Slut exgirlfriend makes tease video

Slut exgirlfriend makes tease video
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For as long as he could remember, he had always loved the female form. Some of his fondest earliest memories were of time spent with his mother and older sisters, watching them undress and bathe. No one thought anything of it back then - he was the youngest child and only boy and his father was often gone so he was often included where perhaps he would not have otherwise been.

When his younger sister came along, she was often left in his care.

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At that age of 8 he learned to change diapers and with that skill discovered more mysteries of the female form - that secrete dark place hidden between all female's legs - so warm and tight and when handled appropriately, wet. As he grew, so did his excitement at being the first male to open a female's secrets. in 8th grade he started babysitting and a whole new world opened for him.

Parents would leave their daughters in his care and be gone for hours at a time.

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He became adept at manipulating the children, bending them to his will and binding them to secrecy. He had his favorites of course - sweet little emma - he first opened her when she was 6 - so innocent and fresh.

He often relived that first time, leading her to the bedroom to change into her pj's.

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Undressing her was like unwrapping a present really. first the shoes and socks, then her little pink t-shirt, exposing her smooth immature chest, hiding the promise of what it would become, then her little jeans, sliding down her smooth little legs.

And finally, those little white panties with the tiny flowers printed all over them, exposing the girl's virgin secrets as they slid down her legs. He laid her back on her little bed, her legs hanging off the side and kneeled down between them, anticipation for the best part coursing through his body. When little Emma started to squirm he told her to hold still, that he needed to check to make sure no one had hidden any baby snakes inside her.

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He told her that parents would often slide baby snakes inside their little girls because they were naughty and it was a punishment for Eve tricking Adam with the apple but that he didn't believe it was fair and she was much too sweet to have a snake living inside her.

By the time he was done with his story, poor little Emma was so scared that she was willing to do anything he told her. Of course it helped that the bible teacher had just read the children the story of Adam and Eve the week before. He slid back down on his knees, gripping both of her little thighs as he spread her wide open for the very first time, exposing her most secrete personal gem to his sight. He let out a sigh of pleasure as he gazed on that beautiful sight, leaning in to breathe the sweet scent.

Poor little emma couldn't wait any longer and started begging him to tell her whether she had a snake in her. Sweet little emma begging him to spread her open and explore her never before touched female secrets. He told her to spread her legs wider and she obediently pulled her legs as far apart as she could. He marveled at how as her legs reached their limits, her puffy little lips began to flower open as well, her small clit peeking out at him, like it was begging him to discover it.

Reverently he placed his fingers on either side of her pussy and by pulling backwards was able to separate those innocent lips completely, exposing all her secrets to his voracious eyes.

"Well Emma, it looks like maybe you do have a snake in you," he told the little girl, and she started to cry.

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"hush little girl, this might be a bit uncomfortable but i will help you. You need to do what i say and hold still" " I am going to get you a little wet and then we will see if I can get it out" He told her as he leaned closr and closer, drawn by that sweet scent. He began by softly kissing her outer lips and then licking each one until finally he sucked them into his hot mouth one at a time, watching them puff up from the attention. When he was satisfied with their looks, he moved on to find that special button, running his tongue from her tiny asshole all the way to the very tip of her slit where he found her clit begging for attention.

Using his fingers to keep her spread wide open, he took his time licking and sucking and nibbling on that so small but so sensitive organ, enjoying listening to the little girl gasp and moan in response.

But no matter what he did, she dutifully kept her legs spread wide open for him. Finally satisfied with exploration and ready to move on he leaned back and addressed the compliant girl, "ok emma, I have done everythign I can to make this as easy as possible for you but you are going to have to be brave now. I am going to get the snake out now. I will be as careful as I can" He licked his index finger to moisten it and ran it slowly down her slit, starting at her little stiff clit and trailing it down the valley until he reached her virgin hole.


He circled it with the tip of his finger, over and over, mesmerized by the sight of his big finger ready to breach the little girl's secrets. Finally he could wait no longer and lining his finger up with her dark secrete place he began to push.

The little girl whimpered but did not move and so he continued, applying more and more force to open her to his finger until the tip started to slide in. The sight of his finger breaching her most feminine spot - the first to ever open her - was so exhilarating that he was frozen in place, only coming back to himself when the little girl began crying softly again, ' please get it out.

I don't want a snake in me! I will be a good girl! I promise!" He leaned forward and began sucking on her clit again as he worked his finger deeper into her tight virgin hole. Only two knuckles deep he met firm resistance - her hymen - He paused, raising his head to look her in the eyes, Ok, I can feel the snake Emma. I am going to grab him and pull - but he might not want to come out and if he bites it is going to hurt a little.

be brave Emma and we will get the nasty snake out. " She nodded her head, her big blue eyes still full of tears.

