Amiga mexicana dandole por donde mas me gusta

Amiga mexicana dandole por donde mas me gusta
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We often like to take nature hikes when the weather permits.

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We had planned an outing that would take us into a few areas that we had never explored before. The night before our planned hike, we gathered all our supplies and packed them into our backpacks, including a small tarp, rope, and a soft blanket. One never knows what the weather may do, so it's always nice to be prepared. We put together the food and snacks for the next day, and would put them into the cooler in the morning, alarm set, and pajamas on and off to bed we went.

We woke bright and early to the sun streaming in our bedroom window. We had picked the right day to go. Showered, dressed and breakfast eaten, we packed up the rest of our supplies, packed the car and headed out.

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In less than an hour we arrived at our destination. There didn't seem to be anyone else around, but it was still quite early in the morning. We threw on our backpacks, grabbed a couple of bottles of water, put some snacks in our pockets and headed out, knowing that we would come back to the car for lunch. I took the video camera because I knew there would be lots of wonderful picture opportunities along the way, whether they were of wild life or pictures we decided to take of each other enjoying nature.

We trekked up the path and noticed that there were several other paths to partake of, some longer than others, some that were made for families, some for the lone hiker. We chose one that took us up the escarpment and into the bushier area of the trail. As we set off it was still a bit cool, so we still had our jackets on with our shorts and t-shirts, but I had come prepared. I made sure that I had worn my loose fitting shorts and no panties so that my shaved pussy could feel the cool breeze that came up my shorts.

I had instructed my guy to not wear any underwear and to put on his loose fitting shorts as well, I wanted him to feel the cool breeze on his cock and balls since I had shaved him clean and bare. We were about half way into our hike when we noticed a small area off the path. The grass had been trampled down between two trees to make a pathway leading into a wooded area.

We followed the path for about 30 minutes and came upon a small clearing. It looked like someone had recently camped there overnight as the grass where a tent had been was still matted down.

When you looked back to the main hiking path, you couldn't see anything. I suggested to my guy that maybe we should take a little rest and water break. I pulled out the blanket and spread it on the ground so that we would have a place to sit down. The uphill hike had caused us to start sweating so off came the jackets. I had also packed a small towel and used it to wipe off the sweat that we both had on our necks and the small trickle that was heading for the valley between my boobs.

Once I was done I handed the towel to my man and he wiped down his chest as well.

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There was a slight breeze in the air and it sent a shiver down my spine and my nipples became hard and erect, poking their heads against my t-shirt. Wiped off and dry, we sat down on the blanket for a snack and a drink. The sun was streaking through the trees and warming up the blanket, it felt good against my bare legs.

I found a sunspot on the blanket, took my t-shirt off and lay down on my stomach with my tits on the warmest area.

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I could feel the heat of the blanket on my nipples and the heat of the sun on my back. My pussy was getting warm from the blanket as well and I could feel my pussy start to tingle.

I slid off my shorts and lay back down on my stomach. The blanket was still warm from the sun, but now I could feel the sun streaming down on my back and ass. I closed my eyes, as my body relaxed from the warmth. I was enjoying our break, the sun and the tingling that was starting to happen between my pussy lips.

I must have dozed off for a little while, because I awoke to the feel of hands rubbing my ass and legs. My guy had a knee on either side of me and was slowly massaging my legs and ass.

He had taken the camera out of the backpack as well and had taken a couple of videos of me while I was sleeping. He kept massaging my back, legs and ass and I was getting turned on. He had taken off his shirt, but still wore his shorts. He slid his finger down the crack of my ass and as he did I could feel his dick rub against my leg.

His cock was hard and felt so good rubbing against me. I felt his hand move from my ass to my pussy and he slid two fingers inside of my wet hole. I shuddered from the feeling of his fingers, they felt so good. I rolled over on to my back and spread my legs. He grabbed the camera and started videoing my wet cunt, spreading the lips open wide and rubbing my clit.

I brought my knees up to my chest and gave him a great shot of my wet and juicy hole. He slid his fingers in and out a couple times and spread the juice around my clit to make it glisten in the sunshine.

I lowered my legs, but kept them spread wide apart and felt the breeze blow over my shaved cunt. He dipped his fingers into my juicy hole and this time he sucked his fingers off and tasted my juice.

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I reached up the leg of his shorts and grabbed his hard cock and stroked it back and forth, squeezed it hard and played with the wet tip. I pushed his shorts out of the way and pulled his cock into my mouth. He was still taking video as I sucked and licked the head of his prick, tasting the salty juice that leaked from the tip. I could hear his breathing starting to become rapid and knew that he was fully aroused and ready for more action.

He placed the camera in a tree and aimed it for the spot that we were laying in. He took off his shorts and his cock sprang up ready to be sucked and licked again. I pulled it into my mouth and sucked and licked the tip, my tongue darting in and out of the slit.

My hands were grasped around his thick shaft, pumping his cock up and down, feeling him get harder and harder. I lay down with my head towards the camera and pulled my man's cock up to my mouth as he straddled my body. I wanted to make sure that everything was being recorded. I pumped his hard cock while sliding it in and out of my mouth, tasting his juice as it started to ooze from the tip.

