Huge Cock teasing for Cutie Raylin Ann

Huge Cock teasing for Cutie Raylin Ann
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can't believe that I have just fucked my daughter's friend, turning her from a girl into a woman. I couldn't believe how wet and tight her pussy was and how eager she was to lose her virginity, by me!

Natalia had just crawled off of me and I squinted to look down at my still semi-hard dick, coated with our juices, and her blood from tearing through her hymen.

My daughter had been on the other side of me watching Natalia riding my dick.

She had her hand buried in her pajama bottom, rubbing her almost bald pussy, and her other hand rubbing her sweet little A-cup titties. Natalia was on top of me grinding faster and faster, getting close to her orgasm, and my daughter's hand was moving faster in unison with her movements. When Natalia pushed down hard and came, my daughter came at the same time, both of them moaning and shaking uncontrollably. Like I said, Natalia had just crawled off my dick and was laying on her back, still breathing hard, sweat running off her head, and her hand feeling the outside of her now cum filled pussy.

My daughter pulls her hand out of her pants, covered in her orgasmic juices,looks over at Natalia and asks; " Well! How was it?, Did it feel good?, What did it feel like when he came in you?" Natalia looked over and smiled and said; " It hurt a little at first,but then it got to feel really good. It was definately better than the small dildo I was using.

That was the biggest orgasm I have ever had! " ( My dick is getting harder, thinking of that tight sweet little pussy that had rode on it just a few minutes ago.) Natalia looks over, smiling, and says; " Well, do you want to try it?

Looks like your dad is ready." Both girls are looking at my now hard dick and then look up at me to make sure I am still sedated. Rachelle says; " Yes I guess so, this may be the only time I get to do this. I have wanted to make my dad feel good for a long time and to feel what it would be like to make love to my dad. So yes I am ready." Natlia climbs off the bed and heads to my bathroom to get a wet wash cloth. She comes back to the side of the bed, cleans my dick and balls off and across the bottom of my stomach, and then goes back to the bathroom.

She cleans herself off, and comes back to the bedroom, and climbs up on the bed again. Natalia nods her head at my daughter, my daughter leans back and pulls her pajama bottom and her soaked panties off and looks back at Natalia.

Natalia nods again and grabs her hand and puts it right on my dick, cupping my daughter's hand around my shaft, and helping her slide it up and down my ridgid member. Her hand feels so good moving slowly up and down my shaft and rubbing the tip, making me start to leak onto her tiny fingers. ( I thought I was about to come, just feeling her hand, and knowing that I might be fucking her next, taking her cherry!) Natalia lets go of my daughter's hand and sits back on her legs to watch my daughter have sex with her dad.

Rachelle leans over and I can feel her hot breath as she takes my dick into her mouth, her little tongue swirling around the tip and kissing the sides. Natalia says; " I think he is ready.

Are you?" My daughter shakes her head, climbs up and spreads her legs across my stomach. I can feel her hot snatch just touching the head of my throbbing cock. She puts her hands on my chest and slides down, pushing my cock against her labia. She moves her hips around, pushing back and forth, and then would change the angle of her pussy sliding across the outside of my shaft coating it with her love juice.

( OH! Her pussy was soooo hot!) I just wanted to let her know I was awake and make love back to her but I didn't want to lose the chance of her fucking me. Rachelle's breathing gets faster and her hip gyrations picks up pace, she positions her pussy against my cock and pushes me in, she is so wet that the head of my dick slides right in. She stops for a moment as her pussy clamps down on my dick as the pain hits her. ( She lets out a nnnmmph.) I can't believe how tight she was.

I thought Natalia was tight, but Rachelle was a lot tighter! Her pussy starts to relax and she starts sliding my dick in further, an inch at a time, until I feel it hit her barrier and she fells it too. She pulls my dick almost out and keeps sliding it slowly back to her hymen pushing a little harder each time. The next time she does this I feel my dick tear past her barrier and she collapses on my chest and can feel her tears hitting my chest.

She stays there a few minutes and looks at Natalia and says; "Oh my god that hurt!" Natalia looks at her and says; " It will get better in a moment just keep moving up and down you'll see what I mean." Rachelle started moving again, putting her hands on my chest again, slowly pushing me in further, until I was buried the whole way into her soaking wet tight virgin pussy.

She kept picking up pace, moving faster and faster, soaking my dick with her love juice. She's arching her back to get as much of my dick in her as she has an exsplosive orgasm. I feel her little love walls pulsing and the gush of her cum, as it flows over the head of my dick and down over my ridgid hard shaft.

That was all I could take, I felt my dick get thicker ,my balls tighten up and erupted my hot cum right into her still pulsing vagina. I can feel my head pressing right against her cervix and know I was blowing my load right into her uterus.

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She moans and says; " OH! His cum is soo hot!" as her whole body shakes as she feels my hot cum flowing into her uterus. She collapses on my chest, kissing my neck, and whispering in my ear; " I love you daddy." My daughter lays on me for a little while holding as much of my sperm in her as possible before she climbs off.

