Hawt honey rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore

Hawt honey rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore
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This is another of my diary entries. This is the first one in a long time. I have had many more bisexual or should I say, lesbian experiences? I didn't want this to happen again, but I couldn't help it. One of my former students had a copy of the video of my students and me the first time I had sex with them. Kelsey said, "Cheryl I want sex with you. If you drink this drink you won't worry about our sex. You will know what's happening." I didn't want sex with her even though she is very sexy.

I went ahead and drank the drink. I didn't feel any differently after I drank it. I asked, "Kelsey what video tapes are you talking about?" She said, "Cheryl come inside and I'll show you." She had the video on her computer. I said, "Kelsey I think I need some more of that drink." She poured us another drink. I had nearly a half bottle of it. I didn't feel differently so I asked her, "Kelsey why don't I feel any different? Are you sure this will work?

She said, "Yes but it will take a little more time to work." She poured another drink just in case. Again I drank a lot of it and still didn't feel a change. I hope this works when we kiss.

I didn't remember Kelsey is only 19. We went back to my house to see if the drink will work.

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John is away for the next three weeks. I dressed in a sexy sundress. Kelsey wore a halter-top and really short shorts. We looked so sexy. I want to hug and kiss this sexy young girl. I suggested we go for a walk before we do anything we might regret. Kelsey and I met on a bench. I dressed in warmer clothes. After our walk we went back to the apartment I rented just in case John gets home early.

If I did anything I didn't want him to catch me. I still didn't feel a change and sat with Kelsey to see if I could talk her out of having sex with me. She said, "Cheryl you are so sexy." I said, "Kelsey we really shouldn't do this." She begged, "Oh Cheryl please, I need to have sex with you like you had with my friends." I said, "Kelsey when I had sex with Erin and Jennifer I was under the influence of a drug they gave me." I hope the drink she gave me doesn't work.

Kelsey said, "Cheryl you are dressed like you were in the video. Are you sure you don't want sex with me? I want sex with you." As she talked she took her clothes off down to her camisole and panties. I began to feel my vagina getting wet.

I want to kiss her. I said, "Kelsey lets sit in the living room and discuss this some more. Please get dressed." She put her clothes back on. She had clothes with her that made her look sexier than when she was almost naked.

I must say I look pretty sexy. Kelsey said, "Cheryl I want to put on some other sexy clothes and see if you can resist me." We changed into short shorts and a sexy halter-top. I cannot resist her She sat close to me and whispered, "Cheryl you look so hot and I know we have to try some of the things you did to Erin in the video." I said, "Kelsey I don't remember what I did with her." That wasn't true because I remember very well what Erin and the girls and I did.

I saw the video. She asked, "Cheryl do you want to see what you did? I have the video." I said, "No Kelsey I don't. I don't remember that I was drugged." I said, "Kelsey lets go outside to get some fresh air." I figured if we went out I wouldn't be tempted to have sex with her.

We went outside. We came back in because she got hornier as I didn't have any panties on and it was cold outside. When we went in she gave me a tiny sexy red thong to put on. I put my regular clothes on.

I said, "Kelsey you are so hot and if I were not so sober I probably would want to have sex with you." It was cold outside so we went back in. We sat on the couch again. She dressed in her shorts and a bra. I still look very sexy.

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I must have sub-consciously want sex with her. I didn't realize it until I took off my clothes and we both sat wearing just a bra and our panties. I put my shorts back on and said, "Kelsey please get dressed. Let's sit and talk about this for a while." She put her mini skirt on. She also put on her halter-top. She has fabulous legs and thighs. I sat on the couch looking up at her beautiful sexy body. I want to kiss her so badly. She sat with me on the couch and said, "Cheryl I think you and I have to have sex tonight.

You are sitting here without any panties on. How can I resist sex with you?" As she said this I went to her and began to feel her thighs. I wanted to see what her reaction would be. It is obvious she loved my touch. She pulled my hand up to her vagina and I felt her panties. They are wet. I guess this didn't scare her. My plan didn't work. I got horny. Kelsey said, "Oh Cheryl please finger fuck me.

I want your fingers in my cunt." I guess the drink was working even though I couldn't tell.


I said, "No Kelsey we have to stop." I took her home. I found her sister who is 17. She came to me and unbuttoned my blouse. I suggested we go to the beach and all talk about this. I really didn't want sex with a 17 or a 19 year-old girl. I saw the video and loved it. Kelsey's sister came to the beach.

