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Nu sinh vn thay do
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I am a recently divorced white woman 37 years of age and I'm fairly thin, brown hair that I wear shoulder length or longer and at the time of this fateful day I was very underfucked and married to a man with a five inch, hard, cock that I had fought for years to remain faithful to. I had decided finally to have sex with a man that I found very stimulating to talk to.

First let me say that I was a normal, well is anyone really "Normal", person when I made the plans to meet the guy that I had been conversing with for over a year online. He lived in another state and we had become very sexually imtimate in our conversations and I found great pleasure in his words to me.

He was older than myself by 10 years and I really felt close to him sexually and hoped that someday he could show me what he was always saying to me. By chance he was staying in my city for a day with his job and we planned a no strings attached sexual liason in a park near my home.

I planned on taking him to my house as my husband was out of town, once we'd met and I found he was as sexy as he was in his messages. He had asked me not to wear any panties and I hadn't that fateful day. This is my story of a slide into a carnal experience that changed me forever. It's a warm summer day, perfect outside, not so hot as to stifle me but warm with a gentle breeze that lightly lifts my hair and kisses my face. I feel anxious inside as I stroll slowly up the winding steps that lead to the lookout at the top of the park.

Will he really show up I wonder? Even if he doesn't I can still enjoy the quiet solitude that exists up here since they closed it off to all vehicular traffic. Curiously there is no one around save the squirrels that scamper up the trees at my approach, climbing quickly halfway up and then stopping, turning to hang head down to eye me cautiously. There is a wide expanse of field at the top of the park, now overgrown with tall grasses and it is there that I have chosen to meet him, there at the building housing the public restrooms.

My thinking was it would be a very safe public place; not realizing just how barren of people it is up here at this time of day. Still, it is a quite beautiful setting and I'm sure he would never harm me. Finding a bench near the edge of the field where I can watch the road, and await his arrival, I enjoy the sights and smells of the park in bloom. I'm kind of glad when I see a large Great Dane sniffing the trees and running gaily around seemingly oblivious to my presence.

Glancing around, looking for its owner, I expect to see a housewife enjoying a morning walk while allowing her pet to get some exercise. But, there is no-one around at the present. Still alone, I watch the playful antics of the beast of a dog as he chases squirrels, birds and anything else that attracts his attention. Soon he is near me and as I watch he suddenly lifts his head, sniffing the air until he is looking straight at me and moving towards me while still seemingly chasing a scent.

Suddenly this horse of a dog is standing in front of me, squatting; he attempts to place his large head under my thighs, sniffing at my pussy and I try to push him away. Fear grips me as he persists trying to sniff at my crotch until uncrossing my legs and placing my feet on the ground I attempt to rise, but his head darts quickly between my opened thighs and knocks me back to a sitting position on the bench as I feel his large tongue lapping quickly, wetly over my lips and clitoris.

Not having underwear on, as he asked me not to wear any, I feel the full effect of his raspy tongue as I desperately try to push him away but he is simply too big and strong for me to manage it. Putting my hands on his head I attempt to push it away from me but that only causes him to emit a low growl that sends shivers of fear racing up my spine. Now afraid to move lest he became enraged I remain motionless as he continues to lave me. It seems he is intent on licking the juices from my moist vulva, apparently attracted by its scent.

He licks me relentlessly as I feel his large raspy wet tongue slide between my labia and focus on my now wet vagina. The constant attention he is showing me as he pushes into my moist hole soon has my hips rolling as waves of pleasure course through me. My mind rebels at the act of an animal debasing me in this manner.

Worse, I'm beginning to enjoy the voltage like sensations he causes within me!! I'm filled with disgust at myself and begin frantically looking to see if anyone else is around watching.

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My mind is flooded with feelings and emotions that I've never experienced before as he licks me excitedly. The sensations he is causing as he forces his large tongue into me seeking the source of my scent has my body frozen, tensed and helpless to prevent the intense streams of sensations that race through every cell of my body. I feel his tongue moving, slithering into my wetness as it stretches my pussy with its thick girth.

His tongue fucks in and out of me as he slurps at the now copious amount of fluids filling me.

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Knowing he is drinking my juices has a profound affect on my mind and senses. My pussy is filled by his fat long tongue and I feel it pressing into my cervix as it wiggles inside me. I'm lost, given over to the forces in my body as I feel his tongue opening me deep inside, moving continously in ways no human could ever emulate. My arms extend along the top of the park bench and I have to grip the rail tightly to keep from grabbing his head and pulling him to me as I hunch hard into his wonderful laving.

I feel myself racing towards orgasm and my mind screams no, no, not with an animal! The closer his deep tonguing takes me to where I desperately need to be, my thighs open more widely and my hips roll as I feel him with my pussy.

My arousement controls me totally now my mind aflame with the carnality of the whole experience and my body completely under the control of the sensations he causes. I press down into the ground with my feet and lift my pussy to his licking, my hips rolling lewdly as my need expresses itself. I'm moaning constantly now, exhorting him to lick it, lick it hard boy!

The sight of my hips hunching, thighs spread so widely as his big dog head moves between them fills me with emotions and feelings that send me careening into a vortex of imaginings that inflame my mind and makes me feel even sluttier than I already do. I glance quickly around, head turning to both sides to see if the dogs owner has appeared yet.

In this state of arousement I'm fully aware that even if I see someone I'm not sure I'd be able, or willing, to stop him doing what he seems to love doing. My hips roll as I'm fucked by his raspy, thick tongue, hunching, pushing into his face as my thigh muscles begin to tighten.

The fact that I am enjoying this perversion disgusts me but also adds to the ecstasy that I feel pounding inside my body. Feeling my orgasm quickly approaching my pussy clenches his tongue tightly causing a low growl to vibrate his tongue within me.

That sound fills me with fear as I try not to squeeze him but my pussy muscles tighten even more as that vibration adds to my already intense pleasure.

I know he's about to bite my pussy hard and I mentally try to will my pussy open but I can't. I'm still trying to stave off the inevitable as he withdraws from inside me. I moan my disappointment and lift my pussy to his mouth now frantic for more and he begins laving my vulva eagerly.

The feel of his tongue licking quickly, lightly on my exposed engorged clit sends electric like spasms racing from it and the orgasm I thought lost begins tensing me anew.

His tongue begins pressuring my clit, licking it strongly as he gathers the wetness in the folds of my pussy. My heart pounds in my chest, body lifting, hips out-turning as I present my pussy to his wonderful tongue to torture so exquisitely. A deep trembling begins in my vagina as voltage like spasms seem to arc from cell to cell as they spread throughout my body like a wildfire! My head flails wildly as tremendous spasms of pleasure wrack me.

My whole body seems ready to explode as my thighs tighten and legs straighten as he again slurps my juices from within my flooding cunt. Suddenly he stops, head standing up, ears perked and moving as if he hears something and bounds away.

My breathing is ragged and deep as my chest heaves and my clit throbs as it seems every cell of my body cries out for release. I have to place both hands between my thighs, squeezing them together, pressuring myself as my mind debates if I should cry out to him and try to entice him back so that he may finish what he started.

But now the fear creeps back into my mind, what if he had bitten me, how embarrassing it would be to have to explain the circumstances of it. What if John had arrived to see me impaled on a dog's tongue, obviously enjoying it by the way I was hunching into his face, lifting into his probing? Would he think me disgusting?

I glanc around expecting to see the dog's owner finally in view but again there is no-one, not even my dog lover. Once again reminded of the reason I am here I glance at my watch, realizing that he is very late.

Disappointment fills me, especially with my body throbbing and yearning as it is. It would be nice right now to feel his hands, tongue, lips running over my body and his cock pounding hard into my now craven pussy. I think of just sitting here and masturbating but now with a semblance of sanity regained I'm afraid of being caught. Thinking that he isn't coming I decide to walk into the field. Standing, my legs now seem so weak and trembling; I begin walking into the tall grasses of the field until I am in the midst of it.