" Ok Emma, take a deep breath," he told her, sliding his finger in and out of her secrete hole, building up speed in preparation for the final assault.

He watched the girl's chest rise as she sucked in as much air as she could and when she was ready, he rammed his finger forward, down that dark wet tunnel, through her hymen, opening her female body to the rest of the world for the very first time.

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Emma cried out in paid but he scooted up on the bed next to her, comforting her as he held his finger lodged all the way to the knuckle deep inside her secrete path. As he petted her hair and massaged her chest, circling her small nipples until they were hard, he whispered to her, " its ok now Emma, I will take care of you.

Just relax and let me make you feel better," Leaving his finger lodged deep inside her he used his thumb to being teasing her clit, back and forth, round and round, watching her eyes grow heavy and her breathing deepen with the first feelings of pleasure from his touch.

He continued to manipulate her body, feeling her secrete tunnel growing tighter and tighter around his finger as he drove her closer and closer to her first orgasm. Finally her little body clenched down so hard on his finger that he could not have moved it if he wanted to and sweet little Emma let out a breathless cry as her body orgasmed for the first time ever.

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Kissing her on the forehead, he slowly withdrew his finger from her opened womanhood before telling her that he had the snake and would go flush it down the toilet and bring a towel to clean her up - she needed to lay still until he got back. He grabbed the paper towel that he had set on the floor in anticipation and twisted the end so he could push it partly inside her to capture any blood from the opening of he hymen and hurried to the bathroom to "flush" the snake.

He washed the blood off his fingermesmerized as the mixture of water and blood drained down the sink.

He wetted another paper towel with warm water and then returned to the room to wipe the little girl down, removing any evidence of her opening. She was still laying on the bed as he had left her, legs hanging off the side, spread wide open, a paper towel peeking out of her female charms.

"sweet Emma, " he soothed her as he stood there looking at her laying there wide open, ' you must have been a naughty girl for your mommy and daddy to have had to put a baby snake in you. You will need to be a very good girl from now on or else they will know that I got the baby snake out for you and if they find out that you don't have the baby snake in you anymore, they will take you to the church and the minister will punish you and then hold you down while a full grown snake slides inside you to live and it will hurt a lot.

" Emma lay there, watching him talk with her big blue eyes, taking in every word and nodding her head in acceptance. "don't ever tell them Emma that the snake is gone!" he emphasized. " I know you are sore because the snake bit you when I grabbed it and there is a little blood but it will be gone soon so no one will know that the snake is out.

Just lay there and hold still and I will see if I can give you something to make you feel a little better.' He hadn't intended on exposing himself or pleasuring himself in front of the little girl but the experience of opening her for the very first time had been so erotic that it felt like his cock would never deflate and he could not be sporting a hard on when her parents returned from their party.

He stood between her legs and pulled the paper towel from her abused hole. There was a little blood on it but not much and so he carefully folded it and stuffed the edge of it under her ass crack. Then standing there, looking at her fully exposed secrets, he slowly unzipped his jeans and allowed his monster to escape its prison. With the beautiful sight before him it only took a few strokes of his fist before he was pumping his hot cum all over the little girl's exposed womanhood.

He leaned over the girl, supporting himself with one arm on the bed near her head so that he could get close enough to slide the head of his cock up and down her soaked slit, lining it up with her freshly opened hole so that it would receive the last of his cum. As soon as he could handle his sensitive cock, he stuffed it back into his jeans and kneeled between the little girl's legs again, this time using the palm of his hand to rub his cum deep into her skin.

he continued to caress her until all his cum was absorbed.


Then he grabbed the wet paper towel he had brought with him from the bathroom and wiped her little body clean. He finished dressing her in her pjs and tucked her into bed, kissing her on the forehead and then turning out the light and leaving her room with a soft good night. He was careful to flush both paper towels down the toilet so that there would be no evidence for the little girl's parents to find.

And Emma never told.

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and he continued to babysit her . each night he would babysit, she would beg him to check and make sure there were no new snakes. As soon as her parents left, she would strip out of her clothes and open herself for him - laying on the bed, the coffee table, the couch, the kitchen counter. wherever they were. He always obliged her of course, exploring her with his fingers at first and then later with many other creative instruments and he always make sure that she orgasmed.

Eventually he taught her to give him head, telling her that is how she could thank him for checking her. But he never went all the way with her, never breaching her feminine secrets with his manhood.