Busty blond destroys by cunt dildo

Busty blond destroys by cunt dildo
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Kitty's first evening working in Raymond's sex village. ======================================== Kitty watched the empty corridor fill with people as the security guards opened the entrance to the sex village's upper floor at eight thirty precisely, and the customers, mainly but not exclusively men, mainly men in raincoats, middle aged men, if fifty five is middle aged, and all it seemed looking for her. Kitty Lord Barchester's daughter. Ten minutes earlier Miss Lloyd had shown Kitty to display window 12 in Raymond's sex village and let her get comfortable in the six foot wide red carpeted area with its floor four feet above the pavement level outside.

Kitty tried sitting on a stool but on Miss Lloyds advice had decided to squat on her high heels rather than use the stool provided.


Miss Lloyd adjusted the silvered one way glass screen to hide Kitty's face and after gently tweaking her nipples to make them stand up she wished her,"Good Luck," and said, "Test the intercom," Kitty looked down through the the one way glass at the faces peering at her breasts and crotch and found the whole thing surprisingly erotic, she squatted on her high heels with her arms behind her and she experimented by reached through her legs to held her sex open, grateful that her face remained unseen so no one could identify her and she could grimace as her muscles cramped.

The crowd approached, a face peered too closely, Ken Decaid of the 'New News of the World' she recognised him so she reached through from between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart again so he could see deep inside her sopping wet hole, past her unevenly shaved and carefully made up, apparently bruised and well used cunt lips.

He was not impressed so he scowled and moved on. Her cubicle was just six feet long facing a blank wall with a constantly changing advertising screen across the fifteen foot wide corridor, the black painted wooden sides gave no view to either side so she relied on the sound as girls were made offers and accepted or not, and surprisingly it seemed trade was brisk despite the fee for one night only being raised to a flat rate of two thousand pounds.

Kitty squirmed showing her butt plug, squeezed her breasts together again and stood up partly to change position before holding her pussy open again. She was getting bored, she had no idea of the time, she was getting frustrated, much to her annoyance and surprise she wanted to start masturbating, she needed the relief of an orgasm but she couldn't, could she?" She rubbed her clit surreptitiously but it just made matters worse.

She stayed watching ageing men watching her for over an hour until Miss Lloyd checked on her, "Thirty minutes, are you ok?" she asked. "Only half an hour?" Kitty sighed, "Bloody hell!" "They think the girl in four is you, she has a queue," Miss Lloyd whispered, "Keep up the good work!" Kitty gave up squatting and sat down on the step and just stuck a finger inside herself and started dreaming, "Take five hundred love?" her intercom suddenly said, she panicked momentarily as she sought the reply button.

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"Sorry," she replied in her mock west country accent, "It's two thousand tonight me lover, I am sorry, it's that Kitty you see!" "Right," the man said, Kitty's heart pounded was he going to say yes, would Miss Lloyd manage the change over?

"All right, some other time maybe," he said and she relaxed, relaxed too much as her fingers explored and everything went purple and fluffy and burning sensation that needed quenching spread through her vagina.

Kitty bit her lip bringing her back to reality, the crowd was thinning, "They seem to have narrowed it down to a seven or eight girls," Miss Lloyd said quietly, "Are you ok?" "Bored," Kitty admitted. "Tim said you were having a wank, use a dildo if you like," she offered. "No, it's all right," Kitty said and immediately regretted her words.

"Two more hours, we'll pull you after another twenty minutes," Miss Lloyd promised.

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"Miss," a voice sounded through the intercom, "You wanna fuck?" "It's two thousand pounds tonight, I'm afraid." she said. "That's fine," he agreed. "Oh!" she gasped, and replied "Room twelve B, pay at the desk first please," He was about forty years old she surmised, he didn't look like a journalist, she rang the bell for Miss Lloyd who came quickly and pulled the curtains across, so Kitty could escape, "I said 12 B," she said. "I'll send Karen she's much your size and shape," Miss Lloyd suggested and when Kitty looked confused she added, "Down below!" "Oh," Kitty agreed, "Ok," Kitty slipped from the window and went to the rest room to allow Karen to have her half hour with the punter, she took eight minutes, and came looking for Kitty who had barely started her coffee, "You're on again," Karen laughed, "That was easy money." "Ok," Kitty agreed and returned to her window this time with a big yellow dildo in her hand, she settled down gratefully and started to wank the time away.