As she gets off, her pussy drips our juices on my stomach and over my dick. She lays down on her back, looking like she is a state of euphoria.

Feeling her pussy and rubbing her tummy. Natalia looks at her and says: " Well! Was it worth it?, Did you like it?

" Rachelle looks over at her and says; " Oh yes, I liked it, and It was well worth it! " Natlia says; " Let's get him cleaned up and lets get back to our own bed. " Rachelle says; " OK. " The girls clean me up, put the covers back on me, and head to my daughter's room. I couldn't believe that I have just fucked my daughter and her friend in one night, letting them think I was drugged the whole time!

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The one good thing about this is that I didn't have to worry about going to jail, since the girls thought they had drugged me, leaving me innocent of any crime.

SWEET! Tomorrow, (Sunday morning of the story) Svetlana, (Natalia's mother) comes over to the house to get her daughter and thank me Part #12 It was about 10:00AM when I woke up and started to remember about the night before.

I couldn't believe that not only did I take Natalia's cherry, but that I had taken Rachelle's ( My daughter,) cherry too, both in the same night! I laid in the bed for a few minutes and could smell the sex on the sheets from the night before. I pulled the covers away from me and could see on each side that there was stains on the sheets, where Natalia had laid on my right and where Rachelle had laid on my left.

I moved down and put my face against the sheets, moving from side to side, inhailing the sweet aroma of their now dried mixture of pussy juice, cock cum, and blood from loosing their cherries. ( How I wish I could have ate their pussies before I took their cherries.) I imagined what it would have been like to taste such a tight little love hole with only a sparse covering of peach fuzz, to lick their pussies, move my hands up, rubbing their just budding nipples, and feel their hips shake as I lapped up and down their clits, bringing them to their first oral orgasm, tasting their pussy cum going down my throat.

( My cock is now rock hard! ) I laid on my back, turned my head to the left side and inhailed the aroma of my daughter's pussy stain on the sheets while I jacked off.

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I kept pumping my dick harder and harder remembering how wet and tight her pussy was, feeling her having an orgasm, and my cum pumping deep inside her the night before.

I felt my balls tighten up and cum shooting through my shaft and out the top of my rock hard member, covering my hands and stomach. I lay there a few minutes, got up, and head to the bathroom to clean the mess off of me. I take my shower and head down to where the girls are sleeping.

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I open the door and say; " Hey sleepy heads, Wake up! Did you two stay up all night or something?" They moved a little bit stretching their arms, rubbing their eyes and looking up at me. They look so nice laying there with the covers just above their hips and their shirts, showing their budding pointy little titties through their shirts.

( Nice! I love those little girl tits!) I realize that I am staring at them and look away for a second to get back my mind back in what I had opened the door to ask them.

I clear my throat and and say; " Why don't you girls get your baths and I will make us brunch." (breakfast and lunch combined) " How's that sound?" My daughter looks up at me, squinting her eyes, and still waking up, saying; " That sounds good daddy." She takes the covers pulls them over to the side and spreads her legs apart as she is getting out of bed. Natalia still just lays there, waiting for her turn in the bathroom. I look down and can see a nice round stain in my daughter's panties from the fun we had the night before as she gets out of bed.

I turn and follow her down the hall, watching her sweet little firm ass sway back and forth as she's walking, until she stops to go into the bathroom. She turns her head and looks up at me for a second, giving me a funny look as she is going through the door, and closing the door behind her.

( This next part is what my daughter is thinking as she walks in the bathroom.) Oh how I wanted to grab my daddy and pull him in here. To tell him and show him how much I loved him, to kiss him and have him kiss me back and to suck and feel my tits.

To have him sit on the toilet, while I got down on my knees and suck his wonderful dick, making him hard, and letting him put that hard dick back in me again. This time being wide awake and knowing what we doing together. OH! My pussy is so wet, and I am so hot! I'll just finger fuck myself and think about daddy's dick from last night!

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I start pushing my finger in and realize that it's a little sore, but the urge to come is greater than the pain. I move my fingers in faster and faster, thinking of my daddy's dick deep inside me and the hot cum that filled my pussy the night before. It wasn't long before my head starts to spin and my fingers are now wet from my pussy juice and my legs go weak as I cum pouring even more juice over my fingers.

Oh how I needed that!

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I wash my fingers off and start the shower to get my bath. (Now back to me.) I go in the kitchen and get the food out to make us all brunch and wonder why it is taking her so long to start the shower.

I thought I heard her say something but it just sounded muffled and didn't think much more about it as she turned on the shower and heard the shower door close as she is getting in. I hear Natalia ask; " If she could use my bathroom while Rachelle was in the other?" and I answer her: " Go ahead it's allright." She heads in and starts the water and I can hear her closing the door as she gets in the shower ( The next part is us at brunch, the pool,and the start of the day waiting for Svetlana to get there that evening.)