Sexy Latina Alexis Rodriguez vs Mistress Esmi Lee

Sexy Latina Alexis Rodriguez vs Mistress Esmi Lee
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When i lifted my head to make sure i was seeing correctly i had my eyes fixed on Jordan. He smirked at me and moved closer but Mason push him back. "patients my man you have 2 weeks with her take it nice and slow we want her to feel the pain. yesterday i didn't do much because i wanted her to be already used, we don't want her fainting now do "? "Yeah i guess you're right the little slut doesn't deserve quick pain, were going to make you sweat bitch non stop fucking and torture, you won't be able to move when i'm done with you bitch".To be honest my pussy was swollen for last nights hammering and it was hard enough to move as it was but for some reason them talking to me like a dirty whore made me wet all over again and Mason already knew how sensitive my pussy was, he knew just rubbing my clit put me over the edge but my brother of all people i couldn't bring myself to let him even touch me like that i was ready to beat the shit out of him if he tried.

"Jordan if you fucking touch me i will beat your ass". I knew i couldn't beat him and he damn well knew i couldn't beat him. "You beat me? i highly doubt that but you can try i like a fighter. You thought you was going to get away with snitchin on me and yelling at me your whole life? i don't think so paybacks a bitch sis".

He walk closer to me and grabbed me by my hair slamming me on the ground then looked on the bed and saw a wet spot forming. "You dirty little bitch you like that your brother is talking to you like this"! Mason laughed and smacked me "get up bitch NOW"! I struggle to my feet feeling the throbbing pain from my pussy again and close my eyes. BAM! i was smacked to the floor again and hot tears ran down my face.

Mason bent down and pulls my chin up to him. "Did i give you permission to closes your eyes'?

I shake my head as the tears stream down. "Exactly slut you do what i say when i say and how i say it do you comprender"? "Si" I say as i feel my cheek swell up and my pussy get wetter. Jordan looks at me and walks out the room, when he comes back he bends down next to me and smiles.

"were going to make this public so everyone can see what a dirty slut you are". i look at him with fear in my eyes "Jordan please don't i'll do anything you want". they both laughed and at the same time say "You're going to do anything we want regardless bitch".

Jordan grabs me by my neck and stands me up, when i finally stand up Mason grabs my arm and pulls me down the stairs where i see about 14 kids from our school gawking at me and my science teacher and gym teacher. I smile in relief thinking that they would help me once again i was wrong.

My science teacher Mr. Johnson walks towards me and smiles. "Mr.Johnson please help me" I cried out and everyone in the room laughs." Don't worry Mya i always treat my slut right" He grabs my pink nips and starts pinching them then puts his mouth to them licks, suck and nibbling away. I moan in pleasure because i always thought Mr.Johnson was cute he was 25 had short blonde hair was very fit but his dark green eyes are why i really had a crush on him.

I only had a crush i never thought of in in a sexual way. As he sucked and nibbled on my boobs one of his hands went down to my pussy and opened my lips and he started rubbing my clit hard and fast. I moaned louder begging him to keep going and soon i felt an orgasm coming." I'm about to cum"!

i screamed out." The hell you are whore". Mason said as he grabbed me and pulled me away from Mr.Johnson. "did i tell you, you could cum"? "No". i said weakly. He looked at me and smacked me again. "Exactly, why the hell is it so hard for you to ask before you do shit bitch"? "I'm sorry master". I said holding my face. " Master? I like that slut you deserve some pleasure for calling me that without me saying anything, Johnson make the bitch cum".

Mr.Johnson looked at Mason and i could see he was terrified of him i knew that he would do anything Mason told him at this point. Mr.Johnson went on his knees and i opened my legs, i knew if i didn't i'd get hit again and at the same time i wanted him to suck me dry i was horny and couldn't contain myself any longer. Mr.Johnson started licking my clit slowly swirling around then licking down my slit, he put two fingers inside of me slowly finger fucking me and then picking up the speed as he licked my clit faster.

"I'M CUMMING"! i yelled out at i arched my back, he started finger fucking me, licking and sucking faster and harder as i orgasmed in his mouth he made sure he sucked all my juices before pulling away.

I breathed heavily trying to keep my balance. Everyone watching me and i saw the boys getting hard. i turned my head to see the blonde girl that was in my car fucking Jordan sucking on Mason's cock i gawked at her.( I do not like sharing the people i'm fucking with anyone) As jealousy ran through my body viciously kissed Mason and pulled the girl off of him while i started to stroke his dick.

I was ready for him or jordan to slap me again but all he did was kiss me back slamming me into the wall. He put both my hands on the wall and start teasing me with his dick putting it in between my clit moving it back and forth. "Please fuck me master". He kissed my neck and chuckled. "Not yet baby we're just getting starter". He pulled away and told me to stand up straight.

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I did as i was told. Jordan came in front of me. "Put you hands behind you back". I did as i was told with a confused look on my face.

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WAM! Jordan smack one of my boobs.

I screamed in pain in pleasure as i moved back. Mason smacked me in the face. " Did he tell you to move bitch? Stand up straightdon't move and don't make a sound". I stood up straight as tears now stream down my face. " Does anyone else want to hit this bitch"? Everyone cheered and said "HELL YEAH"! Mason smirked "5$ a hit you fuckrs didn't think yall was hitting my slut for free did you"? Everyone was silent but one by one hand him 5$ some gave him 10 the first to go was the flat chested blonde, she looked at me and smile.