This was a mistake because she looks so hot. I didn't care if Ashley is only 17 I wanted to kiss her. Ashley and I went back to my apartment. I sucked her tongue her and felt her breasts. She said, "Cheryl I saw the video and I want to do some of the same things you did." I said, "Ashley you are only 17 and much too young for sex with anyone, never mind with a woman who is 61. You are very pretty and I want to resist having sex with you." She said, "Thank you Cheryl and you are beautiful and don't look 61.

I want to have my first sexual experience with you." I wanted her too.

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Ashley massaged my breasts and I had another orgasm. I wanted to give her the same feeling but thought I cannot have sex with this girl. As I pulled away from her she pulled my halter-top down and exposed my breasts.

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My nipples were erect. She tweaked them to an orgasm. We sat on the bed and I said, "Ashley there I no way we should be here. I don't care how much you want sex with me, we cannot." She said, "Ok Cheryl but if you change your mind I want you to call me first. I may be a virgin but you gave me an orgasm I want again." When I left I met Kelsey in the yard and she asked, "Cheryl did you enjoy sex with my little sister?" I said, "We didn't have sex Kelsey." She asked, "Why didn't you? I thought she wouldn't let you go until you had sex with her/" I said, "Kelsey you're young at 19.

She is 17." I couldn't help myself when I pulled her halter-top down and reached for her shorts. I wanted to finger fuck her. I got so horny with Ashley. Kelsey said, "Oh Cheryl I guess the drink is working. I want to feel your cunt." She pulled my halter-top down and reached in my panties. Kelsey went to her knees to suck my cunt.

I don't remember sex with her friends. This is better than when John eats me. Kelsey turned me over and licked my cunt from behind. I guess it is true that another woman know more what a woman likes than a man. She didn't have to ask me. After I had several orgasms I went to her cunt and for the first time I can remember I sucked her young delicious cunt. I did the same to her when I had her turn over. I licked and sucked her young cunt. She yelled, "Oh Cheryl I'm cumming. Don't stop." Her parents are on vacation for the month.

We went to her home.

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You cannot see anyone from the driveway. We walked in. I was naked. We went to the couch and I helped take off her clothes exposing a beautiful young body. I knew I would have to kiss her all over. We sat on the couch with her naked facing me. I could see her bare young pubic area and those 32AA boobs. I needed to suck her cunt. Kelsey said, "Cheryl lets take a shower and then see what happens after we shower.

I think I want to suck your boobs and your cunt." I said, "Kelsey I think the drink is working. I want us to have sex and I want you to enjoy when I suck your boobs and cunt to an orgasm." After we showered Kelsey had ne lay on the couch and she went to my cunt and licked my thighs, my pubic area and finally my cunt.

Again, I love it when John sucks my cunt, but he is not as good as Kelsey is. There is something different about how she sucks my cunt. I had several orgasms when Kelsey said, "Cheryl it is my turn. Please suck my cunt." I licked her thighs, pubic area and cunt.

Ashley came in and said, "Cheryl I video taped all this and I want you to suck my cunt." I asked, "Are you black mailing me Ashley?" She said, "No, but please at least look at my cunt and see if you want to suck me." I pulled her halter-top up and panties down. I want her. We sat on the bed feeling each other's body when Ashley took my foot and sucked my toes.

That is something John won't do to me.

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Ashley said, "Cheryl I have never seen a cunt except mine. I want to see your cunt." She pulled my panties down and stared at my cunt. She went close to my cunt and finger fucked me. She said, "Cheryl I always wondered what that would feel like. It is awesome." As she pumped her fingers in and out of my cunt I said, "Ashley that feels so awesome.

I want to do it to you for you to enjoy it like me." She gave me at least three orgasms when I rolled her over and finger fucked her tight young vagina. I know she had several orgasms. She got on her knees and got on top of me. She said, "Cheryl I may only be 17 but I really love having sex with you. I want it more often." I said, "Ashley we cannot do this again.

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You are beautiful, but you really are too young to be having sex with anyone, not just me." When Ashley left she said, "Cheryl there is a surprise for you in the living room." I went in and found two young sexy teenage girls there. One's name is Beth and the other is Susan.

They said, "Cheryl Ashley said you are a great love maker and we want you to suck our boobs and our cunt." Beth showed me pictures of Ashley and me sucking each other's boobs and vagina.

