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Tall red head teen The Blue Balled Brother
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 8 Hawaii Trip continues and return home Character Introduced Dr. Shannon Smithson, 43 5'8, Blond with Green Eyes The next morning Kiki arrives around ten for a massage session for Ben. She brings in her table and instructs Ben to disrobe and get on the table.

Ben is wearing a towel around his waist so that she does not get a few of BIG FELLA. He cannot take anymore sex right now and does not want to take on anymore slaves.

He lays on his stomach and adjusts BIG FELLA. Becky puts a sock on BIG FELLA as he shifts BIG FELLA between his knees. It hurts BIG FELLA if he lays on it. Kiki starts to massage Ben's torso first, rubbing the muscles and getting him loose and relaxed.

She then starts to go deeper into his muscles. Ben is feeling good, BIG FELLA is getting harder. Kiki removes his towel and starts rubbing his buttocks one at a time. She works deep into his tissues. Becky puts the towel back on Ben's butt trying to hide BIG FELLA as much as possible.

Kiki then works Ben's massive strong legs. Ben groans and releases a massive load into the sock as Kiki continues to massage him. The girls know what happened but apparently Kiki is not letting on. She tells Ben to move roll over and he tries with the help of Becky and Tiffani. Kiki notices the wet sock on BIG FELLA. Before Tiffani or Becky could react Kiki removes the sock and starts to lick the cum off of BIG FELLA.

She request a cold wash cloth to get the remainder off the table and Ben. Kiki "Mister Ben, you have a beautiful cock. The nicest I have ever seen. Most guys want a happy ending. I usually charge a $100 for a hand job, but I will massage what does it say on your cock". BIG FELLA the girls say. " I will massage BIG FELLA for free. Is BIG FELLA sore from activity Mister Ben?". Ben "Yes" Kiki "I will give you a bottle of lotion that will help with that, it will also help keep you hard without the soreness from prolonged sexual activity".

Becky "Thank You, Kiki". Kiki resumes her massage of Ben's front. She works his arms, shoulder and then legs. Ben is very relaxed and is escorted to bed after Kiki's massage session. He sleeps on his back with Elfie, Alex, Carly, Sam and Sarah waiting on him.

Kiki talks to Becky and Tiffani about Ben and BIG FELLA. Kiki "I would like to get to know BIG FELLA better when Ben is better, can I have sex with him, Please?". Becky "Only if Ben wants it, I kind of wore him out the last two weeks with a present. You must also have a clean HIV/STD certificate before he will have sex with you. You cannot have any hair below the neckline also".

"Ben must be a really good lover if he can keep all you women satisfied?" Kiki states "Ben is an outstanding lover and provider, we all love him and care for him. He makes every one of us feel very special and loved" Becky Kiki puts her equipment in her car and gives Becky the bill for the massage. "Becky, I will come back with my friends Kali and Mami with clean certificates and give everyone a free massage if you let us have sex with Ben!" Kiki offers.

"Give us a call when you have everything together and we will ask Ben!". They family relaxes the rest of the day by the pool while Ben rests. Tiffani, Becky, Alice and Crystal call the limousine to take them to the fish market and grocery store. They want to make a special dinner for Ben. They get everything they need and head back to the house. Upon entering the hear Peggy having an orgasm.

"Ben is up and recovered" Becky states. Becky goes into the bedroom and sees Peggy straddling Ben's face as he is eating her out. Elfie is riding BIG FELLA and looks over at Becky. "Master said he was feeling better and wanted some pussy." Becky lays next to Ben she looks at him and he is smiling as he eats his favorite virgin pussy.

Elfie starts to shutter and throws her head back. She starts to cum violently, "GOD I LOVE HAVING SEX WITH YOU MASTER!" Elfie declares.

She gets off and lets Amber have a turn at BIG FELLA. Amber tells Becky that we are going to share Master a little differently for a couple of days. He cannot keep pounding the crap out of us, making us come countless times before he cums. We are going to ride him until we climax once. "Becky, I want to get pregnant also. I want Ben's baby growing inside of me. I love him and want to give him this gift.

I will accept your decision on when to start trying to get pregnant. Please consider it Mistress" Amber states.

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"We will, We love you". They kiss as Amber starts to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA. After Peggy climaxes for the third time she gets off his face and goes jumps in the pool. Ben then flips over while still in Amber and starts to pound her and pushes into her womb. He kisses her and starts to suck on her large 36D breasts. "Amber, I love you. You are special and will make a beautiful mother. I will get you pregnant next summer if you can wait that long" Ben says.

"I will abide by your wishes. I will stop taking birth control in April, that will give it time to get out of my system. My body is yours to use as you see fit as always Master" Amber tells Ben. Ben then cums in her womb and then flips her over and inserts his still hard as steel BIG FELLA into her ass and pounds her ass.

"OH GOD, FUCK MY ASS MASTER". The girls outside the bedroom tell each other that it did not take long for Ben to get back into the swing of things. When dinner is ready, Becky gets Ben and everybody around the dinner table. They all pick up there glasses of wine and Becky gives a toast "To family, to loving each other with all our heart.

To protecting and comforting each other. I love you all". They drink, "We love you, Becky Ben". They eat their meal of fresh seafood, lobsters for everyone, shrimp, cracked crab, steaks and all the trimmings. After dinner they all lay around the living room after cleaning up. Ben tells them that they are going to go to Pearl Harbor tomorrow and to the Volcano National Park the next day.

That night Ben gets a call from Alana telling him some disturbing news. Alana "Master, Hope Williams has been evicted from her house with her mother Jess. Apparently the landlord wants to sell that crappy house they live in". Ben "Take them in, get them a hotel room at the Residence Inn.

I will deal with that when I get home. I do not want Hope to spend one moment on the street. Do I make myself clear?". Alana "Yes Master, we thought you would want to take her in so I brought them to my house.

Hope knows I belong to you. Her mother has no clue and I told Hope not to say anything". Ben "You did good my love, I will show my gratitude when I get back from Hawaii". Alana "Do you mean that in a sexual way, Master?" Ben "Yes, I am going to fuck your brains in when I get back". Alana "I am off birth control and I want your baby inside of me!".

Ben "Oh, Shit OK. I just got four women pregnant here. Probably seven college girls too!". Alana "What college girls?". Ben "A gift from Becky, she is devious little angel. I think she just arranged three more little ladies for my sexual pleasure". Alana "Have fun in Hawaii, Master. I will be waiting for you when you get back". Ben tells the family about Hope and her mother being evicted from their home.

Alana is taking them in until he arrives. Becky "It looks like our family just got two more members, Master1". Ben "We need to meet this Jessica Williams before we do anything. Hope is mine and I will take care of her. You know that, you all know that". Faith "Hope can stay with me Master? Right Mom?". Crystal "We will work that out". Ben "Faith, Crystal, Cloe, Jill and Peggy go to your bedroom I want to talk to you privately. The rest of you lets get some sleep tonight". Ben and Becky go to Crystal's bedroom and talk for a while and they agree if they all like Jessica they will take them in.

Faith chimes in "Master, I need a little convincing first." She spreads her legs and motions him over to her. He goes down on her and Becky gets his pills.

The rest of the night you can hear orgasm after orgasm eliminating out of Crystal's room. In the morning everybody in the house is awoken by Peggy's loud orgasm and the another loud one thirty minutes later. Jill, Cloe and Faith all have five orgasms that night. Ben fucked each one in their pussies and asses. After Peggy gets off for the second time, he pushes a hard BIG FELLA into her ass and she yells "FUCK MY ASS MASTER, OH GOD YOU KNOW I LOVE IT IN MY LITTLE ASS!".

Ben loves that little Peggy so much. "It is going to be hard for me to pop that cherry in two years, Peggy. I love you just the way you are". Peggy "I know you love eating virgin pussy but I am going to loose my cherry eventually and it is going to be by you". "Let's get ready to go see Pearl Harbor". Ben states.

When in they arrive at Pearl Harbor he tells them after the tour he has arranged for the family to have parts in an Episode of Hawaii Five-O that is filming the next couple of days. He has booked the penthouse at an expensive resort for the rest of the week so that they will be there when the director calls them.

Becky "You are full of surprises are you Ben". Ben "I am not the only one". Becky "I am going to make sure they get you coming out of the water with your banana hammock on!" Ben "You want to show the whole world BIG FELLA don't you?".

Becky "I will arrange for just a quick shot". The go to Pearl Harbor take the tour and look around for better part of the day. They go check in to the hotel and go upstairs. Becky states we don't have any clothes to Ben.

Ben "I thought we could go shopping and buy some new clothes and then go to dinner". Becky "You really know how to get to a woman's heart. Shopping". They all get five outfits and they get Ben two banana hammocks, one in white and the other in black. They go back to the hotel and make love all night. The next morning Bill gets the call from the director that he needs to see him. Ben says he can meet him downstairs in the bar. Director wants to meet his ladies and he tells them they will be with him in the bar.

Director say he will be there at 3, the meet and the director says he did not know there was so many. He has to think of a way to use all of them in the show as extras. Becky asks the director to come up to the penthouse with Ben and her. In the penthouse Becky ask the director if he could give Ben a scene where he is coming out the water, on the beach or the pool.

She undresses her man down to his banana hammock. And the director says we can't put that, pointing to BIG FELLA, on broadcast network television in the United States. Becky "It could only be for a couple of seconds couldn't it?". Ben "How about a love scene with a female character?" Director "That would work for a quick shot of that beast getting out of bed".

Becky "I want to be there". Ben "Absolutely no sex whatsoever!". Director "There is no sex on American Television". Ben "I am not talking on the television, I am talking about on set". Grabbing BIG FELLA "This is only for my wife understood!".

Ben and Becky see the director out and call down to the bar and talk to Tiffani. Becky "Tiffani, give us two hours alone without interruption" Tiffani "OK". Becky "Where you serious about this being only for me?" She is grabbing BIG FELLA. Ben "It is for my family, I don't want to be on set with a bunch of people watching me fuck some bitch. I love my family and would do nothing to jeopardize that". Becky strips and kisses him and then pulls BIG FELLA out.

"Ben, I love you. BIG FELLA you are pretty good also". The family has crowd shots and Ben has his bed scene with the girl topless under the sheets. She dry humps him and she does the scene.

He gets out of the bed and the scene is done. Actress asks him to come back to her trailer with her. Ben "No, I am married and I only have sex with my lovely angel wife". Becky hears this and has a tear in hear eye. They leave the set and go back to the hotel.

Becky "You turned down sex with that beautiful actress, Ben". "I told you I love you and am faithful to you and my family. You are the one that arranged the college girls, not me. I kept three for myself, but you set it up" Ben replies. "I know you are planning something with Kiki also". Becky just smiles as they go back to the hotel.

Carly, Alex, Faith, Jennifer get pictures of the Hawaii Five-O sets and they even get pictures with the actors. Some of the girls even kiss the leads. They all get those pictures. The girls that kissed the lead talk about feeling his cock rise in his pants. They tell Ben "Master, you have nothing to worry about. He is handsome. But has nothing on you". The next day they fly the big island to go to the Volcano National Park. They see the volcano and take pictures and everything. That night they go back to Maui to spend a couple of days with just the family.

No big activities other than sucking and fucking. The first night back Ben has sex with Elfie, Jennifer, Carly, Hanna and Michelle. Ben has Elfie suck BIG FELLA hard and then tells her to bend over. He applies anal lube to her and BIG FELLA, Ben then inserts BIG FELLA into Elfie's petite ass. He grabs her hips and with a thrust he lifts her up off the ground and start plowing into her ass.

She is screaming and grunting, "OH GOD MASTER, THAT IS SOOOOOO TIGHT". He works her ass for a good hour before blowing his load in her. He then sets her on the floor and she curls up in a little ball and goes to sleep for a while. Elfie is total whipped out. On the other hand, Ben is just starting his activities next up is Jennifer.

She gets him hard again and he pounds her doggie style. Jennifer is moaning and grunting telling Master to pump her hard. "Master you make my pussy tingle". She grunts and groans, Jennifer's pussy juice is being worked up into a lather as Ben strokes in and out of her hard. Hanna comes over and gets underneath and starts sucking on Jennifer's clit and licking on BIG FELLA as it goes in and out of Jennifer's pussy. This goes on for a couple of hours and then Ben cums in Hanna mouth.

She swallows his whole load. Hanna tells Ben that she wants him to go down on her while Carly rides BIG FELLA. They do that for a good ninety minutes before Ben climaxes in Carly, Michelle comes over and begins to eat Carly out sucking all of Ben's cum out of her pussy. Carly came twice for Ben and once while being eaten out by Michelle.

Ben is hard again and mounts Michelle from behind. He plows into her pussy pushing all the way up to her cervix. He pumps her hard while she eats out Carly, after about two hours of pumping he pushes through her cervix and drop his load in her womb.

He then passes out while still in Michelle. The next morning he eats out Peggy's sweet little virgin pussy in the early morning hours. She wakes up the whole house with her screaming orgasm. Becky tells Master "Can you do that with her around 8 in the morning and not 5?". Ben then gets up and takes his favorite virgin pussy to the pool for a swim in the moonlight. They make out as Missy and Cloe come out and join them.

BIG FELLA is hard again and Missy mounts him and they start having sex in the pool. She is bouncing up and down making splashing noises. Missy is moaning and really enjoying pool sex with BIG FELLA. Ben picks Missy up and carries her out of the pool and he starts fucking her on the lawn, he has her legs above his shoulders and is driving BIG FELLA deep into her.

She is moaning and panting, encouraging Ben on "FUCK ME, FUCK ME". He continues to fuck her as the other ladies get breakfast ready for the family. "OH GOD, MASTER. I AM CUMMMMMMING". She yells this as Cloe looks on and tells him to cum in her mouth. "MASTER I WANT A MILKSHAKE THIS MORNING!". When he is about to cum he pulls out of Missy and puts his cock in Cloe mouth telling her to not spill a drop. Cloe sucks him dry, taking his huge load down her throat. Cloe then licks BIG FELLA clean and then tells Ben, "After breakfast Master I want this in my ass".

"OK" is Ben's response as Becky tells everybody breakfast is ready. Missy is sore from the pounding so Ben picks her up and takes her to the table. "That is what I call a great morning fuck!" Missy says as she eats a little and then goes to the couch and goes to sleep.

Their is a knock on the door after breakfast is done and the dishes are cleaned. Becky goes to the door and in comes Kiki, Kali and Mami. Becky "Ben, the girls are here to give you a massage".