Glancing around I still see no-one, the only sound that of birds singing and squirrels chirping. I feel so slutty but also so very alive as I feel my juices seeping from me. Stomping the grasses beneath my feet I manage to create a small island of space within the field and lie down upon the matted grass with my head against a small log about 6 inches in diameter. The sun beating down on my body fills me with warmth and the gentle breeze caresses my skin. Glancing around I realize that no one can see me lying here amidst the tall grasses as I can only see the blueness of the sky myself.

Sitting up, I kick off my sandals,then remove my blouse, unhook my bra and push my skirt to my feet, removing the last vestiges of clothing that adorned my body.

Once again while laying there the sun seemed to flow over my body like warm hands, the breeze stirring the pubic hair of my landing strip like breath from a lovers mouth. Remembering the prior few minutes activities I begin telling myself how I couldn't have stopped him from doing what he did to me.

Trying to convince myself that really I had no choice in the matter and that any woman would have responded to his licking her like that. Remembering the fear I felt and the way his tonguing of my pussy felt as I was immobilized with fear, much like I were being raped filled me with a hot need; I feel the craven pulses once again strong within me. As I lay with eyes closed, my loins throb with need as my mind replays every enjoyable, disgusting second of my debasement.

The feeling of fullness that he created within me as he slid his long, thick tongue deep inside me, something no human would ever be capable of, was creating a heat inside me hotter than the Sun's rays upon me. The feeling his thickness created as he laved it in and out, collecting my juices and eagerly swallowing them was so exciting and wonderful. The constant fear of moving and enraging him as my body responded, wanting to hunch fiercely into his face, to pull him tightly into me, as I would a human lover; but afraid to even move, as every cell of my being cried out its arousement, was devastating in its effect!

Then the feeling so intense that I had to move, savoring every sensation as I awaited the feel of his teeth penetrating my pussy flesh. At that moment in my seething mind I feel that his bite would have served to cause an intense orgasm and a part of me hoped to feel it. I recalled the trepidation I felt as I was unable to prevent my hips rolling, hunching as he raped me with his animal tongue.

My body cried out to feel him in me deeper, and I lifted into his energetic laving as I tried to open myself to his deeper penetration. He pushed farther into my pussy than any cock ever had, caressing each inch of my moist walls, his tongue moving inside me, twisting, turning, probing as he sought to collect all my plentiful juices as they flowed from me to coat his tongue.

The touch of his nose against my clit as he probed deeply within me and the resulting unsated need to grab his head and hunch upwards into it made my mind reel with cravings of lustful desire. His tongue was raspy, exciting each nerve ending within me.

I loved his licking, especially as he laved from my asshole to my clit, sliding wetly between my lips, twisting and turning to fit as he licked quickly each sensitive orifice and nub of pleasure. A part of me knows that even though I would deny it forever, if the opportunity arose I would spread my thighs again, only willingly this time.

My fingers caress my clit, rolling it in small circles, ass moving in rhythm to my light caresses as I yearn to have him in me again. The heat of the sun kisses the soft skin of my inner thighs as I spread them widely, the feel of the grass against my ass as it moves reminds me that I am in a public park which only fuels the eroticism of my actions.

I spread myself with my hands, allowing the breeze to lave my now swollen, throbbing clit. It feels as if warm breath is engulfing my mound as I hear the tall grass rustling, I think from the breeze. My nipples are erect, both being laved by the tenderness of the breeze. I feel so alive! It is wonderful to be naked in public, so thrilling to feel my body so sensitive to each small sensation, the breeze, the heat of the sun, the touch of the grass under my writhing asscheeks, and the fear of discovery, ah yes, the fear.

The fear is what entices me, what fills me with rippling spasms of lust, being under another's control, unable to respond as my body begs me to, that unsated craving; the fear that something or someone will see the craven side of me that begs to be known but my pride demands to be hidden. A part of me fears the thought of someone stumbling onto me as I am now, but another part of my being is inflamed by the thought of someone watching me, seeing my body yearning, instilling in their own body a need to possess me, of wanting me so badly that they too have to touch themselves to keep from pouncing on me and pounding deeply into my body until they have sated the devils that the sight of me spawns in their soul.

The throbbing I feel in my clit is so wonderful! It feels so swollen and taut as the gentle touch of the breeze creates such a yearning inside me to be touched, filled. I feel an empty craving within me, a hunger to feel myself opened and spread!

In my mind I feel the heat of a cock spreading through my body as it fills me, pushing deep between my walls, stretching me until I cum repeatedly as it savages my resisting cervix. I feel feverish with my need to cum as I relish the feelings coursing through my body, unwilling to part with them yet.

I savor each new spasm of yearning pleasure as my clit is teased and caressed, my entrance spread by my probing fingers. I love the feelings within me as I lay naked, the sense of freedom that ripples through me as I experience what cave women centuries ago must have felt, possibly on this same spot, as their men took them in front of everyone. The thought of being so brutally fucked while others watch causes my legs to straighten, my hand to speed the rolling of my clit as my thighs turn outwards, lifting into the feelings I create with a light rubbing of my clit.

My head lifts as the intense feelings in my loins tighten every muscle in my body. While in the midst of this powerful spasm of passion I open my eyes and am terrified to see a large, black Labrador Retriever hunched down on his front paws, emitting a low growl, sniffing the air as he moves slowly, threateningly towards me.

I want to run, to flee, but my body will only continue to spasm and jerk until his face is at my pussy and touches my still rubbing hand which causes me to involuntarily jerk it away leaving my pulsing clit yearning to be touched and I moan in fear. My mind is torn with indecision at his intentions. I know I should run but the thought that he might want to lick me as his head moves to my pussy keeps me immobile. A wild elation fills me as I feel his tongue swipe at my clit as the Dane had done earlier, licking at me slightly as if to taste me.

His licking has shooting spasms racing through my body as again my mind descends into that carnal vortex of lust; Only this time I allow myself to be swept away on its strong current.

Soon he is tonguing me much as the Dane had those short moments before. My mind is beyond thinking as my hips hunch and roll, Again my body fills with those wonderful sensations, only this time my inhibitions have left me and I moan loudly as he pushes deep within my sloppy cunt. My hand timidly touches his head and I stroke him, the fur of his head reminding me of the depravity of my willing actions.

I lean back on my elbows and with feet flat on the ground, I lift my pussy to his licking caresses as my mind is engulfed by the pleasure I feel. I've never felt sluttier than as I push into his face fiercely, lost to the pleasure emanating from my genitals as I beg him not to stop. I can't believe the hotness inside me as I give myself over to his tonguing of my body. My whole body is inflamed as spasms of pure unadulterated pleasure race through each cell of my being, saturating my mind with pure animal lust.

I cum repeatedly, my hands on the ground, bracing myself to lift into his tonguing as my entire body violently trembles and spasms, one orgasm blending into the next until suddenly I hear a man's voice say "My, My, Missy, you sure do like what that dog is doing to you don't you now!" Startled, I open my eyes to see a black man that appears to be in his fifties standing over me, a big grin straining his face.

I rapidly push myself back from the dog as shame fills me, my whole body turns even redder than the inflamed color it already is. Rising to my hands and knees I attempt to gather my clothes. In a single leap the dog is on me, his paws holding my hips as he hunches against me. I feel a slick wetness being pressed repeatedly against my thighs and asscheeks and his fur against my back as I try to dislodge his paws from my hips to allow me to flee.


When I realize that the dog is trying to fuck me I feel so humiliated and ashamed and tears start to form in my eyes. I try to stand but as I do I hear the dog's low growl and his head lowers to my shoulder and he nips at my skin. My fear overcoming my shame and embarrassment I plead for the man to help me "Please get him off me" I beg.