She said, "Cheryl we want you to do this to us." I really didn't have a choice, not that I wanted one. I said, "Ok Beth and Susan we can have sex. Take off your clothes." They got naked and wow they look so sexy!

Beth said, "Cheryl I need a drink so I won't back out of this." She poured us a drink that looked and tasted like the one I had before. Beth gave me my drink and she drank hers.

I wanted sex with her and I wanted to remember it. I pretended to drink. She is so gorgeous. As I pretended to drink Beth drank hers. I wanted to attack that young hot body right away. I can tell she is a real blond. I don't know if her drink took hold quickly, but she massaged my boobs. I went to her pants. I wanted to see her young cunt now. Beth pulled me to her and gave me a deep and long French kiss. I returned the kiss. I sucked her tongue in my mouth.

The kissing gave us an orgasm. We took off our pants and sat on the bed in our panties. I said, "Beth I want to suck your young cunt." We got into a 69 position and gave each other an orgasm. Later I met another friend of Ashley. All her friends are gorgeous and only 17. Kelly invited me to her bedroom and took off her shirt and bra. Her boobs are about 32AA and perky.

She pulled my panties off me. I got on the bed with just a mini skirt and no panties on. Kelly finger fucked my wet cunt. She stuck two fingers in my and then three. We sat up and she said, "Cheryl you are the first girl or boy to have sex with me." I asked, "How old are you?" She said, "I'm old enough." I said, "Kelly if you aren't 18 we cannot have sex together." She asked, "Why did you let Beth have sex with you?

She is only 17." Kelly reached for my cunt and kept finger fucking me. I said, "Kelly I didn't know how old she was." She said, "She told you she was only 17." As we talked she managed, without my resisting, to get my clothes off me. She kept fingering me and I said, "Kelly suck my cunt." She said, "But Cheryl I'm only 17 and you said I'm too young for sex.

Make up your mind." I said, "Kelly 17 is a great age. Suck my cunt." Kelsey met me in my bedroom with John on another trip. We finger fucked each other to another orgasm. We went to sleep for the night. A few days later we were at her home when we decided to go for a ride.

Kelsey said, "Cheryl lets go for a ride naked. No one will see us." I said, "Kelsey lets stay here and see if we can give each other more orgasms." She said, "Ok Cheryl that is a good idea.

I want your cunt." We went back to bed. Kelsey is such a horny young girl. I need her to finger fuck me like she has done before, giving me an orgasm. I know this seems I'm a sex fiend. I guess I am now that I've had the experience of sex with girls. I want to try sex with more than one. I never knew how much I would enjoy sex with a teenage girl. The best position I found is when I suck a cunt with the girl sucking me.

I also found taking a bath with a girl is fun. I took a bubble bath with all the girls and later we went to my favorite position, a 69 position. I have to tell this story. I met a former student of mine who somehow learned that I am bisexual. Alicia said, "Cheryl I want to suck you." I am so horny now. I couldn't resist even if I wanted to. She pulled my pants down and I was on the bed with just panties on. I always love it when John sucks my boobs, but Alicia is so good I wanted her to never stop.

We both had on orgasm as she sucked me. I probably should stop this story here and save the rest for another time, but I couldn't resist having sex with Alicia.

Here is some more of my story. Alicia is 17 and a virgin. She said, "Cheryl I finger myself every night and dream that it is you doing it. Will you do it for me for real?" I said, "Alicia I have fantasized sex with you ever since I met you. I didn't know then that I was bisexual.

I will suck your cunt for me." Alicia asked, "Cheryl can I try to suck your cunt first? I want to see what your cunt tastes like." I didn't answer when she sucked me. After she gave me an orgasm we hugged and kissed in bed with our fingers in each other's vagina finger fucking to another orgasm. It seems I have many orgasms.

I rarely have an orgasm when John and I have sex, about once a month. I always have one with a girl. John almost never has an orgasm when I suck his prick. I always thought it was my fault. Every time I have sex with a girl she has an orgasm. I don't know if I suck her vagina differently than when I suck John's penis, but I manage to give the girls multiple orgasms always.

It could be that I like sucking their cunts better than I like sucking John's penis. I know I like their juices better than his sperm.

After sex with the girls we usually lay in bed with a smile and want more. When John and I have sex I need more because he isn't good. Kelsey asked, "Cheryl have you ever had sex with two girls at the same time?" This is something I have always fantasized about.