They girls give Becky their clean HIV/STD certificates. They setup their table and and Ben walks over and gets on the table he puts BIG FELLA between his legs and Becky puts a towel over his waist.

Becky tells Ben that this is going to be a massage he will never forget. "OH, SHIT!" is Ben's response he knows what is about to happen. They start to massage Ben's shoulders and legs each girl getting a different part the massage his back, and work their way to his buttocks.

They part his ass cheeks and an unexpected sensation rolls over Ben, Kiki and Kali start to lick his ass crack from his back down to his large balls. They pay close attention to his anus, rimming him over and over.

He lets out an "OH" every time they rim his ass. Mami starts to lick BIG FELLA. They turn Ben over and start working his torso and legs as Mami continues to lick and suck on BIG FELLA. When BIG FELLA is fully erect Mami gets on top of Ben and inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy. She grinds on him and starts to moan as she is being stretched beyond what any man has ever stretched her pussy before. Mami starts to go faster and faster, bumping and grinding on BIG FELLA as Kiki and Kali kiss him and suck on his nipples.

Kali goes around an gets on the table and starts to suck on Ben's balls as Mami takes the ride of her lifetime. She climaxes and both Kiki and Kali suck up the juices that are flowing over Ben's groin and on the table by his balls.

This happened three times before Mami gets off and sucks on BIG FELLA and is replaced by Kali. The process goes on for three hours until Ben erupts in Kiki. The girls suck the cum out of Kiki and clean off BIG FELLA. They proceed to take Ben to the couch as his family watches the girls take care of their man. Ben looking at Becky "Is this what you wanted, my angel, the girls to take care of me today?". Becky "Yes my love, Kiki wanted to have you inside of her and I wanted to watch you enjoy yourself with the girls.

Make love to them so they will never forget your name or BIG FELLA". Ben then takes his pills and two little blue ones and spreads Kiki's legs and starts to suck on her freshly shaven pussy.

He licks her tiny little slit, sucking on her lips and giving her clit a workout. He takes her button into his mouth and sucks and nibbles on it until she starts to climax. He then sucks the juice right out of her pussy. He then sticks his tongue deep into her little Asian pussy until she shutters and bucks her hips. Kiki "Oh GOD, would you please put your fat cock inside me.

I need it". Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA all the way in until it rests against her cervix. Kiki "Oh, I feel so stuffed, BIG FELLA is making my pussy feel so good".

Ben starts to stroke her deep and hard. He fucks her for over an hour as his girls watch him enjoy his little Asian morsel. Some go swimming in the pool while this goes on.

Coming back to check them out. Kiki climaxes seven times before Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her womb. "OWWW, Where are you doing with your cock!". Faith is watching at that point and tells her "Kiki, he is entering your womb. He is going to deposit his seed into your womb and then exit it, trapping it inside of you!". Ben enters and retreats from her cervix about twelve times before he unloads a torrent of semen inside of her, filling her womb up.

When he is done he gets out of her pussy and then picks her up and takes her to the pool to cool off. He tells Kali she is next. She looks at the other girls and smiles "I need to get fucked really good.

It has been over two years since I had any". Hanna says "Damn, that is way too long to go without some dick. You will never forget our Master. When he is done pounding your pussy and ass, no other man will satisfy you". Ben kisses Kiki in the pool, sucking on her 34C breasts. He nibbles on her nipples and rubs her tummy full of his cum. Becky comes over and tells her Master that she looks like she is pregnant.

He takes Kiki out of the pool and puts her down on a lounge chair and tells her to rest up because the next time he is with her he is going to stretch her ass out. "I will be right here waiting for you BIG FELLA".

Ben then goes gets his pills and looks at Kali "Are you ready for BIG FELLA my Little Hawaiian Angel?". "Been waiting for you Ben, come and get this pussy. It is all for you". Ben then goes over and starts to suck on her little pussy while fondling her 34D breast. After a short while she is bucking her hips and cuming hard from Ben's dilligent work on her pussy.

He sticks his tongue deep inside of her love channel and finds her G-SPOT and works it until she climaxes twice. She tells Ben "Enough with the foreplay pound my pussy, make it yours". He pushes BIG FELLA into her just like he did with Kiki all the way to her cervix. He presses hard into her cervix with every stroke, he is fucking pounding her without mercy for a good two straight hours before finally pushing through her cervix. He pounds Kali's cervix going in and out for twenty minutes before finally dumping a huge load into her womb.

This load is bigger than the one he dumped into Kiki. Kali whispers into Ben's ear "Put your wonderful seed inside of my fertile womb, give me a beautiful baby that will grow up big and strong like you, Ben".

"OH, SHIT. You girls are not on birth control" Ben asks. "I am not, and that is fine with me. I want children and you are the best specimen I have ever seen". All the girls watching start shaking their heads and say "DAMN!". He exits her womb and rests inside her pussy. He rolls over onto the floor and with Kali still engaged with BIG FELLA. Kali is resting on top of Ben, as he breaths hard trying to revive himself. Becky comes over and asks "How do you like your massage, Master?".

"Kali just gave BIG FELLA a really good massage. Mami is next. Do you realize Kali is not on birth control? I am wondering if the other girls are on the pill? Can you ask them?". Ben asks Becky. Mami comes in and hears his question "Ben, I am not on the pill or on any other contraception. I don't care I would welcome your child without any strings. Now fuck this pussy and pump your load into my womb".

Mami then goes and spreads her legs on the couch and tells Ben "Come and get it". She spreads her lips showing Ben deep inside her pussy. She starts sucking on BIG FELLA as Becky gives him his pills. Ben starts to fuck her pussy and pushes deep inside of her after about an hour on the couch he picks up Mami and puts her down on the table and in one force full push puts BIG FELLA all the way into her passing her cervix and resting inside her womb. Mami lets out a loud "AUGHHHH, damn that hurt".

Ben starts to pound her with great force and Mami starts to shake and spasm having one orgasm after another. "OH GOD, IT FEELS LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO POUND A HOLE IN MY BACK. OH FUCK".

He pounds her for three hours she is sweating and convulsing mumbling something incoherently. Ben finally is ready to cum and he pulls out of her womb and just enters the head of BIG FELLA into her womb and begins to pump a huge stream of hot cum into her womb. "Now that is what I call one hell of a fuck!" Ben proclaims.

Mami is trying hard to get off the table. He hole body is numb. Ben looks at her and asks "So what do you think about the fucking you just received?". "I have never been fucked like that before, I might not want to do it like that again for a while. I am a little sore". Ben picks her up and takes little Mami to the pool to cool down. None of Ben's load is leaking from Mami's pussy as they walk to the pool. They get in and Ben tells her that she is going to get BIG FELLA in her ass next. "Ben, give me a chance to recover and I am all yours".

Mami says. Ben looks over to Kiki and she knows that she is next and goes in and sees Becky with the anal lube. Becky "Time to get ready for BIG FELLA, I need to put a lot of lube on your ass and in your asshole so that it will not hurt Master, OH it is going to hurt like hell for you at first. But I am sure you will get use to it after a while".

When Becky is finished she looks at Ben and motions to him to come into the house. Ben takes his pills and Kiki sucks his cock until he is hard. He then puts Kiki on her hands and knees and presses BIG FELLA against her asshole.

Kiki starts to scream "Ben, go gently I have never taken it in my ass before, and you are HUGE". He then pushes the large bulbous head of BIG FELLA into her past her anal ring, eliciting a loud scream with a pop in her ass. "Damn that is one tight little ass" Ben proclaims as he starts to push deeper and deeper into little 4'8 Kiki's ass. He cannot go as far as he would like but starts to pump slow at first then starts to pound her hard making Kiki grunt and groan with every stroke.

Becky "Kiki, does it hurt?". "YES, but he is going to stretch it out so it wont I hope!" Kiki says in return. "Ben, is definitely going to stretch your shitter out". Ben continues to pound her little ass as Kali looks on knowing she is next. After about an hour of it hurting like hell Kiki starts to climax and climax she did.

Ben is stroking her ass from one side to the other trying to go deeper and deeper as she climaxes. After she comes down for on high, Ben takes a different angle in her ass and pops through her pelvic bone and enters her colon, Kiki lets out a loud moan as he pushes deeper and deeper.

Ben strokes her colon and after about forty five minutes he pumps his load deep inside of her bowels. He exits her ass with a really loud wet pop. Kiki asshole is blinking at Ben as he kisses her and tells her she did great. Looks over at Kali and smiles, "Your next my Sweet Little Hawaiian Angel"".

Becky goes over and gets Kiki up and takes her to the shower with the help of Rebecca and Missy. They shower her and clean her up. They take her to the dinning room and give her something to eat. Missy asks her "Do you think you can deep throat BIG FELLA?".

Kiki says "I don't know but would like to try later I am tired now". Ben fucks Kali just like Kiki and then tells the girls to go to sleep he is going to sleep in the living room with the three massage girls. Mami having entered the house and was watching Ben pound her friends ass. "I will fuck you in your ass tomorrow, Mami. I am pretty tired. Lets get some rest". All three girls sleep with Ben as Becky puts a sheet under them and over them.

Ben is sleeping with three lovely Pacific Island girls and looks like he is resting well. Then next morning they all wake up at the same time with the smell of bacon cooking. Becky says they look like they slept good. Mami says her pussy is a little sore but loved the sex. Kiki says her pussy and ass are sore but would not mind another go at BIG FELLA. Kali also is sore in both her ass and pussy. Tiffani call everybody in and tells them "Lets eat and then we can watch Ben pound Mami's ass into submission".

"Mami, how does that sound to you?" Ben asks her. "Fine with me. Looking forward to it but go easy on my ass" Mami responds. Ben smiles and tells her "Easy as BIG FELLA will let me, how is your stomach still swollen?". "Yes, want to put a couple more loads in there?".

Becky "Be careful of what you asks for, Mami". After breakfast and Ben has his pills, BIG FELLA is erect and ready to get into Mami's virgin ass.

Becky lubes up Mami's ass and then BIG FELLA. Mami ask Ben to cum in her womb and not her ass. He tells her OK and proceeds to push the head of BIG FELLA through Mami's anal ring. She screams in pain as Ben does not stop until he pushes further into her. He feels the end of her rectum and stops. He pushes back and forth stretching her rectum out, He pops the head out and pushes it back in. He does that a couple of dozen times before Mami yells at him "Will you just go ahead and fuck my ass!".

Ben does just that and starts jackhammering her ass. Sweat is poring off of her body she is spasming and convulsing. She lets out a big groan and starts cuming. Her pussy is drenched. Ben repositions himself and pushes down through her pelvic bone and into her colon. He pounds her colon for a good hour before he pulls all the way out and slams his cock deep into Mami's pussy. Pushing through her cervix and dumping his load there. He cums for a good fifteen minutes before he collapses beside Mami.

BIG FELLA is still in pussy as they lay there side by side trying to recover from a nice long fuck. "Mami, that was wonderful. Are you OK?" Ben asks a whimpering Mami. "Yes, just a little too much to handle at once". "I didn't hurt you I hope". "No, I don't think so. Just really stretched out. I don't think I am going to be able to shit right for a week or two".

Ben tells the girls that he wants to go to the beach after a shower. He is going to let Mami rest while they are at the beach. Tells them to get their bikinis on and sunscreen and meet back here in thirty minutes. He leads Becky to the shower. Ben "Becky, I love you. I do not know what got in me with those girls. I felt possessed or something. I don't think I could live with myself if I ever hurt one of you girls.

We need to come up with a safe word that you tell me when we are fucking that tells me that you are hurting or have had too much". Becky "Ben, I love you and trust you. I have never seen you fuck like that before. I will come up with one that we all will use". Ben "If these girls are pregnant I want to take care of them, make sure they know that.

They are really sweet and giving". They wash each other softly caressing each others bodies. Ben pays close attention to Becky's expanding belly he bends over and kisses her belly and tells Ben Jr. he cannot wait to see him. He kneels in front of Becky with the water going down her back and starts to suck on her pussy.

He parts her legs and licks and nibbles on her lips and then sticks his tongue deep down her love channel. Ben looks up at Becky and tells her "I love you more everyday, you are my best friend and my soul mate. Everything I have is yours. He kisses her and then picks her up and she straddles his waist and he puts BIG FELLA into her pussy. He gently pushes it in and out deeper and deeper he only goes about six inches inside of her not wanting to hurt the baby growing inside of her.

The are in there so long that Tiffani and Janet come by to check on them. They have tears in there eyes as they watch them make love. Tiffani "We will meet you guys at the beach, take your time and continue to enjoy yourselves". Becky "Why are you crying Mom?". "It is just so beautiful watching you to make love like that. With all the passion and love.

I love you too". The whole family goes to the beach and leaves Ben and Becky alone in their bed together. Mami is still on the couch recovering from the pounding of a lifetime. Ben tells Becky "Thank you for my gift, those girls are sweet".

Becky "I know how you like petite women!". They get up and Becky gets a white banana hammock out for Ben and she gets her bikini on. Ben puts on the banana hammock reluctantly as Becky says "I love seeing you in that". "You love showing BIG FELLA off. I am wondering if you love him more than me?".

Becky "Don't say that, BIG FELLA is a part of you, A HUGE PART, but I love your soul and your personality. BIG FELLA makes the sex great but it is the love you put behind BIG FELLA that I love. If it was just BIG FELLA I would just get a fucking dildo.

I love you Ben not your cock". Ben "If we keep this up we will never get to the beach, I want to go for a walk when we go to the beach with my lovely pregnant wife. Let's take everybody out to eat tonight after we get back". Becky "OK, Put sunscreen on my back please". Ben puts sunscreen on her back, arms and legs and then starts to work on her ass.

He then parts her thong and starts to suck on her pussy. "Lets go to the beach before you get me too hot".

He then rims her anus and she cums hard, he catches most of it in his mouth. "I need to put that in my repertoire" Ben states. "Yes you should, did you like that when the girls did that to you?" Becky asks. "Yes, I did was his response". Ben and Becky finally make it to the beach. Mami is there with the family, her belly swollen with Ben's sperm.

They tell the group that they are going for a walk and that they plan on going out for dinner. They ask Mami, Kiki and Kali to go with them and to pick out a nice fancy restaurant. They walk the beach holding hands, they walk through the water. Ben asks Becky "Why did you invite Kiki and company over?". "Did you not like having sex with them, Kiki was enamored with you after she massaged you that one time, She really liked the sight of BIG FELLA" Becky replies. "I would really like to focus on pleasing the women I currently have.