She grabbed my right breast and started to lick it, i moaned and bit my lip still standing straight. She let go of my right boob and slapped it one good hard time. I didn't make a sound but they could tell i liked him because my pussy started dripping wet down my leg to the floor. One by one they all came and smacked me on my tits, biting and licking them for extra money sliding their cocks between my clit for 4$ extra and if they wanted to cum on me 20$ extra.

Mason and Jordan let them do anything they wanted to me but fuck me or make me suck their dicks and pussies.

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That was off limits to them. After everyone had been done abusing my tits they were red and swollen. "That's enough of that whore bend down and suck my cock". Jordan said. I looked at him and shook my head backing up from and i darted for the door and was soon caught by two overly buff boys. They brought me back to Jordan who grabbed me by my hair and slammed me to the ground smacking me in the face over and over again.

"Stop please it hurts " i cried out. "Suck my fucking cock and this won't happen to you bitch". i looked down at his cock which was 11 inches in length and 3 inches wide. I never thought the little boy i took baths with who had a little winky would grow this big i gasped and put my hand around it. I licked the tip teasing him and put the head in swirling it in my mouth. He tilted his head back and put his hand on my hair forcefully face fucking me.

As i sucked on his length i heard boys groaning and moan i knew the girls were also giving head to them, As i started to deepthroat my brother and pick up speed i felt someone licking away at my pussy hole i groaned thinking it was Mason but the tongue was too tiny to be his i pulled away from Jordans dick to see it was a redhead girl just slurping away.

i Turned back to Jordan and i moved to Mason he shoved his cock down my throat hitting the back of my throat making me gag and throw up on his cock.

" Yeah baby suck that dick". He said while i tried to pull away for air. The redhead was now fiercely licking my pussy and i groaned while having Masons dick in my mouth and my hand jacking my brother off. I no longer saw Jordan as my brother i wanted to fuck him and Mason bad. I came several times as the girl kept licking my cunt.

Finally Mason told me to get up. And i did as i was told. He sat me on the counter and put his dick where my pussy hole was. "Please master fuck me hard" I begged while rubbing my tits. He smiles and jammed his cock inside of me.

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The first time i only got 7 inches in now he had his whole length inside of me pounding away at my pussy. I screamed out his name telling him to fuck me like the little slut i am. He bit my neck and thrusted inside me harder and harder each time. I heard gasping and moans from all sides as he fucked me senseless. "Don't be greedy brother i want some to". I heard a girlish voice say from the left i looked to see the little redhead smiling at me and had a long thick strapon.Mason smiled and pulled away from me.

The girl came in between my legs and put her tongue down my throat as we made out i grabbed her C cup breast and started to play with them she smiled and forced her strapon inside of me. I scream in pleasure and bucked my hips towards her as she thrusted inside me.

She pulled away and laid on the ground. I didn't move until Mason gave me permission to. I hovered over the little redhead and sat on her strapon bouncing up and down while she licked my breast back and forth while smacking my ass. As i was about to have another orgasm i felt something cold and wet getting put on my asshole. I turned to see Jordan putting lubrication on my ass. " Wha-what are you doing" i said fearfully. "Don't ask questions bitch" he said as he bent me down so that me and the redhead were face to face.

He shoved his cock up my ass and i screamed crying out stop. He didn't move until the pain subsided then he slowly start moving in and out of my ass.

I started to moan as he pulled my hair and really started ramming his cock in me. " You like fucking your sisters asshole don't you, you fucking pervert".

i said hoping it would make him fuck me harder. It did and he had now picked me up away from the redhead and had me bent over the counter fucking me making me cum not stop slapping my ass and tongueing me down. he lifted me up in the air and Mason came in front of me jamming his cock in my pussy. I screamed as they both fucked me as hard as they could not relenting. I passed out from all the fucking to wake up with 3 girls on me one had her pussy in my face which i started licking and sucking.

Another girl fondling my breast and the last girl eating me out. i grabbed the girl's waist and pushed my face closer to her pussy as i licked away she moved he pussy from my face to my stomach cuming on my stomach while the other girls licked it off. Mason pushed the girls away and shoved his cock down my throat. While Jordan started to fuck my pussy again. My eyes rolled back in my head i came uncontrollably they switched spot and then 2 more boys came.

One of them started to lick at my breast while the other forced my head onto jordans cock making my choke. A girl came behind Mason and hugged him from behind and the boy who was sucking my breast went behind her fucking her into Mason as hard as he could making Masons dick go deeper inside me as the thrusted at the same time.

I scream out loudly not able to breath.

"Fuck i'm about to cum". Mason said thrusting into me faster. Then i felt his warm cum inside me as i came with him i laid back not able to move when he pulled out just for Jordan to slam into me. I cried out that i couldn't take anymore. "Bitch yes you can because i said you can".

His thrust went much deeper than Mason's and i came each time not able to move anmoore my body went limp and soon Jordan's dick got bigger inside of me as he pounded away at my pussy. " He picked me up and slammed me into Mr.Johnson who now put his dick in my ass as they pounded away at the sametime. I grabbed on to Jordans neck and wrapped my legs around him as he thrust several more time before him and Mr.Johnson came inside me. They put me down and i fell to the ground not able to feel my legs as their cum ran down my leg to the floor.

Jordan kissed me. "I told you paybacks a bitch slut". As everyone left the room with me on the ground Mason stayed and picked me up carrying me to my room. As he layed me down and winked at me. "You're my bitch now i better not hear about you fucking another man without me do you understand"? i nodded. " Good girl and maybe if you keep fucking me like you do i think about you being the only girl i fuck" he smirked and kissed me passionately i looked at him and pulled him ontop of me.

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My body ached and i could barely move but my pussy was wet for him all over again and that was just the start of our relationship.

Please comment tell me what you think and if i should make a part three