"Hi Kitty, remember me?" the voice through her intercom jolted her back to reality, she stared through the one way panel and saw the unmistakable outline of Paul her housemate from Salford. "I'm afraid it's two thousand pounds tonight me lover," she said. "Your Wurzel accent never was very convincing," he said, "But two thousand, well will they take a credit card?" She wanted to warn him off but to her shame she tried to maintain the pretence, "Yes me lover, pay at the desk and I'll be in twelve B." She rang for Miss Lloyd, "I know him," Kitty said awkwardly.

"So, we'll do a switch, have security throw him out if he gets funny," Miss Lloyd reassured her, "We are used to dealing with awkward punters." "If you're sure," Kitty agreed as she went for a coffee but within minutes she heard Paul protesting, "You swapped girls!" "I can assure you," said Miss Lloyd, "That we did not." "Well you did, I'd know Kitty's toe nails anywhere, and those were Kitty's toe nails," Paul insisted, "And these aren't anything like them!" "Look," Miss Lloyd said, but Kitty had thrown a robe around herself and was standing behind Miss Lloyd.

"It's all right," Kitty agreed, "I'll let you have the money back Paul." "I paid to fuck you Kitty, I don't want a refund." Paul insisted. "It's your call Kitty, I can have security throw him out," Miss Lloyd suggested.

"No, we'll talk," Kitty agreed, "Shall we," she motioned for Paul to enter room 12B and followed him in, and as she shut the door she asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" The cubicle had just enough room for a single bed with a plastic covered mattress, a clothes rail with hangers, a sink with hot and cold water and a can with a wooly cover so it doubled as a seat. A screen to show porn films, selectable mood lighting and a selection of toys and gels completed the equipment and the floor was covered by good quality carpeting.

"What are you doing here," Kitty said again. "Raymonds are advertising you on the Internet as being their latest attraction for one week only," he said "Are you completely stupid?" "What?" Kitty gasped, "I agreed to a press release but." "It's gone viral it's all on TV," he said, "I rang you father and he went ballistic!" "So you came all the way down here?" Kitty asked, "Where the hell did you find the money?" "Credit card." he said awkwardly, "On the bullet train." "You idiot!" she railed, "You're always flat broke." "I thought you were in trouble!" he exclaimed.

"Well I'm not and Daddy agreed to everything," Kitty said harshly, "Now get out!" "I paid two thousand pounds to fuck you Kitty," Paul said reasonably, "You know you're finished at uni, so I'll never see you again." "Look if I refuse sex you don't have to pay, don't worry." Kitty reassured him. "I still paid, you owe me Kitty," Paul said firmly.

"But, I can't, I know you," she protested, "We live together, we can't just," she paused looking for the right word, "Fuck." "Past tense Kitty," Paul insisted, "We used to live together, it will tick a box for me," "And ruin my memories of a sweet guy I trusted implicitly no matter how drunk I got," Kitty said earnestly as she tried emotional blackmail.

"I still want to fuck you Kitty," Paul insisted, "I paid an awful lot of money for this moment." "You'll get a refund, Paul, ok?" Kitty said nervously. "Sure," Paul agreed and he went to hang his jacket on the hanger, "Except I came to fuck you and that's exactly what I'm going to do." "Oh god," she gasped as she struggled with conflicting emotions, he obviously loved her and she wanted to let him down gently, "You will be gentle?" she asked, "Won't you?" "After all the guys you've screwed tonight, I won't need to." Paul said as he slipped his trousers off, "You slag!" "Paul!" Kitty protested.

"I thought you were special," Paul continued, "All those times you were drunk, gee I could just have slipped in your room and." "But you never showed any interest?" Kitty protested. "You were out of my league, now I'm way out of yours," Paul snapped.

