Hot Passionate sex After shower WHATS HER NAME )

Hot Passionate sex After shower WHATS HER NAME )
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cyrus de la cruz, I have often seen you, your large frame pressed up against the wooden table. i always find you in that position in the morning, in my bedroom, cleaning my stuff.

it's crazy I've never been awake to see you entering, not once since the last three weeks you started working for grandpa, or since the week before you caught my fancy. but I know what my eyes yearn for, the subtle seduction of wet skin caught in frenzy of your hard cleaning over the glossy wood is way too tempting. and what do they call you? something called sunita, is that supposed to be Indian? or Latino maybe. sunita. what really caught my eye the first time I entered your room was apathy.

you, young lad had slid into some irrevocable coma ,or so it seemed. I never saw you awake while I dusted your room. you could have been dead for years and I would have hardly known. you could have at least tried arranging your things in order. I was young once like you, I know you're wild, but I have a young son like you back in India, I would have killed him for this.

besides I wish you would hide that ghastly tent on your boxers that greets my eyes first thing in the morning.

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cyrus could you just bend a little more while you mop the floor? just so that my eyes believe they saw a nipple. just one tiny brown, stick wet thing. I have come to love this, lying prone, spying on your ample bosom held captive in the tightest of blouse, you wear only two colours?

a red and a green one.

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yes I'm sure there's no bra, why else would your tits be pointy when wet with sweat. could you just not tell grandpa if you find my penis half exposed in my boxers. I have this urgent urge to stroke myself when you jiggle your robust bum while you wrestle with the brass table. sunita. it's been more than an hour and you haven't budged.

am almost done with your room, and since you're such a zombie I might as well adjust my" pallu" right behind you. it's so hot in here, and my old blouse has been acting stranger than ever, it keeps running down, oh sweet summer heat!

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could I just take it off and squeeze the extra sweat away? am sure you wouldn't wake from the dead just when my pointed nipples are staring at you?


back home I could wear a saree before my son could even notice i was stark naked. and please would you be a bit careful, I saw that hard and dark penis jutting out of your boxers, I wonder what it would look like in the bathroom? cyrus dear sunita you embolden me each day. my urges are way beyond my control. i had a wet dream after you left yesterday. and no, it wasn't you, just the neighbours daughter Kathy.

i was thinking of browsing "xnxx" while you're around on my Smartphone, oh the hints I am gonna provide to you. I am sure you would notice the obscenities playing on it while you're hunched low mopping the floor.

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it turns me on thinking you would turn your head away in shame. and did you even know i stroked myself in my boxers while you worked on the bronze table? if only i could rub my dick on your wet behind. wait is that you standing behind me? I think grandpas calling, hey aren't you listening? granny pops want you, here look at me.

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sunita ah, cyrus baba you turned! just as I was slipping into it. why am I out of breath? wait you're saying something? but cant you see I am panting so hard, something is literally thumping inside me. yes I was half way down there, my naked breasts exposed for you to see. how could I be so stupid. while in bed at night I lie alone still unable to shake the embarrassment, the sudden exhilaration, that slight tingling down there.

maybe i should just sleep. cyrus I haven't slept much, I keep running it all the time. the horrid look on your face, the glistening sweat running down your belly. those ripe breasts that had nipples so pointy and thick. I succumbed to your honey skin and flawless complexion, your body hath all the vices a middle age brings, slight pear shape waist, little turmoil just above the draped navel.

my gaze did wander between your thighs when i noticed I had been staring for way too long.


but today I will make my move, I will make contact, let you know I am hungry for your flesh. sunita am I imagining things? you've been awake the whole time since I've come and been staring at you phone like you've been hypnotized. what exactly have you been watching? i also caught you staring at my fallen pallu, its only my fault, I have emboldened you, so you like looking at my breasts haan?

ahh!, why do i feel that tingling again, why do I feel I must mop the floor again, maybe I will mop the floor, forget I am exposing my chest way beyond decency, yes ill even have a look at what cyrus baba is watching, I am curious. cyrus i sense your healthy frame behind me. your graceful movement, the bangles whistling in your wrists. its a blowjob scene, a milf serenading a young boy before they will eventually be caught by the girlfriend.

you're mopping just behind me, I'm sure it's your warm breath falling on my ears. just the thought that you're staring at the porn excites me.

I now hold it above my head leaving no pretensions whatsoever. its porn and I want you to see it. if you do somehow look beyond my Smartphone, you will notice I have my boxers down and the left hand is caressing my hard penis. sunita dear lord, what am i seeing. that woman I sucking his hard penis like crazy. you won't even realize what you have done to me. I pull my blouse so hard that the buttons break, setting free most of my voluptuous breasts, save the nipples.

I want you to stare at me, catch me off guard, I cant pull back now, it's too late. please fuck me with your eyes, feast on me, unbutton my blouse and unwrap my saree. my bum cheeks are burning red with desire. but this is wrong, this is so wrong, I feel trapped in quagmire.

cyrus I risk embarrassment and turn slightly, I find you mopping still, but there's the freshly torn blouse, exposing large breasts.

I look at you, my throat dry, I cant gulp, I squeal your name. oh, and yes you have noticed my penis is hard and my boxers are not there anymore. you're still pretending to mop, when i hover over your face, you look up to my dick, then me. I know there's tension, your sweating brow curls in defence. you are pretending this is all wrong and try to back off. I slide my hand into your blouse, but you firmly push me back, I persist.

I even try tearing it a bit, but you stand firm. maybe you have come to your senses. maybe that son in India is staring from the skies. with one desperate move I pull you closer and seal your trembling lips with mine. this time you dont budge. i quickly slide a hand between your thighs, and you slap me hard.

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very hard. sunita no baba, this is not gonna happen, I can't do it. oh, you try touching my vagina, every night I have yearned for a man inside me, and now that you, who is young and firm is standing beside me, should I fall for the temptation? yes I see your desperation, but time is not ripe for this, not today perhaps. I turn my back to you and prepare to leave, I can see tears forming at the corner of your eyes. I could have moved two steps when I just decide to bend, just as a crane would to drink water from a pond.

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i pull up my saree, draped like a towel to my waist. I am sure I give you ample view of my thick red buttocks. dear sir I would very much like you to pierce me in both the holes but then not today. you come close behind me and wrap me in your arms. I feel your hard penis on my butt crack. you sense my intentions and back off a bit. then we begin our dance. i twerk in delicate fashion while you stroke your penis softly.

we're a mere touch away, but I like the way you jiggle for me. so near yet so far.


I tease you by fingering my butt hole and deep fingering my vagina. we struggle to keep our distance. I start to moan heavier and that is when I see you stroking like crazy. I have lost all sense of decency now. my right hand is caressing my breasts while the left plays with my butthole. I see you on the verge of cuming.

with one big moan you spurt your warm cum all over my ass. I oblige by asking you to sink your famished organ inside my ass crack. I rub sticky cum all over my ass for your viewing pleasure. you hug me tight and whisper in my ear "tonight in your room?"