I feel like I am neglecting someone all the time. I want to make love to each one individually here in Hawaii. Do you think I am being selfish Becky". Ben asks. They start heading back to the house as Becky replies to Ben, "Honey, you are not selfish. If anything you are too generous.

We all love you and know we have to share you and your love. We accept that, and that is part of being your slave. I explain that to each slave when they join the family. I can setup one girl each night for you to have sex with by themselves. We can go youngest to oldest, how does that sound?". "Terrific for the next eleven nights I will only sleep in my bed with one girls, making it her night.

Do you think they will like that?" Ben says. "I think they will love that idea, We will start with Sam tonight after dinner". They head back to the group and Ben and Becky go swimming in the ocean with some of the girls. Sam, Jill and Elfie swim up to Ben and they hold him and they start kissing him.

"That was really exciting to see you have sex with the girls from the massage parlor, Master" Sam states. "I love watching you fuck, Master" Elfie tells Ben. "I like it when you are tender and gentle with me, but I also like it when you pound me too.

It was really cool Master seeing those girls give themselves to you" states Jill. Ben is rubbing and squeezing their little ass checks as he tells them, "You know I love each and everyone of you, as individuals and equally.

You are all special to me" "Master, we all know you love us and we feel your love everyday, do you too agree" says Jill.

"I do" is Elfie and Sam's reply. They kiss Ben and fondle BIG FELLA. Becky swims over and joins the group and says to the girls "Quit hogging our husband!". The girls smile as she says this. Ben pushes his finger into Elfie and Sam's pussy and they shutter and snuggle closer to Ben. Ben continues to finger fuck the two as Jill strokes BIG FELLA. Becky senses what is going on and tells them to take it inside the house.

The girls says "Yes, Mistress" and swim as fast as they can to shore as Ben and Becky follow. They see the three girls run into the house. "I think they are excited about the prospects of having some time with BIG FELLA" Ben says as he gets out of the water and heads for the house.

Janet asks "What was that all about?". "Master is going to spend some quality time with the three of them". Ben enters the house and sees the three girls and tells them to go into the master bath and take a shower and clean off the ocean water. They run into the shower, he walks in and takes off his banana hammock and BIG FELLA flops between his knees. They girls smile and take his hand and pull him into the shower.

The girls wash every inch of Ben's body, the pay close attention to BIG FELLA. They was his ass and then Elfie bend her master over and rims his asshole, he girl takes her turn. As they rim him they then suck on each testicle and then deep throat BIG FELLA. After they all are clean they get out and dry themselves. Ben takes his pills and he puts all three on the bed ass up. "I am going to start by fucking your asses, is that OK with you girls?".

"YesMaster my body is yours to do with as you choose!" is each girls response. He then rubs lube on BIG FELLA and then on Sam. He then pushes an erect BIG FELLA with a hard seven inch head past her anal ring and into her ass.

"Ugh, UGH". Is all that Sam can manage to utter as Ben pushes BIG FELLA deeper and deeper into the depths of her rectum.

Bauchnabelpiercing bei dicken

He bottoms out and then starts to pump her really hard. "Sam, I love you and love pounding your ass" Ben says and she strokes harder and harder until he repositions himself and then pushes through her pelvic bone and into her colon. He pushes balls deep into her eliciting a "UGH, GOD YOU ARE DEEP". He fucks her for a good thirty minutes and then exits and lubes up Elfie and proceeds to fuck her in her ass. "Sam, UGH UGH UGH, how did it feel when Master repositioned his cock inside your ass?

UGH UGH". Elfie gets out as Ben pumps her ass. "It felt amazing, being really full. I could feel his heartbeat in my colon, Master that was amazing" is Sam's response. They watch as little Elfie takes it hard in her ass for an hour before Ben repositions BIG FELLA to pass through her pelvic bone, with one hard push he pushes as much as he can into her colon.

"Master, my ass hurts" Elfie says as he starts to stroke inside of her colon. Ben feels it squeezing BIG FELLA and after about a thirty minutes Ben erupts filling her bowels with his seed, when limp he pulls out of her colon and then her ass with a loud pop. He lays next to Elfie and asks her "Did you enjoy that sweetheart?". "No, it hurt like hell, Master" Elfie stated "Are you OK? I did not mean to hurt you just give you a different experience".

Elfie "I know you did not and will not hurt me intentionally. It did hurt and I did not like it, that is not for me". Ben "I won't do it again, My Sweet Little Italian Treat". "Thank you my love" Elfie says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA to get him hard again for Jill.

"Jill, are you ready for me?". "Yes, Master I am" Ben "Can I fuck your ass like I did Sam?". "Yes, my body is yours to do with as you choose. If it hurts me to bad will you pull it out" Jill asks her Master. "Yes, I will just tell me". BIG FELLA is hard and he pushes it in Jill lubed asshole. "UGH, UGH, UGH, go slow Master. UGH UGH UGH." Ben pushes to the limit of her rectum. He then starts to pump her hard with long deep strokes, He does this for about an hour and then repositions BIG FELLA and pushes past her pelvic bone and goes balls deep into her colon and rests.

Jill is breathing heavy and rapidly as Ben rests there. Becky comes in and tells the group that they are going to go out to dinner in an hour. "Jill are you OK?" she asks. "Yes Mistress, it hurts a little but I can take it, pump it Master, I want to feel your cum in my colon". Ben starts to pump her and then climaxes in her colon. "OOOOH, that feels good!". Ben fills her colon up with his semen. He then exits and takes the girls into the shower for a quick wash up.

They get ready, they put on their finest clothes and jewelry, all have their wedding and engagement rings on. Kiki notices that everybody has a wedding band and an engagement rings on and asks "Becky, I see all the women have wedding bands on. What is that all about?". Becky looks at Ben and he nods at her to go ahead and tell her, "I am officially married to Ben, he is my husband.

But we are all his "common-law wives". He cares and loves each one of us. Some of us are carrying Ben's child inside, most if not all want to have his children. We are all his lovers, we adore him and worship him every chance we get". "On that note, We, Ben and I have decide family that each night for the rest of the trip he will take one girl into his bed at the end of the night and sleep with only one girl that night.

You will probably be really sore and tired the next morning for all of the love making you are going to do with our Master. It will be love making not fucking. We will start with the youngest and go to the oldest, We were going to start with Sam, but I think we will start with Sarah tonight after dinner".

Ben "I hope you all are pleased with this decision". They all say "Yes Master and Mistress". Ben smiles and looks at Sarah she comes over and kisses him and squeezes BIG FELLA, "I can't wait until after dinner, Master". They kiss.

They all get into the limo and head to dinner. Ben tells the girls that in two days he is going to take the group snorkeling and the next day scuba diving, then Deep Sea fishing. The girls say they want to go swim with the dolphins again.

Ben agrees as they reach the nice steakhouse. The all go in and most get the surf & turf special. They all drink the finest wine and after dinner Ben orders champagne and toasts "To love and family, may our love last for eternity" the all clink classes. Elfie comes up and asks Ben "Can I call my father?, I want to tell him how it is going here".

Ben nods and Elfie kisses him on the lips and whispers in his ear "If you really want to fuck me in the ass like you did, I will get use to it. I want to please my lover and Master. I love you and trust you always". Ben tells her "I never want to hurt you or any of my other wives.

We need to come up with a special word that I will know you want me to stop". Elfie says "How about my father's name?". "That will do it, for sure". After they have dessert they leave the restaurant and as they pile into the limo, Ben takes Peggy and tells her "I liked the dessert they served by I prefer my own special dessert.

Can I have some?" Peggy nods and says "Anytime you want my little virgin pussy it is yours, Master". She pulls her skirt up and her thong to the side and Ben starts to suck as the limo driver drives back to the house. He gives her a screaming orgasm and the driver swerves and calls to the back "Is everybody OK?". Peggy giggles and says "We are all fine".

Becky says to the group "Some are better than others". Ben continues his oral assault on Peggy's sweet little virgin pussy, he then sticks he tongue deep into her pussy, parting her still developing lips. She is squirming and panting as Ben does what she loves, he is stroking her hymen with his tongue.

She bucks her hips and thrusts her pussy into Ben's face. He continues to suck her pussy juices as the limo moves, Peggy's eyes roll to the back of her head and she starts to moan and scream loudly. Becky tries to cover her mouth so she will not disrupt the limo driver this time. Becky looks down and sees that Peggy is flooding her Master's mouth with her girl cum.

When Ben is done sucking it all down he licks her pussy lips and pushes down her skirt. He then gives her a kiss on the lips and sits down next to her. Peggy hugs her master and tells him that she loves when he does that for her. They get back to the house and they get out of the limo.

Peggy to weak from her session with Ben, is carried into the house by Ben and is put into her bed. Ben undresses and Peggy gets BIG FELLA hard by sucking on the head of his cock. She knows what is coming next she rolls over and spreads her little ass checks. Ben rims her asshole and she cums and then he pushes BIG FELLA through her anal ring. He then pushes BIG FELLA in until he reaches the bottom of her rectum and then starts to pump her for a while.

Ben leans over and then tells Peggy, "I Love you my sweet little Italian treat", he repositions BIG FELLA and then presses down until he pops past her pelvic bone and enters her little colon. He pumps her colon a couple times and then exits. He then lays next to her and she snuggles against his chest. "That was different Master" Peggy says. "Did you like it Peggy baby?" Ben responds. Peggy says she could get use to it, she loves it when he sucks her pussy more. He then leaves the bedroom and bids goodbye to the Massage Parlor girls and leads his girl for the night Sarah to his bed.

"We will see you guys in the morning". Sarah jumps into his arms, this is her first time alone with her master and she is going to make the most of it. The get into the room and Sarah drops to her knees, "First couple are on me Master, Thank you for this alone time with you, I love you". She takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts to suck on the head and then starts to work it down her throat. Sarah is looking at her master the whole time, it takes a couple of minutes before BIG FELLA is fully erect.

Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and pulls Sarah up and starts to kiss her and suck on her nipples and her 32C breasts. She lets out a soft moan, as Ben works his way down to her pussy.

He licks her pussy from clit to anus, circling her clit and anus. She is now climaxing hard, bucking her hips and thrusting her pussy into her lovers mouth. "GOD MASTER, YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM! OH GOD!". Sarah repeats that a couple of times as she pours her love juices into his awaiting mouth. When she comes down from her orgasm she notices her legs are above her head and Ben is starting to push BIG FELLA into her pussy. Stretching her little twelve year old pussy to all to familiar portions.

Sarah is getting accustomed to accommodating BIG FELLA in her vagina and ass. "Master, pound me into oblivion. I want the whole thing" Sarah tells Ben. Ben starts stroking her long and hard with deep strokes that hit her cervix every time. He makes love to her for a long time making her climax every fifteen minutes. They make love for two hours before Ben thrust and penetrates her cervix and dumps a rather large load into her womb.

"Master, I don't want to get pregnant until I am at least sixteen. I then want to be a breeder slave. I want to give you as many children as I can" Sarah proclaims. "Sarah, my love, I want you to have my children also. You will make a wonderful mother, but I am going to wait until you are at least eighteen before I get you pregnant baby" Ben replies to her.

"OK, but accidental pregnancies happen when you are on the pill, Master" Sarah states. "Can we do that again?, Let me get your pills Master" Sarah goes into the bathroom and gets a dozen supplements and his vitamins. She also gets two little blue babies. She gives her Master the pills and tells him "I want you to fill my stomach up with your cum, but first pound my ass lovingly and tenderly".

"Your wish is my command my sweet little wife, I love you and always will". They start to french kiss as he pushes an erect BIG FELLA through her anus.

"Ben, I love the feel of your cock inside of me. I makes me feel warm and loved" Sarah states as Ben starts to stroke her. "When you are ready to cum, Master, do it down my throat". He pounds her ass for ninety minutes before he exits and she dives down on BIG FELLA taking it all the way down her throat and he erupts. She sucks and sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard again and the have sex one last time before they fall asleep. Sarah is on top riding BIG FELLA, "Master, after you cum, I want you to stay inside me and let me sleep with BIG FELLA in my pussy!".

"Sure thing lover" as they continue to make love. They finally fall asleep in each others arms around five in the morning. Becky comes into the room at nine and lays beside the two love birds.

She kisses her two lovers and then looks in between their legs and sees that they are still together, Ben inside of Sarah as she wished. Becky then starts to lick on BIG FELLA and on Sarah's pussy and anus. In a couple of minutes BIG FELLA is erect and pushed deeper inside of Sarah. She is still asleep but is moaning. Becky has a surprise for them. She has a custom made strap-on dildo made from the mold of BIG FELLA.

She puts it on her self and then begins to fuck her cousin Sarah in her ass. This is a new sensation for Sarah and she is awaken and is now moaning. Sarah looks behind her and sees Becky and asks "What are you doing? Are you fucking my as with a dildo?". "Yes and Yes, a perfect replica of BIG FELLA" Becky responds. "Do you like it?". Sarah's response was more of an orgasm than anything intelligible. "Master I think she likes being DP'd". When Ben is done cuming into her womb they dismount and cuddle with Sarah.

"Don't tell anyone about this, Sarah. This is our secret that we are going to share with each girl the morning after they have their night alone with their Master" Becky tells Sarah.

Giggling she says "Yes Mistress, and I did love it as long as it wasn't another man. I only want to be Master's lover, Mistress Becky". Every night this goes on with each of Ben's girls next up is Sam followed by Carly, Jill, Elfie all thirteen, then Reanna, Rachel both fourteen, then the two fifteen year old Cloe and Alex.

Last it is Jennifer then Faith sixteen and seventeen. They all loved the double penetration with Becky. During the day they did their sightseeing, taking pictures for the girls school project. They caught a lot of fish on their charter fishing trip. They all had a great time, the final week Ben received the call he had been waiting for. It was his investigator they had found Renee in Chicago, he goes to Becky and tells her he wants to take a walk on the beach.

Ben "My investigator has found Renee in Chicago, she is fine. They are going to setup a strike team to extract her from her captors. I swear they will pay for what they have done to Renee". Becky "That is terrific, we should tell the girls". Ben "Not yet. We need to make sure she is safe. They are going to set this up so that she does not get hurt or killed. I am going to tell them when we go pick her up in Chicago.

There is still risk, I just wanted you to know my love. I have not stopped looking for your aunt". They leave Hawaii with great memories, a lot of great pictures. Three new members of the family, six current family members pregnant and two months of great sex. They board the plane and head back to Dallas and then to Alabama.

