Von hinten stellung

Von hinten stellung
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My husband, Mark and I have been married for just over 16 years. I thought our sex life was good, but he was starting to hint he wanted to add some spice to our sex. He would ask me to do things like go braless when we went out for dinner. He would try to grope me in public places when he thought nobody was looking. His favorite was asking me to ride down the interstate topless, and flash my boobs to the truck drivers. Of course I would say no to all of these. But he was persistent and I could not help thinking about the things he was asking, and having some fantasy of my own.

I work in a large warehouse It's my job to check the trucks in and out and to make sure they have the proper loads before leaving. I get to or have to talk with all the truckers as they wait for their trucks to be loaded or unloaded and sometimes a conversation can get pretty flirtatious. That's where I met Tom. Tom's truck comes in every day around about 1:30.

He is very handsome black man somewhere in his mid-forties. Him and his wife got a divorce about a year-and-a-half ago. That's when Tom became very flirtatious with me. But I always kept it light because I am a married woman after all. I guess here I should tell you a little about me. I'm a 30 something, white happily married woman.

Who is only had sex with one other man besides my husband, and that was back in high school. I'm 5 foot 10 inches, about a hundred and thirty eight pounds, dark brown mid-length hair, blue eyes, and the parts you guys all want to know I'm 38 double d 26 38.

Working on the doc keeps me moving, and in pretty good shape. Tom was always asking me to take him to lunch wile his truck was being loaded. But I always took my lunch around noon. So I would always turn him down because I wasn't hungry. As luck would have it, or maybe by someone's plans. I ran late to lunch one day the same day the Tom happened to get in early.

He asked me if I take him down to Long John Silver's for lunch. Well I thought just this once wouldn't hurt. So we went out to my car and drove down to get a bite for lunch. Tom offered to wait for the food while I went and picked us out a table. Of course being a married woman I picked a table in the back corner. Where we wouldn't draw too much attention. When Tom brought the food he slid in the booth right next to me I was surprised, I thought he would sit on the other side of the table and I'm sure my cheeks redden.

But he started chatting about how nice the weather was and how he was looking forward to getting home early today that it's soon just seemed okay. We talked about all sorts of things during my lunch break and eventually the conversation turn to why he was divorced. He told me about the silly fights they had and things that he did to upset her and that she did to upset him and before long I also was talking about how Mark and I we're having our own little problems.

I saw the real look of interest in his eyes and realized I'd said too much. By then my lunch break was just about over. So I said we had to get back. The drive back was short and his truck was loaded.

So off he went thank goodness. I spent the rest of the day concentrating on my job so I would not think about what happened at lunch. The drive home was a different story, I could not stop thinking about how close he set next to me, how good looking he is, my mind was racing.

Mark got the benefit of my excitement that night. When we went to bed I pounced on him. Pulled the covers back and went straight down on to his cock sucking it into my mouth. Massaging his balls, sucking the head of his cock as it got hard. All wile looking straight in to his eyes! I suck then licked the bottom side of his cock, then I sucked the head of his cock again. I kept this up till his cock was rock hard.

I then went all the way down on his cock. When I came backup I said in my best bedroom voice "I want you to tell me all about your topless drive fantasy!" I kept my eyes locked on his as I got to my hands and knees. I crawled between his legs and slowly dragged my tits up his legs wiggled my tits around his balls and cock.

Mark was in shock! As I shooked my tits around his cock I said "come on honey tell me all about it" he started to stammer as I sled my tits up his tummy, across his chest and up into his face. I was so wet I wanted that cock in me so bad! I pulled my hips over his as I pushed my left boob in to his mouth.

You should have seen his eyes! I shoved my hips back and took his full cock all the way into me in one hard push! I ground my pussy hard against him, his hands were on my tits and I had his full attention. Ours eyes still locked together I said "I am not going to move till you tell me all about your driving fantasy" I slid my body slowly up and down his shaft as he told me all about how he hope to see the reactions of the men in the high SUVs and the truck drivers.

It was not long before we both exploded! Oh god it was great! The best we had in years! The next morning I got up early made breakfast and took it into Mark just as he was wakening up. his first words were "WOW I have no idea what got into you last night, but I hope it happens again"!