Paul's words cut Kitty like a knife, "But Paul," she protested but he was naked now, and he lifted her robe away from her and asked,"Where are the condoms?" "Here," she handed him the selection box from the bedside shelf and sniffed as tears formed and began to drip, but then Paul gripped her by the shoulders and pushed her onto her back sliding her up the mattress, "You haven't thought this through!" she said, "I can still get you a refund." He was on her now, she stared at his familiar face, a friendly face, he usually said 'Hi Kitty want a coffee!' when she came in but now he was advancing and his condom clad penis was between her legs, it was long and streamlined, like a Zepplin, she thought, and no bigger than her dildo, certainly not in circumference and she watched in fascination as he supported himself with his left hand and guided his penis between the lips of her sex with his right hand.

"I'll refund the money," Kitty tried again but his tool was sliding in her, "Please, Ive never had proper sex before!" she tried. "Liar!" he snapped and thrust violently inside her. "Oh Paul!" she gasped as he seemed to fill her competely and she wrapped her arms around him pulling him down to her chest, "That's wonderful." "Whore!" he said, "Fucking whore." "Fuck me nicely Paul, please!" Kitty said despairingly but Paul was now firmly in his stride banging into her so hard that the bed began to bang noisily against the partition wall.

"Kitty!" Miss Lloyd said through the door, "You're making too much noise dear, up setting the other punters." "Fuck them!" Paul snorted, "And fuck you!" he shouted, go away!" "Kitty, I'll get security, just a moment." Miss Lloyd promised.

"No please," she said, "It's fine," but half a minute later two burly retired boxers stepped inside the cubicle. "If you wouldn't mind sir," the smaller of the two giants requested.

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"Fuck you I paid," Paul announced before they stepped forward and dragged Paul off Kitty in a single practised movement. "Go home," The larger security man said, "Get dressed and go, you," he pointed at Kitty, "Back to the window." Kitty nodded but found Karen had taken her place, "Try number 5 Kitty," Miss Lloyd suggested. Kitty's head was spinning, she couldn't think straight and so she shut herself in the number 5 window alone with her thoughts and protected from the world by an inch of safety glass.

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She watched the faces, the men leering, the intercom sounded, "Will you take a thousand?" he asked. "No, sorry," she said, "Two thousand." "Fine," he said, "Which is it A or B?" "Five B," Kitty said checking the vacant/ engaged lights on the intercom panel and almost gratefully she added, "Pay at the desk." "Karen isn't finished," Miss Lloyd explained.

"I'll do him, I need the money to pay Paul," Kitty said sadly. "Look, are you sure?" Miss Lloyd asked. "Yes," Kitty replied.

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Five B was just the same as the other cubicle, Kitty didn't bother with her robe, she walked naked from the display window to cubicle 5B and simply flopped back onto the bed with her legs apart and waited. "You're Kitty aren't you?" the man asked, he had to be forty, she surmised, with a slight beer belly." "Yes I'm Kitty," she admitted, "You paid for sex talking is extra," she announced. "Toffee nosed bitch like you likes a bit of rough I suppose." He leered as he dropped his pants. "I need the money," Kitty said, "But an orgasm would be nice "A what?" he demanded and suddenly he realised his penis was straining and the blue veins were standing out against the pink member as the foreskin stretched back from it's bulbous head and thick grey cum started to ooze and spurt from the end.

"Oh hell!" Kitty snapped, "Not on the carpet!" "Bollocks!" the man said, "I never have this happen." Kitty stared at the mans flacid penis, "Tell Miss Lloyd to tell them Kitty is in 5B, and say form a queue." she said quietly.

"I haven't fucked you!" he protested. "You're not going to now, are you?" Kitty pointed out. "Then I want a refund!" he demanded angrily raising his voice as Kitty cowered in a corner afraid he might hit her and she pushed the panic button beside the bed.


Miss Lloyd appeared almost immediately as she had been listening outside the door, "Until completion," Miss Lloyd explained, "I heard everything and you've completed allover the floor, wipe it up Kitty," she ordered and then asked, "Were you serious, about the queue?" "Yes.

send them all in, I might as well make some money," Ktty said, her mind reeling, "The whole world knows I'm a whore now." Miss Lloyd ushered the man from the room and showed Kitty where the carpet cleaner and cloths were kept and Kitty was on her knees scrubbing the carpet when the next man walked in, "Kitty?" he queried, "Lord Barchester's daughter?" "Yes," Kitty replied.