But instead, the man pats the dog, rubbing his back as he kneels beside me and says "He don't want to hurt you missy, he wants to fuck you, you just let him get all aroused eating your nice white pussy and now he wants you to make him feel that good too! "You just kneel there real quiet while I help him find what he's wanting and you both can have some more fun. Don't be scared girl, hell you'll probably enjoy it as much as him and I will." Feeling aghast at what was about to happen to me along with everything else that had transpired I beg him "Please, No, I can't do that, I'm really not like that." But the whole while I can feel his hand under me, guiding the Lab's prick to my entrance as he hunches strongly.

Feeling the tip of his cock spreading my inner lips my shame is complete. A soft moan escapes my lips as the Lab begins hunching into my pussy. I feel my pussy opened, spread until it feels stretched tautly around the dog's amazingly thick cock. But surprisingly it doesn't hurt as his cock's natural lubrication and the juices squirting from its tip allows it to push deeper with each powerful thrust. My mind is focused on the feeling in my pussy.

My emotions distraught but also exhilarated by the carnality of me fucking an animal as I admit to myself that it excites me knowing the man is watching his dog fuck me so energetically.

I know there is no escaping my fate so I resign myself to him fucking me until he cums and decides to get off and I can quickly get my clothes and run. My pussy seems too high for him and his paws claw at my thighs, hurting me as he tries to ram deeper into me.

Placing my folded arms on the small log I spread my thighs some lowering my pussy to where he can keep both feet on the ground as he hunches into me. He must have liked that because he quickly rams his huge dog cock into me almost up to his balls while holding me firmly with his paws wrapping my waist. His sudden lurching thrust causes pain to shoot from my pussy as he begins a hammering of my pussy unlike any I'd ever known.

The softness of his underbelly pressed against my ass and his face over my shoulder as his hot breath laves my back and neck serves to remind me of the fact that an animal is fucking my pussy and I am beginning to love it. That fact awakens something within me, some deep primal instinct to make him cum. Those primal urges, along with the deepness of his forceful thrusting movements soon have me overwhelmed with desire for his animal cock.

Try as my mind does not to enjoy this animal pounding my pussy, my body reacts with a heated passion of its own. I feel a large swelling at my entrance that has my pussy muscles stretched painfully as he tries to force it past them.

I scream as his hard thrusts soon force it into my pussy and its thickness adds to the constant barrage of pleasure that he subjects me to. It isn't long before the action of his balls against my clit and the constant swelling of his bunch have me hunching back forcefully into his still lengthening dog dick. My moans tell of my pleasure as his knot pressures my g-spot completely.

He feels huge inside me, his knot radiating each throb of his heart as he excitedly hunches his need deep inside me. His dick is locked within me by the swelling just inside my vagina and his length pains me as he fucks me relentlessly. My mind blurs with lust and craven passion as I feel his pointed tip lodge at my cervix and his hunching becomes more forceful.

His powerful thrusts soon have my cervix opened, spread as he hammers deep inside my uterus, trying only to satisfy his own need to fill my bitch womb with his hot seed. Not even his tongue had made me feel this full and stretched, each nerve seems to be providing it's own separate spasming joy as he fucks my pussy until I'm unashamedly begging him not to stop, crying out "FUCK ME, YES,YES, DO IT, FUCK ME HARD, GOD I LOVE IT,DON'T STOP, DON'T EVER STOP, OHHH I'MMM CUMMIIIIINNGAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHOOOOHHHHHYEEEEEEES" while reaching back grasping at his furry body trying to pull him even deeper as I cum repeatedly.

My head flails wildly as I push back into his insane hunching by placing both hands on the log to brace myself. When the black man finally speaks, saying, " Missy you really do love that animal dick don't you girl." Everything in my upbringing tells me to scream NO!

but just then a tremor wracks my body that makes me cum even harder and while raising my head to look at him I can't help moaning "Yes, yes I love the way he's fucking my pussy".Seeing him as he stands there I feel tremors begin deep inside my pussy, a hotness that threatens my sanity courses in waves through every cell of my being as his dog pounds me fitfully.

He stands there with his cock protruding from his pants, holding it, stroking it as he watches me being thoroughly fucked by his huge cocked dog. I've never seen a cock like his, I'd heard of big dicked black men but I never realized just how huge they meant. It must have been 12 inches long and as thick as a large cucumber with a head the size of a very large lemon. As I watch he uses both hands to stroke it, each stroke causing another drop of precum to glisten at the tip only to be smeared over his huge glans by his hand.

All of these sights and emotions and the constant pounding of my pussy have me feeling that my mind is melting, melting into the scalding cauldron of my body, destined to dwell in depravement forever. My lips feels dry and my breathing becomes hurried, deep, as my tongue slides wetly over my lips while I think of sucking his large dick. I wonder if I'm woman enough to handle a cock such as his? Surely it's longer than the dog cock that I'm fucking and its stretching me to tears as it pains me, albeit, a wonderful pain and I believe tears of joy at the pleasure I feel.

As if he reads my mind he then approaches my face and holds out his cock, not to me but to the dog's gasping face. As if trained he begins to lick all over that wonderful black baton. The sight of so lewd an action and the thought of this dog pleasing both of us sends me into a spasming orgasm that has me screaming at the intensity of the tremors within my body. While my mouth is open, gasping for air he wraps his hand in my hair and forces my mouth to his cock.

"Open wide missy, that's it take it in, I want to feel your tongue around it. You work on that big black dick while my big black dog fucks your pussy good, you hear!" Feeling his cock inside my mouth I realize just how huge it really is as I can hardly run my tongue around it as I try and suck it.

I feel the absolute slut, a dog fucking my pussy in a manner that makes me love it and now sucking a black cock while the owner throbs with passion while watching the gyrations of my ass on a dog cock whose knot is thicker than even the cock I'm attempting to suck. There are no inhibitions to my lust now, long ago I gave myself over to the craven sensations and emotions that fill my body.

My mind craves only one thing, cum, mine, his and yes, disgustingly, my dog lover. The thought of this animal filling my pussy with his hot cum, blasting it into my womb at its deepest point while this huge cock erupts in my mouth, has me feverishly stroking and sucking at his beautiful black dick.

My mind no longer controls my body as the animal urges I feel inside cause my hips to hunch insanely rearwards, fucking back ferociously into the pounding dog dick that impales my stricken pussy. The need to feel him cumming inside my body shocks and appalls me with its intensity. I want nothing in this world more than to feel my cervix clasping his thick, slick, dog meat as it lurches and spasms while spewing deeper than ever into my womb, while I engage it with frenzied rearwards thrusting.

The feel of his claws digging into the skin of my abdomen, raking my clit, only serves to heighten and intensify the carnal urges that have taken my soul. I am now a "Bitch" in the truest sense of the word.

AND I LOVE IT!, I feel what could almost be described as love for this big cocked animal that is taking me, filling me, using me to sate his own animal lust, fucking me better than most men could. My mind is delirious with passion as I taste the precum that flows from the tip of the man's gorgeous black dick out onto my tongue.

I rapidly lave the slick substance over his glans, coating it, and then suck it off as my head twists and turns. My mouth revolves around his engorged cock head as my tongue collects the slickness and I swallow it while murmuring loud MMMMMMMMMMM's.

My hand pumps along its shaft quickly as my mind implores him to fill my mouth with cum. My body seethes with a need to have both my lovers cumming in me simultaneously. The ability to please these two, to sate the animal passions that they both feel welling inside their bodies would affirm my womanhood in a way never before felt by me.

It is then that I feel a hotness deep within my pussy, like a small spot of fire that burns in one spot on my wombs deepest wall, and I realize that his animal body is clearing the way for his hot sperm to blast from his balls into me. His hot animal fluids make my mind seethe in pleasure as my body tries futilely to match his quickened thrusting. I've never felt anything open my cervix and enter my uterus before and the tightness I feel as he pistons within me has my mind reeling as it seems one long continuous thrill is spreading to each cell of my body.