I just smiled as the wheels in the back of my head were turning. That day at work I gave Tom my number and told him to text me. Via text we agreed that if I was to take him to lunch every day co workers would begin to talk. My job is just off the interstate a big plus for the trucks. About 5 miles up the interstate is a rest stop.

Tom said he would bring lunch there a few times a week. The first couple of meetings we sat at the picnic tables and talked. Each night I went home and had great sex with Mark each time making him tell me about his fantasy.

Each time I would ad just a little to his fantasy just to see his reaction. Like what if I turn to let them get a full view of my boobies? Or what if I hold them up to be sure they got a good view? What if someone follows us? Should we stop? About our fifth meeting with Tom it was raining hard Tom talked me into having lunch up in his truck. We sat in the sleeper ate, talked and kissed and kissed it got really hot.

My lunch break was over before we could go to far. I knew it was time to put my plan into action. I could hardly wait for the work day to end. I called Tom on my drive home, I had to ask him, did he want me? And was he willing to… I got home about 15 minutes before Mark, I went straight to the bedroom removed my bra, and put on a very low cut tee shirt. When I heard his car pull into the driveway, I went to the front door, when the door started to open, I pulled my top up to flash him my tits.

His look was priceless! As I held my tee shirt up I sheepishly ask do you really think guys would want to see these on the highway? I asked What He though? He said he was sure they would love its. He took me in his arms and gave me a big kiss, I kiss him back just as hard as I could. We undressed each other and some how made it over to the sofa.

As Mark sat down on the sofa I dropped to my knees and went down on Mark.

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Going all the way down on his already hard cock, coating it with the moisture. Pulling back I spit on his cock, and then went down on him again. When I was sure he was ready, I stood up and dropped to my knees on the sofa straddling him.

Hovering my pussy just over his hard wet cock I would dip down letting his cock just enter me. Smiling at him I said what if I agree to ride down the interstate total topless? That got his attention! Well that and me slamming his cock deep inside me. I circled my pussy around his cock and said you can throw my top all the way to the back of our SUV. There would be no way for me to get it till we stop! Do you like that idea babe? Mmmmmmm I can feel that you like that idea! I started rise up then down and then asked how bad do you want it?

His eyes rolled back into his head and he began to ohhhhh and mmmmmm he said would you really do that for me? I said maybe how bad do you want me to do that?

He said I really want you to do that! I kept slowly rideing his cock and said ok I will ride down the interstate topless, but if someone honks and flashes there lights we have to pull into the next exit or rest stop. If the truck follows us in you have to let me go talk to the guy and offer him a blow job! When he heard that I could feel he exploded inside me.

Yessss was all he said. We kissed as his cock started to soften inside me, as we held each other I whispered into his ear did you mean that? I could feel his cock start to harden in me again. The next day at lunch Tom wanted really wanted me to get into his truck.

I talked him down and we sat side by side at a picnic table eating and me doing most of the talking. First I ask if he set up the web cam in the sleeper like I asked? He said yes and then showed me the video feed on his cell phone. Both his truck and the rest stop had WiFi. Next I asked if he got the extra lighting for the sleeper area. he laughed and said I would have to get up in the truck to find out.

The last thing on my check list was to give Tom my phone so he could put on and set up the phone tracking ap so we would be able to hook up. Did he got the large box of condoms. As I got up from the table I said to Tom tonight? He pulled me to him and for the first time grabbed my ass, gave me a deep kiss, and said tonight! When I got back to work I Told my boss that I must have eaten something bad at lunch, that I was not feeling good, and had best go home.

He agreed that I looked flushed and maybe should go. As I headed out to my car I was excited, nervous, worried and elated. I had butterflies as big crows in my stomach. Before I left the parking lot I text my husband Mark, tonight before we chicken out, I am going home to get ready! My mind was racing tonight a man other than my husband, a black man, a man I work with, would Mark hate me afterwards? would it spice up our marriage? Oh my god I could not wait for tonight! When I got home I ran myself a hot bath, scented candles and tried to calm down.

It did not work. My mind was working out what to wear, what was going to happen tonight, and how Mark would take it? I hoped out of the tube brushed out my hair sat down at my dressing table and took my time doing my make up. My hands were shaking so bad I had to take my time. I picked out my shortest demi skirt, and a plan white tee shirt. When hubby finally got home I meet him in the garage. He looked surprised, I don't think you would really go thru with it.