"Good," the man replied, "Stay down there love I want to fuck your ass." "It's a thousand extra," she said. "No problem," he said. "It won't be if you have paid Mr Decaid," Miss Lloyd agreed as she stepped through the door after listening from the corridor once again. "Ah well," he blustered, "I have it here," and he handed Miss Lloyd an extra thousand pounds in fifty pound notes. "Kitty," Miss Lloyd advised, "Use the ball gag in case it hurts, oh and lots of lube." "Yes Miss Lloyd," Kitty answered.

"You're not Kitty!" Ken Decaid protested.

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"So, you paid to fuck me, I'm not stopping you," she answered and she took a tube of lube and pulled out her jewel encrusted butt plug before she inexpertly squirted some lube between her ass cheeks and popped the red ball gag in her mouth.

"On the other hand," Ken Decaid said, "I never could resist a nice tight ass hole, although I must admit I like boys better." "Two Condoms then Mr Decaid," Miss Lloyd suggested, "And don't worry, I'll stay with you." Kitty felt a soothing finger working the lube into her ass, she saw it was Miss Lloyd with her hands in white latex gloves working the slippery goo inside her, "There that should be better." she announced.

Ken stared at her tight ass hole as he removed his coat and trousers to stand in his socks with a hole where the big toe poked through, a dirty once white shirt, tie and cardigan and his trademark homburg hat, his short fat penis at full stretch as he knelt behind Kitty and pressed it's tip firmly against her brown bud. He gasped and winced with the pain of penetration as his bulbous tip oh so slowly eased her muscular sphincter open to claim her tight anus.

Kitty bit down on her ball gag, the pain was intense, almost unbearable and he was pressing on her bladder making her want to pee, she stared at the floor, smelt the smell of stale spunk that even the smell of shake and vac couldn't cover and she felt totally degraded.

'It's fifteen hundred pounds," she thought, "Think of the money," and she wiggled her ass invitingly. Ken grunted, "Oh bloody hell," he complained and he started to shoot his load of turgid grey spunk into the condoms, then almost before he began he was finished, exhausted and gasping for breath. Miss Lloyd helped him dress while Kitty sat on the can and relieved her aching bladder,"You could charge extra for that," Miss Lloyd explained"Depending on the client," Miss Lloyd ushered Ken away suggesting he should have a coffee and get his strength back, and immediately another man took his place, mid fifties, slight beer belly very much like her father except fatter and she just lay on the bed for him and when he had undressed she held out her arms to him and helped guide his penis inside her.

Kitty closed her eyes as he entered her, she tried to think of happy times, the river Avon at Stratford, a picnic with her mother, but then the image of her mother and Harris daddy's chauffeur flooded her mind, when she woke one evening and came downstairs for some milk and found them having sex on the kitchen table.

The drawing she did showing Harris with an erection, Daddy's rage when he saw it, the rows, Mummy leaving. The man shooting his load wrenched her back to reality, "Oh that's so good," she lied. "Thanks, I like fucking a piece of dead meat," he said as he pulled out, then seeing Kitty's guitly look he said, "Seriously, that's how I like it, I know you only do it for the money, I respect that, may be next week?" Kitty smiled and nodded, "Thanks," she said.

Miss Lloyd checked when the man had gone, "Better have a wash Kitty, I'll give you five minutes." Kitty stared open mouthed but then realised she was rather sweaty, and smelly so she took the bar of plain un-scented soap and the hand cloth and started to wash herself in the wash basin, she was still washing when the next man appeared, she laughed, he squirmed self consciously, but it was just that he was mid fifties with a slight beer belly and almost identical to the previous punter.

"You made me laugh," Kitty said, "Sorry." "It's ok," he said, "You remind me of my youngest daughter, Jasmin," he said, "Shall we?" Kitty wiped her hands and face, "It's what we're here for," she agreed and she lay back on the bed again.

He stripped to his vest, vest and socks and sock gaiters, and then he carefully knelt on the bed and eased his penis inside her, it hurt, she wasn't turned on, she nearly panicked but as she stared into his eyes and saw Paul's image there she melted and moistened and he slid easily within her.