My hands pump forward on my black friend as my mouth retreats over his glans and my pussy pushes back into my hard dog dick and then reverses to engulf his glans as my hands stroke downwards, my pace trying to match the frenzied hunching in my pussy.

I think my mind explodes as the first hot stream is ejaculated forcefully against the walls of my womb and flows back through my uterus, scalding the folds of my uterine walls as I feel my body trying to enter a fetal position the feeling is so intensely satisfying.

No-one has ever cum in my womb before and the feeling is indescribable as jets of dog cum splatter against my walls hotly. I feel a need to escape the pleasure that fills me like a voltage gone wild. Completely overpowering my senses I feel an insanity gripping my mind from the intense thrills that fill me.

The intense pleasure and heat seems to spread like an out of control wildfire through the depths of my body as I push back into his spurting, pulsing, cock. Hotter than a man's cum, more fluid-like, it shoots into me in streams of liquid heat.

My debasement is complete as my muscles tense and my whole body trembles and spasms with each blast of his liquid love against my convulsing, clasping walls. Unable to move, my mind is alive with pleasure, breath coming in animal like snorts through my nostrils between each violent spasm as my mouth refuses to part with the black swollen glans that my lips hold entrapped in my mouth.

I feel an exhilaration, a strange fulfilled emotion as my black lover grasps my head and begins hunching into my tightly suctioning mouth, pushing deeply into me as the first of many seething loads of his thick cum is expelled into my constricting throat. Gasping and choking I attempt to swallow the copious amounts of his seed. Failing because of the enormous amount of jism he presents me with, it flows from my mouth to drip in globs off my chin.

Seemingly oblivious or just uncaring of my plight he continues fucking his dick into my mouth much as the dog is pounding my pussy. Their hot jism shooting into my body from both ends as my mind spins uncontrollably makes me feel used, debased, reduced to some form of lustful creature neither human nor animal but a mixture of both.

My mind cringes at the realization that I love this wanton feeling, that at this moment I want nothing more than to experience the wonderful spasms that saturate my body and mind in rippling waves; waves of pleasure so intense that I know I will die from them if unabated, yet; I am unwilling or unable to part with them as I continue into the vortex of my own orgasm.

The thought leaps into my mind that I am experiencing the same feelings of pleasure that the dog whom is ejaculating his sperm into my pussy is feeling. Me, the black man and the dog are one in this universe at this moment, all in the grips of so powerful a force that we all are oblivious of everything but the time stopping pleasure that permeates each cell of our bodies.

There are no needs, no wants, no difference in races or classifications, only pure unadulterated sensuous, sensual, pleasure that flows seemingly through the both of them to unite in me. That pleasure is like a pressure that combines with my own pulsing, rippling waves to create a seething mass in the cauldron of my body that threatens to consume my mind and soul forever.

As my body continues to twitch and jerk, warm waves of pleasurable sensations wash over me as he falls from my mouth. While standing there, his cum soaked cock hanging as if in dejected solitude he lifts it to the dogs' face and the dog proceeds to clean it with his large tongue. The man's body trembles as the dog laves his abating glans causing a deep "oh damn" to emit from his mouth.

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After allowing the dog to thoroughly clean his cock he remains there patting the dog and saying "You smiling ain't you boy, you done fucked that pussy good and left her your seed in there ain't you boy.

Yeah you made it good for her fella, I ain't never seen no woman cum like that before." Then kneeling in front of me he looks me in the face and says " Missy, you represented the white girls real well today, your tight pussy made this big dog cum real good, I know cause its running all down your thighs.

And you made me cum more than any colored woman ever has the way you was a suckin and swallowin while my balls was a pumpin every drop in em into your mouth. Damn girl if you ain't sumpin. My ole nigger dick is a gettin hard again just memberin the way you fucked back into that dog dick.

Lord, when I think of you hunching that pussy around on my ole nigger dick like that, tryin to get it all up in that pussy, well, look here girl you can see what it does to me, damn if I ain't rock hard again." Feeling the dog motionless on me, his cock throbbing inside my pussy I wonder if he's going to get off me now.

The horror of what I've done and the knowledge that someone knows it, that they actually saw me squirming around on a dog's cock is slowly filling me with shame and I feel my face reddening. Looking down at the ground, unable to face him I ask, "Is he through, will he get off me now?" He says, "Lord missy, you still feel that big dog dick swollen inside you don't you, that's what they call his "Knot" and until it goes down him and you gonna be together cause it hurts him to try and drag it back out of your tight pussy.

Just lay your head down on your arms on that log and try to hold real still and after a half hour or so maybe he can get free of you." "A HALF HOUR, I scream!, what if somebody comes by." The horror is really setting in of what I've allowed myself to get into.

Determined to free myself I begin pulling forward but as I feel my opening trying to stretch to accommodate the huge swelling of his knot he suddenly growls loudly and clamps my waist tightly pulling me back into his dick. "Easy boy, the man says as he pats his back. You done made it really good for this dog Missy and he's swelled up real big and it's gonna take a while for him to cool off.

If you keep movin like that he just might decide you need some more fuckin and you might be his for a long while." You just lay your head down and I'll stay here so's nuthin happens bad to you. I'll just sit here and member your hot little ass fuckin that dog dick while I stroke this nigger dick." Resigning myself to my obvious fate I lay my head on my arms and close my eyes.

I try to think of nothing as my body slowly relaxes but every once in awhile he suddenly hunches with force into me, reminding me that I am kneeling here with a dog cock stuck inside my body as a black man jacks off watching me.

The dog cum on my inner thighs feels cool as the breeze flows between them. I enjoy the feeling of his stomach against my ass, the softness is sensual and it causes a yearning feeling to pulse in my anus. My mind begins to remember what he felt like pounding into me with his animal fervor and I wonder what he would feel like buried inside my ass, that knot swelling inside it, and his hot cum streaming from his cock into my writhing asshole.

My thoughts revolt and disgust me but his thick, swollen presence within me and upon me make it difficult not to think of him. Opening my eyes I think maybe I can think of something else, but there in my gaze sits the man with the gorgeous cock flying at full staff, his gaze directed at my ass and breasts, his eyes glazed, as his hands slowly stroke the length of that marvelous rod.

Watching him, knowing he's thinking of pounding his big cock in my pussy makes my thighs squeeze and my asscheeks tighten with sudden desire to feel that myself.

The clenching of my pussy muscles on his knot evokes a quick growl from my doggy lover and I quickly turn my head so as not to watch so sensual a sight. I sense that his knot is slowly subsiding and he tries to remove himself but he is still too big. He whines softly as he tries to extricate himself to no avail, finally falling onto my back, his gaping mouth on my shoulder, his saliva dripping onto my skin.

Then the man arises and gripping the dog by his hips says "Boy you done kept that pussy to yourself long enough, its my turn now" and he pulls him backwards sharply causing his knot to leave me but evoking a terrible growl as he turns and lunges at the man.

Realizing that he is free the dog lay down and commenced licking his cock as I gaze at his knot and wonder just how big it was inside me as it was still the size of an orange.

Falling to the ground, my thigh muscles tremble from kneeling so long. Rolling over on my back I'm too exhausted to even run. I lie there looking up at his stiff cock as it swings wildly around.

As I watch, his gaze travels the extent of my body, hesitating first at my breasts then at my pussy as his cock jerks strongly. I feel the pulsing begin inside me, the craving to feel him in me. The knowledge that his hardness is a reflection of his desire for me, his wanting to feel his big cock buried in me to his balls as he pounds his steamy cum into my depths is instantly arousing me.

Even after watching me fuck a dog this man is still wanting to feel his cock in my pussy, this causes a fog of lust to veil my mind once again. It is unbelievable to me that after cumming so much my loins once again yearn and throb as I feel that animal lust again gripping my mind and senses.