I threw by bag in the back seat and said lets go live your dream! We drove in silence on our way to the interstate. I text Tom that we were on our way he reply he was ready. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

As we approached the interstate I could see by the tracking ap that Toms truck was on the move and would be about a mile ahead of us. As we got on the ramp to enter the interstate I took my tee shirt off threw it to the back of car and turned to present my bare tits to Mark!

His eyes bulge from his head OH MY GOD was all he could say. I laugh a nervous laugh and told him to keep his eyes on the road! As we made our was onto the highway we saw our first truck just ahead of us. Mark speed up to get along side, shit just got real. The guy look down at me and I kind of hunched down pressing my tits against the door panel, that way he could see a lot of cleavage but not my nipples.

He looked down in to out SUV and smiled. As we passed him, Mark said, hey that would not count! As we approached the next truck I sat up some, but also leaned forward so he would not get the best view. This time he just held up his left hand to show his wedding band.

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This time Mark said if I did not do better we were going to go back home. The next truck was Tom's as we approached his truck I looked at Mark and said do you really want this? Mark nodded his head yes, so I said ok remember you asked for this.

I open the window took off my seat belt, and leaned my upper nude body out the window. I pushed my tit up like I was offering them as we passed by his cab. Did I tell you that up to that moment Tom had never seen my tits? Oh sure he had coped a feel here and there, but he had never seen them.

I surprised Mark causing him to swerve, that caused me to push my tits up even more. Tom's eyes were Hughes as he watched my slut like display. As we went passed the truck Tom honked his horn. I pulled my self back into the SUV in time to see Mark turned white! He said the Driver is flashing his lights. I said I told you this might happen!

Are you going to stop at the next rest stop? He answered are you really going to offer him a blow job? This time it was my turn to nod my head. We road in silence not passing any more trucks till we reached the rest stop. We parked in the first space we came to and watch as the big truck pulled in and parked in the truck area.

Mark then move to a parking spot where we could plainly see the drivers side of the truck. I asked Mark to hand me my bag from the back seat. I took out the very sheer button up top and put it on. I also got out my call phone and called Mark when he answered I put it on speaker so he could hear what me and the Driver talked about.

I checked myself in the visor mirror and said are you ready for this? Before he could answer I was out of the car my heart pounding in my chests walking towards the truck. I could see Tom in the rear view mirror of his truck watching me walk towards him. I could feel him watching my every move. He was about to get what he had been wanting for the past year and a half.

I tested the phone Mark can you hear me? He must have been very excited to because I could hear him fumbling with the phone before he answered in a semi whisper yes. as I approached the side of the cab I looked up at Tom and just said hi! He replied hello those are some nice tittys would you mind showing them to me again so I can get a good look? I laughed a little nervous laugh and told him that he could pretty well see them thru this top.

He said awww come on don't be like that. So I asked do you want a blow job? He did not skip a beat and asked how much? Again a nervous laugh hay I am a slut not a whore!

He said climb on up here and we can talk about it. I showed him my phone and told him my husband can hear everything so no funny stuff! He said that was fine to come around to the other side and get in. I pulled myself up into the cab and sat in the passenger seat facing him. I said my name was Barbie for tonight with out a word he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a very deep kiss.

I did not fight it I kissed him back with every thing I had. His hands found there way under my top. At first he lightly brushed my nipple, then he gave my titty a ferm squeeze.

When he broke the kiss he kept his hand on my boob, and asked can I see them now? As I started to unbutton my top. I said its to bad my hubby can't see this as well as hear it. Tom said lets text him some pictures, I said maybe we could, did you hear that honey? Do you want me to hang up for a minute and take some pictures?

We could Mark say I guess he sounded winded. I said ok I am going to hang up for a few minutes. That gave Tom and I a short time to plan and play. First Tom took a picture of me sitting in the passenger seat with my top fully open. The next photo was of him fondling one of my titty. Wile we took pictures we talked about our plans, he handed me two pills I asked what they were for, he said there morning after pills. Wait I said you are planning to use condoms right?

He said yes but there not 100 percent so this was just to be sure no one would be calling him Daddy. But these are morning after pills this is night before?

