Nude men The opening sight of Rhys Casey and Austin Ellis making out

Nude men The opening sight of Rhys Casey and Austin Ellis making out
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"How was school June?" "Great Mom." "All the classes were good and the volleyball practice was perfect." "We really feel good about our next matches." "Sweetie, Your Dad and I can't wait for when you guys go up against Central." "Yea our big rivalry, for sure we will be ready." "Honey, I put some snack out for you, grab a glass of milk." "Then take out Boomer?" "Sure Mom, he won't let me forget." Shawn was first attracted to June through photos in the local paper.

She had been featured as athlete of the month. He scoured the papers watching for photos of her. He set up and a fake social media accounts and managed to become her friend.

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June walked down the road from her house and the turned off the old mill road. There was only one abandoned old mill building down at the end. It was perfect walk with Boomer. She could let him looseto run and there was never any traffic. June smiled as she let Boomer off the leash. He would run back and forth and at the end there was a field where she could play catch with him. Shawn waited, shaking with anticipation.

It had been a long walk in from the other side of the road. Driving by her house over the past months he had spotted her walking her Border Collie and turning down this side road. His only fear would be the stupid dog finding him or getting in the way. Shawn hid back from the road hoping the dog would run by him. Over the past months Shawn had become obsessed with the beautiful teen.

In disguise he attended her Volleyball games. He took hundreds of photos. He would make large prints at home jacking off on them, rubbing his cock over her face. He would get photos of her tight ass as she bent over waiting for a shot. He had a large file of fakes, where he attached her face to photos of teens being fucked and in bondage. June laughed as Boomer ran ahead, eager to get to the clearing for his game of catch.

Shawn was shaking as Boomer ran by him.

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As he caught a glimpse of June briskly walking behind his emotions surged. What a sight. She was still in her tight volleyball shorts with a school sweatshirt. Her shoulder length light brown hair shimmered in the afternoon sunlight.

Her tanned athletic legs looked so tantalizing.

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Shawn had to have the teen. It was all he could think about. He surged out in excitement. June only had a second to react as Shawn grabbed her from behind.

She struggled for only a moment until a savage punch took her breath away. Swiftly Shawn hooded her, fastening the hood around her neck.

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June could only put up a feeble struggle as Shawn carried her away. Shawn pushed open the door old mill building dragging June into his lair. Helpless June flayed on the floor. She tried to get up but Shawn pulled her down. Shawn took a rope from his pack and grabbed her arms tying her wrists behind her back. She cried out as he pulled the ropes cruelly tight. June kicked wildly as Shawn pulled her shorts and panties off. He kept pushing her down as she tried to get up. While she fought, Shawn kept grabbing her ass, her thighs, rubbing his hand between her legs.

June was screaming but her voice was muffled by the black bag over her head. Finally exhausted from struggling June laid there, helpless.

Naked from the waist down she laid helpless with her hands tied behind her back. Her muffled crying, sobbing and begging made Shawn smile. Her ran his hands up and down her tanned teen thighs and then around her tight ass.

He teased her pussy with her fingers laughing as she trembled. "Lay fucking still or I'll cut you." Shawn barked. He ran his knife across her belly.


Slowly he began cutting away her sweatshirt. He cut and ripped until it was gone. "Look what we got here." "No Bra.

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Ha Ha, no Bra for the little slut." He ripped off the last of the sweat shirt. Shawns' hands ran over her perfect teen tits. They were nice than he had even imagined. Now she was all his. The little bitch was his to do what he wanted. He had about an hour until she would usually return home.

He would make use of every minute. Desperate, June tried to twist away. SMAACK. Shawn slapped the teen bitch on the back of the head. SMAAACK.

Again even harder. In shock, June stopped fighting again. Shawn grabbed her around the throat. "Up on you knees Bitch, NOW!" "You do good and I will let you live." "Keep still. Shawn cut a slit in the hood over. He moved the hood around so the opening was over her mouth. "Open your mouth so I can see your tongue." "Stick out your fucking tongue slut." "AHHH, don't, I'll do it. " June cried through the opening in the hood as Shawn pushed the blade harder against her throat.

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The slit in the hood was large enough so Jason could see the Teen's mouth and nose. He teased the cute teen mouth with the tip of his cock. "Run your tongue around the head of my dick." "Do IT." Shawn pushed the tip of the knife against her throat.

The teen tongue licked around his cock. He could hear her sobs.


His cock was throbbing already. The sight of his teen obsession on her knees licking his dick was driving him wild. "Lick it now, take that cock in you mouth." "No longer able to hold back he pulled his dick out." "Look up at me slut." The Helpless teen bitch raised her head up." " Open you you mouth and stick out your tongue." "Please, what are you doing." "Shut the fuck up cunt and do it." The helpless bitch felt the knife dig into her neck.

She took his cock in her mouth. "Suck on it. Bob on it. " Shawn's dick, hard and pulsing throbbed faster." He pulled his cock from her mouth and ripped off her hood. His cum shot over her face, red and sweaty from the ordeal. Shawn laughed at her cum coated mouth.

"Open you mouth and suck it clean. " She pulled him inside her mouth as her lips stripped the cum from his shaft. He ran his dick over the cum on her face and fed her mouth again.

"Clean it good you little cock sucking whore." June was overcome by terror.

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Her face was red and puffy from the abuse. Her knees ached from kneeling on the concrete floor. Wrists were chapped from the rope binding them behind her back.

June felt like she would be sick from swallowing the cum. Sucking the cum off his cock she felt him becoming erect again. Tied and naked, tears ran down her face as she knelt helpless at the mercy of the sexual predator.

(To Be continued.)