Dildoing her sweet snatch in the jacuzzi

Dildoing her sweet snatch in the jacuzzi
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There is no better feeling than waking up on that first day of summer vacation. Being a sixteen year old girl on the California coast, you live for these days. As I hop out of bed the first thought that enters my mind is catching a wave. I go in the bathroom to brush my teeth and slide into my favorite bikini. Like many girls I stop to admire myself in the mirror. I stand at 5'6" and weigh around 115 pounds. My breasts aren't huge, but a nice firm B cup. I think my greatest asset besides my sandy blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes is my firm little ass.

Being a volleyball player, boys at school always tend to compliment me on it. I take a quick pee and slip on the bikini and I'm out the door. Or so I think! My father stops me in mid stride at the bottom of the steps. "Oh Sara dear" I hear my father say. "Yes daddy" I reply "Honey I realize you are all jazzed up for summer". Jazzed up? Whatever. Anyway he continues. "I have a bit of bad news for you" ughhhh.

Here it comes. "Yes daddy" I reply trying to sound as miserable as possible, but to no avail. He continues. "Honey your mother won't be back for a few days from her business trip and unfortunately an old school friend of mine passed. And I know you are almost seventeen, but your mother and I feel it best that you come with me for the calling hours and funeral." No biggie I think to myself.

Perhaps a bit prematurely. As I think this he continues. "The funeral is in Nevada three days from now". What the fuck!?! There's no beach in Nevada! "Please, please, please don't make me go daddy!" I beg in a futile attempt.


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Before ya know it. Here we are in my mothers Volvo SUV in eastern California somewhere. We decide to stop for the night to grab some dinner and get some rest since we were over half way there and my father hates driving at night. We stop and grab a quick meal at some shitty little steakhouse. Good call pops!.

And make our way to the nearest, non-roach infested hotel we can find. We check in and head up to the room. Shocker!

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One freakin' queen size bed! My father attempts a change but the staff informs him only single bed rooms are left. Whatever. We will make due. My father heads to the bar for a few drinks while I jump in the shower. About two hours goes by and no daddy dearest.


I run to the hotel bar and wouldn't ya know there is dear ole dad talking to some 20 something little slut in a horrible outfit.

My father has always been a bit of a ladies man. He is full Sicilian and standing six feet tall is what you would consider tall, dark, and handsome. For some reason I never really noticed it until now how hot he really is. I felt like a jealous girlfriend! I saunter over to him from behind staring the little fake blonde straight in the eyes.

I throw my arm around his neck and ask him who the new friend is. Needless to say she melts away into the scenery rather quickly. By the looks of my dad, perhaps one too many. Time to go daddy-o! I escort my father back to our room and tell him (in my "parenting" voice) that it's time for bed. Like a good little puppy he nods and makes his way to the bathroom.

I slip off my flip flops and slide beneath the sheets in my little boy shorts and wife beater. I hear my father start the shower and almost bust his ass getting in. I get a slight chuckle from this as I ask. "Ya alright in there big guy?" The response. "Fine. Smart ass!" and then. "Oh shit! Sara can you bring in my body wash for me? It's in my travel bag." "Sure daddy" I reply. That's when it happened. I walk into the bathroom and it was like I was hit by a bolt of lightning!

My father, standing in the shower washing his hair had just given me quite the profile view of him courtesy of the glass shower door. I stood there mesmerized by him. My eyes transfixed on his wet cock. I felt a stir in my pussy. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity before I was snapped back to reality by my fathers voice. "Hey. Thanks sugar." "Ugh. No problem dad" was all I managed to spit out of my tongue tied mouth.

I darted out of the bathroom and back to bed feeling a little embarrassed but a lot more turned on. Under the covers I began to rub slowly on my shaved little mound. While my other hand probed my nipple that sat on top of my tan little B cup breast. God! What was going on? I'm rubbing my pussy and thinking of.

My Father!!! I felt kinda confused but a whole lot more aroused. I imagined sucking his soft cock till it was a rock and slowly sliding him in between my tight wet lips. Feeling him sink all the way in until his balls rested on my asshole. God I bet he can fuck like an ani.

"Umm Sara. Is it okay if I come to bed now?

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Or do you need a few minutes?" Came my fathers voice. Holy shit! Busted finger fucking myself by my dad. In the bed we were about to share! I stumble to find words. "No it's okay" I blurted out. My father climbs on his side of the bed quickly and turns his back. That was extremely awkward but I was soo damn horny I didn't really care. What I did care about was getting myself off. I waited until I heard my fathers breathing become heavy before sneaking into the bathroom for another play session.

What was going on with me? Where did these thoughts come from? I felt kind of twisted but more and more I felt myself becoming obsessed with my father's cock. I finished my quick finger bang session with a rather disappointing orgasm and climbed back into bed.