Jessica and Hope After Ben Arrives home from Hawaii he goes and checks on Jessica "Jess" and Hope Williams, Hope already agreeing to be Ben's slave and start training after his honeymoon. They are staying at Alana's condo, Jessica Williams who is Hope's mother does not know that Alana is Ben's slave and that her daughter has agreed to become his slave also.

She is grateful for Alana's hospitality. Jess does not realize that it is a requirement that as a slave you have to lookout for each other.

Ben drives to Alana's condo alone, Becky knows that he is going there to take care of Hope and her mother. Ben knocks on Alana's door, he usually just uses his key but there are guest in her condo. Alana opens the door. Ben "Hello Alana, how is Hope and her mother doing?".

Alana "Hello Master, welcome home from your honeymoon, they are doing fine. Hope is here and her mother went grocery shopping" Hope "Hello Master, I am alright, Alana was nice enough to take us in". Ben "She knew you were mine and to watch out for you. I told my teacher slaves to look out for you girls, Alana thanks for taking care of Hope and Jess for me. I have found them a place to live.

Hope would you like to live with Faith and her family. My new mansion will not be ready for a year. I have talked to them and they have agreed to take you in. The same rules apply to that house as my mansion".

Alana "It was my pleasure, Master. Remember our deal? Ben "I remember". Hope "I would like to live with Faith, she is my best friend. Master I want to start my training soon.

I want to be a part of the family, totally". Hope undresses and takes Ben's hand and goes over to the couch. Hope climbs on Ben and starts to kiss him and caress his body. Master, I missed you. Make love to me". Jess comes through the door and sees her daughter on the lap of a large black man and says "Hope Williams what are you doing?".

Hope "Mom, this is Ben, my Maa. boyfriend I was telling you about. I love him and he loves me". Ben "Hello, Ms. Williams, I am Ben Barnes, I love your daughter Hope very much.

I know you have been evicted and I have a place for you and Hope, my lover to stay. Faith, Hope's friend, and Crystal her mother live in one of my houses and you are more than welcome to live there permanently if you choose".

Hope "Mom, Ben is my lover, he is also my Master. I love him and he loves me deeply. When you said we were going to be evicted I knew Ben would take us in". Jess "What do you mean he is your Master? What does that make you his slave?". Hope "Yes he is my Master, I love him and trust him, and I am his slave" Alana gets up and undresses and tells Jess "I am one of Master Ben's slaves also, He took me in and loved me, as you can see from my tattoos I am his", Jess sees all of her tattoos, "He trained me to be his slave just like Hope is going to be trained very soon".

Hope "I surely hope so, Master, I am so horny, it has been over two months since we have had sex, I need BIG FELLA inside of me". She picks up Ben's hand and takes him into the master bedroom. Jess "You can't do that when I am in the house!". Hope looks at Ben and then at Alana. Alana knows to bring Jess into the bedroom also. Alana leads Jess into the room and watches Hope undress and then undress her Master. She pulls down Ben's boxers and unleashes BIG FELLA.

Hope "I missed you Master, and you too BIG FELLA". Hope kisses the head of BIG FELLA and tells her mother to come over and look at BIG FELLA. Hope then starts to suck on the head and then puts it in her mouth. She then starts to push it down her throat. She is out of practice and it takes her awhile before she can get it all the way down. Her mother is astonished that she is able to do this. She then takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and asks her mother "Do you want to try it, Mom?". Jess just shakes her head, her mouth is wide open.

Jess asks Alana "How big is he Alana?". Alana "BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2" thick, Ben is an excellent lover and he knows how to use his tool, as you are about to see". Ben sucks on Hope pussy, sucking all of her juices and making her climax twice.

Ben then mounts Hope with her legs over his shoulders, He inserts BIG FELLA into her warm pussy. Hope lets out a soft moans as he pushes inch after inch until her reaches her cervix. She adjust quickly to his size. Hope "OH, Yeah that is what I need and have been craving for Master, give me your cock, pump you slaves warm pussy, I am yours".

Ben starts to stroke her in and out pumping away as Hope moans and groans she looks at her mother and smiles "I love this, OH GOD MASTER, he make me feel so good". Ben starts to pound her pussy with more force they make love for an hour. Hope climaxes four times and after the fourth she tells her master "Push it into my womb, fill my womb with your beautiful seed" Before too long he has pushed BIG FELLA past her cervix and into her womb.

"Mom this is the most sensational feeling in the world, and when he comes in your womb it is like warm butter being poured into your insides, you need to try this. You will like it". Ben cums inside of her and then exits and he ejaculates into her open mouth.

Hope shows her mother and then closes her mouth and kisses her, pushing some of Ben's cum into her mouth. Hope swallows the rest. Hope says "Doesn't Ben taste good, Mom?". Jess "No, I have never done that before!" Hope "What swallow? So you are a spitter?". Jess "I am not having this conversation with my sixteen year old daughter and definitely not with her thirty-something old lover with his Mr. BIG FELLA there". Hope "Do you want to try BIG FELLA out, Ben would not mind. You will like it if you try it, Mom".

Jess "NO, I do not want to try it." Ben "You do not have to do anything you don't want to, but you are going to let me take care of you and my lover. If not for your sake for my lovers sake.

I was planning on you guys moving in this month anyways after Hope's training". Jess "You can't do that, I won't let you". Ben "Jess, I love your daughter Hope. She is mine, she is my slave and my lover. It is my responsibility to take care of her, and by extension you her mother. She is my family now and I take care of my family!". Alana "Talking about taking care of your family, Master, time to take care of me!

You remember you promised me to get me pregnant. I want your child growing inside of me". Alana starts to suck on BIG FELLA, when he is hard Ben pushes it inside of Alana, they make love for two hours before he pushes BIG FELLA into her womb and starts to cum. He exits her womb and traps his seed inside of her. Alana "I am ovulating this week, I need a couple more shots of cum inside of me Master to make sure".

Ben "I'll see what I can do". Ben, Hope and Alana all take a shower together and then get dressed to go to Crystal's house. Hope kisses Alana goodbye and they tell each other they love each other.

Ben, Hope and Jess get into his car and Ben asks Jess "Which one of these cars is yours?". Jess "The White Ford Taurus, Ben why?". Ben "Give me the keys, you are not driving my lover around in that car.

You need a new car that is not on a wing and a prayer. That thing is just waiting to breakdown". They reach Crystal's residence and they knock on the door and Crystal answers in a robe.

Crystal then tells Hope and Jess to strip. "Mistress rules apply to all of Ben's houses, no clothes allowed in the house, no hair below the neckline" Crystal explains. Hope strips in an instant and then looks at her mother, "Do it, Mom. We are all family here!".

Hope kisses Crystal and tells her she loves her and then see Faith and they kiss and profess their love for each other. Faith introduces Hope and Jess to her sisters Jill, Cloe and Peggy. Hope kisses each one and tells each one that she loves them. Ben strips and sits on the couch. Ben "I am hungry for some virgin pussy". Jess looks on as Peggy runs over to Ben and lays on the couch and spreads her legs.

Ben then smiles at Jess and goes to town on Peggy. Crystal "Peggy just loves to have Master go down on her, Jess". Jess "She is Ben's slave, Crystal?". Crystal "We all are, we submitted to Ben in September and our lives have never been better. I love Master like he is my husband. My body is his to do with as he chooses. He choose to give me the ultimate gift, a child, his child.

I am pregnant with his baby and cannot be happier". Faith "I am pregnant also, I can't wait to give him a child. I love him and care for him. He is the only man I will ever love". Faith then goes under Ben's legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Crystal "My whole family is now Ben's we belong to him and he to us. As you can tell Peggy really likes her Master". Peggy starts to climax just a small one. "Master always gives her a small orgasm before the BIG one" Jill says. "Hope do you want to stay with us?". Crystal asks "Yes, Crystal I would love to stay here" Hope responds. "Good you are going to sleep with Faith in her bed, hopefully you will get some sleep tonight, Jess you are going to sleep with me.

We both have king size beds. The other girls have queen size beds so that when Ben is with them they have enough room" Crystal says. "Ben comes over and has sex with your girls in there beds?" Jess asks. "Actually, Jess, every bed is Master's and we all wish to share it with him" Crystal replies.

"I want him to share mine tonight" Jill says "Me too" Cloe says also.


Ben then begins to give Peggy her massive orgasm that she loves. She starts screaming and starts bucking her hips and panting. "GOD YES THAT IS IT MASTER, GOD I LOVE IT WHEN YOU GO DOWN ON ME.

I AM CUMMMMMMING I AM CUMMMMMMING.AGH AUGH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH". This goes on for ten minutes. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of Faith's mouth and gets on the couch. He whispers in Peggy's ear and she smiles and jumps up and gets on Ben's lap. Peggy pulls her ass cheeks apart and then Ben guides his cock into her ass.

Jess "Is Ben going to fuck her in her little ass?". Peggy "Yes, Jess, my body belongs to Master. He can have any hole he wants whenever he wants". She says this while bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Jess "I don't know if I can do this, Ben says I don't have to have sex with him if I don't want to". Faith "That is true, Master does not force women to have sex with him.

We all came willingly. And with Ben we all cum regularly". Cloe "Master does not have to force women to have sex with him. He has enough women just waiting to have sex with him. Master should I call Mistress Becky and tell her that you are spending the night?".

Ben "Yes please do, I am going to visit each one of your beds tonight". Jill "That is music to my ears". Peggy continues to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA. She is moaning and saying "GOD I LOVE THE FEEL OF BIG FELLA IN MY ASS". Chloe "Mistress wants to know if you need your pills?". "Yes". "Becky says Tiffani and Janet are on their way". Ben "Tell Becky that we will all be over there in the morning for breakfast". Ben "Jess, You might as well meet the whole family tomorrow.

If I am not going to have sex with you tonight you might as well pick out a car you like and I will have it delivered here tomorrow. Hope, what car would you like?" Hope "I love those Kia Soul cars". Ben "I will call when I get done with Peggy and have one brought over tonight". He then cums hard in Peggy's ass.

He picks up the phone and calls the local Kia dealer and tells them he needs a new Kia Soul fully loaded, he asks Hope "What color Blue with Red interior", he tells that to the dealer and they said they have the car in red but not the interior.

He tells them OK and gives dealer his credit card and tells him to charge it. Jess "I have never heard anybody charging a car on a credit card." Ben is finished with the dealer and tells Jess "I have a card that has a 500k limit on it, the girls here have a credit card with 25k limits and Crystal, Tiffani, Janet, and Alice have 200k limits.

Becky has the keys to the kingdom. Becky by the way is my wife, she is expecting my second child in February". Crystal "Your second child?" Ben "Yes I have a child that is 16, she is my love child. Her mother died when she was one". Ben has a tears in his eyes and Jill whips his tears away. The girls cuddle next to him and console him. "I loved her mother with all my heart". Crystal "You fathered a child at 14, Master?" Ben "Yes, Nikki's mother was a lot older than me and was my first love, part of my heart will always be hers, I don't know why I told you guys that".

Faith "Master, Ben I love you. You know that, you can confide in me". She kisses him and then takes him with Hope up to her new room. We are going to be a while, start dinner without us. We are going to love Ben for a while". "Jess, you will be accustomed to this. We take care of each other. Look over there" Crystal says Jill and Cloe start making out with each other.

Ben up in Faith and Hope's bedroom tells them that he needs to leave tomorrow afternoon to pick up Renee. The twins mother in Chicago, she has been found and they are going to meet her in the afternoon. Faith "Rachel, Reanna, Sarah and Sam must really be excited about the news". Ben "We have not told them yet, We will tell them in the air when we are in route, Renee is going to need all our love.

She has gone through a lot the last six months. I will discuss this with the family hopefully tomorrow night". Ben starts to eat the girls pussies going from one to the other. "I really love sucking on pussies". BIG FELLA is hard and he starts making love to Faith, not going into her womb gently brushing her cervix. He then flips her over after pumping her pussy. He is now plowing her ass. "OH, MASTER FUCK MY ASS". Downstairs Jess hears the girls screams.

"Is that Faith or Hope?" Jess asks "It sounds like Faith to me, Master will fuck Hope in the ass too. Faith likes it hard and fast in her ass". They hear moaning and screaming coming from upstairs. Faith lets out several loud grunts as Ben rutts her hard.

Jess and Crystal go up to check on them. They go into the room and Faith looks over at them and tells them "GOD I love BIG FELLA in my ASS, FUCK ME HARD MASTER". Ben "I am fucking as hard as I can baby. Maybe if I do this". Ben then lifts Faith up and then puts her down on her stomach shoving all sixteen inches into her colon.

"OH GOD, THAT IS TIGHT". Faith with Ben resting on top of her. "That is as deep as you have ever gone before, OH Yeah you are coming deep inside me". After he pulls out, there is a trickle of blood. Faith says Ben pushed through her pelvic bone. "Master, that felt amazing" Faith says. He rolls over and starts to breathe heavy. The girls start to suck on his breast, kiss his neck.

Faith cleans off his cock with her mouth. The girls are all over Ben. BIG FELLA is hard as Faith continues to suck on the shaft.

Hope tells Ben, I want to ride. They hear the door bell and Crystal looks out the window and sees it is Tiffani, Janet and Becky at the front door. Crystal goes down and brings them upstairs to meet Jess. "Jess, this is our Mistress, Becky. Her mother Tiffani and Janet". Crystal says. "Becky you are Ben's wife and you are six months pregnant?" Jess asks.

"Yes, this is Ben Barnes Jr." Becky says rubbing her belly. "How old are you? 14". Jess asks "I don't think that matters, but I am 13 and going to be 14 in March. I fell in love with Ben the first moment I saw him". Becky says "I gave my approval to the marriage. I love Master. He is a great man and lover" Tiffani pipes in. "You are pregnant too, Tiffani" Jess asks. "I am, so is Crystal and Janet here, Janet's sister Janie is pregnant as is Alice" Tiffani says.

"I believe we have three more pregnant girls also down at the University of Alabama, we are all his slaves and are blessed with Masters babies" Becky says. "So how many women do you have pregnant, Ben?". "At least ten, I am supporting them all. I really need to get that mansion built. It will have 75 bedrooms in it. I think I am going to need at least 30 more the rate we are growing. By the way I am getting Alana pregnant on her request" Ben says. "Ben, all the teachers want babies along with Sally and Paula".

Becky says. Crystal "See Jess, He has a lot of women who are dying to have sex with him, so if you don't want him he is going to take care of you because you are Hope's mother". Becky "Jess, you are part of the family, you are loved and will be cared for. You do not have to have sex with Ben. Right now I do not think he can handle anymore, but he is always full of surprises".