My fantasy is about to be fulfilled when Bridget and Danielle came to my house. They tried on my sexy green dress and look fabulous. We tried on different outfits.

Bridget said, "Cheryl we know you are bisexual and have had sex with our younger sisters. We want you to suck our cunts and tits." I met Bridget and Laura at Laura's home by the pool. We all wore a bathing suit and they looked hot enough to eat right now. We had our drinks and Laura and Danielle came home with me. They took off their clothes. I had a mini skirt on. I wanted sex with them because they are 24. Bridget said, "Cheryl would you join us in the car and see if you can suck two more of our sisters' girl friends.

They are 16 years-old." I thought for a minute when Laura said, "Cheryl do you want to see the video Kelsey gave us?" I said, "I'd love to eat them, I mean I'd love to meet them." When I got in the car the two girls pulled me to them and we shared a sexy French kiss. The girls finger fucked me. I finger fucked them together.

We went back to their house. I sat on the bed when they took my bra and panties off. I said, "I want to suck both your cunts and boobs." Dawn and Abby are bisexual and have never had sex with anyone but each other. I felt Dawn's young perky breasts while Abby watched us.

After we had a small orgy we went to a restaurant to eat. Dawn said, "Cheryl we usually only have sex with each other. We want sex with you." We took out drinks outside and I asked, "Girls how do you know that I'm bisexual?" Abby said, "Cheryl Kelsey told us about your video." I was caught again. I don't remember a video being done when I had my first bisexual encounter.

I saw it so I know it exists somewhere. We went on a tour of the city and Dawn and Abby look so sexy.


I think they were trying to get me horny enough to attack them. Their bodies are among the sexist that I've ever seen. I can tell they are real blonds and I want to see if their pubic hair is blond too.

I said, "Girl why don't we go somewhere to be alone? I want to see your naked bodies and I'd like to give you an orgasm sucking you." Dawn said as she shook Abby's hand, "Abby I told you she would want to suck our cunts. Cheryl lets go and freshen up a little." We went to the restaurant's girls' room. They took off their skirts and blouses and we washed our breasts, thighs and our cunts. We went to rent a hotel room. I went in without Dawn and Abby.

When I got in I saw two other girls in the bed. They are only 16. Dawn and Abby called from the other room. I went in and sat them. We rubbed each other's thighs and finger fucked each other again. We sat up and I saw us in the mirror. We looked so hot if I were a guy I would want to fuck all of us.

I want to suck those young cunts. Dawn sat on the chair. I lay on the chair. Abby sucked Dawn's boobs as I sucked Abby's thighs. She rubbed her cunt all over my face. We switched positions and I sucked Dawn's cunt while Abby sucked my cunt. I saw a video camera taking video of us having sex. I will definitely end my story with this last episode.

I went to a lighthouse in Maine and met Kelsey and Erin again. We went back to my hotel room. Kelsey said, "Cheryl you sure are a busy woman. We saw three more videos of you having sex with girls." Erin said, "Cheryl we want to give you an orgasm like you gave all those girls." They sucked my cunt and boobs. I had a great orgasm. Kelsey said, "Cheryl Erin wants another orgasm." I went to her and sucked her cunt while Kelsey sucked mine. We had orgasms again. Dawn asked, "Cheryl do you see the video camera over there?

You are in the video again." I said, "I don't care. Take all the video you want I love sucking your cunt." We met again to watch the video of us having sex. Abby sucked my boobs as we watched the video.

I need to find a way to show John. Dawn said, "Cheryl lets meet with Erin and Abby and see if we can find a way to get our boy friends and you husband to fuck us." I said, "Girls I want your boy friends and John to suck each other's penises and swallow their cum." Erin said, "I like that idea Cheryl." I sat on Dawn's face while Erin used a dildo to fuck Dawn. I said, "Girls if we show the boys this video they might want to join us." I said, "Girls lets continue this later.

It is difficult to talk with my mouth full of your cunt." I will save the boys' story for later. Dawn went to my cunt and sucked me to another orgasm. Abby said, "Cheryl we want your husband to suck our boy friends' pricks." I said, "Ok girls the next time we meet should be to show the boys and John our video and hope the will want to suck their pricks." I guess this story is pretty long, but I had to tell you all of it.

I will submit my next one with the bisexual story of my husband John.