I was sleeping rather restlessly when I felt my rather close to me. His back was no longer turned and I could feel the heat from his body next to me. I slowly inched closer to him as slowly and methodically as I could. I had plans for him. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I felt my fathers hand on my thigh. We were ( for lack of a better term) in a spooning position.

I cant describe the feelings I felt as his hand caressed my upper thigh. He was slowly pressing himself against my ass. I could feel his semi-erect cock between the cheeks of my ass. I knew all of this was from a subconscious state on his part, but I didn't care. I felt my vaginal juices begin to flow.

I began pressing my ass back onto him in desperation of feeling every bit of him that I could. I slid his hand up onto my breast manual forcing him to squeeze it. God he felt good. We stayed this way for some time. Him rubbing my breast and me grinding my ass against his now swollen member.

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It seemed like we were in this position forever until my father jerked and awoke. I froze. I heard him slowly mutter "shit" to himself as he quickly removed his hand. That was all for the night as he moved as far from me as he could. I fell asleep dejected but not defeated.

The next morning we woke and hurried out of the hotel to get on the road. Stopping at a drive-thru for breakfast. My father was unusually quite. Listening to Bob Dylan and occasionally singing along. I had to break the ice. "How did you sleep, daddy?" I asked randomly "Okay I guess" he quipped back. Silence again. I decided to quicken my plan. "I slept amazingly. Nice to be in bed with a big strong man" I boldly stated. My father almost wrecked the car, he whipped his head in my direction so fast.

"Uhhh. Honey" he stammered. "Did you notice anything unusual last night?" he asked Feeling bold again I quickly responded "Oh, you mean when you were rubbing my breast?" My father swallowed worriedly.

"Uh yeah" he managed to get out.

"I did and I must say for being asleep you really know how to work your hand" I responded ever so sly. "Yeah well I'm sorry for that. I guess I'm just used to your mother in bed with me." he apologized. "It's no big deal daddy. Made me feel pretty good." I replied.

Then the awkward silence again. Finally we arrived and checked in again to a hotel. Quickly prepped for the calling hours and were off. My father remained rather quite all day. After the calling hours he dropped me back to the hotel and said he would be meeting up with some old friends for a drink. Gave me some money for a pizza and was off. I had dinner in the room. Showered and made sure to shave very well before climbing in bed. I slept in one of my fathers t-shirts that barely covered my ass and helped expose my erect nipples.

I was a hunter now. Just waiting on my prey. My father finally stumbled in around 1:30. Finally I thought. "Hey honey. You still up?" my father asked rhetorically. "Yeah dad, I was waiting for you" I shot back. "You're drunk aren't you?" I asked in a very motherly fashion "No dear, I'm fine!" he replied.

Almost falling down in an attempt to take off his shoe. "Whoa there partner!" I sarcastically replied. "Let me help you. I'll do your shoes. You just lay on the bed." no response just a simple nod of compliance. Shoes and socks off. Now onto the more intriguing articles of clothing. First I undid his button down shirt.

Revealing his tan and rather tone chest. I could feel my pulse begin to race. Next I slowly loosened his belt and worked on his button and zipper. My father just laying there attempting to watch the television. I pulled him up and removed the shirt and returned to my area of focus.

I began pulling down his pants and purposely grabbed hold of his boxer short waisteband. I gave a forceful tug as he lifted himself to accommodate. I barely made it down before he realized I had his boxers and grabbed hold of them. Minor setback. My father got up and staggered to the bathroom. I heard the toilet lid go up and jumped up to watch. There he stood relieving himself as I rubbed my little swollen clit watching. I decided it was now or never. He finished and turned while I just stood there still rubbing my wet womanhood.

My father stood for a long moment trying to wrap his head around what he was seeing. His boxers still at his knees. "Sara honey. Is everything okay?" he asked quizzically. "Never better daddy. You ready for bed?" I asked very matter of fact. "Yeah I think thats a good idea"he said rather confused. He climbed in bed and I did the same. I was on fire now. My nipples were hard as rocks and my swollen pussy lips were oozing juices. I needed that cock in me and now.

My father quickly dozed off and then I decided it was time. He was on his back snoring slightly. I went in for the kill. I pulled back the sheets to expose him. I could make out the outline of his cock inside his boxers. I reached in the opening in the front and pulled his soft penis out.

I examined it closely. Mesmerized by it. I slowly began to stroke him after I removed the t-shirt of his I was wearing. I stroked his cock while sliding my middle finger in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

His cock began to stiffen from my manipulation. I couldn't hold back anymore. I had to taste his manhood. I lowered my face to his abdomen. God it looked amazing. I licked his slit. Swirling my tongue around the tip before engulfing him in my mouth. By now I was furiously jamming two fingers inside me while my thumb stimulated my clit.