"Becky, how many women does Ben have?" Jess asks "Thirty-seven I believe is the current number". Becky replies. "Not all live with us, thank God.

Thirteen live on their own". "There are a couple virgins that he keeps around to suck on there pussies". "You can keep up with 37 women, Ben?" Jess asks "No, but I try, and I do love each and everyone of them" is Ben's reply.

Jess "You must be superman". Ben "No just a man who loves sex and beautiful women". "Well hopefully when I get these women pregnant they will want sex less".

Becky "Not a chance, I want BIG FELLA in my ass". She gives Ben his pills with water and starts to suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA until she climaxes. Tiffani is next and then Janet. Jill and Cloe come in and tell the ladies to fix dinner while they take care of BIG FELLA. They wash BIG FELLA and start to ride him. Two hours later Dinner is ready and both girls are satisfied. Ben comes down in a robe and there is a know on the door he answers it and it is the Kia dealer with the keys to Hope's new car.

Ben signs the receipt and puts the keys in his pocket. Ben goes and eats dinner with the girls, he tells Hope that was her car being delivered. He tells her after dinner that the two of them are going for a drive.

Hope "That sounds fun as long as we come back here and you drive BIG FELLA into me again!". "You see Jess, I would really appreciate it if you did not want to have sex with me?" Ben says. "What is wrong with me, am I chopped liver?.

That does it I am going to take you in the living room and fuck your brains in after dinner.". Jess says. Everybody is looking at her with their mouths open, astonished at her declaration.

Jess "Just kidding". "I have a few things to do tomorrow, Crystal can you go car shopping with Jess?" Ben asks. "Sure thing, Master" Crystal states. "Now Jess, pick out any car you would like do not worry about the price. Crystal call me at the dealer when Jess picks out a car. Tell them you are there representing me and tell them to give you a great deal. I will call Hillary and put the car on my insurance.

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I will call the bank and have them wire the down payment as usual" Ben declares. Ben and Hope go for a spin in her Kia Soul. Ben really likes the car as does Hope, the park in a deserted lot and Hope leans over and tells Ben "I love my car, but you do not need to buy me things. I love you, you are special. You are kind sweet and very beautiful". She reaches for BIG FELLA and unzips Ben's pants. "I want to get you started before we get back to the house. I want you to carry me into the house like we are husband and wife and then pound me in the living room so everyone can what us have sex.

Will you do that for me, Master and lover?". "Yes" is his response as Hope starts to go down on BIG FELLA. He hears a tap, tap, tap on the window and Hope takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a pop. She rolls down the window. "What do you think you two are doing? Fornicating in public, with an underage girl!" the officer states.

"Officer this is my boyfriend I was just.". Hope says "Just sucking on your Master's BIG FELLA were you" the officer says. Hope looks at Ben with BIG FELLA still out. The officer walks around the vehicle opens the passenger side door and in one swoop takes BIG FELLA down her throat. "GIRL, that is one fine piece of man meat you have here. You better treat it right, and fuck it nice and hard tonight!" the officer says Hope is looking on with wide eyes "Master what is going on here?".

Ben "I would like you to meet Paula Hunter, she is one of my Police Slaves". "Paula, nice to meet you. I am Hope, Master's new slave. I love that cock of his, don't you". Hope says "Yes I do, but Master does not give it to me enough" Paula states. "Follow us home and when I am done with him you can take your turn". Hope says Paula "Let me give you a police escort".

Ben "We are not going to the mansion let me give you the address, By the way I need more stickers to put on my new cars, about 6 will do". "Sure thing, Master". Paula follows Ben and Hope back to the house and handcuffs Ben. The go inside the house and Paula tells Jess that she has arrested her daughter and Ben on fornication and Child endangerment charges. Everybody there can barely keep a straight face as she tells Jess that Hope is looking at ten years jail time.

Paula really has her going, until she says. "There is one way out of this for Mr. Barnes and that is if he is willing to fuck my brains in and impregnate me.

I will let him go".


"Well let me see, have sex with a pretty police officer or go to jail. I think I will fuck your brains in" Ben says in reply. "You guys are just fucking around. She is not even a Police Officer she is just a friend of yours, Ben" Jess replies. Paula then strips and Jess sees the tattoos and piercings.

"Damn, she is a slave too" Jess says. "Yes I am and he is my Master, Now fuck me Master". Paula says. "No it is my turn then you get yours" Hope says. Ben with the handcuffs off starts to fuck Hope in front of everyone. Jess looks on in amazement, "Ben just got finished fucking all afternoon and he is back at it, he must have some kind of super endurance" Jess states.

Hope is on all fours getting it from behind. She tells her mother between grunts "Mom, Jess you should really try this. I feels amazing, BIG FELLA really stretches your vaginal walls.

Every stroke he hits your G-SPOT. If he pounds you for an hour you will climax at least four times. I know I do. OH MY GOD I AM CUMMMMMMING" Hope starts breathing heavy and starts to pant and grunt "Oh I love how he makes me OH MY GOD I AM CUMMMMMMING again." she climaxes twice in five minutes. "Jess, Master is a fucking GOD." he pounds her to another four orgasms and then they both fall to the floor.

Paula "My turn". She takes BIG FELLA and starts to suck on it. Cleaning it off with her mouth, she sucks on BIG FELLA for ten minutes before he is hard. She then starts to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA.

Ben is now revived and turns Paula over and pulls her legs above his head and pushes deep inside of her. He continues this assault until he is balls deep in her womb. He cums hard and for ten minutes he pours his seed into her womb. Ben "Becky give me my supplements, Paula here wants me to get her pregnant.

I am going to fuck each one of you and then pump my seed into her womb. How does that sound ladies?". They all nod yes and he takes his supplements and two little blue pills. He is erect and starts pumping Cloe and when he is about to cum, he pushes balls deep into Paula and pumps load after load into her womb. He then pounds Jill and again pumps his load into Paula's womb. He does that with Tiffani, Crystal and Faith. When he is done in the early morning Paula looks like she is pregnant with six huge loads in her womb.

Paula "Thank you Master, I am fertile this week. I hope I give you a beautiful baby boy". He goes back to the mansion with Tiffani and Becky, they have to leave in the morning to go get a special package from Chicago. Renee's Rescue After Breakfast Ben tells the twins to get dressed they are going out, Becky and Tiffani also get dressed and head to the limousine.

Ben does not tell the twins where they are going, the arrive at the regional airport and board his plane. He tells the pilot they are ready to take off. He then tells the girls where they are going.

Ben "Girls, I have found your Mother and she is being brought to the regional airport in outside of Chicago. She is coming home with us".

The girls start to cry and thank Ben for finding her. Ben "I had investigators looking for her since she called you guys months ago. They found her while we were in Hawaii and had to develop a plan to get her out of there without her getting hurt.

I cannot say that about about her captors. I had friends remove her by force from the guys that were keeping her captive. Rachel, your mother will never have to worry about him or any of his friends ever again. The got her out yesterday late in the evening and she is alright. A strike team doctor cleaned her up and she has showered and is ready for us in Chicago". Rachel "Did they kill her captors Master?".

Ben "Yes, everybody but the ringleader. I have something else planned for him". Becky "Girls, Renee is going to need all our support and love, she has been put through a lot in the months since she has been captive". Rachel "What did they do pimp her out or what?". Ben "I do not want you guys to know exactly what happened to her. I will let her tell you if she wants to.

Let me just say this, anybody that had anything to do with her ordeal has already or will meet with lethal force. Tiffani "Thank You, Ben for rescuing my sister, I love you". She whips tears from her eyes. Sarah "We all love you Master". One by one they all come over and hug and kiss Ben thanking him for his efforts. Ben "We need to get Renee home and adjusted. I hope she will accept me and my unconditional love for her.

I have setup an appointment with Doctor Reynolds tomorrow for her. She might need a psychiatrist and I know one we can trust". Becky "Female right, she is bound to be traumatized by all of this and afraid of most men". Reanna "Becky, You know what has been happening to my mother?". Becky "Yes, it is horrible and disgusting. That asshole who made her do this is going to suffer for what he has done!".

Sam "What do you mean?". Ben "Payback is a bitch! Everything he did or had done to your Mom will be afflicted upon the women he loves while he watches".

Becky "You are not going to have the women killed are you, Ben?". Ben "Probably not, although they will probably wish they were dead! They will know why this is happening to them and hate their husband/lover or father". Flight Attendant tells everybody that they are on final approach to Chicago.

"Everything is ready and waiting for you, Sir" she says. Ben "Excellent, we should not be in Chicago but for an hour at the most". They arrive and Becky, Tiffani, and Renee's girls exit the plane as a black SUV approaches and stops. Out of the passenger door a large muscular white man, who clearly is a person with military training, exits and opens the rear door and carries Renee to the plane. Renee weak from her ordeal, having not been on her feet for months on end cannot support her own weight.

The mercenary tells Ben after he puts Renee in the bedroom that she is very weak form her ordeal. He tells Ben that she will need physical therapy according to the doctor that who checked her out and made sure she was able to travel. She has been cleaned up and ready for travel. Ben and the mercenary go outside the plane to talk. Mercenary "Everything is going as planned Sir, Perps family is in custody in Mexico compound with the perp. There are four girls and his wife and mistress.

As planned, he is going to watch as his women are treated just like Renee was before we execute him. His daughters are virgins. What do you want me to do with the women after we are done, Sir".

Ben "Don't kill them. Let me think about it for a while. I will get back with you on that. How long before you kill the bastard". Mercenary "Two to three months at least.

All six being raped and sodomized the whole time like Renee was". Ben "Make it at least six months, and make it as painful as you possibly can and let them know why this is being done to them". Mercenary "Yes, Sir". Ben boards the plane and tells the pilot he is ready for take off.

Ben "Becky how is she doing? Is she awake?" Becky "Yes she is awake and she is getting reacquainted with her children". Tiffani "She asked who you were". Ben "What did you tell her?". Tiffani "I left that up to you!". Ben "Thanks a lot lover, What do you guys think I should do?". Becky "Let's go introduce you to her as my husband". The three of them go to the bedroom and Becky says to Renee "Renee, I would like to introduce you to my husband, Ben.

This is his plane". Ben shakes her hand "Nice to finally meet you Renee". Renee "I see that you are pregnant, Becky". Becky "Yes I am, I am carrying Ben's baby boy". Tiffani "Renee, we all live in the same house, well it is more like a mansion, we all live with Ben". Ben "Renee, We all love you and we are going to take care of you from now on. I am going to take you to my doctor tomorrow and have him recommend a physical therapist for you". Renee "You said you loved me?". Ben "Yes, you are family Renee, My family.

I love you and I am going to take care of you". Becky "Ben got you rescued from that hell hole you where in. He hired men to find you and more men to rescue you". Ben "Renee you never have to worry about any of those men ever again. The men who harmed you are being punished". Renee "Punished, I want them dead". Ben "They will be.

But first tortured, sodomized repeatly, gentials removed and fed to them, every man woman or child will be dealt with harshly and without mercy". Renee "Thank you, Ben". Ben "Lets leave Renee here to rest a while. We have a couple hour flight back home". They all leave Renee in the bedroom to rest.

Ben "Girls, lets not bring up the whole Master/Slave thing to Renee just yet. Let her get accustomed to her new home first, Don't you agree, Becky and Tiffani?".

Tiffani "Yes, I do. It would be a shock to her system if she knew her girls were sexually involved with a man and the same man".

Becky "We can wait". Rachel "I love you, Ben. Thank you for rescuing our mother. I am not going to hide my relationship with you too long from her. I love you and Becky and our relationship and adore you being my master.

You make me feel so safe and secure. Sex with you is amazing, I am never going to give that up. We can wait a couple of days maybe a week, but I will tell her". Reanna "I agree, you know I can't go more then a couple of days without BIG FELLA. I love you Master, always have. Now just a little more deeper". Sarah "I agree, we should not tell her about our lifestyle for a while, I want to remain your bed slave.

I will not give that up for no one, not even my mother. I love you Ben and Becky. I love you as a husband and lover. I love my new my family and all the sex is terrific.

Sam "I agree with everything Sarah just said. What I really want to do is fuck Master's brains in. I am horny with lust or love I don't know which? I love you all. Master, I am your as always.

I am going to see if mom wants anything to eat or drink will be back soon". Sam goes and checks on Renee and brings her some crackers and water. She lays down with her telling her how happy she is that she is safe and secure. Back with her family.

The arrive back in Alabama and deplane and get into the awaiting limousine. Becky "Ben only travels first class". Renee notices how affectionate her girls are to Ben. Renee "Are you girls in love with Becky's husband?". Rachel "Why would you say something like that, Mom?". Renee "Girls, I might be weak, tired and have been sexually abused for months, but I can still recognize love!".

Ben "Renee, I love your girls more than life itself. I could not take a breath of air without thnking of them. I love them with all my heart". Renee "Are you having sexual intercourse with my girls, Ben?" Rachel "We all are, we love Ben and Becky, they are our lovers we all have sex together".

Renee "So you girls have sex with men now?". Reanna "Just Ben, well I have given blowjobs to other men Ben approves of first, but I only have had intercourse with Ben. I love him Mom. I am going to continue to love him". Ben "I love them, I did not force them, would not and will not force them to have sex with me". Reanna "If anything I have reaped Ben on more than one occasion".

Renee "My God Reanna, what has gotten into you!". Reanna "Ben, I love him. It is not infatuation it is love. I am his and he is my man. I litterally cannot get enough of him". Rachel "You are always horny Reanna. Mom, we all love and cherish Ben, he is our husband, lover, friend.

We all adore him and care for him deeply". Renee "I don't know about this, Ben. They are very young being only 14 and 12". Sam "Mom, we feel safe and loved for the first time in our lives. Ben protects us and cares for us!

You know we are mature for our ages. We have always been able to take care of ourselves. Becky is only thirteen and she fell in love first. Fell head over heels in love". Becky "That is a story for another time". Renee "Are you OK with your daughter being in love with Ben?". Tiffani "I am, I also am in love with him, at first it was too much for me to take, but I came to love him. He is caring, loving and gentle.

Also a terrific lover". Ben "Renee, I am here to love you and take care of you. You will be loved and cared for for the rest of you life". Renee "I assume you are wealthy, by the looks of it you are".

Becky "Renee, he makes Bill Gates look like a pauper. That is not why we love him, He cares for us and loves us. He makes us feel special, he does the little things that make a woman feel special.