Tom said the package claims taking them before helps them to be even more effective. I took the pills. Tom then took another photo this time my top was off and my legs spread, in the next photo Tom had two fingers deep in my pussy. It felt so good, someone wanting me this bad, and making my husband jealous. I reached for Tom's cock this would be the first time I touched him, I was drunk with desire.

Tom saw the look in my eyes and just leaned back. As I leaned into Tom's lap he took another photo as I freed his cock and kissed the head of his beautiful cock he took one last photo to send to Mark. As I went down on Tom he hit the redial on my phone. I could hear Mark say hello. Tom said your wife said you would like to listen to this and he put phone near his lap. I knew Mike could hear every moan, every slurp, every gag and I did my best to make it as noise and sloppy as I could.

Knowing my husband was listening was making me so horny. Tom put his hand on the back of my head and would push my head all the way down till I would gag. I heard him tell me not to swallow to hold every drop of his seed in my mouth. I could hear Mark yelling over the phone condom Susan use a condom!

It was only a few seconds after that I felt Tom start to come. After the fifth hard spasm I had to swallow some my mouth was full. Tom softly stroked my hair as I held my mouth full. He said do you want to feel that cock in your pussy? He asked a second time do you want to do you need to be fucked? With my mouth full all I could is nod my head and go hmnn. He told me to go sit in the middle of the bed look straight up at the camera and show the camera what was in my mouth.

As I moved to the back I could hear Tom telling Mark a web stress, I could not hear what Mark was saying. I just knew that I was so fucking horny! I would any thing to get fucked! Tom moved on to the bed behind me he was still dressed, all I had on was a very short skirt. The arm he was leaning on reached around my Waste and his hand reached to the inside of my leg. His other arm reached around and squeeze my boob. I reached for his cock and began to stroke it thru his jeans.

I wanted it in me so bad. I was highly aware of his hand so close to my pussy but not quite touching me. Tom started to kiss my neck. His lips so close to my ear. He whisper to me, your hubby is watching. I want you to say, Honey I want you to know you can watch, record, or show this to any one you want. This is public domain. As I repeated what he said his hand brushed against my pussy. It made me so hot with desire. I wanted him to feel my pussy like he was playing boobs! I wanted him to fuck me!

Tom's cock was getting hard from me rubbing it thru his jeans. I knew he wanted me, I could feel it in his jeans. I rolled over towards Tom unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his zipper and freed his cock. I yanked at the jeans to get them off Tom. He lifted his hips and they pulled off.

I was aw struck by his cock. I wanted to feel in inside me. I pushed Tom on to his back and straddle his hips. Looking into his eyes I grabbed for his cock to help guide it into me.

It felt so big around in my hand as I guided it to my very hot very wet pussy. I lowered my body down till I felt the head of his cock enter me. I slowly lowered myself down his wonderful shaft, relishing the feeling as his cock went deeper and deeper into my body. Tom was only a little longer than my husband but a lot bigger around, I mean a lot bigger around.

It felt so great in side me. When he was fully inside me, I ground my pussy around in a small circle, it felt so wonderful, warm waves washed out over my entire body. Tom had his hands on my ads gently pulling my to him. I let him take control, I fell forward pressing my body down on him, kissing him deeply. Tom rolled us over, he began to fuck me as hard as he could. I wrapped my legs around his hips, and dug my heels into his ass. I would raise my hips to meet his every thrust.

I was so close to, when I felt Tom exploded inside me, I could feel his cum shoot so deep inside me. That took me over the edge, every muscle in my body was convulsing. Every throb of Tom's cock sent new waves of pleasure thru my body. I held on to tom tightly kissing him as deep and as hard as I could for a long time.

When my body finally stopped shaking. I started to let Tom go I could feel his cock slip from in side me.


I wanted it back. I felt I needed more. I had just started to make a move, when there was a knock on the passenger side door.

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My first thought was oh my god its Mark! He is going to kill me…or us! Tom told me to go ahead and answer the door. I am not sure why but I got up from the bed, with just my short skirt on and climbed over the passenger seat to the door. I did not even look out the window to see who it was. I just did as I was told. I unlocked the door and it was open almost immediately from the outside. I was sitting side ways in the passenger seat and there stood two of the drivers from where I worked.