My hand slides slowly between my thighs and begins making small circles upon my clit as I watch first him stroking his cock and second the dogs licking of his own cock. I knew that I was lost to my carnality when I found myself wondering what the dogs' cock tasted like? Was his cum the same as a man's in taste. Seeing the direction of my gaze and watching as my tongue runs slowly over my lips, wetting them, it must have been obvious to him what I was thinking.

Calling to him the man causes the dog to jump up and run over to him whereupon he places the dog's face between my spread thighs.

Smelling the air quickly he sniffs as he again returns to lick at the moist cum that coats my ass, pussy, thighs and stomach. The feeling of his tongue rasping over my already throbbing clit and invading my pussy to clean me of his and my own cum soon has me writhing in need once again.

My breathing is heavy, chest rising and falling quickly as I stare longingly at the man's huge cock dangling over my face. After removing his clothes he pulls the dog from between my thighs saying, " Damn Missy you are one hot little number, you can't get enough of that dog can you?" My answer is to spread my thighs widely and say, "Fuck me, I want to feel it in me, make me cum with it!" Kneeling, he places his cock on my abdomen and asks, "You sure you want all this dick that far up in your hot white pussy Missy?" Seeing it laying there, the head looks so massive, and it stretches completely up to my rib cage, my whole being craves to feel it.

I think of my husbands small dick and it seems almost baby like. This black cock is what I have hungered for every time I was left unfulfilled by my tiny husband. I want, no I need the pain that I know it will instill deep in my pussy. My body trembles with a deep shudder and I feel my mind fogging with desire as I think of it throbbing inside me.


The heat of it seems to soak into my body and warm me as his hot balls lying on my pussy causes me to hunch my lips and clit against him as I watch his reddish purple glans visibly throbbing.

The seminal fluid I see seeping from his tip as his urethra opens and closes with each hard pulse of his cock glistens in the sunlight. I know that once I say yes he is going to force his bull cock into me and that he won't stop until my body imbues enough pleasure through it to cause it to erupt and sate the desire that causes it to throb upon me so intimidatingly.

Fear grips my mind as I think of it ripping into my entrance but somehow I know that the fires that burned within me previously, that all my sexual pursuits, including today's events were merely preparation for the ecstasy I am about to be engulfed by.

It had to be fate that brought me, a white married woman that has felt sexually unfulfilled for years to this park to indulge in the utmost of society's taboos by allowing, no, begging, a black man to use my pussy, to subjugate me to his will. "Please, be easy, but, I want to feel it in me, I want it all in me when you cum" I say with my gaze transfixed on the hugeness of his glans, my clit throbs insanely, pussy clenching and opening as I fill with anxiety and need.

I lift my upper body and lean back on my elbows and watch with trepidation as he rubs his cockhead between my lips, splaying them open widely with it's girth as he positions his mighty tool at my entrance. I feel it spreading my inner lips, stretching me till I feel I will rip, my breathing is now deep, raspy, hands reaching down under my thighs to pull at my skin, trying to open myself as low passion filled moans escape my mouth "Oh damn its big, it hurts, ooohhhHHH GOD!!!" I scream, as I frenziedly roll my hips, trying in vain to accommodate his swollen glans.

My thighs open widely until the pain overwhelms me and I attempt to push away from its forward thrust. Grinning, he places his hands on my hips and lifts me slightly. He adjusts his position and suddenly presses forward with one hard thrust that plunges him past my restrictive muscles and into my pussy.

His sudden thrust causes my eyes to gape widely and my mouth falls open in a gasping scream as the air is rushed from my lungs. I feel full, like the dog has just thrust his swollen knot into me forcefully. My entrance is gaped by his thick shaft and I feel his fat glans throbbing against my walls. My lips are dry and my tongue runs over them quickly as my breath comes in deep gasps as my gaze falls on his dick and the length that remains to impale me deeply.

The sight of his remaining inches of cock causes me apprehension but I can only moan my pleasure as I press into his shallow thrusts desperately with a rolling motion of my hips. "Damn girl thats some tight pussy", he remarks while holding his cock still inside me as he begins rubbing my clit lightly in small circular motions with his thumb.

"Feel that big nigger dick missy, you like that don you?" His manipulating my clit soon has me throbbing with a deep craven desire as I rotate my walls around his thick cockhead; feeling him with my pussy like I would my hand. Soon my hands are clenching my breasts, squeezing them as my pussy continues to massage his huge girth, rolling, pushing into it as I feel it opening me, spreading me hotly as I feel it pulsing, stiffening even more.

Oh god, I think. This is what a man is supposed to feel like in a woman's pussy as he begins stroking inside me shallowly, working his largeness deeper and deeper into my depths as I look up at him, his face now serious as he feels my wet walls massaging his cock.

Just seeing him and knowing I have a black man fucking me sends tremors of ecstasy through my body as my mind fills with erotic lusts. I try to think of how I'd feel if my husband, parents or friends found out what I was doing but it didn't matter,nothing mattered but the constant flow of sensations that bombard my brain to overwhelm my senses completely.

I feel his glans pressing my still gaped cervix and pain grips me deeply but I can't stop moving, hunching into his fat tip as he holds a constant pressure against it. I feel myself opening and he hunches hard as he feels my cervix resisting, until, relenting it allows his fat dick to slide deep in my uterine passage where only moments before his dog had filled me.

"Oh god", I scream as I feel sensations I've never known before. There is a hot pressure filling me, entering me more deeply as my body hunches while my cervix stretches and allows my uterine folds to grip and massage his dick. I feel my uterus filled by his meaty fuckstick as he forces into my womb.

His fat tip completely fills my womb and I know an insanity of pleasure as he fucks me deeply. I feel as if I'm being ripped open, his girth causing an outward pressure deep inside me and I love it,love the pain mixed with the wonderful sensation of having his cockhead massaging my womb so deeply.

"Yeah got dat dick in your womb Missy, damn you tight, but don ya worry I'll be stretching dat womb here fore long." I can't talk, can't breathe as the continuous stream of pleasure and the spasms that wrack my body soon have me pulling him down to lay atop me, his warm body against my skin as my thighs are thrown over his and I use them to lift into his thrusting movements, my heels pulling my pussy up to meet his ever faster stroking within me.

His big black cock hurts me, but it hurts me in a way that I love, a way that has me begging him to fuck me HARDER!, FASTER! as my arms encircle him and I squeeze him tightly. His fucking me makes me seem to want to pull all of him into my pussy, to hold him and pull at him until he is embedded wholly inside me, body and soul.

I can't help screaming, "OH god I've needed your dick so long, so many years, fuck me, please fuck me hard, make it hurt, I need it,oh fuck I'm cumming again.aaiiieeeeEEEE. .aaiiiieeeeeEEEE.doit.arrggHhhh" I see the blue sky above us and I seem to be in heaven as his fucking me keeps me alive with pleasure so intense I have to fight the urge to scream out loudly continuously to relieve the level of intensity that pressures me so overwhelmingly.

The feel of the grass beneath my ass and the breeze that blows over us as we fuck here in a public place has me full of trepidation and a crazy arousement that has me almost hoping someone sees the pleasure I'm receiving impaled on his beautiful black dick. Something about his cock instills in me a deep need, a desperate craving to feel him cum inside me while embedded fully. Each small movement of his fat dick as it swells inside my uterus and stretches my womb instills a pressure that feels so sating that I never want him to stop.

The pressure in my cervix floods my senses with rippling sensations as my pussy is stretched to accommodate his length and girth. When he begins fucking me forcefully I can no longer restrain my vocal love of his dick My loud moans and screams of pleasure permeate the park as I uncontrollably hunch up to his strongest thrusts with a matching ferocity, unable to control the emotions that threaten my mind. He taunts me with his words saying; " You like dis nigger dick don you missy?

Ain't like dose little white cocks like yore used to with yore hubby is it? Yeah, das it missy, work dat pussy, show me how you like it baby. Tell me dat pussys mine baby, say it, say "my pussy is only for you Mr.