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"I guess you were a slut who balled everyone before you started this?" the man asked, "Like Jasmin," he said, "Except she has a penchant for blacks, big black cocks, and three half breed kids, what a waste." "She sounds nice," Kitty said, "At least she's not racist." "She bloody well is, she won't look at a nice white boy!" he said and his penis was twitching and pulsing and he pumped the condom full of cum. Kitty lay a moment, a record was playing the same on that was on when he took her, a three minute track was still playing, the sex was over in under three minutes, she couldn't believe it, but the man was dressing, smiling, "Thanks," he said.

Kitty washed again and this time squirted some lube into her vagina just in case, the next man was younger, fifty one she surmised, and she relaxed as he undressed and covered her his penis sliding easily into her well lubed cunt and then he started to hump her energetically, until she got bored and tried squeezing him with her cunt muscles. He ejaculated almost instantly, gurgling helplessly as he let fly unable to stem the red hot yet ice cold flow of semen from his balls along his shaft and into her womb or more correcty the condom.

Kitty didn't wait for him to leave before washing again and renewing the lube inside her, "Kitty, do you do blow jobs?" Miss Lloyd asked. "No," she replied, "I never tried." "Only Tommy can't get it up without," Miss Lloyd explained, will you try?" "With a condom?" Kitty asked. "Personally I would just suck him off with out and swallow, get it over in two minutes," Miss Lloyd suggested, "but it's up to you." "Ok," Kitty agreed, "Without." Tommy was at least ninety, Kitty decided, she had to help him with his fly buttons as his fingers trembled so much, and when she did release his penis it was like a large maggot or small earth worm.

"I had my Viagra," he said, "Perhaps he needs a kiss?" Kitty knelt down and bent her head to the soft pale pink member and breathed softly over it and as it stiffened so she eased it into her mouth. It smelled and tasted of piss she decided and quite suddenly it exploded a tiny amount of rubbery cum into her mouth and his eyes rolled and he staggered as if having a stroke. Kitty desperately tried to swallow the rubbery cum but had to give up and spit it down the can followed by washing her mouth out with mint mouthwash.

"You're like our Marcia's youngest," Tommy said, "I don't know why she won't let me fuck her/" "She's your grand daughter perhaps, it's illegal." Kitty suggested. "No it isn't, she's my great grand daughter, that's not illegal!" he said.

Kitty almost threw up at the thought but Miss Lloyd slipped quietly through the door with Jackie following her, "Tommy sometimes needs a hand dressing," Miss Lloyd explained and Jackie dived in and helped Tommy to wipe himself and dress as Kitty washed herself yet again.


"All done?" Miss Lloyd asked as Kitty finished, "Good, five is free again Kitty." "I," Kitty replied. "Think of the money!" Miss Lloyd suggested. "Yes, ok," Kitty replied, and she returned to the window briefly until another grey suited, beer bellied, middle aged businessman paid for her services. Kitty was tired now, more tired than she realised, and stressed by the constant arousal and the denial of release and she neither noticed nor cared who was using her, just as long as he paid and used a condom and didn't want head or anal she just lay back and let events wash over her.

She lost count of the men who used her, all of them seemingly identical, identical in dress and build and stature, only their glasses or lack there of and the occasional example of facial hair made them anything like individuals.

The evening melted into night, the tempo slowed as punters were deterred by the high prices, "You might as well call it a day," Miss Lloyd suggested.

"Yes, call it a day, its past midnight, we'll go back to regular pricing, Miss Lloyd," Tim Raymond declared, "Too many punters wandering off," he explained, "Novelty wearing off," "Right," Kitty said as she kicked off her heels, "Can I get a shower?" "Yes out the back, show her would you Miss Lloyd." Tim suggested.

Miss Lloyd found Kitty's clothes and showed her to the shower room, "I'll call you a Taxi, fifteen minutes." she said. Kitty showered, she felt dirty and didn't feel any cleaner after the shower, but she felt a bit better when she dressed and all too soon it was time to get the Taxi. She stepped gratefully into the soft seats of the old London Taxi and relaxed, giving her fathers address. "You're Kitty Barchester aen't you," the driver asked.

"Yes why?" she asked. "Saw you on the telly," he said, "Nice ass!" Kitty decided that was a compliment and nearly resisted the temptation to push her hand down her trousers to ease a thumb into her sore cunt to ease the burning sensation.