Clayton, and Brad. I should have been shocked, mad, embarrass, or humiliated, but right at that moment all I could think was two more cocks that I wanted! The two of them did not look the lease bit surprised to see me there. Brad started to climb up into the truck when his head was even with me knees he pushed his face between my legs. His tongue shot deep into my pussy. The effect was amazing. I felt waves or sheer pleasure shoot thru my entire body.

I grabbed the back of his head and to pull him in deeper. Clay who was still on the ground gave Brad a shove, and said to get moving before someone in the parking lot saw us. At the same time Tom leaned in from the back to say come on all play must be back here. Brad pushed on past me and I rushed in behind him.

Clay climbed up in the cab and Tom moved past me to sit up in the front with Clay. As I entered the sleeper Brad was standing there waiting for me. He put his hands on my hips and then ran them up over my stomach and then grab my tits hard.

Looking me straight in the eyes he said you want to suck my dick don't you. I don't know why but I immediately dropped to my knees and start to undo his pants. As I pulled his dick free I heard him tell me you suck it till it's nice and hard then I'm going to fuck the shot out of you. Brad's cock look wonderful, it was already starting to get hard as I licked the head. But now that Brad was quit I could hear Clay and Tom talking. In a whisper Clay said I told you the pills would work.

She will be horny as hell for the next 3 to 5 hours. Then her body will be so tired from all of the sexual tension that she'll sleep for a good 8 to 10 hours. She will be so worn out it'll be hard to wake her up.

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At that time you can do almost anything with her. My mind told me I should be spitting mad, but my body wanted this big juicy cock in my pussy now! The back of my mind was asking why? But just then Brad told me to get on the bed and spread them. He did not have to tell me twice. I was on the bed and on my back in a second! I begged him to fuck me. Brad crawled on top of me and I grabbed his cock and helped to guided him inside me.

He wasted no time driving as deep as he could into me. He held in me as deep as he could push it in and bit my left nipple. I was so hot I started to squirming under him, I wrapped my legs around his ass and started to buck trying to get him to fuck me.

He finally dropped my nipple and started to fuck me hard. It felt like I was just about to pass out from the orgasm that was about to exploded inside me. I could hear Brad grunt as he slammed his tool into me I wanted to feel him cum inside me. I could not help myself I started to beg him to fill me with his seed. I tighten my pussy muscles and I could feel his cock start to throb in side me.

Brad groaned and pushed deep inside me and held himself inside me as hard as he could. I felt him throbbing load after load in me. My body shook uncontrollable it took a long moment to even start to breath. As I regained myself Brad was still on top of me.

I kissed him and said thank you over and over again. I could feel his cock soften and begin to slide out of my pussy. I felt so disappointed when it did. I also felt a large amount of cum run down my ass cheeks. Brad lifted himself off me squeezing my boobs before calling to Clay that it was his turn. I stretch my arms open wide as Clay came back into the sleeper. He looked at me and said that the skirt would have to come off before we could play. He made me stand up and wiggle out of my skirt, the last thing I had on.

He made me turn around and twirk him. I was so horny I ground my ass as hard as I could against his cock. I could feel it getting hard, and I wanted it in me. His hands began to slide over my hips and ass. Suddenly his hands shot up my sides and then grabbed my tits. Squeezing them hard and pulling me up right. His face was right next to my ear.

He whispered in my ear, pull your hair to the other side. Wile he mauled my boobs, I pulled my long black hair away from his side. He kissed the side of my neck up to ear.

He whispered to me to reach back and free his cock. Wile he mauled my boobs and bit my neck I reached back with both hands and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his zipper.

His cock already hard sprang free. It was bigger than the other two. He softly said into my ear put my cock between your legs, then look down and you can see what you look like with a cock. His cock stuck out at least six inches in front of me. He asked me if I liked the look? I told him yesssssss. He whispered to me, do you want me to fuck you? Beg me to fuck you. I turned my head to look at him the best I could PLEASE! Fuck me please, please drive that cock in me please fuck me!

I reached down between my legs and worked his cock into my pussy, I was so wet he forced himself all the way into me on the first stroke. I yelped as he pushed past my cervix into my womb. He started to fuck me hard. It hurt so good every time every time he pulled out and forced back thru my cervix. At first his huge cock hurt, but in a good way. Soon it started to feel so fucking good. I was meeting him stroke for stroke.