I sucked harder and harder. I could feel that he was getting close to cumming and I wanted to taste every drop. I massaged his balls, and licked and sucked his sac, sucking his balls into my mouth and rolling my tongue around them. My hand was stroking his hard prick, sliding up and down, faster and faster. I felt him start to shake and knew that soon I would taste his salty cum when he exploded in my mouth.

I pumped his cock faster and faster and then his back arched, at that moment I sucked his cock into my mouth and felt and tasted the load of hot cum hit my tongue. He thrust his cock in and out of my mouth; each time more and more cum filled my mouth. It tasted so good, that thick, creamy juice. He slowed down and slid his cock out of my mouth. I licked and sucked the tip to make sure I had gotten all of his juices. A bit dribbled down my chin and I wiped it with my finger and spread his warm juice on my nipple.

My mouth was full of his cream and it tasted so good. I savored his cum and slowly swallowed it. My man was exhausted and lay down on the warm blanket and closed his eyes.

I wanted him to rest, as we were not done yet. I checked the video and it was fantastic, but it was making me horny again and I needed to have my juices released. I set the camera back up in the tree and made sure it was taping again. As my man lay there on his back, with his eyes closed, I took his hand and started to run it over my pussy. I took his fingers and slid them in and out of my cunt.

I pushed them in deeper and deeper and I could feel my pussy start to get wet. I took his thumb and rubbed my clit, making it hard and so sensitive. I started to moan and this woke him up. When my man realized what was going on, he took over sliding his fingers in and out of my slit and rubbing my clit.

He pulled his fingers out and licked them off, savoring the taste of my pussy. He grabbed my nipples and pulled them making them stand erect. His mouth found my tits and he sucked and licked my nipples. His other hand was rubbing my pussy and his fingers were sliding in and out. He lay me back on the blanket and spread my legs wide.

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He licked and kissed my inner thighs and slid his tongue down to my pussy. He sucked my clit, and ran his tongue around it in circles all the while his fingers were sliding in and out of my juicy hole.


His tongue found my pussy lips and he licked and sucked them. His tongue was hot and it felt like I was on fire. His tongue darted in and out of my hole, as he sucked my juices. I was moaning and breathing hard, it felt so good. He slid his fingers back into me and started to wiggle them.

This sent shivers down my spine. I wanted to cum, and I could feel that I was getting close. He pumped his fingers in and out of my hot cunt, sucking and nibbling my clit at the same time. My body was shuddering and my back was arching, and I felt my explosion as he sucked and licked my clit and pumped his fingers in and out. I could feel my cream dripping down his fingers, mixing in with the juices that were already there.

He pulled his fingers out and started sucking my cunt, lapping up the cream that was oozing out of my hole. He slid his fingers in my cunt and pulled them out and rubbed my cream on the tip of his hard cock. I wanted that hard cock in my hole, sliding in and out. I grabbed my man's hard cock and pulled it towards me, guiding it into my dripping hole.

He slid into me and his cock felt so good. He pounded into me, sliding his cock almost all the way out of my juicy hole and then slamming it back into me. The feeling was overwhelming and I gasped each time his balls slapped against my ass. I rolled over and knelt on my knees and took his cock from behind. Reaching back I grasped his balls in my hand and started to massage them.

My man gave a moan as I rolled his balls back and forth in my hand. My man sat back on his knees and pulled me with him. In this position I rode his cock harder and harder as he grabbed my hips and held me in place. I slowed my pace down and just started to grind his cock instead of sliding up and down it.

His hands found my tits and massaged my nipples.

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His hot tongue was licking my neck and shoulders, which sent shivers down my spine. I slid off him and turned around to face him. Our lips met and we shared a long sensuous, and passionate kiss, our tongues finding each other's, lips gently joining, creating a fire between us. I licked and kissed his neck, shoulders, and chest and then as I started to kiss him again, I climbed onto his lap, and slid his hard cock back into my awaiting pussy.

We stayed motionless for a minute as our two bodies became one. My hips began to sway back and forth, pushing his member deeper inside of me, touching that special place and making me wetter and wetter. His hands grasped my ass and his hips met mine with every motion.

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Faster and faster he pumped into me, grinding harder and harder, until I felt the urgings of a huge orgasm grip me. I shuddered and felt the release of my fluid as it flowed down his hard cock. Our grinding was quicker and quicker and I knew that he was going to come. His breath on my neck was as hot as his cock was in my pussy. I felt him slam his cock into me and I was on fire with his cum that was bursting into my pussy.

We both shook from his orgasm, both panting and gasping for breath. His fluid and mine mixing together and lubricating his cock and my slit.


We sat there motionless and breathed in the smell of our sex, it was lovely. What a great way to spend hiking. I slowly dismounted from his cock, grabbed a small towel that I had packed and wiped away our love juices from his cock and my pussy. We were both exhausted and in need of re -hydrating ourselves. After a large bottle of water, we got all of our stuff together, and back onto the trail, we had a video to edit and enjoy again that night of our wonderful hike in the woods.