Ray" When I hesitate he begins ramming deep inside me, hurting me while saying " Say it missy or I'll Rip your tight pussy with this nigger dick" But I can't speak, I want to say it but his deep thrusts and quickened pace have caused my body to tighten as hard rippling spasms course through me.

I can't breathe much less talk as my mind and soul seems to melt and begin flowing from my pussy to engulf and permeate his cock. Wild, rolling waves of pure pleasure permeate my entire being as I tremble and tense. His cock feels like a large log as my birth canal clenches it tightly, massages it, my inner muscles running in waves like a hand jacking it off.

Realizing I'm cumming, he drives his cock in me till his balls kiss my asshole and his body mashes my clit, sandwiching it between his pubic bone and mine.

Feeling my clit mashed, pounded, while my pussy is being stretched to ripping has me screaming; "OH GOD, DO IT!!


DON'T EVER.AAAIIIIIIEEEE! My muscles tense so tightly I'm sure my bones will break but I can't move as he continues to jackhammer my pussy, now using quick, long, smooth strokes that have his glans running the length of my expanded uterus!

I can't stop cumming as it opens and stretches my walls, plunging to my depths and then retreating to stretch open my entrance before ramming quickly back through my stretched cervical opening. My mind is craven as my clit is drawn down to slide along his shaft as it stretches me once more. I've never felt this way about a cock before, never wanted to just keep fucking one forever, nothing has ever felt so good inside me before.

My husband has never made me feel like this and I know he never will. Rolling over with me atop and straddle him he says " Now missy, you fuck that dick, you feel it good now, whilst I lay here and watch you". Raising myself I am amazed at the length of cock that remains embedded within me when I am as high as possible while kneeling astraddle him.

I want to slide my pussy up and down on it slowly, feeling each wonderful inch as it presses deep into me but the feel of it throbbing deep in my uterine canal as I grind down into it has me fucking him with an urgency bordering on desperation.

I can't help myself as my mind is flooded with sensations that have me spiraling out of control. My hips lift and fall rapidly, pumping my ass up and down quickly, hammering him deep within me as my moans and sharp cries seem to echo repeatedly from my lips. Hunching hard into his body I cum again, his glans throbbing as it mashes against the deepest wall of my womb,my uterine passage full and caressed strongly as my hips roll and hunch forcibly.

The intense heat his cock radiates, permeates not only my body but also scalds my mind. His blackness fills me with a deep hunger and causes an unrelenting hunching of my hips that strains me deeply, wonderfully. Soon the sensations rippling through me in hard pulses cause me to tremble wildly as my muscles tense so strongly that impaled upon his cock, I can't move except to hunch sporadically, thighs instinctively spreading to allow his fullest entry to my womb.

Gazing down at his smiling face I am overwhelmed by the sensations and emotions welling inside me. I feel such an overpowering emotional love of what I feel that I'm compelled to express it by leaning forward and kissing him deeply, passionately!

I am amazed by my actions as just a short while before I was repelled at the thought of a black man touching me and now here I am grinding my most private parts into his dick, my tongue entwined with his while hoping he will never make me stop fucking him. "Turn around and face the other way so I can see your ass missy, don't take it out though, just turn around on it so you can feel it twistin inside dat pussy" Turning slowly I feel my walls clenching his cock, twisting my cervix as it tightly clasps his thick girth.

I can't describe the sensations that fill my body, hard shudders course through me in waves of uncontrollable pleasure. Pushing down on it this way it seems so much larger, longer, better!

I sit up and allow his dick to straighten my uterus as I feel it opened, penetrated deeper than ever before. He throbs hotly as he pressures me in places never before touched even by him and I can't help moaning loudly at the wonderful full feeling I have.

I never want this to end, the marvelous feeling of my pussy stretched and filled so fully as my taut swollen clit mashes aganst his big ballsac has my thighs opening widely and me hunching, grinding into his pleasure giving cock. Suddenly he puts his hands on my shoulders and leans me to one side and draws his legs up under him and then while squatting begins fucking me slow and deeply. I love it as he works deeper and deeper into my depths, stretching me hurtfully with each hard stroke.

His balls caress my swollen clitoris, banging against it with each forward thrust, sending shooting spasms of pleasure coursing through me as I press back into his pounding ramrod of flesh. Each mashing of my clit causes me to crave the feel of him grinding hard against it continually.

With his feet planted firmly he places his hands on my shoulders and suddenly stands, lifting me by my impaled pussy as my weight presses me down onto his rock hard cock. Once erect my feet no longer touch the ground and he is hunching hard into my pussy, pummeling it deeply as I scream in pained pleasure. Glancing around as he grinds deeply into my ripping pussy I see a young couple out on the road walking near-by.

So far they are oblivious to our presence. Oblivious until suddenly a loud cry from my lips causes them to glance in our direction. My mind is numb with shame as they stare at the two of us, my ass bouncing with each hard thrust of his huge cock, impaled, with no way to escape.

I close my eyes as if that will make me invisible to them but the spasms that wrack my body soon have me reaching backwards, trying to pull him into me even deeper.

Opening my eyes I see the couple again, only this time the man has his cock in his hand stroking it and the lady's skirt is hiked and her hand is moving in quick motions between her thighs as she tries to hide herself beside a large tree. Both their gazes are transfixed on the sight of me having my pussy thoroughly stuffed with black dick.

Seeing them, knowing they find pleasure in watching my sensual plight has flames licking at my insides. Feeling his dick raping me senseless knowing they see us, has me tensing and screaming. Amidst my spasms Ray suddenly turns me to face him, never taking his cock from me as he does. I wrap my legs around his hips and with his hands he begins roughly picking me up and slamming me down upon his stiffened cock as my mouth opens but no sound escapes.

I love it, he's killing me but I don't want him to ever stop fucking me this way as I begin cumming hard. He fucks me hard as my head flails with the pain I feel but my body grinds into his dick at each hard downwards thrust.

The pain is excruciating but I ride his dick with my hands on his shoulders lifting me in rhythm to his stroking. Turning me to face away from the couple he begins taking long strokes, withdrawing all the way to my entrance before ramming me hard back down onto his huge dick allowing the couple to see the whole of his enormous cock as I cum repeatedly, unabashedly screaming my pleasure to excite them even more. The thought of them watching us excites me and I hunch fiercely into Rays cock eliciting each ounce of pleasure from every inch of his black dick.

When he turns slightly I see the young man fucking her up against the tree his pants at his feet. But what I really notice is that she seems detached, her gaze never leaving the two of us until suddenly she reaches down and pulls the man into her while obviously cumming hard.

Even then her gaze never wavers and I realize that she is thinking about how Rays big cock would feel inside her own pussy, wishing it was her impaled on his cock as she cum. She would undoubtedly be back here alone quite often, hoping to find and feel such a magnificent cock massaging her own pussy so well.

Knowing that she was craving Ray's cock, as it fucked my own pussy so thoroughly, sends thrills racing through my body and soon I am clasping Ray with my thighs, pulling his enormous cock deeper into me as spasm after wonderful spasm courses through my body. Tiring, Ray kneels on the ground before leaning sideways and pushing his legs straight out under me leaving me astraddle his still throbbing cock hunching vigorously.

I lay down upon him, kissing him as my hips move, rubbing my slick inner flesh against his thickness as each small movement causes every nerve within me to be massaged by his girth.

Ray snaps his fingers and yells "C'mere Boy" and smacks my asscheek making a loud smacking sound. His dog immediately jumps up and begins licking at my asshole with his long tongue. Each laving swipe slithers between my asscheeks to massage my anus until I feel it relaxed and open and I feel a craving to be entered there. I again think of how the dog's dick would feel fucking me there and a shiver runs through me as I know I want it!

I know I should feel disgust at my thoughts but instead that thought fills me with a hot craving that has me driving my pussy down into his hard dick. Ray seems to know my thoughts as he says, "You want that dog dick in ya ass don't you missy, want to feel him fill ya ass with hot dog cum huh gal?

