White girl deepthroating my cock

White girl deepthroating my cock
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I am not by any means a writer and very good with words so please dont critisize my manner of writing. I, after several requests on the forums, am telling the story of how my now former daughter in law and I began our long running sexual affair _________________________________________________________ My nineteen year old daughter-in-law made the same request as all of my kids.

She wanted to go for a trip in my big truck. I saw no harm in it, although the wife didnt like the idea. Wifey knew I thought Brandy was a fox.

And indeed she was. Bright red hair, real slim, tight ass and average tits. Brandys boob's were not big, but then not small either, just the perfect fit for her hard little body. How she kept herself looking so good after having two grandkids for me was a lot of work, but she pulled it off real good. I knew her and my son had a hell of a sex life since they stayed with us when they were first married.

I could hear her getting hammered by the son almost nightly down the hall. I even walked in on her blowing him in the garage one time. I knew the one way to get the wife too get over her reluctance for Brandy's truck ride was to ask her to come along with us, full knowing that she would never agree to since we had to leave the house at 4am to make the delivery on time 150 miles away.

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And I was right, my offering calmed her down about it. Right on time, 4 am, Brandy drove up to the house and climbed in the truck.


All I really noticed about her was that she was looking good as always in tight black jeans and a white tank top. Since we had to pass through 2 major city's today we didnt talk too much while I concentrated on the task at hand, not running over insane 4-wheelers. Brandy was asking all sort of questions about the truck and how I manged to get around the city streets near my customer without running over anything.

After checking in with the customer and finding out it would be a few hours before we got unloaded I returned to the truck and realized how hot Brandy was looking. It was obvious she was braless since her tank-top was what I would call thin, leaving nothing to the imagination. And the jeans she had on were beyond tight, almost painted on. I was just hopeing my ever stiffening cock wasnt too obvious to her.

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We sat in the truck bull-shitting about her kids, my job and other stuff for a while, then decided to go into the customers drivers lounge. I walked around to help her out of the rig and placed my hand on the small of her back to help steady her on her way down. This was actually the first time I ever touched her and could feel her warmth even through her top.


I've been to this receiver many times and knew where I was going, but I let Brandy lead the way so I could watch her tight ass and politely guide her by again placing my hand on her back and "steering" her in the needed direction. When we stopped at the office to check in and tell the customer we would be in the lounge, we sure got some dirty looks from the old hag at the desk.

In the lounge Brandy asked what was the hags problem. " So what was her trouble with us?" she inquired.

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"Well, she probably was thinking what the hell is this 40 year old driver doing here with this foxy teenager? It's clear your not my daughter the way your dressed" was my reply. "I'm not wearing anything too risky!" was her answer. "Well, cutey, it could be the skin tight jeans and the lack of a bra that did it" Brandy started blushing as I spoke to her again. " Take a look around this room, all the other drivers are thinking I'm one hell of a lucky guy being with you.

Your a hotty and sitting right up next to me instead of across the table from me. They, like I wish, think we have something going on." Just then the speaker called me to the receivving office so the hag could inform me that they couldnt unload the trailer today and just leave the trailer there and they would take care of it. A quick call to dispatch and we were set to head home without the trailer. As we walked back to the rig, I again took the oppurtunity to "guide" Brandy with my hand on her back.


However, this time I took a chance and let my hand wander a little lower, actually slipping it inside the back of her jeans a couple of inch's. Damn, I'm taking a hell of a chance that she wont mention this to my son, but when she gave me a big smile my worry level dropped. All the smile did was to get me thinking more and more about getting her naked. It's a hell of a risk, but damn, I needed some real sex.

Dont get me wrong, I love my wife, but to put it mildly, her sex drive is non-existant. I dont know if any of you have been around a semi, but the climb up is awkward with the steps and all.

When I helped her in I took advantage of the chance to physically push her up with my hand all the way across her tight ass, once again getting an all-knowing smile from her.

Since we were now on our way home it dawned on me that nailing Brandy was just going to have to be a fantasy of mine to file away somewhere. I needed some coffee and to use the can so we pulled into the first rest area on the freeway.

Brandy walked in front of me again, and if it wasnt just wishful thinking, had more of a wiggle to her suductive walk.

When I exited ther restroom she again was in front, but I stumbled on the sidewalk, more from watching her ass then where I was walking. Thinking fast I reached out and grabbed her shoulders to steady myself, but also rubbed her shoulders. "Thanx for coming along today, it's not often I have the company of a good looking girl" as I rubbed her shoulders while walking.

"You know a massage would be good right now, maybe hubby will do it for me when we get home. And I love getting away from the kids once in a while" was her reply. After getting in the truck, I went to the sleeper to make a cup of coffee while Brandy and I chatted about different stuff.

OK, here's my last chance. " Hey,if you still want that massage come on back here and lay down" I was astonished at how fast she moved, taking off her shoes, laying on her stomach with her feet behind where I was sitting on the edge of the bunk. Maybe she has the same idea I have that some extra fun would be good. I turned to my side and started to give her what I hoped would be the best massage of my life by gently rubbing her shoulders slowly, working my way lower down her back. As I moved lower I increased the presure and was pleased to hear her low moans as I continued towards that tight ass of hers.