I needed more. I wanted the cock that made me inside of me. I released my fathers now swollen cock from my mouth as I removed his boxers the rest of the way. His heavy nut sack lay between his thighs. I lowered my head back down and engulfed one of his large testicals into my mouth while my hand slowly worked his shaft.

He tasted so good. His balls where musky and salty from the days activities which turned me on more. At this point I had lost all control. I spun myself around on the bed to where my ass was by my fathers head.

I straddled his face while I resumed working on his magnificent penis. This continued for a few minutes when it happened. He woke up. "Sara Elizabeth!

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What the fuck is going on?" he blurted out. I about jumped out of my skin.

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I swung my leg around his head and sat facing him on my knees in one quick motion. I sat there not saying a word as he looked around the room in a state of confusion.


"Sara! What the hell?" that was all he managed to get out. I replied" are you mad daddy?" with the saddest puppy dog face I could find. "I don't know what I am" he stated "Looks like you are turned on to me" I boldly stated. "Daddy please don't be mad. I couldn't help myself. You are such a handsome man and I've never been turned on like this before!" "You're sixteen!" he reminded me. "I know daddy but I won't say anything I promise. It will be our secret. Just please! I need to feel you!" I pleaded with him.

He sat there for a moment before slowly muttering "God help me I'm going to hell." With that I straddled my fathers while pushing my breasts against his chest and forcing him back off his shoulders flat onto the bed. I pressed my lips to his and slid my tongue into his mouth.

We kissed furiously as my father kneaded my tight little ass cheeks while I rubbed my pubic bone against his swollen cock. My head was spinning. This was really going to happen. My father raised me up off him. Almost tossing me onto my back. He wasted no time in delving his way into my teenage pussy. The first lick was electric. He swirled his tongue around my swollen clit as he worked a finger in and out of my dripping love hole.

In no time at all I was gripping his hair and mashing his face into me as I exploded into an intense orgasm. My father sucked every bit of juice he could until my arched back finally relaxed and I lowered down breathing heavily. He looked up at me, never taking his mouth off my clit as though he was waiting for approval. "Oh wow!" I shakily muttered. He continued his assault on my sopping cunt.

Making his way back to my tight little rosebud. I never had a guy lick my asshole before and I was really missing out. It felt amazing. He licked the entire length of my ass crack all the way to my clit before bringing his head to mine and saying "Time to taste daddy some." He didn't need to ask twice. He rolled to his back and I was between his legs. I took his swollen dick as far in my mouth as I could till I gagged.

He grabbed me by the ponytail and began to buck his hips to meet my bobbing. This was unreal. He was moaning in pure ecstasy and it was all because of me.

I sucked his cock and licked his balls for a bit before he came with a request. "Honey" he said "Daddy needs his asshole eaten. Your mom doesn't like that sort of thing but maybe you could give it a try." Without a word I lifted those heavy balls out of the way as he raised his knees to give me better access.

I licked the under side of his sack down his taint till I reached his pucker hole. It tasted amazing. I never thought I would eat someone's asshole. Much less my fathers. I tried to stick as much of my tongue up his ass as I could while he jacked his hard dick.

"That's it baby. Eat daddy's asshole. That's my dirty girl" he cheered me on. "Sara I can't take this anymore. I need to feel inside you" he pleaded to me. I continued my anal exploration a few moments more before slowly liking and kissing from his asshole all the way to his mouth. I stuck my tongue in his mouth before with drawing.

"Daddy your ass tastes so fucking good. Stick that fat dick up my teenage pussy. I need it. Fill your baby girl!" I begged. That was all it took. My father laid me on my back with legs on his shoulders and slowly slid his hard prick inside me till he was buried to his balls in his little girl. It was amazing. My pussy began to spasm and I shuttered as another intense orgasm ripped through me.

My father held there till it subsided and then began his assault on my tight hole. Spreading me open. Bearing his weight on my legs to go deeper. He rammed in and out of me as I moaned in pure animal lust.

He slammed one last deep time with his rock hard cock before withdrawing in time to straddle my face. "Finger daddy's ass" he commanded I responded with immediate action. I worked a finger in and out while massaging his tight nut sac. My father worked his cock furiously. He moaned as I felt his ass cheeks tighten. He pulled me by the ponytail to his cock. Just in time for the first thick rope of his seed to explode in my mouth. I gagged a little as it hit the back of my throat. It was followed by two more as his semen leaked out the side of my mouth.

I swallowed and continued to suck until his cock softened in my mouth. My father collapsed beside me breathing heavily. We lay there both completely spent not saying a word.

We drifted of to sleep together. Me burrowing to my fathers side as he held me in his arm. Absolutely amazing! If only I could make it routine. Guess we will have to see.