True the money helps!". Ben "I can support all of us for generations to come. All my girls will be taken care of". They arrive home and they all go inside. Ben is carrying Renee as they enter all the girls strip. Becky "House rules, no clothes are allowed to be worn by women in the house, no hair below the neck". Renee notices all the tattoos on all the girls and inquires about them.

Renee "Girls what are all those tattoos and piercings about?". Becky "All in good time, first we are going to take you to your bedroom, then I will tell you everything you need to know. Right now know this everybody in this house loves, cherish and respects you". "Ben, lets introduce Renee to the other girls". Alice ,Janet and Janie are there in the living room. Renee meets them and they greet her and give her a kiss and tell her welcome home. Alice tells Renee that she and her daughter both love Ben very much and that she is pregnant with his baby.

Janet and Janie both tell Renee that they love their Master and lover. They tell her they also are pregnant and that their sisters Alex and Carly will be coming home soon from school with Jennifer and Elfie. Becky comes over and gives each one a passionate kiss on the lips. Renee is brought to Rachel and Reanna's room that has a king size bed. Ben puts her gently on the bed and kisses her on her forehead. Ben "Girls she feels hot, wash her and clean her up.

Do you want to take a bath and soak a little, Renee". "That sounds wonderful" is her reply. The girls take off her clothes and take her to the tub after they have drawn the water. She soaks and they wash her. They notice that she is thin has lost a lot of weight and her bush has been trimmed. Her vagina is stretched and is gaping from the abuse. Ben comes to the door and tells Rachel to get the thermometer. Renee "Ben, it is OK, come in here and take my temperature.

You obviously have seen plenty of naked women before me. You have been with my daughter's. Now get in here. I am not embarrassed" Ben comes into the bathroom and takes her temperature and tells her it is a little high and gets her some aspirin and is going to call his doctor. Ben tells her she needs to eat something also and asks her what does she want.

Renee "Soup and a Soda. Maybe a sandwich" Ben "Anything you want. What time of soup and sandwich?". Renee "Vegetable and a grilled cheese". Ben leaves to get the maid to make her soup and sandwich. Rachel tells Renee "Mom, Ben would go to the ends of the earth to get whatever you wanted.

When he says he loves you he means it". Reanna "He is a good man, unlike our good for nothing father. He would have pimped us all out if he could have. I do not miss him one bit. He never loved us and you know that".

Renee "Yes, I know he was an asshole. I should have left him a long time ago". Rachel "We are safe now, loved and cared for". Ben comes back and tells everybody that the doctor will be here at seven to check on Renee. "I did not think doctor's made house calls anymore".

"My doctor does when I call him". Ben replies. Ben then takes Becky from the bathroom and they go to their room. Leaving the girls to take care of their mother. Ben "I just saw Renee naked, they really did a number on her. Her vagina is gaping wide, her anus is even wider. She has bruises and scratch marks all over her body".

He breaks down and starts to sob in Becky's arms. Becky "It is OK. Renee is home and safe. She is a fighter and will get through this, Doc will take care of her and he will draw blood and check her out tonight". Ben "I should have done more, been faster at finder her" He is now crying in her arms, as Sam and Sarah come into their room.

"Becky, I swear to you that bastard will know pain, he will watch his women get raped and sodomized all day and night for a year for every month Renee was in captivitiy. They will know pain like none have known before. His girls, wife and mistress are suffering right now at the compound in Mexico. They women know why they are being raped and they are probably not happy with that bastard right now' Sam "Mom will be OK.

Master you did everything you could as fast as you could. You rescued her. My father would have left her and all of us in that situation. I love you". She kisses him as does Sarah the all hold him and comfort him. Ben tells the twins to go check on their mother. They go and check, and Ben tells Becky "I saw videos of those bastards raping her, they were not happy just raping her with their cocks.

The put her on raping machines and put huge dildoes on them and reamed each hole out. They put the ones in her pussy and ass on maximum speed and left her there for days on end. They increased the width to ten inches gradually and continued. They never planned on letting her go. There are videos of her being fucked by large dogs. One right after another. At one point it was estimated that she did fifty dogs in a row.

I pray that she will be OK!". Becky consoles Ben, "Ben, you did what you could and you did rescue her. She will thank you in time. I thank you now. Let's go get in the hot tub and soak those weary muscles. Ben strips and they go to the pool and soak. Becky is massaging him, telling him she loves him when the doc comes in and tells Becky, "You should not spend a lot of time in there it might be bad for the baby".

Doctor asks "So where is Renee?" Ben and Becky go to Rachel & Reanna's room and introduce doc to Renee. Renee see BIG FELLA and is staring at it when she says, "OH MY GOD, Now I see the attraction my girls have to Ben, that thing is HUGE!".

Ben forgetting that he is naked, just so natural for him to be nude in his own house, runs out of the room and gets his robe and returns. Dr. Reynolds examines Renee, checks her vagina and anus takes blood, checks her temperature and vital signs and gives Becky a prescription to be filled for Renee. Doctor Reynolds talks to Ben in the living room.

Dr. "I am going to need to check her tomorrow at her appointment. At that time I will have her blood test back. She needs to eat and put on more weight on. Her vagina is stretched out and will need to repaired, probably need her to do some kegel exercises.

Her cervix is almost destroyed and will need to have surgery to repair. Her uterus is inflamed and swollen. Her anus is also stretched out, looks like she might need surgery to repair the damage. There are no signs of internal bleeding, and her temperature went down with aspirin. She is going to need a lot of work done. I will call our physiologist friend and your OBGYN. She needs to know she is loved which is what her kids are there doing right now". Ben "Anything she needs I will provide, she needs rest and relaxation now, I will bring her to the appointment tomorrow".

Doctor leaves and Ben goes and checks on Renee and the girls. He enters the room and asks Renee if she needed anything. Renee "Girls leave us alone please". Her girls leave along with Becky and Tiffani. "Ben, take off your robe, this is your house. I want to see your cock, you should be comfortable in your own house". She takes BIG FELLA in her hand. "Biggest cock I have ever seen!, Ben, I assume you have a lawyer right?".

"Yes, why do you ask?". Ben replies. Renee "I see my girls love you. I want your lawyer to draw up custody documents giving you and Becky guardianship over my girls. I want to make this as legal as I can. I don't know if I have AIDS or am going to die.

I want to thank you for saving me. I know you and Becky have and will take good care of my girls in the event of my death". Ben "Don't talk like that, you are going to be just fine, Renee. Doctor Reynolds said you may need a couple of surgeries to repair the damage to your body". Renee "Please, Ben get your lawyers on this. I know you love my daughters, and they love you. You can take care of them". Ben "OK, but you will be fine". Ben leaves and goes to his room.

Becky is there and they crawl into bed. They kiss and discuss their plans for the coming week. The family is coming over on Saturday morning for breakfast and to meet Renee. Becky needs to give the pills Tiffani had gone and got filled.

Ben says he needs to get Jess a car. Hope's training starts this weekend. Carly and Alex come to bed. Ben "Alex, will you suck on BIG FELLA my balls hurt from not coming today!". Alex "Yes Master, is Renee home?". Ben "Yes, ooohh there you go, Do Sam's trick a couple of times please".

Alex makes Ben cum four times and then gets off of BIG FELLA only to be replaced by Reanna. Not even looking up, Ben knows who is sucking on BIG FELLA now. Ben "Reanna honey I need my balls drained". She makes him cum and asks, "How did you know it was me, you didn't even look up?". Ben "I would know that mouth anywhere. You have your own way of giving a blowjob. NOW DO WHAT you are good at". Reanna "Master, thank you for bringing my mom home to us". She starts sucking deep into her throat.

Her throat is gripping BIG FELLA. As he climaxes her throat milks his cock dry. "You are welcome my love!" Ben reply. The next day Ben makes an appointment with his psychiatrist friend Shannon for Renee.

Ben with Becky and Tiffani discuss this with Renee. Ben "Renee, Doctor Reynolds suggested that it might help you recover emotionally if you talked to someone about your ordeal. I am here for you as are Tiffani and Becky, but we thought a professional might help you more.

I have arranged for you to have a consultation with a psychiatrist in town. Would you be willing to meet with her?". Renee "If you think it will help. I do have a lot of anger at those bastards that did this to me and also how my body betrayed me. Sometimes I actually climaxed when they were fucking me.

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I was so ashamed at that. They just kept on fucking me over and over again. When one came another one would take his place. So yes, I think talking to a professional would do me a great deal of good. Help me deal with my shame". Becky "I think it would help with your relationship issues with Jerry, what he made you do, and what he made you put Rachel through".

Tiffani "Of course, please do not divulge what goes on in the family, we all have too much to loose". Renee "I would not do that to my family. I talked to Ben about adopting the girls and giving custody over to the two of you in case I become incapacitated. Ben obviously loves my girls and they love him just as much if not more". That day Ben and Becky go out and get a wheelchair and a walker for Renee to use while she is in rehabilitation. They setup appointments for Renee. On the way home they check on the construction of the new mansion and meet with Ken.

Ben "How is construction going, Ken?". Ken "Just broke ground two weeks ago, getting water, sewer and electric run from the street this week and tying everything together pouring the foundation next week". Ben "Was wondering about adding another floor of bedroom on all sides, I am going to talk to the architect tomorrow. Do you need anything?". Ken "Just the usual stuff that is built into the contract.

Going to lay stone down over there and start bringing in building supplies by the truckload. We should be operational 24x7 in January after the building inspections. We should have the building under roof by April weather permitting.

Electricians and plumbers are then going to work around the clock as are the bricklayers. We should be ready for the interior by July or August. I estimate you could move in by October hopefully.

How was your honeymoon in Hawaii?". Ben "Terrific, had a wonderful time with the family". Becky "Absolutely gorgeous place, you need to take Carol there someday". Ken "Maybe after construction is done, Ben you better tell the architect about your additional requirements pretty quick so that he can get them approved". Ben "Will do, thanks for everything Ken". They leave and Ben tells Becky he wants to get Ken a new truck for the construction site.

Becky tells Ben that she heard that you can't get a hotel or motel within 45 miles of here with all the construction workers he has hired. Ben then goes home and gets Renee to take her to Doctor Reynolds office for her appointment.

They arrive and he does his examination of Renee. He tells them that she will need reconstructive surgery on her rectum and her cervix. Her uterus will heal with the medication. He writes a prescription for a cream that contains Alum. He tells them that it will shrink the tissue in her vagina. He want them to use that after her surgery on her cervix.

Renee tells them that her captors used that on her when they were raping her. They would apply it and make her vagina and rectum shrink, so that they could stretch it out again. They did this many times. It hurt like she was a virgin every time. Doctor tells them that he is going to schedule the surgeries for next week.

And it will probably take a month to heal. He asks about the appointments with the physical therapist and the psychiatrist. Ben tells him that they have appointments with them the next two days. They go and get the prescriptions filled and take Renee shopping for some new clothes. She does not have a stitch of clothing having just worn what she had on from the when she was rescued in Chicago. They get her stuff at Walmart, they know she is going to put on weight and will get her something more fitting and becoming when she gets better.

They get her vitamins and ensure to make sure that she gets her nutrients. Ben calls everyone and tells them to come to the mansion for dinner tonight and meet Renee.

He calls the teachers, Carol and Ken, Sally and Paula. Everybody greets Renee at dinner, giving her a kiss on the lips and they tell her they love her and do not hesitate to contact them if she needs anything. After dinner they retire to the living room and Ben gets his favorite dessert, Peggy. He calls Peggy and she spreads her legs for him and he goes to town on her virgin pussy. While Peggy is getten eaten Tiffani, Renee and Becky chat with Janet and her sisters.

Renee "Ben really seems to love his family, looks like little Peggy over there really loves to be gone down on".

Janet "Renee, he is the most caring affectionate loving man I have ever met". Janie "We all love him and each other, we take care of one another. That is what this family is all about". Alex "I love him, he is very special. I love my teachers over there. At school they watch out for all of us. I never thought of myself bi-sexual, but I do love having sex with women also. Nothing beats BIG FELLA, he makes my whole body tingle and spasm with orgasm after orgasm".

They hear Peggy scream in ecstasy. Carly "That was the first one, next will be a major orgasm that will be even louder and last longer. Master makes us all feel special, Renee. Just ask your girls". Renee "He sure does have plenty of women to choose from doesn't he, Becky". Becky "Yes he does, what is the olde saying, "Variety is the spice of life!", You have not met the three new girls from the University of Alabama.

They joined the family in Hawaii. That reminds me I need to call them". Becky leaves as she sees more family members come around and talk with Renee, she seems to be in good spirits as she leaves the room to go into the den. She calls Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin. They each tell her they are pregnant having missed their periods and have taken home pregnancy test that came back positive. She says that is great news and that their Master will be as happy as she is.

Tells them that they will be in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday and want to meet with them and will call them with what hotel they are staying in. She tells them to contact the other girls and tell them they will be there on Tuesday.

Leslie tells Becky that five of the girls have already gotten abortions and that she will check on the rest. Becky goes to the living room and tells Ben the news about Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin being pregnant.

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Ben "That is great news, needed some good news. What did you tell them?". Becky "We would meet with them on Tuesday in Tuscaloosa. Leslie told me that five girls already had abortions and Leslie will check on the rest and get back to us". Ben "I will call her and tell her that the other girls have option.

I will take the babies if they don't want them, if that is OK with you?". Becky "That is fine with me, we are going to have a lot of babies around here". Ben "Need to get the new mansion built fast". He goes and tells the family "Everybody I have great news, Becky just told me we have three new expecting moms; Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin are all pregnant!

This calls for a celebration, lets break out the champagne. They celebrate into the night, Ben having sex with many of the ladies. He is now in a lot better mood.

He has one ride BIG FELLA as he eats another girls pussy. He does Rachel and Reanna together then does Sam and Sarah together as Renee watches the girls have orgasm after orgasm.

She is pleased that they are happy. Hope asks Ben if they are still on for the weekend, he said of course and kisses her on her lips. He kisses her mother Jess and tells her he loves her.

She is in tears, conflicted by emotions. The next morning Ben gets the crew ready Tiffani, Renee and Becky. Tiffani is going to stay with Renee at Dr. Smithson's office and wait for her while Becky and Ben run errands.

They go to the psychiatrist office and they leave before her appointment and tell Tiffani to call when the doctor is done. Ben then goes and talks to his realtor Liz about buying a house in Tuscaloosa for his girls.