Turns you on knowin dem people gonna see my dog in your ass don it" My answer is to hunch downwards into his huge cock and massage it, rub it, fuck it as I writhe atop his body.

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But he wants to make me say it, to humiliate me and he says, "Tell me Missy, say, Mr Ray I want your dog to fuck my ass". I bite my lip as my mind screams no, you can't, but the constant attention his dog is showing my anus strips my pride from me and has me begging, "Yes, yes, make him do it, make him fuck my ass Ray!" " Yeah, I knew you wanted that dog cock again, you dat big dog's bitch ain't cha girl?" My ass is craving to be fucked.

His dog has his tongue tip squirming in my tight muscle and my breathing is fast deep as I again beg, "Do it, doit PLEASE!" Ray again slaps my ass whereupon his dog mounts me, his paws grasp my hips strongly as I feel his slippery cock being hunched along my ass crack spewing its juicy precum. It feels hard as it pushes into my skin, raking along my ass valley until finally it's tip lodges successfully in my anus.

Feeling his tip enter me he immediately begins a barrage of hunching that drives his dick forcefully up my colon. I cum so intensely that all I can do is grip Ray tightly and scream. His slick dick massages the nerves in my ass muscle fully and has me tensing repeatedly as a steady stream of thrills combines with the stabbing pain of Ray's fucking hard up into me to leave my mind in a trembling of insanity.


My mind is aflame with the depravity of knowing how much I love what is happening to me while that couple is watching. All I need is for John to show up now and see me fucking a huge black cock while a dog hunches furiously into my asshole while people watch me being abased. These thoughts serve only to fuel the fires within me, causing them to consume the little pride I have left as I scream out YES! YES!, DO IT! FUCK IT! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! I have never felt so alive as right now while a dog pumps his animal cock swiftly into my body.

Surely I will be damned to hell for the way I scream with pleasure as I feel the dog cock swelling in my ass while Ray hunches up into my pussy. The dog suddenly increases his grip on my hips and I feel my asshole being stretched and I realize that he is pushing his knot into my asshole. The thought of how big his knot grows fills me with an excited trepidation as I feel it forced painfully into me.

The thrill as it mashes my anus nerves as it stretches me open has me pressing hard into Rays dick. Any fear I feel is quickly replaced by the throbbing fatness I feel up my ass. God, I moan, it just keeps getting better and better as I feel my mind spinning into a whirlpool of carnality from which I fear there is no escape.

I can't stop moaning my pleasure as I cum repeatedly. Ray again taunts me, saying, "little white girl loves for people to watch her being fucked by my dog, don't she. You love my dog fuckin your white ass don't you chile, you like me fucking my big nigger dick in yo pussy too.

Tell me you love what you're gettin girl, tell me", as he begins fucking me hard, lifting my body with each hard upward thrust of his enormous cock as his dog swiftly hammers my asshole. I don't hesitate this time as I gasp, "Yes, yes, god help me but I do, I love this, love the way you make me feel and your dog fucking his dick up my ass!

Oh Fuck .shit.your dog is making me cuuuummmmm, oohhhh yeeaahhhh fuck me, don't ever stop! Oh damn I love it, I love it, can't stop ccuuummmminnggg", as my body trembles and shakes violently with each coursing ripple of pure pleasure that spasms within my being.

As I glance sideways I see the couple only feet from us, her on her hands and knees facing us, her eyes ablaze with lust, and him behind her fucking her pussy doggy style. His face is contorted as he hammers her deeply, his gaze never leaving the sight of me pushing back into a dogs cock; begging it to fuck my asshole as I alternately hunch into the giant black cock in my pussy and then up into his rapidly stroking dog cock.

Her eyes seem to burn with passion and I see a pleading in them to feel what I'm feeling. Her moans sound desperate, like she's begging to replace me between these two and feel herself stretched and hammered till she makes them both unload in her body.

Our gazes meet and we both know we are united in our needs, a bonding of sorts taking place in the few short seconds our gazes lock. I know instinctively that she too wishes to feel what I am experiencing also.

She needs to feel herself stretched unbearably by Ray's huge black cock and yes, her gaze confides that she too craves to learn of the wonderful feel of dog cock stroking deep inside her body also.

Her mate fucking her pussy arouses her but it is her thoughts and the unspoken communication between the two of you that inflames her mind and body to the point she is soon cumming violently, ramming herself back into his thrusting, reaching back to grab his thigh to pull him deeper into her. I know that her body is in reality crying out to feel Ray's black dick ramming through her cervix and depositing his seed directly into her womb.

I also know she wishes to be stretched to tears in her pussy and violated and debased in her ass by his dog as she cums repeatedly. Watching her, knowing her desires, knowing the thoughts she is having as she cums, I wonder how it will affect her relationship with the man that is relieving his own pent-up frustrations within her body for him to see her crying her love of a big dog fucking her pussy, streaming his hot dog sperm into her body.

The swelling of his dogknot within my ass soon has my mind focused on only the feelings within my own body.

My attention is riveted on the sensations welling inside my own body as my mind begins to fog, consumed by such a variety of sensual feelings that I feel overwhelmed by them all both mentally and physically. I feel I am going insane, like the pleasure is building within me, compounding and pressuring me and I will explode if not sated quickly.

I feel the hot insanity their cocks instill in my mind as the devils they spawn within me drag me into a vortex of carnality that has me hunching with a need that knows no bounds; an unrelenting craving that causes me to scream and moan incessantly as each cell of my body is permeated with pure unadulterated pleasure. My skin seems to crawl with ripples of pure pleasure emanating from between my thighs to completely envelope me with their intensity. A pleasure so intense and wonderful that I can't willingly give it up but know I will go insane if it persists.

My body seems my best friend but worst enemy as it begins wildly hunching back into both cocks that have me in such a delightful predicament. When I feel Rays already bulbous glans begin to swell and throb mightily, the first sign of his impending orgasm, my mind seems to melt and my body goes crazy with excitement as his arms encircle me and I feel his cock pounding harder,fucking me with hard, jolting thrusts, pushing so deep inside me that I can't even breathe the pain is so severe, but I urge him on, beg him to fuck me, crying out for him to cum in my pussy, to fill me up even if it kills me.

My hips wildly rotate as he fucks me, my body crying out for his seed, my mind flush with the thought of his hot sperm erupting inside me so deeply as his dog fucks my ass so wonderfully. It is right then that his dog also chooses to begin pushing deeply into my ass, his paws digging into my skin as he hunches harder and deeper than before, my ass filled by his huge knot, pressured, my eyes open wide as I feel myself filled by their swelling cocks, both oblivious to my needs, only knowing in their minds of their own insatiable need to cum in me, to breed me, to plant their seed as deeply as possible inside me as they hammer deep into my body in hard, forceful thrusts.

I can only lay upon Ray, forearms on the ground, face beside his, as my ears fill with the sounds of his lust. He fucks me so forcefully I have tears running down my cheeks, sobbing, but crying my need for it.

I do need it, I need to feel him cumming deep in my body, both of them, Ray and his dog! I need to be their bitch, to sate both his dog and his horse sized cock. The animal part of me they have awakened needs to be stilled, to be sated, so that I can once again be human. Only then can I rid myself of these carnal desires that have me rutting like an animal in the grasses while others watch my delightful plight.

But I know I will never be the same, I will crave these feelings forever. Then, once again I feel the hotness of dog cum spraying hotly, forcefully, into my body. I feel a hotness spreading through my colon as its unable to drain from around his thrusting dog dick because of his swollen knot. His paws hold me roughly to his flanks as he continues shooting forcefully to my depths. His dick is driven deeply into my asshole as he holds me while continuing pump hot fluids, warming me as it fills my insides, puddling inside my colon to seethe and scald my anal canal.

