass of a beautiful red head. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Lube me up lover," and bend over, hands on her knees.


Leaning forward I licked her from lips to ass. Hearing a soft moan I brought my hand up and used my thumb to rub her clit. Applying a liberal amount of saliva to her asshole I used my other hand to slide a finger inside. She is tight. Between working her clit with my thumb and the addition of more saliva I was able to get two fingers working in and out of her fairly easily. "Enough" she said standing up. She took a step backwards.

Using my hands on her back I helped steady her as she sat. Her ass disappeared into the water. I felt her hand grasp my cock, already hard in anticipation for what was about to happen, and guide it to the opening of her ass. Slowly she worked it around until I felt the head pop inside. She paused to let herself relax for a few second and then began working me in and out. She felt wonderful but after about five minutes she only had worked a few inches of me into her.

"I don't know if I can fit all of you inside of me." "Sure you can" and with those three words uttered I placed my hands on her shoulders pushing her down while I arched up.

My cock fully entered her in one steady firm motion. She screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain. "OH MY GOD! Wait wait wait…… don't move." We sat there for a few seconds before she started grinding her ass against me.

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Finally she leaned back. I took the queue and placed my hands on her breasts and began moving my hips up and down, sliding in and out of her. She loosened up enough to start pushing back against me to meet my thrusts.

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"God I never imagined it would feel so fucking good……&hellip." I looked up and saw Jyll sitting up watching with a lustful look in her eyes. I tilted my head to the side. She followed my motion to my camera and smiled. Pulling herself up she gingerly walked around the tub and picked up my Nikon before returning to her place across the tub from us to take some pictures.

Lisa didn't notice for several minutes what was happening. When she did she really turned on pushing down harder and quicker.

"I need you two out of the water." Obediently Lisa climbed off of me. I stood then sat my ass on the edge of the hot tub.

Lisa stepped up the hot tub's seating ledge and looked over at Jyll waiting for the word that she was ready. Suddenly I seemed to be in a porn shoot&hellip. not that I minded. The camera began to click as Lisa lowered herself onto my waiting cock. This time she slid in easily right down to my balls slowly. Jyll took a lot of pictures.

I leaned back and let Lisa take control riding my full hard shaft at her complete whim. Raising and slamming herself down, as quick as she could. Panting and moaning; almost a chant. I felt a new sensation. I peeked around Lisa to find my camera sitting alone. Jyll had made her way between Lisa's legs. The sensation is Jyll's tongue working the base of my cock and my balls.

Jyll stood and leaned into Lisa and whispered "do you want more?" "Oh fuck me!" Jyll just smiled at me as placed her hand over Lisa's mound and began rubbing her clit. It had the same effect of turning on a turbo charger.

She went into high gear with all the glory we call volume and rode me hard to the very end. When she came I swear I could feel her spasm as her pussy clamped down on the cock that was not in there.

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It sent me over the edge filling her ass with jets of my hot cum. We sat there for some time just gaining our composure before joining Jyll by sliding back into the water. We didn't bother with shot glasses anymore and just passed the bottle around.

A happy, beautiful naked woman on either side of me. Jyll broke the mood. "Mom texted me. She will be home tomorrow." None of us could hide our disappointment.

"There will be more opportunities.


We just have to be more careful," I replied.