He wants a house that has at least six bedrooms and a big yard. He tells her he plans on looking at the houses next week when they are in Tuscaloosa meeting with the girls.

She tells them she can drop them off tonight. Both Ben and Becky kiss her goodbye and she asks for some alone time with her Master and Mistress tonight, a threesome. They said that sounds great. The next stop is the Ford dealership where he buys Ken a new truck. He gets him a F-350 Lariat, he gets the keys and head to the construction site and pick up Ken. Ben tells him he has something for him. He takes him back to the Ford dealership and gives him the keys to the new truck.

Ben tells him this is for the construction site and to use it as he chooses and gives him the keys. After Ken leaves he calls Dr. Reynolds and asks him for a recommendation on an OBGYN in Tuscaloosa for his new girls that are in college.

He gets the name and calls the girls and tells them to setup an appointment for next week and he will take them. He tells them that he loves them and everything is going to be fine and cannot wait to see them. Leslie tells him about Marty and Mary being pregnant.

She is going to check on the last girl Sarah. He tells Leslie that he wants to meet them on Thursday next week to go over their options. He tells Becky about Marty and Mary and she asks him "Are you going to ask them to join the family?" Ben "Join the family if they want, will pay for the delivery and all doctor bills plus for all of their college tuition if they don't want to join and give him custody of the child.

Either way, with your permission I want the babies". Becky "You really want a big family don't you Ben?". Ben "Yes, I do. I want you to have at least five. Tiffani, Janet and Janie I want them to have at least six each if possible more, Crystal maybe three or four. Faith, I want to have more than one, maybe four or five. The teachers all want to have children, I might want two or three each with them that would be twenty-one with just the teacher.

I want to have children with Renee's girls. Alex and Carly eventually". Becky "You are going to need to build a school for all these kids". Ben "That is an idea, maybe we should get the architect to design one and have it built on our property after the new mansion is built. I was thinking once we are in the new mansion that we convert the mansion we are living in now to a party house and our bedroom into a training suite. With the kids we are planning on having as a family I think we should be able to have a school for at least 100 children".

Becky "I know Reanna and Rachel already are talking about planning on getting pregnant @ eighteen. Sarah and Sam probably want to also, I will talk to them about their plans. Hope wants to get pregnant now. If the teachers get pregnant that will be seven more next year.

That means that you will have fathered sixteen babies that will be delivered next year. Ben "Man my life is so difficult, all these beautiful women wanting my body. Wanting me to impregnate them and give them mind-blowing great sex, Whoa is me. What a terrible life I lead". Becky "You love it, I love it, do you want to call the architect and go over the changes to the new mansion before we head back to the psychiatrist office, Ben".

Ben "Thanks for reminding me, sweetheart. I will tell him to design a schoolhouse for our kids also". They go back to the psychiatrist office and Tiffani tells Ben that she wants to see both of them in her office. They go back and meet with Dr. Smithson's. Ben "So what is the prognosis Doctor?". Doctor "Prognosis is that I need some of this!", she grabs Ben's crotch. Ben "I don't think you can handle it".

She drops to her knees and unzips his pants and starts to suck BIG FELLA all the way down her throat in one try. Becky "I guess she can handle BIG FELLA, She must be one of your slaves". Doctor moves her long hair out of the way and shows Becky her Queen of Spades tattoo on her neck.

Ben "Becky, this is Doctor Shannon Smithson, she is really a great lady, she is the one of my first slaves. She was my therapist when my parents died. I fell in love with her and made her my first slave". Shannon sucks until Ben climaxes down her throat. "There is nothing like sucking on a huge black cock. The only one I ever wanted was BIG FELLA here. I heard that he got married and I wanted to meet you Becky. He is one hell of a guy.

I fell in love with him. He brought me to tears a number of times talking about his parents. You look a lot like his mother, but maybe a little prettier". Becky "Ben has shared with me about his parents and Nikki being his child with his mother.

He is a special man. Like he was made to love women and to take care of them". Shannon "Ben, you should tell Becky the whole story". Ben "I told her everything, she knows that they adopted me, I was on the street and that they put in their will that I was to take care of women that could not take care of themselves or were abused.

I love Becky with all my heart, she is first and I discuss all my major decisions with her. New family members have to get her seal of approval.

I love her and she is going to carry my legacy with my son that is growing in her belly. You are free to discuss anything you wish about my past with my love, companion and my best friend. I hold no secrets with her. He opens his shirt and shows his tattoo on his chest that shows a heart with Becky's name. I am thinking about getting another tattoo saying "Property of Mistress Becky".

Becky "Where would you put that?" Ben "How about the underneath side of BIG FELLA". Becky "We will take about that!, I am going to need some of BIG FELLA today. I am so horny. Nice meeting you Shannon, take care of my aunt Renee". Shannon "Will do, and take care of my Master! I have never seen him so happy". Ben "I love my family, Becky is what I have been looking for. The rest is just icing on the cake". Becky tears in her eyes "We need to go home or I am going to jump your bones here". They leave and go home and they all go to the pool for a swim.

Doctor Reynolds calls and informs Ben that Renee has a treatable STD and that he called in a prescription to the pharmacy for her. She is to take it for six months. He tells Ben do not have sexual activity with her until he checks her out in six months. No oral sex, vaginal or anal sex of course. Ben tells Doc that will not be a problem and that he will inform Renee that she will get better with the medication.

He tells Renee and the girls and are excited about she will be OK. Her surgeries will be next Wednesday and that Tiffani and the Renee's girls will be there. It is a non life threatening surgery and that Becky and him have plans in Tuscaloosa if that is OK with Renee that they go. Renee "I will be fine with my girls and Tiffani waiting on me. They will call with any news, go take care of the new family members, Ben.

Or should I start calling you Master". Ben "You can call my Mr. Barnes, just kidding Ben is fine". Becky "Ben loves the movie "In the heat of the Night" with Sidney Poitier".

Ben and Becky go to the Den. Ben tells Becky that he is going tomorrow to get Jess her vehicle and after that he is going to start Hope's pussy training.

He hopes to get both her pussy and ass trained this weekend. Becky says for him to remember to eat and drink while he is pounding the crap out of Hope. Becky will make sure that Crystal is there and takes care of Ben and Hope. The next day Ben calls Crystal and tells her that he is going to take Jess out to buy her a car and then come back to the house and start Hope's training.

She is excited about the news and will tell Jess about him coming over. Crystal tells Ben that she likes the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ben says he has seen the SRT8 and thinks she will like that. He says he will be there at ten to pick Jess up and take her to the dealership. Jess goes with Ben when he arrives at Crystal's house.

Ben gives Crystal a kiss on the lips and tells Jess. Ben "Are you ready to pick out your Jeep?" Jess "Yes, but you do not need to buy me a car". Ben "I told you I am not having my family in that piece of junk that you had.

I need my family safe. Your daughter is my lover and I will not have her in danger. You are my family now, whether or not we have sex ever". Jess "Well OK". The get to the Jeep dealership and Jess walks over to the Grand Cherokee's that are all in a line. She looks at them all and Ben of course looks at the SRT8.

It is in red and has plush leather seats and is fully decked out. Ben calls Jess over to that car and she likes it until she sees the sticker. Jess "No way that is way to much to spend on me, Ben.

I want one of the lesser models". Ben "That settles it". Ben then goes in and negotiates a deal with manager, they tell him that it will be ready in about an hour. He says he will be back with a cashiers check for the down payment. He then takes Jess to lunch and then to the bank. He arrives at the dealership and they had him the keys after they drive it up to them.

He hands the keys to Jess. The manager thanks him and leaves. Ben to Jess "Here are the keys to your new car, Jess. I love you and your daughter. You are mine and I am going to take care of you". Jess "You are too much, where to now". Ben "I need to call and get you on my insurance and then we can go back to the house and relax until Hope gets home.

I plan on starting her training today". Jess "What training?" Ben "I will tell you when we get home". They arrive home and Ben tells her about Hope's training regiment. He plans on starting on her pussy and then hopefully complete her anal training before Monday. Jess "Hope has submitted to this, being fucked ten times in a row in her pussy and ass?". Ben says yes and every slave has gone through the same ritual, it shows their willingness to submit to my power and will.

It demonstrates that they give me there whole body and soul, they become part of myself. It is not supposed to be easy, it is designed to be hard and demonstrates the girls submission to my will over their bodies and lives. They become mine. He then takes Crystal and tells her to spread her legs and let him go down on her while Jess watches. "Yes Master" is her response. Crystal sits next to Jess on the couch and does as she is ordered to do.

She looks at Jess and smiles. "Jess my body is Master's to do with as he chooses. Right now he chooses to pleasure me, I hope I get a chance to pleasure him before Hope gets home". Crystal says to Jess as Ben starts to go to town on her pussy, sucking and licking.

He sticks his long tongue deep into her pussy. After a while of this she climaxes hard. "Master is a great lover and provider, His will is my desire. Master, let me worship BIG FELLA". Ben shakes his head and continues to ear Crystal's pussy. He makes her climax another three times before Hope comes through the door. He looks up at Hope from between Crystal's legs and asks Hope "Are you ready to start your pussy training Hope?". "Yes, Master" is her response.

She comes over to him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Master, I am yours to do with as you wish. Please continue you my training until it is complete. I completely submit to your will. I love you and respect your power over me. Please allow my mother to witness my transformation, Master".

Hope says as BIG FELLA is erect and ready for his purpose in life. Ben "Let's go to your room Hope, Please join us Jess and anybody else that wants to witness Hope's indoctrination into my slave and devoted lover". He then carries Hope upstairs with Jess following behind. Ben puts Hope on the bed and spreads her legs, he starts to suck on her pussy and gets it nice and wet. He then pushes BIG FELLA into her all the way to the cervix, Hope lets out a loud grunt and he starts fucking her hard and fast.

Hope looks over at her mother and smiles at her as she is being pounded by Ben. "Jess, this feels so good. He is stretching my pussy and hitting my G-SPOT with every stroke, OH MY GOD" Hope says as she arches her back and starts to climax for the first time.

Ben "Baby, I love you and accept you as my slave. You are going to experience a lifetime of climaxes". "OHHHH, Thank you Master" is all that Hope can utter. He pounds her pussy for over three hours, he leans down and whispers so that she is the only one to hear "Becky tells me that you want to get pregnant with my baby, is this true, my sweet little slave?". "Yes, Master, I have been off birth control since you left for your honeymoon.

Please make me pregnant and give me the greatest gift" Hope says. Ben then starts to push the head of BIG FELLA against her cervix and continues the pressure until he breaks thru and bottoms out, balls deep. She lets out a small scream and tells him "Master do it, fill me up with your seed". He exits her womb and presses just the head into her womb. He then erupts a torrid of cum that fills her womb. "I am going to cum like that into your womb like that every time until you get pregnant, my little phoenix beauty.

When you get slave tattoos this will be tattooed on your back below the neckline". Ben tells her, "Thank you, Master" He tells everybody "That is one, nine more to go". Hope starts to suck BIG FELLA back to life and then puts it back into her pussy, "Come on Master, this pussy is yours.

Pound it hard and cum in my womb". Faith and Crystal know now that she is trying to get pregnant, Jess has no idea. After Ben has fucked Hope a couple more times, he starts taking his pills. Jess is masturbating watching her daughter getting pounded by her new Master. Ben sees this and whispers to Hope to watch her mother. She does and smiles at her. After Ben climaxes into her womb, Hope whispers to Ben, "Let me get on top and ride BIG FELLA and lets get Jess over here so that you can eat her out".

"OK". Ben lays on his back and Hope hops on top of BIG FELLA and starts to ride. "Jess come over here" Ben says. She does wearily and asks "Yes, Ben do you need something to drink?".

Ben's reply shocks her "Yes, Jess I want to suck on your pussy juices that I see are flowing from your pussy". Hope tells her "Go on Mom, you will love it". Hope keeps grinding on BIG FELLA as Jess straddles Ben's face and she starts to suck the juices that are already flowing.

It is about 7 in the morning and she starts to scream in ectasy from his talented tongue. He nibbles on her clit and rubs her breasts twisting her nipples. She climaxes really hard and Jess cums all over Ben. Ben tries to suck most of it in. After she comes down from her climax she screams "OH GOD", and starts to cry uncontrollably. She gets off of Ben and curls up next to the two lovers and watches as Ben turns Hope over and starts driving into her womb and starts cuming in her.

Hope and Jess kiss, Hope asks her mother "Why are you crying, that was so special!". Jess "It has been so long since I have been with a man, it is just pent up frustration and relief of sexual tension". Hope then starts to suck on BIG FELLA to get him hard again. She watches her mother as she licks and sucks on the head.

Once BIG FELLA is hard, Ben mounts Hope and starts pumping her hard and fast. "That was six times, we have four more times to go, Jess come over here please".

Jess moves over close to Ben and he kisses her and tells her that she is a very beautiful woman. I am here for you, all you have to do is ask for it. Ben continues to pound on Hope, she is averaging 4 orgasms an hour. Ben gets Faith to get them water and a nutrient bars they have a few more hours of fucking to go.

He plans to get Jess to beg him to fuck her when he is done with Hope. Two hours later Ben cums in Hope's womb for the seventh time. He gets out of Hope and starts sucking on her pussy, he notices that she is now pretty stretched out. He then sucks on Jess's pussy making her cum and also cry in relief. He then puts Hope on all fours and starts to stroke her hard and deep. She is moaning and screaming in ecstasy tell Ben "Master, pound me make my pussy yours, God I love you. You make me feel so good".

Ben fucks her hard lifting her up off her knees with every stroke. After an hour an a half he climaxes hard into her womb and falls to the side that starts making out with Jess.

He asks Faith to get them more water and his pills. He is going to fuck Hope the last two times. He asks Jess to get BIG FELLA hard after he takes his pills, she is a little resistenat to his suggestions. Hope says do it for her, she is tired and needs a little rest before they go at it again. She does, she takes the head of Ben's cock into her mouth and it starts to get bigger as she sucks. Faith tells her to swallow when Ben pushes the head to the back of her throat and breathe through her nose.

She does as Ben tries to force BIG FELLA down her long neck. It takes him ten tries before she gets it down her throat. Hope and Faith watch it go down her throat and sees the bulge in her throat. Ben then takes it out of Jess's mouth and she whines "No, I want more!" Ben smiles and starts to pound on Hope.

Ben is very stimulated and climaxes in a relative short time for him, it only takes him 45 minutes to cum. He is still hard and Hope climbs on top and starts bouncing up and down and this time it takes him two hours before he cums in her womb. He then congratulates Hope as does Faith and Crystal on her completing pussy training. Ben then takes a shower and head back to the Bed. While he is in the bathroom he takes his pills it is now Jess's turn to experience what she has been dreaming about.