It did not take long before I felt the beginning of my first orgasm from his cock. That is about the last thing I can remember. The rest of the evening is just one orgasm after another. I know Clay shot his load deep in my womb, past my cervix. That is what drove me so wild. I can kind of remember at least three other men enjoyed my hospitality, before I passed out. When I woke up it was late evening my whole body hurt my jaw was sore and I had a bad taste in my mouth.

My ass burned and my pussy throbbed. My stomach was very up set. I was naked and in my own bed. I really needed to go to the bathroom. My legs were stiff, sore and did not want to move. I groaned as I got up. I guess My husband heard me and came into the bedroom. He asked how I felt as I headed to the bathroom. I did not take the time to answer. After doing what I needed to do, I looked at myself in the mirror. I could see seamen crusted around my mouth. My boobs were bruised.

I was a total mess. I went straight to the shower, turned on the water as hot as I could stand it and got in. Scrubbing as hard as I could, I noticed seamen still leaking from my pussy. How much cum was in me, I hoped that morning after pill was working, how long had I slept? How did I get home? How could I let myself get so carried away? My mind was racing. Everything starting to flood back, I was drugged!

Oh shit what all had I done! Mark knocked on the locked bathroom door asking if I was ok?

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I'll be out in a minute I said. A few minutes later I was in the kitchen holding my first cup of coffee. Mark had a very concerned look on his face, we need to talk. Things went a lot further than we planned last night he said.

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It was just supposed to be a simple blowjob with protection, and then we were going to leave. You went wild, and that driver broadcast it all over the internet.

He invited other drivers to come use you! I was shocked and mad I asked why he did not try to stop it! Mark said he did but almost from the start of it there were 2 big truckers out side the truck keeping all but truck drivers away.

When I told one of them I was your husband and I was going to call the cops, he said go ahead the cops are going to arrest her for being a prostitute. From what I could see on the internet feed you were having a very good time. So all I could do was go back to the car and watch. You fucked and sucked all of them like a dog in heat for about 4 hours and.

When it looked like you were totally wore out they bent you over the bed and fuck you for probably two more hours before putting you out on a picnic bench.

They started to tie you down to the picnic bench with bungee cords when I rushed over and said I want to take you home. That's when one of the drivers stop me, and said I was to leave you tied to the table until someone came along and fuck you he then pulled a Sharpie out of his pocket and was about to write on your naked pussy when he said of course if you want you can fuck her.

But she is not leaving here till she takes one more load. I did the only think I could I could see the cum oozing out of you. As I pushed my semi hard cock into to that gasping leaking pussy you moaned and beg to be fucked! You were so out of it you did not know you were outside nude tied to a picnic table, but you knew you wanted to be fucked!

Your pussy was so wet from all the cum that it took a while to even just get hard. It was starting to get light when I finally got off in you. I was handed an envelope and told not to open it but to give it to you. I was also given 5 DVDs. The drivers took back there bungee cords.

And I carried you to the car and put you in the backseat you didn't even stir. When I got you home I carried you into the house and put you on the bed. I looked at the DVDs, it seems he had for video cameras set up in his truck it is all 6 hours of you being a pornstar for the truckers from four different angles. I sat there listening in shock and disbelief. How could Tom betray me so! I sat in silence so ashamed, I couldn't even look at Mark.

Mark picked up the envelope off the counter and dropped it on the table in front of me it was still unopened. I looked at it and sobbed. Mark left the kitchen leaving me alone to read my fate. It was a long while before I opened it didn't want to see what was inside. It was a letter from Tom, but of course made no real reference to his name, the note read. You will be at work Monday. You will wear a company T-shirt with no bra.

I want you to meet me at the rest area, for a long lunch, when I pull in you are to walk up to my truck. We need to talk, be alone. If you don't I will send copies of these DVDs to all of your friends, family, and coworkers. Everyone will know what kind of a slut you are!

I sat there complaining my future, crying. When I found the strength I went into the living room where Mark sat watching TV. I asked if he still wanted me? He put his arms out and asked me to sit next to him on the sofa.

We cuddled for a long time, before I told him what was in the note. What are we going to do I asked? For now you will have to meet him Monday and see what he wants.