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I am a Mormon who can't believe that I am completely alone in my experiences or cravings.

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It has been a long time since I had cock. I used to play with my cousin as a teenager. He had a fantastic dick. We jacked off together a lot and talked about girls. We talked about what sex with a girl would feel like and getting blowjobs. It wasn't a far step from there to giving each other blowjobs.

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We had great sleepovers staying up late and jacking off and sucking. I also shared a room with my younger brother (bunk beds). One night I heard him masturbating when he thought I was asleep. I caught him one time and he denied it, but I didn't think that he minded being caught.

The next time I heard him, I pulled out my dick and started masturbating too. He stopped and listened and I kept going and let him listen to me breath heavy. Then I heard him continue jacking off. We both came but didn't say anything to each other. However, a few nights later, I began masturbating and noticed that he joined in. I got off my bed and stood in full view of him and jacked off into my hand.

He kept stroking while watching me. Then he came on his chest. That was it. We masturbated together a lot after that and began sucking each other too. When everyone else was gone, we sometimes took showers together and gave each other blowjobs. He sometimes came in my mouth and I would swallow him. His dick wasn't that big at the time and he was easy to suck. Eventually we found out that we both had been jacking off with and sucking the same cousin.

We wanted to get him with us into a group. It was summer and we planned a sleep over at his house. He had a lone bedroom in the basement, which is why we were never caught. We had all gone to bed and had been laying there for about a half hour. My brother carefully unzipped his sleeping bag and reached over and tapped me. I unzipped mine to reveal that I was already naked.

So was he. I turned around and we began to 69 on the floor in my cousin's bed about 5 ft from where he lay. We didn't know whether he was asleep or awake, so we made sucking and slurping noises to wake him up. Turns out he wasn't asleep.

just on the edge of sleep. Suddenly he sat up and looked straight at us on the floor in a 69 position. We stopped and looked at him.

He asked surprised what were we doing. I sat up and held onto my dick and said that we were just playing. I began to stroke, as was my younger brother. My cousin had already jacked off with us, sucked us and been sucked by us in the past, but always separately. never with all of us together.

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He pulled down his boxers and out popped his hard boner. He started jacking off so that now all of us were stroking. After a few seconds he said he wanted a blowjob.

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My brother kneeled in front of him as he sat on his bed and started sucking him. I laid down on the floor and started licking and sucking my brother. When my brother got tired of sucking him he backed off and I started sucking him. I sucked for what seemed like a couple minutes (I am sure it was less). I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but I got too tired of sucking and had to quit.


He got off his bed and kneeled with us on the floor so that we were kneeling in a circle jacking off. My brother came first and then my cousin and then me a couple seconds later. I was so horny that I licked some cum off my hand. My cousin and brother then began licking their hands too. I saw a little oozing out of my cousin's softening dick and I leaned down and took his head in my mouth and suck the rest of it out.

It tasted like regular sperm, but I thought it was so good.

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My cousin jumped a little because his head was still so sensitive. We all put our boxers back on and got back into bed and our sleeping bags. We talked for three or four minutes about how awesome it was and then we just went kind of silent. After a couple minutes, my cousin asked how long my brother and I had been playing together.

I answered that we had been for about four or five months and my brother agreed.

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He told us that he had wanted to play with us both for a long time. We continued to play separately and together for a few years.


Time went on and we eventually "outgrew" it. We finished high school. My brother joined the military and my cousin and I went on to college. My cousin and I both eventually got married.

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The past couple years I have been craving those experiences again.