"Jess, I want to make you happy! Tell me what you want?" Ben says as he starts to kiss Jess on the lips and starts working his way down her body sucking and kissing her 36 D breast.

She starts to moan and cry out. "Tell me what you want Jess, I will give it to you if you just ask". He sucks on her breasts for a while and then starts on her pussy licking her slit and circling her clit. "Tell me what you want, Tell me Jess" Ben says to her. "I want BIG FELLA" she says in a low voice. "What I can't hear you, Jess".

Ben replies. She yells "OH, GOD I WANT BIG FELLS, BEN GIVE ME BIG FELLA". He then gets up off the bed and says "Jess, Tell me what you want". Jess "Ben, I want BIG FELLA in my PUSSY. I want you to give me what you have just given my daughter so many times. Please give me your cock.

Please" He then puts her on her knees with her head on a pillow. He parts her pussy lips and shoves BIG FELLA into her pussy slowly. "OH GOD, YES THAT IS WHAT I WANT".

Ben takes BIG FELLA out and says "I don't need anymore sexual partners. I am going to go home". He gets off the bed and starts to get his shorts on. Jess yells at him "Ben, I want BIG FELLA, I want to be yours make me your slave, you slut or whatever you want just fuck my brains in.

I need your cock inside of me. I will be anything you want. I WANT YOU". She gets off the bed and then pulls on BIG FELLA and put Ben on his back on the Bed and mounts him. She starts to grind on BIG FELLA. "Tell me what you want, Jess?".

I want to be yours, I want to be all yours. I submit myself to you. You are my Master, I am yours just like my daughter is yours. I will do whatever you want". Ben "I am going to fuck you in your ass now, Will you let me fuck you in the ass?". Jess "My body is yours, you can fuck me anyway you want.

Put some lube on my ass. I have never taken it back there". Ben "Are you on Birth Control, Jess?". "NO!". "Good, because I am going to make you pregnant along with Hope.

Do you want to have more children?". Jess "Master, if you want to give me babies, I will welcome them as apparently my daughter has accepted that. I just want you to keep pounding me. GOD I love that cock". All of Crystal's family is in the room watching Jess and Ben fuck, they all now welcome her to the family. As Ben grinds on Jess's pussy, Jess ask Peggy to get in front of her. "I want to taste your pussy Peggy baby". Peggy jumps up on the bed and spreads her legs in front of Jess.

She is enjoying Jess's oral skills as Ben pounds into Jess's womb he presses hard and then lifts her up and then presses down into her womb again. He fucks Jess for five hours before cuming in her womb. He with draws form her womb and then collapses next to Jess.

Ben "I am really tired, it is time we get some sleep ladies". He sleeps with Jess to the right and Hope to the left. Peggy girls up with BIG FELLA in her mouth and Faith gets on top of Ben. All the girls tell Ben that they love him and kiss him goodnight.

He tells Jess "Welcome to the family sweetheart, You told me you would become anything I wanted right?". Jess "Yes, what do you want me to be?". Ben "I got a friend that needs an extra girl to work for him.

I want you to become a fuck slave and work for him. Is that OK with you". Jess "Anything you want Master, as long as I get to keep fucking you and BIG FELLA". Hope "Quit fucking around, Master!". Jess "Watch your language young lady. I will not have you talking to our Master like that. I will do whatever he wants.".

Ben "I am just kidding with you Jess. I want you to be a breeder slave, I want you to be pregnant always. I want you to have as many kids as you can. I plan on taking you to see Doctor Reynolds and have him start you on hormone shots. I want you to have multiple babies at a time." Jess "Master, I will have as many babies as you like, I love you". They go to sleep together and when Ben wakes in the morning he pops Jess's anal cherry while she is still asleep.


He applies lube to his hard cock and bends Jess over the side of the bed and pushes in deep. She screams and is awake, "OH GOD, MASTER. COULD YOU HAVE AT LEAST AWOKEN ME FIRST." He starts pounding her hard and fast. Jess is grunting and panting she looks back at her new master and tells him "FUCK YOUR WILLING SLAVES ASS.

MAKE IT YOURS. DRIVE BIG FELLA AS DEEP AS YOU LIKE!". He pounds her as Hope, Faith and Peggy watch her get it deep and hard. They are all snuggling next to the two lovers as Jess has one orgasm after another. She screams out one orgasmic pleasure after another. When he finally climaxes in her ass, he falls on top of her.

He moves to the side with BIG FELLA still inserted deep inside her ass and they spoon for a while. He then tells everybody that they are going to go to Antonio's tonight to celebrate Jess's decision. He tells them to go call everybody. Ben "When I am rested up, I am going to make passionate love to you my new breeder slave".

Jess "Yes, Master. Thanks you for popping my anal cherry. My ass hurts but I will get use to BIG FELLA being in there". Ben "Jess, I have to finish Hope's training before I can start yours. I no longer train me more than one slave at a time".

Jess "I am at your command, I will submit to your training whenever you want. I know from Crystal that you cannot get tattooed until you finish my training. But I request that you mark your territory.

I want a tattoo stating that I am yours and yours only, Master". Hope "I want that too". Peggy "As do I, I know I cannot start my training for years. But I want to be marked as your property, Master".

Ben "OK, Ladies I will have the tattoo artist here on Monday to start your tattoos. Hope you are going to get a really large tattoo on your back of a phoenix rising from the fire on your back. Peggy, I am going to have her tattoo above your pussy, "sweet little pussy". Jess above your pussy on your hip it will say "Breeder Slave" on you ribs it will say "Property of Ben Barnes" on both sides.

Now, I am going to suck on my favorite virgin pussy, while you girls take care of BIG FELLA with your mouths. They all say "YES MASTER!". Crystal calls everybody and tells them to meet at Antonio's tonight at 7 for a family dinner. She calls Antonio and reserves the room. She hears screaming up stairs, screams of ecstasy. Crystal then goes up and tells Ben that everybody will be there at 7 and he watches as Ben is fucking little Peggy deep in her little ass.

Faith looks over and tells Crystal "She is taking more and more of Master's cock every time he pounds her ass". Peggy looks over "GOD this feels soooo good" right then Ben pulls up and cums deep in her ass. Faith then goes over and cleans off BIG FELLA and then sucks the cum out of Peggy's ass. Ben collapses next to Peggy "I love that little ass of your Peggy, that was amazing" as he goes to sleep.

Ben awakes a couple hours later to Jess sucking on BIG FELLA. He looks up and smiles and kisses Peggy and they dance tongues. "Master, I love when you fuck me in my ass" Peggy tells her Master and lover. Faith comes over and gives Ben his pills and a little blue pill and whispers in his ear "I want you to fuck me and Cloe and Jill before dinner, Master!

We have heard all this great sex in here and want some too". Ben "Bring the girls in here and it will be my pleasure to give you girls what you crave". Faith calls out to Cloe and Jill and they come running and get in bed with their Master. Faith starts to suck BIG FELLA down her throat as Jill mounts Ben's face and he starts sucking her pussy. Her pussy is so sweet and tastes like cherries, Ben knows Becky has told the girls where to get flavored douches and he appreciates her for doing that.

Faith after getting BIG FELLA rock hard with her oral talents, lubes up her ass and inserts BIG FELLA into her anus. Ben senses this and after BIG FELLA is inserted he raises his hips thrusting into Faith's lovely ass. Faith bounces up and down grinding on BIG FELLA and leans over and kisses her sister Jill on the lips, the french kiss as they both derive pleasure from their Master.

Ben knows his slaves are totally devoted to him and to each other. Ben sucks Jill to two orgasm as Faith has a really big orgasm of her own and gets off BIG FELLA and Jill replaces her sister.

She bounces up and down and grinds just like Faith but with a little more force. She pushes BIG FELLA all the way up into her womb. She leans over and whispers into her Master's ear "This is where BIG FELLA belongs, all the way inside me. Deep inside my womb. I am yours totally and forever.

I love you Master. I am going to bare you many children when I get older" Ben smiles and kisses her and tells her he loves her and can't wait as Cloe mounts his face, facing Jill. Cloe moves her pussy back and forth on her Master's face, Ben grabs her ass and sticks his tongue deep inside her little pussy. She screams out in pleasure as she has one orgasm after another. Ben sucks all her juices down. He is in heaven.

When Jill has finished climaxing Cloe takes her place and Crystal comes in the room and tells everyone that they need to get ready for dinner. Ben asks what time it is and he says he has time to go down on her. Crystal smiles and mounts his face. Cloe grinds on BIG FELLA until he finally cums inside of her womb.

Crystal takes BIG FELLA into her mouth when Cloe jumps off. Cloe tells her mother that what they are doing looks like fun. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and says it is.

When Crystal finally climaxes they all take a shower and get ready for dinner at Antonio's. They arrive a little late and everybody is in the private dinning area waiting for them. Becky "Master, it looks like you have enjoyed yourself over at Crystal's. How did Hope make out?". Ben "She did fine passed her first part of training. I am thinking she could complete her oral training by tomorrow evening".

Ben looks at Hope and she nods yes. Ben to the group "Everybody I would like to introduce our newest member of our family, Jess. Hope's mother has decided she wants to be my slave and I have accepted her.

She is now mine and she is your sister slave. Come greet Jess and welcome her to our family. "Jess, you are now a member of our family. I will honor cherish and adore you for the rest of my life. You are now mine. I will take care of you and all of our offspring" Each member comes by and kisses Jess and welcomes her. Hope is crying and tells her mother "I love you mom, this is the home we have been looking for. We are finally at home.

I look forward to raising our kids together". Becky hears this "Babies, what is that about Master?". Ben "I am going to impregnate Hope this week hopefully, and Jess has agreed to be my breeder slave. Tomorrow I am going to get Doc to start her on fertility drugs. I want her to have multiple babies at a time". Becky "Why, Ben, do you want her to have multiple children at the same time".

Ben "It shows her commitment to us. Her willingness to submit to my will! And I want a lot of children". Becky "You are diabolical that is what you are Master". Becky smiles and kisses him while she strokes BIG FELLA. Dinner is served and the waitress Jess comes up and whispers into Ben's ear "Master, thank you for taking me in and sheltering me. I appreciate it, you saved my life. My body is yours to do with as you wish.

Please make me one of your slaves. I am yours to command". Ben tells her "Jess my love, I am going to adopt you and you will be mine eventually. But for right now I want to only suck on your pussy from time to time. I intend to keep you a virgin until your eighteenth birthday and then take your virginity.

For right now stay Rosanna she will take care of you and make sure you are taken care of. I would love to suck on your pussy tonight and you can go to school with Faith in the morning". "Your wish is my command, Master" Jess says.

After dinner Ben tells Becky that he is going back over to Crystal's to start Hope's oral training and to suck on Jess's virgin pussy. He says he will see her on Monday night, he request her to make hotel reservations on Tuscaloosa for a week at the finest hotel that has a penthouse suite. Becky tells him she will be waiting for him at home and that she loves him. He rubs her belly and tells his son he will see him tomorrow.

They kiss and they depart. Ben goes to Crystal's house with little Jess and tells her Peggy, Faith and Hope to go to Faith's room that it is time for Hope to start her oral training. They all go to bedroom and Hope starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She knows she has to make her Master cum twenty times in a row to complete her training. She sucks and sucks on BIG FELLA. Little Jess straddles her Master's face and he sucks her to three orgasm two of which are major ones.

When he is done sucking on her pussy she goes to the side off the bed and sleeps till morning, it is Peggy's turn to get off on her Master's oral expertise. He sucks her till morning. She cums over ten times. Crystal comes in and Ben tells her that Hope and Peggy are staying home from school today.

She says OK and the rest of the girls get ready to go to school. Faith gets Ben his pills and two little blue pills. He is re-energized, after Hope has sucked BIG FELLA for over eight hours. Hope has made him cum down her throat eight times and has twelve times to go. After she gets Ben off for the ninth time, he gives her a tip on how to get him off really fast. She does it and he cums six times in a row in less then two hours. Ben "Hope it is time to start taking it back down your throat sweetheart?".

"Yes, Master" is her response as she takes BIG FELLA all the way down her throat all sixteen inches. He is stroking her throat as she is lying on her back in bed. He watches the bulge go up and down her throat.

Peggy watching it also rubs Hope's throat and feels the head of BIG FELLA. "Master, that is so erotic". She then goes down on Hope after about thirty minutes Hope cum in Peggy's mouth. Peggy sucks it all down and tells Master, "Girl cum is really sweet Master". "That is why I like sucking you so much. You should try Little Jess's virgin pussy once and you will realize why I want to keep you a virgin as long as I can".

Just then Hope make Ben cum for the sixteenth time. "Four more times and you complete your oral training sweetheart" Ben tells Hope. He has Peggy bring him his phone and he calls the tattoo artist and asks if she can come over during her lunch break. She agrees and he gives her directions to Crystal's house and asks her to bring drawings of Phoenix rising from the fire for him to pick from. She arrives with her tattoo gun and some black ink.

He tells her he wants Jess and Peggy tattooed with what they agreed on the night before. He then picks the most intricate Phoenix design she has. And tells her it is for the girl that is sucking on his cock. The tattoo artist tells him it will take four days to complete the Phoenix, he says OK and tells her to put "Property of Ben Barnes" on her ribs like the other two and a Queen of Spades above her pussy like the rest of his girls". Hope has completed the nineteenth blowjob and Ben tells her one more and she is finished.

She sucks him off one last time. Ben then goes and gets his pills. The tattoo artist is tracing her design on Hope's back. She then starts to make it permanent.

When she is done two hours later he looks it over and is impressed. It starts between her shoulder blades and goes down to right above the small of her back. While that is going on he starts fucking Hope's mom and Crystal. The tattoo artist tells Ben she is done with Hope's back for today and that she will be back every evening at 6 this week to complete her tattoo on her back. She then tattoos Peggy first and then Jess.

Both get "Property of Ben Barnes" tattooed on their ribs. Peggy gets her tattoo above her pussy mound that reads "Sweet Little Pussy" and Jess gets "Breeder Slave" on her hip. Ben leaves after making love to Hope one last time. He tells them he will see them when he gets back from Tuscaloosa. Ben says to Hope "I can't wait for you to meet Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin.

They are really sweet girls and I know you are going to love them as much as I do". Coming in the next chapter Tuscaloosa Trip, First Christmas with the Family