The driver watched in his mirror, "Heavy night eh?" he asked knowingly but he drove her home and even waited for her to open the door before he drove off. Kitty's father's house was in darkness when she arrived, she let herself in but no one was home, so she went to the kitchen to make herself some coffee she found a note, 'Gone to Gloucestershire until the dust settles, Barchester!' Kitty turned on the TV, "The row over the Peer's daughter who is allegedly working as a prostitute continues with the disappearance of Lord Barchester from his London home and his failure to attend this afternoon's session in the house of Lords," the announcer said solemnly and Kitty switched channels to watch a twenty year old episode of The Weakest Link.

She made a light supper and went to bed around two and slept an exhausted fretful sleep, her mind filled with demons and with no alarm clock she didn't wake until mid morning. Her father was still not home when she woke so she had toast for breakfast and the phone rang at around eleven, "Where are you?" Tim Raymond asked.

"Having breakfast why?" she asked. "Got an eight o'clock and a ten if you're interested," he said, "We did very well last evening." he said, "Do you want to come and discuss, well, a more permanent role?" "As a prostitute?" she asked. "Well," he replied, "We can have an adult discussion about it." "My pussy feels like it's on fire!" she protested. "The best cure is hair of the dog," he said. "What!" Kitty demanded. "I mean more sex, gentle sex, soothing gentle," he said.

"Ok I understand," she said, "I'll stick to my dildo thanks." "Come around for two o'clock, no one, we'll have lunch and you can collect your wages," he suggested. "What wages?" Kitty asked, vaguely remembering the events of the evening before, "How much?" "One hundred and twenty thousand pounds," he said.

Kitty dropped her breakfast plate, "What!" "I'll see you at one o'clock," he suggested again, "Goodbye." Kitty sat down and worked out the sums she remembered girls were doing four, five, six or more men an hour and she was receiving a premium of £300 for each one. She realised her hands were shaking, so she dialled her father. "His Lordship asked not to be disturbed," Mrs Hancox his cleaner/ housekeeper explained.

"But it's me, Kitty!" Kitty protested. "Yes, he specifically said he didn't want to speak to you." she replied and put the phone down. She rang her mother in Aldershot, her lover as her daddy called her mother's new husband Argentinian Polo player Marco Delaplata, or was it De La Plata, answered the phone, "Oh Kitty, how are you, sore I expect," he said crudely.

"Can I speak to Mummy?" she asked. "No, Adriana said if the fuck slut calls I am out." he insisted. "Oh," Kitty replied, "You liar, put Mummy on now!" "You have obviously not seen the newspapers?" he observed, "The New News of the World is very effusive with your praise," he said, "Although Mr Decaid made apologies and went home to his loving wife or so he says." "Oh," said Kitty awkwardly, "I want to speak to Mummy!" "I could come over and rub some lotion on if you're sore?" he offered.

"Oh no, no way you pervert!" Kitty shouted and she slammed the phone down. She tried her Aunt Marie, who was on voicemail, before ordering a taxi for twelve thirty for Raymonds, giving herself plenty of time to dress in a sexy short orange skirt and tight white tee shirt with her knee length white leather boots.

Her red jacket and grip completed the look and she added a jewelled hair comb and diamond ear rings to the ensemble.

Her only problem was her tight little black panties chafed horribly against her sore pussy and she needed some big loose silk panties or something but she didn't have anything suitable at the London house all she had was skimpy knickers in a variety of colour and even tighter thongs.

In end she just decided to wear a knee length skirt instead and consigned her knickers to her hand bag and keep her legs crossed She waited for the Taxi driver to ring the doorbell and was whisked to Wardour street in a shiny new Toyota MetroTaxi and was met by security at the back door. "You got your security pass?" the uniformed guard asked. "No, sorry," she said, "I'm Kitty Edmonds, to see Mr Raymond?" "I'll ring but next time wear your tag," he said. "Tag, where?" she asked.

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"Right ear, left ear, cunt lips, what do I care?" he replied, "Hang it on your key ring for all I care." "I'm sorry!" Kitty said unable to believe her ears, "What did you say?

He just grinned, "You heard, get used to it, you're a whore ain't you?" To be continued.