But my postion was painfull to me, twisted to the side using both hands on her. "Here, lets do it this way" as I got up and straddled her back with one knee on either side of her.

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And now I really got into it, a nice slow gentle massage from her neck to the top of her jeans. I knew the moment I went lower it was playing with her ass, not a massage any more and I would be taking a step I couldnt take back. That problem was solved quickly though whe I heard " Lower, massage me lower" and that was my green light. I really got into it, kneading her ass cheeks, down her legs and and back up to her shoulders again.

The whole time my mind was at top speed thinking how to got further. " This isnt any good like this, take off your top so you'll really enjoy it" and like lightning she reached back and the top was gone, followed by another sinister smile. I caught a glimpse of side-boob and instantly was hard as a rock. The problem with that is that my cocks over 8 inch's and hiding a hard-on is pretty difficult and this vixen know's what's happening.

Now with her naked from the waist up, the massage started to get to an erotic stage, slowly massaging lower and lower with both hands. And there was no stopping above her jeans now, she made sure I knew that. I moved to her ass again, gently kneading the cheeks and the outside of her thighs through her jeans. With four fingers on the outside of her thighs my thumbs traced between her legs. As my thumbs grazed against her crotch Brandy jumped, turned and smiled again while letting out another long moan.

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It was time to go for it and that's just what happened. With one hand massaging her back my other hand was busy rubbing her fully clothed cunt, witch had her really moaning now. And my cock was so hard it was getting painful now.

Moving my hand away from her back, all the while rubbing her now moist jean covered crotch, I repositioned my man hood and went for the side of her rib cage with that hand. At first I just massaged her side but worked my way up and slipped my hand under a nice firm tit. Brandy raised up onto her elbow's with her head down to give me full access to her 34's.

" God, dont stop, your going to make me cum!" And with that I pinched her nipple and rubbed her cunt as hard as possible. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, god damn" and her orgasam seemed to start at her feet and work upward with her shaking violently and gasping. I wasnt giving her a break though, just pinching the nipple harder and really getting rough with her cunt massage.

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I never witnessed a woman come that hard before and it was a sight to behold. As she calmed down I reached under her, unsnapped her jeans and yanked then off her. No panties! Man, look at that ass! Jumping up, I pulled off my pants letting my cock out of it's confinment, not even taking the time to pull off my shirt.

Brandy meanwhile turned onto her side staring at my cock. " I have got to fuck you, I've wanted to fuck you for years" "So what took you this long?" she asked "Well, you were only 15 the first time we met (when she met my son) and I didnt like the thought of prison" I quickly flipped her onto her back and dove between her legs with my face, while grabbing a tit in each hand.

Damn, my first shaved pussy! I love to eat pussy and this was the youngest one yet, and sopping wet at that. As my tounge slid up and down her slit I gently massaged her breast while listening to her breathing get harder and harder. When it was evident she was on the edge of another explosion I zeroed in on her clit, sucking hard on it between my teeth as both her nipples got twisted. The result was a hell of a ride while she bucked up and down from her waist as I stayed locked on her clit.

I love to make a woman cum and I was toturing this one. After what seemed like forever she pulled me away from her cunt by my hair. Without either one of us saying a word, I turned her over face down and kneeled behind her guickly pulling her to her knees. With one hand on her waist and the other aiming my 8 incher I slowly slid into the youngest,hottest, tightest and wetest cunt I've felt in years.

All I could think is that after having two kids and all the fucking with my son, Brandy must do some real exercize pussy wise. I started slow, holding onto her hips, gliding in and out, not too deep at a time. But then she began pushing back to me tryng to get more and more of me into her cunt.

We built up speed and I knew I wasnt going to last too long since I had a hard-on for hours already. Every time I tried to slow down she would push back faster, but I wanted this to last forever.

Who knew when I would get another chance to fuck her or any other women besides the wife. It became apparent she wanted a hard fast fuck, so the hell with it. I started pulling her cunt back to me as I slammed forward as hard and fast as possible. When I tried to reach around her to grab and use her tits as a handle Brandy fell forward on her stomach and I kept right on pounding her pussy as fast as possible.

Her orgasmic scream as she came for the third time today sent me over the edge and I began shooting into her cunt as hard as I have ever cum in my life while I still rammed her hard and fast.

"Dont cum in me! I'm not on birth control" she gasped, but it was too late. I pulled out, slid my cock between her ass cheeks pumping the rest of my juice between her hard ass globes.

We really didnt say much after that. I guess I was feeling guilty about what we did and her just looking out the window on the drive home. When we got closer to town Brandy said "I cant beleive we did that, but lets stop and do some more before we get home" Just then the cell phone rang with the wife asking what was taking so long.

I made up an excuse, smiled at Brandy and we headed on home. _________________________________________________________ This was Brandy and my first time and we've been going at it for over a decade now. Almost 9 month's to the day after this first encounter Brandy gave birth to my 2nd grandaughter.

She claims Laura isnt mine, but she sure resembles her grandpa and dont look like her dad at all. I'm reaching my 60's and Brandys well into her 30's. There will be more TRUE chapters to this story when I get a chance