Japanese babe cunt fucked by a jizz loaded penis

Japanese babe cunt fucked by a jizz loaded penis
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********************************************************************************** After the humiliation of "Big Fat Tex" fucking me in front of the other girls; I made a effort to find a job at Coles, Safeway and other supermarkets.

I tried to think of the positives "At least I have some sort of roof over my head; and food to eat". It was Tuesday, Julie was his girl for that day; Mandy his Wednesday girl did not look the legal age for sex.

Thursday soon came and I had no money for Tex. I was sitting in the kitchen staring out of the window at the trees dreading the rest of my life. I heard Tex arrive he began chatting to some people in the sleeping area. "May be he will not want me today" then the daydream was quickly over. "Do you have any money for me?" "No" I said depressingly shaking my head my head. "Good" he smiled as he unzipped his fly". He started playing with his cock as I slowly began to undress in the kitchen.

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"Today I want you to suck my cock." he said with a huge smile. I bent on my knees and was about to take it in my mouth then paused.

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I do not mind sucking cock; in fact I like the taste of cum, but Tex's cock reeked really bad. He grabbed me by the hair before looking in my eyes threatening "You're going to suck my cock or fuck off from here" The atmosphere was awful; I hesitated again before opening my mouth and leaning over his cock.

He must have thought I was going to pull away and not go through with it. He grabbed me by the hair and forced my head down. His cock went right down my throat I could not breathe and tears were running down my face as I gasped for air. He almost released my head as he pulled his cock back out, but I was soon gasping again. I had sucked several guys off before, but I was always in control.

This made me realise "All I am is a hole for his cock to fuck". He continued fucking my face like that until I became used to it. I knew I now had an audience, and that I must have looked a real sight. The tears running down my face were mixing with the saliva oozing from my mouth; and down my chin to the ground. He forced my head down to his pubes. "I have been thinking of how to get my money's worth all week so make this worth it slut" he commanded.

He released the strong grip on my hair and allowed me to gasp for my breath. I managed a little air then I quickly returned to his cock before I was ordered to. I was sucking his shaft like a juicy icy pole; before sucking down and back to almost out again in deep throat style. He was really enjoying it as he moaned; "Mmm, that's it bitch, mmm suck my cock, mmm, milk me of my cum" he repeatedly begged.

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The thought of biting down crossed my mind as I lost my early trepidation and was enjoying his cock. Grunting like the pig he was he suddenly forced my head back down again for his cock to explode inside my mouth.


Tex made me swallow every last drop before he released his grip on me. I sat on the ground panting for air, I was naked and looking around as the other girls dispersed. He zipped up, and patted me on the head saying "This week's board has been paid." Another week had passed and I still had no way of earning any money, but I had attended an interview for a Fish'n Chip job on Thursday morning.

When I came home from the interview I sat in the kitchen pondering with my thoughts. I was still wearing my black mini skirt and blouse top from my interview.

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As I day dreamed hoping I got the job Tex arrived for his rent again. I did not realise he was staring at me until I turned around. "Well, do you have anything for me?" I looked at him, with a screwed up face and began to take my knickers off; sliding them down my legs to my feet. "Ok, good." he said picking me up from my stool and putting me down on the kitchen table. He flipped my skirt up and looked at my shaved pussy.

"I like that it looks like I will get my money's worth out of you today"; Tex said gleefully. He rolled my skirt up to my waist before ripping my knickers off my ankles. My blouse was ripped apart when he pushed me back on to the table.

I unhooked my bra for him so he would not destroy that too. His face had an evil grin as he rubbed my pussy until it became a little wet. Then he reached forward and gave my small tits a hard squeeze; causing me to give out a little yelp. Tex spat on his cock before stroking it hard.

He then positioned my legs above his shoulders and slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I bite my lower lip and arched my back as he did so; it slid in inch by inch until it was balls deep inside me.

After licking his lips he started to pound into me faster and harder each time. He flung his tee-short off and fucked me to hurt my pussy; I was screaming out in both pleasure and pain.

His chest was wobbling like jelly with each thrust; I began moaning he was giving it to my cunt good and proper. "Mmm oh God, oh my God"; I moaned out I did not know the younger kids were watching; but I no longer cared.

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I was cumming and cumming hard; "FUCK ME HARD, HARDER. OH FUCK" I bellowed out, as I came. He continued to fuck me really hard until he shot his cum deep in to my sloppy wet pussy.


He held his cock inside me as it drained; he softly slapped my face and I sucked his thumb. I just lay there motionless rubbing and touching my cummy pussy on the table. He smiled at me.

"I will be away for the next two weeks so I will be collecting double when I return; do you understand"? "Yes" I said softly and nodded before fingering myself to a squirting orgasm right there on the table.

He laughed at that and walked away; a group of younger kids were standing there just staring open eye.

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I cleaned my mess up first, before showering. more soon.

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