I'm in heaven, I've never felt anything to compare to his steamy dog cum as it burns into my soul. The heat soaking through my flesh to warm my pussy must push Ray beyond his limits as he quickly begins pounding me harder than he ever has and I feel his cum race along his cock, the knot plainly felt as it travels the length of my pussy to his glans causing it to explode in size as his seed spurts hotly against my womb's most intimate spot and drenching my clenching uterine walls.

I moan from deep in my body as their combined heat flows like hot lava to permeate every cell of my existence. Knowing I have sated them, taken their cum, wrested it from deep inside their balls leaves me tensing, shaking continuously as they press deep inside me, dicks rubbing together within me as pleasure wells up inside me till it is expressed from my mouth as passionate moans.

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My moans tell of my own orgasm as it grips my mind completely, unable to think only grind into their spewing cocks until I feel my mind and body is being welded to them as each hot explosion from their tips seem to meld us together at our groins until we feel as one large orgasming body.

The three of us lost to the feelings that permeate each of our individual heavens, man, woman, and animal, united as one at this moment. The dog pushing his extended animal cock as deeply as possible, his thighs splayed open, pressing against my asscheeks as he pumps his animal seed into my colon.

The man, holding my waist as he sporadically hunches hard into my cumming pussy, each hard thrust ending with his glans throbbing, spewing hotly into my womb, as he continues to moan his love for my excitedly hunching pussy. The woman tensing with each of their movements, her body hunching, pressing into each of their hot discharges, her own cum flooding to engulf the wonderful black cock that is filling her so deeply as she basks in the knowledge that the primal animal within her has sated the beasts cocks, taken them both and made them succumb to her bitch ass and pussy.

I feel a warmness filling my body, flowing to each cell, as I lie there still impaled on their cocks, not caring that the couple are still watching us as I lay down upon Ray with all my weight and just lie there wondering how long it will take before the dogs knot relaxes enough to remove it from my ass. I can't help squeezing my asscheeks and pussy muscles as I feel each small movement from them.

It still feels so wonderful, being so full of such beastly cocks as these. I don't know how much time has passed before I feel that woman's lips upon my own as she kisses me. Startled at first I pull away, but her hand behind my head feels no resistance as she again pulls me to her and we kiss, a warm kiss, tongues entwining, my mind exploding with the knowledge that she wants me.

My clit begins throbbing rapidly, hips pressing back into their cocks again. Ray still feels hard as I press into him, my body once again inflamed as her mouth excites me, explores my own mouth until she breaks off the kiss leaving me panting, my hips now hunch as Ray again fucks my pussy with his thick cock while I grind down onto him to his balls, loving the way he feels inside me, amazed at my seeming inability to get enough of him.

The craving his cock instills in me with each movement as his huge girth caresses each cell of my walls continually drives me crazy. I know that in my case its true, once I go black I never go back. I realize even now that I am this man's slave and will do anything he wants to enable me to feel him inside me again. The lady sits down beside me and says, "The three of you really must come to our house soon.

You have certainly excited my curiosities on a number of fronts today that I never realized that I would be so, shall we say, wanting, of." I look at Ray, who now is earnestly fucking me and ask, "Will you do that Ray, will you and your dog go with me to their house?' He replies, "Only if she agrees to satisfy my dog anyway I tell her to, will you do that maam?" Blushing, she replies, while gazing into her husband's face, "I never ever thought I'd think this, much less say it to another human being but, yes, the thought of being fucked by your dog really makes me wet, in my ass, pussy, and lowering her head, her voice wavering, she murmurs almost inaudibly, or even in my mouth." The last admission, provokes a slight tremble in her body and her thighs squeeze tightly together.

Her eyes seem to become foggy with lust as she says, "And Ray you have to promise to fuck me, I've never had a black man's dick before, and I've heard so many tales about the "black myth" that until today I didn't believe it was true. Seeing is believing though and after seeing you and watching you use your beautiful cock I have to have it fuck me" Her hand begins running over Rays chest and down between our bodies as I lift slightly allowing her to grasp his cock.

pulling myself forward, I allow him to pull from my pussy until her fingers try to wrap his cock. Her chest begins rising and falling quickly and her thighs squeeze tightly as she's unable to grasp it fully because of its girth. She gasps audibly as her hand moves along his cock, feeling the tense hardness of it, the length, and thickness.

Her eyes open in awe as she moans, "Oh god, its even larger than it looked, I can't get my hand around it" as she pumps it quickly while I fuck just his glans in and out of my pussy. "Doesn't it hurt she asks me with awe in her voice?" I reply by shoving my pussy down hard on his cock, mashing her hand as I hunch forcefully into it and say, "Yes, yes, it hurts so good, its so thick and long, and I love it, oh god I love the way it fills me when I cum, the way it stretches me, hurts my pussy.

No man has ever made me love having my pussy hurt like Ray does, I love him pounding me hard while being stretched till I think I'm ripping and then feeling my pussy cumming on him, god he's so good, I love his black dick and you will too I promise.

"Will you make me fuck you Ray while your dog fucks my ass like you did her", she asks? Ray replies, "Oh yeah, you'll be just like she is now only you'll have to suck your hubby's little dick at the same time my dog and I's fucking you." "Will you make me eat her pussy too", she asks while looking into my eyes?

Ray says, " Oh yeah missy, you gonna eat some pussy whilst I fuck ya, and then she gonna suck your clit whilst I fuck you too, we's gonna have us a party you won't never be forgettin, but somehow I gets the feelin you wantin to do all dem things" His words cause me to clench my asscheeks and his dog begins hunching into my ass again, once again wanting to cum in me as I feel his knot swelling inside me.

Soon I'm cumming again as she rubs my titties, my body rippling with spasms as I tense and feel both their cocks fucking into me hard and Ray saying to her, "You gonna feel like this hon, you gonna cum from my dogs fucking you asshole while I tear dat pussy up" I can tell how badly she wants that to be true, how she wants to climb between the two of us and mash her pussy down into his gargantuan cock but instead she places her pussy in front of my face while squatting over Rays face and pulls me to her by my hair, hunching her pussy against my face as she tries to stimulate her clit.

I try, but the intensity of my orgasming over and over prevent me from tonguing her as I'd like but I manage to clamp my lips on her clit and begin sucking hard on it as she hunches into me. After only moments she begins trembling, her thighs shaking as she cums intensely, I want her, want to drive my tongue deep in her pussy as her taste excites me to orgasm repeatedly.

She leans back with one hand on the ground as she pulls me to her hunching body with the other, her mouth emitting shrill cries as she cums, tensing repeatedly until she finally falls to the ground while begging Ray, "Fuck me Ray, let me feel your cock in me Ray, oh god I want to fuck you so badly". Her husband seems to be shocked at her carnal display and lifts her saying, "We have to go hon, remember we have to pick the kids up". She retrieves his pants and pulls a card from it and lays it beside Ray saying, "This is my name and number, call me", as he helps her dress before dressing himself.

As they leave, him pulling her by her hand, she keeps looking back longingly and I know how badly she is enthralled by Ray's cock and how she wants to remain and sate her carnal curiosities which the sight of us has aroused within her. If her husband only knew the door he had opened by allowing her to leave Ray his card he would have never left it. I know that once she feels him throbbing in her pussy, filling it with black cock and spewing his cum into her deeper than her hubby could possibly do, that they would have Ray or some other black cock visiting them frequently from then on.

And they, like myself would be buying a dog soon, a big dog, one specially picked to perform the task at hand as Ray's was now.remembering that first time in the park, how my pussy had been blackened for hours by Ray's enormous cock, and how his dog had made me his bitch starting the whole afternoon off still excites me to think about it.

I never did find out why John never showed that fateful day, but it doesn't matter now, he's white like my ex-husband and I only fuck black men that Ray tells me too now, well them and a few big cocked dogs that Ray likes to have fuck me and Elsa and her husband, yes Ray has cuckolded him now and he also services Ray and his friends.

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